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Thai Chef's Restaurant

4 star rating 46 reviews

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09 3543489

66 Parnell Road

12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Fri), 5:30 PM to 11 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Thai Chef's Restaurant

1 star rating
by Sophie
14 days ago

Worst service I've ever experienced. We made a booking months ago and on the night they informed us that they had over booked us and then decided that they could squeeze us in and decided to tell us right before we came that we would each need to spend a minimum of $20 not including corkage which was never agreed when we booked. Treated like absolute rubbish on the phone. Vey unimpressed.

4 star rating
by Lena Guo
21 days ago

Reasonably priced lunch menu. It was business lunch hours so it was quick busy, taken that into consideration the service speed was ok but the quality of servive was average. The food was tasty and came out at a reasonable speed.

4 star rating
by Ryan Lal
one month ago

This is a great little Thai place situated at the top of Parnell. The location is awesome and the ambiance is great too. Its really good to bring people along with you as well. The food is really nice and well priced as well.

4 star rating
by Sukriti
one month ago

Visited Thai Chef for lunch and apart from service the food was great. We ordered the lunch combo of Pad Thai tofu with Chicken satay and an extra main of Green Curry chicken. Pad thai was incredibly tasty but came with just 3 pieces of tofu. The chicken satay can be missed as they weren't exceptional but the green curry was tasty. High marks for the pad thai and it's sauce!

4 star rating
by Jessica Li
one month ago

My friends and I went there for a BYO. The food was pretty decent and it's reasonably priced as well. The corkage wasn't too pricey either. And I also like how it's in Parnell so it's not too far for us to head over from uni.

4 star rating
by Stephen Bowles
2 months ago

Genuine Thai experience. We were a nice big group and had the chance to sample a variety of entrées and mains. The waiter was patient enough to tell us what each dish was and also explained the funny names some of the dishes had. The food was delicious, rich in flavor, colorful and reminded me a lot of the food available in the markets in Phuket. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the mood for Thai 👌👌

4 star rating
by Sheena
2 months ago

I was lucky enough to be able to try a range of dishes at Thai Chef at a Zomato foodie meet up! The thing that stood out the most for the majority of us, were the name of the dishes. There were dishes on the menu called sleepy pig in bed, naughty pig... and even chicken erection.

Our appetisers were an absolute joy to eat! Personally I loved all the appetisers we got to try. We tried the prawn cakes, Thai dim sum, sleepy pig in bed (what a cool name!), and a lovely duck salad. It's so hard to choose a favourite, but I loved the dim sum and the duck salad! The duck salad had a little bit of spice, and it was delicious! 

For our mains, we got to try the naughty pig, a sweet and sour chicken dish, chicken satay, prawn pad thai, a duck stir fry, and a red curry. The pad thai was divine! So so good. Another of my favourites was the duck stir fry as well! 

Service was friendly and we had a few jokes with the waitresses there. 
Our drinks came out relatively slow, but apart from that, I enjoyed my time here! Because Thai Chef is at the beginning (or end) of Parnell, I found a car park super easily as well! (Definite bonus). 

The ambience was lovely as well, and the music was relaxing. I will definitely be back. Thanks Thai Chef and Zomato for a good night!

4 star rating
by Cara Marx
2 months ago

Fresh, distinct, and vibrant flavours. - Delicious 
Quirky and exciting menu descriptions. 
Cosy ambience and music. 
Service slightly slow regarding beverages, otherwise friendly and efficient. 

Overall a lovely experience!

4 star rating
by Stacey Jane Rainbow
2 months ago

Was lucky enough to be invited to a meal here to try a range of delicious food they had to offer! There was 7 of us dining in total and there was plenty of food for all of us! The decor of this place is pretty cool for a start. Some elephants dotted around the room and typical thai stlye decorations. We were seated in the more private part of the restaurant so was abit cosy :) we decided to order some wine for the table and the poor waitress didnt have very good english but we got there in the end. We had our starters come out and they looked really yummy! We had prawn cakes which i didnt try as i dont like fish, a duck salad, dumplings and sleeping pig i think it was called! Everybody loved the name of the sleeping pig and we all had a giggle with the waitress. The duck salad was lovely and had a good kick to it! The dumplings were beautiful too! The sleeping pig was good aswell..basically pork on toast and deep fried! Next up were the mains! We had a wide variety of dishes presented to us..again with funny names! They all tasted beautiful and the pork dish we had was a table fav! The only one i wasnt keen on was the sweet and sour chicken as it was rather strong and a overpowering sweetness. Usually i love sweet and sour aswell! We had the duck in love curry which was also really nice and the sauce was really yummmy! The chicken satay dish was one of my favs also. I LOVE satay sauce and this one didnt dissapoint! All the mains had a generous amount of meat aswell and we were all full by the end of it! I will defo eat here again as had a good experience! Only downside was the language barrier with the waitress but was quickly resolved and a little noisy up above us as there was a room above where we were eating. All in all a good place to go for a good feed and look out for the funny named dishes!

4 star rating
by Courtney Keogh
2 months ago

Great service, staff are so sweet! Atmosphere was super relaxing, and food was great, all named with funny names too. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes Thai food!

4 star rating
by Sera Seo Jin Jeong
3 months ago

Great curries, made in-house.
Sometimes curries made from store-bought pastes contain MSG. The curries here taste fresh and flavourful. They're also served in beautifully painted ceramic bowls.
Thai Chef's is my benchmark for food Thai in Auckland

3 star rating
by FlyingMonkey
5 months ago

Went there with a grab one voucher. Ordered a red curry and padthai. Both very nice and tasty. Service was ok... Down side was that we couldn't get unlimited rice because we used a grab one voucher. I suggest don't give out vouchers if you were going to treat us differently.

4 star rating
by Clynton
6 months ago

Great food very consistent. One of the best value for money offers in Parnell. Service is ok. They recognise regulars and are always friendly. Will continue to visit

4 star rating
by Ryan Subritzky
6 months ago

This is one of those places you go once and you just keep going back to. I went a while ago with a friend and since there I have been back countless times. 
Usually I go there to pick up some take out on a Friday or Saturday night but I still go in and eat there and it is a place I like to take people who enjoy Thai food but haven't experienced Thai Chef before. 

Great Parnell location just past the park heading up Parnell rise. Plenty of parking nearby and lots of seating, even though it is usually quite busy. The staff are friendly and you will never have an empty glass of water, they care a lot about hydration...

You open the menu and have a bit of a laugh at the cleverly named dishes, which is great it kind of makes the place fun and a little interesting, the decor is a little dated and I seem to always end up with a ripped seat and music playing could be better but the place is very clean and the staff are friendly and the slight let downs are easily made up for by the food. The food is really properly tasty and spicy when it needs to be or if you want it to be! 

Like me, your new favourite will probably be a dish named Naughty Pig, which is a kind of stir-fry, kind of curry, made with crisp veggies and pepper corns and sliced crispy pork belly. It is a really rich dish and packs a lot of punch with the flavour and like all their dishes you can ask for the level of spice you will like in it and most dishes you can substitute meats for a different kind if you wish so you can kind of customise each dish to your liking which I think is quite a unique and interesting way to do things that helps with those fussy friends of yours, or maybe you... no judgement!

Far too many great dishes here to mention really but Naughty Pig is a stand out as is another called Famous Chick, which is a more of a yellow curry, quite mild, creamy and has really tender chicken and cashews all through it, it goes really well with some really hot steamed rice.

For those like myself that like to push things a bit and go for something spicy, take a deep breath and order a Mr Bacardi, of course you can still ask for the level of hotness but either way it will be pretty hot, but so damn good you have no choice but to keep eating it. 

Deffinatly a great place to try if you love Thai food and feel like breaking away from the usual Green Curry and Pad Thai ( which is also delicious and they also still sell those dishes if you're a creature of habit, still no judgement... )

Give it a try its damn good.

1 star rating
by Saamya Gupta
7 months ago

This used to be my favourite restaurant but the recent behaviour by the staff has disappointed us .
The food is undoubtedly amazing but the service and attitude by the staff has made us re think to visit this place .

3 star rating
by Irvino Irvino
8 months ago

we lived in parnell last year, so we had thai food in this restaurant quite often, I love the fried rice and the pad thai it's world's class, but unfortunately i had one bad experience with one of the waitress, I ordered 2 fried rice after waited for 30 minutes (which is normal) the food came and it was 2 pad thai instead of fried rice, i was craving fried rice that moment so i  called the waitress to complaint but she's really rude that time and argued that she heard me said pad thai, but my partner heard me said fried rice, so it's quite intense, so she refused she was wrong and take my food away and put the plate in the bar in a way that it make clang sounded really hard, and then slammed the kitchen door.
it was a horrible night..sometimes i really miss their food but if I remembered that incident again i think i'll go with other better thai food.

don;t get me wrong the food is superb, so if you want to try one of the best thai food in auckland you should try this one.

4 star rating
by FoodLover
8 months ago

Great restaurant and nice people. Love the food and innovative recipe names. One small compliant food quantity reduced by half since the onset of grabone voucher. Loyal customer for a long time before Grabone too.

5 star rating
by KT
9 months ago

One of the best restaurants we have been to in Auckland. We went to get buffet hot pot and it turned out that we were the only people there (though the room downstairs was packed, guess not many people know about hot pot). It is really worth the price and the food was extremely good. One of the staff, I think her name was "pai", was amazing. She was extremely funny and helpful. Beside the food, she will be one of the reasons that we would come back and recommend it to the our friends.

1 star rating
by Steve Hoang
11 months ago

I went there today, totally disappointed. Felt like stepped on to their trap with Grab One Voucher. They are selling the voucher for $25. The normal price without the deal is $29 per person as they said, but I saw an advertising line on the window in Thai language saying $25 per person. Some one even ask about the price before the deal on Grab One discussion board but they don't want to answer to cover up the truth that this is a trap. 
The buffet is totally not worth 25 bucks at all, with very limited variety of food to choose, it is even worse than a normal Chinese hot pot buffet. The soup is tasteless and has the water like transparency colour. 
The staff was quite rude as well, we came in as a group of 7 people, when we were taking the food from the buffet table, the waitress came straight away to us and say "don't take too much, just take a little bit". When there was no more prawn on the table, we asked them to top up but the staff say "chef said no more"
I am not recommend this restaurant to any body who want to try their buffet menu

1 star rating
by Kelly Wu
11 months ago

Worst dining experience ever! There were 8 of us having Thai hotpot at this place. The food was very average, there was nothing Thai except for some sweet and sour Thai chili sauce. We were told that we had to pay $4 for 200grams of food that was left in the pot. Divide that between 8 people, there were only 25grams per person leftover. It was not much to pay, but the waitress rudely told us that's what every place is charging and that they don't care about a bad review. I have had many buffets thus far and was never told that I have to pay for 25grams of leftover!! Absolutely ridiculous! Terrible customer service. This is a place that I would never go back to.

4 star rating
by Arshad Siddiqui
Sep 28, 2014

Great thai food !!! Good food nice service... english is limited and they have to get food from upstairs which is bit of a challenge for the girls but overall very happy with the servicem will surely come back !!!

4 star rating
by J.T547
Aug 13, 2014

I have come here often with large groups of around 20-30 and we sat upstairs in the private area. They have been fantastic and accommodating. Each person was able to order their own meal, no force for set menus and it all comes out around the same time. Great place for a group BYO or a smaller dinner.

5 star rating
by Melanie E
Jul 24, 2014

I have eaten here several times and highly recommend it. I do agree their English is somewhat limited when you are making a reservation, so you have to double check they have understood.

The food and service here is really good.

2 star rating
by Arthur Tse
Jun 05, 2014

In summary: Unrefined near-TAKEAWAY quality food served at a restaurant with nice atmosphere/décor with poor service.

Let's start with the service. Rang up and made a booking for a Thursday night on Tuesday and somehow the person answering the phone took my booking to be on Tuesday and enquired as to whether I was coming for my booking on Tuesday night when 7pm rolled around. Overall, their staff members' levels of English leave a lot to be desired (and this is coming from a cosmopolitan person of Asian origin).

Once we made it to the restaurant on Thursday, we found the service to be mechanical and the servers had few, if any, useful suggestions/recommendations. And a smile really would not hurt, guys.

We had a "2 mains plus jasmine rice" voucher for $30. In addition we ordered two Tom Yum soups and one drink. My Tom Yum chicken soup (this is coming from someone who loves Thai food, works/worked with Thai colleagues, and has been to Thailand) was by far the most awful I've ever had. It was served lukewarm and contained far too much chicken. You might think "Are you complaining about good value?" but let me say that this doesn't matter when the meat is literally hardened, stringent chicken breast from being excessively over-cooked and reboiled and left in a bowl in MASSIVE chunks. The chunks were so big that they were literally choking hazards.

The soup base had zero tang and was hardly spicy despite my request for a hot soup.

We ordered two mains, a green curry mixed seafood and a lamb dish. The green curry was far too watery and again the unrefined theme of food presentation continued. We made clear to the server that we intended to share our mains and we found that the one and only piece of fish in that curry was again in a massive chunk. Some of the other items were also large and unrefined. Given that we weren't given knives (this restaurant seems to think that forks only go with spoons and not knives when you eat your mains), it was kind of hard to divide up the fish. In any event, we shouldn't have to.

The lamb dish was fairly plain and tasteless.

Apart from my soup, I'll freely admit that nothing was terrible. But overall the quality of the food was barely restaurant quality and although the ingredients were fresh, the best way to describe what we ate was "inoffensively ordinary". For a total expenditure of just over $60, this isn't too bad but there is no way I will ever pay full price to eat here.

1 star rating
by Scott MacArthur
Apr 06, 2014

I ordered the roast chicken with red curry. They should rename this red curry with chicken bones as that is all I got. Would have been lucky to get 50g of chicken in total. Complete rip off for a $24 main. They need to do much better!

4 star rating
by Kim M
Feb 25, 2014

Only been here once so far as my husband and I have just discovered this Thai restaurant. We had our drinks ordered. The waitress wrote down what we ordered as she asked us each of us. She bought out a drink and gave us one drink when we ordered two. We sat patiently and 5 minutes later decided to call the waitress over and asked for the second drink. Which was we both ordered the same. So we had to wait for them to make another one. The entrées and meals are really lovely! We loved the stuffed fried mushrooms. One of the best we have had compared to other restaurant that have it on their menu. The lychee roast duck curry is absolutely delicious and amazing. One of the top 3 Thai restaurants I have ever experienced so far. I have dinned at many Thai restaurants and the duck curry is one of top 3 ones I have ever had so far. We also had the deep fried banana with ice-cream - so yum! I really recommend restaurant for anyone who loves Thai food.

4 star rating
by Rom SpaceKnight
Feb 13, 2014

This has to be the best Thai place in Auckland. I've been to over 2 Thai restaurants/takeaways in Auckland but this place rocks - most authentic Thai food I've had in Auckland. I have tried quite a few dishes and regularly do takeaways from here. I love hot food and they really know how to make it Thai hot as they have 7 levels of hotness. I've dined in 3 times, and unfortunately twice it's been really noisy as once they had a party upstairs and the second time there was a large group of (seemingly semi-drunk and very loud) people sitting right in the middle of the restaurant (please put large groups in the corner so that the rest of the patrons can enjoy their dinner).
Service is ok, could help if the person tending the counter actually smiled and greeted customers instead of being so cold. I am only giving it 4 stars however because I was not impressed with receiving only half the servings of the dishes (rest being gravy) when I used a grabone voucher for takeaway once - my mistake of mentioning that I have a voucher when I ordered the meals!!

5 star rating
by Anna
Jan 16, 2014

We went to a birthday dinner at Thai Chefs recently and the staff were excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. The food here is fantastic, and it's reasonably priced (the birthday person gets a free meal!). Highly recommended :)

4 star rating
by Philip
Sep 06, 2013

- excellent quality food and lovely decor.
- service was friendly and pleasant.
- entree size small and not good value,
- charging additional per small bowl of rice not a good look considering many other Thai restaurants include rice with the meal price.

OVERALL: a very nice quality restaurant, good location etc.
A bit on the expensive side, but I would still return happily.

5 star rating
by Mildie
Aug 19, 2013

I love their food - one of the best Thai places in Auckland at the moment. The staff is friendly and polite and the food simply great.
I have tried several dished and can't fault any of it - the satay chicken skewers are particularly tasty!

1 star rating
by Pia Barrett
Aug 17, 2013

We ordered from Thai Chef last night. It was a really bad experience I'm sorry to say. First of all it was a nightmare to try and get it delivered. The staff at Thai Chef do not have good English skills and failed to tell us that we had to order delivery through another website (Dinein - they were terrible too but that's another story). So it took us about 40 mins to even order the food. We persevered as I've had food from here before and it was great. All up it took up approx 2 hours to get the delivery and when it arrived it was pretty bad. The tom yung goong that I had was watery and the prawns were not fresh. My boyfriend had a duck curry - again it was pretty watery, bland and the duck did not taste fresh. So I would definitely not recommend this place - maybe they were just having an off night but I wouldn't be risking it again.

4 star rating
by Anna Phillips
Aug 08, 2013

Went there last night (Wednesday). Very quiet. I thought the menu was a little confusing but the waitress was helpful in sorting it out for me. Food and service was great. Will return.

4 star rating
by Sharon Simpson
Aug 05, 2013

2nd visit was on 20 Feb 2014: 20 people booked for our training course celebration dinner. Maybe it was too many for the Thai Chef to handle in one night as the food wasn't as good as last year. Everything was deep fried and oily. The mains were suppose to be pork but it was dripping with oil on fried bits of fat. Dessert was oily deep fried banana swimming in whipped cream from a can which was left on the plate as I had too much fried everything. Very disappointed on my return meal and felt ill all that night and this morning too. Might have to rethink of another place as I did like it last time but let me down second time around. What a shame.

1st visit was on 1 August 2013: 14 people was at our table celebrating the finish of our training course on 1st August. We had the Banquet menu which included Tom Yum soup with tiger prawns. It was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the fast cheerful service. As the beer and wine kept coming so did each course with very little waiting time between meals. Loved the the atmosphere, price, staff and we will certainly come back again. First time at Thai Chef but not my last.

1 star rating
by Lucy Bradshaw
Jul 30, 2013

I ordered the Chicken Cashew. I'm allergic to peanuts and there was some in the dish by accident as I had an allergic reaction. I didn't eat my meal as I felt unwell and told them what had happened when the group paid. Their response was "well what do you want me to do about it?", there was absolutely no apology. Lucky it wasn't someone with a more serious allergy to peanuts. I won't be going back.

4 star rating
by Sam
Jun 08, 2013

We often frequent Thai Chef for their lunch menu, which at $11.50 is really great value for such a filling lunch. I've gone through most of the options by now, the Green Curry is probably my pick of the bunch. It's a good portion size and has a creaminess to it that is particularly appeasing. The contents of the curry seem to vary every now and then, so it's kept fresh when I order it again and again.

The wait time can vary, if there's a big group around I do get a bit squeamish.

The dinner menu is also worthwhile, I've tried the spicy crispy pork dish (it had some outrageous name I can't recall, as do all their dishes) which left a great impression.

5 star rating
by Nicky
Jun 07, 2013

The food is amazing! I work around the corner from them and so get it often and it just seems to get better and better!
Really good value for money, the lunch specials are pretty big for what you pay!
Really nice view from the restaurant of the city.

3 star rating
by Gemma F
May 21, 2013

The main meals weren't bad at this place but overall the service was poor.

We came on a night when there were two other big groups. This may have been the cause of the final desert coming out 3 hours after ordering.

We ordered from the set menu presuming this would be a reasonably quick option. It wasn't. And when they finally placed the Banana Fritter on the table none of us could stifle our laughs. We had waited 45 mins for dessert and what they offered us was practically a slice of fried banana and a blob of ice cream. We couldn't believe it had taken this long! Was actually comedic!

3 star rating
by Monica
Feb 25, 2013

Lunch meals are cheap - $11.90 with a good menu. Food tastes average/pretty good and could be improved but probably expected with the price. Food is presented well and the restaurant has very nice decour, though the service is also average.

4 star rating
by Ian
Jan 18, 2013

Very nice food and well prepared and very good value for money. Service is attentive if at times a little overbearing and not giving you time to enjoy you meal.

Nicely done Thai decor and not too over done and a fantastic view out over the city
As they are in the lower part of Parnell Road parking was easy

On the downside was the waiter, clearly was going outside for a smoke constantly as he reaked of cigarette smoke.

4 star rating
by Lucy G.
Jan 17, 2013

I enjoyed a nice Thai lunch here today. The lunch mains were extremely good value at $11.90. I went for The Cashew Nuts with tofu instead of meat. The sauce was certainly very tasty, and there were plenty of fresh, tender-cooked vegetables, and lots of tasty cashews.

Service was quick, and the decor was very nicely laid out. I was sitting next to a big fancy wooden elephant with a view out to Parnell Rd, so I could people-watch during my lunch hour.

I did feel a bit lost when I first arrived. Do I approach the counter? Do I stand and wait to be seated? I think, watching other lunch customers, that perhaps the waitress takes the order from you asap if you know what you want already, rushes it off to the kitchen, and then the seating process is taken care of after that. It all worked out fine - I'll know what to do next time.

Whilst enjoying my lovely thai lunch, I looked at the dessert menu displayed on a table-stand. Mango sorbet & sweet sticky rice sounded like a genuinely Thai concoction, so I ordered some of that too. Well... I kind of wish I hadn't - it just wasn't my thing! HaHa - serve me right for trying to be adventurous and greedy at the same time. Is it really supposed to be that salty? I thought maybe it would be better named Mango Sorbet with Salty Sweet Sticky Rice. That said, I ate my way to the bottom of the parfait glass... trying to work out if my palate would suddenly 'turn the corner' and realise that the salt and sweet and sticky and sorbet did 'work'. Maybe it's a combination that grows on you?!

Regardless, it's a great spot for a good value thai lunch, and with their speedy food preparation you can't go wrong really.

3 star rating
by David
Jan 09, 2013

Nice decor. Food was average and overpriced. Curry was a little tasteless and noodle was too salty. Service was average as well. Food were served quickly, so that's a plus. I will probably return with guests due to the nice decor.

5 star rating
by Kent Routen
Dec 20, 2012

I had dinner with my girlfriend and the Thai food was excellent and very enjoyable. Very nice decor, atmosphere and very good service. I look forward to returning for lunch with clients and a dinner with a group of friends as there is plenty of room. The VIP room will also be ideal for a private function with friends.

2 star rating
by Hadyn Godfrey
Oct 29, 2012

The food is great, just don't expect service worth paying for.

Placed a call for delivery, never turned up. Called them back, they said they took our address down wrong, fair enough, mistakes happen, but they never thought to call us. Food arrived more than an hour late stone cold & too late as I had to leave for work.

Called up to complain, they said our next order would be free, great service right? Wrong. Tried to redeem this and the now say that they offered us a free 'meal' which is one dish - not even close to making up for their cold late dinner.

Want good Thai near Parnell, go to Nickies.

5 star rating
by Bindy
Aug 15, 2012

We dined in last night and the menu was HUGE! Delicious curries, the kids enjoyed the stir fries and the cocktails were pretty good too. The service was attentive and our meals came out pretty quickly. Some definite differences on the menu to other Thai Restaurants we have been to, but the quality was great (and the spice level on every dish very flexible). We will definitely make this a regular stop in Parnell.

2 star rating
by Courtney Williams
Aug 13, 2012

I love Thai food, and I've been to Thailand a number of times as I travel a lot for my business. I drive pass them daily so I was really looking forward to their opening when they were setting it up. I went there twice and I was disappointed in both occasions.

They don't serve authentic Thai food, which is perfectly fine as most Thai restaurants adapt the taste to suit Western people. I am happy if they are westernised as long as they taste good, but unfortunately the food there is very average. Ordered a duck and a chicken cashew, the chicken was dry and had only a few cashew. The duck was OK but the sauce let it down. The second time I ordered a green curry chicken for lunch and it was poor as well. Sorry but I won't be going back.

5 star rating
by Krissy A
Jul 20, 2012

Was highly impressed by this restaurant especially since it has just opened and the only other review was negative. We had a great evening here and so I felt the need to give some positive feedback too... We have ordered takeaway from here before as well and that was superb, both times I have ordered a pork dish and my partner a duck dish and both times they have been incredible, lots of meat and great thai flavours
The atmosphere was great as well, with the wait staff being friendly and attentive and a great few laughs had by all in the restaurant.

I highly recommend trying this restaurant. If spicy isn't your thing plenty of dishes come in mild and if spicy is your thing then they have the option choosing one, two or three teaspoons of chilli which is one of the best spice indicators I have come across outside of Thailand.
I should mention that my partner is Thai himself and gives this restaurant a big thumbs up