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5 Short Street

  Korean, Japanese
11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM (Mon, Wed-Fri), 6 PM to 10 PM (Tue), 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Tombo

4 star rating
by Christina

I like to come here for their set menu lunch specials, especially the teriyaki chicken one which comes with the rice, 3 sides, a small salad and of course a portion of the chicken. 

Service wise, the lady at the front is very friendly and welcoming, and also prompt to serve. Cooking time can be a bit of a let down though particularly when they're also serving other dine-in customers. 

All in all, good service, and above average food and price is about what you'd expect to pay in this area.

4 star rating
16 days ago

One of the few good Korean buffets in Auckland. Finally! A korean restaurant with great customer service! The minute you walk into that door, you're greeted with a great big welcome. They will seat you the best possible seats as soon as possible. They even kindly showed us great parking spots, as parking can be such a hassle in this area. The atmosphere is great and is a very neat layout. The food is great for a buffet. The only let down I must add is the refills. An issue that many buffet places face but can be quite unpleasant for the diners. Actually felt like a bit of salmon that day and I heard they had salmon so was looking forward to it. I know I shouldve bought a fresh fish and prepared sashimi myself at home but I really needed a break. I had about 3 servings and gave up because there simply wasnt enough. I did leave hungry for more sashimi but other dishes did make up for it. Interesting to see that bbq meat was distributed out individually. Loved the texture and seasoning on the bbq but was inconvenient to have to ask for more personally each time. I do recommend this place though!!! Do give this place a go!

5 star rating
by Norman Crawshaw
29 days ago

A huge range of Asian foods to choose from. No-one should ever leave here hungry. What's even better is that the buffet style means you can choose what you like and leave the rest.

Some of the dishes are well known, other quite exotic (at least to European taste) but all are well cooked and well presented. The hot dishes are freshened up frequently and the salads and pickles have a great range.

Service is great. The staff welcome you like old friends and nothing is too much trouble.

With an "all you can eat" price less than the price of a main at many nearby restaurants, what more could you want ? Do yourself a favour and eat there

5 star rating
by Chin And Prony Powichitkul
2 months ago

What a lovely place for buffet! We have been here since they first opened and are very happy to see how the amount of their customers base have grown.
Service is always superb and attentive, the manager always make sure you are having a good experience.
The food is just amazing, so flavoursome and never boring. It is always fresh as they seem to make them in small amounts to refill.
Not a lot of drinks option but this is normal for buffets.
Their signature beef ribs are just amazing, I hope they do buffet bbq in the future just for the ribs!
The dessert range is always limited to 2-3options but what they have on is always so delicious! My fave is the green tea gateau cake which is like fluffy heaven on your tongue!
The toilet needs a bit of a renovation though as male and female toilets seems to share the sink and tap. Maybe more work on cleaning the toilet and making sure there are tissues! Seems to always be none in there but I'll forgive you since you guys are always so busy outside.
Keep up the amazing work, it is good to see your business grow so well!

5 star rating
by Ana Moala
6 months ago

This is one of the best buffets in Auckland. The staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. Delicious food and always have plenty. Will definitely be going back again and again.

4 star rating
by *My-Food-Adventures*
10 months ago

Good selection of Japanese and Korean food.

Great atmosphere along with excellent service!

This place I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Asian food (Korean and Japanese).

5 star rating
by Mira
10 months ago

dinner buffet $29service 5/5environment 5/5food 4/5cost performance 5/5drink 3/5The food is fantastic. espcially smorky kalbi ( Korean style marinated BBQ ribs )They served the BBQ ribs to table. I'm rally a meat lover. I recommend the ribs !!!There is a more what I want to say.  Their sevice is awesome.  The manager ( a beautiful lady ) is so kind. I'm a fan of her. ( When I left a restaurant, I hugged her. hahaha)People who work in food industry should learn by watching her. I also work at a reaturant so I need to learn from her.I strongly recommend Tombo. I'll come back and try a lunch menu next time.

5 star rating
by Shimal Ram
10 months ago

Nice, fresh food.  Very tasty and set out quite well.  Went for a buffet dinner on Friday night.  5.30pm booking and it was nice and quiet.  Placed filled up soon after.  Very nice staff and the manager was super courteous!  Very nice and spacious set up - like the fact they have dividers between some tables, giving a sense of privacy.  Best bbq ribs - amazing flavour!  Highly recommend to Asian fusion flavour lovers!

4 star rating
by Tess
10 months ago

Dinner with 3 other families. Great buffet selection, love the bbq beef ribs but have to wait to be served on your table. My husband who is difficult to please when eating out loves it. Definitely coming back. Reasonable price, clean place and good space (not to crowded table setting). Good service  but had a good laugh with our friend who just put the last mouthful of food in his mouth and his plate already taken away.

5 star rating
by Nethni Mendis
10 months ago

I ordered 27 packs from the lunch menu for my office staff. All 27 were happy with their meals. they were presented well and full of flavour.

5 star rating
by Sam
11 months ago

Awesome food and the best service!Went there for dinner on Friday night, as I walked in I was greeted by the front desk lady who was very friendly!! Ribs were cooked to perfection, salmon and Prawns tasted so fresh! I love this place and I totally recommend this place to anyone!The service was the best compare to any other restaurant I have been to.

Definitely going back soon!

5 star rating
by Irene S
Jun 24, 2014

Awesome food and awesome service! Had my birthday here on Saturday, as I walked in I was greeted by the front desk lady who was so friendly!!because we arrived late they served food to my table! Pork ribs were beautiful, salmon tasted so fresh! I love this place and I totally recommend this place to anyone! Food is awesome and the best service ever!

5 star rating
by John Nicks
Jun 21, 2014

Great food. We had the set combos. Absolutely beautiful, tasty, well flavored dishes. Excellent service as well.
Big portions for a fair price. Super fresh and nicely presented.
Coming back soon.
This place I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Asian food (Korean and Japanese).

5 star rating
by Ladyblueprint
May 31, 2014

Good selection of Japanese and Korean specialties in a child friendly restaurant. Great atmosphere with excellent service! Certainly plan on returning.

5 star rating
by E Z
May 23, 2014

Really great buffet dinner!

Wide variety of Korean dishes, sushi and soups. There's even fruit, coffee and dessert! Nice environment too, and the service is top notch compared to other buffet places!

Can get pretty busy so would recommend booking. You can dine with 20% discount on your birthday! (Dunno why discounts are a tradition for birthdays)

5 star rating
by One2one
May 15, 2014

Honestly, top quality buffet place. everything is fresh, friendly staff and deliver Korean bbq rib at your table as many time we want. over nearly selection in food. I have been three times, both time I had amazing time and food there!! love Tombo Buffet and highly recommend to all.

4 star rating
by Cho Jin Hee
May 08, 2014

Went for lunch with two friends.

All came out happy and full.

Good service as well.

What more can I say?

5 star rating
by Lennex Yu
May 06, 2014

I have been to Tombo Buffet for four times. Three times for lunch and once for dinner. It is certainly one of my favourite restaurants.

The food is simply scrumptious. There are three lunch sets of different proportions, ranging from $11.50-$15.00, with a choice of your favourite main. Everyone can choose different lunch set depending on how much they eat. The dinner buffet costs $29 and provides fresh seafood from sashimi to mussel. The Asian cuisines are various and delicious. The head chef with over 30 years of experience does not let his customers down.

The personnel and the environment are also great. The staffs are friendly. The manager always makes me feel welcomed and makes sure everything is fine. Being one of the finest managers I have ever seen, it is hard to believe the manger has only been working for 6 years. The environment is clean and tidy. The clever use of trellis fences provides privacy without isolation.

In summary, great food, reasonable price, friendly staff, comfortable environment. This new restaurant has only been around for 6 months, but I expect to see it go much further in the years to come. It is one of my happy places to go to in New Market. I recommend Tombo Buffet wholeheartedly.

5 star rating
by Benedict Mason
Feb 22, 2014

Tombo, one of Auckland great buffet house, love it love it and love it : )
I miss the crispy fried pork /chicken chops, it was served when we first time came here for dinner, now been replaced by crispy fish chops.Hopefully Tombo can bring back some of the old delicious dishes so that our tummy will fill with loads of love from this restaurant.

Tombo, maintain the standards and keep fighting.

Thank you to the chefs, kitchen hands, manager and waitress for making us the customers feel loved every time we walk in here.

5 star rating
by Audric Kam
Feb 16, 2014

The workers actually seemed genuinely friendly and happy; persistently checking up on us and making great efforts to ensure that the foods we desired were present.

The food was also very tasty and was considerably great ranged. For a buffet, it was also relatively cheap.

Nothing more can be said, you guys are going to have to try it for yourselves!!

5 star rating
by Sena
Feb 13, 2014

Good food great service. Went here after booking on my birthday - pleasantly surprised as they gave a free bottle of wine as it was the date of my birthday and there were more than 4 ppl.One of my friend took their card as well so guess he liked it a lot as well. Will be happy to come again :)

Just be careful on parking as the Chinese restaurant next door has their car park look like a public car park, has a tiny, non-noticable sign in Chinese saying they'll tow the car (with all haste to do so - two ppl had their car towed within an hour)

5 star rating
by Jenny Zhao
Jan 31, 2014

It was our first time for my sister and I to dine in a Japanese restaurant. The design was very welcoming and the service was extremely friendly. We were both nervous about what food we will be ordering tonight, especially the prices that will be in the Menu (we haven't seen the Menu). However, when we walked in, the waitress greeted us and introduced their combo of korean and Japanese baffet! It was DELICIOUS!

5 star rating
by Kat Treybig
Jan 26, 2014

Just had an amazing dinner at tombo and was very impressed with not only the variety of cold and hot dishes, soups and sides (and lots of sushi), but the lovely hostess was very friendly and the servers were informative about any dishes we had questions about. She brought us out a large helping of korean bbq beef ribs, hot off the grill, my favorite, without us needing to ask. Everything was fresh right down the crispy tempura veggies and fresh spring rolls. The presentation was lovely and clean, no metal serving platters with heat lamps here. I'm incredibly full and very happy we took the time to drive out to newmarket on this rainy weekend, I'd love to go there again for a special occasion or another rainy evening :)

5 star rating
by Shannon
Dec 21, 2013

We went there for $29 dinner buffet. I was already impressed by the waitress(maybe she was the manager) before I even had the food. You know finding a car park in Newmarket is hard, but actually the waitress helped us to find a car park! I couldn't believe it! (unless she was the manager, ok not even a manager would do that to be honest) Hey, thank you if you read this :)

Now for the food, yep, the food was excellent too! Great combination of Japanese and Korean food so you have more variety to choose. My friend especially liked Korean food section. He loved Bossam with cucumber Kim-chi and BBQ~ I liked the sushi selection and spicy squid salad in Korean food section. Love it! I haven't tried lunch 'donburi', will def try~

Overall, attentive and well mannered staffs and good food!

5 star rating
by Jarod Kim
Dec 05, 2013

Food was amazing. Very delicious. Fresh, crisp and Sashimi was not soggy at all.

Most of all when the closing time was near, food was no longer re-filled then staff was asking each table for customer's specific menu. If you want Salmon Sashimi for certain amount, they will bring it to your table.

Very good service and quality.

5 star rating
by Kerri Hurman
Nov 20, 2013

I work right upstairs, so Tombo is very convenient. The donburi is great! There's lots of meat selections to choose from and a great selection of veggies. Nice to have an inexpensive, healthy lunch option when there's so many other fattening ones around.

Also, the service is fantastic! One of the best places for service that I've been. The waitress is attentive without hanging all over you and she's always bright, cheerful and has a smile. Well done guys! Now I have to try the dinner!

5 star rating
by Katerina Turnu
Oct 14, 2013

Had an absolutely delicious lunch here today. $11.50 for what they called 'donburi'. There was easy guidance on how to assemble my lunch: I got to choose two mains (I chose fish katsu and teriyaki tofu), and then I had the freedom to select as many salad ingredients as I wanted from the buffet-style bowls, then sauces.

The waitress was very helpful, and recommended the teriyaki sauce and wasabi sauce combination (the wasabi sauce was really mild and delicious with loads of teriyaki sauce).

Tofu was perfectly cooked, fish was very nicely cooked.

It was pretty awesome to eat such healthy and delicious food for lunch - a huge bowl of fresh veges - easily counted as 3 out of my "5+ veges a day", and with the sauces it was fabulous.

Will definitely come again next time I'm passing through Newmarket.