Thai Chilli

2 star rating 28 reviews

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09 3771735

PWC Tower, Ground Floor, 188 Quay Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Thai Chilli

5 star rating
by That_Girl
one month ago

Food was good and enjoyed every bit of it. They even had excellent customer service. However, restaurant was basically empty and I had gone during lunch hour

5 star rating
by Wilco Ng
2 months ago

I visit this restaurant with my boss
The restaurant is located on PWC tower
Centre Auckland 
Modern decor, price wise
Consider very cheap on that area
Too bad no BYOW
But we love their food
Try steam snapper with plum source ..wonderful

5 star rating
by Annabel Wong
2 months ago

Real thai cuisine, good service
full at lunch time
but short of waiter
park car at the back of building is easy.
the price  is standard
Love your Tom Kha Kai
and Lamb num tok
Good job

5 star rating
by Noina Osotsongklok
2 months ago

Tom yum Prawn soup was perfect.
Chicken Ginger  just OK
Lacation is best
Waitress should speak English better than this.
Pad thai small nice from my friend dish

3 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
2 months ago

I had a mixed experience here hence the low rating
upside- multiple vegetarian options
Downside- had to ask to have different plates as they were dirty and also had to ask for different wine glasses as there was a lipstick stain on one. Also very slow service and there were only two other small groups present in the restaurant.
I'm glad I gave it a try but I wouldn't come back- I do think there are better Thai options in the area- food alley Thai up Albert street is much more efficient and well priced.

3 star rating
by Mistycat
2 months ago

We bought $17 vouchers for an entree and main per person. The food here is really average, I would've been so disappointed if I had paid full price. I won't be coming back...

3 star rating
by Shelly
2 months ago

I've been here on numerous occasions and always spoke highly about this place. I always brought people with me and always ordered this lunch set, came with rice moulded into a heart shape! But the last fee times I came here I found the front of house staff very rude and uninviting whereas every other time, they were wonderful! The last time I went in we were not even greeted, when the restaurant was empty, so we just walked out. Will not be back unless I have to.

5 star rating
by Gaffarsplusone
4 months ago

This was the venue for our dinner date last night. We were served quickly and the staff were very friendly. The food was divine and portion was very satisfying. Compliments to the chef for the food we were served. Reasonable price too for dinner. Will definitely be going back again.

5 star rating
by Juanine
6 months ago

Love visiting here for lunch. My favourite is the Chicken Satay with Roti or the fried rice with pineapple and chicken. Very tasty and excellent service. They are welcoming and lovely to deal with.

2 star rating
by Kishan Singh
9 months ago

Got served cold food with heart shaped rice on a plate. Could have been better if they were not short staffed. Whole order was not provided..picture says the rest!

1 star rating
by Kunal Kumar
9 months ago

05 Feb 15 went for dinner around 7:30pm. service was decent. place looked good. menu looked good aswell. However. ... ordered volcano chicken and received some kind of bland chicken that wasn't on "flames" as the menu states. ordered pad thai with chicken only. they gave us shrimps aswell.... One of us is allergic... ordered 2 drinks death by chocolate and frozen blue martini.... martini tasted like frozen cordial and chocolate drink well you couldn't taste the chocolate only some kind of strong alcoholic drink... only thing that was decent was the rice which was heart shaped and the mixed entrée. spent most of the night throwing up after this visit... definately not going back there ever again after spending $84.70 for an unsatisfactory meal where all the meals don't have any flavor what so ever.

2 star rating
by Eli A
10 months ago

Ok - this is the best way to put the evening.
Positives : Food is tasty, service is friendly
Negatives: Food portions are quite small, and good but not memorable. Service is slow. The place is not as clean as it should be- the restroom floor was sticky, and the upholstery on the chairs had remnants of previous occipants' food mishaps.

5 star rating
by Heidi McHolm
Sep 27, 2014

Aten out here on several occasions food is great value for money.

2 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Mar 06, 2014

Downtown restaurant with the usual Thai offerings. Dishes had heat but not necessarily flavour. Well presented meals (the rice came in a heart shape) and friendly service (bordering on over-friendly). Might have been asked 5 or 6 times how the food was.

We got a nasty surprise when we opened up a woven basket for glutinous rice and discovered that the steaming hot grains were wrapped in cling film warped from the heat.

Desserts were mostly ice cream sundaes, with banana split or brownie. We ordered a durian sticky rice pudding and it was of a similar standard to the mains. Clumps of rice surrounded by a sweetened coconut milk, no durian to be seen, but with the flavour of processed durian (as in the dark coloured dodol or durian jam) rather than the creamy flavour of fresh or frozen durian.

Meal was not exactly cheap, though not hugely pricey either, but food not interesting enough to warrant a return.

4 star rating
by Chris Brooks
Jul 18, 2013

Always receive great meals. They give value for money you have a variety of menus. Which is great for those on short lunch breaks. They also do takeaways.

4 star rating
by Atchariya Thubthawee
Jun 29, 2013

Initially, I was impressed by the atmosphere, spacious dinning room. Food was delicious, best fish dish I've had so far and want to back for more.

4 star rating
by Mark Ford
Jun 10, 2013

In Auckland and decided thai.
The place was empty at 6pm on Friday night which concerned us.
But, service was good and green curry and pad thia very tasty.
Fish cakes were yum.
My wife's birthday was a success as we are fussy brits at times but must give this place the thumbs up.
thank you

1 star rating
by James
May 29, 2013

Recently went here with my partner and 12 of her friends for her birthday. The food was very bland but my key points of annoyance were:
1- Vacuuming around the tables when people are still eating. Not only is it very rude but the guests cannot hear the conversation.
2- Disinfecting the floors whilst people are in the restaurant eating still. Nothing better than the smell of pine disinfectant when you are trying to eat.
3- The bill was supposed to have 20% TOTAL off with the app however despite us showing the app to the lady she insisted that every person needed to have the app. Arguing with customers is a bad move for businesses especially if they can prove they are correct.

Overall they are unprofessional and the food is mediocre at best. Will not be going here again.

4 star rating
by Thai Fanatic Yumyum
Oct 26, 2012

The red curry was pretty good. Very accomplished and well put together dish. I recommend it. It's got the distinct Thai flavours that you crave in a curry.

4 star rating
by Jenny
Sep 08, 2012

Second time eating here and never a disappointment. We dined with a group of nine, service was helpful and quite timely. Pad Tom Yum Seafood was delicious; Thai Red curry Duck was heaven and their Pad Thai was the best.

2 star rating
by Tom
Apr 09, 2012

After entering the premises, we noticed that there was a young lad having a good snooze with his feet up in a small waiting/ bar area which doesn't set the best tone for a fine dining restaurant since it would be way to awkward for any customer to use any of the couches over there.

I was seated to a table where the table and the menu vividly had smears of sauce on them. Not the best first impression to have at a table.

I ordered an ice coffee which was bizarrely served in a wine glass with a straw.

My friend noticed a strand of black hair just after his meal was presented to him. But, I was reasonably content with my fried rice even though it didn't have the WOW effect.

On the plus side, the interior and the decoration of the place is beautifully done. The music is turned down low, so you don't have to raise your voice in order to have a conversation.

The bill for two mains and two drinks was almost $60. A bit overpriced for the value and experience if you ask me. Luckily, we presented a 25% discount voucher and paid less.

It is such a pity. The ambience of this place is brilliant but the food and presentation needs to improve in order to make the next visit worthwhile.

5 star rating
by Emily
Apr 01, 2012

I love this place and I'm so happy that at times bland Auckland City has another choice of cuisine offered, especially since I work down the street and I always looking for a comfortable and yummy place to go on my lunch breaks. I'm a sucker for good curry and their flavors are amazing. I mean uhhh-mazing.
The first time I went there I try Red Curry Chicken. Second time I try green curry prawn. I will take my boyfriend to eat next week. Yum..Yum...Yumm

1 star rating
by Riley Rose Mercy
Oct 21, 2011

Went twice for Lunch and Dinner.
My friend ordered this curry lunch meal, and it tasted like oiled water, so diluted and oily it was disgusting. No flavour at all.
I had a stir-fried meal, with baking paper in it (how did baking paper end up in a stir-fry meal??!). I showed the waitress and she replied "oh, I think it's mushroom." Sorry lady, I think NOT. Mushrooms are edible, baking paper you can't even CHEW.

Next time for dinner, it was the only restaurant still open that late, so went again... And the meal was not good at all(can't say I had high hopes). You'd think they'd have better culinary skills being a restaurant and being in CBD, but not really. Meals were oily, diluted, either too much flavouring or too little. Ingredients were also not fresh and tasted like...yuck.

I've had better Thai meals cooked from home by someone that's never cooked Thai.
Not going back again thanks.

1 star rating
by Steve Taylor
Oct 09, 2011

Had dinner here on Sat 8th Oct 2011 and with out a doubt the worst Thai food I've ever eaten.We ordered four dishes and they were with out exception awful,the meal was not eaten it was so bad.The staff were pleasant and I paid the bill in full but would never go back.A lot of money was spent setting this place up but there are clear signs it's on it's way out,run down toilets, general shabbyness and only a "B" rating.Finally it's expensive!

4 star rating
by Soan
Jul 11, 2011

I have read previous reviews before I went in and was a bit scared of the restaurant. However all that changed when we got there. We make a reservation a couple of days before hand and were seated immediately. We ordered entrees and 5 mains. Our favourite is the pad thai because it was so tasty that the dish was empty really fast. It wasn't dry or salty or lack of flavour but I can say that it is one of the best Pad Thai I've tasted. The curry was also very delicious! We ordered 3 cocktails and that was well presented and was so yummy too! Desserts was really good but not wow because by the end of our meals we were so full. Overall I really would recommend this restaurant to anyone to go there. Although it is over priced a bit but lucky we got deal vouchers :)

1 star rating
by J B
Jun 28, 2011

boring boring boring, over priced, they even charge $2 for a tiny bowl of rice, dirty toilet. Only have the usual stuff, nothing exciting. Location not that great, get to see all the people at the bus stop. Pretty good service though.

1 star rating
by Leanne Su
Jun 18, 2011

First of all, if you want good Thai food, do NOT eat at this place. I went there for Friday night dinner with friends after buying a deal voucher and found the place overpriced and the food absolutely horrible.

On top of that their toilet was leaking all over the carpet and the entrance to the bathroom was literally flooded with a pool of water. The women's had no toilet paper and they had kindly left their phone in the women's toilet on the washbasin. Were they taking reservations in there? or maybe the chef I saw mopping up the floor was there doing his prep work.

He must have been the one cooking our meals because the food was soo God aweful that we ate a few mouthfuls and could't stomach eating anymore. Ordered seafood green curry, duck red curry and volcano chicken.

First indication that the meal wasn't going to be great was when the flaming volcano chicken doesn't actually have any flames when it arrives at your table. Since the main attraction of this dish is the flames licking at your chicken while it's on your dining table, this was a major FAIL. Hello...but this is the only reason we ordered this, to see Flaming Volcano Chicken, not ash cloud chicken!

Secondly, when said Volcano chicken is still bleeding and you point this out to your waitress who politely tells you ,"oh that alright to eat, it supposed to be like that" first thing you think to yourself is ok...E coli anyone and wow! am I the only one thinking What the?

Thirdly when said waitress then reluctantly takes it back to the chicken after you insist that bleeding bad! blood bad! then returns the same chicken in even worse condition...well you gotta say, wow are they kidding me?

The Seafood green curry was bland and watery, seafood wasn't fresh, if anything it was probably from a frozen pack and they overcooked it. The Duck was overcooked and really tough and again the sauce was watery and tasteless.

For drinks we ordered the pink panter and fruit punch which were both soo sweet it brings tears to your eyes. My friend kept adding water to her "fruit punch" the whole night and do you call it a fruit punch when you only see 2 floating bits of pineapple in it?

The real killer was when we went to pay for the dinner and it came to $120 for the 3 of us. With the voucher, that was still $85.00 for food that we couldn't even eat. The foodcourt down the road could have done a much better job for a fraction of the price.

Trust me, if you want good Thai Food, you're better off going to the food court then coming here. At least there, you'll get something you can manage to eat.

1 star rating
by Sammy V
Apr 08, 2011

If you haven't had BETTER THAI FOOD then this is your place. It is soo over priced and the mains are more like entrees.. coming from a petite young lady here I must add. Not value for money and the Thai food is very simple.. nothing special for flavour..

I wouldn't recommend for a Thai Food Lover sorry.

Premises seems very nice, that's all that is pleasing, fire the chef.