Tomo Japanese

4 star rating 14 reviews

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334 Ponsonby Road

10:30 AM to 5 PM (Mon), 10:30 AM to 10 PM (Tue-Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Tomo Japanese

3 star rating
by Peter Maskell
3 months ago

Something miss and hit for both service and food, need to be faster service and improve the kitchen for taste of foods, overall not too bad we may come back to try some other dishes in the menu

4 star rating
by Simon Franch
4 months ago

I came to this place for dinner last week with my friends. Overall we would say nothing special here, service was good but foods were average, we may come back to try something else.

Service 4.0

Food: 3.0

4 star rating
by Kelly
6 months ago

Food 3
Service 4.5
Value 3
Amosphere 4

Curry rice is normal, nothing really special you probably cook better if you put more effort in making curry. sushi bentou was quite nice, unadon is quite good. tempera is good too crunchy but can't eat too much coz its a bit gresy,
Service is really good. Ramen is not good. soup are quite blend. onigiri, I would say the onigiri would be the best out of all.

4 star rating
by Damo
9 months ago

In for a takeaway lunch, great freshly made chicken salad, friendly service and really good value for money. Funny watching the amount of people coming out of St Pierres down the road given how good the counter sushi at Tomo looked. Will be back!

4 star rating
by Maye Elle
Sep 01, 2014

Very very good service
, authentic Japanese from what I could hear from the kitchen 
Have been searching for a good ramen place and would definitely like to try all of theirs :PThey fill your water and are very attentive Tonkotsu broth needed more depth, medium spice is perfect for me
Bento box is definitely on a higher level than any I've had
Tempura was light and extremely tasty
but did have excess batter attached to it but that just added to the crunch :P I also had the green tea dessert which was AHmazing, a good portion easily able to share it unfortunately my phone died before I could take a pic, I used the bf's phone though so hopefully he still has it and I shall upload it if I do. Would definitely go again ! 8.5/10

5 star rating
by Shoel Palli
Jun 27, 2013

I had the pork katsu with chicken curry (comes with rice, salad and miso).
It was amazing. Everything was tasty and fresh, and well presented. The pork was well cooked, nice and moist. The chicken was nicely done.
Will definitely be returning!

5 star rating
by Rob
Mar 13, 2013

Have had takeaway from Tomo a number of times now and never once been disappointed.
We dined in for the first time late February. Staff were relaxed and the atmosphere was likewise. Food is very well priced and tasted great. Drank a lovely sweet bottle of sake (and the rest) and left feeling very satisfied. Thanks

2 star rating
by Jason Kim
Jan 04, 2013

The worst sushi ever!!! Actually I dont like to writing the review on public, but first time I signed up on this website to say 'not recommend to others'. I would not say it was sushi, the title should be changed to "All you can eat riceroll". I visited this restaurant through the "all you can eat sushi plus hot meal for two" deal voucher ($45 valued at $118) on July 2012 with my wife. All the sushi were rolled with rice with veges and small piece of fish, but mostly 75% of rice and 20% of veges, 5% fish or katsu and made us full very soon. Also rule was very funny that had to order the sushi on small papers and waited for 5-10min, and charge $1 for uneaten sushi, it mentioned on voucher, but I expected good quality of sushi, because I love sushi. Chicken katsu for the hot meal was just not too bad, service of staff was just ok, so it makes 2 star (poor) review instead of 1 star (worst). Finally, value for the deal voucher was not $118, it's less than $45 value.

5 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Sep 25, 2012

I had the salmon teriyaki lunch box, which was delicious. Salmon was tender and teriyaki sauce great. The highlight for me though, were the tempura vegetables - light, crunchy-crisp exterior, with veges inside beautifully cooked. Also I loved the dressing on the salads.

My only suggestion for improvement would be that if you've got people dining inside, maybe keep the extra spot lights on for these diners (even if the clock does click over past 2pm).
My fault though I guess, as I turned up at 1:45pm... but even so, it made me eat too fast when they turned those lights off at 2pm, that I got a bit of indigestion! (Presumably the lights went off to discourage new diners from thinking they could still come in for lunch service, as opposed to giving me the hurry-up to finish... but I still felt very hurried.)

That said, I enjoyed the food very much. Service was friendly and efficient. The menu is extensive, and I was quite impressed with the range on offer (they had some nice-looking takeaway sushi out the front too).

2 star rating
by Lisa
Sep 24, 2012

Disappointing. Was there with an all you can eat sushi voucher, sushi unlike any I had eaten, with an extra layer of rice rolled around the outside to prevent you eating more I guess, with tiny bits of filling, the daikon and cucumber roll particulalry unappetising. The hot meals were better but very ordinary. Would not recommend.

2 star rating
by Diana
Aug 22, 2012

Not a pleasant dining experience!

Went with friends with a dinner voucher for unlimited sushi and one hot main each.

Service was not the best, we asked them to wait for 5min until our friends arrive, but they bring out the dishes early anyway. A big plate of sushi were part of the voucher. They were roughly placed on the table and some rice smudged all over a glass cup but they did not bother change them.

The sushi tastes very dried, as if been sitting in the fridge for a long time. The carrots and cucumbers in the sushi tastes as if been sitting in the fridge for even longer. Some sushi were broken and not presentable but still being placed on the plate anyway. Overall too much rice for each sushi you need to work hard to find the fillings...

The hot dishes were ok, in decent portion size but not memorable. The ramen we ordered were the best out of all.

Overall, we were disappointed. What is worse is that we have to finish all the sushi otherwise they will charge you $1 for each un-eaten sushi, which I didn't see written anywhere on the voucher condition. What a pain! - To reinstate my comment - the $1 charge were on the condition. My apology.

4 star rating
by Erin Syms
Jul 05, 2012

Four of us had dinner at Tomo's last night. It was very busy, fully booked. We were served immediately, and requested that we would like a little space between each serving - they were happy to oblige. The meal was amazing - very fresh and very nicely presented. We would have liked to try their sticky date and also their banana puddings but we were told that they were very busy. We really didn't need the dessert so we gave it a miss. We had vouchers, and as we were paying the extra for our drinks, two girls were promptly taken to our table we had just vacated. This obviously is a very popular Japanese restaurant and we will go back . . . hopefully we will get a quieter night and a chance to try their dessert !

5 star rating
by Jaime Yim
May 25, 2012

Went to Tomo on 24 May 2012 with a voucher for a set meal for two people. The meals were divine - the sashimi was fresh, the flavours of our teriyaki chicken and chicken katsu mains were outstanding, and the portions were generous. Loved the presentation of the food. The service was good (one waitress in particular was lovely - she's a young lady who wears spectacles and has long hair). My friend also tried the vegetable tempura and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Highly recommended :)

4 star rating
by Thomas
Nov 19, 2011

Went here for a family dinner with a voucher.

Nice clean restaurant with very friendly and helpful staff! Meals came out in good time and were very well presented and big - great value for money!
Free wifi in the area too.

You should visit this restaurant.