Toru Cafe

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Ponsonby Central, 136-138 Ponsonby Road

  Cafe, European
7:30 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Tue), 7:30 AM to 11 PM (Wed-Sun)


Reviews for Toru Cafe

4 star rating
by Rod K
6 days ago

TORU is one of our favourite breakfast spots. One of thier specialities is the Crab omelette with sambal. Its light, fluffy with fresh crab and a mild asian flavor influence with just enough spice in the sambal to wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead.

The thick cut bacon and eggs shouldnt go a miss either.


4 star rating
by Irish Eyes
29 days ago

It was a wet Saturday spent exploring the shops in Ponsonby. Retail therapy requires lots of coffee and a leisurely brunch! The eateries in Ponsonby Central were buzzing and we chose Toru as there was a free table.
The tables were close together but that didn't bother us.
A glass of Rose accompanied the meal of perfectly cooked poached eggs, grilled haluami, crisp pancetta on colcannon - which seems to appear on most brunch menus .
Pleasant staff and prompt service made this an enjoyable experience. Hard to leave, but so much more shopping to do!

3 star rating
by Max Clark
one month ago

Really enjoyed the freshly squeezed juices - it hit the spot!
The food was good! I'd recommend the colcannon or Savory French Toast
The chips were also really interesting. It's cool to see a little innovation
The only let down was the service. I couldn't tell if they were just having an off day or if they were actually that stand-offish. Regardless, the food was good so I'm definitely keen to go back

4 star rating
by Paul Evans
one month ago

A bustling little brunch spot in Ponsonby Central. It's great for people watching, but if it's quiet the atmosphere is a little lacking.

Delicious smoothies and interesting takes on your traditional brunch fare. It's good, but not sure it quite justifies the premium price point.

3 star rating
by WeiTing Ashley Shyu
one month ago

Ponsonby central is seriously trendy. They have so many delicious cuisines and options to choose from. That's why I was a little disappointed when Toru Cafe fell short of my standards. The menu is sophisticated and all - the combinations sound good on paper but when my brunch arrived I felt as if the flavours were a little weak. Also, my friend and I waited longer than usual for food to arrive; the place was quiet too so I don't understand why it took so long. I probably wouldn't come back here for brunch. I'd maybe come for the "after 4" menu and give it a second try.

5 star rating
by Reema
one month ago

I've been here several times before and I love this place. The salt and pepper tiger prawns is one of my favourites. But, there are a lot of other great and unique options on the menu as well.
I ate the pan fried livers on the breakfast menu this time, again I've had this before too and it's absolutely delicious and heathy too.
I ordered a cappuccino, I'm pretty fussy about my coffee and found it tasting too bitter, slightly burnt. The waiter explained that they use 2 shots instead of one and it's timed so it couldn't have been burnt and got me another coffee with just one shot and, that was perfect.
Great experience as always! 😊@

1 star rating
by Janet
2 months ago

We like the atmosphere  and menu looked interesting.  We got our coffee but it was the wrong order.  The duty manager didn't speak or apologised pick up our coffees.  She returned with the right coffee and never said a word.  The food was ok but nothing to rave about.  My Duck with Israeli Cous Cous was a bit gluggy but tasted ok.  My husbands Florentine was small and look like it was floating around on the plate.  I noticed the water glasses on our table were dirty so had to wipe them before using.  After our meal, I had a cup of hot water with lemon and the cup had bits of food on it.  The duty manager picked it up, again after I mentioned it.  She didn't say a word, which I felt was rude.  She took away the cup and returned it clean on the outside but it was the same cup as there were still bits of food on the inside.  Such a shame that staff are giving the establishment a bad rap.  Guess they get away with it coz its in Ponsonby.  The other staff were pleasant.  This is the first time I have ever given a bad review but feel whoever owns the cafe should know.

5 star rating
by Bri DiMattina
2 months ago

Ponsonby Central is always buzzing - and I like meeting friends here, only so that I can arrive early and have a good look around.

Toru was a 'light lunch' date - and the menu was really interesting - I have included a little snapshot, because I had difficulty choosing, but settled on the "parsnip and gruyere fritters, pumpkin relish, goats curd"  perfect - in fact it creates a difficulty now - because I would want to order it again, rather than try something else - nothing like a dilemma of great menu choices.....

4 star rating
by Andrew @anjeats
2 months ago

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: like it or loathe, Ponsonby Central is bright and breezy and a sign that Auckland is finally getting comfortable in its own skin. Toru is the more visible eatery in the precinct and I love it's open feel and modern/rustic charms.

FOOD: I had the pie with goats meat and it was tasty with a lovely pastry. It went down well with the chips (although very salty) and creamy side sauce. It looked beautifully presented on the wooden board.

COFFEE: disappointing... Today must have been an off day as my flat white had a burnt taste and the milk tasted a tad unusual.

SERVICE: very friendly and efficient. The wait staff knew how to work their busy space.

Despite the coffee let down, everything else about the visit was great. I'd definitely come here again.

5 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
2 months ago

Best coffee in Ponsonby central hands down. Plus they have fries which is necessary for everything. The staff are really patient and friendly.

3 star rating
by Ririchan
2 months ago

This is my 2nd time visiting here.
I ordered quinoa Bircher with hazelnut, buffalo yogurt, I loved it.
Banana and maple, cinnamon smoothie, I also loved it, I want to drink it forever.:)
My partner ordered crab omelette with salmon for side.

I gave 3 not because of food, food is good that is why I came back and I will definitely come back again but the service wasn't so great.
I know it was Sunday lunch time, it must be critically busy.
But our food came 1/2 hr after I order, I saw my drink went to few tables " did you order this??" before come to me so does the food.
When we paid for the bill, the lady was making drink and organising for serving, while dealing with us...
They must be busy.
I totally understand they were busy but if they could tell us the service will be slow.

4 star rating
by Jam Taylor
2 months ago

Tried Toru Cafe today after months of walking past it through Ponsonby central.
My friend and I got the fried chicken tortilla and prawn dish from the lunch menu. Both were a little underwhelming for the price, something I could easily make at home.
We got the fried potato chips on the side to full our stomachs which were probably the highlight of the meal.
Atmosphere is great, and located right in the middle of PC it was definitely busing.
Meals came out reasonably fast and our waiter did an amazing job considering it was his first day.

4 star rating
by Laura Hunt
2 months ago

I'd walked through Ponsonby Central past this cafe many times, after browsing the menu we chose today to stop in and give it a go. The service was what you'd expect from an establishment in Ponsonby, attentive and friendly - I did find it odd that we had to get our own water despite table service.

I chose the prawns with Israeli couscous and Jam Taylor ordered the fried chicken. The food wasn't too much of a wait considering it was fairly busy, however we both agreed that the meals were pleasant but nothing special. The best part of the experience was the side of crinkle chips.

Toru mostly gains points for where it's located. Anywhere in Ponsonby Central is automatically going to get the buzzing atmosphere that is always inviting - the main selling point of this eatery.

4 star rating
by Judie Zoe Ang
2 months ago

Heard so much about Toru and it's about time I try it out! Toru is located inside Ponsonby Central, it's busy especially on weekends. Nice decor of bar like ambience. I ordered a flat white and spanner crab omelette, sweet soy, green onion, sambal dish for brunch. The omelette was amazingly good! I like the taste of the coffee but was not hot enough, probably have to request them for a hot coffee next time!@

1 star rating
by LG Summer
2 months ago

Went here in the hope of getting a good breakfast in ponsonby central(who can go wrong in ponsonby central?!) However, to our dissapointment, the staff were not very attentive. Ordered 2 coffees, I saw the staff walking around bringin our coffees, asking people if it was their orders, and finally got to us. One coffee was not even hot and other one tastes burnt. Finally, ordered our food, I had ricotta pancakes with salted caramel butter. I know i ordered something sweet but I did not expect my pancakes to be swimming in syrup. it was literally drenched and it made me feel sick (my boyfriend ate it as well and made his stomache unsettled). my boyfriend ordered 1/2 inch bacon with some paleo bread and scrambled eggs. The bacon was alright but all in all the meal was pretty average. Our water was never refilled too, and we will probably never ever come back.

4 star rating
by Peter Clews
3 months ago

Funky place inside Ponsonby Central that has a real buzz going on.
Great coffee but just got blown away by the colcannon.
Only got the side so will return for the main.
Counting the hours already...

4 star rating
by Matt Miller
3 months ago

nearly the best pancakes I've had in Auckland thus far, they just need one more addition, some sort of poached fruit and they would be perfect. Overall nice spot

5 star rating
by Yang Emily
3 months ago

You'll have a perfect time if you you choose right food.Toru has an international cooking.Fortunately,we met a good service.Jehnny , who came from Taiwan.He explained mean in great detail,so we made a great choice.We enjoyed our meals and definitely recommend.

5 star rating
by Jacob Black
4 months ago

Absolutely inlove with this place! The atmosphere is great and the staff very attentive. It has a real homely feel and the service is super efficient.

The pancakes are too die for! Best pancakes I have ever tasted. We have been here a few times and the food has never disappointed.

3 star rating
by Georgia Dobbs
5 months ago

Cool set up in the middle of Ponsonby Central, however can be quite noisy. Food was good, but not outstanding. I had a breakfast dish with paleo toast, tomatoes and goats curd which was enjoyable. Very good coffee and lots on the menu that I would have liked to try.

1 star rating
by House Of Eats
5 months ago

Well this was a let down - Coffees were warm - staff were so unattentive when it came to taking orders. Once we did order it took so long they asked us if we would like to order more drinks - Ahhhh noo - we want food thanks - then to wait nearly an hour later for my pancakes was ridiculous. At this stage my friends were offering to share their food as I was the only without food. By the time my order did come, I was beyond starving, In fact I was pissed to say it lightly. The staff apologised as the order got mixed up. We ended up been the only table of people there as people had eaten and gone. By the way - the pancakes super sweet, which became very sickly very quick. Nice for a mouthful or two but thats about it. I would not go back in a hurry, theres so many more fantastic cafes in Ponsonby why take a chance going back. Sorry Toru Cafe you dropped the ball.

3 star rating
by Julie Tran
6 months ago

Dont hate it but dont love it either. I ordered the pan fried liver and my boyfriend got the chicken something. I dont mind mine as the seasoning was quite nice on the livers and the roasted apple was very lovely. The chicken dish on the other hand wasn't too nice, its very under seasoned to me. The atmosphere was good though. Might not come back..

4 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
6 months ago

Mother's Day breakfast called for trying out Toru in Ponsonby Central. We were there early so it was super easy to park. There was an awesome selection on the menu, I went for the pork belly eggs benedict which was a first but so good! The others had a crab omelette and the eggs and heirloom tomatoes. Perfect Mother's Day!

4 star rating
by Vitale Eti
6 months ago

This is a great place for a drink when waiting for your table over @ El Sizzling. They have a fun wine selection and we tried their crinkle chips w. paprika salt. Cool bar, cool staff. Look forward to popping in there again.

5 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
7 months ago

This was my usual coffee stop- gm great coffee food is pretty good did always feel sick after cause the richness that the pancakes, burger and fish dish! Loved the pancakes but sooooooo rich might just stick to coffee next time I'm in :-)

4 star rating
by Beth Mackinnon
7 months ago

Came here for drinks recently. My experience was wonderful due to the amazing bartenders who went above and beyond to cater to our needs. 4 stars.

4 star rating
by Love My Coffee!
7 months ago

We went here this morning for brunch.  Hubby had the egg + cured salmon benedict - he felt the flavour of the cured salmon is an acquired one; but presentation was excellent.  I had the prawn couscous  and courgette lunch dish which is a great flavour combo, although my dish had a little too much salt which dominated the dish, otherwise it would have been perfect.  Our coffees were good and we had excellent friendly service.  Overall, we thought this cafe had a great vibe and an interesting selection of dishes.

4 star rating
by Comestible Consultancy
8 months ago

FIRST IMPRESSION: Upmarket cafe/bar in a prime Ponsonby location
SECOND IMPRESSION: Lives up to the first impression. Great styling and nice natural light in the day.
SEATING: Plenty. Not overly comfortable but one wouldn't stay for long enough for that to matter. Chose our seats.
ORDERING: Drinks and snacks came together and in only 5m 21s
COFFEE: Not ordered.
FOOD: Only ordered the crinkle chips but they were spot on. Think of a hot potato chip cut like a cold crinkle crisp.
PAYMENT: Pay at the bar, not able to split bills. Nice and quick though.

OVERALL: Good for a quick pit stop with a friend. Maybe not the best place for a drawn-out catch-up over a large meal though.

2 star rating
by Dave Harton
8 months ago

Portion Size!
Had the bircher muesli and was totally gobsmacked at the size compared to the other meals. I did take it back and she did give me more, but still VERY small, was finished in a few mouthfulls. Also my son had the berries which were also small. When I paid the manager said that they offered a smaller portion size for the "healthy" options because it was mainly women who ate them!!!!!!!!!!!!! She did deduct the cost from the bill though.

4 star rating
by Tessa Hall
9 months ago

Nice, chill cafe in ponsonby central. I ordered the eggs been with pork belly which was really good and a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie which was also yum!

3 star rating
by Sarah
10 months ago

Great coffee but disappointing food. Small portions and incredibly rich food....and pretty pricey. Would rather stick with some of the good old faithful Ponsonby cafes that don't try too hard and constantly  produce not too fancy food for a better price.  Food was very slow to come out - 35 minutes, and yet place was almost empty.  Shame - wouldn't recommend.

4 star rating
by Mikhail Otradnov
11 months ago

We heard a lot of this cafe and never had a chance before to come by and enjoy the meals. I think our expectations were a little bit too high, even though i read quite a few of reviews here and looks like it's just us being unlucky today.

So not much to say about the food, nice presentation. We have ordered 3 eggs benedicts, all with different additions. Pork belly one was really good and enjoyable. However the salmon and goat's were not as good. Eggs were well done unfortunately, not runny at all. Buns a little burnt and parched but these are small things. Overall those factors made food a little bit dry and lack of sauce as well.
Chocolate and peanut butter smoothie, which was milky and liquid as milkshake was full of taste.

I have tried much better versions and salmon tastier and really "homemade" for the cheaper prices, but that's Ponsonby, atmosphere and everything.

4 star rating
by EatsByZee
Aug 03, 2014

Visited Toru for a quick drink while waiting for a table for another restaurant down the road.  Had walked past a few times previously while around the Ponsonby Central area but never stopped to investigate the food offerings on offer here. 

The fit-out is cool with mismatched chairs, roaring fire-place, wooden floors, high glass ceilings yet cosy at the same time.  To accompany our wine, and as we were feeling a tad peckish, we ordered the braised beef short rib, egg plant, sambal and sweet soy to share.  This was such a good decision - this dish was flavoursome, a good balance of sweet and savoury - it just ticked all the right boxes!  We almost tempted to stay and have dinner here instead but alas we were called shortly from our other restaurant. 

I definitely want to return for a meal there - breakfast, lunch or dinner - the menu looks interesting and hopefully just as good as the one dish we were able to sample!

5 star rating
by Amy Webb
Jul 09, 2014

We visited Toru for desert and we were pleasantly suprised. We ordered the pistachio and salted caramel desert which had the most amazing texture. We also ordered a chocolate espresso tart which was extremely rich, so I'm glad we shared.

Both these deserts came with dried raspberries which were delicious and added a nice crunch. Both deserts were presented beautifully. The service was great, all staff members we spoke with were naturally friendly.

I will definitely be heading back to Toru soon for a proper meal!

4 star rating
by Pol's Pot
Apr 27, 2014

Went there for brunch. Friendly and attentive waitress. Decent coffee. Yummy food.

4 star rating
by Mairi Herbert
Apr 06, 2014

Toru sits in the middle of Ponsonby Central with outside seating on the Ponsonby Road side allowing for a little people watching. Being a sister cafe to Teed St Larder in Newmarket & Wai on Waiheke Island the bar was set high from the get go, pedigree siblings indeed.

Toru is light & airy with bare wood floors giving it a little bit of a rustic feel, albeit a cool, trendy, urban rustic. On the counter there are sweet treats and macarons in big oldy worldly glass bell jars tempting you to indulge. Breakfast got off to a great start, a table secured streetside in the early morning Auckland sunshine & a good strong black. Coffee here is Three Beans & delivered a welcome morning hit.

On the menu some welcome surprises especially for those with a sweet tooth French toast with pineapple curd, lime and coconut or fresh berries with buffalo yoghurt, baby basil and raw honeycomb & not to forget ricotta pancakes with whipped salted caramel butter and vanilla sugar. On the savoury end of things there are eggs Benedict with pork belly, smoked kingfish or goat’s curd & spinach or colcannon with corned beef, sauerkraut, crème fraiche and poached eggs.

All sounded tempting but the winner was the Indonesian-style Waikanae crab omelette with sambal, kecap manis & spring onion. Fresh, light & great way to waken up your taste buds, not a morsel was left on the plate. For my breakfast buddy scrambled eggs & bacon which were also scoffed. Not only was the food full of flavour, it was beautifully presented, the sambal with my omelette arriving on the side in a tiny glass jar. Even better along with good coffee & good food was the service; friendly, attentive & helpful. So Toru, like her siblings, gets it right on all counts.

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4 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Jan 29, 2014

Occupying a stunning industrial space in Ponsonby Central, Toru, is the sister cafe to the ever so popular Teed Street Larder in New Market. A week after our meal at Bedford Soda and Liquor, we made our way back to explore other offerings in Ponsonby Central and decided to have a late lunch at Toru. With excellent indoor and outdoor flow, we took our seats away from the street while we were greeted by the cutest French bulldog from the store next door.

The menu at Toru is impressive. Offering an extensive range of breakfast and lunch dishes, we were spoilt for choice. From healthy options such as the quinoa muesli with buffalo yoghurt to the luscious French toast with dark chocolate and espresso cream, you will be sure to find something right for you.

After going through the menu, I settled on a healthy squid salad made with slices of courgettes, grilled calamari, pieces of spicy chorizo and micro greens. What a spectacular and summery salad! The blanched courgettes maintained a nice crunchy texture and the citrus dressing was refreshing. I wasn't a fan of the side of aioli so I opted to go without. It seemed like a rather odd pairing considering the salad is so light and well dressed.

Our waiter took great care of us and the place has a lovely casual vibe. The coffee is good, although they did mix up my soy flat white with my friend's trim but that was easily rectified. All the dishes were well executed and it's nice to see unique variety in their menu. Parking can be hard to find in Ponsonby, but with all the side streets, you'll be sure to eventually find a spot to park.

It's hard not to be won over by Toru.

Please check out my blog for more reviews and photos :) -

3 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Jan 23, 2014

I've been to this cafe for a while so it was very sad to see that the standard has fallen down. I ordered Pork belly sandwich with crinkle chips ($16.50) as it was my favourite. However it was disappointing to eat - buns were dry and chips were like a solid rock. They must have been sitting somewhere for a while. What a shame as I used to love these crinkle chips. I tried other sandwiches here too as I enjoyed the Pork belly one so much. The fish finger was just okay but the Beef rib w Kimchi (pictured above) was a bit bizarre with too much ginger taste. My companion seemed to enjoy his salt & pepper tiger prawns salad ($22.50) though. I didn't try it this time but I know that it was full of flavour from the last time I tried. I should've got the salad...

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4 star rating
by Maggie G
Jan 17, 2014

Breakfast here with two fellow Foodies was fun and a very different morning dining experience for me. Ponsonby Central is a fun place to be - a bit like a Farmers market under cover with extras! Toru fronts Ponsonby Rd with a metallic lion guarding the portal in a similar vein to Circus Circus in Mt Eden
That's the only similarity though, Toru is spacious and well laid out with a few small tables in the front, a long counter in front of the kitchen, and on the walkway to other shops and food merchants on the way to the car park out the back, and several large and small tables out the back set round an old fireplace flanked by two inviting velvet armchairs. The staff were welcoming and friendly and happy to wait on orders until our whole party arrived This party included two children and while there are no high chairs or written children's menu, if you ask there are a few dishes they do kiddy size One was the ricotta pancakes - light fluffy delicious and plenty! Served with maple syrup or caramel butter and vanilla sugar. I chose the bacon and scrambled egg served with thin crisp slices of pide and a little beet root relish. Very good. The menu is interesting for breakfast fare One Foodie had chicken livers! On a brioche soaked in the rich juices and flavoured with leek and pancetta and apple they was delicious but very filling! The eggs bene come three ways - with pork belly??, with goats curd and spinach? and the Foodie's choice with delicately smoked snapper. The hollandaise was light and just coated the egg yolks Other offerings are colcannon and corned beef ,pigs cheek, and quinoa muesli to name but a few The coffee was good, but small, and the Belgian hot chocolate was divine ! Check them out if you feel like a change from the norm!

5 star rating
by David Boshier
Jan 17, 2014

When passing now I always stop for a coffee. The service is quick and the location is vibrant while you wait.

The coffee is excellent and the counter food is hard to go past. If in doubt have one of the large flat blueberry muffins.

If there is a park out front it is well worth stopping for your caffeine fix.

4 star rating
by Two Honest Truths
Dec 16, 2013

Toru is the sister company to the famous Teed Street Larder. Service was great, quick and attentive. We ordered the Pork belly burger and the Tiger Prawns. The burger dish was very filling served with four crinkle cut chips and some crackling. The bun was well made, soft, with that lovely subtle tinge of sweetness. It would have been better if the pork had more seasoning. We both loved the crinkle chips. The prawns were refreshing accompanied with a Viet style salad. They were however slightly overcooked.

We also ordered some smoothies, the Berry and Rose and the Peach and Vanilla. The former we enjoyed the most. They were the perfect thickness with just the right amount of flavour.

For the full review visit:

2 star rating
by Ropey Boylan
Aug 18, 2013

If the review was solely about the food, it would earn 5/5.. however we all know, it is more than just the food that makes for a memorable experience. Unfortunately, for those doing a marvellous job in the kitchen, it was more than the poorly managed floor that let the team down.

We ordered drinks, the guys with me were keen to try the Feijoa and Apple Smoothies.. The waiter took the drinks order, and came back with two bottles of Feijoa Phoenix. When we reminded him we ordered smoothies - he said he had heard us say 'smoothies' but thought we had it wrong as the only Feijoa beverage available was Phoenix... at $7.50?? The floor manager came over, to apologise as they had updated the menu a week ago, but not been organised enough to start offering them from the menu.. Suggestion - floor staff should be advised of any changes to the menu + what is unavailable before they take to the floor.

I ordered the Ricotta Pancakes with Salted Caramel Butter and Vanilla Sugar. Giving credit where credit is due, these were the BEST pancakes I have every had. Our table had also ordered a side of Five Grain, Poached Eggs + Bacon. Sadly the Bacon was missing, telling us that it hadn't come out because we didn't order it(!??). The waiter then offered to bring the bacon out separately, we pointed out by which time the toast and eggs would be cold..

Staff - The atmosphere lacks a personable approach. Granted, no one really likes to work a Sunday... however, must you have it written all over your face?? It was hard to tell the difference between the floor staff and who had just rolled out of bed, as two of the floor staff were wearing thick hoodies. The only thing that gave them away was one was taking money off patrons at the till, and the other had brought our food over.

Water - the ceramic jug for water had a huge crack in it. When brought to their attention, they replied that it was cleaned once a day, so would be fine.. I then asked if they would consider serving coffee from cracked cups?!

Coffee - Latte in a glass. The taste was superb, however could have been hotter.

Being non smokers, surrounded by smoking tables inside the front entrance, was the straw that broke the camels back.

Recommendation - The pancakes were great... if atmosphere, staff, service and attention to detail were on par, they'd see me back in a heart beat.. if these things are not as important to you, you may be just as happy with a drive-thru.

5 star rating
by TriciaMenzies
Jul 03, 2013

Loved this! Many brunch options that appealed so it was hard to settle on just one. The eggs benedict with pork belly was totally decadent. Service was top class and pricing was not over the top.
If I lived in Auckland I'd move to Ponsonby just for this place.

5 star rating
by Natalie Whaiapu
Jun 15, 2013

An Aucklander at heart who has traveled the world and has a love affair with Europe can honestly say Auckland city has come along way in terms of cuisine. A casual breakfast date with a girlfriend early Saturday morning resulted in a delightful culinary experience at Toru cafe in Ponsonby Central.
The menu is stylish with tantalizing food options, variety and flair. I ordered the Waikanae crab omelette (absolutely... to die for) if you love crab, like i do! Rebecca ordered salt and pepper prawns with a Vietnamese salad, incredibly moorish and so tasty she could have gone for round two.
Overall the team at Toru are very professional, vibrant and friendly. The service was fast and efficient even though every table was full.
Highly recommend this spot, Ponsonby central is definitely the place to be, caters to all taste buds, fantastic atmosphere, people watching and great food!

5 star rating
by Louise Hopkins
Jun 06, 2013

Treating myself to some time out at Toru has become a real pleasure for me lately. I've been several times recently and have always enjoyed my experiences here. The food is fantastic and I love the way they use such interesting ingredients on the menu. My favourite meal so far has been the ricotta pancakes with salted caramel butter... or maybe the Asian crab omelette... or maybe the salt and pepper prawns -yum!! It is slightly more expensive than your mainstream café (although no more so than any others in Ponsonby) but I don't mind paying a bit extra to get guaranteed good food, coffee and service - and the atmosphere is great too. I will definitely be back in the near future to sample more delicious dishes!

5 star rating
by Dining Enthusiast
Jun 01, 2013

I went to Toru on a very busy Saturday with my Mum, cousin, niece, and nephew for lunch and we had a great time.

We loved the atmosphere which was just so right - even down to the lovely blue and white water jugs.

The food was fantastic - I had the marinated chicken and haloumi salad, my Mum and cousin the Vietnamese prawn salad, nephew the pork belly sandwich with crinkle cut chips, and niece had fabulous ricotta pancakes.

The service was friendly and attentive but not overbearing. We were very much looked after by our waiter Aaron who explained the menu and helped with our food and beverage selections.

Overall I thought - spot on and I'll be back with more friends, family and colleagues. Such a fantastic addition to the Ponsonby dining scene and certainly one of my new favourites.

1 star rating
by Kacie Stetson
May 31, 2013

I usually would never use my valuable time writing a review but our experiences at Toru were so awful that I see it as my civic duty to warn people off of this horribly managed disaster of a cafe. We went once after opening and found it good so we went back a second time.
First, it took the server forever to come to our table, after serving a number of tables who sat after us. He took our order. We waited. We waited some more. We waited even longer as everyone around got served even though they ordered after us. Finally, he shows up and asks, "Can I get you anything else?" I said, "Yes, how about the food and beverages we ordered over an hour ago?" When I complained to the girl at the register, she under-generously comped our drinks only.
Like masochists, we went back again, hoping that we had merely had a rouge bad server.
This time we waited for twenty minutes and no one ever came to our table.
Also, my brother in law and his partner went the next week, only to have the same thing happen to them.
I have worked in the restaurant business for over twenty years and have never seen so poorly managed a floor.

4 star rating
by Carl Eastwood
May 11, 2013

Toru is a tail of two halfs. The food there is some of the best that we've tried in Auckland. However, the drinks were not very good at all. I was on the verge of giving it 3 stars but bumped it up to 4 because the atmosphere in the cafe/bar is good.

My partner had the ricotta pancakes, with whipped salted caramel butter and vanilla sugar. They were probably the best pancakes that we've ever tasted and that's saying something because my partners orders them a lot when eating out for breakfast. I had the colcannon, corned beef, sauerkraut, crème fraiche, poached eggs which was a great combination of flavours (although very stingey on the beef).

We order two smoothies and a coffee to go with that. The smoothies were poor to average and pretty small. The coffee was very strong and just not on par with other local cafes. Hopefully that was just a mistake by the person making the coffee. The other potential is that they maybe don't have a dedicated barista?

We would still go back though and that's probably the most important thing.

4 star rating
by Julie Phelps
Apr 19, 2013

I’ve been meaning to review this place for a while. We have been lots of times, in facts its becoming our regular Saturday breakfast spot. Only problem is what to choose from the menu.

My current faviourt is Ham hock on Polenta, delicious. And the Pancetta and eggs is wonderful too.

It’s a really nice environment, great service and good for a large group.

Only thing is my coffee could be a bit hotter - but thats just being picky

Its great to have found a new breakfast spot. See you again this Saturday!

2 star rating
by Mariana
Apr 14, 2013

we had bfast once and we loved the menu thats why we came back today with some friends and it was shocking! waiter told my friend to speed up herwine because he had been there since morning! so rude and unprofessional! and i ordered a donut with my coffee and she brought two coffees for me and with an arrogant tone she insisted i was wrong and hadnt order any food. no idea about customer service that waitress! of course none of us is coming back!

1 star rating
by Cynthia Hay
Mar 23, 2013

Last Monday I ordered prawn and Vietnamese salad and nuoc nam as a meal and it came with peanuts. I am allergic to them. Peanuts were not mentioned on the menu. Not good.

5 star rating
by Roanne Parker
Nov 15, 2012

Amazing! Steve & co does it again with Toru - number three cafe after Newmarket's Teed St Larder and the stunning Wai Kitchen in Oneroa, Waiheke.
The food is perfection. Crab omelet anyone? Ham hock on Polenta? Go try it.
The space perfectly executed by Paul Izzard Design.
This is our new local, and I would go every day if I could.
Liquor license to come but in the meantime great coffee, juices and smoothies.