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Turkish Kebab Express

3 star rating 11 reviews

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09 3778499

7 Mount Eden Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland

10:30 AM till Late


Reviews for Turkish Kebab Express

4 star rating
by Tim
27 days ago

I come here often for lunch and the Lamb on Rice is fantastic! Very friendly service and there is usually lots of parking available. Definitely worth a visit

3 star rating
by Selin
2 months ago

We coincidentally find the place, before a gig at Powerstation. We tried the chicken and lamb kebap in turkish bread. The hot sauce they have is a must-taste. Prices are as usual. Thumbs up.

5 star rating
by Yu Hyun Ahn
2 months ago

Can't compare to any other cheaper kebab places...

Kebab on rice is a medium to high restaurant standard dish.

Price is obviously higher than other kebab places that offer 5 dollar kebabs etc but better in every single aspect.. 12-17 dollars for most things on the menu? affordable, still cheap for a good meal.

Staff quite friendly too.

Worth a try for those who haven't

1 star rating
by Sean
6 months ago

All I have to says is wow, I could have cooked a kebab better with my eyes closed. The lamb Tasted pretty good amongst the soggy Turkish bread.

4 star rating
by Tanz
8 months ago

This place always looked empty most of the time I walked pass or went there but the food is really good and big portion.

One kebab can feed 2 people easily (if you are not that hungry) and the chips is so good with lime & pepper salt.

The tiny bit let down is service that staff don't really smile and you don't feel welcome when you walk into the shop. Oh well...as long as food is good and service is not that terrible. I will continue going to this place :)

3 star rating
by Tuku
9 months ago

Walked in with ma friend after work for quick dinner fix. The guy that served us on a Thursday evening, my golly. He must of had a bad day. No communication, no welcoming, no helpful gesture or a hint on orders. So we ordered, he didn't have any of the meals we want. See pics on our orders. I got a say the food was yummy, sad about the personality. A couple who arrived when we started eating got served water. Huh? We didn't get that service. Maybe we're poly. But we thanked him when we left. Never going to that place again. I'll try the restaurant next to u.

5 star rating
by Violetta
Nov 08, 2013

I am glad that I could eat turkish cusine in Auckland city, yesterday I took my best buddy to dinner, I thought wow the lamb chunks were amazing, I was astounded! The service was very welcoming and fast! I truly enjoyed my meal and the atmosphere was very nice!

4 star rating
by Ricardo Key
Nov 08, 2013

Their chicken sish are the best! Consistent in taste, texture and flavor! Pretty much happy from service too

1 star rating
by Isaac Valach
Oct 19, 2013

Arrived late evening to grab a bite to eat, I ordered the mixed kebab total cost $11 with 3 sauces- comes with 2 sauces & additionally are $.50 each also brought a drink for $3 total cost was $14.. You do the math. As I was waiting the guy making my kebab, a younger guy wearing glasses blew his nose on a tissue & then placed his used tissue on the bench next to all the food in the front service chiller- this is reason for 1 star . Apart from that the food was very tasty! Please review your food handling practises as this may cost you dearly.

4 star rating
by Bernadine Phillips
Jan 21, 2013

I love this kebab place! they use real lamb and not that stuff that comes on that giant roll thing. One of my favorite kebab places in town.

1 star rating
by Johnson
Nov 17, 2012

What a huge disappointing evening. The service was terrible, specially from the owner.
I never seen a shop owner argue with his customer.
He was shouting at his staff in front of us, I told them can you please do this later not in front of your customers.
He turn around and say's its not your business, you can go out if you don't like it, but we already paid the money and he was not willing to gave it back.
The service is pathetic.
And the food was just ok. As meat were pre-chopped and not fresh. They say it comes with "hummus" and there was no "Hummus" left in tary and also in our "Kebab".
Will never go back there.