Truffle Espresso

3 star rating 13 reviews

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09 2700288

570 Mt Wellington Highway

  Cafe, Japanese
7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


Reviews for Truffle Espresso

3 star rating
by Keith Eades
2 months ago

I concur with fellow reviewers, this has gone downhill. It used to be the place to get your coffee craving. It mainly empty we we have gone in.

4 star rating
by Dee
Dec 06, 2013

This particular premises has changed hands a number of times over the past few years with very questionable service and results.
I have to say, however, that since Truffle opened, Ben and Ezra have been extremely polite and helpful to all our staff who often order lunch and stay late after work.
Their menu and sushi take aways, as well as their catering is absolutely superb and a lot of care is taken. They are, in fact, catering for our Christmas function next week.

1 star rating
by Renee Alford
Sep 20, 2013

Hands down the worst service I have ever had.
Where to start.

We choose this cafe for our favourite Benito bowl meal, a near empty cafe we thought there won't be much of a wait.
Firstly the order was wrong, then only 2 of the 4 meals came out. The chicken was fatty and stone cold, the offer was to heat it up in the microwave when a fresh one would have been ideal. - not a good start.
Next we asked for a side of mayonnaise twice, and this was still not received.
We then waited a total of 40 Min's, to no avail for the other two meals to arrive. nothing. No apology, or a message from the waitress to say it would be so long.
After the long wait it finally arrived - and our lunch break was over, therefore having to take away. Minus half the food that we paid for in a takeaway container. Miso soup was meant to be included with the $15 meal but of course wasn't.
When I asked to take a water or juice as an easy replacement they said no!

If you want to keep people returning you should be offering them solutions.

1 star rating
by Мѳдлд Кєячл
Sep 08, 2013

Glass in my meal! Dirty tables & cutlery! Rude staff!

The atmosphere was really ambient on entering. The décor was modern and sleek. However, we were seated at a dirty table & my friend had dirty cutlery & not just a little dirty but really filthy like someone had used it. We informed our wait staff, he replaced it & apologized. We ordered the Salmon Don & Beef Don which were beautifully presented, however, half way through my meal I bit down on a something hard and brittle. I immediately spat it out and discovered tiny shards of glass along with 10c piece size of glass in my food!!!!! I showed staff he took it to the chef & asked if I wanted my meal replaced with another meal!! Which I did not, understandably feeling a little sceptical. My dining companions were put off & did not want to finish their meals either. Instead we were offered a complimentary glass of wine. One friend who accompanied me to dinner was not drinking so we asked if we could substitute wine for a muffin. The staff serving us agreed. On leaving we were told we owed $3.50 for the muffin. I explained what had happened with the glass in my food & he had the nerve to say That they didn't know how the glass got there and I must have put it in my own food!! He then threatened to ring the police & have us arrested. Hands down the worst dining experience I have ever had in my whole life. Do not go there. Horrible does not even cut it.

5 star rating
by Bob & Aliisa And Aliisa
Sep 06, 2013

Evidently the owner read previous reviews and took them to heart. He was friendly, courteous, informative about both his culinary history and ingredients used, and both breakfasts and coffees were excellent, even though we were there on vouchers.

5 star rating
by DanDan Zhu
Aug 20, 2013

I went there with my friend for lunch. We ordered Pork Belly Don and Chicken Don, both were cooked perfectly! The environment was really good, with friendly staff and perfect service! I think they are really good with Japanese food ! Surprised with what we have got! Be honest, their food is cheap compare with other restaurant or cafe at the same standard!

4 star rating
by Ann Dew
Aug 16, 2013

I have eaten dinner twice here, and each time have been impressed with both the service and the food. I particularly recommend the vege tower, but the bento boxes are very good value, and even the fish and chips were beautifully cooked and presented. We drank tea, there is a great selection of Harney's tea bags to select from and the tea is served in your own personal tea pot. Service is friendly and attentive, and presentation is exceptional.

1 star rating
by Karen Tan
Aug 10, 2013

I brought a voucher for two for this place suppose to be able to consume to the value of $45.00 but frankly speaking it would not even worth the $20.00 for the stuff we got. The meal was small and very oily, boil eggs taste sour - worst was there were lots of burn black stuff (like char-co) on the bacon. Even the coffee were horrible.

I just could not understand how can a cafe able to serve such an easy to cook meal ( bacon and eggs) so horribly terrible.

This is my first posted bad comment ever but I just have to do it as it was really terrible - I am a shame for taking my friend there last Friday.

4 star rating
by Matt
Aug 10, 2013

Have been a few times now, taking various friends and family as its near home, always a great time, good coffee and flawless service every time.


1 star rating
by Frank
Aug 07, 2013

I am working around the area but never been here before. On Monday, I decided to give it a try. It turns out to be really disappointing. Beginning with a coffee, the milk is seriously burned. I ordered big breakfast poached eggs. The plate is really oily and there is still a piece of egg shell in the eggs. I have never been a fussy person, so I did not raise these to anyone. But I am sure that I will definitely not going back there again and do not recommend to anyone. It was such a bad day.

4 star rating
by Kay Barnes
Aug 06, 2013

Went today, with a friend. Very enjoyable!! Lovely surroundings. Excellent service from very friendly staff. Very enjoyable meal!! Very highly recommended to all!!

4 star rating
by Mark Sutherland
Aug 06, 2013

Went today with trepidation after reading a previous review, found staff helpful and food delicious and nice surroundings, very pleasantly surprised and will return.

1 star rating
by Paul
Aug 03, 2013

”Worst cafe in Auckland”
Forced to choose 1 star. I would have chosen minus -10 stars if I could.
The guy I think is a Korean was so damn rude that didn't want to serve us at all! Because he noticed that we were bringing in a groupon voucher with us!!
He asked whether we were booked in, we said we did call for more than 10 times in the past 2 days, but hardly anyone answered???? If you were to draw new customers to your xxxx cafe please treat everyone the same!
The guy even argued with me saying that if anyone leave their cafe we still can't be served as we were using voucher. Anyway I bet this cafe won't be existed in 6 months time with this kind of attitude!!!!