The White Lady

4 star rating 14 reviews

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09 3795803

18 Commerce Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Fast Food
6 PM to 4 AM (Mon-Thu), 6 PM to 12 Midnight (Fri-Sat), 6 PM to 3 AM (Sun)


Reviews for The White Lady

5 star rating
by Cazza Duffield

A must do for everyone if they have had 'a big night' in town. The icing on the cake to any good night. Fantastic burgers, really fresh tasting. It's also great to have an alternative to the usual Chain fat food places.

1 star rating
by Jaspreet Singh
7 days ago

Very disappointed with the chicken and chilli burger what a ripoff. They probably wanna cater to those who can't even walk straight. Never going back again

4 star rating
by ZP
18 days ago

a cold winter's night and huddling up while you watch your order being cooked...perfection especially when preparing for an alcohol fuelled night.

4 star rating
by Christine
24 days ago

Nice, tasty, fresh burgers that are exactly what they say they are. The chips are good too. If you are this part of the CBDs, it is worth getting one of their iconic burgers.

4 star rating
by Prena Chand
3 months ago

The classiest of ladies on the mean streets of Auckland! She gives you love and feeds you well, is there much else that you'd want from a good looking woman??

4 star rating
by Madeleine Turner
3 months ago

The White Lady will always be a classic past time for Aucklanders on a night out. I have never been disappointed with my order. Will definitely return for years to come

4 star rating
by Miss Kiki
5 months ago

Burgers are delicious! Have never had a bad burger here. The low rating is for the price and the price only. I would come back but I think about it twice usually.

4 star rating
by Penelope Chua
6 months ago

love their burgers, would've rated higher if they had seats or an area to eat. their milkshakes though are average.

5 star rating
by Jennifer Ong
8 months ago

Best ever

5 star rating
by Lettuce M.Eat
10 months ago

Easily, easily the best burger I have ever had in the world... and with so many burgers I have had, the fact that I remember the taste so vividly is proof enough. Although the pricing is not the most economical, the freshness of New Zealand ingredients shines through! It’s definitely worth trying.

4 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Dec 07, 2013

Found down near the bottom of town, this little burger truck is a gem in the heart of Auckland. Although the burger prices aren't as low as those found in Maccas and BK, The White Lady compensates this with its huge portions and interesting range of choices. My recommendation for those who can't choose would be the Aucklander. It's huge, tasty and filling however it does take a little toll on your wallet. Since it is open until very late at night it makes it the perfect spot to visit after a night out in town or when you're craving a midnight snack. Everyone should try this place at least once!

4 star rating
by Michelle
Oct 07, 2013

A nice place to grab a good burger or a sandwich. Too bad it's expensive for a fast food. Staff is always helpful and nice.

3 star rating
by Tony Ma
Mar 12, 2013

First of all, the price range on this website for the place it incorrect.

If you want a standard decent burger you are definitely looking at the $15+ mark.

Their steak burgers are great, chips are very average. The burgers do not taste starchy, great takeaway place. If it was $5 cheaper I may try eat it at least once a week

4 star rating
by Whitecat X
Feb 23, 2013

Their steak burgers just lovely! I ask them for less tomato ketchup to make the taste more mature(?) and to add a little more salt & pepper to match some red wine. You have to wait five minutes and bring it home so sometimes unwilling if rainy or windy. But differs a lot from MacDonald's or Burger King. 10 dollars happiness. We hope it closer to our apartment.