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The Town Ball Restaurant & Bar

3 star rating 26 reviews

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03 9435050

52 Manchester St, Christchurch Central

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Mon - Fri 10am - late Sat & Sun 9am - late


Reviews for The Town Ball Restaurant & Bar

3 star rating
by Nigel Burrell
9 months ago

Went with my wife a few weeks ago, the food and service was good, and based on those two things alone would definitely go back. However, the restaurant wasn't overly warm. It was a semi-cold night and sitting inside was a little warmer, but not by much, although as a born and breed Cantabrian for me it was bearable - but my wife definitely felt the chill. I don't think the bluey white light surroundings helps, as modern and fresh as it looks it does create a sense of coldness particularly on cold wet nights. Perhaps if they had red candles on the tables or more soft pinkish lighting, as well as heating the restaurant up a bit more, would definitely help.

4 star rating
by Rob Mitchelle
Jan 12, 2014

My partner and I have been here a couple times for cheap steaks on Wednesdays. So on my birthday I decided to splash out. Our waitress was friendly and polite. The food was really good, I had the 400gram steak and my partner had the lamb. To full for dessert. Pity it was a bit quite though.

4 star rating
by Ali
Nov 10, 2013

Like another reviewer, we were a little apprehensive with the mixed reviews but we were very pleased with the food. We had purchased a voucher for the seafood platter and it was amazing, probably the best seafood platter we've had in NZ. The fish goujons were so fresh and beautifully seasoned,there was a nice combination of hot and cold selections available. The service was great, we had a great waitress who was very friendly and attentive. The decor is a bit dark for my liking but overall a enjoyable experience with really good food, will definitely be back.

2 star rating
by Colin Horton
Sep 28, 2013

Would not recommend this Restaurant
Had the Fish platter for two it was terrible everything way to salty could hardly eat
Ordered an entree of mixed dish ended up getting platter for two they wouldn't take it back
Completely mucked up our drinks

2 star rating
by Alison Loffhagen
Sep 14, 2013

A friend and myself purchased a voucher for the main and dessert deal. As we have eaten here before thought that this would be a nice chance to return. It was extremely cold outside and on entering the restaurant found all the lights had been dimmed, apparently for ambiance. The restaurant was not only cold but the dim lights certainly didn't help. I ordered the Pork dish as I had had this before. Even in the dim lights I soon discovered this had not been cooked properly (in places like jelly) so our lovely waitress returned this to the kitchen where she very embarrassingly returned it to our table stating the kitchen said it was eatable. This I feel was not acceptable and we will certainly not be returning. With the number of new restaurants now in Christchurch I think the Town Ball needs to keep their standards up and I have since spoken to friends who will also not be returning for poor service and food. This is sad as you have a lovely venue and when you first opened the food and service was of a very high standard.

1 star rating
by Nancy Matoe
Sep 06, 2013

We went to The Town Ball on a Friday night it was only 1/4 full but still waited half an hour for our meals, I ordered the pork duo , the pork belly was very tough and the chop was so dry I could not eat it, it came with mash which were instant mash potato and no other veges, my husband got the 8 hour Flintstone steak which was average and came with the instant mash and cold vege. We will not return.

2 star rating
by Jo Mckeowen
Jul 25, 2013

After reading the previous reviews we went to The Town Ball with limited expectations. For entrees we tried the mac cheese and shrimp cocktail. Both very nice. For mains the Burgers ok, lots of fries, steak well cooked. Deserts brûlée and apple crumble/pavlova really good. Then came to pay the bill. We went on a Thursday and when discussing the menu were told that Thursday was $10 burger night so two of us ordered burgers but were charged full price. While it was $10 burger night what was not made clear to us it wasn't for the burgers on the menu. The $10 ones had less content. No acknowledgement by staff of poor communication or that they had any responsibility for the error. Not customer focused or interested in repeat business. Won't be going back. As per some of the other comments, very cold.

5 star rating
by Aidan
Jul 03, 2013

I went to the town ball with my Family last night for dinner. I had the crumbed chicken and chips and a sundae. The crumbs were nice and crunchy on the chicken. The lemonade had a surprise in the bottom of the glasses. I liked the sundae because it had sprinkles on it. I liked the wafer biscuits.

2 star rating
by Sally Gummer
May 28, 2013

Christchurch is very cold today but the Town Ball heating was totally inadequate. Those in our group who removed their coats soon put them back on and all felt the cold still.
The Pork Duo was minimal and no veges or salad garnish. Basically pork, gravy and mash for $31 !!
I could not recommend a visit.

4 star rating
by M Evans
May 26, 2013

Some mixed reviews on here, had me worried when I purchased a voucher online. But I have to say overall our dining experience was pretty good. My partner had the prawns which she said were "yummo" and I had the Angus steak cooked right, tender and the sides were good. Desserts had was a mousse which was described and seconded as rich as hell and my deep fried ice cream was different. Over all the service was good and friendly, wee bit chilly but it was a cold night. We will be back next time we are in Christchurch.

1 star rating
by Denise Stokes
May 23, 2013

We brought a voucher for $49.00 for two mains and two desserts, had the chilli garlic bread, would have been nice if it was swimming in sweet chilli sauce and soggy, the pork dish was great my husband said, as for my crispy chicken Caesar salad, first the chicken was deep fried crumbed pieces, very dry, processed bacon with no taste, some really lovely cos salad on the sides but cut up normal lettuce underneath, then lift up the salad to find the biggest slab of cheese all stucked together, that did it for me, and they put the salad in the smallest high sided bowls it's impossible to eat. I think that people that advantage of you because you buy a voucher but they must remember if you have a great meal you tell other people and you would go back yourselves, not us and we will pass on our experience. $30.00 for two beers and a soggy bread really!!!!

2 star rating
by Paige Gardiner
May 21, 2013

Four of us went for dinner last week and were all really disappointed with it. To start with we were seated at a very small table which would usually be the size you'd expect for two people and the table was wobbling. It took them over 30 minutes to take our order and then another 45 mins to get the food out. They brought three meals out at one time and then i was waiting for mine for another 5 minutes while my friends were all eating in front of me. As they were bringing my meal out, they dropped half of it on the floor right in front of me... we saw the waitress was having a bad day because we'd already seen her drop three other things in the times we'd been there so i was patient with her but any other place you go to if your meal is held up for a reason they give a complimentary drink while you wait. Finally after they brought my meal out i didn't even get an apology. The meals were bland and had no flavour. The staff were not rude but friendly or welcoming either. Extremely disappointed by the whole evening we all got up and went over the road to Dennys for dessert which was something we were finally satisfied with.

And in terms of value for money, $6.50 for a red bull???!

5 star rating
by Caitlin Northern
May 19, 2013

My boyfriend and I went for dinner here on Friday 17th May. We weren't expecting much after having read the reviews below, but we had a deal voucher - 2 mains and 2 desserts for $50.
Despite our reservations, we both ended up being thoroughly impressed! I ordered the Pork Duo (pork belly and a stuffed lamb shank) which came on mash with gravy and crackling. Both cuts of pork were cooked beautifully and the meal was really filling with plenty of mash. My only criticism is that some greens would have been nice; luckily my boyfriend had some with his meal and was willing to share. He ordered the Angus scotch fillet with herb and garlic butter. The steak was perfectly cooked and the sauce was delicious. Our meals arrived pretty quickly - hard to estimate time, but maybe around 15-20 minutes.
For dessert, my boyfriend ordered the lemon cheesecake which came with whipped cream and ice cream. I ordered the chocolate mousse which came with frangelico and whipped cream on top. Both desserts were amazing! I will definitely be coming back for more of the mousse... Good portions, too, and it was really quick to arrive.
We also thought that the atmosphere was good, and our waitress was lovely.

2 star rating
by Joy Hannah
May 06, 2013

A large group of us had dinner the other night and most of us were extremely disappointed. Five had the lamb wellington. Two were completely inedible, my lamb was so tough and the pastry undercooked so I had to be extremely rude and take it out of my mouth back to my plate! Three of our friends ate most of theirs with difficulty as they were so hungry after quite a long wait. We discussed this with the waitress who finally, after 2 or 3 trips back to the kitchen, agreed to halve the cost of two meals only. No discount for the other 3 meals as they were told they ate most of it. So we paid $16.50 for some mashed potato. One only dessert was ordered, Russian Fudge Creme Brulee was sent back immediately but got no apology. It had not been caramelised and the custard was split and looked and tasted revolting. The other meals were OK. About 10.30pm we felt we had to leave as all the tables were pushed to the sides to make room for dancing to the band which was setting up. None out of our group of 17 will go back. Shame because it is a nice setting.

1 star rating
by Victoria Clegg
Apr 11, 2013

Went for dinner about a month ago. Was really looking forward to it but the food was relatively expensive and quite frankly extremely average. We waited for over an hour and a half for our food but would of been okay with that if the food was good, but it wasn't. Then whilst in the middle of our dinner the staff started clearing the tables around us and making room for a dance floor. A few minutes later a group of 50 people or more started dancing right behind my partners chair, basically touching him, making us feel very awkward. The music was turned up and we could hardly hear each other.

The service we got from the young girls was mostly good though, and we got an apology for the wait from one at the end, but no discount.

3 star rating
by Ray Winstone
Jan 29, 2013

Went to this place recently. Food was alright but I think someone is having a giggle regarding the alcohol prices. Someone is out to make a quick buck. Won't be back

2 star rating
by Peter
Jan 06, 2013

We went for brunch, we both had the eggs benedict with chunky salmon, then we had coffee in a red cup and a black cup (bit twee) The wait staff have to carry the food from the kitchen which is in a totally different building. The toilets are outside in a portacom. That's not going to be good come winter. Odd bit, no windows. We won't be back again.

5 star rating
by Metro Jayne
Dec 31, 2012

First visit to Town Ball, went for breakfast. Great food (special mention to the slow roasted tomatoes) brilliant coffee and excellent service. Now that we know they do breakfast we will be back. And going to check out their lunch and evening menu too!

2 star rating
by Sal Stevens
Nov 30, 2012

We were really looking forward to coming here but were put off by the prices. I don't want to be paying close to $10 for a beer. The food is okay but nothing special. I kind of felt like we were being taken for a ride with the prices and they were more then Auckland prices...the meals are definitely not great value. Disappointed and underwhelmed.

5 star rating
by Amber Moke
Nov 27, 2012

Was pleasantly surprised by The Town Ball. What a unique destination! The coffee is fantastic and the meals were great value and tasted divine. The staff were very helpful and efficient. It had a great atmosphere. Looking forward to our next visit. Hopefully on the weekend to try the breakfast menu!

1 star rating
by Kyle Graves
Nov 18, 2012

We went there for a meal on Friday night. We had to wait a fair while to be served. We shared the seafood platter and although it was quite generous it was a little too generous as we had the bonus of a hair. $9.50 for a beer is a bit steep in my opinion. Also my date mentioned that the female toilets were a tad neglected. We won't be back any time soon. If you go, you might want to take out a second mortgage.

5 star rating
by Amber Cordy
Nov 12, 2012

I went the last Friday for lunch, food was excellent and so was the service, we were an unexpected table of 13. Highly recommend their twist on Mac n Cheese which is moulded into croquettes, crumbed and deep fried. It was so good went there again on Sunday with another friend. Meals were huge and fairly priced. The Mezze plate was enormous and enough food for 2. They bought out free nibbles for the kids while they waited. Highly recommended!! Their breakfast menu also looks to die for. Well done, yum

5 star rating
by Margaret Langley
Nov 12, 2012

Good morning
Had coffee and delicious free choc muffin at The Town Ball Sunday 11th November. Just wanted to say that the service was impeccable - very, very friendly and courteous and nothing too much trouble. It's great to have such an innovative and exciting new venue in Christchurch. Many thanks for your superb welcome and service. Coffee was good too!

5 star rating
by Sammy McCall
Nov 08, 2012

Went for dinner after checking the menu out over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Were greeted and seated straight away and our waitress, Kelsey, was wonderful. Told us the specials and making sure we were enjoying everything and always smiling. The meals are huge! Very good value and delicious! The whole atmosphere of the place is fantastic. Will def be going back cant wait to try more off the menu.

5 star rating
by Tembo
Nov 05, 2012

Popped in on a Sunday lunchtime. Food fantastic (the grilled prawns were to die for). Bit of a mix up with the orders and the second meal was late arriving but the situation was rectified quickly and very well handled. Will definitely be returning

4 star rating
by Ginny Rumbold
Nov 03, 2012

We didn't go for a meal but ended up, after looking at the menu sharing a crab and scallop dish. What did we think - simply divine.
Definitely will be going back to sample more of the menu.
Great atmosphere and friendly staff.