The Block Cafe

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09 6270325

568 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland

7 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Tue, Sun), 7 AM to 10 PM (Wed-Sat)


Reviews for The Block Cafe

5 star rating
by Abbey Lissaman
7 days ago

Wonderful new restaurant. Came here for lunch on a lovely warm summery day. Generous meal sizes, all our dishes were fantastic, along with the carrot cake after! Good service, great atmosphere. Lovely and spacious too. Will defenitley come here again and recommend to lots of friends! Loved it.

5 star rating
by Limaono
9 days ago

YaMarnis We ordered Eggs Bene and Mochas. VERY good food! The eggs were cooked perfect! The hollandaise sauce wasn't the best so is the only reason I scored it a 4.5 instead of a 5 :) Great coffee and service! A bit pricy but money well spent :)

5 star rating
by YaMarnis
10 days ago

Well what can we say... Hard to fault anything about this Cafe. We ordered eggs Bene and have to say we were impressed by the set up staff and other clientele enjoying themselves. Well done.

4 star rating
by Beverly Semu
11 days ago

had breakfast here last Christmas and it was really nice, really nice staff and just a perfect location in the bay. would definitely recommend it!

4 star rating
by SinΓ©ad Rose Stayton
12 days ago

Visited the block for a brunch today, I ordered the chilly calamari salad and my partner had the block big breakfast, my meal was really yum! Could of had a bit more calamari to balance with the generous amount of salad but was overall really yummy, could taste a strong taste of ginger I think it was?? The big breakfast was a bit over priced for the size it was but enjoyable :) good atmosphere and very friendly staff! Wouldn't mind going back to try more meals!

5 star rating
by Nikki
27 days ago

Came here tonight to celebrate my birthday! Staff looked after us really well and made us all feel welcome! Food was great and looked amazing. Turned up and the tables weren't how we wanted them so they were happy to let us move them which was awesome! Thanks for looking after us tonight the service and food was great!

4 star rating
by Chris Mcneill
one month ago

Sunday brunch here last weekend. What an unexpected treasure of a place. Much roomier and well laid out than the outside would indicate . Really good coffee which we finished before the meals arrived but that was fine , we just had another round!

Four different dishes for our party and everyone was very satisfied with their choice. I had the Mac and beans which had to be passed to one of the males in the group to finish. Very tasty but deceptively filling. Good attentive service from the young wait staff. Will definitely come back.

4 star rating
by Anna Bentley
one month ago

I loved my breakfast it was delish! I got the 'something healthy' with house smoked salmon. My brother got the corn fritters which were also very impressive and so fluffy!! Service was good, however not overly impressed by the coffee. Overall would definitely recommend 😊

4 star rating
by Amaani Cornett
one month ago

Breakfast is average, for dinner i had a soup which was bland and not worth my money. However, the dark chocolate cheesecake with raspberry couli and icecream was to die for! Definitely recommend this for all the cheesecake lovers. Good location and great customer service ☺

4 star rating
by Kris Baudry
2 months ago

Went for brunch, good to see the lunch menu available. Excellent food, and pretty good coffee, tho no hot water with the long black unless requested. Let down by some tardy service, as other tables that had arrived after us had their order taken first.

4 star rating
by Wanderlust
2 months ago

I had heard a lot of positive feedback about this cafe from friends and family, so I thought I'd pop in. Firstly I am so happy about how early it opens, I often find myself in the weekend waiting around waiting for places to open early in the weekend.

We managed to get a park outside the place which was good. Staff were friendly, super quick and attentive. Great coffee, creamy and strong.

There were so many choices on the menu, it was difficult to choose. The menu has some brilliant taste combinations. The classics were there such as mince on toast.

The meals were put together beautifully, with good sized portions and timely. The only downside was I thought the meals could have been hotter.

I will come again and make my way through the menu.

3 star rating
by KST
2 months ago

Decent food and decor, but a few other things could use a bit of work.

For most of us the food was delicious and filling. Confit Duck is worth trying. One dish though was a bit too small for the $18 cafe lunch price tag - the sliders, so tiny they should have been advertised as an entrée.

Some of the tables are in fairly drafty areas, even on a sunny day in September, there are heaters running but the draft was still too overpowering when anyone opened the main door. Menus would flutter. We asked to be moved and found a nicer table in the semi outdoor area.

It was a little busy but not 100% capacity for our Saturday lunch. The staff seemed a bit too flustered though, not overly warm and welcoming. They got a few things wrong - forgot one of the coffees and brought the wrong juice for someone else. Didn't offer us water, hard to get attention for desert, wouldn't clear table when it got cluttered after quite a bit of food between four. Nothing terrible but you can get much better service in same price range.

5 star rating
by Grace Macalincag
2 months ago

First time at The Block Cafe & I was pleasantly surprised at how great it was. The staff were lovely & polite & the ambience was nice. Food & coffee was delicious. However we got seated in the middle which felt a little cramped - but then again, it was a Saturday morning so it was pretty full. Would definitely go back 😊

3 star rating
by Sian Wichman
3 months ago

Been here once. great establishment for the area...pity my scallops were undercooked and i asked for sparkling water to which the waitress gave me a 1.5litre bottle of antipodes.

5 star rating
by Alan Peters
3 months ago

I go to the Block often it has great food hawkes bay pilsner is one of the best beers i have ever drank the staff are top notch i look forward to friday very happy hard looking biker guy.

5 star rating
by Greg Jonas
3 months ago

Been here several times now, great service, great food. Also has a nice range of craft beer. Well worth a visit for any meal of the day.

4 star rating
by Vov
3 months ago

The plate sized hash brown, quesadilla, fries, omolette and ALL cookies and cakes are fresh and mad etc perfection. The prices may be a bit high. But the food is well worth it. My favourite item on the menu is their iced coffees. They make THE best! The reason I rated it average though, is because the staff haven't been friendly in the times that I've been there. And the wait time can be ridiculous.

4 star rating
by Taylor Compain
3 months ago

Great food , nice service! The only downside is the parking on a busy day but I love The Block! Always worth a try and worth the trip out if you don't live out west. I love the classic eggs benny and the steak! And it's great that it's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5 star rating
by Joan Edwards
3 months ago

We go to The Block on a regular basis and sometimes the service can be a bit inconsistent but it is generally very good. It's always busy with a great atmosphere on a sunny day due to the fantastic outdoor areas. It's dog friendly on the front deck which is a bonus for us. Don't expect fine dining but food is above average and if you're local, it's brilliant and makes Blockhouse Bay a great place to live. With a good drinks list and NZ craft beers, the Block is also perfect for a couple of cheeky drinks in the afternoon. It's our local and we love it because of that.

4 star rating
by Goldilox
3 months ago

-everything about the block cafe is a 4/5, nothing is spectacular but everything is above average
-cooked breakfast was tasty, well balanced and didn't taste gluggy or fatty
-bright, contemporary and clean premises
-you won't be disappointed if you are needing something to eat in blockhouse bay
-prices are pretty reasonable for what you get

5 star rating
by Dan O'Brien
4 months ago

We visited for lunch on a whim and were thoroughly impressed with the food.  The lamb salad and smoked mac'n'cheese exceeded our expectations and we most certainly will be returning.

You chef is a rockstar, give him a payrise!

4 star rating
by MissEstherZ
4 months ago

The Block is a cafe that's very close to me and is always bustling with people- it's a very popular store and beautifully furnished.

The food is averagely priced, as in its comparable to most other places. I have had tea and coffee there, and unfortunately I am not a coffee snob and can't tell the difference between good coffee or bad coffee sorry :(

The food I thought was also very normal- I was not disappointed but I was not wowed either. You get what you expect, although the wait for our food was quite long- long enough that one of us had to move their car while waiting because most of an hour had been eaten up by waiting.. Eaten... Is that a pun? Good service and atmosphere, a great set up for a neighbourhood cafe. Would probably come back here again since I live around here!

2 star rating
by Thom
4 months ago

Had a very average flat white last week. Weak (single shot?) and the espresso shot was underextracted. The milk was too foamy and not quite hot enough (I'd estimate it was about 50-55 degrees, when it should ideally be 60-65). This was compounded by the indifferent service. The barista was talking to a guy when I ordered, and she kept on talking to him as I waited. Even if the conversation was one she had to continue, she should either have apologised to me for the wait or, preferably, multitasked. The fact that she lacked the confidence or ability to make a flat white and talk to the guy at the same time is quite telling. Not an experienced barista. Overall, disappointing and complacent. Won't be back.

5 star rating
by Jenny Gilchrist
4 months ago

We've been here a number of times and each time it is always a fantastic place to come as they have very friendly service and lovely food. What's even better is they update their menu to match the season. It's great having this cafe so handy!πŸ˜€

5 star rating
by Sarah Jensen
5 months ago

Friendly, efficient and on-to-it service. Awesome coffee. Extremely tasty food (block bacon is well worth the extra $2), considered. My new local!

3 star rating
by Jo Y
5 months ago

Good standard cafe fare. Service not overly warm. I had poached eggs on ciabatta which was ok but nothing special with a few stringy bits off the eggs and yolks nearly cooked too much. Dog friendly with a good sized outside area.

5 star rating
by Jazzy Jazz
5 months ago

This place is awesome! My local yes sure but the service and the ambience and decor is quite cool, the have quality chefs and some top coffee. The staff are always friendly and very prompt is their service. Would recommend going there for a sunday brunch or an everyday coffee definately my go to!

4 star rating
by Denise D'Sa
5 months ago

The Block Cafe is a relatively new opening and is just what was needed to make Blockhouse Bay a little more exciting.

I've only ever been for brunch, but the food has been good, my go-to eggs Benedict are always cooked perfectly and the bacon is nice and crispy.

The service can be quite slow, and sometimes they get orders muddled up but the staff are always friendly.

5 star rating
by Lauren Lee
5 months ago

The Block Cafe is the perfect place for breakfast and lunch (haven't tried their dinner meal). They have a great variety of meals and everything I've tried so far taste and look amazing. I'm not crazy about their coffees but that won't stop me from visiting regularly. I would recommend it to everyone in the area :)

4 star rating
by Xiaotaoyanzaixinxilan
5 months ago

nice place with wonderful food@The Block

4 star rating
by Ishita M. Mendonsa
6 months ago

I've been here a fair few times and I've really fallen in love with the place. The vibe is lovely, and the food is even better. I have to add, that the service time has consistently been an issue and were it not for this element, I would have rated this place a 5. It does get very busy so be prepared for longer wait times than your average brunch place. That being said you will not be disappointed because it is worth it. Healthy and yummy breakfasts, good live music, and a kickass beer selection (on tap to boot!). Love going down to the waterfront/ coastal walks after a lazy brunch!

4 star rating
by Stuart Harper
6 months ago

I was recommended this place by a friend and it did not disappoint. I opted for the 'heathy choice' breakfast which was absolutely delicious, my friend had the large hash brown Etc which again looked great and tasted great I was assured. The service was cold and at best polite which was a shame because I would have considered maximum points had it been as good as the breakfast. Well done chef, your food is great.

5 star rating
by Donna&Shane
6 months ago

Great place to go for breakfast home made hash browns a must to add to your choice... Service is ok... Can get busy with the locals but plenty of seats

5 star rating
by Lee V
6 months ago

Oh gosh I love this place! It's such a great place for a laid back brunch/lunch. The confit duck is my favourite, but everything i've tried so far has been yummy. The staff are very friendly and service good. Sometimes the wait times for food can be a little longer than "normal" but drinks are usually pretty quick.

3 star rating
by Sungsam7
7 months ago

Growing up in Blockhouse Bay and going back to visit this place is really cool. I've enjoyed all the meals, the coffees have been good and service not so bad. For the burbs its pretty a okay πŸ‘ Its only been summer we've visited and we like the outdoor seating areas.
Latest visit: The spicy pumpkin and lentil soup was filling, full of flavour and just the right spiciness. Mother enjoyed her fish and chip make shift meal. And daughter liked her creative haulomi dish. Our coffees were fantastic.
The service was done without brains as in is it necessary to have your damned arms and elbows in my mother's face and reaching inches away from her face while presenting dishes, not once but three times!!! Plenty of room by each diner to place each meals.
Seriously get some manners, brains or both when serving paying guests.

4 star rating
by Vicky Mackenzie
7 months ago

A group of 10 of us went to lunch and the service was pretty quick.  The food was really tasty.  I had the Crisp Potato Skins which very really crispy and had lots different flavours and textures with the cheese and the chili jam.   It was a big serving so had to share it with someone else.  Good food, good value and nice relaxed atmosphere!

5 star rating
by EssJay
7 months ago

Good place, good vibe, prices aren't too expensive. They also have live acoustic music. If this had the views of Blockhouse Bay it would be perfect!

4 star rating
by Don's Food Fiesta
7 months ago

This morning I wanted something different for brekkie so I ordered the Mac 'n' beans. Bacon was nice and the crust around the Mac had a pleasant crust. Was a very nice combination with the baked beans. Great atmosphere with beautiful paintings hanging for the public to view, even purchase. Pricey brekkie for its size so it'll def be a one off for me

4 star rating
by Foodiesfeast
8 months ago

Had breakfast here on a Saturday morning recently and enjoyed the atmosphere of this cafe. I ordered the "something healthy" with bacon which was $18.00. The poached eggs were perfect however the rest of the meal was lacking, avocado was spread so thin I could barely taste it, bacon was overcooked and difficult to chew. A bit pricey for what I received however coffee and service was good.

4 star rating
by Sanjesh Lal
8 months ago

I go here at least once a month. I think for the location and setting, it's actually pretty good. I always get good service. Yes perhaps food is a tad expensive, but hey a business needs to survive.

3 star rating
by Heiata A
8 months ago

The cafe itself was clean and the staff were friendly. I ordered a Mocha and watched the barista make it. He finished making it, he just needed to put the lid on the takeaway cup. But instead he decided it was more important to pull out his phone and start txting. I then went outside and came back and he put the lid on. He didn't give it to me either, i had to ask for it. The coffee was good but it wasn't really necessary to make me wait when he could of put the lid on and handed it straight to me.

2 star rating
by Laura Hunt
9 months ago

Was expecting good things after seeing some good reviews but was unfortunately let down. After waiting over 45 minutes for our food we thought they could redeem themselves if in fact it was good. My scrambled eggs arrived drenched in butter and without the side bacon I requested. When the bacon came half of it was overcooked and the other half barely cooked. My bf's plate sized hash brown was more like soggy potato with burned egg and mushroom on top. They did however take both meals off our bill after we told them about our issues. Despite this we won't be returning to give it another shot.

4 star rating
by Kiky Eng
9 months ago

Was here for brunch last Saturday. Environment is so good, relax and comfortable. The food presentation is good and taste wonderful. Coffee is also lovely.
I must go back again shortly.

5 star rating
by Pooja Chandnani
9 months ago

Excellent food ! Amazing coffees! Great service! Been here twice and on both occasions, I have not been disappointed :)
Great job guys ! ????????

5 star rating
by Axjw
10 months ago

Was here right before Christmas with 3 other friends for a catch up over brunch. we all live around the area (and have been for a very long time now) and did not realise there was such a nice cafe here! Minus points for us.

I found this place browsing Zomato, and thought we should give it a try. We definitely have no regrets.

There are lots of street parking, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. We chose an outdoor table to enjoy the warm summer sun. Our food and drinks came out really quickly and we all loved the food! Although I could have eaten double those beautiful sliders, it was probably a good idea not to (or I would probably burst). I am looking forward to go back to try the other dishes on the menu as my picky friends only had good things to say about their choices.

4 star rating
by Tani Saguinsin
11 months ago

Highly highly hiiiighlllyy recommend getting the feijoa and mango smoothies! I get these everytime I visit this restaurant :) I also recommend getting the duck fetucinne if you like pasta.

5 star rating
by Nikita Kumar
Nov 18, 2014

I regularly visit The Block :) It is close to home and the service is great!! Food is AMAZING!! And the smoothies are to die for! Never disappointed with this place, and food is always presented well! Prices are little much, but the quality of food makes it worth it.

4 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
Nov 16, 2014

The Block is our local and we go here if we really need too. The food is good and the smoothies are great also but I find the place to be a little bit over priced but thats cafe food I guess.

0 star rating
by Dugstor
Nov 16, 2014

Nice food shame about the service.. The Block is lovely restaurant with excellent menu. However, each visit I can't help but feel a little disappointed by the poor service.

This morning for example, we ordered meals from the menu, 20 minuets later we are told half of our order is not available as from the lunch only menu! Nothing on the menu to highlight time restricted dishes, that's just poor.

Otherwise, if you can get over the poor service and miserable staff the food is fantastic and reasonably priced.

So close to being an outstanding, but needs work on the basics of service.

1 star rating
by Deepa Sunil
Oct 19, 2014

The worst service ever. We waited for 10minutes to get the menu ourselves and no one came to take the order, and people who walked in after us got the menu instantly and the guy went over to take the order.

5 star rating
by Libby Conole
Oct 17, 2014

We came here for Sunday lunch and brought my grandmother. Being of a different generation she wasn't keen to try anything on the menu and asked for a salad sandwich (not on the menu or in the cabinet). The staff didn't miss a beat and made her a custom sandwich like it was no trouble. We really appreciated how accommodating they were, especially at such a busy time. 

Our meals were delicious and the service was excellent - highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Chloe
Oct 12, 2014

I absolutely love this place and the staff are always so polite and helpful
The food is always beautifully presented and the taste is equally as great
Would highly recommend βœ”οΈ

5 star rating
by Mady Johnson
Sep 15, 2014

I went to this cafe in the weekend and fell in love with it. We would normally go all the way into town for a meal but we decided to try something more closer to home. We will 100% be going here from now on with such a Great location, amazing food, friendly staff and fast service.

I highly recommend everyone to try it out, you won't regret the trip!

5 star rating
by Stella
Sep 09, 2014

Been here lots and have always really enjoyed the menu food (haven't eaten from the cabinet). Sometimes the table service is a little lax especially when you sit outdoors but otherwise very good

4 star rating
by A Food Awakening
Sep 04, 2014

The Block is a great eatery in Blockhouse Bay - hence the name, bringing a casual atmosphere for that laid back meal. For this occasion we chose to come for brunch however I will be returning for lunch or dinner after seeing what other diners around us had ordered. 

TBH what we ate would be a really good hangover meal. The Block serves as a real man's meal giving you everything you want for breakfast. The bf said the baked beans were great as they had a more barbecued flavour and thought the stuffed mushroom was something different! I couldn't ask for more. Everything on the sunrise sandwich was cooked perfectly and satisfied exactly what I was craving. The only issue I have is the name of the meal haha - sunrise sandwich is just odd. The meals are served hot, and quickly and although they aren't amazing they are a great size and great value for money. You get what you expect whilst tasting goood. The Block isn't trying too hard to be anything its not. Also I give them a plus for table service.

Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Very Good

568 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Tues 7am-5pm
Weds-Sat 7am-10pm
Sun 7am-5pm

5 star rating
by Manic Diner
Aug 26, 2014

Table for 6 on a Friday night.  We were a hungry lot and ready to devour everything in sight.  Our table ordered the aged hereford prime scotch, the slow roast pork belly, confit duck leg, 3 x pizzas, sliders, a bowl of string fries and lots of wine, beers and soft drinks.  Needless to say, we wolfed it all down and there wasn't a single morsel left.  It was an absolutely delicious meal.  The service was top notch and we stayed right til closing time.  In fact, we had to be reminded a few times that they were closing.  Doh!  This is the third time I've dined here and I've always had excellent service and satisfying meals.

5 star rating
by Sophia
Jul 14, 2014

Love this place.
The food is absolutely delicious and although the staff aren't in-your-face attentive, they do their jobs and are friendly enough when you speak to them.

Delicious coffee, awesome atmosphere and the duck fettuccine is amazing.

4 star rating
by Anne Bowler
Jun 29, 2014

Fantastic atmosphere and service but the food... that was next level! I had the confit duck fetticine with masala sauce. It was up there one of the yummiest meals of my life. Highly recommend!

2 star rating
by Joshua Henricksen
Jun 24, 2014

This was a disappointing experience. No sugar or spoons came out with the drinks, which were a mocha and English breakfast tea. When the food came out, (sliders with a side of fries, and bacon and eggs on toast) the sliders were bearly warm, the fries were hot and crunchy (highlight!) and the eggs slightly undercooked. Our meals arrived together but because my companions was cold, and mine was on its way there, I had finished before the replacement had even arrived. The man who I had to go and find to help me sort out the food offered me a refund and as we were getting up to leave offered my friend a plate of food. We proceeded to get this takeaway (and haven't eaten it since..).

3 star rating
by Jessica Chen
Jun 17, 2014

When this came to the Bay, I was not alone in being caught up with the excitement. Seating is great, service, decent. Coffee (on more than one occasion) tastes burnt. Disapointed.

5 star rating
by Trixie McManus
Jun 09, 2014

Thank you to Sam and the waitresses who made Saturday night a memorable one. The service and food were fantastic. There was 18 of us and all meals arrived together and everyone commented on how good the food was. A great night and so appreciate the fact you helped to make it that way. Cheers

1 star rating
by Quentin Welland
Apr 30, 2014

I just wouldn't go there.

After waiting for about 10 minutes I had to ask if I could order a pot of tea & 10 minutes later I had to ask where my pot of tea was.

No water was forthcoming, so I when to the area which looked like a water station and all of the jugs were empty.

No-one ever took a drink order from us. We were going to order wine and beers, so that never happened.

Our food was lacklustre as if it had been sitting under lamps for too long.

All the empty tables around us were covered in dirty plates.

There seemed to be plenty of staff around, but not doing much. I can only assume that the people of the West do not know any better because for the life of me I cannot fathom how this place has survived.

Very poor indeed

5 star rating
by Sonya-Lorraine Mortensen
Apr 12, 2014

My husband & I have just got home from having a beautiful meal at The Block Cafe. I had the Crispy Fish with a Side Salad and it was beautifully displayed on my plate and was just the right amount, my husband had the Steak, egg and chips with the holendise sauce medium rare and it came out exactly as he wanted it, the service was excellent, we arrived there at 6pm and we would out of there by 7:15pm, we will certainly be going back there, they young girls were very polite and nothing was too much for them, any request you asked of them was followed through with no hiccup, congrats guys keep up the good work.

1 star rating
by Andrea Spears
Mar 31, 2014

May 2013 I took a relative to ‘The Block’ for a treat, we were using a gift voucher. When we walked in, the stereo was pounding and it was very hard to hear, about 5 staff were clustered around the kitchen door playing with phones and gossiping. We, and 2 other customers, waited about 4min until I called out to ask if we could please be served. We were sulkily shown a table inside, near a window. The louvre windows do not provide any protection from people smoking outside and I asked to be moved, however, the new table was even worse. When we looked outside there was a group of young people smoking about 5 feet from the door. While we read the menu we had asked for a jug of water but it took about 20min to arrive and nobody came to ask if we wanted to order.
Disappointed, we asked to see the manager. The waitress shrugged and got the owner. We explained our disappointment, we also said, given the modern world we live in where it's being promoted ‘uncool’ to smoke – many eateries Nationwide reducing 'smoking tables' but the smoking area 'The Block' provides seems all of the deck and it is very close proximity to the inside area – it doesn't protect non-smokers and is unfair if customers bring their kids with them. The stereo is deafening and the staff just stand on phones and ignore customers (the table we first were shown had to be cleared before we sat down and the plates looked like they’d been there awhile there was a dead fly in the cold coffee cup) The owner was very abusive and loudly told us if people didn't want to be near smokers they should sit inside, it was people's choice to bring their kids, if they didn't like it they could go somewhere else and the "young people have a right to sit and smoke if they want, they are not harming anybody". We were told if we didn't like it we were "free to …off somewhere else" he didn't "need customers who complained". I told him his attitude was disgusting and the BHB community is used to better service and manners. It was a shame the place over the road had closed as they were far better customer-orientated. The owner rudely (and proudly) announced that he'd put them out of business because they couldn't handle the competition. We explained we had vouchers and it was unfair we couldn't use them - the owner refunded the full value of the vouchers (his only ‘plus’ service, then loudly told us he didn't want to see us in his restaurant again.
Feeling shaken but proud of ourselves for standing up to the 'bully' owner – we went to the cafe across the road (see my other review).

We visited 'The Block' about a month ago to see if it had changed at all - but it was even louder and the smoking still goes on, the food is still overpriced and the service still sucks big time!! We left without ordering and went to our 'usual' after all… 'The Block' gives Blockhouse Bay a bad taste!

1 star rating
by Donna
Mar 21, 2014

I'm a local and came here with two friends from the North Shore to enjoy a nice lunch. What a huge embarrassment and disappointment. The Block had one waitress and two waiters on duty, all of whom were unattentive and more interested in other things than actually waiting on tables and serving customers. Add to this an Eftpos machine not working and bad coffee and I certainly won't be back there any time soon. I grab a coffee or two daily in Blockhouse Bay but have found the coffee at the block lacking in flavour and usually burnt tasting, so I prefer to go elsewhere in the bay. This is a fairly mutual feeling amongst locals here. Unfortunately this little gem has gone downhill badly since it opened and received an excellent score from the Canvas Mag. Perhaps they need to review it and The Block may then have to work hard to restore it's reputation. Such a pity because it's a funky place with loads of potential. Come'on The Block, get your act together, get some staff morale back, purchase some decent coffee beans and train your barista to make a great coffee. I'm sure it will pay off in the end.

2 star rating
by Katy Turner
Mar 06, 2014

Given this place a few chances but won't be back. Twice I have been charged full price for requesting vegetarian eggs benedict. And feel I have been given a meal the same just minus the bacon, salmon or pork. I'm still also never sure if I am meant to order at the counter or if a waiter will come around. Service is not so great. Food is not bad but it's expensive and the building gets no sun until well after lunch. Wait times for meals seems long also.

4 star rating
by Jo W
Feb 11, 2014

Not bad at all, slightly skeptical regarding the terrible reviews, however it seems they had a refurbishment of staff attitudes, and lighting. Last year, the lighting was ridiculously dim indoors, they ve since opened up another space and included more natural lighting, looks great, love the open deck look. Long black was decent, not the best, but average to above average, extraction could be better. The soy cappucino, was lovely, the full bodied coffee flavors complemented the gentle nuttiness of the soy. The foam was finely steamed. Had a BLAT, sandwich , simple recipe but delicious, overall worth going. Service was good.

4 star rating
by Sara Black
Feb 04, 2014

Took my mom and dad here, up from Wellington, and I was really pleased with this cute little café. Lovely young staff and the food was quickly served and very tasty. Happy customer and will be back again! Thanks

5 star rating
by Bill & Shirley
Jan 29, 2014

Really great, we went for a casual evening meal with a glass of wine. The staff were attentive, friendly, without being imposing, and had excellent wine and menu knowledge. The food was wonderful and everything was delivered in a timely fashion and enjoyed in pleasant surroundings. Couple this with sensible pricing and it's hard to beat.

I would like to update my review. I was dreading the 'Mother's day brunch !" It has been a horrid experience for as long as I can remember . Today seven of us went to the Block . It was a full house . The staff were calm and attentive, the food was superb, and there was absolutely no pressure to finish and leave . I really couldn't fault the outing . We were outside in the newly covered area with the bar, which in itself is very pleasant. Thanks to all the staff,. Great

1 star rating
by Tennille Gardner
Jan 25, 2014

Terrible bully owner who makes horrible comments to paying customers. Was sitting at a table with family who had already shifted to accommodate a private party. When asked to shift again - to a section with no shade I politely said sorry we had seen no reserved signs on the table and moved. He then went off in a public rant about how we hadn't used our eyes or ears and blatantly lied saying that he had told my sister for the last hour and a half to move etc etc! This was loudly said in front of 15 other shocked patrons who were also moving as asked. Funnily enough other people went in sat in our exact seats afterwards - reckon the reserved signs would have helped with that.

In the end, I paid $12.50 for a Corona as my hot chocolate didn't appear and I didn't feel like another confrontation to try and get it.

Thanks ' The Block'
Won't be returning there again!

1 star rating
by Dianne
Jan 21, 2014

Terrible coffee, terrible service, staff are rude and unattentive, saw them playing on their phones, even the chef was playing on his when tables of customers were waiting for their orders. When I asked how long my order was going to be the guy said he'd go and find out but he never bothered to come back to let us know.
Worst café I've been to.

5 star rating
by Pauline Michaels
Jan 19, 2014

Looking at the previous reviews, I find it very hard to believe that we visited the same cafe? Not only did I get immaculate service, from all of the staff members, the food and coffees were also delicious.

I don't think most people realise that the coffees are standard two shots, not one! As the lovely girl at the counter informed me about!

I am not a regular, but the woman in front of me in the line was, and the girl behind the counter knew her order off by heart which I think is great customer service! I was greeted with a warm welcome and she was so polite which is rare to find in some young people.

I would definitely recommend this cafe to all my friends and to anyone looking for a good coffee and meal!

1 star rating
by Michelle
Jan 06, 2014

I have visited The Block on more than one occasion hoping that each time I went back the coffee and service would be better. This has not happened they cannot make a proper latte or flat white due to the fact they have untrained staff making the coffees.

My last visit just confirmed how badly run this cafe is !
I ordered a coffee and scone with my sister, after 30 minutes we still had not received either! What really surprised me is that we and another couple were the only people in the cafe so being "rushed off your feet" was not the excuse.

When visiting the cafe I have witnessed the many staff talking and playing on their phones, when ordering or should I say waiting at the counter to be served I have had to wait why two staff stand talking to each other and totally ignore me the customer.

The attitude of the staff sucks they are unprofessional and more interested in looking the part. The owners of this cafe will not last unless they get off their backsides and actually run the cafe as a business.

It is a shame to have such a badly run cafe in a nice area, perhaps that is why the inside is so dark so that no one can really see what is happening?

I personally will no longer visit The Block and many of my friends and neigbours in the area feel the same. We have all gone back to other cafes which have a far better attitude along with good service.

3 star rating
by Alax Ho
Jan 04, 2014

First visit today for lunch around 12.30pm 04/01/14, waited for more then an hour, very disappointed. Waiter told us did not expect to have so many people turning up for lunch today??? Isn't that what running a business expected?? I had the Snapper and chips for lunch was very nice my table number was 28. You have to be very patient to visit this place for your meal.

1 star rating
by Meredith M
Dec 09, 2013

My team chose this place for our Christmas dinner. There were more than 20 of us and we were all excited to have this dinner. The management has requested to pre-order our menu which we did a day before. We arrived at this place 7 pm and we ordered our drinks. Only one very lovely mannered girl was serving all of us. We waited and comes 9pm we still did not get our pre- ordered menus. I asked how long are we still going to wait for our meal, because I was really hungry. What was the reason that a pre-ordered menu would take more than 2 hours to prepare. The girl said if I would like to cancel my order then? She also offered me if I want coffee, or a piece of cake? I declined for I wanted to have my proper meal first. We decided to speak to the Manager, she came and she has no reason to give about the delay. She said she could not even get into the kitchen to get some bread for us for reasons I do not know. I asked for my order to be cancelled and I went home famished and disappointed. We came to this place to enjoy our Christmas party but we got a very poor and unacceptable service instead. By the way the pre-ordered meals started arriving @ 9:30pm. The saddest part is we were all looking forward to have an enjoyable evening but it turned out to be a disaster. Maybe the Manager should go around and check on customers, it might help if she says hello and see what is going on, instead of just being there when there is a complaint. The Block Cafe you have ruined our Christmas party, we were there to enjoy your pricey menus not to starve..the 20+ of us has vowed never to set foot in this place again....SAD!

3 star rating
by Kassandra Menzies
Dec 03, 2013

I think everything is a bit overpriced.
Food is beautiful though.
Lovely outdoor seating but sadly inside is very dark! I guess that explains why everyone (myself included) sits outside.

Staff need to remember to smile more and not text in front of the till while customers are around...

5 star rating
by Kristy Sorrell
Nov 26, 2013

First impression was excellent- nice neutral decor and Harney and Sons teas behind the counter. The staff were friendly and the menu looked great. I had the confit duck for lunch, which came with two fried eggs, sauteed potatoes, onions, and spinach, and roast garlic. It had a deliciously sweet little vine tomato perched on the side as well. It turned up looking beautiful and tasted every bit as good as it looked! All of the plates that came past us on the way to other diners looked wonderful as well. There's a gorgeous covered deck outside (and an uncovered part) so there are plenty of nice places to eat and the menu is comprehensive and creative. I will certainly be back and I would highly recommend The Block cafe. It's not only a great local cafe, it's one worth travelling for.
Update: I've reduced my rating half a point because despite the awesome food the menu doesn't mention free-range meat (or even eggs).

1 star rating
by Catherine
Nov 16, 2013

I come here often and I love the food, atmosphere... But I must say the coffee was really bad. Ordered a long black and a flat white. Flat white didn't have enough milk and the coffee itself was just so badly made!! We couldn't drink it all so we just left. I love your food but if you can't fix your coffee then I might have to change my direction. Please do something about it!!!

1 star rating
by Emile Richards
Nov 10, 2013

My partner and I (both great coffee lovers) came here last weekend and I am so very sorry to say that we were both extremely upset with our coffees.

Seriously this neck of the woods needs a good coffee shop. We both read wonderful reviews about this place and must admit we had high expectations as we parked our car and walked in. Alas we were downright angry with the quality and just so that you know your muffins are seriously in need of a close look at either the recipe or baking because they were not that great either.

On the plus side the location is good with good access to parking and the overall ambiance is ok.

5 star rating
by Lorreen Wilton
Oct 04, 2013

What a hidden gem right in the heart of Blockhouse Bay..The Block Café.. Fantastic service by the very attentive staff and the lovely Sheree.. We visited on a Friday night our meals were well presented, yummy to die for Steak and Caesar salad and felt very pampered by the friendliness and great atmosphere this place exudes....Your crew did a top job making us feel special... Thanks guys!

5 star rating
by Shilpi
Sep 02, 2013

Very friendly staff and beautiful range of wines. We got very bad customer service from Barefoot Cafe and in fact they told us to try you guys (thinking we might not like you guys and go back there) but guess what?? They have lost their regular customers...we are so coming back to you guys...loved the coffee and the service. Well done guys.

4 star rating
by Rachelle
Aug 31, 2013

What a great find! Not only great for kids but a possible date spot too! Our boys were so impressed with the kids' hot choc that they asked to go back every Sunday!

This place will get 5 stars when they find a solution for the cold metal barstools with no foot rests.

Love it!

5 star rating
Aug 24, 2013

We haven't been to Blockhouse Bay since last year. Went back today to document another walk, and was very happily surprised to find The Block. What a wonderful use of this space - a buzzy community cafe in the main street! Would love to see this idea recreated through out Auckland's suburbs to help bring people together in a carefully thought out meet-up space. We enjoyed our beverages and wish you great success.

2 star rating
by Dean Quate
Aug 21, 2013

You are a cafe. You have a sign on the door seeking a barista. Your coffees are rubbish at the moment. Why charge customers full price when you don't have staff who can make coffee with fresh (I don't mean sitting in the hopper for a week) beans.

Food is nice. A few tweaks here and there could improve the value you provide.

I always get a little peeved when a 'cafe' spends more effort on fine dining attempts than on "coffee" and "cakes". Are you a restaurant or a cafe?

Surely you can be a little more adventurous with your cake or slice options. Currently you have zero point of difference to any other cafe.

So above average place, prices reflect this. BUT currently serving well below average coffee. If at home with my Rocket and Mazzer I can produce better coffee than a cafe then I am either a genius or you are lazy. I can guarantee you I am not a genius.

The owner has a serious attitude problem. He seems to have his head up his date.

5 star rating
by Randal Meikle
Jul 05, 2013

Third time at The Block so this is accumulating those experiences. Coffee was great and has been improving since they opened. Food is also great and the service has really stepped up since you have opened. Good to see a business that is learning and listening! Keep up the great work!

5 star rating
by Shiree Meikle
Jul 05, 2013

Not only does The Block offer great hot chocolate but extraordinary service!!!!
My mother had parked her car in an area on Gill Cres where she literally got "stuck in the mud". Two burly men from The Block willingly escorted her along Blockhouse Bay road, into Gill Cres, and proceeded to lift, pull, push, and guide her out of the mud!!
We were very grateful for their service and kindness!!!
Thanks so much guys.

5 star rating
by Tracey Cave
Jun 25, 2013

Went for lunch with my daughter, I have the grilled steak with bearnaise sauce and she had the fettuccine we both enjoyed our meals. I was very impressed with the presentation of my meal it definitely surpassed my expectations.
The staff were all very friendly and professional. I will be coming back.

5 star rating
by Ayesha
Jun 25, 2013

Just came back from lunch here, I never normally write reviews but the service I recieved was amazing. The staff were accomodating and very friendly, and the attention to detail was faultless. I ordered the fettucini with waldorf salad and eye filet. When I first ordered it, it seemed pricey for a day menu item ($19) but when I recieved it I could understand why. The presentation was immaculate, the salad was fresh and dressed adequately. The pasta was fresh and creamy, without being too rich. To be honest i'd have to say one of the best pastas i've had in a long time. The eye filet surrounding the plate was tender and all the flavours worked well together and left me wanting more even though the size was generous. I washed this down with an iced caramel which was actually reminiscent of a baileys drink. This is a great addition to Bhb and i'm excited to return to try their dinner menu. Very highly reccomended!

1 star rating
by Kev
Jun 18, 2013

Went to The Block' for breakfast. Coffee was very poor and staff looked messy. One girl wore ripped dirty jeans and the male waiter was constantly checking his phone and texting. All staff looked bored. The kitchen is visible from where you order and looks dirty... even though the place is newish. I had the wild mushrooms with poached egg and truffle. Was very salty and lacked menu definition .... just normal button mushrooms sliced served with a flat one on top. My friend had French toast... couldn't chew the bacon because it was too dry.
Too hard to get parking.
Needs to get it together. Won't be back

1 star rating
by Daryl Donaldson
Jun 01, 2013

My husband and I decided to stop and have a coffee and a quick bite to eat as a late lunch thought they might have toasted sandwich's or Panni or something along that line. Anyway get a menu decide we will have a breads and dip and up to the counter hubby goes to order our coffees and bread & dip only to be told sorry but the kitchen is closed.We were astounded that they closed their kitchen at 3pm when they have a sign outside saying we are open for dinner on a Saturday. Hubby comes back and the guy at counter comes over and says oh we can do some hot chips if you like. We just said forget it and left. I would have thought Bread and dips were easy and quicker to do than Fried chips. Very disappointing as this is the second time we have been and now both times have been a disaster. I know we wont be recommending you to any of our friends and we will be going back to tried and true Blockhouse Bay eateries further down the road.

5 star rating
by Deanna
May 31, 2013

Another great addition to the west (can I call it the west?). Fab surroundings, friendly staff, extensive and interesting menu, devine food and coffee. Will definitely be back for more. Keep up the good work guys :)

4 star rating
by Jenny Sibley
May 28, 2013

Went for lunch on an exceptionally cold wet day with a group of 12. Parking was easy. The menu was large and innovative and everyone said their food was lovely. The service was cheerful, quick and accurate which was greatly appreciated as it was a work lunch with limited time. The coffee is all double shots.
Had a great time.
Would love to visit on a sunny day and enjoy the lovely outdoor seating. Will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Vanessa Lawrie
May 27, 2013

I found the atmosphere relaxing and the service was so friendly.

Food was inexpensive and tasty.

Really happy there is a nice café (restaurant) that opens late for dinners.

Art was lovely. I think there was music, can't remember. If there wasn't, I hope there will be soon enough.

2 star rating
by Jen Wallis
May 21, 2013

Ate here last weekend with a large party of 14 - we booked so they knew we were coming. Food + coffee good, service slow, these people need to up their game, train staff properly, get organised people. The cutesy blocks with table nos. on are no good, waiting staff can't see them. We waited 25 mins for coffees (ordered separately at differing times not all at once), 45 mins for food, ditto. Waitresses arrived with coffees/food with no idea who it was for, chaos prevailed. They apparently had another large group in, but they knew about us, should have got enough staff to cover it. We got water reasonable quickly on arrival, but when we wanted more and the table needed clearing we had to ask.

5 star rating
by Christa
May 08, 2013

Finally a cafe with atmosphere! Excellent build design. Love the indoor/outdoor options. Not only a great feel but great staff also. Especially impressed when I returned after my first visit to have the manager remember I prefered Gluten free options. This cafe will go the distance and deservedly become an icon in the West! oh and the coffee and food is YUMMY (love the Mushies).

4 star rating
by Carol H
May 06, 2013

Enjoyed lunch with a friend at this cafe Sunday, 5th May. Excellant, large flat white coffee was delivered promptly, followed shortly after by eggs benedict with bacon which was cooked perfectly. Staff were friendly and professional. Sat outside on the verandah - great place to sit and talk. Cafe was busy and had a great atmosphere. Brunch menu or lunch menu to choose from. I would definately return to this cafe.

1 star rating
by Jan Bavinck
Apr 29, 2013

We have only been to The Block once and unfortunately it probably will be the last - at least for food. It was a Sunday and not extremely busy. Having to order and PAY already at the counter was a bit annoying but once we sat down we were comfortable and we enjoyed the decor and the ambiance. The side of onion rings came out first and they were quite nice. But then the mains came out: trio of sliders and "Tempura Prawns". The trio of sliders was simply shocking: tiny pieces of overcooked meat and fish on very plain tiny stale buns; visually there was some sort of sauce on these sliders but the amount was so little it did not help against the dry taste... $18 we paid for this.....suddenly Burger King went up in my ranking...
The "Tempura Prawns" were even worse than the sliders. What we got on our plate were big fried balls of vermicelli or something like that with a small shrimp inside, not Tempura at all; they should look up what Tempura is before putting it on the menu. To make matters worse it tasted disgusting: it was not crispy, the shrimp inside was rubbery and it was so oily that the oil had come out onto the plate and mixed into the salad underneath.... gut wrenching!
We were very disappointed and handed our plates polity back to the kitchen staff and told them we were not impressed, we felt like complaining to the manager but we didn't end up doing this as it was quite busy and we already paid...

They should change to table service and settling the bill afterwards or just serve bar snacks only.

That Sunday we ended up going to Subway to get something decent to eat...

I truly hope this place will get its act together and improve the food, everything else is pretty good.

4 star rating
by Tania
Apr 13, 2013

Stuff the coffee - fab to have a good cafe to got to and enjoy a glass of wine!. Great outdoor venue and extremely dog friendly. It's just great to be able to walk up the road and have a good meal evening rather than having to go into town.

Service needs a little work, but then once can say the same about just about every restaurant in Auckland!

Look forward to going again for dinner tonight!

3 star rating
by Adrian Livesey
Apr 13, 2013

Ordered a coffee with our food and after about 20 minutes had to remind waitress. Then had to wait another 5-10 minutes for it. Was offered a refund which was good but damage was done really. Not good service.

5 star rating
by Fiona Chadwick
Apr 09, 2013

We have been to The Block a number of times for their breakfasts and were excited to see that they are now open for dinner.
We wandered in and were offered a table inside or out, we chose to sit outside, the service was just right, really attentive and professional.
The drinks (a great range) arrived quickly and the platter for 2 was delicious, staff were friendly with a clear knowledge of their menu, this was really noticeable when our waiter bought out our taster platter and described each tasting individually.
A really lovely atmosphere and great to have the table service so you can sit back and relax. It the little things that count and its always good when you order 'same again' on the drinks and they know what you were drinking!
The Bay has been waiting for a place like this and we will be fully supporting The Block - food is imaginative and yummy, with lovely service.
From our experience tonight we will definitely be back and will have dessert next time.

3 star rating
by Wendy Pickering
Mar 30, 2013

Poor service will prevent me from eating here again. It took 45 minutes for our coffees to arrive and that was after reminding them. There were a lot of staff working. We had a breakfast which was nice, but on the small size, coffee nice (when arrived) and nice surroundings but considering it was moderately busy it was unacceptable to wait that long for coffees. There are other cafes that provide the same meals and better service.

4 star rating
by Lara Wills
Mar 25, 2013

Wow what a fantastic addition to Blockhouse Bay which was pretty much lacking in a decent cafe. Have visited a couple of times. Coffee was excellent and food was lovely. Their caramel slice what pretty special too. I visited their second week after opening, and staff were still finding their feet and seemed a bit overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of customers, so things were slower, however they've settled in now and things are running smoother. I do recommend a visit. If crowds of customers are not your thing, this may not be the spot for you, but if you like a busy buzzy cafe and good food and coffee you'll be well looked after.

4 star rating
by Jamie Young
Mar 17, 2013

First time at The Block today, 10:30 Sunday Brunch. Good selection on the menu, had the Wild mushrooms which were delicious, would definitely have again. Was busy when we arrived (first rainy day in a long time so an inside table was prime real estate) but meals arrived very quickly after ordering and staff was friendly. I want the French toast next time.

3 star rating
by Chris
Mar 16, 2013

I've been to The Block twice, first time with the kids and back today with the husband for brunch. I don't like having to order at the counter, it's a crowded dark area and they don't seem to give you a menu while you wait, so once your at the counter I felt rushed to make a decision.

The first visit was after 1pm so there wasn't much on offer from the cabinet. My biggest disappointment with this cafe is the lack of cakes/sweets. They just don't look inviting and they need to hire a proper pastry chef as I wouldn't come here for a cake & coffee stop (which I like to do several times a week!).

Today for brunch I had the trio of sliders. Very ordinary and very expensive for what they are. Tiny bit of meat, slice of lettuce & some relish/sauce for $18! Hubby had the Wild Mushrooms which he LOVED. Coffee was good. Hand cut chips are fab!! Kids 'fluffys' are too cute!

Overall I think my 2 visits here (while they weren't bad) just wouldn't get me to return.

2 star rating
by Sadhana Reddy
Mar 14, 2013

The only person with a smile and the right attitude was the barista. I am sorry, but I thought cafe was a 'service' business. No drinking water at hand. Had to ask for water a few times which seemd to have annoyed the 'important looking' waiter. Not for me thanks. I am spoilt for choice in Titirangi.

4 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Mar 02, 2013

Came here 9am Saturday for breakfast and it was already busy. Not keen on ordering and paying at the counter idea, as once you have selected your table and sat down to relax and read the menu, it's a case of picking your bags up and joining the queue and hoping there is still a free table. The coffee is VERY good. My mince on toast was a generous portion, lean and tasty, no gristle bits and not bulked out with vegetables. My friend's scrambled eggs looked more like shredded eggs and were declared OK, but what else can you say about scrambled eggs anyway ???? I would be happy to come back here and could recommend it.

2 star rating
by Chris Banchfield
Feb 02, 2013

Had lunch at The Block - really like the outdoor area - ordered a small Caesar Salad, very disappointed - it was served on a bread and butter plate, consisted of a few small lettuce leaves dusted with cheese and half a boiled egg on top - very, very tiny meal for $9.00. Would definitely expect better.

3 star rating
by Raewyn Rogers
Feb 01, 2013

Went for an early lunch on 31 Jan. Fantastic decor and love the decks outside. No road signage though and quite hard to find. No table service which was ok as we were there at 11.30 for lunch but as the cafe filled up the queues were quite long at the counter. Ordered the steak fries and egg which was good (agree with previous reviewer lots of eggs on menu) and the trio of sliders. The sliders were very cute. The fish and chicken ones were fine but the beef one not so much. The steak was blue and therefore very difficult to eat. Upon advising the staff, the chef's response was "its supposed to be like that"! I dont think so. Put it on the menu if that's how you want to serve it. Not sure if mine was cooked a little more or a new one was delivered but the replacement was tender and edible! Finished off with great coffee and an average ginger gem (not really a gem tho). On the whole a great new cafe with young inexperienced staff but I am sure they will improve with age!

5 star rating
by Liz St George
Jan 23, 2013

Lunch at the The Block for the first time today. Very very busy so thought we would have a long wait but didn't. Excellent coffee which is high praise from me!! Food was great, Fish and Chips for me and a Baguette for my better half. Could not fault the service even though they were busy.
Lovely space, great decor. Can't wait for them to open in the evening.
Liz St George

3 star rating
by Jo
Jan 22, 2013

Loving the look of this open and airy cafe, great for the area. I think for a busy cafe you really need table service. We order two meals and one was forgotten, we had to go back to the till and ask however we did get a refund for the meal. good stuff:-) I had asparagus, salmon w poached eggs and honey mustard dressing. The muffin and egg was good, but the dressing was very over powering The staff were friendly but the floor staff were young, lacked experience and charm. All in all a better than average cafe, but still lots to do front of house.

5 star rating
by Reena Singh
Jan 17, 2013

Nearly 2 weeks since opening. Really enjoy the freshness and look of the place. A real step up for the Bay. Just love the coffee - being a straight long black drinker it hits the spot. Food is great and with a variation of flavours. Sometimes its not about quantity - love my "Truckers Breakfast" like most blokes but the Block Big Breakfast is more about taste and less tomato sauce and I rate it on taste alone. Yeah service is a bit slow but great to see a young fresh crew on deck getting to grips with the pace of the place. I am happy to cut them some slack - its new and its busy. After 13 days of business I say great and potential to light up the west. Its a Yes from me.

3 star rating
by Liang Wang
Jan 15, 2013

Worth a mention, you guys should really back yourselves, MenuMania and sites like it are here for customers to write reviews so you can improve.
It's not really for your own staff to give yourselves 5 stars as this creates a false outlook on your cafe......
I have dined at your cafe, food was nice, but cant say the coffee was any good at all...
I also dine at other cafes in the area and must say you have some improvement to do....
I hope you guys do well as there is room for 3 good cafes in the Bay, just do it the right way, and earn your reputation, don't expect it.

3 star rating
by Peckhamco
Jan 14, 2013

We have been to the block twice now service a little slow but my hash cake was good. The confit duck was a bit tough with small bits of bone
No children's menu either but they have colouring stuff for kids if requested. Good menu will try other dishes but nearly all breakfast items have eggs. Will have to work harder at making meals a consistent size as 2 of our group ordered the same dish and one came out massive the other one small.

3 star rating
by Lee Stevens
Jan 14, 2013

I really hope this place gets their act together - because it's an awesome spot and the decor is great and the food was lovely.

But the service delivery was not good.

Ordering at the counter didn't work - it took 15mins to put in our order. And then the wait staff looked lost delivering the food to tables and often did laps carrying a single drink.... then to come out a minute later with another single drink.... looking lost again.... and delivering it to the table they'd only just been to! Was quite amusing but there's huge room for improvement.

A menu on the table would have helped as well - because we had to queue to get that as well. And same for the salt and pepper.

I really hope things pick up because we are really keen to try dinner (when they get their licence)

2 star rating
by Julia Dalbeth
Jan 13, 2013

I have been here three times. First time my coffee took 25 mins to be made the second time, my friend did not like the hot chocolate, too much milk.

the third time was today. The food was OK but my friend queried about pepper on her eggs and the waitress was a little rude and when she brought it back the eggs were broken. My butty I was not expecting a hamburger bun so felt the meal was overpriced. Also they had forgotten my daughters smoothie. But did make it and she enjoyed it.

Nice decor and the most of the staff were pleasant.

I might try it again. But my friends would not.

3 star rating
by Andrea McDonnell
Jan 12, 2013

Had lunch at The Block today. I found the experience pleasant enough (love the decor) and the staff very attentive. The menu offers some good options, it was hard to choose from such a great selection. Although I was a little underwhelmed with my meal today, we fully intend to try again for dinner once the license issue is sorted. Other meals ordered by my lunch companions looked good though, so perhaps it was just what I ordered. Good luck with the business venture. It's always good to see new businesses in the bay.

5 star rating
by Jason Roberts
Jan 10, 2013

After many years of really average cafe's in the BHB region it has been great to see The Block turn up and lift the bar for the community.
My first time was on opening day and to be fair they were so busy it was a longish wait for the coffee and initially there was an order mix up. However the wait in the sun outside (which is rare for a cafe like this) was worth it with good coffee and even better home baked style food.
Great staff: pleasant, helpful and attentive
My second visit was on the way to work for a quick on the road coffee which was delivered promptly and was as good as I have had in many high end places. So thumbs up The Block - welcome to BHB!

2 star rating
by Steve Suddens
Jan 10, 2013

Have been looking forward to The Block opening in Blockhouse Bay and went there for the first time today, would rate it as just okay.

All the breakfast items sounded tasty on the menu but were a little disappointing when they arrived. Serving sizes pretty small and quality nothing flash relative to the price.

I had The Block big breakfast and it wasn't really what I would call "big", It came with just one egg, 1 x cherry sized tomato, 1 x mushroom, about 2 tablespoons of baked beans, a soggy hash-brown and a couple strips of bacon, the menu also said that it came with a Cumberland sausage but it looked and tasted more like your average pork sausage from the local Countdown! Didn't really think it was worth $19.50.

Will probably try it again in a couple of weeks and hopefully things have improved.

5 star rating
by Peter The Fat One
Jan 09, 2013

JAN 2013
Well funny how some people get a different experience on the same day I went. I have been to The Block 4 days in a row and eaten breaky at each visit. Fabulous tucker. Staff are very friendly. Yeah I had to wait a couple of minutes to order on Day 1 and 2 (opening days)..but it was no big deal. When something is popular well a lot of people go.
Good to see the other 2 cafes in the bay still operating at full capacity. I would say The Block has bought a new crowd into the bay, or maybe some of the locals are staying in the bay to try The Block. Definitely a new crowd f customers.
The Plate sized Hash Brown was delish, and filling. As a big fat bugger I didn't need to eat until dinner (breaky at 8am).

As for the chap called John who posted earlier, well mate you cant please all the people all the time. If you do like it don't come back. I've got a sneaky suspicion that John is the manager of the one of the other cafes, probably the Big one that shall remain nameless.

UPDATE July 2013
Im still going to The Block. Maybe 3 times a week. Still preety good tucker and drinks. Took a large party there in June, all went well. Drank far too much wine but it was a fabulous evening...


5 star rating
by Sarah Lane
Jan 09, 2013

Been here a couple of times in the last few days - initially some issues with payment, but they have all been resolved - food is tasty, service friendly, great layout and the renovation is fantastic. Glad that there is somewhere is BHB that is serving restaurant quality food - the other cafes may indeed struggle as this seems to be the new place to be in the Bay! Only improvement could be the taking of orders - there does seem to be a bit of a hold up at the till when wanting to order food... probably just due to the popularity! Maybe taking orders at the tables and paying at the end might speed things up? Otherwise fab, definitely planning on coming back regularly.

5 star rating
by Kim Neville
Jan 09, 2013

Went to The Block on the weekend it was fabulous! The best cafe out West by far. My coffee was excellent, really friendly staff and my meal was very tasty. Recommend the big breakfast. Love the outdoor area, great spot to sit and relax on an afternoon.

3 star rating
by John Sweetman
Jan 08, 2013

Went to this new cafe which recently opened in Blockhouse Bay.
The coffee hit the spot and the service was excellent. Sat on the deck and it was delightful maybe could get cold if a wind blowing but hey you can go inside.
Would recommend to others. I will be making it my regular cafe and long may it last

2 star rating
by Rose Vi
Jan 07, 2013

Sorry, guys, really didn't enjoy our visit today- how difficult is it to cook good hand cut fries? Those served up were underdone and didn't work at all - neither did the hot chocolate! Outdoor area is a bit of a wind tunnel and indoors needs to be better lit. Hope you get it right!