Tokyo Club

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Ponsonby Central, 4 Brown Street

11 AM to 9:30 PM (Mon, Sun), 11 AM to 9 PM (Tue-Sat)


Reviews for Tokyo Club

4 star rating
by Kelly
one month ago

Food 4.0
Value 3.5
Service 4.0
Atmosphere 3

I ordered salmon donburi, the portion looks big but actually quite tiny, the sauce + rice combo is quite rich, so it's quite filling, really impressive its only 15 dollars they served this size of salmon :) usually salmon is quite expensive. overall really happy of what I have.

Colleagues thought they got deceived because of the size of the bowl looks huge but its quite shallow, and would be nice if there a bigger car park for the whole food court.

5 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
one month ago

Really lovely, freshly made food. The fried tofu was divine. Cute wee haven in the middle of ponsonby central. The only other vegetarian option on the mains was salad sushi- don't know if I would come back just because of the limited vege options but would definitely recommend to others.

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
one month ago

Located in ponsonby central this Japanese place has an authentic fit out inside and a few places outside, with a BBQ grill if I'm not mistaken.

My friend and I started with sushi and then shared a karage chicken dish! The salad that came on the side was Delish! Loved the vinegar dressing, it complemented the sticky rice and chicken well!

I'm a sucker for miso too so all three of these left me feeling like I ate eight days worth of food!

Loved it!

4 star rating
by One2one
one month ago

I love going into Ponsonby Central :) love vibe! Ive been there three times. I think Tokyo Club has most freshest sashimi in Auckland for sure but little pricy. I went there for lunch lately, I enjoyed food very much but nothing special taste. I love sitting by chef so I can watch what they are doing! it looks fascinating watching what they are doing!! friendly staff and good Japanese food.

4 star rating
by Melissa May Tauch
one month ago

In the middle of Ponsonby central it is bound to be a hot spot. The open kitchen and decor added to such a exciting dining experience. Loved the dark Japanese feel to it. We looked at the menu and everything looked really appealing so it was quite difficult to choose. Luckily enough it was a Sunday evening and they had a Sunday meal where it had a bento box serving a mix of meats (lamb, chicken and beef, duck dumpling), seafood (tuna and salmon) and vegetables (green salad, beans, carrots and capsicum) with a bowl of rice and miso soup. Due to me being indecisive I thought this we be the best option as I could literally try everything on the menu. The food was delicious and was accompanied by yummy sauces. Service was decent and food came out quickly. It was a good first experience however I thought it was quite pricey. It came up to $30 for the bento box, but I guess that's what I get for dining in Ponsonby central.

4 star rating
by Gemma
one month ago

Mum and I came here for lunch, and we were seated in a corner. Its quite a small place, so theres not much room to seat tables. We shared a seafood bento box. This consisted of:
-a bowl of miso soup each
-a bowl of steamed rice each
-4x avocado and salmon sushi
-2x panko tiger prawns with Japanese mayo
-Japanese potato salad
-an egg and wakame omelette
-3x salmon sashimi
-3x fish sashimi
-teriyaki scallops
-lotus root salad

This meal was perfect for me as I'm a HUGE fan of seafood! Especially fresh sashimi! It was also the perfect size to share for 2! But if you're a big eater, then you may want more! :D

4 star rating
by Angela T
2 months ago

I love Japanese food so this place appealed to me when we went to Ponsonby Central for the firs time. This place is quite small but when we went it wasn't busy so we got a table in the corner.

The service was excellent. I have been to Tokyo Bay in Takapuna before and the menu looks really similar. They have similar bento box names too so I'm guessing it's the same owners/chain.

Either way I loved Tokyo Bay so I knew I was also going to like this.

We ordered the Shumai or duck dumplings to start and they were massive but they were really good. They were quite filling too.

For mains, I got the Boss Bento and my sister went for The Grill. We both enjoyed t and I love how everything in the box went well together. I love their miso soup and the sashimi was fresh. All the components were cooked well and we had a great meal.

5 star rating
by Zara Alexzandra Young
2 months ago

I've had lunch here a few times- I love the interior and the food is fresh and tasty!
I really like their fried chicken- SO much flavour! I've been here with friends a few times and I've been impressed each time so I will definitely come back!

4 star rating
by Jo Y
2 months ago

Really enjoyed lunch here. We had the duck dumplings, karage chicken, crispy squid legs and salmon sushimi. All dishes were very good. Salmon was beautifully tender and fresh. Good selection of sake, prompt service. Will return.

4 star rating
by Anna Voyce
3 months ago

Went here for a catchup with my sisters.  The atmosphere was very vibrant and welcoming.  We got a table straightaway which was great.  For entree I had the duck dumplings, my sister had the prawns and my other sister had the same.  Beautiful food!
For our mains - I had the pork belly and both sisters had the chicken teriyaki.  The food was good, not the best japanese i've had but still worthy of a visit.  The staff are attentive however they could do with one more person to take orders as it did take awhile to get served.

4 star rating
by Sheetal Naidu
3 months ago

Tokyo club is by far my favourite sushi place it's comfortable and cosy and nice if you want to be left alone. The sushi portions are well worth the price and the chicken karaage is moist and comes with Japanese Mayo yum !

4 star rating
by Aucklandfoodlover
3 months ago

One thing common with all Japanese restaurants is their service and it was no different here too. Very friendly and welcoming. I felt like having few more beers as my partner agreed to take me home safely. So decided to go with my favourite Asahi. Grabbed a table at the barside. This place was full. Ordered for a large Asahi and my favorite Sashimi.
Will have to come back to write a proper review and I will be back.

4 star rating
by Maia Churichkova
3 months ago

Came for lunch a little while ago. The bento boxes, although very filling and fresh, are a tad on the expensive side and not too different from other Japanese restaurants. It doesn't seem as busy as some of the places around and maybe that's because of the prices?

4 star rating
by Tyrone Malie
3 months ago

Tokyo Club is alright. My highlight
Would be the assorted sushimi, very delicious and fresh. The sushi was okay, not the best.
The service is good and the staff are friendly. You can always rely on this place when other places are packed out at Ponsonby Central.
Just a heads up! The menu is over priced sort of worth the money and not. If you've been starving yourself for the whole day I would recommend to go elsewhere.

Would I dine here again, I'm not sure.

5 star rating
by Ness Sharpe
4 months ago

Great if you're a celiac! They have wheat free soya sauce and make it a breeze to order and eat. Great service and yummy drinks - always a great choice.

5 star rating
by Sinéad Rose Stayton
4 months ago

Favorite place to eat! Good service and food is always fresh and tastes amazing! The blue water bento box is so yummy and the miso is always good too! 😊😛 I normally go once a week & always look forward to it!

5 star rating
by William Smalley
4 months ago

I've had very good experiences of Tokyo Club Ponsonby. The service has always been outstanding and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I love the Teppanyaki Scotch Beef, it’s so succulent and just melts in your mouth, and the Teriyaki Chicken is very delicious. The soft lighting, wood furnishings, added to the overall feel of the place, and I have always enjoyed the consistency of the quality of the food. I highly recommend Tokyo Club Ponsonby for dinner or lunch.


4 star rating
by Jason
4 months ago

Haven't been in a while but have been a few times. They used to have the BEST Okonomiyaki in town, but due to a lack of popularity they stopped making it. The Chef said that not many people in New Zealand know the dish and they decided to take it off the menu, well, if that's the case... Auckland is missing out!

5 star rating
by Cindy
5 months ago

First trial in Tokyo Club. It was a small restaurant with about 20 to 30 seaters. We ordered karaage (fried chicken), steamed rice and miso soup, Blue Water Dinner Box, Pork Belly set and 9 pieces white fish sashimi. The Blue Water Dinner Box came with 3 sushi rolls, 8 pieces of sashimi, 2 tiny small tamago (egg), a pan fried scallop, a battered prawn and a small battered fish and some veggie like sour sauce spinach and pickle lotus. Oh yes this set served with a bowl of miso soup. It cost us NZD32 and the portion was small but yummy. The pork belly was good. So as the white fish sashimi. Overall the food was so wonderful and we love it. The dinner cost us NZD93. Great to have an additional place for Japanese food.

4 star rating
by Sarina W
7 months ago

A friend and I had a bite to eat here at Tokyo Club and had a great experience. We were shown to a table which had room for me to put my baby's pram beside it. Food and drinks arrived promptly. We shared between us the mixed sashimi plate, the teriyaki chicken sushi and the miso baked eggplant. The food was great - definitely recommend the miso eggplant! Portion sizes are great and priced well. I went for the 'ume & soda' for a drink which was refreshing and comes with an umeshu plum frozen into an ice cube which after the ice melts you can eat. The service was great, we had such a lovely lady serving us who was warm and friendly.

5 star rating
by Toni Wilson
7 months ago

Absolute favorite place to eat out currently; Food is great, Freshly made to order in front of the bar tables, lots to choose from ranging from share plates to bento box's and service has always been a winner. Have been a shameful amount of times and always walked away happy.

1 star rating
by Caroline_e
7 months ago

went there sat day night. the waitress didnt have time to guide you order. not very attentive. ordered a 30ml japanese wiskey but it came up only about 10ml. eye fillet beef with salad is lack of taste( especially the salad). maybe a fairly good place for lunch but please dont go there for dinner with too much expectation.

3 star rating
by Mariamjafer
8 months ago

A really good quick bite to eat while taking a break from shopping through Ponsonby! I always go for the bento box since it's very filling and not too pricey, it has rice, meat or fish of your choice and veggies and tempura. Highly reccomend Tokyo Club.

4 star rating
by Bandraoi
8 months ago

Great customer service, suggested things us less experienced Japanese eaters would enjoy! Sake was perfect, well actually it was all pretty nice. A bit over priced but that's ponsonby for you!

5 star rating
by Tracee
9 months ago

Recently went to this chic busy restaurant, like the idea of the bar seats and eatery bar in front of the chefs,  very polite greeting and service was excellent.  Food very delicious.   Price reasonable with couple of glasses of wine and a beer.   Tracee

4 star rating
by Wolfie W
Oct 09, 2014

We ate here on a Thursday recently and I had the daily special which was Teriyaki Chicken.  The service was friendly and fast, the food arrived within about 10 minutes.  It was pretty good value, but was mostly cabbage with the odd bit of broccoli and carrot, and a small amount of meat which was very tasty - understand that it was a "special" and priced accordingly but a few more veggies other than the cabbage would have nice.  Nice ambience, and great if you are after a quick meal too, as we were in and out within the hour.

4 star rating
by Frank
Oct 01, 2014

The great thing about Tokyo Club is that one can always get a table, even when every other place in P Central is maxed out.. Possibly prices are a bit on the high side compared to other venues in the complex, and there is a small lack of ambience, however everyone was impressed by their meals and the service, and my dinner special of scotch fillet and cooked Japanese vegies was just what I wanted and particularly tender! We also had custom sushi rolls made up for the children in our party and this was no problem .

4 star rating
by Jemily
Sep 03, 2014

When ordering, was not sure how the portions would turn out. To our surprise, the portions were very good for the cost. We ordered the salmon sushi, club style, which was so-so with the rice feeling a bit old or dry and the salmon not having much flavour. We also ordered the takoyaki (octopus balls) which were amazing and at $9 for 9. These were probably the best takoyaki I have had in Auckland. The service is very friendly, always greeting and serving with a smile

0 star rating
by Liv'
Aug 22, 2014

Overall a disappointing experience.
I have ordered a Tokyo sashimi plate ($32) and get served a small plate with 12 pieces.
I had one bite whilst I was awaiting for my takoyaki and crispy squid legs to arrive. After half way through the starters, the waiter takes the sashimi plate away, telling me it's not my order. I tell him I've already touched it though. He replaces it with a bigger sashimi plate.
No apologies though. As rough as you would expect in a food court.
On the sashimi plate, a big dollop of wasabi, one lettuce leave cut in four and fish pieces that looked soft and not fresh. So not an appealing presentation.
Taste wise, it wasn't pleasant. The fish is not cut right, the fish isn't melting in the mouth. I even had one piece that was so chunky that it was hard to chew.
The fish didn't taste fresh, and I guess there is a good reason for it. Sashimi are not cut to order; they are already cut and stored in containers.
I must say I quite enjoyed the takoyaki, but I found out later that they are precooked (and stored in containers again) and thrown in the deep fryer before platting.
Really didn't enjoy it and will not return.

5 star rating
by Kitislim
Jul 22, 2014

I have been there a couple of times already and enjoy the food, atmospheres, and service every time. Love the perfectly cooked grilled meat accompanied by various awesome sauce. The owner of the restaurant told us about the history of one of the sauces too. The restaurant must be backed up by chefs at top of the game!

There are lunch takeaway items too - i love the reasonably priced small sushi packs that are perfect for kids!

Will definetely bring my kids next time.

4 star rating
by Lisa Edgar
Jul 04, 2014

Having been to Tokyo and walked the back streets and alley ways of Shibuya, I loved the 'yokocho' styled dining Tokyo Club has to offer. The way the benches are placed makes this THE ideal place for dinner for 2. Also, if you don't mind sitting outside, the square booths with the open fire in the middle is a pretty groovy place for group dining. (6-8ppl)

We went for on a busy Friday evening and started with few glasses of plum wines next to the fire whilst we waited for our seats inside. The plum wine was served over a ball of ice frozen with an actual plum inside. It lasted all night and I love sipping away at it, allowing the intensity to dilute overtime.

The service at Tokyo Club was friendly and accommodating but possibly due to the full house, the 2 waiters buzzing around the restaurant did seem a tad bit flustered and was difficult to get their attention. However, once we made our order, our food arrived surprisingly quickly and looked absolutely divine.

We ordered the mixed sashimi, spicy fresh tuna 'tekka' roll (AMAZING), agedashi Tofu and chicken karaage.
As I expected, the sashimi was fresh and succulent, sliced delicately to perfection. The yellowfin tuna sashimi was my favourite and the only bad thing was that there wasn't enough of it!
Next, the agedashi tofu came in a humble little rice bowl. It was the perfect combination of crunch - from the fried coating, silky chew - from the potato starch and tenderness - from the tofu drenched in dashi sauce. It created a great balance of texture and flavour, and was surprisingly filling!
Now I'm a real sucker for Karaage chicken and I've had my fair share of good and bad ones. This one was great. Decent sized chicken pieces, juicy and moist covered in that salty thin batter which soaked up the sinfully good Japanese Mayo nicely... Nom nom nom nom.. It was yum. Enough said.
The last item was by far the best, the tekka fresh tuna sushi roll. It was generous in portion and beautifully flavoured. I've never noticed how much difference the quality of the rice in sushi can make. The stickiness and 'tang' from that rice held all the components together brilliantly. The fresh tuna was lightly drizzled with the spicy sauce that saturated the rice and blended well with the crispy salty seaweed .

Overall, great experience at Tokyo Club and I will have to return for lunch one day. Keep an eye out for master chef Hideharu Shimura's next project in Takapuna in the near future.

3 star rating
by Peifen Chua
Jun 27, 2014

This place is overall average. We came here for dinner and drinks. The dinner menu is very limited and I do like to have a range of choices. The food isn't very authentic and doesn't quite taste like Japanese food. There's just a lot of meat and flavours aren't very distinct. They serve with sauces that I'm not sure goes very well with the dish. I had the pork belly (not very Japanese) and it came with mayonnaise which I thought was odd. I think the pork belly was teriyaki flavoured (I'm not even sure what I was eating) and it also came with some cold veges. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good for me either. I wasn't quite satisfied when I finished my meal. Maybe because the portion was quite small too. The sake on the other hand was not bad. Interesting to have 5 sake shots on a platter, lining up from weakest to strongest. They also give you a description of what each of them will taste like. Last thing to point out is that their staff isn't very friendly on busy nights but food service was quick despite of it.

4 star rating
by Dean Shelley
Jun 27, 2014

Fantastic food, quick service, even at lunch time on a Friday!

4 star rating
by Lorraine Smith
Jun 13, 2014

I love this place! Gorgeous fresh food and great, friendly service.
I have been a few times now and it is always an amazing experience. This place has become a bit of a local now for my friends and I..yum!

5 star rating
by Jane Walsh
Jun 02, 2014

Best Sushi I have had - so fresh and tasty. The prawns were large and perfectly cooked and the staff were so friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was really welcoming as well, perfect to watch everything going on at Ponsonby Central. I have been recommending Tokyo Club to everyone I know.

4 star rating
by Heleen Gore
Mar 18, 2014

Tokyo Club had a great atmosphere, friendly staff and were incredibly helpful. The food was absolutely divine and I can't wait to go back. Yummy!!!!

5 star rating
by Jared Pinfold
Mar 05, 2014

I went to Tokyo Club with some friends for a casual bite, and the atmosphere was perfect. I loved the laneway style seating.

The service was fast and friendly, the food and beer were great (I had the Chicken Karaage and a mixed green salad and both were excellent) and I would recommend this place to anyone.

5 star rating
by Kristine Green
Jan 17, 2014

Had a lovely evening here with some friends. The food is simple and authentic. Steak cooked to perfection sashimi super fresh nice wine it was wonderful. If u don't have Japanese food all the time and u don't know some of the language just ask. Will be back to this trendy wee place :)

5 star rating
by Rosa
Jan 09, 2014

Best Japanese restaurant in New Zealand. I am a regular. I love sushi and there's is super great. if you don't want something they will take it out! great service!!! I am such a regular I don't even have to order they just bring out my food! Everything is fresh. I LOVE IT. If you feel like anything Japanese food I would highly recommend TOKYO CLUB!!!

4 star rating
by Calvin Hale
Jan 02, 2014

I caught up with a friend here and enjoyed a couple of crisp clean asahi beers from the tap, some edamame beans, and some really nice karaage chicken.

Friendly service, yummy food, cold beer, busy ambience sitting at the counter watching the chefs work and the hustle and bustle of Ponsonby Central. Will be back again soon

5 star rating
by Kevin Clodumar
Jan 01, 2014

Thank you once again Tokyo Club for being great hosts and your food is always top notch. I specifically chose to come and have my 'last supper of 2013' last night with you Japanese style!...with friends tagging along.

Sarasa and team, all the best for 2014 and will definitely be sending our guests your way......because I know you are a fantastic host and they will be taken care of.

2 star rating
by Deb Filler
Dec 30, 2013

Buyer beware, they are very hospitable and they REALLY want your business. Before you go, consider what you order. You will not be guided well.
Case in point: I went there with my elderly mum on a rainy summer's night. We were eager to sit down in the comfy compact seating area. However when I asked the wait person/owner (I checked, she is one of the owners) if she thought I'd ordered 'enough' for x2 she said, "YES." Wrong! I'd ordered FAR TOO MUCH FOOD. "Too much?" "Mmmm. No." She even told me "The roll is 8 pieces. Ok?" My fault for being excited to be there inside from the rain, fresh in from overseas and not taking more time to ask specific questions. Or is it? I eat out a lot and am automatically guided by my server if I over order. "Did I order enough?" In my experience, a professional who wants your return business would have advised, "I think you have a lot here for two." Or...the roll also comes with 4 pieces..."
So by the end of the meal, we felt conned.
Also, be aware, a LOT of their food is deep fried, like the chicken pieces with mayo. All the mayonnaise is commercial and arrives in a blob on your plate. And the Prawn Salad, with mayo. I should say the $22 Prawn salad, which I checked to see if I could cancel. "No. Sorry." Guess what? It arrived 8 minutes AFTER I asked to cancel it. Bad business Tokyo Club. For a $22 salad you'll get a few nondescript greens in an underwhelming dressing, some deep-fried battered prawns oil-saturating the greens and that ubiquitous commercial mayonnaise. Very very poor. I've eaten in Japanese restaurants all over the world and though I don't think Tokyo City is bad, it is at the least, very average. However, it left a bad taste and we both felt taken quite advantage of, despite our host trying to salvage the situation with compliments. She was very aware I wasn't thrilled, ever since I'd tried to cancel the ($22!) salad and thus was very encouraging we "take it home in a box." Soggy deep-fried left overs? Dried Rice Roll the next day? Sorry. Not my idea of a party or value for money. Definitely will not return. Go to the restaurant across the street for better value and a much more generous spirit. Greed is very distasteful.

5 star rating
by Gus
Dec 05, 2013

We went out for lunch here two weeks ago. I always enjoy sitting on the counter watching the food being prepared. The sashimi was as fresh as anything I've had in Auckland, with the tuna a highlight. Salmon sushi rolls were coated in salmon caviar, giving the pieces great pop and explosions of flavour in every bite. The donburi was very good also. I would be eager to return for dinner

4 star rating
by Angela Tu
Oct 12, 2013

Go for the quality, not quantity. Yummy. Definitely will go again.

5 star rating
by Jordan Smith
Sep 08, 2013

Awesome restaurant they have amazing food that tastes delicious. They also have home made ice-cream called yuzu and it is so yum definitely go there you'll love it. Complete thumbs up.

5 star rating
by Mark Smith
Aug 31, 2013

Tokyo Club Ponsonby is a real Japanese Izakaya. It has a cool vibe, located next to the Radio Ponsonby booth streaming live DJ's at work. It looks authentic, pub style. The staff are Japanese and well skilled. The menu is large for such a small place, There are locals, families, corporates, all mixing a one. The food is fresh and high quality, real homemade style-super tasty. The beverage selection is also large. I'm a sake fan and haven't seen a list this big in Auckland. They even have there own Japanese made sakes available. Three Japanese beers on tap- Asahi, Sapporo & Orion. Great place for the real deal. Not contemporary fusion here.

5 star rating
by Sharayah
Jun 04, 2013

Went with a group of friends the night of the polar blast and sat outside on one of the fire tables. By the end of the night I had my jacket and scarf off. I had the Seafood Toban, it was divine. Scallops, fish, squid in a beautiful sauce served in a traditional Japanese bowl. I would highly recommend this dish.

4 star rating
by Kaye
May 21, 2013

Had dinner here last night - a great little spot with very delicious food choices and Japanese-style ambiance. The wait staff were very attentive and polite, and our selections, plus repeats of favourites, arrived almost as soon as ordered. Do try eating out here if you're a fan of Japanese cuisine.

5 star rating
by Ammie Watt
Apr 23, 2013

I took my friend for lunch to Tokyo Club on nice sunny day.
Loved sitting outside table which is like a "IRORI" style.

Selection of sake is wonderful. Their original sake :SARASA: is quite nice.

EDAMAME beans are added light of amount of salt.
OKONOMIYAKI was nice, has good moisture, most of restaurant dose over cooked.

If you want to have decent Japanese food, go Tokyo Club.

5 star rating
by Nicky Davidson
Apr 20, 2013

A friend and I had lunch at Tokyo Club recently and we had the okonomiyaki and a few other small dishes, all the food was delicious and the service was great, would definately go back there and recommend to others

5 star rating
by John
Apr 20, 2013

This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. The food is izakaya style - consistently good and well presented. I especially liked the deep fried squid legs with Asahi on tap. And there is a great range of sake to choose from. I will definitely be returning.

2 star rating
by Robin Walters
Apr 17, 2013

Being a local resident we wanted to support and like the Tokyo Club but unfortunately we found it to be very average and very expensive. The adamame beans were cold, hard and had very little seasoning.
The duck dumplings were luke warm. The teriyaki chicken was quite good but the beef fillet was absolutely tasteless, overcooked and disappointingly small for $26. With a bottle of wine it came to $120 and we weren't even at a table. As we were leaving we bumped into some friends who were about to be served, we spoke the next day and they too said how average they also found it to be. I'm sorry but we will not be going there again and that's a shame because we love Japanese food.

5 star rating
by Rodrigo
Apr 02, 2013

Just had an excellent evening at Tokyo Club.

Beautifully presented and fresh sashimi, followed by an lamb teppan cooked to perfection and accompanied by some Japanese beer.

Will definitely come back.

Domo Arigatou

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Feb 03, 2013

Lunch on a hot summers day was cold Sake along with sashimi in a very vibrant environment. Great choice of seating at either the bar, inside or outside.

Very quick and friendly service.

We will be heading back soon.

5 star rating
by Alice Kemp
Jan 09, 2013

This place is great! Relaxed atmosphere, friendly, helpful staff and amazing food - the okonomiyaki is incredible.
The lunch menu is very well priced and the dinner menu is very reasonable.
The house special cocktails are delicious and well crafted and the sake selection is extensive.
Great place to eat!

5 star rating
by Dominic Henderson
Dec 15, 2012

Great little find in the gem of the new Ponsonby Central! Great service, atmosphere and very authentic too. Casual style with great selection of beer, sake and wine.

You can watch the chefs make your food in front of you, enjoy the sounds of Radio Ponsonby right next door.

I found it a great place to kick back and relax with friends, enjoying Japanese tap beer and teppan style steak and seafood.

Outside has two tables with gas fire, great for the cooler evenings.

There are tables for more private dinning round the side, great design too.

Only complaint would be that you can't book.

5 star rating
by Gustavo Tanikawa
Dec 14, 2012

I've tried sake and food match, and it was awesome!! I've basically done the same as with wine, guided myself through the great list of sake and asked a little suggestion for a sushi and sake. The sweet smell and taste of those Ginjo-shu matched perfectly with sushi and sashimi. Thank's Tokyo Club!!