Toto Pizza

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09 3022665

B2, 53 Nelson Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Pizza, Italian
4:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Tue-Wed), 12 Noon to 3 PM, 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Thu-Fri), 4:20 PM to 9:30 PM (Sat), Mon & Sun Closed


Reviews for Toto Pizza

1 star rating
by Ajay Nabh
6 days ago

It is shame that I have to write this review. Ordered 4 pizzaz and one of them had couple metal wires. End up chewing up on the metal wire until I started to realise that this is not a food. Phoned up to report the issue, on phone call I was advised to send an email. Did not even get a casual sorry from person who answered phone. Sent an email 10 days ago stating the situation but still no response.
- Poor customer service.
- Arrogance.
- Poor quality control.

My last pizza at Toto. You do make nice pizzaz but too arrogant to accept mistake and learn from the mistake

4 star rating
by Tina
23 days ago

Not sure if you can go wrong with 1m pizzas, came here for a bday dinner and had a taste of a big variety of toppings, would come again! great for a big group of people 🍕

5 star rating
by Doug Surtees
one month ago

Had the Buffulo by the metre (v). Was so yum and delivered quickly. Some left over for breakfast too! Will definitely be ordering Toto's pizza again. Steph Young

4 star rating
by Kezia Lynch
one month ago

Both the takeaway/delivery and eat-in options are great for birthday dinners or feeding large groups! Service is always excellent and atmosphere in the restaurant is nice. The iconic metre long pizza's are amazing - excellent crust thickness and crunch, topping quantity and flavours. My favourites are the d'oro, the margherita and the toto. They are well priced given quality and massive size!

Would highly recommend!

5 star rating
by Farshid Hakimi
one month ago

You want to taste a rwal italian pizza that is a place to go.
Had one of my best pizza so far. It's tasty nd a mitre longe.
Every time I go there they never let me down.
One of the oldest Italian restaurant in Auckland with a best customer service and good food.
I will go there any time.
Must recommend.

4 star rating
by Arpita Mandal
one month ago

Super Tasty and sooooooooo long pizzas.... Good choices too... love it

However no parking or dine in facility available. Must recommend for future consideration.

Must try!

5 star rating
by Annie Ren
one month ago

Love Toto's classic 1m long pizzas. They've got a great range of pizza with a mouthwatering selection of toppings. My personal favourite is actually their special boscaiola pizza (v). As a big fan of any types of mushrooms, how can I resist countless champignon mushrooms on top of cheesy, thick crust bases with pine nuts and...more cheese! Also strongly recommend the gourmet range, be it chicken, prawns or just some good old pork sausages!

3 star rating
by Tim Tianpai Li
one month ago

Not impressed. We followed the rating and came here, hoping something great in taste, but the results are unsatisfying. The potato balls are alright, but the pizza's soggy, not much toppings and the cheese's liquid-ish. Sal's pizza is better than this. Overall average

3 star rating
by Brave Eat
one month ago

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Their pizza range and sizes were very different and new to me which was interesting. Eventhough their pizzas were unique unfortunately flavours werent that great for me. Very little toppings, sauce and cheese.

4 star rating
by Sheena
2 months ago

Toto Pizza is well known for their metre long pizzas. I haven't dined in before, but we ordered online and picked it up! Because we did the order online, we didn't have to wait but left only when we thought the pizza would be done, so it was super convenient. 

We ordered half and half: the salsiccia and the pollo. One half was roast chicken, and the other was sausage with broccoli. When we were ordering, the toppings were kinda strange. (broccoli pizza?!?!?) When we tried it though, it was pretty yum! I prefered the roast chicken half over the sausage side, but it was cool to be able to get two gourmet flavours. The whole concept behind the one metre pizza is super cool and would be great for catching up with a whole group of friends! I haven't tried anything else here, but I'll be back!

4 star rating
by Helena Chen
2 months ago

Delicious pizza's made better because they are huuuge! There's something about a pizza that is a metre long that really appeals to the foodie in me. I've only ever had takeaway from here, and the box is comically large, but awesome at the same time. The toppings are generous, and the flavours have that authentic Italian taste without trying too hard. Great for big social events and feeding a crowd.

3 star rating
by King Of Cheat Meals
2 months ago

Was very disappointed in my last visit to Toto. I love the fact that these pizzas are 1M long 👌 Its a fantastic idea, great for big groups. But that shouldn't mean you skimp on toppings due to the pizzas size. In my experience every slice of pizza should have at least some toppings. From the pizza pictured I had slices with absolutely no meat, or other toppings on them. The crust was tough and hard to chew. If I compare this example to the last metre long pizza from Farina in Ponsonby, the experience is a complete polar opposite. This could have been a one off, busy night, etc but for the price of a metre long pizza I'd go back to Farina over Toto and save another average experience 🍕👍

4 star rating
by M_92
2 months ago

Indeed there are many Italian restaurants found in Auckland, but what makes Totos stand out from the rest is their famous metre long pizzas. I have only eaten pizza from here and so far I believe they have been good! I'm curious about other items on the menu - I'll definitely be back to try them out.

5 star rating
by Ryan
2 months ago

The best pizzas in Auckland, our fave is the D'oro, a cream based pizza with ham, mozzarella & more on the best pizza base you've tasted. They get it nice and chewy without filling you up. You need to try it - nothing compares.

Service is always spot on too. Takeaway is fast and takes no time at all to get to you. We ordered 2xmetre long pizzas and it took 25 minutes to get to us from order (in the CBD). Impressed!

5 star rating
by Christopher Wong
2 months ago

Ate there a few days ago and I have to commend them on their service! The pizza came out relatively quickly (the first one coming in less than 20 minutes) and was quite nice. Would recommend for big groups :)

5 star rating
by FoodLoco
3 months ago

1 meter pizza's perfect for big gatherings... 
Good customer services pizza's are always fresh and made with good ingredients 
we order these at work for friday shared lunches and the slices just disappear in matter of seconds 
Marnira and puligse are yum..

5 star rating
by Vivek
3 months ago

We ordered for 15 people and they pizza was home delivered exactly in 45 minutes . It was hot and the way it was packed in box was awesome. Even a simple magarita pizza is different form what you get from most popular chain. The toppings, cheese and the buns was so fresh !! Go for it.

4 star rating
by Anna Leng
3 months ago

Went with a group of work friends on a Wednesday night. Great service from the waiter, extremely fun, outgoing and attentive. The pizza base was delicious. Flavours depended on personal preference. Also tried the risotto balls which are very tasty. Pizza is so much more fun when it's 1m long.

5 star rating
by Vaidyanathan Balasubramanian
3 months ago

Love you guys to bits. Serene settings and lovely ambience to have a beautifully baked pizza. Hands down recommendation to pizza lovers around Cbd.

5 star rating
by Emily Pavey
3 months ago

Came here on a quiet Thursday evening - and were the only people in the restaurant! I later realised that Totos is better known for its takeaways. Not entirely sure why - the venue is central and fantastic. It's a clean, classy and warm space with a lovely fire going. Welcomed as soon as we arrived and what could have been an awkward experience considering there were just the two of us, wasn't at all. Music was perfect level and we had attentive and friendly service that wasn't intrusive. Two ice cold beers and one of the best pizzas or had. Gorgeous, fresh ingredients and the most incredible fluffy pizza dough. Had a chat with the friendly owner before leaving. Will be back!

4 star rating
by Winnie Luo
4 months ago

Really tasty pizza! The 1m long ones makes it great if you have a big group of people.

I have only ordered online a few times so I'm quite excited to head into the restaurant and see what it's all about!

4 star rating
4 months ago

I've only takeaway-ed a pizza from here so can't comment on in house customer service or venue.

It's a tad hard to find in the middle of the night if you're not using a map/GPS... But it's down a creepy set of stairs so don't go alone in the dark.

To be fair, it's been about 3 years since I've had their pizza but from memory, it was one of the best pizza's I've ever had. It's very difficult to carry home if you live more than a block away from Toto's. We had the 1m pizza and it's insanely easy to demolish between 3 people.

Would highly recommend trying it out, the 1m pizza is pricey but definitely worthwhile for a bigger group of friends to share as the quality is much better than Dominoes or Pizza Hut!

Sarah Reynolds #challenge

5 star rating
by Victoria
4 months ago

The best pizza, no faults!! Have tried almost all of them, the best is still the d'oro (ham, cream...). Nothing beats it, I'm not even a huge lover of pizza but I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their pizza's are traditional thin crust, with the base being super fluffy, chewy and light. Sometimes we order the 1m for the two of us just so we can have leftovers the next day!

5 star rating
by Aaron
4 months ago

The meter long pizza is sooo good! one of the best pizza places I've had, generally because it taste Italian, which other pizza fast food chains don't provide. So if you're wondering about getting some, don't hesitate.

5 star rating
by Black Menu Lover
5 months ago

As you have probably realised from my other reviews.... I love Italian cuisine.
Toto Pizza is another reason that cements my love for Italian food.
The restaurant has great swagger and a beautiful feel (although the walls are a little bare).
The fire place was blazing and the setting was very comfortable. The restaurant was set up almost like 2 dining rooms in the one space.
Beautiful marble tables set for 2's and 4's separated by awesome crescent shaped booths made for an intimate dining experience, while long tables holding 10-15 people (maybe) was home to large groups enjoying the METRE LENGTH PIZZAS being served!... That's right METRE LENGTH PIZZA!
The menu is compact. An entree selection of sharing plates had arancini, croquettes, lovely antipasto and a couple of salads as well as a frittadetina(???) a delicious deep fried patty of pasta, salami and creamy sauce, set on a chunky tomato sauce- great to share as it was quite rich.
Let's get to reason I came here. PIZZA!
Toto Pizza serves pizza in a standard wheel, ½ metre or 1 metre lengths.... I'm in love!
The selection had everything I love - classic margherita, a beautiful pizza called buffalo (buffalo mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and basil), doro (ham caramelised onions and rosemary )..... +more.
My group of 4 friends shared a metre that was split 50/50 with doro & buffalo over a couple of Peroni and a bottle of chianti... Wow!
Seeing a metre of pizza come out to your table is heaven (to me)
We were well satisfied by the classic ambience (playing some upbeat fun music), great attentive staff, and of course the amazing pizza.
Dessert will have be sampled next time as we had little time left.
We will definitely be coming back here and bringing my work social group for 2-3 metres of Toto Pizza.
Thank you thank you thank you!

5 star rating
by Loreen Bannier
5 months ago

went here on a Wednesday evening. was quiet night for them.
food came out quick and was delicious. entrees as well as the pizzas for mains. waitress was attentive and friendly. she recommended nice red wine, exactly what I was after.
gonna be back soon.

5 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
5 months ago

Metre long take away pizza!!! What more
Could you want! Was nearly as large as me!!! Great flavours, great price for size! If your going to order this make
Sure you are hungry!!!

5 star rating
by Axjw
6 months ago

Just visited on Friday night.

Our group of 7 ordered the risotto balls, calamari, a metre long pizza (half metre pollo and half metre gamberi) and some drinks. Out of the two pizza flavours, the gamberi was my favourite!

The restaurant itself was perfect for big groups and gave off a really lively Italian atmosphere. Great service, simple but decent menu and comfortable seating.

It was my first time trying out Toto Pizza, and will definitely not be the last!

4 star rating
by Heidi McHolm
6 months ago

I ordered the Doro and Toto standard pizza i really enjoyed the Doro, the potato crochette's where quiet good but the tiramisu was really good.

5 star rating
by Josh Law
6 months ago

Absolutely brilliant. Carlos the duty manager was fantastic. The metre long pizzas are probably the best in Auckland. I would say they feed 4 each. The deal with the Montecristo below is flexible and you can take the pizza with you into the comedy.

3 star rating
by Hala Caco
6 months ago

Came here for dinner. Restaurant was only half or less full at the time we arrived. We were seated by our waiter and given our menus. It wasn't until 40 minutes later that our waiter came back to take our orders (drinks and food). She Brought over ONE of our drinks and forgot the second. We waited 20mins before we could get her attention again to remind her about our 2nd drink. Again, went away and didn't hear back from her for another 20 minutes. Finally, an hour and a half later, our pizza arrived, but still no drink. It wasn't until the 3rd time reminded that she brought it out.... more than half the time there we weren't able to see any of the waiters (apart from one taking car of her table). Slowest service ever!! But to be a fair, their pizza was a lil worth the wait. Would think twice before coming again though.

4 star rating
by Roya Rezaei
6 months ago

Brilliant customer service. Good point was that we did not face a greasy pizza same as what we buy from down the street store. Very healthy pizza and relatively delicious(took into account that it was not oily greasy pizza). pricewise it was reasonably priced hence 4 points review. Overall it was a good experience. We might come back again when we are not so hungry and looking for a healthy meal. My last advice, try it!

3 star rating
by Lisa
6 months ago

I was really excited to go here for dinner yesterday night because when I called up to make the reservation the staff sounded amazing! Got in and the staff were great, pizza was fine but not anything amazing unfortunately (probably hyped myself up too much from what friends had told me). We had asked for no olives and capers and the waitress repeated that back to us, yet it still came to us with olives and capers.... The meal itself was fine, until we were told at about 8pm that our table had another reservation booked on it so we had to leave (which gave us 1 hour from when we got in and about 1/2 to eat). Wouldn't have minded this so much if I had been told that we'd be expected to leave in an hour when I'd made the booking earlier that week. Maybe ask about that when you decide to eat here on a busy night (i.e. Friday and Saturday)

5 star rating
by Melissa Mathieson
7 months ago

The most delicious pizza! Was sharing the mushroom pizza with a non-vegetarian, but the pizza is amazing and tastes so meaty it'll satisfy any non vegetarian. Beautiful pizza bases, variety of toppings, perfect service with just the right amount of friendliness and leaving you to it. Definitely recommend going as a group as can be pricey on your own since the pizzas are so huge.

5 star rating
by Max Clark
8 months ago

If you want good pizza, go here. Been my regular for years.
Amazing base.
Real toppings.
And a whole meter of it.
It seems pricey but considering you need at least 4 people to eat a whole pizza, ooohhhh it's so worth it.
My fav is Buffalo..

5 star rating
by Lyricsakisi
10 months ago

I'm normally not a fan of pizza at all! I went out with my parents for dinner and my dad suggested we go there. Ended up loving the place!! There atmosphere is very rustic and gives you an Italian feel.

There have such amazing service! I love the service at this place. There all very helpful and inviting. Our waiter had suggested a vegetarian pizza and we were very hesitant about his choice as we love our meat but we decided to trust him and his judgement. THANKGOODNESS WE DID. The vegetarian pizza was a slice of heaven. We ended up getting into and disagreement over the last slice.
Would recommend this place to people that love pizza / even dislike pizza as they'll change your whole outlook on pizza.
Say goodbye to Pizza Hut and Dominos.

4 star rating
by JolieJolie
11 months ago

Not a big fan of pizza, but my friend insisted! Don't mind to have a try though~ha. We went there at lunch time, super quiet, just us two ~o~ the restaurant smelled nice!
I don't normally eat the calamari ... But this one was nice! For me, all pizzas taste the same, so I guess the standard chicken piazza we had was quite good?? Ha! Tiramisu for dessert! Lalala! As good as the one we tried in Italy!

5 star rating
by Corrine Lynskey
11 months ago

A few quirks with the service, but easy to overlook when the pizzas are this perfect. My companion and I ordered the option with baby spinach, truffle oil, mozzarella, parmesan, champignon mushrooms and pine nuts, and weeks later, we're STILL raving about it. A must-try!

2 star rating
by Vee
Sep 30, 2014

Previously my favourite pizza but recently ordered two pizza's for a night with friends.  I had totally talked it up as being the best pizza ever but was really disappointed.  One of the pizza's had 5 pieces with no toppings at all and the usual creamy lushness was missing it was dry with insufficient toppings.  The most disappointing of all was that I contacted them regarding the quality of the pizza's and they never replied so clearly don't care about maintaining their previous very high standards.

3 star rating
by Jemily
Sep 11, 2014

Came here last night after having tried their pizza the last two years at Street Eats. Walked into the restaurant to see two tables already seated, however no staff around. Wondering if we had entered through the right entrance we head to the bar to find a waitress taking a phone order. The waitress then apologised and got us seated with our menus. While deciding what to order about 4 waiting staff emerged out of no where, wondering where they had been when we arrived. We ordered the prawn pizza which was different with pesto but very nice. Only after we had finished our meal did we receive water.

Service was lacking here, with takeaway perhaps being a better option. The place is good for big groups with their spacious long tables able to seat 8-10 and able to be joined. Previously we had tried the mushroom pizza at street eats, and will definitely be back for that.

5 star rating
by Dining Enthusiast
Aug 31, 2014

Seriously good pizza by the metre. Get the Toto for your next team event or night out with friends.

3 star rating
by Mira
Aug 28, 2014

service 3/3environment 3/3food 3/3cost performance 3/3drink 3/3
My order 50/50 by the meter ( Margherita & D'oro)I read some good reviews befoer I ordered Toto's pizza. The pizza is good but unfortunately I expected too much.

4 star rating
by J.T547
Aug 17, 2014

Love the metre long pizza! Great for an easy group meal. Delicious flavours and a nice base. There could be a bit more topping sometimes. Best when fresh out of the At times, it is really hard to get a response when you call. I would recommend to pick up or eat in, I have ordered takeaway a few times and the delivery has always been quite late.

2 star rating
by Vanessa Peterson
Aug 03, 2014

I'm not sure if they were redecorating or new owners but all staff were rushing around fussing over everything but our table! Although the food was delicious it was over priced for dine in (Toto's delivered pizza is much cheaper) and the dine in experience wasn't great! We we're put at a table in between the kitchen and the delivery exit (there were plenty of empty tables) so had people rushing past us all night! We had to ask for water to be brought to the table then when we asked for more menus we were told they didn't have any! I will not be dining here again!

4 star rating
by Mina Ross
Apr 10, 2014

Toto's Pizza is a bit of a trek, especially when you take into account the terrifying staircase you need to descend...and the scariest basement restaurant venue you will ever be seated at...

The staff are always either super attentive or invisible. The bathroom is also almost invisible, but it's there. I'm pretty sure I've been once...

Get croquettes....all the croquettes. And a metre pizza! Take at least a group of four if you want to finish it, though.

3 star rating
by Brunchalicious
Feb 17, 2014

Had a mediocre meal and the staff were not very attentive on the day we were there. Would not return as there are so many better places to eat in Auckland

5 star rating
by Harris Tong
Jan 31, 2014

Absolutely superb service and good tasting food. Recommend all the food that we had on the night (Veal Schnitzel, Hapuka & clams, dessert tasting platter and Italian beer) and the service was impeccable. Would visit again for sure.

5 star rating
by Jill Zhao Bolstad
Dec 01, 2013

We did not book in advance and hoping we could still have a table on a Saturday night. The restaurant was very kind and gave us a table for 10 people so we grabbed another couple to go with us. The atmosphere is amazing, very romantic. The Saturday night opera and piano is a great hit, very touching. It makes one of our best dining exp in Auckland. The singer also sang a birthday song and a song ordered by a couple for their wedding anniversary. They told us that we could order any songs for special occasions. We ordered confit duck and lamb rack, absolutely devine ! The main courses is surprisingly reasonable priced for a posh restaurant. We checked the menu online but the menu at the restaurant is different , there are a lot more selection n innovated dishes in the actual menu. They only do a la carte on Saturday, we will definitely go back and try the desgustation menu. The waiter was extremely attentive, our wine glass and water glass was always full. We had the chairs pulled out for us and the napkins put on lap on arrival. A well and truly impressive dining experience in an Italian restaurant.

5 star rating
by Calvin Clapperton
Nov 27, 2013

Have eaten here on several occasions over the past 20 years, honestly the food and service have never been better.

We love one of the latest dishes Duck Torteloni and also that the team know how to create perfectly crispy calamari - reckon all chefs need to try this so they know how to get it right.

I was amused at the comments re the Live Opera posted by another reviewer, the $10 per person really is great value when considering the beautiful ambience this creates anyway its by far the best Italian we have found in New Zealand or Australia.

Cannot wait to return for a Christmas Eve or New Years Eve treat.


5 star rating
by Liz Winstone
Nov 22, 2013

I loved the Toto's dish that I had at the Taste of Auckland food festival last weekend.

It was the "Parmigiana, oven baked stack of eggplant, fresh tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil" Yum, yum, yum!

If their vegetarian cuisine tastes this good, I want to have more!

2 star rating
by Leonie Anderson
Oct 26, 2013

Just went out to dinner at Toto's tonight 26/10/13. Liked the atmosphere, waiters were polite, food was quick to come out and hot. Portions very small and overpriced, wine very expensive. But the atmosphere made up for it and we were delighted to find they had opera singers performing while we ate. However, when it came time to pay the bill, we were astounded to find an extra $20 added to it to cover the opera singers. We enquired about this and were told it was just charged on Saturday nights to cover the opera singers. When we entered the restaurant and asked for a table, we were not told we would have to pay this fee, nor once we were seated, nor at any time. Neither did we see any large signs proclaiming this. Gobsmacked, we paid and left, but it left a bitter taste in our mouths. Its outrageous to charge such a fee and not inform customers beforehand. Shame on you Totos!! We will not be back!

4 star rating
by Ian Wilson
Jun 21, 2013

Top notch service to start with and not a bad but not great Mojito to follow (I always start with one). I seemed to be one of the few that wasn't taking part in the degustation, something I discovered later on to be part of a Grab-one deal. In hindsight maybe I should have followed despite the lack of a voucher.

Anyway's started with the Pane (stuffed bread( and it was absolutely divine so much so I'm upping my score to a four instead of a three (.5). Our entrees were great herb smoked Wagyu carpaccio and a pawn and pine nut dish.

The mains unfortunately were the let down, I had the Salmon which was luke cold (by the time I was finishing it had hit room temperature) and the better half had the Octopus which was over seasoned and trust me I know salt is the Chef's best friend. The Opera was however great A very pleasant evening by a couple of picky foodies. Make should you're there for the Opera to get 4 stars or if lucky 5 as we have experienced in the distant past.

5 star rating
by Lucia Florence
Jun 18, 2013

I had a five course degustation here using a deal voucher and also attended a God Father evening. Both times the food was exception. The five course degustation was the highlight, every course did something amazing to my taste buds and palette. I always lean towards choosing steak or chicken at restaurants but the salmon encrusted with almonds I had was the best fish I have ever eaten at a restaurant. It was perfection. Can't wait to come again! Also the service was very warm, and the bottle of wine we ordered with our meal was very good.

5 star rating
by Mimi Yang
May 30, 2013

Yum! sum up in one word.
But it was more than the delicious food that will bring us back again. Not only was our six course degustation full of flavour, beautifully presented and portionally generous, the degree of personal service we received was above and beyond what I expected! Our waiter/waitress were attentive and informative; their knowledge about Italian cuisine and culture was amazing! My partner and I hmm and haah-ed over the drink pairings for our degustation as we thought it might be a bit much if we both got a pairing for every dish of degustation, so our waiter suggested getting one lot of drink pairing to share between us...very thoughtful! The night was complete with live entertainment, a talented belle playing the accordion, and excellent ambiance. I will definitely be adding Toto to my list of places to go back to again!

4 star rating
by EarnesTaster
Apr 08, 2013

Toto has long been known as one of Auckland's premier Italian restaurants ,and when a Grabone deal popped up, offering a 6 course meal each for two people for $120 (half the price), I seized it with an intention to also order a la carte and thus gain a wider appreciation of this lauded kitchen's chops. We entered the restaurant with a reservation beforehand, and a table right next to the entrance was given to us, and the extra chair which was needed was pulled up from a nearby table. The influence of a subsidized meal may have played a part in our thankless location, but it may be kept in mind that by the end, our anticipated tariff including extra orders and $10 per person charge for the special Saturday-only opera night, had reached more than double of the voucher deal price. NZ Herald says that this restaurant interior- with its wood, candle-light and countryside elegance- is "casually majestic", but from where I sat, the view looked more like a wayside inn. We hoped the food would placate.
Tuna carpaccio- You could barely taste the tuna, but that is not a serious complaint given how beautifully light this course was. Starter secondi - The zesty meat of the banana prawns coupled with smooth cauliflower puree and hints of roasted garlic made for an enticing syncytium of taste. The din in the restaurant meanwhile had ratcheted up. It seemed the arrangement was ideally suited to a couple not talking to each other- first the noise of the crowd blots out much of your voice, and then when the opera begins, you are again obliged to be silent. Anyway, the opera was an undoubtable highlight, with two rounds of it and a break in between as the lady singers occasionally wove their way between patrons while letting their sopranos saturate the place. The singing can be lushly romantic and has ripe potential to transform the nature of the evening. The first lady looked the part, the second one was voluptuous by sight too and both entertained us amply with their soaring arias.
A wintry warmer was then presented to our table in form of high-quality excellently cooked salmon with chick peas and spinach but all this could have been lifted some tenors higher by sassier seasoning. An la carte choice of baby calamari did not transcend its age, but 'twas generously portioned and had the required slickness, crunch and wafts of marine phantasms. The second a la carte choice of gnocchi, prawn and vegetal bits had good ingredient quality but simply didn't construct cohesive joy
Service, especially for what ought to be a classy joint, was average, lacked warmth and the waitstaff's presence at the table was hurried. There were sporadic positives, like a delayed but spirited refilling of glasses and endeavours to reposition out-of-place napkins but we were never asked about our state of satisfaction, while they did ask whether we needed a wine encore. I found the crowd to be a wonderful mix of interesting, photogenic, young,reflective,middle-aged,animated and generally charming ladies and gents mostly of European extraction.The degustation recommenced with Duck Tortellini that was boldly al dente, balanced by an unctuously smooth filling, and surrounded by an enjoyably buttery mushroom ragu.
Venison - I could not taste this dish in its entirety but sampled enough of it to attest that the thin slices of this were a textural success with the protein lending itself gladly to the influence of its accoutrements.
Our last from-the-menu choice was the kitchen's biggest mis-step that evening- a mixed seafood risotto that capsized our expectations. The rice was undercooked, the sauce base lacked smooth finish, the cockles and octopus failed to find their depth while the only redeeming feature was sensuously soft snapper. Considering how filling the quantity of this was and how underwhelming its quality, this is the type of dish that disappoints you while leaving no space to taste its atonements. Moving on, I liked the style of Mr.Calvin the maitre'd, a beefy middle-aged bare-scalped suit-clad gentleman who attended to us with chummy efficiency and alacritous confidence.
Satisfaction continued with dessert -Autumn fruit strudel was pleasant enough, but the real alabster orb of the show was the cinnamon ice-cream. The said essence with its inimitable deep whiff of integumental perfume, and spice wedded to sweetness, had claimed the soul of that cool creamy dollop in complete but perfectly restrained style.Toto is unquestionably capable of making fine food, but considering all restaurant parameters it falters in attention to exacting detail,and that applies to the food too. It occupies an uneasy niche between being a bustling bistro and a fine-dining joint, titling more towards the former and dangling occasionally into the latter realm. Our pleasure that evening, was in toto by half.

2 star rating
by Helen Durston
Mar 25, 2013

Firstly I need to say that the food was delicious, our compliments go to the Chef, however the level of service made our whole experience extremely average and underwhelming.
The evening began with the waiter pouring a bottle of dark Beer so quickly into the glass that it overflowed to cause a stain the size of a dinner plate in the middle of the white tablecloth. He didn't apologise, offer to bring a new bottle or replace the table cloth.
We were drinking different wines with our meal so ordered by the glass. The quantities varied widely with the smallest appearing not much more than half of a full measure. Three out of 6 were below the measured line on the glass which at the price is unacceptable. Our main waiter gave us the impression that he couldn't be bothered with us; he didn't collect unused or empty glasses off the table, forgot part of our order and showed a general lack of care.
In terms of ambience, we were seated in a far corner outside and as the evening got darker were not provided with any extra light / lamp / candle etc.
Overall a very disappointing evening from a place that is supposed to be one of Auckland’s best. We won’t bother going again.

5 star rating
by Rachel Haggerty
Jan 27, 2013

We were cautious after reading this site but we had a fabulous night. Beautiful food, friendly service and the opera was lovely. The degustation menu was a delightful journey of tastes.. Thanks Toto.

5 star rating
by Alan Cunningham
Dec 23, 2012

We had read a couple of reviews and were somewhat nervous about using our voucher for a degustation lunch. We now wonder what restaurant these people were talking about. Our experience was absolutely first rate from the minute we walked in until we left. Service was excellent with wait staff being very pleasant and attentive yet unobtrusive. the food was delicious and matched well with appropriate wines. We spent a most enjoyable 2 1/2 hours savouring each course. Quite one of the best meals we have eaten out of Italy. Thanks Totos.j

3 star rating
by Peter Letica
Dec 17, 2012

Service was excellent. Waiter was informative and friendly.
Waitress was also excellent, attentive and very friendly.

Food was generally good and portions generous especially the calamari entree which was ridiculously big. Rabbit canneloni was excellent. Duck and pork belly mains were a bit average, risotto was very good.

Biscuits with the coffee were dissappointing.

Overall we thought it was over-priced, especially as every extra cost eg aparagus, bread, water and then quite a lot.

I'm a long time fan of Toto and I'd like to see the return of Yum Ciao, this was not its finest hour.

5 star rating
by HayleyNR
Dec 16, 2012

I am a regular of Toto' and always thoroughly enjoy my time there.
Saturdays are always my favorite because of the Opera.
My most recent visit was no exception even though we went on a Friday.
We had a lovely waitress who was all smiles and accommodation and was very patient with the colleagues I was with when they were exceedingly indecisive over the menu. She took the time to explain each dish to them and had good knowledge of each item which I find is rare in restaurants nower days.
We had the the Affatato and cocktails to start and shared the entree between us. They make the bread in house and it came out fresh and warm.
We took our time, (my friends are particularly slow eaters) and we didn't feel rushed to make the table available again which we find sometimes in other places.
For mains we had the Pork, Duck and I had the Ravioli that I cant resist having every time I go. (it's that good!).
Pork was cooked really well, with a good juicy meat and a snap on the crackling and the Duck was beautifully done. The portions are proper "Mama" size and you certainly don't leave feeling hungry.
The sommelier matched wines for us with our mains and again, took the time to chat to us about the wines and why they would suit what we were eating. He wasn't wrong.
We finished up with the dessert platter for two, which was plenty for the three of us. Fav's were the tirimasu and the panacotta.
Over all i always have a great time at Toto'. In summer I prefer to sit out on the deck, and winter the roaring fires on either end of the dining room make a really cosy evening. Definitely not one to miss.

1 star rating
by Nancy Liu
Dec 13, 2012

We went for the Lunch voucher deal for 6 course degustation ($120 for 2 person) and it took us 3 hours, that is 30min per course, extremely slow service and the restaurant was only half filled.

Only the desert was good, we left two dishes untouched as they were too salty (complained about the first dish, nothing happened, and dish immediately followed was equally salty...)

Majority of the staff were rude and unprofessional - no smile and a waiter spilled a significant quantity of water outside my glass, no apology, no clean up and just left.

The restaurant was loud and hot, we did not have an enjoyable experience.

We will not return.

1 star rating
by Tracy Smytheman
Dec 11, 2012

Unbelievably disapointing, one of our worst ever meals out, and we dine out often.
Went there with my partner in early September 2012 for a 6 course degustation meal to treat ourselves. Admittedly we had bought a voucher deal ($120 for two vs the $240 for two which is apparently the usual price). So maybe they treated their customers accordingly. Even so I would have got a far better meal including drinks for $120 at loads of other restaurants.
On a wet and windy night we were greeted with a smoky atmosphere, the wood fire was roaring a bit too much and chimney wasn't up to it meaning the restaurant was smoky enough to make our eyes water.
This was the menu:
•Selection of Italian stuffed bread and focaccia
•Te matuku osyter, cured salmon, crostini, fennel, toto’s classic
•Octopus carpaccio, fennel, citrus salad, macadamia
•Prawn and pumpkin tortelloni, saffron broth
•Mushroom and duck risotto, truffle oil
•Venison loin, beetroot carpaccio, forest mushroom, caprino
•Fig panna cotta, mango sorbet, chocolate cone

Sounds great (if not a bit poncy). However we had luke warm-cold meals when they should have been hot, plates of food that tasted so bad we couldn't eat them (with no comment from the waiting staff when plates were cleared), mean portions, and major waiting times between each course.
Highlight of the night was the tiny panna cotta and sorbet which was lovely. Pretty much everything else was so bad we could hardly believe it. Spoke to a colleague at work the next day who had exactly the same experience with the food (minus the smoke).
Politely said we were disappointed with the meal when were asked when settling our bill, that came to nothing too, staff just don't care.
Wouldn't go near it again, awful food, bad service, and a dead atmosphere, couldn't wait to leave.

5 star rating
by Jordan Adkins
Sep 06, 2012

Fantastic as usual. Never been disappointed with anything here, and trust me I am one of the more fussy diners out there. The service is always attentive and well timed, meals well portioned, tasty and unique. Everything from the fresh breads, amazing pasta dishes and stunning desserts goes down a treat. The decor is perfect for an intimate night or a family gathering, definitely will be a night to remember

2 star rating
by ArchDevonport
Apr 15, 2012

My husband and I have been to Toto's about 2 years ago and really enjoyed the food, service and everything about it. So we decided to celebrate my 30th last night there. To be honest we were absolutely disappointed and my birthday experience was nothing to remember. They had changed the menu from last time. We had a reservation at 8:45pm, however had to wait at the bar till about 9:15. The bruschetta was dry, with some tomatoes and non existent buffalo mozzerella. The fish of the day was unavailable for the mains so we decided to go for the Gnocchi. It was very bland and had no seasoning on it, and the eggplant and zucchini were undercooked. The chocolate mousse tasted like truffle instead. And to add to it each course took about 45 mins to get to the table. By the end of it, I was irritated and couldn't wait to get out of there. We are never going back there again.

5 star rating
by Cmys001
Oct 08, 2011

We ate at the meter long pizza place! Its simply amazing! The best pizza I have ever had! have been there many times this year. So glad we found this pace! 10/10!

All our friends are fans of this place and simply cannot get enough. sucks we cant get out own drinks, but other than that awesome place! They should advertise more about this place so everyone knows. because its in the basement its not very visible. Definitely a must try place!

4 star rating
by Robin Murray-Leslie
Jul 18, 2011

Went to Toto for an evening of opera and fine Italian treats. Proved to be an odd but interesting experience.
Food and wine were great. Service brisk and attentive. Wine was decanted and left to warm by a real fire - nice!
Good on Toto for experimenting with a novel restaurant experience and sorry to the opera singer who I assumed was a waiter...

1 star rating
by Bernadette Cranston
Jun 22, 2011

TOTOs Restaurant on Nelson St, Auckland - not cool at all. 11 of us went there - ordered and had a good old time in each others company. i asked to order, but apparently the lady (not me who is meerly female) had to order first as that how they numbered the table. i think he may have been head waiter / shift supervisor - he was rude. my duck entree and lamb main was tops. the gnocchi had by 2 others tasted like over cooked soggy mac and cheese. the beef ravioli the person next to me had tasted like badly made beef strog in mediocre pasta. the only other person who really loved their meal was the snapper 'fish of the day' main. and at the end we couldnt split the bill. not that this was anywhere on the menu, or a sign on the wall. he (rude guy already mentioned) said the system didn't do it. then he said they had done it before and were lumped with unpaid bill. i offered to stay and pay any balance but he then said it was the owners policy. who was not there and was unable to be contacted by phone (on the moon perhaps?) And then he said that such is just not done in a fine dinig restaurant. thanks if you managed to read all of this - all I'm saying is that TOTOs is on the 'thumbs down' list for us. on the upside, there is a french place 3 doors down (cnr nelson and vic st) where the food is good and the staff are all french and really friendly. TOTOs - shame on you.

5 star rating
by Luca
Jun 21, 2011

I definitely recommend this place to who ever wants to try authentic Italian food. I lived in Italy for nearly 10 years and at Toto the flavors are as fantastic as the ones you try in the best restaurants in Italy. Grazie! Luis

2 star rating
by Stephen Harris
Mar 22, 2011

1) Portions were huge - too large and though most were tasty over all slightly disappointed at the taste. Veal was a bit bland and fish was similarly a bit of a let down. It's one thing to be an Italian restaurant with all the different parts to the menu (starters, entree, first main, second main, dessert) but then seems odd that you'd go and serve huge portions and look quizzically at the customer when they order multiple dishes. Why not reduce the portion size a lot, and price a little, that would encourage people to have more courses and make the whole meal feel more like an 'event'.

2) Service was OK to start with then got increasingly pissy for some reason.
Weren't particularly helpful or accommodating when we asked to have food wrapped up for take away. One of the dishes for wrap up and take away simply vanished and never came back after the waiter said "I'll try".

3) Waiter didn't take order on a notepad, which seemed impressive at first until he messed up one of the orders and forgot a request for water. Fairly minor things - but then, why not just use a pad? We won't think less of you, you're only human.

Overall, was disappointing compared to how I remembered previous meals there. With all the great places to eat in Auckland, there's no reason to go back here for a long time.

4 star rating
by Maia
Oct 16, 2010

Just had dinner here. It was a beautiful place, decor just great, adds to the feel of place, good vibe.
Food was good, will recommend the dessert platter for two, prefect.
Service was good, thanks Frank, small problem with bill, but all sorted in the end.
All in all it would be a place I would go back to again.

5 star rating
by Paul Andreoli
Jan 06, 2010

Having dined at Toto several times during 2009, I find the food divine and the service always exceptional.
The added value of dining while experiencing Opera singers is recommended

4 star rating
by Dayel
Nov 13, 2008

My husband & I adore this restaurant!We lunch there quite often & rate it as one of our favourites.
The food is excellent with it's twist of modern on the traditional.
For a number of years the marvelous warmth & service we have received from the Maitre'd Sonia has made Toto a very special place to dine.

3 star rating
by Peter L
Oct 01, 2008

Great food let down by inhospital serving staff.We were a table of five and seated first on a recent chilly evening. When I advised our waiter it was cold his response was it would get warm when more people came in!! Some host! We had arrived on a night which was booked out for a function-so a guy selling wine was popping up and speaking to all and sundry-would have been polite to be advised of this-but again doesn't seem to be part of the ethos of this place.