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The Flying Burrito Brothers

3 star rating 14 reviews

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09 5572731

The Foundation, 270 Oteha Valley Road, Albany, Auckland

12 Noon to 10 PM (Mon-Wed, Sun), 12 Noon to 11 PM (Thu-Sat)


Reviews for The Flying Burrito Brothers

5 star rating
by Lochbuie
5 days ago

We are lovers of Mexican food and today we had lunch at the Flying Burrito Brothers in Albany. The cafe is well set up and the staff were welcoming and friendly. We ordered the Pollo Picante (habanero Chicken wings with chipotle mayonnaise), Quesadilla de Queso (folded tortilla, filled with cheese, chilli and coriander) and Taco Patatas (spiced potatoes with coriander cream and spring onions). The chicken had a very crisp and spicy coating and deliciously juicy inside, and the Tacos were full of mouth-watering flavour. The Quesadillas were very tasty but being a single folded tortilla, a bit meagre for the price. We shared a Chelada drink, a salt rimmed glass with lemon and lime over ice filled with Sol beer. Very tangy and refreshing. This is not a cheap eat but we believe the quality and flavours of the food offered and the environment makes it a worthwhile visit.

2 star rating
by Trin
9 days ago

Took my friend there yesterday,  we did not have a good experience at this restaurant. Was such a shame because it was my friend's first time to try Mexican food. We won't be rushing to go back there again.

The service was horrible, staff was inefficient they took forever to even give us water.  They never helped us refil our water either. In addition, the manager or the owner was having a go at his staff in front of all their customers, that was very unprofessional. No customers want to hear this as it makes us feel very uncomfortable and awkward to watch.  

Food:Food took forever to come, we waited for at least 45 minutes - 1 hour.  We were so close to leaving the restaurant since there were many tables without food and it looked like we werent going to get our food any time soon.  We thought we would give it another 5 minutes since we have already waited for this long and our food finally came after 5 minutes. The presentation of the food was amazing. I ordered Fajitas and requested for hot since most restaurants do not give you "real" spicy food. I can handle really hot food so I requested for "hot". When it arrived, I could already tell it was going to be REALLY hot because of the smoke was making our eyes watery and we started coughing.  I started eating and oh my goodness it was the hottest meal I have ever had, it was so hot that it was not edible but since I had to wait for almost an hour for my food I was too hungry to care.  However half way through my mouth and chest started burning I felt like my mouth was on fire! I didn't end up finishing my meal. To make it worse,  I got really sick that night and is still feeling awkful today. Do not recommend anyone to request for "hot" unless you want to be sick for two days. Anyway, in terms of taste, it would have been really yum if I have chosen "mild" for the spice. But definitely not worth an hour wait though.

5 star rating
by Andrea Stratton
12 days ago

Great to finally have The Flying Burrito brothers in Auckland. Have been going to the Wgtn one for years and the Albany one doesn't disappoint.  Great, fresh mexican food which we've enjoyed several times.  I love the classic margaritas and the chipolte chicken burrito is yum!  One of the best kids menus around too, everyone was happy.  Will definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Reuben Gordon
13 days ago

Delicious food. Most enjoyable restaurant meal we've had in a while.
The ceviche, pulled pork tacos, and chipotle chicken burrito were all yummy!
Dessert was delicious too - we enjoyed the coconut flan and the banana chimichangas.
Will definitely be back!

1 star rating
by Sarah
29 days ago

I have been there three times, never again. The last time I went I took a friend and spent $120 on lunch. When it came to dessert I complained as it came out with goats millk caramel sauce (not listed on menu) on our banana wrap. Sounds petty to some but you either love or hate it and it was listed on another item on the menu. When I went to pay the maitre de refused to take the dessert off the bill and took my phone number. I was really perplexed. He then called me ten minutes later to say it was a franchise instruction that they had to follow and that if I came back in I could have a free dessert (wow). In my mind he should have solved this problem at the time.  Its a silly thing to do, I am an Albany local as are many friends and family and in business you shouldn't be so tight, their prices are high enough to cover the price of a mere dessert.

3 star rating
by Steve
one month ago

Thursday night 6:30pm with booked table. Another large group arrived at the same time. We had to ask for a larger table after the one we started at didn't have enough chairs. Which was a little funny but shouldn't have needed to happen. Wait staff were fair/average, had to get attention several times for more drinks. Food was great, I tried the steak which is certainly not what I'd normally have at a Mexican joint but wow!! Better than almost any pub or steakhouse it was seriously good! All the other meals also meet with approval from the rest of the team. Dessert was ok, we were recommended the flan but it was pretty flat for taste. Nice that they were ok with Bill splitting for a group 8. Price for two of us was $100 that's 1x entree, 2x mains, 1x dessert and one drink. Over all pricey for what you're getting imho.

1 star rating
by Rose Ireland
2 months ago

we arrived at 6.50pm on a Saturday night, there were three of us, was told there was a 10 to 15 min wait, after 15 mins a table came available , unfortunately for us a table of four came in, so they gave the table to them first, we were told a table for us would be available next, we waited 5 more mins then a group of eight got the next table, needless to say we walked out! would never go back and have never been so insulted at a restaurant ever,

2 star rating
by Arliah
3 months ago

Extremely overpriced. Service mediocre. The rice tasted like uncle bens rice...... The cola was nice. Wouldn't go again. Mexico and mexacali much better!

2 star rating
by Phoebe W
4 months ago

Quick service, the food was delicious and the sangria was tasty but extremely overpriced - was meant to get 6 glasses out of the jug and we barely could fill 4 cups for $30. One particular waitress came across very rude and unenthusiastic and the other staff seemed a bit pushy for us to order more sangria and desert. Really disappointing atmosphere. The skull booths were ridiculously cramped and uncomfortable. The lighting in the booths also were too bright - I felt like I needed to wear sunglasses. Not that bothered on returning.

4 star rating
by Kylie
4 months ago

Had a delicious meal here last night for my son's birthday.  The service was good, and we all enjoyed our meals. We shared some small plates: corn chips, salsa, guacamole, calamari. Then mains: pork & pineapple tacos , beef fajita, chicken enchilada, chicken flying burrito. Some of us had room for dessert: chocolate cake, banana chimichanga, coconut flan. There were 6 of us and we all really loved what we ordered.
 Unfortunately they don't take bookings for less than 10, which is a bit annoying. However we turned up at 6pm on  busy Saturday night, they were able to seat us immediately on the enclosed deck under the outdoor heaters so we were nice & warm. But I think there were other tables on the deck that were too cold due to proximity to  gaps & heaters.
 Also the car park doesn't seem to be finished, so not a lot of parking available (I would say this is the fault of developers/landlord, rather than Flying Burrito Brothers)
A great night, we will be back!

1 star rating
by Sue Conroy
4 months ago

Ok food, over priced. Poor wine selection. Asked by staff to move table halfway through dinner, Wouldn't go again

1 star rating
by Libby
4 months ago

We had a 6pm booking on a Saturday night for 7 people. Mains arrived at 7.15pm. Desserts took 35 mins to arrive after we had finished mains and placed our order. The enchilada I ordered was nothing to write home about but there was only one tortilla on the plate instead of two (which I realised when I checked the menu when I got home). The waitress didn't come back regularly to check on our drinks, we always had to flag one down. It was very noisy, they had obviously overbooked as it was also very crowded with queues out the door. The childrens menu has a starter of corn chips with melted cheese. I personally think this should be removed as it then fills the kids up and they don't eat all of their dinner! Definitely will not be back, and I politely told the man when I paid, he didn't seem too interested.

4 star rating
by Catherine Milford
4 months ago

Thought I'd check out the North Shore's newest Mexican restaurant - after all, there are enough to choose from at the moment! Food was excellent although staff clearly very new - had to laugh when I asked a waitress for corn chips and she said she didn't know if that was ok because she was new... New, young staff can be worked on though. Salsa was fresh amd delicious, corn chips hand made and fajitas smoky and flavoursome. 2 small criticisms - no kids' menu that we could see or were offered...and that small extra bowl of corn chips - no more than 20 chips - was a whopping $5. I'd go again...but at $50 per head for a shared starter plate, mains each and shared desserts, it won't be too regular an occasion.

3 star rating
by Susanah
5 months ago

Just opened so a few teething problems with orders etc.
Otherwise the food that we did get was excellent.