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Swadesh Indian Cuisine

3 star rating 27 reviews

Restaurant location map

09 6208115, 027 6208115

74 Carr Road

5 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 11 AM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Swadesh Indian Cuisine

1 star rating
by James Gone
6 days ago

Would rather eat a turd sandwich than eat at this joint again. 
Overpriced crap food that even a Ginga wasn't pleased with. 
Would pay to have the last 3 hours of my life back. 
Thanks swadesh for being dishonest poop holes

1 star rating
by Hames
6 days ago

Thank god i have access to wifi from my toilet. I have spent the last wee while here leaking from my anus after being served some dodgy fish. If you are looking to lose some weight, I highly recommend this place.

2 star rating
by Hamish Patel
25 days ago

Ordered by Dahi Puri spicy, did expect to receive each puri with teaspoon of a strong tasting chilli sauce. Was completely uneatable. The Onion Kulcha Naan was good though.

1 star rating
by Jinendran Bahubali
3 months ago

Currently waiting to pay the bill . . It's only been like 10 mins . . Yes , they are lil busy on Sunday's, but there are restaurants that are way busier and operate a million times more efficient . . Food tastes good ( or what was left of it ) . . But probably the worst service you can find in Auckland . . Had to wait 15 mins for a table to be cleaned . . I did not see anyone running around to get things done . .

3 star rating
by Savio Valladares
8 months ago

This restaurant is an average place to visit. Have personally only tried the weekend South Indian Buffet which is ok and nothing to rave about. there sure are better places worth visiting in Auckland. The only upside is that there is no rushThe buffet is average and in my opinion good value for money. There can be times where you have to wait for food and no staff around to assist. Selection of food is the normal Idli, medu wada, sambhar chutney and Puri Bhaji and dosa to order. Tea and coffee could be missed and not worth the wait  Some staff are quite pleasant but the Maître d or staff that take payment need to be more pleasant and friendly and can come across quite rude. The restaurant I clean and tidy and quite spacious compared to other restaurant where you could literally eat from plates of people sitting on the tables nest to you. Be careful of the floor can be slippery and have come across this situation more than once. Another issue I have with this place is that the chairs slip while you are sitting on it and strongly believe the owners need to invest in some non slip base as you start at one place and you end up moving with the whole table can actually be quite funny.All in all not a bad place for one off visits for a quiet South Indian brunch

1 star rating
by Auckland1234
11 months ago

We went as a group today and the food quality was awful and extremely overpriced, in other words a waste of money to be honest! The food was tasteless and we ordered dosas which were soggy and horrible. We all were extremely hungry and we waited for more than an hour for food. The starter was WAYYYY TO OVERPRICED AND OF SUCH A BAD QUALITY and such a small quantity! The dosas were soggy and bland. When we talked to the manager he did not seem apologetic at all and was just giving excuses which is not acceptable as they did not seem genuine or true. We didn't even receive one of the dishes we ordered. The restaurant was not full or busy and it still took that long so would never go again or recommend to anyone. I wish i could give below a one but that is not possible here so 1/10 is fine.

4 star rating
by Prashant Belwalkar
Nov 23, 2014

Swadesh offers an excellent South Indian buffet @12.00 and as usual it was good. Surprised to see it empty when I entered around 12.00noon. But within half an hour it was nearly full. Excellent service. Must try!

4 star rating
by Rob Harris
Nov 23, 2014

Had takeaway curry from here.
The rice was awesome. Lamb Rogan Josh was tasty but way more sauce than meat! Pricing is ok but please add a bit more meat next time.

3 star rating
by RandP
Jun 20, 2014

Our order was a takeaway with 2 curries and 2 breads

Pros: Food was good. It wasn't too oily and too heavy and was pleasant to eat.

The rice quality was excellent. The best rice I have ever had in an Indian restaurant

Cons: Staff not friendly

Takeaway for dinner and the quantity was way too little. Almost half the amount as what is given by other restaurants. Although food was good, finished with a feeling of hunger.

4 star rating
by Saiprasad Shetty
Mar 31, 2014

Spacious place!!good ambience!!delicious food.....altogether good experience....

4 star rating
by Ahmed Mitha
Dec 01, 2013

Today I went for vegetarian buffet with my wife. We both enjoyed the food quality and variety. There were 7 items plus tea and coffee. It was reasonably priced. We find this place value for money.
Swadesh should maintain the quality.

5 star rating
by Mouna Neyogi
Jul 01, 2013

It is one of the best Indian restaurants in Auckland. We are a big fan of their South Indian buffet on weekends!!! We visit every Saturday: absolutely love it!!!
Service is warm & professional. Prices are standard like any other place, but quality makes it worth!

4 star rating
by Raj
Jun 29, 2013

It was a great and pleasant experience for my boys and I. We loved the food, service was nice and clean. It felt as if we were in India. Keep up!
Thank you:)

1 star rating
by Brian Hickman
May 12, 2013

Most unwelcoming experience. From the time you enter the restaurant you get the eerie feeling you are not welcome. People at the door ahead of us and we noticed many tables vacant. Walked up to the counter and were advised we needed to wait for 15 minutes. Pointed out to the person behind the counter there was a table for two just in front of the counter. Were told we could sit there but it would take 15 minutes to clean. It took more than that and was cleaned only when we repeatedly asked staff passing by to do so. Approached the buffet counter and there were no plates. They took some time to be replenished. Then there were no bowls!. Went back and there was no sweet dish. We asked if tea was part of the brunch when paying the bill and were told it was. Requested for the tea and went back to our table and the tea was never served......so we left ...Not my cup of tea!!

1 star rating
by Sarah
Apr 25, 2013

Came here for dinner last night and was quite impressed. The food was really tasty, the service was friendly and helpful and the decor was really cool. Definitely coming back.


Went back tonight for dinner and it was a huge let down. We felt the chicken used in our meals was old and stale as it was brown and had a weird taste. The food was underwhelming and bland. We didn't finish our meals because we felt they were inedible and left an unusual after taste. It seems as though overall quality of the place has dropped since it opened. Waste of money, not returning.

4 star rating
by John Roxburgh
Mar 21, 2013

Been here 4 times and I love the food especially the palak paneer, great cusotmer service and good value for money. Keep up the good work , this my new spot for takeaways

5 star rating
by Raj Patel
Feb 05, 2013

As a recently-opened Indian restaurant I've driven past a few times during the past month and wondered what the food is like. I am usually hesitant to trying new restaurants. I decided to take my wife there for dinner, who is also an Indian food lover.

The moment we walked in we were greeted by who I suspect was the restaurant manager, who was courteous, warm and welcoming. We were seated by the corner as per my request.

Wow what a menu. Me and my partner took 10-15mins to see the menu they made. We haven't seen menu design like Swadesh in New Zealand.

We ordered a Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Malasa, with Garlic Nans, and were quite impressed when they arrived to the table within 10 or so minutes of the order being taken. The food was glorious, very tasty and good quality. From the very first bite, me and my wife looked at each other and nodded in agreement by the superb taste of the food. The Garlic Nans were also very fresh and tasty, with a perfect amount of fresh garlic and butter rubbed over the bread, and worked well with the meal.

After a few minutes, the manager walked over and asked us if we were enjoying our meals and we told him it was excellent. I like restaurants that do that because they care about customer satisfaction and itMore presents an opportunity for the customer to raise an issue (if need be), however, of course we didn't need to do that as we were delighted with the food and service.

My partner and I are thrilled to have found such a great Indian restaurant so near to home and will definitely be going back.

1 star rating
by Anthony Pream
Jan 11, 2013

One of the worst I would say. I am South Indian and I love Indo-Chinese food. I bought Chicken Lollipop, Chili Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice. Chicken Lollipop ended up to be just a battered chicken wings (no flavour and I think the chef doesn't knew what he was preparing), and Chili Chicken had a burnt sauce taste with no flavour. It was more of sauce mixed with corn flour to get the consistency. Very pricey.

3 star rating
by Kamit Prakash
Dec 15, 2012

Nothing stood out for me at this place.

Food was okay. Service okay. Nothing to make me want to go back.

Very pricey though. One of the most expensive Indian places I've been to. Definitely not worth the money.

5 star rating
by Karen Gimbert
Dec 02, 2012

We bought a voucher deal to try out this restaurant.
Well worth every $$$
1st Dec.. 1st day of summer we thought we'd use the voucher for our date night ..
Restaurant is modern, well lit and clean.
The staff are very polite and helpful... lovely atmosphere..
I watched as a family arrived with a little one... staff were quick to bring a high chair and make sure all ok for them...will definitely recommend to friends with children..
the food was excellent my favourite Chicken Tikka Masala was probably the best I've tasted in NZ since moving here nearly 10 yrs ago... very generous entrée portions... which made eating the mains a bit of a challenge for me..so some left over which we requested to take home was told we could but asked to pay $1:50 for containers.. that was ok as food was so yummy...and love left over curry for breakfast... we had the most delicious mango ice cream for dessert...
my only gripe was when we got home I went to put the remains of our meal in the fridge to find it wasn't in the bag ??no container of food?? just a couple of pieces of Naan bread?? so no yummy curry for breakfast...

4 star rating
by Rakesh Barot
Oct 17, 2012

Excellent food. South Indian Buffet is unbelievable at the price.The crisp dosas remind you of Indian Udupis. Simply delicious. The other snacks like chat and chinese are equally delicious and mouth-watering. Ambience is great and after a long time an Indian restaurant serving to all tastes (veg & Non-veg) and that too delicious. I have visited 4 times so far and have become a regular.
Rakesh Barot
Glenfield, North Shore

5 star rating
by Brijen Shah
Oct 13, 2012

Swadesh is an excellent place for authentic Indian food. Great staff and excellent food choice. If you have not been there, you certainly are missing out on some awesome treat! Would recommend any time.

4 star rating
by Jo Perry
Oct 07, 2012

Had meal with deal vouchers, good food, good service, lovely colourful menu, would recommend, only negative was that they didn't have an alcohol license at present but was told it would be a couple of weeks before they got it

5 star rating
by Mark Williams
Sep 24, 2012

I had my son’s birthday dinner at Swadesh we all had a great night and thanks to Swadesh staff for making this a memorable day.
Best curries in Auckland, especially Lamb saag wala I never had any where in Auckland. They take some time to cook the food but its definitely worth the wait.
We needed great eating place like this in our area and finally we found best Indian Restaurant in the area. Amazing atmosphere and very spacious.
A special compliments to the owner to make such a great colour full menu I have ever seen in NZ.
Highly recommend to anyone…..we will be back soon …cheers.


SWADESH has fast become one of my favourite Indian Restaurants. I have consistently received delicious food and friendly service and it’s always speedy!

Highly recommend dining here!

3 star rating
by Sunil
Sep 19, 2012

Did'nt find that great, nothing special about food, service was good.

5 star rating
by Pratik Bhatia
Sep 10, 2012

This was my second visit here, this time with an extended family...i really liked the way the lighting adds up to the ambiance...the food is fantabulous especially the prawn malabari and other currys are great too. The aloo tikki chaat was over the roof. We were big in number but the staff handled our table with smile....would definately recommend it for parties and private gathering. Great food and eccentric service made my night.

5 star rating
by Sanjay Buddh
Sep 07, 2012

One of the best Indian restaurants recently opened in Mt. Roskill area. I had been there last week. the ambiance is quiet impressive. Food is of course of great standard and a very big space for party functions.

Highly recommended....!