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SunflowerThai Vegetarian Restaurant

5 star rating 31 reviews

Telephone 09 302 0616

50 High St
Shop 6
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Vegan, Vegetarian, Noodle, Thai
Mon - Sat
11am - 3pm, 5pm - 9pm
Provided by business


Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant is THE ONLY ONE THAI VEGAN and VEGETARIAN Restaurant in New Zealand located in the heart of Auckland City. Offers 100% healthy Asian style vegetarian and vegan food. All meat in the menu are cook from vegetable, Great place for a vege get-together, one and only great tasting restaurant you have got to try. The Sun Flower Thai Vegetarian Restaurant been serving vegetarian people of Auckland for over 8 years, all food are 100% Vegan and Vegetarian Combination of Thai and Taiwanese food including some Western food are available. Best selection on vegetable made it daily. No MSG in cooking. All staff are vegetarian. No animals product allow in the house. All vegetarian product supply by the biggest vegetarians products supplier company in Auckland (Blissful Trading Ltd.)


Photo of SunflowerThai Vegetarian Restaurant
Fish and Chips
Salad Rolls
Smoked Tofu
Red Bean Pancake
Pan Fried / Boiled Dumpling

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Pay & Display, Free Off-Street
Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15
Smart casual
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Vegan
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner
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Reviews for SunflowerThai Vegetarian Restaurant

5 star rating
by Janta
18th July 2014

Excellent, tasty, fresh food and friendly service!
I’ve been there three times now when I’ve visited Auckland, and I will be back there next time.
Try their ginger and orange juice (I can’t remember the exact name) and their spring rolls. I can’t remember the names of the mains I had, but I had different ones each time and I enjoyed them all.
Great food for a good price.

5 star rating
by Amy
21st April 2014

This is a hidden gem for vegans. Been here a few times and I love this place. The cripsy chicken is absolutely delicious, tastes exactly like it but it isn’t chicken. Cheap and affordable. Customer service is okay.

5 star rating
by Rebekah W.
19th April 2014

I went here today and it was awesome! I’ve been a vegetarian for about four years, and I honestly haven’t had a better vegetarian meal … I haven’t eaten such nice food in… a long time! I had the satay chicken on rice. I often struggle to finish a meal… but I was so full and couldn’t stop eating… because it was delicious! My boyfriend got the chicken pad thai which was also amazing. The staff are all really polite and happy. They aren’t overly friendly, and just let you enjoy the meal – but if they see you, they always smile. My boyfriend and I can’t rave about this place enough! Go here :) Also, the prices are very reasonable for what you get!

2 star rating
by Sarah
10th March 2014

The food was ok, considering its prices. However…the service was quite bad. The waitress was really stand-offish and I felt really uncomfortable. It’s just my experience. It’s a good place for vegetarians.

4 star rating
by Chelsea N.
7th March 2014

This is a great place to eat dinner before going to see Wolf of Wall Street. It is cheap and delicious and coincidentally 100% vegetarian even though it tastes like delicious fried chicken.

The looped DVD that plays in store is very cute and entertaining – I highly recommend ! You can eat for under $20 easy and it’s delicious.

Good place to come if you are in a group and some people are vegan or something but you have some other people who are really into MEAT.

5 star rating
by Dario
11th February 2014

My friend and I just had a great lunch here. Vegans and vegetarians are completely spoilt for choice. Excellent vegetarian food and good service. Fully recommended. It’s a wonderful vegetarian restaurant with a wide selection of dishes. The food is tasty with lots of variety and good prices

5 star rating
by Sean
7th February 2014

We go to the Sunflower about once a week. It’s a wonderful vegetarian restaurant with a wide selection of dishes. The food is tasty with lots of variety and good prices. The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy, and the staff very friendly. Couldn’t recommend it more for a casual, relaxing lunch or dinner.

5 star rating
by Chrissy
31st January 2014

My friend and I just had a great lunch here – we had the melt-in-your-mouth flaky pastry awesome curry puffs – which I could eat ALL DAY, the super-tasty money bags and soft delicious dumplings. The staff were nice and the food was fresh and so good I can’t wait to go back and try a main! maybe next week!!! :)

5 star rating
by Little B.
30th January 2014

AMAZING food. Vegans and vegetarians are completely spoilt for choice – for once! Cheap (for Auckland / High Street), tasty, and big portions! I love being able to have a meal with friends where I can actually share/taste what they are having. Friendly, laid back staff, cosy atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Juno
20th January 2014

I eat here a lot and am always really happy with the service and selection. I don’t know why they are trying to re-brand as Thai – I really like the Chinese options and I have these 99% of the time.
They are obviously very supportive of vegan diets and it’s always good to know your meal is safe from contamination!
Highly recommend for a cheap and tasty meal – even better with friends when you can share the meal.
It can get quite busy some lunch times and the service can get really slow, but I can’t really blame them for that – it doesn’t happen often.

5 star rating
by Conner
11th January 2014

AMAZING vegan food, so many options. We ordered too much food but didn’t regret it at all. Everything blew our mind, super nice people, clean and generous portions. You’re missing out if you don’t give this place a try, even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan. We can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

5 star rating
by Jay B.
7th January 2014

Went for the first time today for lunch and I already want to be back there now it’s dinner time.
I had the ‘Soy duck with rice and veges’.
We ordered dumplings for the table and Oh my goodness – talk about guilt-free comfort food! Best things ever!
My daughter who is not vegetarian, loved her ‘Crispy pork, rice and vegetables’.
I was very tempted to try the dumpling soup so will be back for that in Winter.
The fish cakes with amazing dipping sauce were great (not “fishy” tasting) and my friends’ bacon/chicken burgers looked amazing and were well received. Lovely service. Cheap, cheerful and delicious.

4 star rating
by Maria P.
5th December 2013

Went here a while back when they were doing a voucher deal and keep meaning to go back. I was really impressed with the food and my partner, a non-vegetarian, enjoyed it as well. Would recommend the fish cakes!

5 star rating
by Stephanie W.
22nd November 2013

Lovely Vegan place that me and my partner love , very Yummy authentic Thai meal, will go back soon, varieties of choice to choose from, Tom Kha was the best even compare with other normal Thai Restaurant, Fish Cake is generous size and again very authentic Thai, The place is clean and lovely people, I will try their vege burger next time

5 star rating
by Kate
1st November 2013

Brilliant vege restaurant! Great for me as my partner is vege and I am not. Fulfills all those meat cravings without the meat. Such a good restaurant, great prices, great portion sizes and friendly and fast service. 11/10!

It is now our favourite and we go for every occasion

5 star rating
by Shawn B.
27th October 2013

I’m becoming addicted to this restaurant. I’ve eaten here once a week for the past month, and twice this week! I’m also buying take aways to bring home for dinner for my family. It’s the BEST! The food is excellent, the staff are genuinely friendly, the prices are very reasonable. My favourites are the thai ‘fish’ cakes (which don’t taste fishy, and have a secret dipping sauce which is delicious), and the spicy ‘chicken’… all cruelty-free, of course. I have brought a different friend each week to introduce them to this great eatery. I highly recommend the Sunflower Thai restaurant.

5 star rating
by Haden H.
2nd October 2013

This place is amazing. If all vegetarian food was like this it’d be easy to never eat meat again. Huge portions, friendly service and delicious food. Perfection in my eyes (and stomach). Try the crispy chicken, standout dish by far.

5 star rating
by Coco Q.
22nd September 2013

Great portion size, tasty food, great prices! The service is fantastic. I have been here multiple times and have not yet been disappointed. The food is very safe and the “vege meat” tastes as good/ even better than real meat. Highly recommend!

5 star rating
by Lisa R.
20th September 2013

So glad I found this lovely vegetarian restaurant. Like other reviews found very few vegetarian options in the Auckland CBD so SunflowerThai was a very welcome surprise. Delicious food, and great selection of vegetarian Thai. Friendly service. Definitely be back for more steamed dumplings!

5 star rating
by Ryan M.
8th August 2013

Very friendly staff, awesome food, huge variety and great prices. No meat served so really safe place for Vegans to eat without having to worry about how careful and respectful the chef is of strict vegan requirements. Two of us were not even Vegetarian but we still totally enjoyed the food. Environment is casual and relaxed. Will defiantly become a regular!
Limited drinks menu and no deserts but the strengths made this still a 5 star place for Vege/Vegans :)

5 star rating
by santy
25th May 2013

It’s an excellent choice for Vegans/Vegetarians, Wide range of varieties to choose. Its my regular place for lunch as it is located at convenient location and delivers awesome food. Service is good and we get food on time.

5 star rating
by Paul B.
19th May 2013

this place is now my go to vegetarian eating house in the city. If your a vegetarian you know there are not a lot of options in the CBD so am happy to have discovered Sunflower.
Staff are really sweet and helpful, food has great flavours and lots of veges and lots of variety. Prices are very reasonable too.I hope they do very well and continue be around for a long time.

5 star rating
by RandP
9th March 2013

We go back here all the time! The food is of very good quality. I am a vegetarian and I feel pretty good considering the varied amount of choices available for me to eat. The food is homely, the staff are kind and friendly and the pan fried dumplings are super yummy :-) Thanks for feeding us good food over and over again :-)

5 star rating
by polynesian101
28th February 2013

I’m vegan and eat here regularly. Friendly staff and great food at fair prices. Most restaurants in Auckland have no idea what veganism is, so finding this place with their ‘no animals product’ policy is a joy.

5 star rating
by Karolina H.
29th January 2013

Food is very tasty. Price is affordable. Will definitely go back again!! The staff is very friendly when questions are asked. The location is central, so needs time and luck to find free carpark but if you don’t mind pay and display, you will enjoy the time and the meal even more. Definitely recommend the restaurant!!

5 star rating
by cloggie
11th January 2013

What a great experience. Really tasty food, good prices and such friendly service. The menu is a bit confusing with all the references to meat. Why not give it your own names ? It would be good to know what it actually was. The flavours are fantastic though. Especially loved the panfried dumplings, curry puffs and sesame pancakes!

5 star rating
by Sam B.
23rd December 2012

Excellent food and excellent service. Really friendly. Interior is a little basic, but I will definitely be going back.
The bacon burger (vegetarian bacon) was excellent, and the fresh spring rolls were fine. I will definitely go back to try more of the menu.

5 star rating
by James
9th December 2012

Very hard to fault this place n any way. The staff is very friendly, the food is great (try the dumplings). The food always arrives very quickly. It’s a hidden away gem in the centre of Auckland. We always stop here if we are going to a gig in town. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Viki M.
21st November 2012

Had a lunch today with my friends. Nice food and I will highly recommend. Lots of variety and it’s really heaven for Vegetarians.
One thing I missed is “Thai Roti”. If they add that in their menu it will be wonderful.

Definitely coming back with family.

4 star rating
by Karen R.
20th November 2012

The intensely delicious Thai flavours of the meal I had here today was fantastic.  The staff are very friendly and clearly passionate about what they are doing here. 

There are so many options on the menu that I had trouble choosing. All of the dishes are labelled chicken, pork, etc, but it is all substitute  bean curd or tofu in different textures and shapes and styles. Clearly these are heavily marinated for a good length of time, because the flavour is just juicy and delicious. 

I also enjoyed a freshly squeezed carrot apple lemon juice.

The setting is basic but clean. Maybe at some point sunflower vegetarian restaurant could be ready for a interior makeover… However I did not come here for the ambience, but to experience a wide range of vegetarian dishes, because the photos on here looked amazing!

The waitress highly recommended the dumplings for $7.50. So I will have to come back and try those ones too.

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