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The Toby Jug Bar & Kitchen

3 star rating 19 reviews

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09 2750274

43-47 Montgomerie Road, Auckland Airport, Auckland

  Italian, European
11 AM to 9 PM (Mon-Tue, Sun), 11 AM to 10 PM (Wed), 11 AM to 3 AM (Thu-Sat)


Reviews for The Toby Jug Bar & Kitchen

4 star rating
by Zavir Zamal
22 days ago

From what we tried so far ,during Saturday lunch, only thing lacking is customer service, come on who write on their menu that "please order at the bar". one person only F>O>H, invest in more staff, hospitality is about people and turn oversFood on the other hand is excellent only tried the burgers and loved it so much that we came three times, chicken and beef. I guess is the ciabatta buns.

3 star rating
by Queena
one month ago

My partner suggested to have lunch here as he's been here before with colleagues. It's like a bar kinda atmosphere in here. Service is pretty good.

Ordered the "old smokey pizza" as everything else seemed too heavy for a lunch and all these cheeses had sold me with that pizza. The pizza base wasn't bad. Loved the cheesiness on the pizza. And it was just right and didn't feel awfully bloated after eating it. But overall, nothing tooooo special about it.

My partner ordered from the $10 lunch menu. Wasn't too bad but didn't look that appealing when it got served in front of us.

3 star rating
by Glenn Town
one month ago

We had lunch there today
The decor is tired
The service was good
As was the food
I had a Beef Quesadilla
It was very nice
My pal had the Beef Stout Pie with fries and salad
He said it was very good
Worth trying for sure if you are in the area

1 star rating
by John
one month ago

Worst dining experience ever! Looks like they haven't wiped the tables in weeks! The table was so sticky, we wiped it and it was black!
The food is terrible, the worst meal ive ever had. We ordered a lamb shank and chicken penne pasta. Both were sloppy and so poorly cooked. The only flavour was salt and pepper. We left less than half way thru because the wife was so disgusted. I would not recommend this place to anyone. You can cook a better meal at home than this place!

5 star rating
by Andrew
3 months ago

Our ordered arrived just 10 minutes.very efficient kitchen.
Steam mussel was absolutely awesome and the Pizza was nice but the stage table not clean.
 I would go back here with my friend.

2 star rating
by Christine
3 months ago

I had the fish and chips. It was a huge meal and the salad was nice but the fish was not fresh. The chips were nicely seasoned though. I would not go back here to eat.

5 star rating
by Rachna
8 months ago

Reasonable food prices , great selection of food on menu. Great meal portion size.

The staff were friendly and very helpful.

I had ordered Sweet Chilli Chicken Quesadilla which was absolutely filling and delicious, good value for money!

Our ordered arrived within few minutes.

1 star rating
by Tammy Kingi
11 months ago

I HAAAAATED EATING AT THIS PLACE! I went on a Sunday for lunch and it was disgusting, overpriced and I don't usually write these but on this occasion I thought I had to let people know. I live locally and thought I would try it out but the food was nothing to desire. The only thing that was good actually was this aoli sauce they served otherwise, the customer service was poor, the food was tacky and foodcourt like if not worse and the floors were still stick from the evening before. It just felt dirty and out of four people working one guy was sittting on a bar stool, back faced to my family and I showing his crack. Another server got my order wrong then blamed it on me for not speaking loud enough, then the chef I spotted texting on his dirty phone and leaning on the bench half the time. So unprofessional, unhygenic and a terrible experience. That'd teach me to try eat at a kitchen by day, night club by night kind of place, still we spent over $80 for all of this and I would definitely not hesitate to repeat this to people. In addition, one evening when I did go to the night club on a Friday, usually a really good vibe, but I think the word had gotten out that this place was now pumping. Anyway these 'kids' probably of age but 12 at mind, tried to pick a fight with my family and I. One of whom was heavily pregnant and we were out celebrating a friends birthday, these girls started mouthing off at us and the security did not say anything nor try to stop this disagreement. This broke out into a big brawl as my family were doing what they could to protect themselves and eachother against these children so classily drinking in the car park and I did not feel safe, my family did not enjoy this family gathering and I would not reccomend this place for anything but the music maybe which the DJ plays at other bars on other nights. I just can't stand this place obviously and thanks but no thanks.

2 star rating
by Alecia Browne
Sep 21, 2014

Food bad. Came out cold and overcooked. Not impressed for a first time customer. Not going back.

5 star rating
by Andy Singh
Aug 14, 2014

Awesome Place.. great service.. good food..reasonable prices.. Must Try!
And The Nightclub us pumping every Friday and Saturday..

1 star rating
by Kim King
Dec 12, 2012

My colleagues and myself went there yesterday for our Xmas Lunch. Honestly the place is disgusting, dirty and the food for all 6 of us was the worst I have ever eaten. The food was cold and it came out one meal at a time with at least 5 minutes apart. We used to visit this place frequently but have not been there for the past 6 months and would not come back there ever again. I paid $18.50 for my meal.

I will not be going back there again. It's a real pity as I think it has new owners that really need to look at the place as the location is great but the place needs a dam good clean and a fresh coat of paint and a new chef.

2 star rating
by Moana Johnson
Nov 17, 2012

Called in today and ordered the fish and chips and a couple of drinks. My wife paid for this and when she got back to our table i asked her how much and found out that we had been charged $15 more than it should have been. They kindly refunded after telling the staff member. When our meal arrived the fish was like eating dry leather. This is the first time that my wife and I could not finish our meal as we love our fish. Sadly we will not be going back for a meal again as it was once a great place to go for meals

4 star rating
by Vila Fiu
Oct 04, 2012

I read with interest the good and bad comments about Toby Jug Inn. I had my 40th birthday there 2007 after only having been there once enjoying a good meal and drinks..spoke to management to book the venue, brought in a top band and a crowd of family and friends, what a great night and time. The kitchen staff and chefs keep the food coming, the bar staff looked after us and also the new visitors just arrived into the country had a good welcome courtesy of us and Tobys.

I lived up in the Bay Of Islands at that time and now reside here in Mangere...for the past 11 months my brother and I have had lunch there once or twice every week at least (plus the odd warm-up drinks). We've had every dish on the menu since then except the burgers (I make my own special ones)... and had no problems otherwise we wouldn't be coming back like the other places we've been to. I can honestly say we enjoyed all the meals and service plus the new management are doing their best to make us and others feel welcome, a big cheers to yous all at Toby's, keep up the good work...satisfy customers indeed!

1 star rating
by Selina Reid-Letele
Sep 14, 2012

12th September 2012

If there was a Zero rating The Toby Jug Inn would win first prize. 2 of us ordered a main meal, the other ordered an entree and a main meal, drinks were also ordered and a jug of water. Myself and one other received our main meal. We sat waiting for the other persons entree to at least come out. Nothing for at least 5mins probably longer. This frustrated us and one member in our group approached the staff to find out whats happening. A young girl approached the table with excuses. Isn't it common sense that if you have orders for the same table that your kitchen staff would endeavour to get our meals out at the same time or close to each other not almost 20mins apart. So by the time his entree arrived we had almost finished our mains. After we had finished our meals our friends main had arrived. The young waitress brought him the wrong order. That was rectified. The jug of water we ordered with our drinks also took us having to remind them thats also what we had asked for.

The Steak & Bacon Burger, and the Crumbed chicken fillet Burger, were both undesirable. If your going to pay $17.50 or $18.50 for burger and chips you want to at least get something better than Wendys, Burger King or McDonalds, instead these burgers were just slapped together with no care in the world. We should’ve dined at one of those places. The overall dining experience at The Toby Jug Inn was a huge thumbs down and we would not recommend this establishment to anyone.

4 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Jul 31, 2012

We hadn't been here for over a year (Since August 2012) but heard there were new owners and decided to try it out again.This evening was an enjoyable experience for us all. The garlic bread was thick and buttery and all the mains were generous portions and absolutely delicious (we had the curry, the pork ribs which were melt in the mouth, and the crumbed tarragon sauce chicken breast -everything was presented really nicely) We hardly had room for dessert which was ice cream and a yummy chocolate brownie. The waitress was bright, attentive and cheerful and obviously knew her stuff as everything flowed along nicely throughout the evening. Prices are good at $22-$30 for the mains as the food is good quality and full of flavour. Happy to recommend this place.Back again in April 2015. Lovely friendly staff and still a good selection of items on the menu $20 - $30 for mains. My friend had the battered fish which she loved and I had the chicken tarragon which is to die for - I'm going to see if the chef will part with the recipe for this one !.  The place is starting to look a bit dark and shabby these days, but tables and floors are clean and tidy. Plenty of parking and close to airport and motorway.

1 star rating
by Niueanite
Jul 13, 2012

New management. Food standards have dropped bigtime. Pork Ribs prob the worst going around. Coleslaw was old and looked like it just got tipped out of a container.
Music way too loud for 7pm dining.

4 star rating
by Natalie
Jun 08, 2012

We went to Toby Jug in May this year for a family lunch. My parents-in-law are a bit fussy with food. However, they felt that they had a good dining experience at this place.

Toby Jug have lunch specials every day. My mother-in-law enjoyed her salmon salad and my father-in-law had a prawn dish. Both seemed happy with their meals. The portions were reasonably large and taste was good.

When we went there I was advised that the restaurant is going to change their lunch menu. We will try to pop in again to have a try of their new menu.

1 star rating
by Gina Coleman
May 04, 2012

May 4th 2012-We just popped in for a quick lunch, ordered our drinks and pizza, we asked the barman to divide the price in two so that my friend and I could pay halves, and the barman couldn't even do that ! It took him 10 mins to work out our drinks and the price, then he took our order for the pizza.
And got that wrong too and the pizza took 20 mins to cook!
We had to eat and leave to get back to the office! Not very impressed under new management! Who the hell are they??
I'm going to call them to see if they can offer us a free meal!
If they can get that right!

1 star rating
by Tessa & Luke Mostert
Jan 22, 2012

Just finished a meal at the Toby Jug Inn were it is under new management - We sat down to read our menus, and while deciding what we wanted the waitress (whom was rude and lacked customer service skills) came over to our table and informed us that the kitchen is going to close, so if we want to order we best hurry!! we then said that we were waiting for our 5th member to arrive as we were meeting at 7pm, she told us to hurry up.
We then placed an order and said that our 5th person will be here shortly - her response being if they dont hurry they will miss out..
Our meals were below average to average - with the nachos being burnt and inedible and same with the pasta!.
I would not reccommend nor eat here again!
the waitress needs to learn some customer service