Torchon Creperie

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09 3687917

Elliott Stables, 39 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

12 Noon to 9 PM (Mon-Fri), 9 AM to 9 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Torchon Creperie

3 star rating
by Zaina Al-Salama
11 days ago

We went there late afternoon on a sunday. The lady at the counter took her sweet time chatting in french to the customers before us. Her way of asking what we would like was "what do you want?"- which i thoughg was rude and then said "just wait" when i tried to pay- i felt she was snappy, or maybe things were lost in translation. The crepes arrived quickly, i ordered the honey and walnuts crepe and we had a banana nuttela and almond one as well. They were fresh but avergae. The price was reasonable for the quantity.

4 star rating
by Karan G
one month ago

Nice decor, cool atmosphere and really tasty crepes at pretty reasonable prices. The staff were a little brusque and distant, but service was fast and efficient, so no complaints from me. I tried the caramelised apple crepe, and thought it was delicious. I'll be coming back to try the rest soon enough!

4 star rating
by LuciferTSN
one month ago

Liked the food it's so nicely presented. Coffee was all right. Staff could be slightly more helpful and more patient. Nice and convenient location.

4 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
one month ago

The one place I go to whenever I'm craving crepes. The restaurant has an authentic french vibe. Prices are really reasonable too! I always get the caramelised apple crepes but sometimes I find it a bit too sweet but you can always ask them to reduce the syrup. They also have savoury crepes if you want to give them a go. ZomatoStudents

4 star rating
by Sukriti
2 months ago

The atmosphere, coziness and of course the food has always made this crêperie special for me! Previously I had ordered the galette forestière which is absolutely delicious and filling! This time, I tried the crêpe suzette. I loved the citrus flavour and how they flambé in front of you and makes for a great dessert to share!

4 star rating
by Jonie Jane
2 months ago

I've only tried their crepes and it's never disappointed me! The atmosphere is nice and calm and the service is good too! If you're looking for a place to eat desserts, come here!

3 star rating
by Kiwi Foodie
2 months ago

It's extremely rare that I receive service bad enough to actually write a review focusing on it, but unfortunately today was once of those times. I had some time to kill in the area before meeting someone, so I thought I'd have a small bite to eat at Torchon.

I was there at around 11am (6th Sep), and there was one couple ahead of me at the counter queue. When they were done, I stepped up to greet the waitress (the one with the blond hair), and was met with a brusque "one moment" while she went to stand by the other waitress who was talking to the cook.

When she came back, there was no "sorry to keep you waiting" or even "how may I help you? ", she just stared blankly at me until I asked if she was ready to take my order (to which the response was a nod). I placed my order, and again was not asked if I would like to sit inside (as they usually offer that option, and the place was not full today) but just asked what my table number was. Fine. I gave her a number and went to sit outside.

The crepes arrived, and they tasted reasonably good as usual. However, when she delivered my crepe, I asked if I could have a glass of water. She said "sure" and walked away - surprise, surprise, she never came back. Didn't see a sign of her during the entire twenty minutes before I left.

This is a real pity as I have been here several times in the past few years and while service at this place has sometimes been hit and miss, it was never this bad. I'm not generally too fussed about service, but this is unacceptable even by food court standards in my opinion. A little warmth and politeness (and not flat out ignoring a request! ) goes a long way.

3 star rating
by Lawrie
2 months ago

Went there with kids for desert and we all had crepes. Whilst the crepes aren't small my kids demolished them. A big favourite was the Nutella and banana. Great service and the stables is a cool place to eat for kids and adults.

4 star rating
by Table For One
3 months ago

I had a toasted coconut crepe from here for dessert and it was just the right amount of sweetness and coconut. The crepes are a good choice for dessert if you've eaten a lot for dinner, something a bit lighter.
The presentation of the crepe was perfect, a step up from eating crepes on a paper plate at the market.
The service was quick and it was good value for my money, I'll definitely be back to try something savoury.

5 star rating
by Nicole Mae Flores
3 months ago

Torchon creperie offers great food and an authentic french dining experience. The dishes alone is in french and the decor is filled with french knick-knacks. The food was amazing and tasted great However a little bit of work could be done on the service. Overall, I would still go back to try out the desserts as I was only there for lunch.

4 star rating
by Gentlepig
3 months ago

Being the Gentlepig I am, I brought my girlfriend here to fatten her up after a long day of overtime. She'd been craving crepes for a while, and with our trip to Tokyo next week I thought it'd be good to ready ourselves for the onslaught of crepes in Harajuku with some Auckland flavour. Boy did Torchon set the standard - the crepes are made on the spot right after order, and you can taste the freshness. The pastry is warm and delicate, which you don't get if the crepe has been sitting for longer than it should have. The presentation is immaculate, and the establishment itself is very cute - they do offer food apart from crepes too. A very nice spot to relax on a late Friday night before hitting the hay due to old age, would recommend for any first dates that are looking towards a light hearted night without too much expectation. One gripe - the chocolate sauce on the crepes could've been richer!

5 star rating
by Shelly
3 months ago

Came with my friend for our weekly catch up! She got the Nutella banana crepe and I just got the classic lemon and sugar crepe. My first time having traditional crepes and it was an interesting taste! Sweet and sour at the same time, I loved it! Will be back😊

5 star rating
by Ramija Tasnim
3 months ago

My most favourite place ever! So cute, so cheap, so filling and customer service is never bad! The overall rating should be a 5, why is it not?!

4 star rating
by Josh Law
3 months ago

What a cool little place. Went here with the Auckland food month deal. For $25 I got a salad w/ French dressing, a mushroom and bacon galette (looked more like a crepe to me) and a dessert crepe. I paid a few bux extra to get the nutella and banana crepe. Can't do much impressive with the salad, so I'll move onto the main course. The "galette" was beautiful. Rich, buttery mushrooms with bacon crammed into this crepe. They were practically spilling out. We also ordered a salmon one too. The salmon amount was huge. Good value. The crepes were massive too. For a few bux extra the crepe was crammed with nutella and banana. If I were to nitpick, although it was nice, it did seem like they just poured nutella from the jar straight onto a cold banana from the fridge. The cold banana made the rest of the crepe cold. It was a good idea and delicious but lazily executed, so could have been better.

4 star rating
by Frank
3 months ago

I love the idea of a French Creperie, and their menu had some great sounding crepe combinations, however I think I decided that I am not a savoury crepe type of guy :-) I found my cheese, egg and avo crepe a bit lacklustre, almost like a pizza but without the flavour. On the other hand if I had ordered the cinnamon and apple I would have been in heaven! Service was super fast, and there is plenty of seating room for my fellow unqualified diners, so def can't go wrong there. Great for a quick meal at the Stables!

4 star rating
by House Of Eats
3 months ago

La French aaa / excuse my accent there, but I can help but feel inspired to sound like the French.

Not only does this restaurant offer delicious crepes, but the wine OOO my word the wine, I have never had such beautiful tasting Pinot Gris.

As I ate my desert and sipped on my wine, I imagined myself somewhere in the back streets of France. A true little escape offering up fresh, fast and authentic French cuisine. Its a must try.

4 star rating
by Victoria
3 months ago

Enjoyed some crepes here for dessert after dinner one night. Lovely atmosphere, with the layout of the restaurant, the experience felt very intimate. The crepes were a good size and soft, fluffy and the right amount of sweetness for me.

4 star rating
by Amanda Browne
4 months ago

We had the lemon and sugar crepes. Food was great, loved the ambiance. Word of advice.. Don't sit next to the door. Was painful watching a couple sitting right next to the door and people coming in trying to push the door on her.. And a wave of cold air as people left. Not sure why they didn't move.

4 star rating
by Kris McG
4 months ago

A rustic interior, somewhere between shabby sheik and just plain shabby... but it all adds to this tiny spaces character. Food is great, they aren't shy with their proteins... coffee was ok. Friendly staff, and the seat by the window (with people watching onto Elliot street) earn a 4/5.

3 star rating
by Brenda Phu
4 months ago

Elliot Stables is so bustling location with so many eateries. The staff at Torch on Creperie aren't that friendly or attentive. They just took my order and handed me my number. The atmosphere isn't inviting. I ordered a Forestiere with Chicken. The crepe was too thick and had no flavour. It was luke warm and tasted plain like they just poured straight cream on the mushrooms an crepe. I wouldn't come back. This place is overrated as an authentic French restaurant and is extremely overpriced.

4 star rating
by Annie Ren
4 months ago

Was very happy to find this French place in town! I've always been a fan of crepes and of course I couldn't resist coming into this place for crepes! Ordered the salmon one for savoury and walnut for the sweet. Salmon one had a really romantic name <3 (Oceane), and absolutely loved the salmon and avocado filling. I'd prefer it if the crepes were a bit more moist and less chewy. The walnut and maple syrup crepe was a little disappointing as I found it to be too sweet and lacked an intense nutty touch to it. Tried the snails in New Zealand for the first time! Again, a little bit too dry and bland. Overall I was happy with the crepes and would be keen to try all of their range. :)

5 star rating
by Lena Duffin
4 months ago

Whenever I have dinner at Elliott Stables I always try to leave room for crepes at Torchon, although on this occasion I was just there for crepes! I was with two friends, and we had a difficult time deciding what to get. I had the caramelized apple and cinnamon and it was delicious, although maybe a littttle bit too much maple syrup on it. I also had a soy latte and it came to $14.90 which I think is a decent price. My friends had Nutella and Banana, and another had chocolate and toasted coconut, both of which they said were really nice.

5 star rating
by Liz Foster
5 months ago

We really enjoyed our dining experience here, my friend and I popped in for brunch on a Sunday morning and were not disappointed, after uhming and ahhing over the menu (so many delicious sounding things) we both ended up ordering the almond and Nutella Crepes.  They were tasty and there was no skimping on the Nutella! wow.
The coffee was good if a touch cold, but not many places you can go get brunch and a coffee for a $10. I am a huge fan of the Elliot stables complex, but had never tried Touchon before. We will definitely be back to try some  other crepes from the menu

4 star rating
by Winnie Malik
5 months ago

The ambiance in Elliot Stables is without doubt the best and the warmest that the winters in Auckland could survive.  My partner and I went to Torchon cafe because of a sugar craving. Ordered the Apple and maple syrup crepe with a scoop of ice creme. I was so looking forward to the crepe and it looked really tempting under the warm lights of Elliot Stables. The first bite of my crepe and I was elated. But just by the third bite I found that the crepe was supremely sickly sweet. The apples were caramelized and there was heaps and tons of it. The ice cream scoop was almost non existent. I wont say I hated my dessert, but I would mention that it would have been better if the maple syrup was served on the side in a dish/ramekin instead of on top of the crepe or the apples were a little less in quantity. the balance of the dish was put a little off because of too much of sweet apples and too much of maple syrup. Would I go back..... yes. Would this be on top of my list... no :(

4 star rating
by Gem
6 months ago

Nice place for a quick lunch. Me and a work colleague dined today. I had the croque monsieur and she had french onion soup. good prices nice atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Daiana Cordoba
8 months ago

The creperie is at Elloit Stables which is always a great place to go, the atmosphere is super nice.
Not that many options on the menu, but the price is quiet good and the portions too. Had the mushrooms crepe, very simple but tasty.

4 star rating
by Sayanti Chatterjee
10 months ago

This is a great place to enjoy some delicious French food! The onion soup is yummy in particular, and the crepes fresh and beautiful. It is also set in the beautiful Elliot stables which adds to the charm of dining here.

4 star rating
by Sananda Chatterjee
Nov 21, 2014

They used to have the meanest creme brulee in town. But that has been off the menu for awhile. Regardless - they have a very good French Onion soup and the Crepe Suzette are definitely worth trying.

2 star rating
by Mimi Yang
Oct 27, 2014

The ambiance at Elliot Stables is always nice, busy without being overcrowded, rustic and cozy. The location of Torchon is probably the best part about the place. A small group of us come here for some dessert crepes after a show at Sky City and were appalled by the service. We were greeted with a cold stare followed by an awkward conversation about having to all go up to the counter to order our food. It was clear that the waitress disliked her job. The dishes came out at all different times which meant that because we started eating when everyone's plates arrived, some were already cold. We ordered a couple of the apple and maple syrup crepe, the Nutella one and the lemon one, all of which were super duper sickly sweet to a point where the apple one was pretty much inedible. Overall it was a pretty disappointing experience and I wouldn't recommend it at all.

4 star rating
by Lochbuie
Sep 10, 2014

We had lunch at the Torchon Creperie in the Elliott Stables complex, which we find to be a great venue for lunch as it caters for all tastes.  We were meeting friends from Wellington who were very impressed with the whole setup.  We had the Galette of egg, cheese and ham, and the Croque Madame, both of which were delicious and filling. As we have experienced with French cooking in New Caledonia, simple dishes using the best quality ingredients raise the taste appreciation to a different level.

1 star rating
by Tracy
Jun 11, 2014

Really disappointed with our lunch today, predominantly with the service. We had been to this restaurant and found it small and somewhat dirty, today was my birthday and we were settling in for a nice lunch. However, one of our dishes was different to the menu and I couldn't eat it. Instead of offering to replace it they said I had to order something else, as if I was going to spend more money with that attitude! Ironically they didn't come back to the table for 20minutes and I had lost my appetite by then, Would never go back.

1 star rating
by Christine
Jun 04, 2014

Just no. It was a Wednesday evening, and only moderately busy, but the galette was dry, and the fish (tuna) too old to eat. I didn't take it back because the service when ordering had already been sharp and dismissive and I decided my evening had been ruined enough. Torchon French Creperie is just another sub-standard restaurant exploiting a great location. Don't waste your money or risk spoiling your occasion.

4 star rating
by Mira
May 17, 2014

Strolling through the Elliott Stables is truly an epicurean's wonderland: take your pick from the cuisines of South America (Bonz Cajun Kitchen), Italy (Bruschetteria), Spain (El Faro) or Japan (Samurai Sushi), to name a few. Nestled amongst these is Torchon French Crêperie, a quaint little joint serving an assortment of traditional crêpes and galettes.

The six of us stopped here on a Tuesday afternoon at around 2pm thinking we could avoid the lunch hour craze, but the whole place was packed! Lesson learned: it's always peak lunch hours at the Elliott Stables compound! Seating in the Torchon part of the complex is limited and arranged mostly in tables for two, so the waiter took us to a table in the middle communal dining area. Despite being seated away from the Torchon section, service was still very attentive The waiter soon came back and, with his ever-so-dreamy French accent, talked us through the menu. While the savoury galettes and dessert crêpes are the main attractions here, Torchon also offers other French classics, including croque monsieur and boeuf bourguignon.

We all ordered the dessert crêpes, and I chose the classic combination of lemon and sugar ($5.50). The crepe was thin and lemony, but not too tart or sweet - my kind of crêpe! The general consensus among us was "oh my god, that was freaking yum" so needless to say, we left with our sweet cravings satisfied. My friend had the Nutella crêpe which, I must admit, I was slightly jealous of, so I will totally be back to try that, as well as their savoury concoctions.

All in all, we had a fantastic experience at Torchon. Complete with rustic décor, delicious crêpe and some very charming Frenchmen, Torchon offers a little bit of France right here in Auckland - très bien!

4 star rating
by Helena Chen
May 13, 2014

I’ve dined at Torchon French Creperie twice now; both times during brunch hours and ordering their crepes. Torchon offers both sweet and savoury crepe variations, so it’s perfect as a meal as well as breakfast/dessert. I also love that their waitresses are French; it makes the experience feel very authentic.

The first time I ate here (almost a year ago now) we ordered a sweet fresh fruit & berry crepe, and a savoury egg, cheese and sausage crepe. The sweet one was quite standard, and the berries definitely weren't fresh. However, it was during the autumn/winter season so I suppose fresh berries would be hard to come by. I loved how the savoury crepe came in a parcel style with the fillings inside. Both crepes tasted great, were reasonably large and definitely filling enough for breakfast/brunch.

The second experience I had here was just a few days ago on a Saturday. The weekend brunch menu actually had less options available than the regular brunch menu, which was a little annoying. I ended up ordering the caramelized apple crepe with cinnamon and maple syrup, and my boyfriend ordered the rhubarb and cream crepe. We also got a chai latte to share, which came out nice and quick. My apple crepe had a good amount of apples, and also quite a lot of very sweet maple syrup on it. I love sweet things so it was great for me, but if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, it may be too much for you. The rhubarb crepe on the other hand was nice and tarty, and not too sweet; the cream complemented it very nicely.

Overall, I really enjoyed both my experiences at Torchon, and will definitely be returning again soon to try out some of their other crepe flavour; I've heard some good things about the Nutella & almond one!

4 star rating
by CBDFoodie
May 03, 2014

Part of the excellent Elliott Stables Epicurean Village which offers all of the variety of food court dining while retaining an intimate restaurant feel. Torchon Creperie is one of my favourite places for breakfast. The gallette with traditional breakfast fare bacon, eggs, sausages is delicious on a buckwheat crepe. The standout part of this dish has to be the creamy mushrooms. I think it's big enough to share. The croque monsieur is rich and crispy this is no average ham & cheese toastie highly recommended. The cinnamon apple crepe is oozing with caramel and the perfect way to finish or even on it's own as a naughty afternoon snack with an apple cider cutely served in a ceramic cup. At times the service is more efficient than effusive but can be forgiven as part of its french charm.

3 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Feb 06, 2014

Elliott Stables is an amazing-looking upmarket food court, with wooden framing and cobblestones on the floor, but it is also relatively pricey, especially if you turn up for dinner.

As I was not particularly hungry and did not want to be forced into a full meal, I picked one of the few options available for under $10, a French onion soup at Torchon. This little French eatery has its own seating, but I ate in the central area as others were purchasing from other restaurants.

The soup arrived surprisingly quickly, hotter in some places than others. The cheese on top was unmelted, and the garlic bread it came with was cold. I don't mind when soup is reheated, but I do expect my bread to be freshly toasted, even if the meal did not cost much. I was also not impressed by the sad and yellowing side salad, though again for $1.50 I can't really complain.

The most annoying thing about eating at the Stables (through no fault of the restaurant) is that you can't really get 3G coverage. You are forced to use their pathetic WIFI for which you need to type "Accept" into a screen, and you only have 30 min of internet access afterwards.

The whole food court looks great, but a lot of work need to be done to make it actually attractive. More care with the food at Torchon would be a good start.

4 star rating
by Sweets And Brains
Feb 04, 2014

My friend and I were hungry for some crepes when we remembered Torchon was just nearby. We both ate here before and enjoyed their crepes. When we came in, there was French (hip hop?) music playing, pretty cool contrast to their vintage chic decor.
Our crepes came to us quite quickly after we’ve ordered. We got banana & chocolate sauce, fresh fruit & berry and nutella & almonds . The other two were fine but my favourite would have to be nutella and almonds. I love the combination with the texture of crepe.
They do have a lot more than sweets, they have galettes (savoury) and other French stuff like boeuf bourgugignon and other options I might try next time.
Overall, nice crepes, friendly service and atmosphere was relaxing (the free wifi is a plusss!)

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5 star rating
by Jesse James .
Jan 12, 2014

I had the croque monsieur - it was delicious - the best toasted sandwich I have ever had. I would rather pay for theirs than make my own it was just amazing.
The man at the counter was very helpful too.
Not that this should matter but the staff are rather attractive.

4 star rating
by Arietta @ KJAS Blog
Jan 08, 2014

January 2014: 3.0 rating

Torchon does excellent authentic crepes just like those in France. Indeed, I haven't had sweet crepes as excellently done anywhere in New Zealand yet, although I still prefer the savoury crepes like the chicken and mushroom one personally. The chicken is succulent and the creamy texture of the mushrooms really go well with the light crepe wrapped around. I think the crepes are also gluten free because they're made from buckwheat, if I remember right, so that's pretty awesome too.

It's also really nice how you can sit wherever you want in the Elliots Stables area and your friends can go to any of the other eateries (because not everyone likes crepes) and at night the atmosphere is very cosy with lots of groups and families at tables and soft candlelight everywhere. The cleaners are also very quick at wiping down tables and packing away empty plates so someone else can sit at the table at once, which is excellent.

However, my second visit was less satisfactory service-wise. I didn't get any crepes that visit, just three appetisers because I wanted to try several items on the menu and it was something like $8 for three or something. I don't quite remember what the appetisers are called and it seems they've been removed from the current menu, but I'll do my best to describe them.

The first was potatoes au gratin, and in true French fashion the potato slices were absolutely drenched in butter and either a creamy sauce or more melted butter. It had a lovely creamy smooth texture, but way too much butter for my liking. If you love buttery goodness and fluffy potatoes, this is the dish for you. Otherwise, try to get another dish to counteract the rich butter. I was spooning through it when I luckily spotted a piece of glass, I'm not sure where from, before I swallowed it. I went back to the counter to ask them about it, because not only is glass dangerous but it also means the dish itself isn't very clean to eat because other things might have gotten into it, but the lady behind the counter just shrugged and didn't even bother with an apology, let alone getting me another one or compensating me for that bad experience. It's because of this I haven't been back since, I'm afraid. I did intend on contacting them through Facebook to complain, but was incredibly busy for the next fortnight or so and then felt it was too late to say anything then. Perhaps it was a one-off with a sullen waitress.

The second dish was some marinated mushrooms, in a very strange tasting oily dark liquid I didn't enjoy at all. I fished out all the mushrooms but otherwise didn't sample any more of the dish. The third dish was my favourite of the three because it wasn't too strongly flavoured, and it's like tomato and onions softly boiled in tomato sauce and then topped with some finely chopped broccoli that had been cooked in butter. The tomato chunks and onions were soft and had heaps of flavour and the tomatoes were slightly tart but mostly sweet as quality tomatoes should be.

To end, I haven't heard of anyone who's had a poor experience with Torchon service so hopefully my experience is a one-off, and their specialty crepes are definitely to die for which saved my rating from toppling too far. The appetisers are rather meh though, so save your money for the sweet and savoury crepes!

April 2014: 3.5 rating

I went for some sweet crepes on a revisit and they were very well presented and quite good. I think they're a bit sweeter now than they were last year, which I'm not too much a fan of, but if I did have to opt for a sweet crepe I really like the lemon and sugar one. It actually tastes like lemon and the icing sugar gives the crepe a nice texture. All the same, I do have to admit Torchon's best are the savoury crepes.

4 star rating
by Zetin Moza
Oct 21, 2013

This little cafe is a part of the Elliott Stables dining experience. I love the fact that most of their staff are actually French! They provide great service (with their French accent).

The menu provides both savoury and sweet crepes. I particularly love the Chicken and Mushroom crepe (Forestiere) for lunch or dinner, followed by the Nutella and Almonds crepe for that little sweet after taste. The portions are decent sized, but you can choose to share 3 crepes between two people (2 savoury and 1 sweet for example). Decently priced, this place is excellent for a quaint french experience.

1 star rating
by Segolene De Fontenay
Jul 27, 2013

Disappointing French culinary experience at Torchon. Not only the French staff didn't know what a 'ble noir/sarrasin' crepe was, but the 'galette' tasted like cardboard with hardly any buckwheat, interesting for a place that claims to be a French creperie. My creme brulee was also two days old looking more like tapioca...not to mention a very below average service. Being French myself (And from Brittany!) I thought they might have been interested in some 'constructive feedback'...but clearly they didn't want to know.

2 star rating
by Lucy
Jun 03, 2013

I ordered the chicken ratatouille crepe as it used to be my favourite and I had not had it in a while. The crepe was served in quick time and I realised why. They used to cook the chicken fresh, now they use cuts of chicken from a roll. The chicken was dry and tasteless and I was left very disappointed !

5 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Oct 03, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed my ocean gallette. Very generous quantity of smoked salmon, with lashings of sour cream and sprinkled with chives.
I liked the fact that the gallette was not overly salty, and I was able to season it to my own preference with the table salt. With lots of lemon that I squeezed over the top, it was extremely tasty, and very filling.

Very friendly French wait staff, and a cosy setting.
It is very cool how there are about four different places that you can sit to eat at this place. It has its own double doors out on to the cobblestone street, as well as doors into the Elliot Stables indoor eating hall.

Thumbs up to this place.

1 star rating
by Meghan Wang
Oct 01, 2012

I was having lunch at Elliot Stables last week with some friends. I ordered the French onion soup, which tasted really awful and bitter, smelt really bad too. I took it back, and the waitress basically said there was nothing she could do. She tasted the soup out of the pot and said that is what it is meant to taste like, and if we didn't like it, it was too bad and not her problem. When we asked for a refund or some sort of remedy, she all but yelled at us saying there was nothing she could do, and it wasn't her problem, eventually telling us to leave.

Absolutely awful service, have never been treated this way in a restaurant before. The waitress was so rude, and we won't be going back.

4 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
Sep 02, 2012

Went on Sunday afternoon when it's not busy.

Elliot Stables are one place that not to be missed...when you in the city with food for thought!

Great place to accomodate any numbers of crowd...that is when you can actually find a seat.

Torchon French Cafe make good lunch. I enjoy it and the quantity is generous.

Food: Great taste.

Price: Reasonable.

Service: Good and friendly staff.

3 star rating
by Louise
Jun 24, 2012

I've mixed sentiments about this place. This used to be my all time favourite place to sit down, have an apple cider or a coffee with some crepes or my favourite creme brulee.

There was one time where I went there alone to have a crepe and a cup of coffee. Just so you know, I am a patient and smiley sort of customer. My coffee arrived. Good coffee...but with my coffee finished... no crepe in sight. After 40 minutes of waiting for my berry crepe to arrive... it seems that they didn't put my order down properly...

I politely enquired them about it. The waiter apologised profusely and I wasn't charged for my meal and berry crepe arrived hot and tasty. That redeemed them I suppose.

But last time I went there, it seems that they've changed the creme brulee recipe to a sub-standard one...

Good-bye to the delicious vanilla creme brulee with the right consistency, caramalized sugar and vanilla beans at the bottom... $8 something, I didn't really care about the price to be honest... despite being able to make it at home. Now... not so sure... I think the over-cooked the egg mixture with the milk because texture didn't seem right. Or maybe it was just my bad pot-luck.

Read a couple of reviews about the quality of crepes. Never been to France, so can't say much about genuine French cuisine. Not really an avid crepe taster, but have had crepes in roulottes in Tahiti, so not exactly a complete naive taster, so yes, I agree, the crepes would be much improved if they did them hotter and better textured. Tahitian friend didn't enjoy their nutella crepe, thought it was rubbish and ended up leaving half of it.

It's a bit of a shame because it's such a nice place. Other hot foods on menu would be better. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere there. Staff there always very friendly and nice to me. Kind of fun with converse with them in French from time to time, they are always very willing and patient with my accent!

I think this place is nice to bring a friend for brunch if you want to break them gently into the world of French cuisine. Decor on wall is fascinating to look at and music is faultless.

For a fun novelty thing for newbies, try the crepe suzette. Blue flames and alcohol infused crepes can't go wrong unless you hate citrus fruits. Very sweet, warm and tangy.

I would recommend trying the hot foods other than crepes these days, because if I go back, that will be what I'm doing.

1 star rating
by Carol
May 31, 2012

We visited this cafe a few weeks ago, after suddenly remembering we'd had a great experience there last year. This time it was dreadful. We were first of all surprised that it was empty, despite the fact that it was lunch time, midweek. We ordered coffee and apple crepes. After a long wait, the crepes arrived (still no coffee) and these were barely warm, thick and rubbery; the uncooked apple slices were almost invisable underneath a blanket of cinnamon powder. We ate only one forkful each and the taste confirmed the appearance (we have lived in France and know a good crepe from a failure). My husband went to the counter to complain and after a few minutes he returned and suggested we leave. I was amazed to learn neither he nor the waitress suggested that because the food was inedible there should be no charge. Our fault I guess, for not insisting. But Torchon, this is the result, you get a bad review and a promise from us that we will never bother you again. Was the $18 worth it?

4 star rating
by Lena Kodaira
Apr 17, 2012

I've been here twice now and each time has been absolutely fantastic! The first time I came was for a dinner with my classmates in my high-school French class. There were about 30 of us total and service was not compromised, they went out of their way to treat us with great service and French charm (one of the waiters particularly stole one of my friend's heart!).

I came back here yesterday to have the Latine galette, which is a vegetarian savoury crepe with a ratatouille and pesto filling and yes, it was just as delicious as it sounds! My two friends both had the banana, honey and almond crepes and they were practically licking their plates.

It was lunch hour when we went and the cafe was pretty full, it took a while for our menus to be brought to us but they nonetheless made up for it with friendly service. And who doesn't love being called "Mademoiselle" by a beautiful Gallic man every now and then ;)

5 star rating
by Toni Topham
Feb 09, 2012

Absolutely love this restaurant. Makes me feel I am back eating in Paris. The three cheese galette here is heaven, wonderful pate also.
Try to meet people for lunch or dinner here as much as possible, love the atmosphere - the cobbled path and decor is all part of the enjoyment.

5 star rating
by Emily
Jul 14, 2011

love this place! and those bad reviews are really lame Torchon is a busy restaurant and it might take awhile to get your food and coffee but i guess you just need to learn to be patient! definitely on a Sunday morning!!! i recommend this lovely little creperie! you must go at all costs!

1 star rating
by Christina Bava
Jul 04, 2011

We took a group of 8 for Sunday breakfast. Coffees took more than half an hour to make and were cold. Two breakfasts were completely missed out and guests had to sit and watch everyone eating. Two other orders were incorrect. Galettes were like cardboard. Staff rudely argued when we paid to leave. Avoid this place at all costs!

4 star rating
by Sooz
Jan 15, 2011

I went for lunch there with a friend during the week. The Salad Nicoise was really delicious and good value for money - a good size and just right for lunch. And service was quick. Very friendly and pleasant staff. Will be going there with my husband to try the Beef Bourbignon tonight.

4 star rating
by Vic Par
Aug 13, 2010

Tried this place last week - nice warm haven on a rainy Auckland day. Have seen it &amp; been meaning to go. Lovely french staff - very authentic. Authentic french menu (prepare for rich food!) Crepes were extremely tasty.

5 star rating
by Jo
Jul 24, 2009

I looooveee Torchon. I take all my friends and family there! I love the food, atmosphere, being greeted with a bonjour mademoiselle and the price is affordable ranging from around $5 for like a lemon sugar crepe to $15 for the more fancier ones. I have tried most of the crepes on the menu and so far so good! I'm definitely going to keep going

3 star rating
by Richard
Jun 22, 2009

Run by the French, despite that food very good. View of possibly the hardest working meter maid in town. Saw the guy ticket 4 vehicles while we were having crepes. Only there 20 minutes. Don't park outside.

Suggest you don't arrive at closing time otherwise you'll get a lot of woo woo woo &amp; la la la. Nice people wish them best of luck with their venture.