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The Flying Burrito Brothers

3 star rating 39 reviews

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09 5572731

The Foundation, 2/270 Oteha Valley Road

12 Noon to 10 PM (Mon-Wed, Sun), 12 Noon to 11 PM (Thu-Sat)


Reviews for The Flying Burrito Brothers

5 star rating
by Jake Kidman
3 days ago

Sombrero .. decoration and that vintage look caught my eyes ...I just loved the food and drinks at flying burito brothers albany
The atmosphere was bit busy because it was Saturday nite
I manage to order food wid my ada family members
I ordered entrees it was tremendously very delicious yet desserts filled my appetite
A fully hiped nyt ..The food service was fast ...Thank you very much ..just loved it

5 star rating
by Sinthia Levisham
4 days ago

This nyt yesterday started wid a lovely dinner at flying burito brothers albany
Definetly loved da food decor n staff ..The manager was so caring...I loved her ...good job guys...I ate chic fajitas and macho nachos n some Guac n chip. Followed by desserts
Definetly m cuming back good job guys ...keep up

5 star rating
by Madiee141
8 days ago

I LOVE MEXICAN!! After my all time fav Mexican restaurant called Hola shut down, I haven't wanted to try another Mexican place until last weekend. I really had low expectations going here but was nicely surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the food. Atmosphere was great and the place has some real thoughtful decor gone into. The burrito and pulled pork enchiladas were fab! I had just stuffed my face at the movies with popcorn and lollies so I wasn't very hungry..until my food was set in front of me. Was very easy to eat and I ended up eating parts of the rest of the tables dinner too oops. Fajitas could have had a little bit more flavor but other than that YUM YUM IN MU TUM. Happy to know I can come here to get some decent Mexican cuisine when I'm in the mood.

5 star rating
by Kate
10 days ago

rating: 4.5

Came here thurs night and really enjoyed ourselves. The food was great but took a while to arrive. We had a waitress with black hair and she was the loveliest thing and really really funny, really pleased with the service. Only fault is the tables being so small and plates so big!

5 star rating
by Raynil Kumar
20 days ago

Blemish place for eatery ...everybody should try their wonderful range of all meals ..@
I loved it
Ull double double love it
Yum yum yum
Cheer guys

4 star rating
by Nicole Koen
23 days ago

Firstly the atmosphere in the restaurant was nice. The food was amazing and flavourful. The customer service was exceptional. Only disappointing thing I can think of is the lack of sweetness in the white sangria and how small it was for the price. Nevertheless still a place I'd go to again because their menu looks great.

5 star rating
by Ayden Barnett
24 days ago

Great Mexican gem tucked away behind Mitre 10. Small with and odd location but hell senoritas the food and staff more than make up for it. We got a burrito each. One beef and one chicken and man alive best Mexican I've had in Auckland and I love me some Mexican! Staff even recognised us as idiots so encouraged us with sombreros.... This place deserves a lot more attention.

4 star rating
by Noelle Dance
26 days ago

So! I have been here two times before and both times were exactly the same, average service, great food and an atmosphere really lacking that extra punch.

I went out with my partner and my Mum (my Mum hadn't been here before) and I was in the mood for some Mexican which was somewhere in the area.

We arrived and were promptly greeted. Despite the booths being reserved, they still had a table for us in the corner of the restaurant. The one thing I love about this place is the decor. It is so colourful and clever with the sombrero lights and candy skull paintings, it really is comfortable too.

Straight away we were given a water jug and glasses which is always nice since you will never be dehydrated flapping your hands around trying to get noticed for a refill, but kind of seems lazy on the waitresses part.

We already knew what we were getting since we loved the food we had last time which was a Chipotle chicken burrito and a Pulled pork enchilada. My mum just had some guacamole and corn chips since she had just eaten and was taking us out. We got two tropical margaritas and they arrived quickly but didn't taste as good as the ones at Lone Star next door and that's an American restaurant! The tables were un even so it felt like it was going to fall over any minute! I do understand the rustic look but god damn can I at least be able to have an even surface to eat on haha! Anyway, the food was perfect as usual and arrived in about 15 minutes which was awesome. The waitress was polite but very shy. After we had eaten she cleared our plates shortly after and took a while to ask if we wanted desserts, which by then, we were ready to go.

I think I figured out why it was lacking in a place with so much potential, THERE WAS NO MUSIC. I think that's what was missing but overall a good experience.

I will go back, but the prices being in the $25-35 range maybe only for special occasions. 3.5 out of 5! I recommended giving it a go, you shouldn't be disappointed.

5 star rating
by Elizabeth Pondling
one month ago

I dined here on Friday with my friend with not a very open mind about Mexican foods. As someone who is extremely fussy with food and not the best person to deal with spices, i wasn't sure how i would feel eating here. But WOW. It was amazing! Soooo many dishes to choose from! Our waitress was extremely helpful with letting me know how hot each dish was and the components that came with it. She recommend the quesadillas to me and was able to take away any spices that came on the meal. It was a simple meal, yet so delicious! I couldn't help myself but gaze at the dessert menu as well! I got the chocolate cake and oh my! I thought i was in heaven.... Although it could have been even better if it was super warm! Not to forget the atmosphere of this place. I've never been anywhere quite like it! Everywhere you turn the staff are smiling and the customers are having a wonderful time. Some tables even had sombreros! Thank you so much for a great evening. The chefs cooked beautifully, the staff were absolute diamonds and the atmosphere was awesome! Definitely coming back here!!

4 star rating
by Juanine
one month ago

We went here with about 16 people last night. It has a lovely festive atmosphere and I love the blankets provided to keep those who are a little cold a lot warmer. The food was good and the desserts we tried were awesome.

4 star rating
by Kat M
one month ago

We visited The Flying Burrito Brothers quite regularly when we lived nearby. My favourite dish is the chicken fajitas, which in my opinion is also the best value for money. The chicken is super spicy which I love, and the sides that come with it are good. I would get it without cheese, as the chicken is fried in quite a bit of oil so it's very greasy with both. Menu pricing is pretty expensive, and service is kind of hit and miss.

4 star rating
by Chris Broadbent
one month ago

Great food, excellent friendly service. I had the chicken chimichanga and it was delicious. It was for my birthday so received a free mai tai. We took our baby and the staff were very helpful and understanding.

5 star rating
by Linny
2 months ago

I have been to the burrito brothers in Christchurch years back and didn't remember enjoying the meal as much as I did at this Albany location. It's in a block of shops way out the back of Albany which I had no idea had existed till I was searching for this place. I found the staff warm and friendly and completely on the ball as soon as we got there. Food and drinks were ordered quickly, special requirements for the kids were met (trying to wean them onto Mexican food so needed everything on the side so they could put as much or as little as they wanted) and dishes quickly cleaned up.

I ordered the chimichanga and the nachos to share. It was a little odd to have the chips on the side and a bowl of the meat/cheese for us to dip in as it's not quite how we expect nachos to be but on the upside stops the chips getting soggy at the bottom. The chimichanga was crispy, the salad and condiments on the side was great for me to add as I choose and flavours were bold and flavourful.

It is a bit on the expensive side but we had an entertainment book voucher so that helped a bit. A great dining experience.

4 star rating
by Asad Naseem
3 months ago

I finally managed to head over and try this place with a couple of friends a few weeks ago. Sadly my Mexican-finds in Auckland thus far have been rather disappointing, including some of the more 'famous' ones, but I was glad to finally dine at a place which seemed to get Mexican right in my eyes - that is, seasoned well, flavourful and anything but bland!

Unfortunately because no halal options were available, I had to stick with the vegetarian options (though I can eat seafood, the options were little), but I was pleased that they had the seasoning very well done on the vegetarian burrito that I ordered for my mains. It followed from the nachos and three sauces which we had, and I have to say that all of them - the salsa, the cheese sauce/dip and the guacamole were on point!

The desserts were excellent. I went for the banana, although I took some chocolate home with me because... why not?

Ambience was great. A little loud and seating was a little haphazard, and I felt like some waitresses were on training that evening, but otherwise very good! I will be returning. Nice work, guys! Would be awesome if you introduced some halal options. That would be brilliant! :D

5 star rating
by Emma Grey
3 months ago

Been here for lunch a couple of times and it's always delicious! Staff are very friendly and attentive. Chicken fajitas is my go to and the guacamole and corn chips are delicious!! Nice and clean inside will definitely be back

4 star rating
by Cora Pan Pan
4 months ago

The food is delicious but slow and pricy. Staff are friendly and helpful. Somehow the dish is very big but the table is too small. Would go again with discount voucher.

2 star rating
by Kris McG
5 months ago

SERVICE: S.L.O.W...! It took 45 minutes to get our first small plate to the table after we'd ordered.  Waiter was nice enough though (apologised for the slowness).
FOOD: Menu sounded good, but the beef was chewy, quesadilla was boring, & you can't mix and match your taco's if you go with the 2 or 3 set (***?)
DRINKS: I don't class a  bit of tequila poured into a soft drink as a cocktail, but that's what we got... no salted rim (which was mentioned in the menu), & served in a water glass.
ATMOSPHERE: OK, but cramped... it's all hard surfaces so quite noisy.  It was hard to sustain a conversation.
PRICE: A total rip compared to their competitors... honestly, Mexico or Mama Loco are way more reasonable, flexible, faster and way way better quality. Heck, I'd prefer Mexicali... or even that random special mexican sandwich that Subway did over this place.

4 star rating
by Kera Wong
5 months ago

I really loved the service at this restaurant. The front of house greeted us very warmly as we arrived and bid us a friendly farewell at the end, and the waiters were very lovely and accomodating. The food was quite nice, but a bit pricey. My drink was good, but for its price maybe could've been better. As we were sitted on the deck for dinner, as time passed it became quite dark, but there were no additional lights that were turned on so it was hard to see my dessert. However, I did enjoy myself and so did my group. I will return next time when I have a bit more cash ...and perhaps I'll sit inside.

1 star rating
by Bonita Bananas
5 months ago

Really average food and terrible service. Was sat right by the kitchen and had staff knock my bag on my chair several times. The meal I had was really awful (reheated chicken quesadilla) - sent it back and had the manager give me grief about sending it back. Will never dine there again and definitely won't recommend it to anyone. Sorry Flying Burrito Bros Albany but you really need to up your game!!

5 star rating
by Razor R
5 months ago

Amazingly delicious mexican food that will leaving you wanting more. Upon entering you are greated with a very well laid out bar on the side. We were given the option of either indoor or outdoor seating and decided outdoor. They offered to bring down the 'plastic shield' if we did get cold which was nice and a heater too.
The Flying Burrito itself was very nice and had a side of guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Their classic margaritas were recommended and we can see why they are so popular there. Just a tad price for the portions, but a very wonderful dining experience. Attentive staff too and fast service.

5 star rating
by Chelscy Luna
6 months ago

Amazing food and great team members!! Love the whole Mexican decorations and had a devine experience at the Albany place!!! Thanks guys!!!!!

4 star rating
by RefreshinglyGinger
6 months ago

My partner and I are huge fans of Mexican food, and as soon as we found out the Flying Mexican Brothers was coming to the Shore it was hard to contain our excitement. Unfortunately reality didn't live up to our expectations, and we were left slightly disappointed.
We've dined twice, both times around lunchtime and both times the restaurant has been basically empty. We've ordered the sharing platter which comprises of ceviche, chicken wings, quesadilla, taquitos, corn chips, salsa and its saving grace - chili con queso, a deliciously spicy cheese dip. While the food is good, the margaritas are better (if not a little sweet and weak), the Flying Burrito Brothers Albany needs to work on customer service and table attention as we left feeling neglected and as if we were a nuisance. Perhaps its a lunch time issue but service could be improved. Overall an enjoyable experience but it lacks the Mexican atmosphere we've become accustomed to eating out as much as we do.

1 star rating
by Tina
8 months ago

Went for lunch with my husband as we love mexican food. Very overpriced and definately no wow factor food wise . As it was lunch we ordered the crumbed jalapeños, there were 3! for $14! It said small bites not a bite. We also ordered the deep fried chicken rolls. There were 5 not much bigger than a cigarette and lastly We ordered the macho nachos. The corn chips were cold on the plate and the concoction in the bowl was a basic chilli con carn with mince meat and tinned tomatoes - wld have expected much better from a mexican trained chef! Little mexico in town is far superior in every way. Just wanted to try these guys as the were close. Won't be back.

4 star rating
by Jess Keen
8 months ago

Yum!! I dined at this restaurant in the weekend for lunch and was pleasantly surprised. I had the prawn fajitas and found it delicious. The service was a bit slow especially seen as the restaurant wasn't very busy but the food definatly made up for it. Will definitely be back for more :)

2 star rating
by Gary Gordon
9 months ago

Friendly staff,  which is a surprise given the owner/manager who takes your money at the end. Although it was hard to get served at some stages. Ok size portions, good taste, but with a very small bit of coleslaw on the side. We even got charged $5 more for some extra sour cream - seriously.  He claimed it was an extra side when I disputed the charge, not the way to keep a restaurant going. Drinks are small for $10. Desert was tiny. $110 would have got us a far better snack elsewhere.

I wish I'd seen the other reviews before I went on a whim.

5 star rating
by Lochbuie
9 months ago

We are lovers of Mexican food and today we had lunch at the Flying Burrito Brothers in Albany. The cafe is well set up and the staff were welcoming and friendly. We ordered the Pollo Picante (habanero Chicken wings with chipotle mayonnaise), Quesadilla de Queso (folded tortilla, filled with cheese, chilli and coriander) and Taco Patatas (spiced potatoes with coriander cream and spring onions). The chicken had a very crisp and spicy coating and deliciously juicy inside, and the Tacos were full of mouth-watering flavour. The Quesadillas were very tasty but being a single folded tortilla, a bit meagre for the price. We shared a Chelada drink, a salt rimmed glass with lemon and lime over ice filled with Sol beer. Very tangy and refreshing. This is not a cheap eat but we believe the quality and flavours of the food offered and the environment makes it a worthwhile visit.

2 star rating
by Trin C
10 months ago

Took my friend there yesterday,  we did not have a good experience at this restaurant. Was such a shame because it was my friend's first time to try Mexican food. We won't be rushing to go back there again.

The service was horrible, staff was inefficient they took forever to even give us water.  They never helped us refil our water either. In addition, the manager or the owner was having a go at his staff in front of all their customers, that was very unprofessional. No customers want to hear this as it makes us feel very uncomfortable and awkward to watch.  

Food:Food took forever to come, we waited for at least 45 minutes - 1 hour.  We were so close to leaving the restaurant since there were many tables without food and it looked like we werent going to get our food any time soon.  We thought we would give it another 5 minutes since we have already waited for this long and our food finally came after 5 minutes. The presentation of the food was amazing. I ordered Fajitas and requested for hot since most restaurants do not give you "real" spicy food. I can handle really hot food so I requested for "hot". When it arrived, I could already tell it was going to be REALLY hot because of the smoke was making our eyes watery and we started coughing.  I started eating and oh my goodness it was the hottest meal I have ever had, it was so hot that it was not edible but since I had to wait for almost an hour for my food I was too hungry to care.  However half way through my mouth and chest started burning I felt like my mouth was on fire! I didn't end up finishing my meal. To make it worse,  I got really sick that night and is still feeling awkful today. Do not recommend anyone to request for "hot" unless you want to be sick for two days. Anyway, in terms of taste, it would have been really yum if I have chosen "mild" for the spice. But definitely not worth an hour wait though.

5 star rating
by Andrea Stratton
10 months ago

Great to finally have The Flying Burrito brothers in Auckland. Have been going to the Wgtn one for years and the Albany one doesn't disappoint.  Great, fresh mexican food which we've enjoyed several times.  I love the classic margaritas and the chipolte chicken burrito is yum!  One of the best kids menus around too, everyone was happy.  Will definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Reuben Gordon
10 months ago

Delicious food. Most enjoyable restaurant meal we've had in a while.
The ceviche, pulled pork tacos, and chipotle chicken burrito were all yummy!
Dessert was delicious too - we enjoyed the coconut flan and the banana chimichangas.
Will definitely be back!

1 star rating
by Sarah
10 months ago

I have been there three times, never again. The last time I went I took a friend and spent $120 on lunch. When it came to dessert I complained as it came out with goats millk caramel sauce (not listed on menu) on our banana wrap. Sounds petty to some but you either love or hate it and it was listed on another item on the menu. When I went to pay the maitre de refused to take the dessert off the bill and took my phone number. I was really perplexed. He then called me ten minutes later to say it was a franchise instruction that they had to follow and that if I came back in I could have a free dessert (wow). In my mind he should have solved this problem at the time.  Its a silly thing to do, I am an Albany local as are many friends and family and in business you shouldn't be so tight, their prices are high enough to cover the price of a mere dessert.

3 star rating
by Steve
11 months ago

Thursday night 6:30pm with booked table. Another large group arrived at the same time. We had to ask for a larger table after the one we started at didn't have enough chairs. Which was a little funny but shouldn't have needed to happen. Wait staff were fair/average, had to get attention several times for more drinks. Food was great, I tried the steak which is certainly not what I'd normally have at a Mexican joint but wow!! Better than almost any pub or steakhouse it was seriously good! All the other meals also meet with approval from the rest of the team. Dessert was ok, we were recommended the flan but it was pretty flat for taste. Nice that they were ok with Bill splitting for a group 8. Price for two of us was $100 that's 1x entree, 2x mains, 1x dessert and one drink. Over all pricey for what you're getting imho.

1 star rating
by Rose Ireland
Sep 27, 2014

we arrived at 6.50pm on a Saturday night, there were three of us, was told there was a 10 to 15 min wait, after 15 mins a table came available , unfortunately for us a table of four came in, so they gave the table to them first, we were told a table for us would be available next, we waited 5 more mins then a group of eight got the next table, needless to say we walked out! would never go back and have never been so insulted at a restaurant ever,

2 star rating
by Arliah
Sep 10, 2014

Extremely overpriced. Service mediocre. The rice tasted like uncle bens rice...... The cola was nice. Wouldn't go again. Mexico and mexacali much better!

2 star rating
by Phoebe W
Aug 12, 2014

Quick service, the food was delicious and the sangria was tasty but extremely overpriced - was meant to get 6 glasses out of the jug and we barely could fill 4 cups for $30. One particular waitress came across very rude and unenthusiastic and the other staff seemed a bit pushy for us to order more sangria and desert. Really disappointing atmosphere. The skull booths were ridiculously cramped and uncomfortable. The lighting in the booths also were too bright - I felt like I needed to wear sunglasses. Not that bothered on returning.

4 star rating
by Kylie
Aug 10, 2014

Had a delicious meal here last night for my son's birthday.  The service was good, and we all enjoyed our meals. We shared some small plates: corn chips, salsa, guacamole, calamari. Then mains: pork & pineapple tacos , beef fajita, chicken enchilada, chicken flying burrito. Some of us had room for dessert: chocolate cake, banana chimichanga, coconut flan. There were 6 of us and we all really loved what we ordered.
 Unfortunately they don't take bookings for less than 10, which is a bit annoying. However we turned up at 6pm on  busy Saturday night, they were able to seat us immediately on the enclosed deck under the outdoor heaters so we were nice & warm. But I think there were other tables on the deck that were too cold due to proximity to  gaps & heaters.
 Also the car park doesn't seem to be finished, so not a lot of parking available (I would say this is the fault of developers/landlord, rather than Flying Burrito Brothers)
A great night, we will be back!

1 star rating
by Sue Conroy
Aug 05, 2014

Ok food, over priced. Poor wine selection. Asked by staff to move table halfway through dinner, Wouldn't go again

1 star rating
by Libby
Jul 29, 2014

We had a 6pm booking on a Saturday night for 7 people. Mains arrived at 7.15pm. Desserts took 35 mins to arrive after we had finished mains and placed our order. The enchilada I ordered was nothing to write home about but there was only one tortilla on the plate instead of two (which I realised when I checked the menu when I got home). The waitress didn't come back regularly to check on our drinks, we always had to flag one down. It was very noisy, they had obviously overbooked as it was also very crowded with queues out the door. The childrens menu has a starter of corn chips with melted cheese. I personally think this should be removed as it then fills the kids up and they don't eat all of their dinner! Definitely will not be back, and I politely told the man when I paid, he didn't seem too interested.

4 star rating
by Catherine Milford
Jul 27, 2014

Thought I'd check out the North Shore's newest Mexican restaurant - after all, there are enough to choose from at the moment! Food was excellent although staff clearly very new - had to laugh when I asked a waitress for corn chips and she said she didn't know if that was ok because she was new... New, young staff can be worked on though. Salsa was fresh amd delicious, corn chips hand made and fajitas smoky and flavoursome. 2 small criticisms - no kids' menu that we could see or were offered...and that small extra bowl of corn chips - no more than 20 chips - was a whopping $5. I'd go again...but at $50 per head for a shared starter plate, mains each and shared desserts, it won't be too regular an occasion.

3 star rating
by Susanah
Jul 21, 2014

Just opened so a few teething problems with orders etc.
Otherwise the food that we did get was excellent.