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Tanuki Sushi & Sake Bar

3 star rating 16 reviews

Telephone 09-379 5353

319 Queen St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Asian, Japanese, Sushi, Seafood
Tue - Sun 5pm - 10:30pm


Tanuki is a great place to enjoy a huge range of sake & traditional Japanese cuisine. Tanuki Japanese Sake Bar


Photo of Tanuki Sushi & Sake Bar
Chicken kara age, Deep fried chicken-Japanese style.
Fried crispy sliced pork belly and stir fried vegetables in a garlic miso sauce on a sizzling plate

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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
Beer, Wine
Takes Reservations:
Meals Served:
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners

Reviews for Tanuki Sushi & Sake Bar

5 star rating
by Nataliya H.
6th June 2014

Five stars! Went there for lunch yesterday. It was a bit quiet but the food was awesome and served very quick! Very flavoursome and fresh. Not our first time there, will be definitely visiting again!!!!

4 star rating
by Emma P.
1st June 2014

Really good atmosphere and authentic tasty Japanese. The service is attentive and the sake range is excellent. Highly recommend.

1 star rating
by Emily
18th April 2014

Would not recommend – bad service and incompetent waitstaff. I came here with my mother before going to a movie – we left ourselves plenty of time for dinner (1hr). However after waiting at least 30mins after our starters our main meals, which had been ordered at the same time, still hasn’t arrived and when we inquired as to how long they would be, we were informed that the “order had been lost” and would not be ready in time before we had to go to the movie. Very disappointing.

1 star rating
by Zahn B.
11th November 2013

Don’t eat here unless you like your food unrecognisable, poor quality and smelling strongly of fish.

A friend and I dined here before a show. We ordered the $18 platter of appetizers. The food was terrible. The meat was unrecognisable and all the food, including the tempura beans smelled strongly of fish. Inedible. We left most of the food.

4 star rating
by Rick L.
25th February 2013

Was there last night with my Japanese wife who like Japanese food,ha!ha!.Sat at counter which is the best place for 2-3 people.
The Japanese , he said he was from Kyoto passed over a highly decorated plate sashimi which had six different kind of sashimi which looked like a piece of art work.
That plus snapper and prawn tempura washed down with a crafty boys craft beer made the evening.
It was Chinese lantern night so it was very busy but the service was good

1 star rating
by Tristan
20th July 2012

Dropped in with a group for some quick eats before a movie last night. Here’s what we found:

Platter for 2 was barely a platter for 1 and in fact all food portions were crazy small.
Pricing was subsequently expensive given portion sizes
Price of beer was astronomical. We paid $10 for a handle of tap beer (albeit Japanese beer but nothing special)
Quality of food was great.
Service was great and when we were there, fast.
Atmosphere was ok.

We checked prices for food before we ate but not beer. We didn’t expect such small servings.

As a result the experience left us feeling pretty negative on the place and wont’ be back.

Bon appetit!

1 star rating
by David
16th June 2012

I used to visit this restaurant quite often, but the food is always average, and the service is not that great. But during my last visit which is on the 11/6. My table obviously ordered the most in the whole restaurant but was given horrible service by the waitress. She would stare at you and you can see her angrily throw the menu on the cashier after taking your order. Food is just average but having such fucking lousy service. You should just teach your staff some manners. Period!

3 star rating
by Liam
29th September 2011

Food was fine, if slightly over-priced.

What surprised me was the Kiwi waitress, who was obviously new, lobbing the coaster for my beer from across the counter… It wasn’t as if she was joking either.
I couldn’t quite believe what had happened. Sorry if this seems picky, but even if it’s your first day you don’t throw coasters at the customers. It’s not that far to walk around from behind the bar. Didn’t say anything as obviously she was new.

I agree with the review below that mentioned staff not being so keen on customers without a reservation, as our lack of booking seemed to trouble the staff.

3 star rating
by Jessica
10th August 2011

We ate here a couple of Saturdays ago for a friends birthday. The atmosphere was great and the food was good, but the portions were soooo small. My main was like an entre.

3 star rating
by Mandy
20th January 2011

food is great! but make sure you book a reservation ahead of time, they treat a new walk-in customer very unfriendly and unappreciative.

5 star rating
by Lucy
14th August 2010

My favourite Japanese place. Try the broccoli and the karaage chicken. YUMMMM. 10/10 love this place. The service can be a little poor but it is totally worth it for the amazing food.

4 star rating
by Theresa C.
7th May 2010

The place was packed on a Wednesday night but we managed to get a table for two without booking when we arrived Tanuki at 6:00pm, provided that we finish by 7:30pm.

The entire place is heavily decorated to give an old Japanese restaurant kind of feel. The special that I ordered was really great value. For $15 I had a delicious dinner set including grilled fish (sanma?), beef tataki, edamame, pickles, rice and miso. The beef tataki was perfectly prepared with special dressing and the portion of the edamame side was very generous.

Some items on the menu are expensive compared to other Japanese restaurants. You just need to be careful with what you pick.

3 star rating
by Tino
8th April 2009

Nice, but not exited

4 star rating
by Grant
9th May 2008

Went there the other night and loved it!!

The prices are average, but the venue is outstanding making this a very cheap awesome Japanese restaurant.

The staff were all friendly and the place had an awesome atmosphere. Will go back again soon for sure!!

4 star rating
by Karen G.
12th August 2007

Loved the food, and the atmosphere.
Very Japanese decor. Warm.
The meals are high quality & very flavoursome (I had the Salmon, done in a beautiful sauce) . . . and they might not be quite fulling enough for a very hungry person, but it was good enough for me – I loved it!

Don’t be fooled by the sliding entrance door – if you stand there trying to work out where the door is . . . you’ll not be the first. (H-hmm).

It was odd that there were no Japanese people dining-in while we were there (the place was packed full of Europeans though) . . . when I ducked downstairs to Tanuki Cave for a quick look – all the Japanese people were eating down there!
That’s supposed to be some kind of sign . . . but I think maybe it’s that ‘upstairs’ is designed to please the Kiwi-born diner . . . and that it did!

3 star rating
by Andy G.
8th August 2007

real nice food.
sumo wrestling on tv!

service a bit lacklustre though – not as ambient or authentic as the cave downstairs.

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