That's Amore

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09 3020645

Metropolis, Level 2, 1 Courthouse Lane, Auckland CBD, Chancery Square, Auckland

  Pizza, Italian
12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 5 PM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for That's Amore

5 star rating
by Queena
one month ago

Found this little hidden gem while waiting for friends at the suites nearby. Read all the reviews that were stuck on their window. Decided to come back due to all the good reviews there. And I have absolutely no regrets.

Didn't think they'd be that busy cos they're quite hidden. But no, we were wrong. They were packed inside. The two guys there were so welcoming and friendly.

Such a wide range of pizzas to choose from. Ordered the "voghera (white pizza)" which was vegetarian. It sold me on "white pizza" and "truffle oil". My partner for the pasta of the day. All in all, the pizza base was amazing. It was like wood fired pizza. And it was definitely delicious. Flavours were good. My partner loved his pasta. He said you could definitely taste the difference in their pasta sauce base.

Their drinks are great too! We ordered the feijoa juice and one of the Italian coke "chinotto" (which the waiter suggested) -such unique flavour and not so sweet like the coke we have here.

One of the waiters (who is Italian) we talked to said they try to make their food as close/authentic as they could. Would definitely come back again and try their tiramisu for dessert and their other pizzas! 🍕

4 star rating
by Louisa Vickers
2 months ago

My partner is addicted to pizza, and this is his favourite place to eat it. It's a great wee gem, hidden away in the corner away from the road. It's decorated very nicely, smells fantastic, and isn't going to kill your budget. 

The best part is the pizza itself. I've truly never eaten more delicious pizza, and at this stage we've tried about half the menu. The bases are deliciously perfect, and the toppings are divine. The simpler pizza's are actually better than the more complex ones. There are some lovely Italian drinks (wine and non-alcoholic beverages) and it makes for a real experience. Highly, highly recommended!

5 star rating
by Priscilla Khang
2 months ago

This place is very authentic. The environment makes you feel like you are in Italy with the music and decor. It was my first time here so I asked the waiter what the most popular pizzas are. He recommended the Zola which is what I got and it was amazing. Thin pizza base that isn't too doughy or dry, perfect texture, right amount of simple ingredients and flavours. Wait time was only about 5 mins too and service is good.

4 star rating
by Helena Chen
2 months ago

A hidden gem of a pizza place by Chancery Square. Just a short walk away from uni, I've been here a few times now with friends. They place is quite small, and we have always been the only ones in the restaurant when we have been. Their menu is hugely extensive, with over 30 pizzas to choose from..! They taste quite authentic and fresh, although some could do with a bit more topping. The base is nice and doughy, but still holds its shape nicely. The service has always been very friendly here, and a good experience overall. I'd definitely recommend to go during their specials for a great price on their pizzas.

4 star rating
by Mistycat
2 months ago

The pizza here are really good, and they have a massive menu of different pizzas to choose from. I especially like the fact that they're open till late so you can come for a late dinner or snack without worrying about them closing. It's a small restaurant though so the tables are placed very close together.

5 star rating
by Laura Lock
2 months ago

This is undoubtedly my favourite pizza spot in Auckland.  The food is consistently amazing, the service is authentic and friendly and the atmosphere is cute, charming and cozy.

I've been to That's Amore a handful of times, and every time I've been I've had a great time. It's almost like a hidden gem, thats not so hidden. It's located on the ground floor of the metropolis tower next to Auckland's chancery. Tucked away from the main road its the perfect spot for dinner before or after a show, after work, or even lunch (though Ive not tried it for lunch personally).

The team here are so lovely, really accommodating and the main waiter is just amazing with his cute smile and thick Italian accent.  The food always comes out quickly and hot, and if you look over to the kitchen at the right time you can see the chef tossing the pizza dough in the air!
The restaurant itself is quite small and doesn't have room for huge groups. I would recommend ringing ahead and booking as this place tends to get busy in waves.

While we haven't tried the whole menu, as there are A LOT of pizzas to try, I would definitely recommend trying the Margherita, Diavola, and the Solo Carne - actually any with the Italian sausage on it, it's delish! Also if you are splashing out, I recommend the Birra Moretti to wash the pizza down with.  All of the pizzas I have tried are perfect, not too much topping and very fresh bases.

The sizes of the pizzas are great, previous visits we've ordered three pizzas and a side salad for 4-5 people, but the last time we went a along we tried that and ended up ordering two more because they are just so good!

5 star rating
by Meg Balmes
3 months ago

The cutest little pizza place. Love the atmosphere in this restaurant and the wide variety of options. The prices are quite reasonable and the pizzas are delicious. As far as desserts go there aren't many options but their tiramisu is pretty good. One of my favorite places to lunch with friends.

5 star rating
by Monica Singh
3 months ago

Loved this cute little spot! Went there after uni with friends. Food and atmosphere was amazing. Felt like we were in Italy. Would definitely go back.

5 star rating
by Peperoncino
3 months ago

If you can order a Birra Moretti to your pizza you instantly know that you are at the right place. Both guys in this small venue are real Italians chatting Italian to customers and that also makes you feel more comfortable about the food you are about to order :)
The selection of pizzas and pastas is quite good but I'll focus on my Salame pizza.
It was close to closing time and the place was half empty and my pizza arrived within 10 minutes. Only two sizes available and my regular pizza was about 25cm that was just sufficient for a late bite. The dough was just excellent, super thin and dry on the underside with a soft and delicious crust. The topping had excellent quality ingredients with delicious chewy mozzarella, proper Italian or Italian-style salami slices and tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes. A pinch of home made chili added the final dot on the i.
This is one real Italian pizza that you should not miss and only the ingredients may suit you more or less and impact your opinion. The service was excellent, friendly and quick.
PS. I would only add an additional small pinch of salt to the dough to suit my personal taste :) Otherwise, all great.

5 star rating
by Maia Churichkova
3 months ago

Some of the best pizza in town. Quite authentic with a huge menu but each pizza is not overloaded with ingredients and the ones that are on there really do shine. Beautiful crispy thin crust and prices aren't too bad either.

3 star rating
by Ariana
8 months ago

Had been told to try out this place for awhile. It is a small restaurant so has an intimate feel. Pizzas weren't what I had envisaged so was a little let down. Ambience wasn't that great either. The cook out the back looked bored and I caught him sitting on the kitchen bench at one point then scrolling through his cellphone as he didn't have any work to do. Only good things about the place was the location being not far from home, the wine and the entree.

4 star rating
by Erica May Dean
9 months ago

Good pizzas maybe slightly over prices.The interior of the restaurant needs a bit more work, it is a bit out dated. The restaurant it self is too dark, needs more lighting. Apart from that the pizzas are tasty and there is big selection to choose from so there is something for everyone. I do recommend the place and I will definitely come back. however if were going to impress someone on the first date this may not be the best place to go. The restaurant is very small so there isn't much privacy as the tables are very close together... Could be a bit awkward trying to get to know one another on the first date and having people next to you listening. Nonetheless, yummy food! Just need a wee bit of change to the interior.

3 star rating
by Pol's Pot
Nov 03, 2014

First time was for lunch. All the pizzas at our table were about as dry as chipboard and burned on the base Even steak knives couldn't cut through. Was pretty disappointed that wait staff did not pick up on the fact that all of our party had left at least 1/2 of our pizzas uneaten on our plates. The second time was much better: takeaway order brought excellent bases, simple, seasonal toppings and a really nice fresh taste.

4 star rating
by Jemily
Sep 08, 2014

**update** returned on the 6/8/15, and again ordered the re di Napoli pizza with extra prawns for $5. Firstly we had ordered it as a calzone but when it arrived, the prawns were still translucent. We were then told there were too many prawns for them to cook properly as a calzone and then opted for a pizza instead.
Pizza was still a bit of a letdown though, with the base being burnt and the prawns tasting like baking soda. Bit disappointing.**

A cute little place to take a date. Authentic Italian pizzas. What I love about this place is that they make to order and that they offer the option of turning your pizza into a calzone, which I don't think you see very often in Auckland. The crust to the pizza is lovely, today we had the Re di Napoli calzone which came with fresh prawns and mushrooms. The prawns were cooked beautifully, making us want more. The wines here are also lovely, enjoyed the Lambrusco, a sweet red wine from Italy. A lovely place to take that first date at a good price. Was able to have the calzone between two people.

5 star rating
by Dougal
May 30, 2014

I've eaten here twice recently and have to say it is easily one of the best pizzeria's in Auckland. Nice little setting too if you are eating in. I have had the Magherita and also the Funghi (cause my mrs wanted to try the Funghi, I always go for Magherita otherwise). The Funghi wasn't as good as the Magherita (naturally). Also had a vegetarian Cannelloni, it was ok, but the pizza was best. They stock a pretty decent Limoncelli and what visit to an Italian restaurant would be complete without some Amaretto too.

5 star rating
by Mauricio
Feb 16, 2014

I was after an authentic Italian pizza. Came to That's Amore and had a great experience, small place, however it has a comfy and relaxed atmosphere, with a nice background music. Don't miss the chance to try the "Capricciosa" and the "4 Formaggi"!! Birra Moretti beer to accompany was my choice.
Little Italy outside Italy with a great service!

5 star rating
by Alice
Nov 26, 2013

Best Italian Pizzas not made in Italy, great food team
Genuine Authentic it made me feel as though I was back in Rome. Prices were great, food even better and the service was top notch, we will be back for sure

5 star rating
by C.c. Lee
Nov 07, 2013

Best authentic pizza in central Auckland City. Cozy warm surrounds - nice first date venue if you come on a weekday night early. You will not be disappointed with any selection of pizza. Subtlety of flavours is something they excel at, while the crusts are delicious and have a hint of added herbs. Abandon that Domino's urge and come here instead!

5 star rating
by AllStar Infinity
Oct 21, 2013

A fantastic little restaurant. Staff are friendly and helpful. Food is lovely! We had a birthday dinner of 20 people and they handled the group well including the small children. Will most certainly visit again.

5 star rating
by Niamh Ryan
Sep 11, 2013

Visited here last night, and had a good feeling as soon as I walked in the door. Waitress was very personable but not in your face. Some of the best pizza I have had outside Italy, I will definitely be making this my local. Really reasonable prices and delicious food.

5 star rating
by Alex
Aug 10, 2013

Best pizza in Auckland. Their price is quite cheap compare to it's size. Good value and delicious.Other than pizza their salad and pasta is average for me. But their pizza is a star! We will come back soon.

5 star rating
by Martina Tuuli Fellmann
Jul 08, 2013

Definitely the best pizza out of Italy. Actually would rate it just as highly as pizza we have had in Italy. Been many times and always a very authentic experience. Recommended to many friends and family for a great dinner or lunch. Awesome value too

4 star rating
by Michael T
Jun 27, 2013

Authentic Italian pizza, with quality ingredients and a nice, cosy pizzeria atmosphere inside. The calzones are particularly impressive. The menu runs to something like 40-50 options, which is more than you see in most pizza places – the gamberoni is a star! Believe they've recently lost Alessandro - otherwise known as the pizza-making maestro extraordinaire - and one hell of a nice guy, which is a shame. However, understand he may be behind a new pizzeria closeby in Chancery.

5 star rating
by Lina Mao
Jun 22, 2013

That’s the truly Italian handmade Pizza. Me and my husband both thought it was so delicious!!! We had 2 excellent pizza and a bottle of Chianti Reserve, and the tiramisu was amazing!!!! That’s Amore is becoming our favorite place for pizza. Keep up the good work and we will definitely be going back!!!

2 star rating
by Dhakshi Gamage
May 18, 2013

I came here with my boyfriend for the first time after reading the great reviews. I was impressed with the service and the atmosphere. The waitresses were friendly, attentive and helpful. The decor was charming and romantic. However, we were disappointed with the pizza. We ordered #31 (Re Di Napoli) and #38 (That's Amore) 'half-and-half' in the largest size. Perhaps it was the truffle oil (as it was the only ingredient I was unfamiliar with) but #38 had an unpleasant, smokey after-taste. #31 was slightly better, but not great either. Both halves were soggy, the toppings kept sliding off, and the crust was burnt in places. Finally, the portion size was not worth the $32 we paid.

I'm giving the restaurant two stars because the staff were friendly and did seem genuinely concerned with providing a good experience for us. However, the experience did not stack up to the glowing reviews on this page. I've noticed that many of the positive reviews refer to an Italian chef/owner, who we did not see (all of the staff were Asian). Perhaps the place has changed management and gone downhill? I don't know.

3 star rating
by Whitecat X
Feb 20, 2013

Sometimes good, sometimes not..

I wonder if the chef's moody?
We've been there many times and the experiences had exactly two faced. Extremely yummy or extremely doubtful. No mediocre.
When they're in a good mood?, we had an excellent pizza. When in a gloomy?, we had a small, soggy one with a little too much tomato sauce with just little mozzarella.
But I wouldn't stop you if you want to know a wonderland.
Taste itself is not bad!

4 star rating
by Callum Melhuish
Nov 07, 2012

Went last night for a relaxed pizza and bottle of wine. Absolutely loved it! Was very understated and informal which if you've ever been to Italy, is how most restaurants there are.

Great pizza and a nice atmosphere.. Only problem was they took a long time to clear everyone's plates once they were finished eating. Not always a great feeling finishing your meal then staring at the plate for another 10mins. But aside from that it was a great night!

Will be back soon.

4 star rating
by Rachel
Sep 06, 2012

Excellent pizza, very delicious and reasonable pricing!!! Alessandro definitely knows what it takes to make their customers welcome and have a pleasant experience!

4 star rating
by Philip
Sep 06, 2012

The pizza and calzone is amazing. Almost exactly like you get in Naples.
The only problem is the pasta dishes. They are tiny and expensive.
How come the pizza is so generous, but the pasta is so small ?

----- 26 Jul, 2011 -----
Having recently returned from the home of pizza - Naples, I had a craving for Margharita.
The Margharita pizza here is very good. In my opinion it is about 80-85% as good as you will get in Naples. Not perfect, but very close. As far as I know there is only one other place in Auckland that does proper Margharita.
Great Italian themed decor in the restaurant. The walls are covered with interesting things. The place is not a plush restaurant, but that is not what you want for an Italian pizzeria.
Prices are reasonable also.

Excellent, friendly waitress was on duty. She was making a real effort to do her job well.

Would I come back here - absolutely. You can't beat genuine Italian pizza.

5 star rating
by Anne F
Jul 22, 2012

One of the best italian style Pizza's in the country- They are serving Pizza's with a thin crust - and that is how it should be- the pharma ham is really nice. Nice service- try it and you won't be disappointed. Best time to go is for lunch or Sundays - as they have a 15 Dollar deal for all pizza's.

4 star rating
by The Guppy
Jul 12, 2012

I loved this place - the guy that served us was really nice, genuine, and shared a lot about his home town in italy.

i'd never tried birra moretti before - i think he said it's not really available much in stores in nz - i highly recommend it.

The thing that stuck out here was the fact that the owner and staff had clearly built a community around them, as witnessed by all the testimonials up on the walls.. seemed like they had a real buzz going.

Oh yeah, and importantly, the pizza was good too.

2 star rating
by Johann O'Flaherty
Jun 12, 2012

Pizzas only lukewarm and horribly soggy with toppings falling off everywhere, pasta portions ridiculously small for the price. Not coming back.

1 star rating
by Yvonne
Jun 01, 2012

I have eaten here before and really enjoyed the pizzas on offer.

However, this time the experience was completely different. I ordered the bufala, but appeared to have been given a Margarita. When I highlighted absence of buffalo mozzarella from this order was met with complete negativity by the owner. I was questioned whether I was a buffalo mozzarella expert and asked whether I was from Napoli. I am neither, but fail to see the relevance in my question. The photo of the pizza advertised ordered was nothing like the pizza I had received.

The staff appeared really uncomfortable as the owner shouted and became abusive. This is such as shame, as all I asked for was some buffalo mozzarella. I asked for the pizza to be packed for me to take away as I was being asked to pay for it but this was declined after a heated discussion. Eventually and reluctantly, the pizza was not paid for as a compromise.

Extremely disappointed and would not recommend this establishment

4 star rating
by Ingela Johannisson
May 21, 2012

Yummy!! This is a place where you can actually get a proper PIZZA in Auckland, with nice taste and good quality ingredients, (not the, tasteless thick bread with topping, they call pizza at a lot of other places), I think this is one of the best Pizzerias in town.

5 star rating
by Juanita Ramirez
May 19, 2012

If I hear the word pizza, I think of That's Amore.. Why?? Its because they've got the best pizza and I'm addicted. I recommend #38 and #33 oh! they're divine.

The atmosphere is cosy and clean. Staff were awesome, friendly, efficient and enjoy listening to their cute Italian accent.

Will definitely be going back!!

5 star rating
by Roma Tallon Rumahorbo
May 17, 2012

“Perfect dough, divine pizza !”

In the quest for the best pizza, I'm always trying new places, and I must admit I'm never satisfied...
So I tried That's Amore pizza, and now, I'm totally addict !

I tried the Capricciosa pizza, with artichokes, delicious salami, capers, ham, mozzarella.... A combination to die for !
All the ingredients are really fresh and the dough is simply perfect, white, crispy, light and so tasty. You can choose between pizzas (43 different choice), calzone, salads, gnocchi, gelati....
We had some wine by the glass, a traditional red Lambrusco (slightly fizzy, low-alcohol wine) which pairs so well with the pizza. You can choose by the glass, a half bottle or a bottle.

For desert I ordered the homemade Tiramisu... Yuuuuuuuummmy. Served in a glass. So freshly made, that the Savoiardi biscuits were still crispy on the sugar side ! Very light, perfect for a desert. There was not cacao powder on the top but chocolate powder. This tiramisu was perfect, but I would just love it with more Marsala liquor !

The owners are real italian guys, from Napoli, in the south of Italy (where they do the best pizza in the world). You can hear them talking italian, I have no idea what there were talking about, but it give to the place a nice exotic atmosphere :)

That's Amore is by far my favorite pizza in Auckland. We are lucky to have such an authentic place in Auckland, where you can enjoy fresh tasty pizzas !
Grazie, grazie!!

2 star rating
by Noelia Gonzalez Quiñones
May 08, 2012

For three years I've been wanting to try this place, since I walked past every day while walking to uni and I had read the good reviews. Last Friday I finally got the chance, as a special celebration for my graduation. I was very disappointed. My family and I ordered 2 pizzas and 1 calzone. The flavours sounded really nice on the menu, but the pizzas turned out to be super thin and soggy - these are not real Italian pizzas at all! I was very disappointed and will not be eating there again.

4 star rating
by Joni M
May 04, 2012

The only place for that real *with hand gestures* Italian woodfired crust. Get simple toppings so you can truly appreciate the chewy crusty goodness.

3 star rating
Apr 02, 2012

Great pizza, though for the price... i'm a bit on the rocks. Good quality pizza might be worth the money spending on it, and I do enjoy the atmosphere. A bit cramped for seating when going in during busy period and a tad unnerving to have your picture taken whilst in the middle of eating your meal. Overall, good pizza and great service.

4 star rating
by Crystal Johnson
Mar 28, 2012

Love love loved it!! Very authentic & loads to choose from!!!

5 star rating
by Chris
Sep 11, 2011

fantastic pizza! this is such a cute place with a great atmosphere. staff are so friendly and accommodating. enjoyed the chianti too. we didnt have room for dessert but i am looking forward to trying their gelato next time

5 star rating
by Leen
Aug 27, 2011

I love the Pizzas in That's Amore. The pizzas are delicious and great. The owner and staffs are fabulous, the service is great! My favourite pizza is number 34, Duca. My boyfriend always has number 8, Hawaiian. I love the Choc truffles for dessert, as my friends love Tiramisu. Will definitely come back again soon.

5 star rating
by Gemma
Aug 17, 2011

The best pizza ever, handmade with love by the owner, Allessandro, who is such a wonderful friendly guy that it makes a visit to dine in or takeaway worthwhile just to see his smile and hear him speaking in his native language. It does look like the toppings are a bit thin when you receive your pizza, but the taste is amazing... proving less is more. I highly recommend the prawn pizza minus the rocket and the ham and mushroom pizza with onions added. We also love the calzone. We love dining in on fresh pizza out of the oven but taking away is good too - remember to get a big one as you will want more! The dining area is small and designed to be casual - I find it interesting looking at the pictures and comments on the wall. But please get Diet Coke!

Have visited many times since this review and still top notch (March 2013).

4 star rating
by Hugh Lloyd
Jul 20, 2011

Excellent authentic pizza, Allesandro always vocal and loud which is great, always remembers you and deserves the great reputation he has

3 star rating
by Jessica
May 07, 2011

maybe i didn't order the right flavor but i didn't really enjoy my pizza. I had the italian sausage pizza which had i think fennel seeds and shiitake tasting mushrooms and the spicy salami pizza with spinach. It didn't have that much flavor and not a single hint of spiciness. the pizza base tasted similar to turkish bread.

5 star rating
by Mark Marshall
Apr 19, 2011

brillant. pizza as good as it gets. Tastes, service and price all spot on. We loved it and the kids want to go back again. fully recommend it if you are in the city center. Better than the pizza we had in Italy..

5 star rating
by Ignesias Tan
Sep 03, 2010

I love this place, I just went to the restaurant today for the very first time! I've been eying this place for a very long time now but never had the courage to enter the restaurant.

As soon as you walk in this restaurant you feel like you are in 'little italy' and I love how the wine bottles sit on the table.

Good atmosphere, excellent service, and most importantly good quality food!

5 star rating
by Jude
Jul 23, 2010

My second time at That's Amore was brilliant. We were a large group taking over most of the small restaurant. The food was fast and fresh. Strangely, the salads were the last to come out but everyone enjoyed their meal.

The staff at That's Amore add to the charm with their warm welcome and consistently good service.

If I had to pick anything for improvement, I would say the portion size for the salads and gnocci dishes was a little small. Perhaps they could be offered in different sizes as with the pizzas?

I truly love this place -it's a little hard to find but totally worth the effort!

5 star rating
by Paul
Apr 26, 2010

Great genuine Italian style pizza. In my opinion the best Auckland has to offer. I'll be going back.

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Feb 19, 2010

This is true Italian 'melt-in-your-mouth' pizza at its best. The flavours on my "Fattoria" pizza with capsicum, olives and chicken were simply delicious. The chef is full of exuberant Italian warmth as well. Best pizza I've had for a long time.

5 star rating
by Judy
Nov 04, 2009

This is best in Auckland. I have been here several times now and tried different pizzas. I love "Pear and Blue Cheese Pizza" best. I wish there is pizza restaurant like That's Amore in Japan!

5 star rating
by Francesca
Oct 29, 2009

Thank God, after lots of researches, i finally found the REAL Italian pizza in Auckland!!!
This place is tiny and welcoming. When you get into the pizzeria, you listen to Italian music and you can see small pictures of Italian personalities hanging by the walls, which is quite nice for an Italian in a foreign country. :) It makes you feel like you have found a piece of Italy in the other side of the world!
The service is really good, both if you have your lunch or dinner there and if you take it away.
Alex and his staff are very nice and i'm just enthusiast about them!
Prices are in the mid-range and that's a point plus.
If i may suggest to all of you, try the CALZONE FARCITO, cos it's one of my favourites! Eheheheh!
Everything there tastes like the original Italian one!
Grazie Ale!!! :)

5 star rating
by Anastasiya
Oct 29, 2009

It's a great place. My most favourite take away food. The pizza is fantastic! One of the main reasons I love this place because the quality of the products used is very high (and that rates very high on my list!) and you can feel the difference.One of my most favourite things in the world is eating Alessando's pizza at 5 o'clock in the morning straight from the fridge after a big night out partying. Thank you so much for your service and quality!

4 star rating
by Maria
Oct 29, 2009

It's a different taste and an experience that has been favourable to my family. Number 6 with garlic is my favourite BUT That's Amore is just YUMMY!!! Calzone is great as well and very filling!!! However,the pasta is my number 1 with a small garlic pizza!!! Prego Allessandro!!! The best in Aklnd!!!

5 star rating
by Christopher
Aug 13, 2009

Wow. Had the mozzarella pizza. So good, so very very good.

5 star rating
by Seamus Joyce Kennedy
May 16, 2009

had pizza there recently, was grand and Alessandro service was bar none...

overall a wunderbar experience...

5 star rating
by Louise Young
Mar 27, 2009

Just like Italy - the best in Auckland and Alessandro is fantastic. That's Amore is a hidden treasure tucked away around the corner which of course makes it all the more appealing. Totally recommend the calzone.