Stonebake Cafe Deli

4 star rating 12 reviews

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09 5274941

114 Lunn Avenue

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6 AM to 4 PM


Reviews for Stonebake Cafe Deli

4 star rating
by HangryChow
3 months ago

Great coffee which is hard to find! Food usually quite tasty but the portion sizes could be better. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. Good place for a casual catch up or just to chill and drink a cuppa and read

4 star rating
by BeeQueUU
4 months ago

You feel you are in a place much different to say a hollywood bakery which are sterile places cloned like mcDonalds. Paintings on the wall really big eating area for tables while large it was warm and had good dine in patronage. It was child friendly with a modest playpen setup. So myfirst impression are very good.
Coffee ( mocha) was ok but took an age to make so that my hot foods in takeaway bags just went cold. This is the thing, the young lady possibly a schoolgirl that served me said she will pack them when my coffee was ready which i agreed would be ideal so they stayed warm. But obviously the older asian lady overruled her or decided after a 3-4 minute wait to pack my food in a quieter time and gave it to me. Perhaps to get it out of the way for the next customer while they were quiet. Given id paid, either way I didn't feel good knowing my food was getting cold and the coffee was too slow. 6-7 minute wait in total. Got bored standing there, i took a photo of the seated area haha!
Staff were chatty with obviously the female regulars. Rating on the food - almond crossiant, chicken mushroom gourmet pie (expensive) and small bne panini was "Cold-out of-five" as predicted!! A Kitchen works hard to prepare some yummy food but let down but the front of house staff and manager. I will revisit for an eat-in experience asduming im not banned after this review! Top marks to the young waitress (European girl) tho as with the playpen would have otherwise rated as only a 3/5.
Child friendly rating: 5/5 ie don't be coming here for fine dining or you might yourself get banned.

5 star rating
by Jacelyn Hughes
6 months ago

Our local go-to cafe which we love and frequent often. Good food and friendly staff, all at very reasonable prices. Unpretentious atmosphere which is great when we want something relaxed and casual. We like that it is child-friendly too!

4 star rating
by Libby May
6 months ago

I pick up coffee from here on my way to work, meet other mums and their kids when I have time off, occasionally have breakfast with my husband here and often order my birthday cakes and morning/afternoon tea catering from here.

Their food is lovingly prepared, and they make and bake everything themselves, including all their bread and croissants.

Hands down their quiche, sausages rolls, scones and tarts are some of the best I've tasted.

Occasionally I get a bum coffee, but they are great value for money, accommodating and very friendly, what's not to like. A thumbs up from me!

4 star rating
by Lee
10 months ago

Great food! Awesome chips..would've rated the place higher if the customer service was a little better though. I've read other people's reviews and have been to this place a couple of times but the lady serving seems really bothered by our presence. No smile, no greeting. But she greets everyone else who seems to be regulars. Other than that, the food surpasses the service.

5 star rating
by Kubashni Pillay
Nov 16, 2014

My meal has been outstanding every time I have eaten at this friendly and efficient place. It is truly a hidden gem in our area. I can't wait to introduce my friends to all the yummy goodies.

5 star rating
by Chris Forbes
Nov 16, 2014

My wife and I love this place! They have great food and amazingly fast service. I definitely recommend the Stonebake Ultimate Breakfast, I have tried a lot of these types of breakfast in and out of Auckland and this tops them all and strangely, it was one of the cheapest too. We like the location and love going there, the staff are always very friendly and efficient.

5 star rating
by Susan Stephenes
Jun 07, 2014

I love this place, every time service is great friendly. The food is so amazing, with great prices to match. One of the best cafes in the area, agreed on one comment, cafes in the area should take notice.

5 star rating
by Jeff Napier
Sep 27, 2013

Eaten here twice and loved it. Eggs Benedict yum with potato cake. Slices and cake yum. Great value for money. And they use Karajoz coffee. Fast and friendly service. Plenty of parking at the rear, so don't be put off by only three parks at the front.

5 star rating
by Russell
Feb 10, 2013

I tried this place a few months ago and have been back several times since.

The quality & promptness of the food has been impressively consistent, a number of cafes in the area should take note. They do really good scrambled eggs & their ciabatta is amazing.

While I haven't tried their cabinet food yet, it looks pretty amazing too - i'd recommend going to have a look.

I don't generally write reviews, but signed up to write this one.

4 star rating
by Debbie R
Jan 26, 2013

Great location, easy parking, very friendly staff and lots of delicious food to choose from that was very reasonably priced. Eggs benedict were great!

Good spot for a relaxing catch up as heaps of space between tables which makes a nice change.

4 star rating
by Dan
Dec 27, 2012

Stonebake Cafe just opened at Lunn Ave Mt Wellington. There was a wide range of savouries and sweets. The coffee was good. I loved the pies and they were only $2.80 (special).