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Torchon French Creperie & Wine Cafe

3 star rating 18 reviews

Telephone 09 368 7917

39 Elliott St
Elliott Stables
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Mon - Fri 12 noon - 10 pm
Sat 9 am - 10 pm
Sun 9 am - 3 pm


Torchon Creperie offers an extensive range of crepes or galettes for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. It is also the perfect place for a quick pre-theatre meal in authentic French style, offering traditional french fare such as French Onion Soup, Croque Monsieur, Beouf Bourguignon, along with a range of French wines.


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Dessert, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
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Reviews for Torchon French Creperie & Wine Cafe

1 star rating
by Tracy
12th June 2014

Really disappointed with our lunch today, predominantly with the service. We had been to this restaurant and found it small and somewhat dirty, today was my birthday and we were settling in for a nice lunch. However, one of our dishes was different to the menu and I couldn’t eat it. Instead of offering to replace it they said I had to order something else, as if I was going to spend more money with that attitude! Ironically they didn’t come back to the table for 20minutes and I had lost my appetite by then, Would never go back.

1 star rating
by Christine
4th June 2014

Just no. It was a Wednesday evening, and only moderately busy, but the galette was dry, and the fish (tuna) too old to eat. I didn’t take it back because the service when ordering had already been sharp and dismissive and I decided my evening had been ruined enough. Torchon French Creperie is just another sub-standard restaurant exploiting a great location. Don’t waste your money or risk spoiling your occasion.

5 star rating
by Jesse James ..
12th January 2014

I had the croque monsieur – it was delicious – the best toasted sandwich I have ever had. I would rather pay for theirs than make my own it was just amazing.
The man at the counter was very helpful too.
Not that this should matter but the staff are rather attractive.

1 star rating
by Segolene d.
27th July 2013

Disappointing French culinary experience at Torchon. Not only the French staff didn’t know what a ‘ble noir/sarrasin’ crepe was, but the ‘galette’ tasted like cardboard with hardly any buckwheat, interesting for a place that claims to be a French creperie. My creme brulee was also two days old looking more like tapioca…not to mention a very below average service. Being French myself (And from Brittany!) I thought they might have been interested in some ‘constructive feedback’…but clearly they didn’t want to know.

2 star rating
by Lucy
3rd June 2013

I ordered the chicken ratatouille crepe as it used to be my favourite and I had not had it in a while. The crepe was served in quick time and I realised why. They used to cook the chicken fresh, now they use cuts of chicken from a roll. The chicken was dry and tasteless and I was left very disappointed !

5 star rating
by Olivia W.
3rd October 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed my ocean gallette. Very generous quantity of smoked salmon, with lashings of sour cream and sprinkled with chives.
I liked the fact that the gallette was not overly salty, and I was able to season it to my own preference with the table salt. With lots of lemon that I squeezed over the top, it was extremely tasty, and very filling.

Very friendly French wait staff, and a cosy setting.
It is very cool how there are about four different places that you can sit to eat at this place. It has its own double doors out on to the cobblestone street, as well as doors into the Elliot Stables indoor eating hall.

Thumbs up to this place.

1 star rating
by Meghan W.
1st October 2012

I was having lunch at Elliot Stables last week with some friends. I ordered the French onion soup, which tasted really awful and bitter, smelt really bad too. I took it back, and the waitress basically said there was nothing she could do. She tasted the soup out of the pot and said that is what it is meant to taste like, and if we didn’t like it, it was too bad and not her problem. When we asked for a refund or some sort of remedy, she all but yelled at us saying there was nothing she could do, and it wasn’t her problem, eventually telling us to leave.

Absolutely awful service, have never been treated this way in a restaurant before. The waitress was so rude, and we won’t be going back.

4 star rating
by Yusoff K.
2nd September 2012

Went on Sunday afternoon when it’s not busy.

Elliot Stables are one place that not to be missed…when you in the city with food for thought!

Great place to accomodate any numbers of crowd…that is when you can actually find a seat.

Torchon French Cafe make good lunch. I enjoy it and the quantity is generous.

Food: Great taste.

Price: Reasonable.

Service: Good and friendly staff.

3 star rating
by Louise
25th June 2012

I’ve mixed sentiments about this place. This used to be my all time favourite place to sit down, have an apple cider or a coffee with some crepes or my favourite creme brulee.

There was one time where I went there alone to have a crepe and a cup of coffee. Just so you know, I am a patient and smiley sort of customer. My coffee arrived. Good coffee…but with my coffee finished… no crepe in sight. After 40 minutes of waiting for my berry crepe to arrive… it seems that they didn’t put my order down properly…

I politely enquired them about it. The waiter apologised profusely and I wasn’t charged for my meal and berry crepe arrived hot and tasty. That redeemed them I suppose.

But last time I went there, it seems that they’ve changed the creme brulee recipe to a sub-standard one…

Good-bye to the delicious vanilla creme brulee with the right consistency, caramalized sugar and vanilla beans at the bottom… Sigh…at $8 something, I didn’t really care about the price to be honest… despite being able to make it at home. Now… not so sure… I think the over-cooked the egg mixture with the milk because texture didn’t seem right. Or maybe it was just my bad pot-luck.

Read a couple of reviews about the quality of crepes. Never been to France, so can’t say much about genuine French cuisine. Not really an avid crepe taster, but have had crepes in roulottes in Tahiti, so not exactly a complete naive taster, so yes, I agree, the crepes would be much improved if they did them hotter and better textured. Tahitian friend didn’t enjoy their nutella crepe, thought it was rubbish and ended up leaving half of it.

It’s a bit of a shame because it’s such a nice place. Other hot foods on menu would be better. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere there. Staff there always very friendly and nice to me. Kind of fun with converse with them in French from time to time, they are always very willing and patient with my accent!

I think this place is nice to bring a friend for brunch if you want to break them gently into the world of French cuisine. Decor on wall is fascinating to look at and music is faultless.

For a fun novelty thing for newbies, try the crepe suzette. Blue flames and alcohol infused crepes can’t go wrong unless you hate citrus fruits. Very sweet, warm and tangy.

I would recommend trying the hot foods other than crepes these days, because if I go back, that will be what I’m doing.

1 star rating
by Carol
31st May 2012

We visited this cafe a few weeks ago, after suddenly remembering we’d had a great experience there last year. This time it was dreadful. We were first of all surprised that it was empty, despite the fact that it was lunch time, midweek. We ordered coffee and apple crepes. After a long wait, the crepes arrived (still no coffee) and these were barely warm, thick and rubbery; the uncooked apple slices were almost invisable underneath a blanket of cinnamon powder. We ate only one forkful each and the taste confirmed the appearance (we have lived in France and know a good crepe from a failure). My husband went to the counter to complain and after a few minutes he returned and suggested we leave. I was amazed to learn neither he nor the waitress suggested that because the food was inedible there should be no charge. Our fault I guess, for not insisting. But Torchon, this is the result, you get a bad review and a promise from us that we will never bother you again. Was the $18 worth it?

4 star rating
by Lena
17th April 2012

I’ve been here twice now and each time has been absolutely fantastic! The first time I came was for a dinner with my classmates in my high-school French class. There were about 30 of us total and service was not compromised, they went out of their way to treat us with great service and French charm (one of the waiters particularly stole one of my friend’s heart!).

I came back here yesterday to have the Latine galette, which is a vegetarian savoury crepe with a ratatouille and pesto filling and yes, it was just as delicious as it sounds! My two friends both had the banana, honey and almond crepes and they were practically licking their plates.

It was lunch hour when we went and the cafe was pretty full, it took a while for our menus to be brought to us but they nonetheless made up for it with friendly service. And who doesn’t love being called “Mademoiselle” by a beautiful Gallic man every now and then ;)

5 star rating
by Toni T.
9th February 2012

Absolutely love this restaurant. Makes me feel I am back eating in Paris. The three cheese galette here is heaven, wonderful pate also.
Try to meet people for lunch or dinner here as much as possible, love the atmosphere – the cobbled path and decor is all part of the enjoyment.

5 star rating
by emily
14th July 2011

love this place! and those bad reviews are really lame Torchon is a busy restaurant and it might take awhile to get your food and coffee but i guess you just need to learn to be patient! definitely on a Sunday morning!!! i recommend this lovely little creperie! you must go at all costs!

1 star rating
by Christina B.
4th July 2011

We took a group of 8 for Sunday breakfast. Coffees took more than half an hour to make and were cold. Two breakfasts were completely missed out and guests had to sit and watch everyone eating. Two other orders were incorrect. Galettes were like cardboard. Staff rudely argued when we paid to leave. Avoid this place at all costs!

4 star rating
by Sooz
15th January 2011

I went for lunch there with a friend during the week. The Salad Nicoise was really delicious and good value for money – a good size and just right for lunch. And service was quick. Very friendly and pleasant staff. Will be going there with my husband to try the Beef Bourbignon tonight.

4 star rating
by Vic P.
13th August 2010

Tried this place last week – nice warm haven on a rainy Auckland day. Have seen it & been meaning to go. Lovely french staff – very authentic. Authentic french menu (prepare for rich food!) Crepes were extremely tasty.

5 star rating
by Jo
24th July 2009

I looooveee Torchon. I take all my friends and family there! I love the food, atmosphere, being greeted with a bonjour mademoiselle and the price is affordable ranging from around $5 for like a lemon sugar crepe to $15 for the more fancier ones. I have tried most of the crepes on the menu and so far so good! I’m definitely going to keep going

3 star rating
by Richard
22nd June 2009

Run by the French, despite that food very good. View of possibly the hardest working meter maid in town. Saw the guy ticket 4 vehicles while we were having crepes. Only there 20 minutes. Don’t park outside.

Suggest you don’t arrive at closing time otherwise you’ll get a lot of woo woo woo & la la la. Nice people wish them best of luck with their venture.

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