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The Cube Restaurant and Bar

3 star rating 29 reviews

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09 3034141

12-26 Swanson Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Chinese, Indonesian, Asian
10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM


Reviews for The Cube Restaurant and Bar

4 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
2 months ago

This place used to be a seafood buffet restaurant and I used to go here quite a lot with my family but on our last visit, it's been renovated and changed into a yum cha restaurant. I personally like the dumplings and the pork buns. I prefer this restaurant more than the seafood buffet. Although they still have buffet food on the side if you don't want to wait for the waiter with the food cart. ZomatoStudents

3 star rating
by FoodLoco
3 months ago

Its ok for the an all you can eat buffet
Customer service is poor..
Not a lot of options plus The frequency of the yumcha items that come out from the kitchen is very less.

1 star rating
by Rachelle Luangco
3 months ago

My husband and I took an overseas visitor yesterday for the lunch buffet and it was very embarrassing. We don't mind the restaurant implementing a 22% price increase (from $18 to $22) to justify expenses going up, but the food quality has fallen to a terrible state that we just couldn't finish the food.  The variety of the yumcha dishes has just diminished dramatically. There were a lot of selections that were cut off. Even for a simple yumcha dessert - we were very surprised to be told that it ran out at 12:45pm - with the restaurant not even a quarter full. We note that the restaurant also caters for big tourist groups - which probably explains the depressing state of the quality of their food as they do not need repeat local customers.  $22 per person could get you a far more edible food elsewhere. Agree with Chris and Brenda below. Do not go there....

1 star rating
by Lana
3 months ago

Didn't have a very pleasant experience with the yum Cha buffet. Saw that this place had a reasonable rating on zomato so I decided to try it out.

The cart came around with one round of very select yum Cha dishes. After finishing this round we realised that we had ran out of food and the promised yum Cha buffet wasn't being delivered or even offered. We ended up resorting to their pre-made buffet selection.

Dining atmosphere is mediocre to say the best and staff don't seem too attentive on a Sunday.

Perhaps if you're looking for a Buffet place this would be a mediocre choice but as for yum Cha buffet, don't bother you'll only end up disappointed and still hungry.

1 star rating
by Chris Mac
3 months ago

This place is terrible. Yum Cha at its worst. Staff were nice though... But that's probably it's only redeemable quality... Just don't go there.

2 star rating
by ChrisY
4 months ago

Came here last Sunday for the buffet lunch and it was not a good idea to eat here. Reading all the positive reviews before, I thought I give it a go. However, food was limited...dimsum was limited as well...the cart they been pushing all along was just prawn balls...nothing else...and they were hard to eat....very dissapointed with this place...

2 star rating
by Brenda Phu
4 months ago

We came here for lunch as we used to frequent here a few years back and have heard good reviews recently. The atmosphere was horrible, the music was eerie with bad lighting. The decor is tacky and old. The furniture had odd stains on it, the dishes weren't clean and the bathroom floor was sticky with soap spots. There was no customer service and the food was very limited as a buffet. The food wasn't fresh or hot and even though it was a buffet we didn't want to eat everything. The best item were the fries but they were probably just deep fried.

4 star rating
by Josh Law
4 months ago

Quite an Interesting place to eat. Had a buffet deal for dinner with some friends. The food was quite good, but not warm enough. Everyone was super friendly and they gave us extra tokens for the soft tipped electronic dart boards, which were awesome. The buffet included an excellent hot and sour soup and roast duck. Very surprised. Bottomless drinks were offered but only for Coke. No coke zero or other drinks were offered. Might be worth expanding on that a little bit. I would definitely come back again, but probably for the yum cha.

3 star rating
by Nia Tupouniua
4 months ago

Went for dinner last Friday night the place was quiet and decor old but cozy. Would be nice if food had little name tags but once we figured out what was in what after opening all the food warmer lids the food was good. Loved the duck. But loved even more how they kept refilling food fresh from kitchen and every now and the waiter would cone out with bamboo baskets of siomai and dumplings, prawn balls were my favourite. Will definitely be back and with more people as price is decent and $4 soft drink bottomless refills. Would also love to try yum char lunch.

4 star rating
by Shannon Thurgood
6 months ago

Great, cheap Yum Cha fix. Decor not the best but pretty much the same as most yum cha restaurants. Food was great for the price and also $4 for a bottomless glass of fizzy. Will definitely be going bk.

3 star rating
by Heartshrooms
7 months ago

I had the honour of being invited here for a Zomato Foodie Meet Up last month, and had a great experience sampling the food there! I'm not sure if the starter was originally meant to be included or if the main was just taking a while, but it was nice to be served an enormous platter of spring rolls, chips, and wontons to nibble on. It was nothing special, but it satiated our hunger for the time being. . There were several vegetarian dishes too which I must admit I enjoyed more for the tasty, oozy gravy sauce and hearty mushrooms and bean curd sheets. If you have vegetarian stir fries often at home like I do, again, this wouldn't be too extraordinary. The dessert was also an eye opener- coconut jelly in the form of a goldfish. I'm not a big fan of coconut so this didn't appeal to me but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. The atmosphere in The Cube is typical of yum char restaurants, it's not exactly a place you'd go for the interior design but just for a night out with a large group of friends/family. The downside to the night were the small flies constantly buzzing around our table for some reason.

4 star rating
by Lucyeats
7 months ago

Thanks to the Zomato crew, a couple of foodies and I were able to sample some of the great food at the Cube. Originally famous for its yum char, the newly transformed restaurant now includes Indonesian food which I had the pleasure of trying for the first time.

Our entree featured a large platter of deep fried treats -chicken, spring rolls, money bags and chips. I had to constantly remind myself not to indulge myself too much because the main was coming.

The Nasi Tumpeng looked almost too good to eat. Each component was vibrantly coloured and it was hard to know where to start. The manager explained that Nasi Tumpeng was usually served at important celebrations (lucky us!) and it consisted of beef randang, satay chicken, deep fried prawn skewers, Telor Balado (eggs with chili paste) surrounding a tower of yellow rice. All the flavours were spot on and I was very impressed with my first ever taste of Indonesian food. My favourite had to be the eggs with a sour chili paste.

2 star rating
by Joe
7 months ago

Went here for all you can eat yum cha on Easter Monday. Not sure if it's because it wasn't very busy - but the service and food was not good. There weren't any carts going round so we had to order off a menu - but the staff didn't seem interested in taking our orders. The food that did arrive (some of what we ordered never surfaced) came out very slowly and was very cheap - don't expect much meat on anything. Was really looking forward to all you can eat yum cha but unfortunately can't recommend this place.

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
8 months ago

Thanks to Sarah and Jasmine at Zomato, I was able to try The Cube and meet heaps of other fellow Auckland foodies a couple of weeks back.

The Cube Restaurant serves up Chinese and Indonesian dishes, from yum char to traditional Indonesian. We were in for a treat as I was able to try some traditional Indonesian food which is commonly served at celebrations etc.

For starters, a massive dish of fried chicken, spring rolls, money bags and chips were served. As I had arrived late, I didnt taste all of this but the fried chicken and spring rolls were delicious. 

The main event was the Nasi Tumpeng - a beautifully presented dish. The centre was a cone of yellow rice, and it was surrounded by beef rendang, satay chicken, prawns. This was also served along side a vegetarian tofu dish as well. The yellow rice was my favourite (i know so boring of me!) but it seriously was cooked so well and I cant resist a good flavoured fluffy rice. The prawns were cooked really well and the portion sizes was good too! For dessert, there was a coconut pudding in a shape of a fish - FAVE.!! The texture was soft and creamy and the coconut flavour was very present which was good cause I love coconut flavoured anything and everything.

Keen to go back soon nd check out their buffet yum char:)

4 star rating
by Loved By Katie
9 months ago

We were at The Cube Restaurant and Bar who do a mix of Chinese and Indonesian. Honestly the interior and atmosphere weren't top notch and I was a touch scared of what I would eat.

We were served with fried chicken, spring rolls, fried money bags and chips as I think the main wasn't ready. They were crispy and delicious and I tried hard to save my stomach for what was to come next.

A gorgeous big dish came to us which was called Nasi Tumpeng, a food only being served on special occasions in Indonesia – this reminded me of a dish that I had in Bali. Satay chicken was tender and tasted perfect with a peanut satay sauce. I don't usually eat prawn skins but these skewers were hard to resist. They were crispy, seasoned right and enjoyable. Beef rendang and boiled egg with chilli paste tasted average for me. However one of the vegetarian dishes, the tofu and mushroom hotpot, was superb. I couldn't stop pouring it in my bowl. The combination of oyster/soy sauce and soft tofu and mushroom were perfect. The other vegetarian dish which had cabbage was rather bland.

A coconut pudding appeared on our table in a fish shape which was a "wow". Though I don't enjoy coconut, this was delicious – sweet and soft.

After our meal, we were offered a play on the dart machine. What an exciting way to end a dinner! Everyone was so eager to throw at the bullseye.

4 star rating
by Lisa Edgar
9 months ago

Compliments to the awesome team at Zomato I had the pleasure of dining at The Cube.

After 15 minutes of car park prowling, I was greeted by the friendly team at The Cube and escorted to the Zomato table. Now, I used dine here with my family back when it was a Chinese restaurant and tell the truth, the decor still very much resemble that. However, the food we experienced was a whole different game. The Cube Restaurant now incorporates an Indonesian menu which is not only unique but absolutely delicious!

We were fortunate enough to experience their signature dish - Nasi Tumpeng, made up of my favourite Indonesian dishes - Beef rendang, Prawn Skewers and succulent Satay Chicken. I was particularly impressed by the size of the King Prawn skewers - they were perfectly cooked and held a nice punch of flavours. The cone shaped rice tower centred the dish nicely adding to that festive feel!

Special mention to Pico, the manager who not only introduced the dishes but enlightened us with the art of iDarts which has apparently revolutionised social gatherings all over asia. The Cube restaurant is bringing this new craze of iDart(-ing?) to NZ. They can host functions or allow guests to access their iDart machines which allows you to play against players all over the world.

It was quite an experience dining at The Cube! I will have to return for 'buffet yum chai'

5 star rating
by Dining Enthusiast
10 months ago

This is the place to go for two reasons. If you want a cheap and cheerful meal, grab your friends, family, work colleagues or whoever really and have the buffet. Lunch was $18 per adult and $10 for kids under 130cm. The enthusiastic yum char carts encouraged us to try everything, which we did. The buffet also had fried rice, rice noodles, curry, stir fry vegetables and crispy chicken - if you actually have room after all the yum char. This is a great option if you want to to try a variety of dishes and be guaranteed of price. If you want 'the best tasting yum char in town' then I would say Sun World in Newmarket or Grand Harbour Viaduct but they will be more expensive.

Secondly, I live nearby and it is my go to place for takeaway. I regularly get the 1/2 roast duck, shumai, schezwan chicken and their sambal. All dishes are incredibly tasty. So many more dishes to try though.

Service wise, the team is great - always friendly and helpful whether dining in or ordering takeaway.

5 star rating
by Kevin McCutcheon
Oct 30, 2014

Came here early on a Saturday morning, best choice of food and service $17 all you can eat can buy ???? I really enjoyed the pork dumplings!!

4 star rating
by Thefoodloverrr
Sep 25, 2014

I would say for a buffet lunch, the food is worth the price. I have been there 3 times, and the taste of the dishes vary. However, some workers are really welcoming, but we have came across a grumpy waitress that does not serve us well. Other than that, I would definitely go back there if I feel like having a big meal.

4 star rating
by Tuku
Aug 16, 2014

Lunch with my mate and new to going here. 1pm we walked in. Very busy, we were welcomed by two workers which felt kool. Took us to our table. There is a buffet table where u help yourself and then you have the waiter/es pushing the yum char cart and u pick your own as they come around. We were there for the special lunch deal (the buffet and the yum char included too @ $18.95) but do check before u dine in. I have to say, the food is extremely YUMM. Even my mate who is a food critic mentioned it was good. I will go again and share this experience with familys and friends

1 star rating
by Xiong Mao
Aug 16, 2014

Great value for money if you are wanting to make yourself sick, the meat is off, the food unused is re cooked and then sold again and again.  No taste what so every and everything is watered down. 
I wouldn't feed the houseless or anyone this food.

4 star rating
by Luka Tauvae Tuiletufuga
Aug 02, 2014

All you can eat buffet for $24. Possibly the best buffet restaurant
I have ever been to. The service and food was excellent, Staff were friendly, polite and responded quickly to any request. The atmosphere was great. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone and would dine here again

4 star rating
by E Z
Jun 24, 2014

Buffet yum cha for $18? Yes please! Great quality of food comparable to Sun World and other yum cha restaurants. Try their Little Dragon buns, careful with the soup inside! Traditional dishes like beef tendon and chicken feet were very yummy as well. There are also other buffet food dishes, like deep fried tofu and the buffet must have: hot chips! Service was attentive, clearing away plates and refilling water.

5 star rating
by Sonia Weaver
Apr 20, 2014

Have been coming here for years, but stopped when they changed hands and menu....came back recently and love the 'all you can eat yum cha' for $18. It's on par with the likes of China and Grand Harbour with flavours and is a lot cheaper. The owners are fantastically friendly and staff are polite and quick to respond to any requests!!! They also have a small buffet with 13 dishes that change weekly and they are yummy also!!!!!!

5 star rating
by Audric Kam
Mar 27, 2014

At $18, their all-you-can-eat yum cha was not only so much cheaper than most yum cha restaurants, but had as much of a range and tasted better than most too. The layout and customer service was also on par.

Would dine at this restaurant again.

5 star rating
by Mac
Feb 16, 2014

all you can eat for $18, what a bargain!! possibly the best value yum char joint around, we been there 3 times since the change from Imperial ( some of the crew are still the same from what i seen!!).... the guys serving the food were also friendly and helpful......i read the comments regarding the machines well they are dart machines not pokies lolll....

anyway we dont even mind paying $ 20 per head...i dont know how the place can survive on $18 yum char buffet... hats of to them and the team!!! make sure you give them tips as we always do

5 star rating
by Kitty
Feb 14, 2014

I went to the cube for lunch, there are yum char lunch for $18 eat all u can was real good, they have so much varieties to choose from. And the staff are very very friendly too, however, I do not like the machines at the back of the restaurant. And my friend are so desperate to complained to the staff, they should have remove it. Moreover, the staff told us that those machine wasn't a gamble machine at all, it is an electronic dart machine. He also showed us how to played with it, while he explained to us, I saw a group of people start playing it, they are so pro. I have to take my other Japanese friend to go there to play, because they have been telling me about it all the time, that they used to played when they were in Japan.

5 star rating
by Anita Tanto
Feb 09, 2014

Yum cha all day. At first we were quite unsure as we were used to the food here by imperial garden. The food by Cube is so much better quality than their predecessor, imperial garden. We are pleased even though their price for the all-you-can-eat yum cha is $18 pp which is quite steep. They also have several kinds of nice tea freshly brewed for you.
The people working here also very friendly and nice. I saw a girl helping their guests taking pictures.
The only thing I don't quite understand is the venue with the pokies machines openly displayed not very good for a family restaurant.
Edit: 2nd time I went there, they are NOT POKIES! They are DARTS machines. So like sports. I did try the games with my family and it was cheap and super fun and it's an online games so if you have friends all over the world you guys can play together and see their faces too. Quite cool.

1 star rating
by Kim
Feb 07, 2014

Dined there with 20 tables x 12=240 people(maybe) on Chinese New Year 2nd day 1st Feb 2014 under Auckland Malaysia Society. 10 course ??? for $38 per person-tasteless yee sang,watery seafood soup, cold peking duck, soft fried chicken, steamed fish was nice, beef fried spring onion, seafood in fried noodles shaped in bowl, fish shaped pudding for dessert. Service was good but food was NOT NICE. Good evening as there were lots of activities planned by the committee, hopefully Simon Gault plans a visit to Malaysia for authentic Malaysian sit-down Chinese new year dinners!