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Triniti Of Silver Cafe

4 star rating 38 reviews

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09 8158591

911 New North Road

7 AM to 4 PM


Reviews for Triniti Of Silver Cafe

5 star rating
by Luc Buc
23 hours ago

It was a pleasant surprise to find this coffee shop while wandering through Mt Albert neighborhood. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was nice and warm due to the fact that they have a yard outside and that we had the opportunity to have a chat with the owner about the local and the food. My wife had a salad with roasted vegetables and I had spicy lamb quesadilla. The salad is something perfect for anyone who wants to have a veggie dish and the lamb is better than some of the Mexican restaurants that I have tried. I would always recommend this coffee shop.

5 star rating
by Clarke Jones
10 days ago

Great service. Very attentive. Food was excellent and very reasonably priced. Also, nice and spacious dining area. There is a kids play area and locals can bring their dogs and sit outside for a coffee

5 star rating
by Aabhas Dole
13 days ago

Excellent place for a delicious breakfast for anyone near Mount Albert.

We ordered a Trinity special Omelette and a Trinity breakfast bacon and egg dish. We were highly impressed with the quality of the food and service.

This place gives a country side feel even though its located near a very busy street. Staff are friendly and importantly they offer a variety on the menu. The coffees we ordered were good but a little bit on the sweeter side.

Will I come back here? - Easy yes.

3 star rating
by I Am Hungry
2 months ago

Well we have mixed feelings about this place...at times its good and times its not that good..food is average service is ok...but at time it feels like u are just a cash paying thing to them..the smile is lacking...specially from the owner lady...

3 star rating
by Andrea
4 months ago

I hadn't been to Triniti of Silver in a while but I used to always order their eggs benedict with salmon which I remembered was amazing. However, I recently had brunch there and the eggs benedict and salmon had changed. I'm not sure why, new chef maybe? But it's different, too much hollandaise and the bread was too sweet - not as amazing as I remembered unfortunately. It was just ok. I don't think I'll order that again. Plus the table next to us had a group booking and they were extremely loud for a Sunday morning which wasn't pleasant. I understand this isn't the cafe's fault but it was fairly obvious so I'm surprised the waitress/waiter didn't tell them to lower the volume of their voices for other customers to enjoy their meal. We wanted to leave quickly because of them and it was too late to change our table as our food had already arrived. I don't think I'll go back.

Their chai latte was good though!

3 star rating
5 months ago

I had a chicken salad, good portion,fresh ingredients and greens were not soggy yay!.
Sad i cannot say the same about the coffee:( ..macas couldov done better

5 star rating
by Love My Coffee!
7 months ago

I've just had a fantastic mussel fritter, salad and salsa dish at Triniti, along with a great coffee!  I have come here on and off for years.  The chicken is free range, along with the bacon and eggs etc.  If you simply want a slice and coffee, their chocolate fudge slice is delish!  The Owners become more like friends, as they get to know their customers soo well, and always have a lovely chat!  Recommended for the friendly service along with the food.

5 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
8 months ago

This place is amazing. The food is very well presented and taste equally good. I am very fussy with coffee and they nail it. Plenty of seating area to choose from and the layout just make u feel comfortable. The service is extremely friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended this place and it will be a silly if u dont give this place a try.

3 star rating
by Leigh
Jun 29, 2014

Sunday time and the cafe is busy. Told that there would be a 20 minute wait as only have one chef on duty. Get coffees and 20 minutes past by and then another and ... Finally the waiter comes over to admit that they have lost our meal order. Gave us another round of coffees. Our meals did arrive quickly but less than impressed with quality or the wait.

5 star rating
by Squiddy
Jun 01, 2014

I hadn't been here for years but a vegetarian friend wanted to try it as they have some vegetarian options. I like the fact that they used free-farmed bacon, free range eggs and organic ciabatta bread. Their menu said they will substitute gluten-free bread for no charge. Two of us went there for brunch. The menu was all the favourites. Veggie friend ordered the vegetarian breakfast, I ordered the same with a side of black pudding. It was a great way to have a bit of a healthy fry-up. I really liked the fact that they had lots of sides to choose from.
The food was nicely done. All the components were cooked extremely well; crusty, herby potatoes, a huge pile of soft scrambled eggs, salty-sour toasted ciabatta and the black pudding was very good quality. The coffee was good too.
However the highlight was the service. It is for this reason that I'll keep coming back. I arrived first and got a warm welcome as soon as I stepped through the door. As soon as I sat down I was given a menu and asked if I wanted to order a coffee while I waited for my friend. My friend was shown where I was sitting instead of having to wander around the cafe like a lost soul. The young waitstaff were very competent and extremely friendly but genuine with it. However, the most impressive bit was when my friend moved her toast onto the tabletop and a hand discreetly slipped in and placed a side plate on the table. It sounds like a small thing for waitstaff to notice something like needing a side plate, but believe me, it's not. Staff also were vigilant about topping up water and checking on drinks. It was like being in a restaurant but with cafe prices.

5 star rating
by Lana Maria Lazarevich
Apr 07, 2014

I had my 21st lunch here and all the food got brought out so quickly, all of the staff are absolutely wonderful and helpful - the atmosphere is nice and the food is beyond amazing! I always get the BLT, it's priced very reasonably and it always tastes delicious, the ingredients are always fresh and perfect and the iced chocolate goes down so well with it. Can't wait to eat there again!

5 star rating
by Misha Okan
Feb 04, 2014

We have been to this place twice and I still stand by my original claim that they have the best bacon I have ever tasted, their food is always fresh and delicious and their customer service is more than admirable. Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for great cafe food.

5 star rating
by Perri Backhouse-Smith
Jan 22, 2014

Met a friend here for coffee and it was wonderful! My friend was running late but the kind staff welcomed me to sit down and wait for her, even bringing me a glass of water whilst I waited!

The staff were so friendly and helpful and the coffee was really good!

5 star rating
by Emma Mcilwain
Jan 09, 2014

My friend and I came to Triniti of Silver this morning for a late breakfast and both ordered the pesto scrambled eggs with salmon, avocado, tomato and ciabatta toast. This was by far the BEST breakfast I have ever had. We thought we might just get the smoked salmon slices but it was a decent sized fillet of fresh salmon. The best part of our whole experience here was that our meal was only $15 dollars!! I work in the hospitality industry and have seen many cafes/restaurants that would gladly charge between $18-$21 for this meal. I will most defiantly be coming back here for that meal again and many more. Keep up the good work :-)

5 star rating
by Katherine
Jan 01, 2014

My boyfriend and I always enjoy coming to Triniti. I find the food to be delicious and gluten free bread can be swapped in at no cost. The portions are very good and I struggle to finish every time. The coffee is pretty good too. Definitely a favourite of ours.

4 star rating
by Maggie G
Dec 29, 2013

Having driven past this cafe every other day for months, I was quite interested when a colleague suggested a group of us meet there for coffee. Many people( without having tried it I might add) poopood the idea saying it was an old ladies cafe!
It was easy to park in behind and there were quite a few occupied tables, about 3 of which were pensioners but also a young couple having brunch and a couple of young mums with toddlers. The cafe has a light and spacious feel about it though it's a little disjointed , and the service is warm and friendly. My lemon muffin was delicious, moist and dense. My friends' berry muffins,scone and caramel slice all looked appealing and were reported delicious. I The coffee was great! Large hot and frothy just how I like it! I would like to go back and try something from the brunch or lunch menu- the eggs bene on brioche with salmon that went past us looked scrumptious. You can also pop in for a wine later in the day and apparently there is sometimes live music .

4 star rating
by Rebecca Bennett
Dec 15, 2013

My partner and I came here today for brunch and we enjoyed it. There's lots of seating, and the food was delicious. I'll definitely be back.

5 star rating
by Kiri Jones
Nov 30, 2013

I am a local and have eaten here a couple of times, in fact a couple of years ago I encouraged my work place to have the end of the year xmas brunch. Food was great, good service and like someone else said the parking was a hassle due to lack of and one of our colleagues got a ticket. We returned the following year.

2 star rating
by Lynn Josephine Lim
Sep 30, 2013

$18 for vegetarian works - taking the mickey!!! Breakdown of the portion - 1 tablespoon of sauté spinach, 2 tablespoons of sauté potatoes (stated as cubes in menu but really is dice size), 1/2 a tomato, 2 tablespoons of onion marmalade (under done and no sign of marmalade consistency), 3 small flat/portebello mushrooms, 2 poached eggs (standard portion but looked and tasted like microwave poached) with 2 slices of dry ciabatta so called toast but no sign of colour like toasted bread. Was told used to be only a slice of bread.......oh dear.......and a very popular dish......for someone with no hospitality experience perhaps. Time for them to do some homework and start visiting other cafes around Auckland to see portion size served versus price charged especially with similar or same dish.

4 star rating
by Charissa
Oct 18, 2012

I finally succumed to my curiousity! I have always drove past this place and had plenty of excuses not to pop in however after spotting a nice empty carpark beside this cafe I decided to give it a go. I have to say it was a very nice experience, from the warm welcome and efficient service plus the delicious food they serve. The coffee was also very nice.The only reason there is a star missing is the parking as there is no designated parking for this cafe howeverb there are plenty of off street parking. Will definitely return.

5 star rating
by Richard_S
Apr 30, 2012

My partner and I spotted this place while desperately looking for a coffee fix after ANZAC service. The place was quite busy so early in the morning. Both of us like Allpress coffee especially when it is so well made and yes it was very well made even though we had to wait about 10 minutes but it has to be said that all the staff were truly swept off their feet as people were simply pouring in!

We chose poached eggs on walnut toast and eggs Benedict with salmon. Both dishes were very well made and considering how packed the place was the delay was nothing.

Just a small point- we really liked the coffee and both of us could have easily done with a second lot if only one of the staff had asked but we do understand the whole establishment was overrun with customers and we didn't want to add to the work load.

All in all a very nice experience. We certainly know where to come to for good coffee and food. We wouldn't mind paying surcharge for such an excellent experience but as there was no surcharge we contributed to the tip jar!

Highly recommended

5 star rating
by Jack
Feb 07, 2012

We were going for a walk on Friday night past Trinity and heard some nice sounds coming from the cafe was rather surpised it was open at night thought we would pop in and investigate, there was a young teenage boy playing guitar
We took a seat and was efficiently approached we ordered 2 glasses of Pinot and breads and dips, all very nice. Was great to hear live music and sample some European food in an area lacking in both

5 star rating
by Penny Smith
Aug 24, 2011

Came out here with my friend as my local is closed on weekends. If I were to choose a single word to describe Triniti of Silver it would be Awesome! Awesome selection of meals and good service to boot.
Although after meal treats were limited, whatever on display (we tried the friand & caramel slice)was very very tasty.

We thought the food we had was very reasonably priced. We had creamy mushrooms on toast $14.50 and my partner had the Triniti omelette $15.80. Honestly the omelette was beautifully moist and fluffy very well cooked without being burn't. Made just the way we like them.

5 star rating
by Stephen
May 22, 2011

Highly recommend the French toast and long black to die for! Very friendly staff. The marshmallow treat for our three kids came as a real surprise - thanks.

We would frequent this rather unusual cafe more often except we live over the shore but it a real treat for all of us when we visit my parents in Mt Albert.

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Feb 01, 2011

A fantastic brunch menu, flavoursome coffee and food. I had the vegetarian breakfast with perfectly cooked poached eggs. I loved the walnut wholemeal toast. Excellent friendly service.

We were all super-impressed by the free-range items throughout the menu. Free range bacon, chicken, beef, etc. Wow - brilliant.

Good kids menu, though we just chose sides of salmon and avocado and wholegrain toast for our daughter who loved it.
One improvement could have been even more salmon for the price of the smoked salmon side - it didn't quite fill up my 2.5 year old. But that said, she was more than happy in her high-chair, and seated right next the little kiddies' toy/play area, she had a fantastic time before and after eating, while us adults could relax and chat, still keeping a eye on her from nearby.

All in all, we loved Triniti of Silver, and highly recommend it for food, service, coffee, pretty easy parking and child-friendliness. Nice one!

5 star rating
by Gwen Peters
Oct 17, 2010

Our third visit to Triniti in as many weeks. Unbelievably good coffee.

On our second visit we couldn't make our minds about what to eat so on the waiter's recommendations my husband had the potato hot cakes and I had the Triniti works with black pudding. Thanks! what an excellent recommendation - it was very tasty and just the right amount of everything.

Couldn't resist the temptation to have a second lot of coffees on the way out.

We thoroughly recommend Triniti as a place for excellent coffees and food..
Very friendly staff

2 star rating
by Nicki Russell
Oct 01, 2010

I took my friend here for a birthday treat. I found it by searching for reviews in the local area, so it was chosen sight unseen.
The decor is immensely fusty and disappointing. Round windows, crazy paving, weird tables that rock on the floor and very dark. Parking was appalling - thanks Video Ezy for not towing!
The food was excellent though. I had mussel and courgette fritters that were fragrant, fresh with just the right amount of salsa and creamy dressing. Could have used more seasoning. My friend had the cajun chicken salad - which she said was yummy.
I will not be going again, however because the decor was just too depressing for words.

5 star rating
by Yvonne Crowley
Apr 27, 2010

My husband and 2 kids came out here after attending the dawn service. We were very hungry and absolutely craving for a decent feed and Triniti of Silver did not let us down. At about 8.30 am it was pretty much packed. I guess the "No surcharge" sign would have attracted a lot of punters. Considering how full the place was, the service was very very friendly and the food was excellent.
Both my husband and I had to have a second flat white and latte as we both found the taste really good. Unfortunately we did not realise that Triniti is fully licensed otherewise we would have tried some wine but I guess it probably would have clashed with the excellent coffees.
Triniti cafe at the corner of Carrington and New North roads is an truely amazing place to come to. They are a very unique setup with organic and free range and gluten free offerings on the menu and I like a menu where the vege stuff is written in green. An excellent effort by the team at Triniti of Silver - deserves a definite 5 stars.

5 star rating
by Peter Dwyer
Apr 08, 2010

Drove around looking for a cafe that was open on Good Friday and that is how our family discovered Triniti of Silver Cafe, nestled under the shade of of two huge trees at the corner of Carrington and New North Road. Difficult to spot if you are driving fast - which you shouldn't be! We were rather pleasantly surprised at what this place had to offer. I had Eggs Benedict and my wife had French Toast the kids shared a child's pancake. Very good food and the service was very fast and friendly. Our latte and flat white were very good.
But I guess the icing on the cafe was the fact there was NO SURCHARGE! As we were leaving the place was rapidly filling up. I guess all of them eager to be served a real treat. I think I will try the vege works next time as having spotted it on a neighbouring table it does look rather tempting.

Although quite a drive for us fron North Shore all of us felt the overall experience was very good and certainly tempted to come back.

5 star rating
by Melanie Thompson
Mar 15, 2010

Came here last Sunday with a couple of my friends. The place is a bit confusing and as it was quite busy it took us about 5 mins to find good seats but I'm not complaining. The taste of the coffee blew me away. Put very simply I am extremely fussy about my coffee and let me say this sets a new standard for Auckland - amazing that before I left I had finished my third! It took about 15 mins to get our meals (Eggs Bene , Child's pancake and BLT)there was not a single morsel of food that we left behind as it was very tasty. My friends and I were thoroughly pleased with our meals and in all honesty a 15 to 20 mins wait is nothing if it is quality you desire.

Aside from the food and coffee quality our waitress was very friendly and extremely professional. In all honesty a couple of days has gone by and I can still recall the taste of the coffee - simply sublime.

Good on Triniti owners for sticking with Organic, free range and other ethical food choices.

We only came here because we stayed overnight with a friend living in the area and we were all touched by the friendly service and ohhhhhh!!!!!!! that coffee.

We'll be back to Triniti.

5 star rating
by MarieW
Dec 23, 2009

Gosh! ended up here twice today. Came in at about 10am to meet a friend and the place was absolutely full. I had the most amazing scrambled eggs on toast ever. Very courteous and friendly staff. I am very fussy about my coffee but no complaints here. I think it is Allpress and it was very well made.

Came back in the afternoon after shopping at St Lukes as my friend had recommended I try the ginger bread slice. Once again the place was quite full. I was served the most tastiest ginger bread I have ever had the pleasure to eat. I could not resist a second coffee as it was once again very well made.
I am very glad I discovered this amazing cafe reasonably close to home as I can see myself frequenting this place from now on. Triniti - I thoroughly recommend the place

5 star rating
by Judi
Nov 12, 2009

always love coming to this restuarant for the lovely smoked chicken salad - never order anything else

4 star rating
by Justin Graham
Sep 27, 2009

This place deserves to be popular.

The coffee is Allpress and is well made.

The food is organic and is delicious.

It's a quirky rabbit warren of a place that has tables in strange shapes and strange places and the places feels a bit like a 70s school gym foyer that they put a cafe inside, but it's all part of the charm.

The owners are clearly a bit hippy but not in the sense that your food never comes or anything like that. These people are in business!

The organic food is very tasty and I've never had a bad experience here.

Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Healie Gibbs
Aug 29, 2009

Fantastic service, friendly staff and great food. All organic and extremely tasty!

5 star rating
by Ms-T
Aug 08, 2009

My personal view of any cafe/ restaurant is to check out the basics on any initial visits e.g. 'coffee' - can they make a descent one. I paid a visit a few times, different Baristas - all had different styles, the women folk faired better at making them (sorry guys, not this time!). Next step, take unsuspecting friends as guinea pigs to check out place together, a consensus is better than one voice (everyone's perspective differs greatly). An order of full breakfast, eggs bene w bacon & the french toast meals with coffees - all met with a rousing approval!!! My eggs bene, hollandaise will make or break an entire dish.. I only wanted more... simple, tasty & a delight on the taste buds. I'm looking forward to my next visit. Oh yes, I intend to spread the word of this fabulous place i.e. service from staff was attentive, professional and always friendly, have nothing negative to say about them. A very family & dog friendly place to chill out over the weekends! An Awesome local cafe.

5 star rating
by Susan
Jul 05, 2009

Amazing food and creative decor!

3 star rating
by Sarah
Aug 12, 2008

lovely food. bit pricey though

5 star rating
by Peter
Jul 19, 2008

A close friend of mine asked me to meet her at the Triniti for lunch. What a unique setup. I have honestly never seen anything like it. We were served a superb local wine and my meal which was a Chicken Satay (free-range organic marinated chicken) with courgette,capsicum, mushroom,garlic and onion in a satay sauce was superbly cooked. My complements to the Triniti Chef on a job well done. It took about 20 minutes. The tables are very unique in shape but blend very well with the rest of the styling. The staff are very polite and helpful in selecting menu items. I thoroughly recommend people pay a visit to the Triniti Of Silver Cafe and enjoy the superb food and extremely unique surroundings!