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Sub Roso Portuguese Grilled Chicken

4 star rating 14 reviews

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09 5558684

Shop 3, 321 Karangahape Road, Karangahape Road, Auckland

  Portuguese, Pizza
7 AM to 12 Midnight (Mon-Tue, Sun), 7 AM to 2 AM (Wed), 7 AM to 5 AM (Thu-Sat)


Reviews for Sub Roso Portuguese Grilled Chicken

1 star rating
by Steve Harris
25 days ago

I've been here a couple of times and it's been ok. I think it may have changed owners several times.

I haven't been back since I got a chicken burger and the patty was pink and raw in the middle.

I was to lazy to take it back. I just threw it out and never went back.

1 star rating
by Sanchez
2 months ago

Would not recommend this place to anyone. When we went, the service at first was very good, but after that, no. We waited at least 45-60 mins for our orders to come out, bearing in mind that the place was pretty much empty; no one came over to apologise for the wait, or why it was taking so long - this would have been appreciated. Staff did not seem genuinely sorry when they did apologise. When confronted about why it took so long when the food finally arrived, staff came off defensive and it seemed like they didn't think they had done anything wrong. Food was average and definitely not worth the wait. Would never come back here

1 star rating
by Tash
3 months ago

This place has below average food. Ordered the prawn pizza and grilled chicken burger. Wasn't impressed at all. Also, the pizza took about an hour too arrive and when it did. It tasted like shit. WORST PLACE EVER! would give a 0/10 if i could.

1 star rating
by Iris Kavchik
5 months ago

Delivery guy was quick and friendly, however, the quality of the food was very disappointing. We've thrown away chicken pizza...as everything was wrong with it, the pastry, the base and filling. Grilled chicken was edible but haven't finish it as well. Would never order from this place again. For that price, Hell Pizza is a delight.

1 star rating
by Patrick McElhinney
10 months ago

Possibly one of the worst delivery experiences I've ever had. Not only did the order take over 2.5 hours to arrive, when it got here it was wrong. It then took another 25 minutes for the remaining food to arrive and even then, none of the rice we had ordered turned up.

The food itself was average at best. The coleslaw was incredibly salty and watery, the fries were soggy, and the chicken was nothing special.

I will never order from this place again. Ever.

4 star rating
by Daniel Johns
Nov 26, 2013

Tonight I ordered a takeaway meal of pizza and chips from Aydin's. The service was friendly and efficient; when I placed my order, they gave an accurate estimate of when it would be ready.

The pizza is in the same price range as Hell Pizza, and well worth the price. The crust was thick but crisp, and the toppings were generous and filling. The chips were delicious and very well seasoned.

Aydin's is well worth trying if you want premium pizzas.

2 star rating
by Daisy
Jun 30, 2013

We were stoked to find this wee place and go there pretty regularly for its delicious chicken delicacies.
Last night when we went we were given some undercooked chicken.
We brought it up with the staff and were told that "in a whole year we haven't had any complaints" and then they asked if the chips were OK.
Writing this now it sounds like perhaps they didn't understand the seriousness of eating undercooked chicken. But the response was very defensive and all we really wanted was some cooked chicken, even if the chicken that we had was put on the grill again.
We'd give them 1 star but the chips WERE pretty good. Order the chips with confidence just double check your chicken before you eat it and be diplomatic with the staff if you find it's not done to your liking.

5 star rating
by Rey
Jun 09, 2013

Good one on K' Road.

Service was good and the facilities looked clean (rare in this part of town).

We had the Pizza and burgers and they came in healthy proportions and were fresh. I was full within a short space of time!

It's on the smaller side, so be prepared to do takeaway if you don't get seats for your group.

5 star rating
by Anwar (Mohammed) Anwar
Apr 19, 2013

Went there. They have good food. Perfect taste and is very delicious. The Portuguese Barbecue Chicken was very good and was very delicious. Please be their with family and friends and experience the real taste of Portuguese style BBQ.

5 star rating
by Archie Lynne
Mar 07, 2013

Aydin's on K'rd I must say has amazing food and customer service and is also decently priced.
I go there quite often and not once have I been let down.
Always get chicken cooked to perfection and it melts in your mouth!
The chips and the seasoning are amazing as well.
I also love, love, love their chicken burgers and pizzas.
If you want food that hits the spot... Aydin's is the place to go.
As mentioned before amazing customer service. One of the many things that makes me always go back :)

5 star rating
by Kevin
Jan 12, 2013

Went there randomly just out of curiosity and was very satisfied! Good variety on their menu, good prices, and the food was great. I had the quarter grilled chicken meal and it was exactly as I'd hoped. Staff were very friendly.

5 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
Aug 11, 2012

Love it! Been going there many times now.

Food: Tried almost everything and yes...everything is recommended. You must try the pizza!

Service: Excellent...and the staff are really friendly from the time we got in till the time we left....making the whole dinner experience a pleasant one.

Price: Very reasonable...you get what you pay for.

Place: Small and cosy. Good for small groups and the place is really clean. The seating is comfortable.
Its not a flash place but there's something about the place that is inviting.

You should go to find out more! I recommend you guys to do so!

5 star rating
by Sarah
Jul 12, 2012

This place makes really delicious burgers. The Angus beef burger is delicious! Food is always fresh and full of flavour, none of that rip off processed stuff. The staff are also very polite and nice. Definitely my go to burger place. Do recommend.

5 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Jul 12, 2012

Oh my! Melt in your mouth chicken, with a sauce that was something I've never tasted before - amazing.
I had the chicken skewer with the 'mild' sauce. That sauce was incredible, with flavours that hit all the right parts of my palate. The chicken was super succulent, and my only improvement for me would have been more capsicum on the skewer, as it was heavily loaded with about 8 big chunks of chicken - which were delicious, but I'm personally a big vege lover too. Next time, I'll get a corncob with it for balance.

My partner had the grilled chicken pizza - which was great value at 10 bucks for a regular, and again, with flavours-aplenty.

We loved the Super comfy cushy seats, which somehow warmed to our body temperatures to keep us warm, as it was pretty chilly last night! We had the best spot in the house, which was a two seater facing the window, so we could people-watch the interesting K'Rd local passersby. Only problem with that table was that it was really wobbly! Get some cardboard under those wobbly legs, guys!!!

Definitely a favourite. Nothing like it anywhere else I've eaten in Auckland.