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Swanson's Sandwich Bar

3 star rating 12 reviews

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09 3733753

12-26 Swanson Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Cafe, Healthy Food
7 AM to 3 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


Reviews for Swanson's Sandwich Bar

4 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
one month ago

This sandwich bar tucked just behind Queen St is the perfect place to grab lunch during a busy workday. They make sandwiches fresh for you, either from their menu or you can create your own. Today I had the Epsom on focaccia. Delish!

5 star rating
by Vicky Mcloughlin
6 months ago

I love Swanson's. Their coffee is by far the best I have had for a long time - you can actually taste the coffee. I don't think $8.5 for a fresh made sandwich is unreasonable - given its hard to get much for under $5 in the CBD. As for their breakfast selection, they are a sandwich bar and that's what they do, but if you are after a breakfast treat they have a great selection of yummy muffins 'Pear & Ginger' is my favourite and they do a  good Bacon & Egg Bap. I enjoy visiting on a regular basis and love the warm and friendly service, they really do try acknowledge their customers even when they are busy - which again is a rare find in Auckland CBD.

2 star rating
by Brandy Jenkins
Sep 17, 2014

This is an overpriced “subway”. The bread I got tasted stale/dry and the fillings were not much better. The drinks were expensive. The ambience and location are what are keeping this place running. Also they had all of their cake and muffins without covers on them…disgusting to have other people breath and sneeze on your food

5 star rating
by Mike Falkner
Sep 10, 2014

It's like a high class version of subway. The staff a great, and the food is delicious.
It's become my regular lunch place, and deserves the business.

4 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
May 11, 2014

Classy fitout matches the clientele - plenty of workers in business attire drop by for a quick lunch.

Swanson's Sandwich Bar is a bit like a high-end Subway in that you pick your bread and fillings, and you can get your sandwich toasted. The ingredients are a bit better though, so you can pick pastrami or chopped egg, for instance. There are some pre-defined sandwich options so you can order quickly. Apart from sandwiches, you can also purchase soup, muesli and sweet slices/muffins.

I understand that custom hot sandwiches will cost more than pre-made cold ones, but I was surprised to see my sandwich made with supermarket Ploughman's sliced bread for a vegetarian sandwich which cost $8.20. If I hadn't been put on the spot, I would have noticed that you could also have Freya's, a ciabatta roll, or what looked like Turkish bread. I would say it is the fillings rather than the bread that makes these sandwiches interesting.

If you are after something relatively quick and simple, to eat sitting down in a nice setting in the central city, this could be an option.

3 star rating
by Dave
Apr 03, 2014

I love the food at this place and have been going here for years, a lot of the time up to 5 times a week, but have to say the service when the owner is not on site is the worse in Auckland. Lovely staff but again soon as owner is not there it is like its cruise time. After the years of going here today will be the last time, finally sick of waiting over 20mins for a simple breakfast even when I am the only customer inside. Go if you have plenty of time to spare.

4 star rating
by Annelize Faul
Mar 24, 2014

Very friendly and fast service. My friend and I've had lunch at Swanson's Sandwich Bar twice and would definitely recommend going there for a quick lunch.

The food was delicious and only surpassed by the caring staff!

Thumbs up from us :-)

4 star rating
by Rob Tuckey
Jun 09, 2013

great cafe for a quick lunch. excellent range of sandwiches and salads. superb coffee and really friendly staff. busy and vibrant

2 star rating
by Regan Doyle
Feb 28, 2013

I have heard good things about Swansons and so finally decided to try a bit of breakfast there. I paid $14 for a smoked salmon and scrambled egg ciabatta and a coffee. The coffee was good but the ciabatta was delicately sprinkled with tinned smoked salmon on one half of it and drowned in scrambled egg. It could have been OK if they'd been more generous with the salmon but the unfortunate result was a $10 egg sandwich that left a bitter taste! I definitely would have complained but I got it takeaway and wasn't overly keen to make the walk back from the office. I might give it one more chance but I'll eat in next time!

1 star rating
by Chia80
Jun 24, 2012

The coffees were so expensive for the quality I received. Not much to choose from on the breakfast menu or the cabinet. The whole vibe of the place was lack lustre and there seemed to be some slightly confused older man working as front of house???Seemed like an overpriced Subway outlet. Definitely won't be back alot more other options in the city.

4 star rating
by Toni East
Sep 15, 2010

Great sandwich filling selections for 'choose-your-own' and friendly staff.
Their only issue is they get so busy sometimes they aren't sure whether people are in the line for coffee or salads and sandwiches.
If you like good, fresh food, then head to Swanson's.

5 star rating
by Brent
Aug 03, 2009


I would rate this as one of the best places to have lunch in Auckland. Very "local", the food and coffee is amazing (especially the cupcakes :) ) and the staff are fantastic.