Taj Indian Bistro

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09 5201314

1 Manukau Road

  North Indian, Indian
11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Taj Indian Bistro

1 star rating
by Andy Smith
4 months ago

We got a takeaway on a Friday night and were really disappointed with the food. The Samosas were good but served with sweet chilli sauce, which is weird. The veg kofta was passable but the chicken dish was a odd mix of bits of chicken in a mild dhal and the veggie korma was disgusting. Frozen veggies in a off tasting cream sauce - yuck. Also I've never had such poor garlic naan from an Indian restaurant, more like a loaf of bread than a naan and very little garlic. Really friendly service but we definitely won't be eating there again.

2 star rating
by Rizwan Mohammad
5 months ago

I ordered the lunch menu (take away) for $9.99  on May 7, 2015. The menu served me Alu tikki, rice, lamb korma and a drink.

Alu Tikki: Stale, hard, not at all tasting good. So 2 out of 10
Lamb Korma: Average taste if served from a restaurant, not good and not bad either. 4 out of 10.
Rice: Less quantity and lowest possible quality rice, merely warm and not hot. taste of Rice spoiled the food a little. more. 1 out of 10.
Drink: Coke was not available so I was served a cold bottled lime juice in a fancy glass. That too tasted yuck! 1 out of 10.

Over all experience: My food for which i paid $9.99 and I was hungry, the value of food was not met at all. Instead spoiled the mood for the lunch and day. Probably will never again visit!!

Overall rating: 2 out of 10.

5 star rating
by Yani Macmahon
Mar 21, 2014

Modern clean bright & light modern style restaurant. The menu is fabulous, modern & authentic Indian food. Beautifully served in lovely dishes & cutlery.
Daya & Milly are so professional and helpfull I ate here every day of my Holliday.
Consistently fresh......really really nice.

1 star rating
by Jodie Kumar
Oct 04, 2013

Worst place I have ever been!

Rude chef/owner and awful food.

Went with a friend with a deal voucher for $50 for a 3 course meal.

When entering we were not greeted so we waited for awhile. When finally approached the owner just said "oh you have a voucher sit down" as though we were to know where to go.

Entree was raddish and carrot slices. Seriously! What kind of place serves this as an entree.
Main was small portioned chicken with lemongrass. We had no choice with anything we chose to order and the food tasted sour and a few days old. Awful we didn't even eat.
As for dessert... 3rd course wasn't even offered to us. We were simply asked to leave as we were occupying seats for other guests who weren't even there and the place was empty too.

Even though we had a voucher this does no excuse the way we were treated. Will never return and will warn all others about this horrible place. $50 is a lot of money and this place was not worth even $15.

5 star rating
by L M
Aug 07, 2013

Really enjoyed this restaurant. dined there using a coupon for a 4 course meal for two. the food was delicious, totally different to what I was expecting like just butter chicken etc. the way the food is presented is great. the decor is great and the place very clean and tidy. would definately like to go back again.

1 star rating
by RH
Jul 03, 2013

Our fault, we let a "daily deal" coupon expire, but I've done it before and customer service (and future custom) is more important than the short term gain of taking my money without giving anything for it.

I can fully understand if it was months old, but a few days....?

Reviews seem mixed anyway, so possibly we didn't miss out on much - I'll never know, as we'll certainly never go there now - they have lost a potential future customer for life.

5 star rating
by Chris Roberts
Jun 30, 2013

This place is amazing. I was not one for Indian food because of a couple bad experiences.
The foods and presentation are incredible. On the weekdays they have a lunch special combo deal. I usually go for the lamb shalik and I always ask them for a side of their curry sauce, which they always make fresh for me. I also order extra naan because their garlic naan is awesome and highly flavorful and I like to use the naan to hold my kabob and curry sauce. Not too sure how I went this long without knowing about samosas. Their rajwadi samosas are mouth watering and incredibly delicious. I have also had their chat of the day and enjoyed them immensely as well.
My wife has had their chicken lemongrass korma and their fusion dish called scallops mass n broccoli and it is now one of our favorite restaurants. They are very polite and strive to please their guests.
The parking may not be the most desired but it is also not a bad spot. I am sure it has been a deterrent to some. I would have to say that this place is definitely a hidden gem around Epsom and I hope that others will visit this restaurant and enjoy the flavors that we have and continue to enjoy.
Never a bad meal, ever! Go and eat as soon as you can at this place!

4 star rating
by Suzanne
Jun 23, 2013

Take always.
Was asked to pick up takeaway - so thought I would try this as had not been here since the refurbishment.
We had a lamb, chicken and vegetarian dish.
All three were great. A unique and subtle blend of spices and the vindaloo was hot but flavoursome.
The chicken lemongrass - korma we fragrant and medium spic e as requested. Kashmiri Deghi Subz was a great contrast with the chili.
We thought the food was good value.

1 star rating
by Geet Phanse
Jun 04, 2013

Food was disgusting at lunch time.

$13 for left overs and tasteless sour food is not worth it.

Chef said I am in good mood today with an angry face.

If you decide to eat here check the chef's mood before you check the menu.

When I said to the waitress the food is tasting sour she is asking me how come!! As if I was cooking the food.

Can't rate this place.

1 star rating
by Myles Allan
May 09, 2013

Used to be our regular but under new management and the takeaways were awful, we didn't finish them. Overcooked, over salted, small portions, tiny Naan bread. Not a patch on what it used to be. Maybe struck the chef on a bad day given the other reviews but not chancing it again.

5 star rating
by Sanjit Dutta
Apr 04, 2013

Eight of us went on a discounted deal voucher dinner last Saturday during Easter break. This newly opened restaurant has been very decently refurbished.
Parking at the back is bit limited though.
Service was excellent with all care and sincerity and food was pretty authentic I must say. Certainly not one of those run of the mill Indian dishes. The Chef has taken great care to create unique main Indian dishes.
BYO with no corkage!
Matching crockeries and cutlery adds to the dining pleasure, Fine dining by any moderate standards. Certainly recommended to try and judge for yourself. Good luck to their sincere efforts.

5 star rating
by Lucy G.
Mar 27, 2013

The food here is tremendous, and I think they've done a really great job with the refurbishment.

I came here for lunch on my day off on Monday, and treated myself to a glass of wine along with the "Kashmiri Deghi Subz".
This dish had classic mixed (but fresh) veges in a vegetarian "Yakhni and Kashmiri red chilli masala", and the flavours were utterly delicious.

The waitress was very helpful opening a bottle of Allan Scott Reisling for me to have some by-the-glass, which wasn't on the wine list yet (had just been added), and she got the Indian chef out to explain the dishes to me, and he recommended the naan bread with the Deghi dish.

They also gave me some very yummy snacks while I was waiting, to dip into a chilli, cucumber, spicy yoghurt dip. MmMmm.

I came to this building a couple of years ago, and the place was really run down, so it was great to see the space really opened up to let in the light right through the restaurant. I sat at the seat in the corner window so I could watch the hustle and bustle of the intersection.

Parking around the back made it easy.
I definitely recommend this place, and will be back with friends for sure...