The Italian Job

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09 3762937

242 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland

6 PM to 10 PM (Tue-Sun), Mon Closed


Reviews for The Italian Job

3 star rating
by Chris Fitzgerald
3 months ago

To quote the last reviewer, "cheap and cheerful". Don't expect too much and you will not be disappointed. Friendly family service. The sauce with the gnocchi was more like a soup, but the pate was excellent, and anything from the pizza oven great. Odd wine list - a few bottles to choose from but only one red or white choice by the glass. If you are just wanting a quick filling meal, The Italian Job fits the bill.

5 star rating
by V C Blanco
4 months ago

Best pizza in Auckland - worth the price, Fredo is a great host, highly recommend.
Have not eaten their other dishes, but the pizza is fresh & always delicious

4 star rating
by Katie Kiley
7 months ago

I'm surprised by the bad reviews because I quite like The Italian Job. Cheap & cheerful. If you fancy a delicious Italian pizza paired with a lovely Italian beer, this is the place.

1 star rating
by Jon Lemmon
11 months ago

I have had better pizza made by a child. Seriously.

Too greasy. Too expensive. No flavour. And the base tasted like it was made from a mattress.

1 star rating
by Angela
Jun 27, 2014

Yeah, wouldn't go back. Pan cooked fish served on iceberg lettuce? Weird ... And pricey. Steamed vegetable side dish , so bland . went home and ate some toast to get over it.
The front door was damaged as well, hard to get in. I wonder how long it had been like that? Looked neglected.
If I could rate it no stars. I would.

1 star rating
by Billy T
Mar 07, 2014

I should have read the reviews. I should have stayed away. I last dined here a couple of years ago and can safely say that time has done this restaurant no favours. I ordered a takeaway pizza and walked home with one of the worst takeaway meals I have ever had the misfortune of being served. Not just in terms of value, which is terrible, but in terms of taste. There is no flavour. None. The feeling of utter disappointment and regret when you open the box and realise you paid $25 for something a toddler would have had more success in preparing is almost soul-destroying.

1 star rating
by Greg Quinn
Nov 30, 2013

Horrible food. I ordered take out from here as it was the closest restaurant to me that did Italian.

The pizza crust was ok but the toppings/cheese was bland and had little taste, the cheese had a strange processed/plastic sort of taste to it.

The pasta sauce tasted like it had come out of a packet, it was watery thin and had that powdered stock taste.

I'm a programmer, not a chef, so it baffles me how I could easily make 10 better pasta dishes without a recipe book than the one this 'authentic Italian restaurant' that's been open for 20 years served me.

1 star rating
by Patrick McNeely
Oct 26, 2013

This is possibly the worst restaurant, and certainly the worst Italian restaurant we have visited.
The food was worse than average, and we actually left without finishing our meals. Going to another establishment for desert and coffee.
Never mind the decor you can live with lime green focus on improving the quality and the ingredients used in the perpetration of your food. It's enough to make a real Italian ashamed.

3 star rating
by Judy Selvaraj
Feb 19, 2013

After experiencing a delightful dinner in December 2012, and being told I could book a private room for a special birthday in 2013, I was really upset that this could not happen. In December 2012 I was told there was room in a private room upstairs for 15 to 20 people but when I tried to book I was told this was not now available. The unavailability seemed to be that it would be too much for the kitchen, then I was told there was not enough room in the special room, then I was told that renovations were taking place and then I was told that Fridays are nights that the owner would like to keep free. I am so confused and very disappointed to be told one thing and then one so different.

1 star rating
by Bret Glazer
Jan 30, 2013

We went there for desert, it resembled something from a primary school homecraft class.
I had crepes, it had canned apricot with artificial cream on it a small bit of cheap ice cream, the crepe was doughy and not cooked properly.
My partner had profitta rolls, the proffita was stale, canned creme and a horrible chocolate sauce that resembled a budget supermarket brand.
We couldn't eat either desert.
The only good thing was they didn't charge us for the experience, which is good as we wouldn't have paid.
what happened to Italian flair ?? it aint at this restaurant.
Won't be back

4 star rating
by RM
Jul 24, 2011

We were a party of 6 and liked the place. It has character and you are not cramped against the next table. The waitresses were good and very attentive even though they were fairly busy.(Sat Night.) Finger bowls were provided for the pork spare ribs without asking. Our meals were good and there was plenty at a reasonable price and the bYO was an advantage. Being able to change potatoes for vegetables at no cost was great. Will return for sure.

4 star rating
by Owen
Jul 05, 2011

My 2nd time to this little slice of Italy hidden away towards the end of Jervois Road. The first time was an experience the 2nd time back even better then the 1st.

Right from walking in we were greeted by the hosts with a cheerful Hello and Welcome, shown to our table and provided with Water, Menu's and a pleasant introduction to what lay waiting for our taste buds on the Menu.

We choose first off the Olive Bread, this arrived promptly and was well presented it really was soft and fluffy and well seasoned with olives and olive oil. It was buttery and flavorsome and a pleasure to eat. My only regret is that it went too fast between the two of us.

Next we ordered Gamberoni All' Aglio to share. Black tiger prawns, smothered in olive oil, garlic, parsley and lemon juice, then seared on the grill. This was beautifully presented the prawns looked big and fat and shone from the glaze of sauce.

The sauce on the dish was light delicate and not at all over powering it complimented the prawns well. It was smooth creamy and full of different flavors (lemon, garlic and parsley) adding to the whole dish.

Next we ordered Mains I had Ravioli Gorgonzola last time so wanted something more tomatoey. I ordered the Beef Lasagne Layers of pasta, bolognese and béchamel sauce, baked in the oven and topped with mozzarella cheese.

I was well pleased when the mains arrived it looked wonderful and the smell said it all.

The presentation was excellent beautifully layered lasange with tomato and cheese melted on top, surrounded by moat of aromatic and seasoned sauce. The sauce was thick but not too thick and not too thin either it coated the back of my spoon well and was wore a rich red almost slight orange colour to it. Cutting into the fresh lasange the pasta was cooked just right firm yet giving way to my fork as I pressed into it. The meat was clearly visible layered between the lasange sheets it looked like work of construction it held its form up until the last bite.

The meat was tender and delicate and flavorsome not at all over powered by the cheese, lasange and sauce. I was quite surprised I expected a regular ground mince but this was quite different altogether. This made the whole dish a pleasure to eat. Each part of the dish held its own.

Next I had Waffles this was okay as a dessert the waffles were warm fresh and soft and creamy easy to eat. The sauce was fruity and complimented the ice cream and cream well. The rich reds of the strawberry sauce stood out on the whites of the cream and ice-cream and the golden waffles made a lovely base.

This was my 2nd time back to The Italian Job and once again I left feeling satisfied with a filling and tasty meal complimented by great service and great food. Money well spent. The Italian Job will be one of our locals. We plan to visit often.

5 star rating
by Demaris
Apr 24, 2011

First time visitors and it was simply because the restaurant we went to wasn't open. Delicious meal, lovely service, great chef. We were a large table and a tad loud, but they didn't seem to mind.

Will definitely be going back, for a more quiet, intimate meal.

5 star rating
by Frazthatpayz
Mar 03, 2011

After a rough family time down in the Tron surviving on hotel & hospital food - not easy with 3 under fives - the wife and I were craving a good pasta but traffic precluded us getting home to cook in time. I made the decision to go via Herne Bay to the Shore and get takeout from a long known but never patroned Italian Job. I ordered 3 $15 pastas (ravioli, gnocchi & tortellini with different sauces) and the kids were allowed a toilet stop - try that at other Herne Bay venues! Early on the Wednesday night they weren't busy, so within 15 mins we had our fare, and finally got home where the kids wolfed down their handmade tortellini (skipping the mushrooms of course) and we were similarly satisfied with our share. If you want swanky surroundings head on up the road - I was just happy with a pasta meal like "mammma" used to make, and the way your mamma probably would've set up a trattoria didn't phase me at all. We'll stop in again if we pass that way any time soon.

1 star rating
by Linda Sharpe
Feb 20, 2011

We were very disappointed. It is very old hat, expensive and not value for money.
6 pieces of ravioli for $25, my calamari was tough chunky and the worst flavour ever. Always have it at an Italian but I was wondering if was going to make me ill.
The steak was average, someone had square cut one end and it looked odd.
the accompanying potato cut into slices had what looked like an orange horrid cheddar processed cheese on it.
The decor was awful, waitress nice but the men cooking were obviously over it. A large pizza $36 we were in Mission Bay an hour later and noticed no pizza on any menu was that exorbitant.
will never go back or recommend

4 star rating
by John
Feb 06, 2011

Good local Italian, my wife and I have eaten there and got takeaway about twenty times over the past couple of years and always been happy with the food, service and price. You could pay at lot more for a lot less in Ponsonby and Herne Bay. We have taken friends on several occasions and they have all enjoyed it too.

1 star rating
by Craig
Jul 24, 2010

This place is over priced and poor. The lime green decor is very old and very tired. I mean, $34 for a large pizza? Domino's is better value for money and tastier.

The place needs a spruce up.
These other reviews can't have been written by people who have been here. You can try the place but I bet you'll be disappointed and will have spent too much. A shame, with no other Italian in Herne Bay to speak of, it could be so much better.

Horribly over

5 star rating
by Mark Harlen
Jul 27, 2009

Great food at Great prices. Good authentic Italian atmosphere enhanced by Italian owners.

4 star rating
by Katrina
Jul 15, 2009

The owner/manager was really nice, offering lemoncello at the end of our fabulous meal. I had pizza which I couldnt fault, the base the superb and the toppings lovely. He spun our pizzas in front of us which was a treat. The staff were helpful, it was a great night. I'll be back.

----- 29 Nov, 2008 -----
Excellent!! The pastas are all fresh and made daily, so much better than the processed rubbish we have become accustomed to from other "Italian" Restaurants. I would highly recommend ordering any of the pastas from here because I made it a mission to try them all. My favourite was definately the potato gnocchi in a 4 cheese sauce, second runner up would have to be the ravioli; spinach pasta in a blue cheese sauce. I only tried one dessert - the tiramisu - and I will definately be going there again to have one with the girls on a sunny day - FAB!

4 star rating
by Jif
Jun 26, 2009

We went tonight for the first time and really enjoyed the experience; having read the reviews after doing a google search on Italian Restaurants in Ponsonby (and ignoring the negative review!). Service was good, pleasant "rustic" setting and food was really nice - mussels, fettuccine carbonara, marinara and quattro pizzas. Could have done with a better quality sauv blanc by the glass. Will go again.

4 star rating
by Pat
Jun 12, 2009

Ideal restaurant
Authentic and wonderfully freshly cooked tasty food
Very welcoming and friendly staff
Let us in early and allowed us to sit late
Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Carla
Apr 01, 2009

Ok so they are not BYO anymore but the pizzas are still the best in the western world! The bases are perfect and the toppings, although very traditional, never disappoint. The staff were warm and accomodating even with the 5 children towed in. Quick note, seeing the bottom two reviews, it looks like the same person has clearly got something against the restaurant and it looks personal. That a little unprofessional if you ask me!

4 star rating
by Polly
Feb 23, 2009

Great restaurant, have never had a bad meal there!. Love the pizza's! Seafood one is the best! Nice cozy atmosphere. I think the review at the bottom is a joke it is nothing like that at all. Its a very nice place. Would recomend to any one in the area!

5 star rating
by Frank
Jan 06, 2009

We live nearby to the Italian Job restaurant and eat there regularly and we are always highly impressed by the great tasting authentic Italian food, especially the pizzas, and also by the friendly service which we can never fault! It is a great place for families since it is so relaxed, and prices are also good compared to other nearby establishments. They also have a fantastic range of mains, from seafoods to pastas and meat dishes!

I notice there are a couple of reviews which criticise this restaurant (most likely by the same person and probably a disgruntled restaurant owner who is losing business to them) and those reviews should really be removed by the management of this website since they don't reflect any substance or reality.