Tavern Harewood

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333 Harewood, Bishopdale, Christchurch

  European, Kiwi
10 AM to 11 PM


Reviews for Tavern Harewood

4 star rating
by M Harris
21 days ago

Went for lunch and a beer. Had the chicken on focaccia at a cheap $15,it was very nice indeed. The staff were great,the lady at the bar was very chatty and the environment good. They have $20 mains! Will be back at some stage.

5 star rating
by Mj
4 months ago

Staff were fantastic, they interacted with the kids to keep them happy, the meals were plated with simple and tasty sides. I had the salmon, she had the steak both were perfect.
Deserts were very good/well balenced. The cream brulee is huge!! Do book as it can get very busy. If the game is on it is also a little loud.

0 star rating
by Cam Harding
6 months ago

I have been to this restaurant many times. I have always enjoyed great service at a great price!

I would throughly recommend this restaurant to others as I have done. Everyone else I have spoken to also really enjoys this place!

All $20 mains - you can't really complain there!

5 star rating
by Graham
9 months ago

Went for lunch today with a group of 13. Despite major renovations going on in the kitchen the whole group unreservedly said it was one of the best afternoons we have all had. From the food to the service, the day was great. Two things, first, the quality of the food in conjunction with the price was outstanding. Second, the boss/duty manager, or whatever the official title is, was absolutely superb. His friendly nature and dedication to making us all feel comfortable was what makes this person and therefore the venue well worth the effort of dining there.

0 star rating
by Mbennett195
Feb 11, 2014

Horrible experience. So I went into the tavern with 3 female friends, my first complaint was the price of the Jack Daniels a shocking $12, I don't know about you but I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world- Melbourne and I don't ever remembering paying that much for a bourbon, maybe something like Gentleman Jack but not Jack Daniels.
Secondly as I went to order my food, I got the lamb rump rare, after discussing with the waiter for a period of time, I made my point I wanted a rare steak, one of my friends went home so she didn't order any food and the other two ordered the salmon and the pasta.
My Lamb came out well done, I told the waitress that I requested a rare steak, she immediately took the meal to be re done. I also mentioned the salmon was overlooked, but my friend was starving an choose to eat it anyways.
The waitress sent the waiter who originally took the order to talk with us, I proceeded to tell him, that someone who also works in the hospitality industry that it wasn't good enough that he didn't write it on the docket for the chef to cook at the right degree, he instead assumed the chef would cook it rare, because "every other lamb dish he had seen was rare"
The lamb was sent back out quite a while later and unfortunately it was medium, because I was starving by this point I proceeded to eat it anyway, my other friend who ordered the pasta, kindly requested her pasta be reheated because she was waiting patiently for my meal to come out, he took her pasta re heated it in the same bowl an sent it out to her.
I proceeded to drill the waiter telling him, the price of the jack was ridiculous and he mentioned that they have risen the price of the drinks to even out their food costs, I said that there are many places that sell cheap good quality food, without jacking up their drink prices, and that the food wasn't good enough anyways, and the fact he sent my friends food back reheated in the same bowl was insulting, he could have at least re plated it, as a chef who has worked in hospitality for nearly 9 years, in both Aus an NZ and dining out with chefs who are equally as experienced. It really was disappointing, we weren't offered any drinks or even a discount. Not like I ever want to go out and receive a free meal, but receiving such a horrible dining experience and vocalising it, one would assume the staff would want to rectify it.
The staff looked like that didn't give a crap about their workplace, so really not surprised about the turn of events.
It's unfortunate the venue is amazing, but the place has a lot it needs to work on, I won't be back and I most definitely won't recommend the place to anyone.

1 star rating
by Jade Rogerson
Jul 26, 2013

I had reserved a table for a meal with friends. When we went to the counter to be seated the staff member presumed we were under 18 and told us " you all must be 18 to eat here or you must have a legal guardian eating with you". We were all over this age but only a couple of us had i.d with us, so we were unable to eat there.

I understand that the staff had to follow the restaurant rules, but i was disappointed and found it very inconvenient that they had not informed us over the phone when we booked or even put somewhere on the website that we had to prove we were 18 or over just to eat the food. We had to leave and find another restaurant in the end.

4 star rating
by Marty
Mar 15, 2013

We always come away from the Harewood feeling we got great value for money. The mains are well presented, tasty and all very reasonably priced at 20 dollars. A good size portion and fast friendly service. The place is always busy and the restaurant is usually full. Bookings are definitely recommended. We eat there regularly and the flinstone steak is one of our favourites. Great for a group or family night out. Not the place for a quiet romantic dinner but great for a casual night out.

5 star rating
by Andrew
Mar 03, 2013

Went there with my girlfriend for the second time, had to return because it was that good!

Service was good, and we started with a sourdough loaf and flatbread, both of which were fresh and tasty.

Next were mains, a beef wellington for myself and chicken fettuccine for her. My beef was perfectly rare, the portion size was great and it was delicious overall. The fettuccine was flavourful and filling.

Full from the two previous courses, we split a chocolate mousse for dessert. It was everything it was supposed to be and more.

Good service, great food and awesome value. Do recommend.

5 star rating
by Paul
Jul 16, 2008

Very busy place at times, staff go out of there way to try and fit you in when there are even reserved tables. With the reserved table we were given a time limit which was great to know how long we had. Excellent service, quick and excellent meals, very consistent, have eaten here on several occasions and will be returning there in the very near future, also very good value for money most meals being around the $20 dollar mark, so you can dine out for 2 with a wine and beer for around $50.00