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35 Ohaunga Rd, Turangi, Taupo

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Reviews for Thyme For Food

3 star rating
by Shirley S.
Apr 16, 2014

The service when we ordered was not too flash. The lady ( I presume the manager) was quite rude and abrupt. There was no warmth in her service (not even a smile).

The food was yummy though. The coffee was bland and lacked the coffee hit you pay for and look forward to in the morning.

1 star rating
by Victoria
Jan 23, 2014

This was the single most disappointing and literally gag worthy breakfast I have ever eaten. I am so upset with myself for not saying so at the time, but ended up feeding the food to my dog... and staying quiet so as to avoid the conflict. The others didn't say anything either because they didn't want to upset me (I was paying). Outrageously overpriced and ill inducing (literally. All four of us were ill following eating here!). We had to return dirty cups 3x with no apology. Staff extremely rude. Food cold. Just plain nasty.

1 star rating
by Kylie Vette
Nov 02, 2012

Can not believe how rude these people are no idea in customer service. Would never stop here again! Also you should think about cleaning some of your outdoor seating all covered in bird shit does not make for pleasant seating !!

1 star rating
by Ace
Jul 25, 2012

Had breakfast here on a Saturday morning with 4 others. I was not impressed with the service. The food took ages to arrive and when it did, one of our meals had cold baked beans and the other had sausage which was frozen in the middle. When we told one of the staff members we were met with excuses such as 'the chef is new', 'its her first day' etc. The staff member (I assume she was the manager) was extremly rude. I dont see how it was our problem that their staff were incompetent.
She should of offered a refund for the 2 plates that were uneditable but she didnt. Couldnt really be bothered to argue any further because the long wait meant we were running late for our plans. I'm not usually a fussy person but its not hard to heat baked beans and pre cooked sausages especially since we were paying $15-$20 per meal.

3 star rating
by Cee Jay Spiller
Jun 04, 2012

The pancakes were amazing and my boyfriend liked his Big Thyme Burger - it was enormous. The staff were ooookay, the atmosphere was average. The worst thing was unscrewing the salt shaker and seeing all the crap that was sitting under there!!! Definitely not gourmet or high end, but we did like the food and coffee alright.

1 star rating
by Calum MacLean
Jan 09, 2012

Unhelpful and more importantly extremely rude staff (only slightly to me but very much to almost every other customer). Expensive, but edible food and drinkable coffee, but the experience rates below thirst and hunger.

Would be zero stars, however that isn't an option provided and remarkably there is competition for worse service in Turangi.

1 star rating
by Chris
Jan 06, 2010

Shop supposedly opened at 8am (when we arrived) however shop manager was sitting down and talking on her phone with all the chairs and tables stacked up around her. She told us to come back later and continued chatting on her phone.

We returned later and asked if they provided meals with free range eggs and she literally laughed at us in front of other customers standing around waiting and told us they were too expensive and that she wouldnt buy them.

5 star rating
by Olive
Oct 05, 2009

Not only are the staff at Thyme for Food very friendly the food and coffee is always fantastic.

5 star rating
by Glenys Porter
Oct 05, 2009

Thyme for Food offers a great fresh selection of hot and cold food for all appetites and has excellent coffee and nice bubbly, friendly staff.

1 star rating
by Juliana
Mar 01, 2009

Hot food very ordinary. Biscuit stale. Coffee OK. Tables only cleared if someone sits down at them and not actually cleaned when cleared. Staff disinterested and not a smile from anyone.