Sweetie Cafe

4 star rating 13 reviews

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09 8282463

1/63 New Windsor Road, New Windsor, Auckland

7 AM to 3 PM (Wed-Fri), 8 AM to 3 PM (Sat-Sun), Monday & Tuesday Closed


Reviews for Sweetie Cafe

4 star rating
by Sophie
7 days ago

Have been many times before and love the food and the two friendly front of house staff. The coffee I must say tasted sour and took far too long to get to me. I'm surprised it wasn't cold by the time it was bought out. All I can say is the service is great but speed and taste of coffee is lacking.

4 star rating
by Charlotte Lightbody
25 days ago

The most amazing selection of flavoured meringues and I'm always a sucker for scouting out the dessert cabinets at any eatery and this place has some wicked looking treats!

This place is great as its only a 2 minute walk from our house so its so nice to roll out of bed and walk up for a lazy Saturday morning coffee. I ordered a Chai Latte and had the option of it being sweet or spicy which I love! So many places dont have that option so I was instantly impressed. 

Nicely decorated too :)

4 star rating
by Bryan Gilberd
29 days ago

Nice little suburban Cafe. Their breakfast burritos are great - especially if you need something to take away. They have an appetizing selection of sweet treats too. Unfortunately a large proportion of them are sitting uncovered on the counter right by where you pay so I won't buy those. But the ones in the cabinet are great.

4 star rating
by Angela
one month ago

Having a decent cafe in the area is awesome. We often call in for cabinet food - which is usually really good. The most recent visit I had there the coffees took too long to be made. The cafe also lacked some ambience that some music could very easily fix. Hope this place continues to improve and sticks around. We love having this nearby.

3 star rating
by Lisa
one month ago

Local cafe on the corner of a quiet street. Nice little place if you're looking to catch up with a friend or 2 while in the area, however not ideal for bigger groups as the cafe is quite small. Had the Bacon Eggs Benedict with hashbrowns which was quite delicious and the staff were very pleasant. All in all it was a good visit.

1 star rating
by Caroline Botting
Feb 14, 2014

What used to be a buzzing cafe with delicious food has rapidly gone down hill. We went to Sweetie over Auckland Anniversary Weekend, having not been for a while and what a disappointment. The staff were unfriendly and barely spoke to each other. The coffee tasted like it was made from three day old milk. And the food - well the presentation of the sticky rice and Italian Beans looked OK, the taste was vile. What's going on Sweetie?

5 star rating
by T Pritchard
Jan 23, 2014

Had breakfast with family here today and we were really impressed. We all ordered off the menu and everything was great. I had the steak sandwich which was very tasty and the steak was very tender. Coffee was excellent! Took a couple of cream donuts and a cronut home and theses were delicious and fresh. Look forward to being a regular here, definitely the place to go for freshly baked goodies.

3 star rating
by Grace Nottingham
Jan 15, 2014

Went there to try their cronuts which I'd heard so much about. And disappointing it was! The icing was a waste of time, it all fell off and had a horrible texture. The cronut itself was not how a proper one should be; it was like a soggy donut. Disappointed. Their Oreo cookies and vegetable frittata were pretty good, but wouldn't go back.. Plus the food was out with no protection, poor practice of hygiene and untidy !
Definitely wouldn't go back .

5 star rating
by Jazzy Webb
Nov 30, 2013

Delightful and delicious! Our favourite cafe in Central Auckland to have breakfast. If you actually try the food (unlike the previous reviewer) then I'm sure that you will enjoy it as much as we do. We have family that like to visit there who come from as far as Howick and Birkenhead. We have never had to wait long for a coffee but if I should encounter a delay, I would be more than happy to wait patiently if needed as their coffee is a real highlight for me. My wife is vegetarian and my mother in law needs gluten free options which the menu there caters for. This sort of place represents more of the New Zealand that I know and love. It is a good, honest, non-pretentious little cafe in the lovely and peaceful tree filled central suburb of New Windsor (Just behind Mt Albert). Love Sweetie Cafe. Love New Windsor. Love real and unassuming Kiwi culture ..

5 star rating
by Lara Wills
Mar 25, 2013

Fantastic wee cafe. Top notch food and coffee. Lovely friendly staff. Awesome. Have visited three times now and can't fault a thing. I definitely need to go for a visit for brunch instead of just coffee and cake which I'm pickings going to be just as great as their cabinet offerings. Get yourself there pronto.

5 star rating
by Louise Tate
Mar 11, 2013

I've been here 3 weekends in a row now and loved it every time! Have had scrambled eggs, frittata, and the balinese sticky rice, a real treat. Love the friendly service, delicious and unique food, and hot strong coffee. They also have a big range of yummy looking pastrys and treats that I will definitely be keen to try next time!

5 star rating
by Carol Barnett
Oct 29, 2012

Great little place, was a regular at Salvation mow hopefully a regular at Sweetie, during the weekend.
Always friendly welcome and great food. Eclectic surroundings great music. Coffee great, hot and strong food great.

5 star rating
by Deanna Garner
Oct 20, 2012

My husband and I visiting from Wellington, enjoyed salmon bagels, great coffee and juice last Saturday 13 Oct @ Lil Sweetie. The staff were friendly, engaging and smiley. They'd only been open since Wednesday and the place was packed. Service was a lil slow but you didn't mind because there were far too many delicious options 2 choose from, beautifully presented mouthwatering morsels! cute decor, sweetheart seats u want to put in your handbag! There is huge community support, we felt it, so we bought the house @ the end of the Street the next day (after popping in with friends to show the girl off)! Only one negative ... They'll need to buy the vacant shop next door to expand, because it's already proved far too popular!