Tuihana Cafe

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114 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 9 AM to 2 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Tuihana Cafe

4 star rating
by Paul Evans
one month ago

This place deserves to be busier than it is.

A great range of homemade baking, decent coffee and a really interesting menu. Plus free wifi and no surcharge on public holidays.

I love their rewana bread, delicious!

5 star rating
by Carl Greenstreet
3 months ago

Had a flat white and porridge this morning. The salted caramel was delicious on the porridge and gave a slightly different perspective on sweetness in breakfast.

5 star rating
by Jesse James .
3 months ago

The service was excellent (i understand we were served by the owner).
I wasn't keen on the way they had French toast on the menu so they did it exactly how I wanted it which was really good of them.
Beautiful little cafe.

4 star rating
by Rice & Kai
4 months ago

We enjoyed our time at Tuihana.  The service was really friendly, the interior is modern and clean, and the menu is interesting with great Kiwiana twists such as rewana and kawakawa.

We tried food from their brekkie menu - I had the buttermilk pancakes with salted caramel sauce, toasted macadamias, banana and bacon.  This was really delicious and indulgent!  It was also pretty big - I couldn't finish it.  If you have a sweet tooth and love salted caramel, you should definitely check this out.

Hubby had the Tuihana mammoth breakfast.  This was a fairly standard big breakfast, although he found it a little under seasoned.

Parking was a bit hard on a Sunday morning as the carpark was full (not sure why) so we had to find a park somewhere on the street, but it wasn't too far away.  The place wasn't busy when we got there though, and it was good to see that this place has free WiFi.  No kids' menu though, so our little one shared our meals.

Overall, a good experience.  Would be keen to come back and try their lunch menu sometime.

3 star rating
by Vitale Eti
6 months ago

Tuihana's a nice clean looking cafe. Lots of white, like a new apartment. The staff are friendly and well, that's it really, the food's fine, coffee good, everything's really pleasant. It would be a good place for a team meeting or to take your grandparents to.

4 star rating
by Sungsam7
6 months ago

It was quiet the morning we arrived but that was because it was a public holiday. I know it gets busy during the week as this was recommended by our son whose company eat here often. Hubby went for the Mammoth breakfast and I the eggs bene. My eggs bene was OK but hubby goes by size and the portions and taste got a thumbs up from him. I have a long black with hot trim on the side - some places forget the hot water, forget the milk is to be hot or forget the milk altogther. Not so here, our order was spot on. The decor is lovely and clean. The service was friendly and not in your face. As we left more people started drifting through the doors. Parking was also good that morning.

5 star rating
by Christine
8 months ago

This is one place that you have to go more than once. The food is like art - looks amazing, tastes amazing. The pancakes were the best, going to have to make this a regular!

5 star rating
by Jenny Mespel
9 months ago

Tuihana is my all-time favourite Auckland cafe. My only sadness is I live too far away to go here very often. The staff are always welcoming and friendly, the food excellent and the coffee the best :) A fantastic choice if you want real people, real food and real coffee. Thanks team!

5 star rating
by Mary Smith-Underwood
9 months ago

Why oh why do i not live closer. I can't even begin to tell you how good the coffee is! Food is so creative, presentation is the star. Very creative...
I'm having coffee cravings. Hard to find but worth the effort.

5 star rating
by Kai Finder
9 months ago

I'm not sure what is nicer, the food or the staff. Great coffee and meals. Good selection of meals and sweet treats. A regular lunch spot for my friend and I.

4 star rating
by A Food Awakening
Oct 23, 2014

Tuihana Cafe is an airy and bright eatery at the end of Dominion Road (Town end). I came here as part of 'The Bloggers Brunch Club' with a great group of other bloggers from Auckland. 

What a great experience they offer. We were lucky to have the owner speak to us about the continuity their cafe provides and how tech savvy their cafe is. They offer awesome features such as ordering through email, txt, and twitter (thats a first!). When hiring new staff they ask their current staff what they think of new applicants. I thought this was a great idea, how often do we end up working with complete dummy's or bully's? 

They offer a large selection of menu items for both breakfast and lunch. I went with the creamy shrooms on toast, as again my other option that didn't have eggs on the menu were the pancakes, and the toppings shouted too sweet for me personally for breakfast. What i thought was a cool point of difference was that they served their dishes with a maori bread, traditional to the owners of which they handmade themselves. It was really delicious and just gave a different texture to your ordinary bread, as I think he mentioned it was potato based. The mushrooms were cooked well, but I don't think its necessary to serve butter on the side, as its already a creamy dish and the flavour could just be a bit more developed with less cream and more sautéing of the mushrooms, maybe a few herbs like rosemary or thyme added too. The banana smoothie I had was nice but it could have been a bit thicker with more banana as it was a bit more milky tasting. 
Staff were very friendly and the owner is an easy going, down to earth chap. 

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Very Good

114 Dominion Road, Mt Eden
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat, Sun 9am-2pm

4 star rating
by Sweet Mama M
Oct 20, 2014

I had brunch at Tuihana cafe with a large group of bloggers as part of a networking meeting. It's important to note that Tuihana does have limited customer parking on site but on week days you are more likely to find parking on side streets. Heading in, the decor is quite striking with bold graphic prints, large lampshades and a stunning landscape mural on one wall. There is a variety of different seating options available, unfortunately as a larger group we had to wait while the tables were reconfigured despite having a reservation.

The breakfast menu looked fairly standard with some sneaky little additions such as the Pacific Toast and the inclusion of pork fingerlings with the eggs bene. I was surprised to see that many of the dishes included rewena bread, what a great nod to our cultural heritage. I had the chicken and bacon pie from the cabinet which was delectable apart from the unfortunate oversight of containing a wee chicken bone (!). My soy mocha, however, was superb.

One of the things that intrigued me about this cafe was the ability to tweet or text your coffee order so that it is ready when you swing by. This would be incredibly handy if you worked at one of the nearby businesses or commuted into the city (Tuihana is on a main arterial road) and shows that they really understand their target demographic.

I really want to give Tuihana a higher grade but they just aren't quite polished service-wise when it comes to larger groups. I'd definitely be keen to visit again with my husband and son as I expect the experience would flow a little smoother if there were less than 20 in the party to cater for! That, and the Pacific Toast still intrigues me!

4 star rating
by Samantha Minny
Oct 20, 2014

Tuihana is close to my office building and I can see how popular it is from my window. I must admit that I am not a huge coffee person so I haven't had a huge amount of opportunities to go in. We did order their muffins for a staff leaving party and everyone really enjoyed them. They were a little pricey but they were decide size muffins and there wasn't a complaint in sight.
This weekend we went for brunch.
I had a tough time ordering because I was in the mood for something savoury but I don't like beetroot. I eventually went for the corn fritters with a poached egg, guacamole and bacon. The fritters themselves were tasty but there wasn't really enough bacon or guacamole for my tastes. For $16.50 I would have expected a little more than what I got.
I ordered a sweet Chai Latte and was not disappointed. It was a healthy size and it was incredibly tasty. I also ordered a Tropical smoothie which, while a little bit pricey, was really tasty and refreshing. They normally come in a pretty milk bottle but they had run out of them by the time I ordered so I got a takeaway cup. I was fine with this.
The decor was really nice, clean and fresh with the black and white Tui theme throughout. There were even Tuis in the tree outside. Nice touch! Everything is made on site and as fresh as possible which is a nice change from standard cafes. The staff were really friendly and made us feel at home even though we were a huge group.

4 star rating
by Amanda @ Move Love Eat
Oct 20, 2014

I had a lovely brunch at Tuihana on the weekend with a group of amazing bloggers. Tuihana has a nice fresh vibe and the staff were friendly. I broke my Chai Latte virginity here and it was delicious! I had the steak sandwich as I had already had homemade eggs bene earlier that morning. The beetroot relish was amazing and the egg really well cooked. I enjoyed the potato bites as a nice alternative to the usual fries. Tuihana is in a bit of a random place for lunch on the weekend but I would definitely consider going here again, I got a park in the car park with no issues and the food was great. All the food is made on site which is awesome. The only things I wasn't a fan of is that the toilet is a bit of a hike from where we sat (it's actually not that far though) and that the table we were at made it difficult to get in and out of (we were in a large group though so I don't think that is the norm).

5 star rating
by Clare Stone
Apr 02, 2014

I love this place, I work close by and am constantly dropping in for my coffee fix. I have often had lunch here and the food is delicious whether from the cabinet selection or from the menu and the staff are always smiling. It's definitely my favorite café around.

They also have one of the best reward systems around which doesn't rely on remembering to get a stamp every time you buy a coffee you automatically earn rewards every time you spend money!

4 star rating
by Kiwi Food Wonders
Nov 20, 2013

If you blink you’ll miss it. Tuihana Cafe is located on Dominion Road, but it’s nestled into the bottom of a commercial building at the junction of View Road. If the sign writing doesn’t draw your attention, you’re likely to continue on towards the famed Dominion Rd strip of Asian eateries. But you’ll be missing out.

When we stopped off for a lunchtime feed on a public holiday, we were given a very warm welcome by the friendly staff. This cafe embraces Kiwiana: rewana bread is on the menu, gorgeous tiki-inspired art graces the walls & they serve organic kiwi Phoenix drinks. Sweet as.

There are several other things that set this place apart, and that the owners pride themselves on. One is the warm, friendly service that makes you feel like you are a long-lost friend. These guys are building a community with their customers.

Secondly, they make & cook everything from scratch on this menu. No pre-made sauces, pre-cut chips or frozen battered fish here thanks very much. This is AWESOME news – so many places rely on mass-produced rubbish filled with additives & preservatives. If you ask what’s in a meal at Tuihana, they don’t check the packet to find out; they ask the chef. Bravo.

Lastly, this cafe is a tech-lover’s paradise. Free wi-fi, text to pre-order your food & coffee, watch the twitter feeds slink across the screen on the counter, or join them on Facebook for the special of the day. It’s no surprise to learn that one of the owners, Nate, has an IT background. Because of this, Tuihana is one of the most social media-savvy eateries we’ve come across, and in today’s digital world they’re leading the way in this area.

But computer know-how don’t mean a thing in the kitchen. Since I am still on a seemingly lifelong search, scouring Auckland for corn fritters as good as my mother’s recipe, I went for the Corn Fritter stack with Crispy Bacon, Chunky Tomato Salsa & Guacamole with Poached Egg, Balsamic & Watercress. The fritters were damn good. Not quite Mum’s standards but probably the closest estimation I’ve come across yet in Auckland’s cafe culture. And that’s high praise! But the tomato salsa & guacamole – yumarama! The salsa was delicious & chunky with tangy pickled cucumber, and the guacamole added that lovely rich avocado creaminess. The egg was perfectly poached with a lovely runny yolk.

The Scotsman went for a man-sized meal: the Kiwi Classic burger loaded with a housemade beef pattie, egg, beetroot & horopito relish & Tuimato sauce, served with kumara fries. The burger was tasty but a tad chewy. The condiments were tasty additions and the kumara fries were crispy & salty.

The rest of the menu has other Kiwi favourites such as Fush & Chups (no spelling mistake!), Salt & Pepper Squid and Eggs Benny on Rewana Bread among other goodies. Tuihana has a liquor license too, so you can enjoy a cheeky champers or beer with your meal.

To read more, check out:

4 star rating
by Ridhima Puri
Jul 19, 2013

My hunger for a beef burger drove me to this place. But on entering, I was told to try the NZ Whitebait Omelette instead! So I decided to order both!

Talking about the omelette, well it was delicious and worth trying over the burger. The salad which accompanied the dish had a unique sweet and sour flavor to it and the whitebait was quite outstanding. I wasn't expecting it to have an overall good taste and I was quite pleasantly surprised.

On the other hand, the kiwi burger was a meal in itself! After the omelette it was quite difficult to actually finish it and actually enjoy it the way I had imagined. But that being said, the 150gm beef pattie was the centre of attraction always and the delicious sauce to accompany it was amazing.

4 star rating
by Mary Underwood
Jun 01, 2013

Love this little cafe. Light and airy with a modern appeal but serving traditional cafe grub.
Mocha's are the best by a long mile and served with a jaffa on the side.
I wanted a particular breakfast off the menu which they were able to cater for me. My friend had the eggs benny and loved them, especially the rewana bread.
Staff are super friendly and attentive. My new favorite cafe!

5 star rating
by Raina Singh
Apr 15, 2013

One of the most welcome additions to the Dominion Road scene. Tuihana is an upbeat, vibrant cafe oozing Kiwi culture, innovation, and flavour.

One of the best loyalty systems I've come across; state of the art. Custom developed and includes all purchases (drink AND food), and an awesome ordering process that allows you to email, SMS, or hello, send your orders in via Twitter.

Fom the cabinet, the scolls are awesome with a cup of coffee - the cheesymite is a winner in my book, though you can hardly go wrong with the other offerings - caramelised onion, ham & cheese, savoury... and then the sweet options are plentiful and delectable.

For a light lunch, the salmon quiche is a winner!

If you have more time to spare, the salt & pepper squid off the menu is amazing - the figs that are served alongside them are to die for. Leslie's Rewana Bread is beautiful, and if you happen to be around on the final Friday of the month, don't pass up the opportunity to sink your teeth into the beautiful Taniwha burger!

The staff are friendly, know me by name, and always take the time and care to share a friendly conversation.

5 star rating
by David Reed
Aug 09, 2012

A lovely Cafe, where all the staff know my name. The staff are really friendly welcoming - make a huge effort but are still relaxed.
Excellent top quality food with a large tempting menu.
Very nice surroundings.
Definitely have recommended to friends and family.
Well deserved Five Stars.

4 star rating
by Pam B.
May 26, 2012

Went for breakfast. Really good flavours in here without the heavy handedness of other cafes. Doing the NZ thing with originality.

5 star rating
by Romeo Miguel Manlangit
May 14, 2012

Best Cafe in Auckland!

Awesome Staff, Awesome Coffee, Awesome Food, Awesome Environment..

Attention to detail, always friendly, fast service.

Now they've incorporated a brand new ordering system via email or SMS, I haven't tried it myself but I'm sure the people who are 'on the go' can really appreciate this.

Thank god I only work upstairs.

Cant ask for more..

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Apr 02, 2012

I stopped in briefly at Tuihana for a nice roast vege panini with hummus.
What a lovely light, clean, and funky cafe.
Very friendly helpful staff explained the food choices well.
The food highlight for me was the treat that I chose after my meal: a chocolate macciato truffle ball. Yum!!!

I was offered salt & pepper for my panini, and being a salt-addict lately, I would have been wise to take up the offer of sprinkling a bit more salt on the panini to make it even more to my liking. I do think it's good that they give us customers a choice though - better to lean towards less seasoning than too much. And I think if the kumara was heated through just a tad more, the panini would have been 'excellent'.

Very very handy was the free parking down the driveway... specially on a rainy day like today.

My 5 stars are for the excellent service from great staff, the quality of the food, the easy parking, and the very styley interior.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Jan 31, 2012

Everything a modern cafe should be, light, airy, free-parking, free-WIFI all along with welcoming service and great coffee. All the standard stuff done well.

We were only there for breakfast but will be heading back to to try the lunch menu.

Well worth a stop.

5 star rating
by Emma
Oct 22, 2011

This is by far one of the best local cafes I've been to, even made an account just to write this review. I don't think I've ever had a bad meal here, and I do go very very regularly. I'm pretty fussy with food, but will eat basically anything on the menu. Staff are amazing and have definitely realised the importance of a smile and a little polite conversation.

3 star rating
by Sec
Aug 28, 2011

Update: Went here on Father's Day in a group and they were struggling with the service as there were more customers than usual. Relish was only served with the big breakfast order and not with the poached eggs and bacon which made them quite ordinary. Also portions of bacon varied which was annoying for those who received fewer rashers. Coffee still great and served in a reasonable time.

Original review: A really reliable cafe with good food and great coffee. Very friendly service in a fresh and stylish setting. At the moment the weekends seem to be quiet so there's always plenty of space and very quick service.

Eggs poached perfectly and lovely bacon, although we would like a better choice of bread for toast. Lovely relish on the side. Really nice little carrot cakes also.

2 star rating
by James Radics
Jul 30, 2011

As other reviewers have said the portions were a good size but they used packet hollandaise which I think is a bit rough considering you are paying $15.50 for a benny. Coffee was so so. No fresh juice only bottled. Service was very polite. I certainly wouldn't rate this as highly as others have.

Oh and the "home made" relish we found out is not made on site. Lol

5 star rating
by Alex Lovell
Jun 14, 2011

Great cafe! Bright and friendly service from efficient staff who are extremely capable of making some of the best coffee in Auckland! Awesome food with an original 'kiwi' take on some much loved classics! Always great to see kiwi culture delivered with style. Welldone Tuihana. (Added bonus... Free parking!) try it for a relaxing Sunday brunch, you won't be disappointed!

Update: the relish! You have to try the homemade relish! They're not kidding... It's like a symphony in my mouth! Yum.

5 star rating
by Royce Lynn
May 08, 2011

Had brunch at Tuihana Cafe for Mothers Day with the family. The food, coffee and service was excellent, I had a chicken salad with crunchy noodles and a side of chips, the accompanying "Kawakawa" relish with the chicken salad was delicious.

I would highly recommend Tuihana cafe to anyone wanting a good meal, with great atmosphere and friendly service.

Ssssh don't tell anyone but the marmite and cheese scones are delicious!!!

Update: Had lunch at Tuihana Cafe today, great service, great food and excellent coffee!! Up to its normal high standard.

5 star rating
by David E
Apr 29, 2011

My partner and I have been to Tuihana for breakfast a few times now, and went for lunch today. We weren't disappointed- great food, extremely friendly service, and good coffee.
The lemon truffles are to die for - will definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Adam Jobbins
Apr 04, 2011

Any Wellingtonian coffee drinker knows that you can't go past Mojo, so I was pleased to see Tuihana had it for when I visit Auckland. Not only that but on both occasions I have visited so far, coffee has been so well made it easily ranks as the best I've had in Auckland. The food is really good and well priced, plus they have free wifi too!

5 star rating
by Giapo Grazioli
Apr 02, 2011

Amazing coffee! Amazing food! Honestly this a little hospitality Pearl in Our little city. Creamy mushrooms are a big win!
The meals are generous in size and tasty as.
I also recommend the big Breakfast.
I will come back for more!!!!
Well done!

5 star rating
by Chris Hoffmann
Apr 02, 2011

Excellent food that comes nice and fast, even if you are in a large group (9) Outstanding service. Strongly recommend especially for breakfast :) Recommend the Tuihana Big Breakfast!!! (All day (ish))

Parking available off dominion rd.

5 star rating
by Alison Hogg
Mar 30, 2011

I stopped in for lunch last week and it was a great place to stop for an hour and watch the busy Auckland life bustle by outside while nice and relaxed on the inside. Perfect cafe atmosphere.

The NZ whitebait omelette is to die for - cooked to perfection. I'm not a salad fan, but the vinaigrette on the side salad was so tasty, it ensured the salad did not go to waste :)

The coffee was prompt to the table, and also excellent. Nice to get a good Mojo coffee outside of Wellington. I'll definitely be back for a weekend brunch one day soon!

5 star rating
by Jessica D
Mar 30, 2011

Nice little cafe, great decor and even better coffee. It's nice to see more Mojo coffee in Auckland, rather than having to go to Wellington for my fix.

The food is great and the service friendly and fast. Definitely a HUGE improvement on the Coffee Cup which used to be here.

Try the corn fritters - amazing!