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590 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland

5:30 PM to 11 PM


Reviews for Tusk

5 star rating
by Joanna
one month ago

Regularly been to this fantastic restaurant. Every time I come back home to nz my parents take me here. What a treat. Big portion sizes and great promotional deals. I don't know what other reviewers are commenting negative about it..
Place is cozy with dim lights. Prices are reasonable too. Great wine. Excellent hospitality. Staff always remembers us. Food is delicious and authentic. Try their flaming chicken and steamed fish. Yum!:)

2 star rating
by Hao Chang
one month ago

Time for an owner change!!!
Came with a grabone for 4. Totally a diaster, rang to make booking but was forced to hang up and go online to book, as they do not take telephone orders. Was allowed to order 8 apitizers, which were all extremely small and  tiny. All the mains were super tiny, chef recommended BBQ beef was a big joke: only 10 pieces of beef slides on a small dish. Rice not included, $2.50 each. $20 return voucher says on grabone but was never given when paying for the meal! Will never come back!
Time for an owner change, Tusk!!!
Important things repeat 3 times:
Time for an owner change, Tusk!!!
Time for an owner change, Tusk!!!
Time for an owner change, Tusk!!!

4 star rating
by Josh Law
one month ago

Came with a pretty good voucher. Walked in, sat down and went through the ordering process. After 20mins or so duty manager mentioned that we couldn't use vouchers unless we booked (fair enough, was on t's and c's). However we began to leave and duty manager allowed us to have the same deal for a cash price (good service on their part) so all was well. For starters, we got curry puffs, pork crackers things, wok tossed veggies and chicken satay. Cost around $7 each and they were small for restaurant standards. Very tasty though. Our mains came, ginger fish and also a massamun curry. Both the meals were delicious, but the curry was very small indeed( the pics make the food seem bigger) I know thai restaurants that serve double for a similar price. Overall, great service, quick and tasty food but the serving size is a little small.

3 star rating
by Ed
2 months ago

Not too bad for a Thai restaurant. Quite busy due to many deals they offer on a frequent basis.
Serving sizes are quite small for the price.

Food: 6/10
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 16/25

4 star rating
by Sheena
2 months ago

I've walked past Tusk so many times every time I eat on Dominion Road. When I went in with a group of friends, we sat in the back which was like kinda outside but sheltered? The service was friendly and attentive. We ordered the flaming chicken, sizzling beef, a chicken curry, Tom yum soup and another appetizer between us. The food was actually pretty decent! I was pleasantly surprised.

Since then I've been back and tried the BBQ duck curry and a another chicken dish! Both of which I enjoyed. The inside of the restaurant is slightly cramped though, and it is usually busy on the nights i dine in (or walk past). I will definitely be back!

4 star rating
by Gia
2 months ago

Food is great, especially their small platters. Prices are not too bad although portions are way too small especially some of their mains. I definitely recommend their flaming chicken! Customer service is not bad and are very friendly.

3 star rating
by Chr Cat
2 months ago

The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. The flavours were kind of bland and boring, not very representative of what Thai food has to offer.

The prices are a bit up there, but the portions are big and service very friendly.

I would only recommend going if you have a voucher.

3 star rating
by Charlene Weaver
2 months ago

I bought a grabone deal for 2 mains and 4 small plates as it looked like a pretty sweet deal! 

Unfortunately the food was very average, nothing special. I was especially disappointed with the Pad Thai as its my favourite thai dish. The penang curry was quite nice however the roti they served it with was horrible - didnt taste like roti at all!

The service was great - staff were friendly and food came out quickly. Waitress always topped up our water too. Unfortunately the food just lets this place down.

3 star rating
by Rhiannon Leader
2 months ago

After reading mixed reviews about Tusk Thai online my partner and I decided to ditch our inhibitions and snatch a $30 Grabone voucher. With such a bargain there was really nothing to lose. On arrival we were gratiously welcomed by the waitress and quickly allocated a table in the corner of the restaurant; a relatively secluded area. For our 4 smaller dishes we chose the crispy squid, king prawns, cucumber scallops and prawn fresh rolls. All of the dishes were beautifully presented and were incredibly aesthetically pleasing. In saying so, we were disappointed with the tastes of the dishes. It wasn't that they tasted bad, per say, they just completely lacked in flavour altogether. The main dishes again shared this lack of flavour. I had the garlic prawns and my partner had the beef main and much to our disappointment we couldn't finish the meals. Despite this, the atmosphere and lovely staff made up for the food and we had a great evening regardless!

5 star rating
by H J
2 months ago

Went on a Thursday night and tried 6 dishes (would recommend the soft shell crab), ranging from good to delicious, had a great time and would recommend!

3 star rating
by Vinay Reddy
2 months ago

Used a group-on voucher. Had an underwhelming start with appetizers however made up with tasty soup and main course, friendly service and good atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Anna Hinehou
2 months ago

My work team of 5 and I went along to Tusk for dinner on a rainy Thursday night. It was good. Good food, good service, good setting. Nothing remarkable, but good. A good option in Balmoral which has stood the test of time (I dislike that descriptor but it fits) in a often changing suburb.

5 star rating
by Jamie Lyons
3 months ago

I have been a customer of Tusk for years. Consistently some of the best Thai food around. From the sizzling beef to the duck salad, you cannot go wrong with the balanced flavours. Service is always excellent. Definitely one of the top choices for Thai in Auckland. We will surely continue to return!

5 star rating
by Moesha
3 months ago

Went to this restaurant with a Voucher and what a night it was! The staff are ever so attentive and the atmosphere is nice and relaxing.  The staff check and ensure that you are enjoying your meal, the best quality of service I have experienced in a while.  The food was delicious too, and I couldn't recommend this Restaurant enough to my friends and family.  I am looking forward to going again to this Restaurant.  The staff are super friendly and are always smiling, they obviously like working there too which is nice to see! Happy Customer!!

4 star rating
by P L
3 months ago

Came on a busy night - the service however was very good and staff were attentive. It was my first time here and I can't say the food was anything special. Would say cost is actually about $90-100 for 2 people when considering food (starter, main + drinks) rather than $60 as stated on Zomato.

3 star rating
by Kishore Mitra
4 months ago

Went there with a Grabone / Yazoom voucher. Quickly realised why they keep offering these discount vouchers. We had to send the dirty empty plates away and get clean ones. Service was attentive but the food took a while. That wasn't expected as the place was almost empty that evening. The food wasn't flash either. Actually the food wasn't very good at all compared to some other Thai restaurants. You get what you pay for I suppose. Or may be that was a bad day for them. The interior was well done up though. But as first impressions go, that was enough for me to make that the only one. Also, parking can be a major nightmare unless you know the area well.

3 star rating
by Ayden Barnett
4 months ago

Tusk was very busy which is normally a good sign, however busy or not long delays on a booked table and even longer delays for orders to be taken was far from a good start. Nice decor and a cosy feel for a cold winters night was great and the staff, when they got around to dealing with us, were helpful and pleasant. However delays, nice staff and cool decor don't make a fantastic meal and this is where Tusk has difficulties. The foods 'so so' - not good, not bad, just yeah. I ordered flaming chicken and it arrived, flaming, and well chicken. Tasted like chicken and was well cooked but virtually no spice, flavour or anything. Entrees and other mains were also lacking in taste and again - average. Slow service for great food is fine, slow service for average food, no so great. Nothing seriously wrong with Tusk but by the same token nothing seriously right with Tusk either and with so many other amazing Restaurants around I'll not be back.

3 star rating
by Julian Diprosé
5 months ago

We there for dinner on Sunday evening, just me and the girlfriend. Environment is always a nice place to start, quiet warm and intimate setting which ticked all the boxes! On the other hand the service was poor, our waitress was lovely, but she was obviously 'new' and had little to no English. Good wine and beer list, Although my girlfriends point gri tasted as if it was poured out of a bottle opened two weeks ago! Last but not least food, was average to say the least. I had the spicy Thai noodles..... The vegetables seemed as though they were from a bag of mixed frozen vegetables. And not enough to noodles! Chicken larb, I've had better, not too bad though! Overall wasn't to bad of a evening, doubt I'll be returning though.

3 star rating
5 months ago

I quite like it here, lovely set up and theres also a little room tucked away at the back to dine in which we enjoyed. Staff were very helpful and friendly:) we didnt have to wait long for our meals, i ordered chicken pad thai which came on a plate with a ommeltte slammed on top of noodles veges and chicken. Didnt look right at all and also the manager noticed it too but i dug into it and it tasted just fine so i was happy.
Other than that, service was great and we were well looked after. Look forward to going back again.

4 star rating
by Noleen
5 months ago

Went there tonight, the staffs were very friendly the environment was nice. It was nice and warm in the cold weather. Food was amazing plus the cocktails❤️ will definitely return again

4 star rating
by Shanzay Thakurdas
5 months ago

Second time going after getting Grabone vouchers for an Entree and Main for each person. GREAT DEAL! Went with the family for a dinner. Everyone got small enticing spoons of traditional tastes, and then an entree platter with curry puffs, satay chicken skewers, spring rolls and tofu triangles, one entree which was a soup option, I got the Tom yum soup was DELISH, we also ordered the full fish, cashew chicken, Penang curry, flaming chicken, sweet and sour chicken and a Pad Thai. Everything was perfect and there was so much food left over we took it home and had it the next day. Such good value for money and a great experience. Will go again for sure, love Thai, love Tusk!

5 star rating
by Aniva Huang
6 months ago

Came here with my friend for dinner.
The waiter was very helpful with portion sizes.

The seafood in the tom kha soup was very fresh and it didn't have that rubbery texture.
The pad Thai came wrapped up in an egg omelette which was adorable!!

We were really keen for the Thai dessert selection but they were sold out! Must of been really popular :(

5 star rating
by Rachna
6 months ago

We had a Grab One deal for a five course dinner.

Five courses of very tasty thai food made with fresh ingredients.

Their service was quick and efficient.

Would definitely go back again!!

4 star rating
by Donna&Shane
6 months ago

Been here a few times definitely one of the best Thai restaurants to go to. Great food and great service that hasn't changed for the years that this has been open .... Worth going to.

5 star rating
by Jan
6 months ago

Best Thai I've had in awhile. Super generous portions and very polite staff who are attentive. Lovely food and they definitely made us feel welcome even with a voucher. Would definitely recommend and keen to take new friends to try other dishes!

4 star rating
by C And J
6 months ago

Brought a grab-one voucher for a 5 course dinner experience. Food was tasty and had generous portions! The staff were absolutely wonderful; provided great service! We will definitely be back as we got our money's worth. To top it off, we got a $20 dine-again voucher which we will be using in the future!

4 star rating
by HJ
6 months ago

Got a chefs dining experience voucher off grab one which was really good value for money. Food was good, but we are pretty easily pleased when it comes to Thai food. Restaurant was a bit cramped and quiet busy. Portions were relatively big. Prices are not competitive compared to other thai options on dominion road. Would definitely recommend going there if you can get a grab one voucher!!

4 star rating
by Zhora Watson
7 months ago

Best lamb curry everrrrrrr, Meat was so Tender!! Only down side it was kind of expensive and slow with taking out orders ( we did have a quite a big table) if cost wasn't an issue I would totally go back all the time

4 star rating
by Grace Sifa
7 months ago

been here several times.. great thai food. Best appetisers are the pork and prawn triangles, salmon skewers and sesame king prawns.. I would be happy just eating these. Mains we love the whole chilli snapper served beautifully covered in sliced spring onion and oozing their yummy sauce, the yellow chicken curry is a favourite of ours and has to be eaten with a roti each.. this is our go to thai place :)

4 star rating
by ZP
8 months ago

Big mains portions! Had bought a deal online and was slightly wary as to the t&cs but was quite fairly treated. As it was a 5 course deal the entree and soup options were limited but decent enough including quantity. Ordered an entree tempura prawns which were very lacking in both flavour and quantity as only 4 provided. Garlic prawns in mains was another disappointment followed by the thai beef salad which really was much more a gravy dish than the way I have always had it including in Thailand. The whole fried fish was the star of the evening though best left to those who can handle spice - 5/5 for it. The chicken and coconut soup was good as was the green curry. The dessert was decent though would have loved it to have been more of an authentic thai menu. All in all a good experience especially when gifted with return visit vouchers where we can sample other items though the fish and the green curry will be a repeat order. Definitely pricey for thai but the portions were sufficient. Do light up the place better - near impossible to peruse the menu. Excellent also to not be charged separately for rice. Please put on a more authentic thai flavour across the menu.

3 star rating
by Laura
8 months ago

Went for a drink and some entrees-very average. Wouldn't go back.

4 star rating
by Dougie Greig
8 months ago

What a nice place. Quick, friendly, efficient service. A great meal. Gold bags, tempura prawns as an appetizer. Sizzling Beef and Chicken cashew nut with Roti as a main.

4 star rating
by Ilovefood
9 months ago

Tusk is a wonderful authentic Thai restaurant, cosy and intimate its perfect for family gatherings or dinner with friends. There is an abundance of different dishes to choose from, my family had the sizzling beef and a duck dish. The portions were generous, prices fair and the food was delicious, next time I will definitely order the flaming chicken, though I didn't order this dish at the time it looked spectacular on the plates passing by. The staff were also friendly and attentive, best part of the evening was our oven baked passion fruit cheese cake. It was absolutely divine, the perfect way to finish off our delightful meal.

4 star rating
by Rakesh Kanji
9 months ago

Been to this place many times now. Pretty much regulars. The staff are friendly and the food is tastie. I suggest the lamb curry.

1 star rating
by Shannon
9 months ago

Dining here was a less than pleasant experience. It was hot and the restaurant had many flies. We had to put our napkins over our plates to keep flies off.
Waiters obviously were struggling to understand orders, when a beer was ordered the waiter turned up with two beers that were the wrong ones.
A shame that we couldn't enjoy the food due to the heat and unsanitary conditionsz

3 star rating
by Zane Marjorie
10 months ago

Tusk provides decent Thai and reasonable pricing. Also the support for events is above average, we've had several parties here with upwards of fifty people with no hassles.

1 star rating
by Dragan Jovanovic
10 months ago

We booked a table for 7pm two days in advance. When we arrived at 7.08 pm we were told that our table was given to others and that we have to wait. In about 5-10 min we were offered a table in the back room and next to the opened back door. Not really what we hoped for. We ordered drinks first. A bottle of wine was chosen however after 10 min no signs of the bottle. The waiter came and apologised saying that chosen wine is not available. Ok, I selected my second choice. 5 min later we were told that our second choice wine is not available either. I had enough and went to a liquor store to buy a bottle of wine. Placing orders should have been simple as dishes are assigned a letter and a number (C5). But nothing was simple that night. The waiter had to repeat our orders (4) reading full name of the dish, none of them was correct and took him 3 min just to repeat. Three main meals arrived about at the same time, however the fourth main came 5 min later. You imagine four hungry people looking at three dishes and waiting one more to arrive. The food was ok. For desert we have had ice cream that came with some fruit. It was served on a flat plate with a fork to eat with.
Next time takeaway from Tusk only.

4 star rating
by AngeLi
11 months ago

Finally got the chance to dine in this restaurant and I wasn't disappointed. Their service was quick and efficient eventhough it was a fullhouse that friday night. Food was good. We had the lamb curry and pad see eew and i liked how fresh their veggies were. Quite pricey for a thai restaurant but it's good that they pulled off a fancy feel inside despite being in dominion road slash chinatown. :)

4 star rating
by Lex Antony Huang
Nov 04, 2014

I was pleasantly surprised by Tusk. The entrée was definitely the star of the night; it was packed with flavours and reminded me of Thailand. The Tom yom soup however was on a sweeter note which in my opinion was out of balance. Patric Turnock had the sizzling beef which came in a generous size. It was nice but not outstanding. I had the flame chicken which was bland and dry. Was told that I could've asked for a sauce to pair with it.

The reason I gave this restaurant a solid 3.5 was because 1) flavours were there 2) presentation was consistently good 3) I can't wait to try their curries

3 star rating
by Eugene Z
Oct 28, 2014

Went there with a large group of friends which resulted in an extremely long wait time of over an hour for our food, though I believe this was due to them wanting to being all the food out at once. I ordered a Sizzle beef dish which I considered lacking very in meat but was nevertheless still delicious, though I also felt like the serving size could of been larger.

5 star rating
by Navin Baurhoo
Oct 10, 2014

I have been to Tusk many times for the past 4 years.I invited my 2 friends to join us for dinner on Friday 10/10/14. We amended the table booking from 3 poeple to 5 and it was handle correctly by the staffs.We started with a great Starter, but we got our wine a little late (-0.5 Pts).The flavour of the soup was good as compared to what we had in the past.The mains were excellent,Delicious and to perfection in regards to Flavour, Presentation. Portion Size and they were warm. I will pay to go to Thai Tusk Restaurant again and will highly recommend my friends. Sometimes when you go to restaurants and you have ordered 4 mains (meals), very often you receive one or two which are cold. But at Tusk they were all warm.Because I have been to Tusk so many times before, so I know the Owner. He was busy talking to the Manager on my way out, but I had to interrupt him and Thank him Personally for the Great Service and quality of Restaurantauration he is providing in particular with the Grab One and Group on Deals.Cheers,Nav

4 star rating
by Kelly Wu
Sep 27, 2014

Good atmosphere, and good service, my experience is good as the food is good value and good taste with the grabone voucher.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
Sep 19, 2014

We had a GrabOne voucher for Tusk, and I was admittedly a little wary after reading the reviews below. However, my experience at Tusk was wonderful- the portions were generous, the flavours bang on and the service friendly and welcoming. The appetisers were underwhelming for me- just your usual Thai entree platter. The mains were definitely the star of the show- I loved the Sweet and Sour Pork which was different to your usual Chinese sweet and sour pork. The sauce wasn't as overwhelmingly sugary, and the meat had little to no fat :D The Fresh Ginger Chicken was also delicious and quite gingery but in a good way. We also had the Yellow Chicken Curry and the whole roasted chicken, which were also really well received. The dishes were clearly more catered for foreign palates, they were typical stir fry dishes with smokey wok flavour though, so whilst the food was good, it's not exactly going to satisfy your Thai cravings.

They were even generous to give gift vouchers after our meal too- perhaps there's a promotion thing going on?

 My only grouch would be the lack of lighting in the restaurant, they're going for the romantic, candle-lit scene but somehow the atmosphere feels rather dreary instead (dslr camera with flash managed to make it look good though). We were squinting at the menu and were only able to read it with the help of Assistive Light on our phones.

4 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
Sep 15, 2014

Went to tusk last week with a few of my close friends!
Always keen for Thai!

We had to push back our reservation and the staff were very accommodating! They attended us quite a decent amount checking we weren't starving whilst waiting for the last person! That was nice of them!

For my drink I had a coconut juice and I really liked it! It tasted pretty fresh with coconut pieces in it!
My other friend had the same and he hardly touched it, so I think if you like coconut, then you'd actually like it, there use stick to the norm!

We ordered curry puffs and spring rolls as our starters. The spring rolls were as good as I expected, and tasted great. The curry puffs were okay, but the pastry was below average it just tasted and felt soggy.
Our starters came out really quick though! A good timing between our drinks and mains.

For our mains, we ordered stir fried rice, sweet basil chicken, chilli chicken and he go her chicken!

The portion sizes were really good!

In terms of taste the dishes were really really good! A good mix between meat and veges and the spices and flavours were also very pleasant! All four of us couldn't finish our meals so that says a lot about their sizes!

The dishes tasted freshly made and really authentic and that's exactly how I like my meals!

Staff were great! Checking if everything was okay and if we needed more rice! ????

Definitely would go back, and I'm guessing so many other people would too considering how busy it was!

3 star rating
by Rob
Sep 14, 2014

Nothing great but nothing wrong either. A big place with a lot of kids each time we have been. Food ok. Service ok. Suppose it was ok then!

4 star rating
by Manu Thakur Tiwary
Sep 08, 2014

Great food n good service. Chicken cashew nut was awesome!!

5 star rating
by Wendy Main
Jun 28, 2014

Great restaurant, consistently good food and excellent value, have been dining here for around 10 years. I usually order the seared scallops which is absolutely delicious, as is the red curry! Lovely relaxed atmosphere in a contemporary space.

Overall a great Thai restaurant, highly recommended.

2 star rating
by Nicky
May 19, 2014

My partner and I visited Tusk with a dinner voucher. The voucher was exceptionally good value, but we felt we were treated like lesser diners because of it.
We were seated after a short 10min wait and immediately on getting to our table were asked to hand over the voucher. Surely this could be more tactfully done, either on arrival with the maitre d or at the end of the meal.
We were given a glass of water each and it took about 20mins and having to ask 2 different staff members for a refill. We took a bottle of wine with us but were told we were not allowed it because we were dining on a voucher deal. This was a little bit disappointing even when we offered to pay extra.
The food was ok, my partner said the duck was tender. However they brought out the wrong main for me and he had finished his by the time they brought out mine.
It took a while for the dessert to come out and we were on the verge of leaving when it arrived at our table. It was beautifully presented and very nice so glad we stayed for it!
Understandably this was a busy Saturday night but good service goes a long way. Yes we were having a discounted meal but perhaps attention to detail would have enticed us back for a full price meal. Unfortunately that won't be happening.

5 star rating
by Jasmine Franklin
Mar 20, 2014

We came on a dinner voucher tonight, didn't expect nearly as much as we did for the price. The food was served so quickly and our waitress was lovely. The food was outstanding. It was the perfect temperature, flavour and was so plentiful. We even couldn't eat it all and we're allowed to take the remainder home. We will definitely be back!

1 star rating
by Aaron Nolan
Mar 19, 2014

We went here for our anniversary dinner and from woe to go, it was horrible. I eat out a fair bit and have a fair approach but the terrible service here is too bad not to come and place a review.

We sat down and it took them 15 minutes to bring the beers we ordered (from the bar that was 3 meters away). It then took then another 10 to take our order. The entrées arrived 5 minutes apart, the mains took a further 30 minutes and in the meantime, the other two beers we ordered took another 15 minutes and three requests.

The food was average at best and of all the Thai restaurants I've eaten at I have to say that this was the most westernised. It's a shame since I didn't go there to eat western food but rather, authentic Thai food. Even then, it was average either way and, the mains arrived 5 minutes apart. One of the mains was on a heated plate the other cold.

We left the restaurant vowing never to set a foot in there again and after spending $116 for two entrées, two mains and 4 beers, we felt poorer for the experience as well as the bill.

3 star rating
by Jane K
Mar 08, 2014

Tusk is consistently average- not in a bad way but not in a particularly good way either.

I've been here several times over the last few years and I'm never disappointed, but I'm never wowed either. The food is tasty and there's a good range of choices, but I've yet to come across something I would highly recommend to anyone else.

The service is also just fine. I've never come across a rude waiter or waitress but I've never experienced a very good one either.

Price wise, I would say Tusk is on the expensive side for decent Thai restaurants, but this is kind of made up for by the niceness of the restaurant inside, the fairly convenient location and several options for parking.

Overall, Tusk is generally a safe option for dining in the Central Auckland suburbs.

2 star rating
by Len
Feb 07, 2014

Went to the Tusk Restaurant for dinner with voucher for dinner today. Some nasty surprises there, so many limitations on choice of wine and also the food. The entree was hopeless and the tum yum soup was the worst I ever had. Mains was lamb curry it was very salty and difficult to eat hopeless dish. Chicken was Okay just. It was so hot and humid inside and the feeling was so obvious that if you have a voucher the treatment is second class. Dessert was the better one ice cream the presentation was very good. I would never go back to this place not worth the money better restaurants around Auckland for a much lesser price. Be warned if you getting a voucher.

4 star rating
by Kavita Upadhyay
Feb 04, 2014

Fantastic meal purchased with a voucher. Real value for money. Huge diverse choice with ample quantity. Very authentic taste and flavors from Thailand. Friendly service and were in no rush.

2 star rating
by Rakesh Varma
Jan 22, 2014

Went there with an online voucher. Enjoyed the food but the service was the worst i have seen in New Zealand. No one cares about the empty plates on the table. Mains we served by pushing the on trays plates and deserts were also served with all the plates and bowls still on the table. I am never going back.

5 star rating
by Marjorie
Jan 15, 2014

Have been 2 times to Tusk now and both times have had an awesome night out and experience.
The staff are very at tentative and helpful!
Food was delicious!
atmosphere very relaxing and found we could hear each other well and did not feel cramped at all ?

3 star rating
by Prashant Gundani
Dec 22, 2013

I have been nos of time there, good tasty food most of the time you get good food but not consistent. Little exepensive but normally nice food but they have lots of grab1 customers so can't concentrate on you

2 star rating
by Trisha Lynch
Dec 19, 2013

I was very disappointed. There were 4 of us friends who have not seen each other for a few years, wanting to have a great night of wonderful Thai food and a chance to chat.
We booked for dinner at 6.30pm, the restaurant was hot and humid as it had been a very warm day (mid Dec). The restaurant was not air conditioned and it was hot and humid in the restaurant as well and we had to keep fending the flies off our food.
The food was good but the atmosphere was terrible. It was not cheap as we paid $190 for 4 of us which included 2 glasses of wine. Better value and atmosphere elsewhere.

4 star rating
by Ruth Z
Nov 22, 2013

Went here last night with a deal voucher which was for two wines, entrees, mains and dessert, which made it a very reasonable price.

The white wine was lovely, although they didn't tell us what it was. We were seated quickly and given water, which was refilled often throughout the evening.

The entree platter for two was delicious. Honey Satay chicken skewers, samosas, chicken nibbles and spring rolls with three dipping sauces. Everything was lovely, except I wish I had known what they were, as it was a set menu with the voucher.

We chose our mains, Cashew Nut Chicken (done mild) and Chicken Pad Thai. The cashew nut chicken was a mix of vegetables, chicken and cashew nuts in a tangy sauce which was amazing, and they brought rice around to go with it.
The Pad Thai was not the best I'd ever had, it came enveloped in a huge omelette, which was a bit too much egg. Also there was no lemon to squeeze on it, so it could have done with a bit more tang. But was still delicious, and the servings were so big we had to ask for takeaway boxes which they happily made up for us.

Dessert was a set platter for two, including ice cream and whipped cream with wafer sticks, fruit slices and some kind of small green coconut slice. Again, wish I had known what they were! But the plate looked gorgeous and it was tasty enough.

The place looks amazing, and was bustling even on a Thursday night, but not too obnoxiously loud.

The only thing was the mains were around $20 or more without a voucher, and although the food was nice, I'm not sure if it was anything special for that price.

Overall a lovely evening, good wait-staff and a nice meal!

1 star rating
by Sujata
Nov 21, 2013

Was not worth spending our money and precious evening there. Actually we had vouchers and had to stay till desert otherwise I would just leave after the entrees. Tom yum soup was tasteless, like water and prawns. Mains were just ok, edible. But came cold, needed to send back to be reheated. Because we had vouchers, the choice is really limited. The desert is just one option, take it or leave it!
so if people are looking at buying vouchers for Tusk, just watch out.. You don't necessarily get your preferred table or reservation time if its voucher and also you don't get a large choice from the menu too.

4 star rating
by Kat M
Nov 15, 2013

My family and I visited Tusk Thai last Saturday with a deal voucher. After reading average reviews we weren't expecting anything fantastic, but we were very pleasantly surprised!
Staff were lovely and very attentive, even though the restaurant was extremely busy everything came out very fast and we were always being asked how the food was and if we would like more drinks. The soup starter was delicious - spicy chicken or prawn - would definitely recommend!! Mixed entree was nothing exciting, just usual satay, springroll etc but still nice. For mains we had red curry, BBQ duck, sweet & sour pork & stir fried beef. We were amazed at the portion sizes - massive!! The duck dish had plenty of meat and was yum! Red curry was delicious, and just the right level of heat we asked for.
Dessert was nice - fresh fruit & ice cream and very refreshing after a spicy meal!
The only downside was parking - it was very hard to find street parking on a busy Saturday night, so we ended up parking in the Warehouse carpark.
All in all we thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and will definitely be returning if we are in the area!

1 star rating
by Adeline
Oct 30, 2013

Abysmal. We ordered 2 starters, 2 mains and dessert. The tom yum soup starter we had was at best - tasted luke warm. Hmm... iffy. The sweet sour fish we had was okay - though I suspect the fish wasn't as fresh as we had hoped it to be (it had that stale defrosted-in-a-hurry smell to it). But what was the worst was the pork red curry that we ordered. The meat was actually still pink! We suspect that the broth was already made ready in some big cauldron somewhere and when they ask you if you'd like chicken, pork or beef/lamb in it, they'd just chuck a few pieces of your selected meat into the broth. I
What was worst was it wasn't even piping hot. Just luke warm. Yuck. We pointed this out to the female waitress (with beach blond dyed hair), she said she'd notify the kitchen but all I saw was her just chucking the plates back into the kitchen and not saying anything and going back to the counter to continue her chat with another workmate. Classy.

2 star rating
by Carol Smith
Oct 27, 2013

Having heard great reviews of Tusk we quickly bought the deal voucher when it came on line. Arrived to a packed restaurant last night so thought "this has to be a good sign". Firstly, it was very very noisy and it got to the point where I could hardly hear the person seated next to me let alone across the table. We were a table of 4 and the layout is cramped, I don't think they could of got another table in the place. The decor is very nice and tastefully done. The waiter and waitresses were very pleasant but they were rushed off their feet and it took a couple of prompts from us to get some water and our drinks (which we had to follow up on once they were ordered as they took so long). It was a set mixed entree which was declared to be "so-so". The spring rolls were something out of a packet and totally tasteless, the satay were good as were the curry puffs and the chicken nibble was nothing special. We chose Garlic Squid, Lamb Mussaman, Pad Thai and the BBQ Pork in Coriander with Pepper, Garlic and Chilli Sauce for our mains. At this point I have to say when we ordered our mains we were not asked whether we wanted it Mild, Medium, or Spicy so obviously everything just comes out the same. The 4 of us travel to Thailand every year for our holidays and so are very well acquainted with Thai food. The Pad Thai was good, as was the BBQ Pork, but the Mussaman was pretty average with little taste, runny sauce and the pieces of Lamb were absolutely huge, far too big to eat in one mouthful. The garlic squid was a total disappointment and we left most of it as it was very tough and rubbery to eat. All in all a pretty "bland" meal in comparison to many other Thai restaurants we go too. They have gone far too "westernised" catering for the Farangs (Europeans) palate. Interestingly enough we did observe they turned over tables a few times while we were there, all I can say is the people that dine there have not tasted the true taste of Thai food. We did have the complimentary drink that was included with the deal but took our own wine as it is BYO. We were quite prepared to pay for corkage but got told we couldn't drink our own as part of the deal. What difference does it make??? 2 of our party had an Irish coffee to finish and there was also 1 beer that we paid for as extras. The cost of the coffees and beer was $35, absolutely extortionate, the coffees weren't that good!!! Sorry but we definitely would not go back and won't be recommending it to others unless they get the true taste of Thai food back into their cooking......

5 star rating
by William Laughton
Oct 11, 2013

We have been here 3 times and have never been disappointed. Lovely Thai food. Wage best part of the restaurant is the food. It is always busy and it thoroughly deserves to be. Best Thai food I have ever eaten.

3 star rating
by Lee V
Sep 11, 2013

The place looks lovely but the food really isn't that great. I've been there twice and both times agreed that the Thai place a little up the road is way way better and half the price.

1 star rating
by Charlie
Jul 07, 2013

Appalling!!! Saw this on deal voucher online and we thought we should give it a try and it definitely was a disappointing experience. We were seated around 7.00 pm and it took the waitress more than 40 mins to come even talk to us to get our appetizer. When we asked questions about what some specific foods were our waitress just responded "ok" and just went away and comes back another 15 mins later, my guess is they speak very poor English and can understand the language to a limited extent because every time we asked something she didn't know how to answer it. And even worse the waiting time during meals (even the wine) was just way too long. Will not come back here again.

5 star rating
by James Tum
Apr 30, 2013

Went to Tusk with a deal voucher, had to book through a specific page on their website for the vouchers so I was expecting them to maybe skimp or put us at a bad table, but it ended up being very nice. Good was really tasty and came out quickly. Ordered the BBQ duck and the salt and pepper squid, both were cooked nicely and there was lots of meat. Not sure if I'd pay full price, or try and go at a busy time but my experience was very good.

2 star rating
by Lisa Helmling
Apr 27, 2013

Went out for dinner night before last...I feel sorry for the chefs. The food was great, well cooked and impressive. The service was awful. They spilled the soup all over me after slamming it on the table (with no apology), we had to ask to order after waiting 20 minutes without drinks or anything. We had to query about our drinks after ordering them and desert came only after we asked after it. The waiters seemed to be running around like headless chickens with no idea what they were doing - no one seemed to be in charge, it was total chaos. They need to change their waiters as it is letting the great food down.

1 star rating
by Kate
Apr 25, 2013

This is the last time we ever go here! We have tried it a few times thinking it may improve but it's got worse. It's always sooooo busy I can't understand it! BYO maybe? Somewhere that takes big tables?

We had to ask for our menus and there was confusion over that. We waited an hour and a half for our mains and it took us 10 minutes to eat some of it. The staff are friendly but not that attentive.

The appetizers: The fresh spring rolls are are 2 fresh rolls cut in half with no rice noodles or fresh herbs in them.They're put on a plate with a terrible fishy sauce with masses of what seamed like toasted coconut sprinkled everywhere? The curry puffs are like the ones you get in a packet at the supermarket and fry yourself at home. The RICE is a glutinous blob not worth $2.50. We had the vege green curry and it was just SO standard I could have made it better at home. I think they charged $22 for a curry. We also had the wok fried prawns once again in an average sauce with a total of 10 prawns max for $25?

It was so disappointing - the food courts are better than this! But the funny thing is the guy at the register didn't even ask how our meals were, he was to busy punching in numbers because they are SO BUSY. My advice if you are thinking about going to this average restaurant consider a food court and pay half the amount of money and get your meals at a reasonable time.

4 star rating
by Liv Winstone
Mar 29, 2013

Extremely yummy flavours in my Thai green curry - the sauce was REALLY good, and there was loads of yummy bamboo amongst the veges. The wait staff were all very smiley and friendly, and did a great job providing a special dish for my preschooler with absolutely no heat/spice in it - we just asked for fried rice with onions and egg. Spot on, thanks :)

Hubby was really happy with his chicken red curry too. We completely cleaned the plates!

I just have two recommendations - one was that they didn't have my booking when I got there (I'd phoned in at about 5pm, and there was no record of it... but it was no drama - they found us a good table).
Second recommendation would be that they deep fry their tofu fresh, for longer, and in smaller chunks? I'm no chef, so am not sure what the process is, but the tofu green curry was served-up in less than 5 minutes - which was good on one hand, because we were really hungry... but the tofu was, in my opinion, not as tasty as it could be. So on the other hand, I would've preferred to wait longer for my meal to be served if the tofu had been freshly deep-fried to a crispness, and in smaller hunks, so you can't taste the sections of unflavoured tofu.

Regardless, our little family had a lovely time, and really enjoyed our food. Service was great overall. The venue was comfortable and nice, and parking was pretty easy round the corner in The Warehouse carpark.

We will happily return. :)

1 star rating
by Emma Gerlach
Feb 15, 2013

We ordered for takeaway. The pork pastries were fine, but I ordered my duck curry very mild and my partner ordered his beef stir-fry medium. They mixed up the spiciness levels on our dishes, so I had medium and he had very mild... ruining the experience for both of us. What's more, the food itself was very average for a high price. We will definitely not be coming back!

2 star rating
by Melissa Brenzinger
Jan 25, 2013

Went last night with a group of 11 for a friends birthday dinner. Friendly service, suitable wine list comparitively and OK in terms of waiting for food.
Reasons why I give two stars.
I got dished out rice onto my plate by a communal pot. I'm not an overly fussy person but come on, give me a suitable serving size bowl with rice in it?
I am incredibly hungry after I left. The curry was spicy and recommended - I had the lamb but it was though someone threw spices in there to make it seem more or less authentic.
My potatoes were barely cooked, not soft and moist in the curry juices. As carbs and I have our on off relationship - the curry needed to have been more up to game. Veges were not market fresh as specified and those three pieces of lamb one of which was fully fat is possibly the reason why I am disappointed.
Average, overpriced - wish I had more of a say where the dinner was held.

4 star rating
by Francis Knowles
Nov 26, 2012

We went there last night with a deal voucher. The service was a bit slow but the restaurant was packed, so we thought fair enough. The waiter was also very apologetic about this and gave us a bit extra in our appetiser, which was appreciated. We had the green curry and the chicken cashew nut, and it was delicious! The portions were the perfect size, we were both stuffed with only a few veggies left on each of our plates. I would eat here again.

2 star rating
by Anna Willenbacher
Nov 20, 2012

Went yesterday eve to dine with two friends with a voucher. Definitely felt like second class customers. Very unfriendly service and even when we said from the beginning we would like to pay additionally for seafood or drinks, every single time we would be reminded by different staff it would cost more, which we have had just discussed .One of us did try the BBQ Pork and it turned out to be almost rare so just not eatable, the Pinot Noir offered from the wine menu turned out to be a different choice, so when we ask to see the bottle, we discovered it was another selection, questioning the choice, the answer came very bluntly, we only serve a special kind of red wine with the voucher meal. wow, thanks, but no thanks for that sort of service, the rest of the food was not even average, very unsatisfying, since it was our first experience with Tusk and we received another voucher to be spent on a next visit, guess what we did with that lovely voucher, in the bin, they won't see us again at Tusk

2 star rating
by David Chan
Nov 11, 2012

Went there with a voucher for dinner for two tonight. We were not greeted at the door, had to get the staff's attention ourselves. We were shown to our seats quickly enough, but were just abandoned there as soon as we sat down. No menu, no water. After 10 min someone finally asked if we had menus and brought us the menus and water. After we decided what to get it took ages for the staff to notice us. We had the salmon red curry and duck dish. The duck was pretty good, but the salmon was just average, really just red curry with cooked salmon added. We wanted more rice, again took forever to get anyone to notice us. You'd think a raised hand should be raised for no longer than 30 seconds before someone sees it and comes over. Apparently not.

The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular either. For that price you'd expect excellent service and excellent food. The average to above average food was really let down by the front of house, which aside from one male staff seemed very disinterested and disorganized. The woman that came over to give us more rice said nothing the entire time. No smile, nothing. When I got up to active find them to say that we're ready to order, the guy I asked just kept doing what he was doing. Took a whole minute before another waiter came to take our order.

Would've given this place 3 stars if not for the final slap in the face before we left. We were told that seafood dishes were to be charged an extra $5. Our voucher was taken away as soon as we arrived and no one told us of this rule when we ordered the Salmon. Absolutely disgusting service. Will never go back again, not even with a voucher.

2 star rating
by Kris
Oct 09, 2012

Went there on Friday for dinner and used a voucher. First of all we asked to be seated inside and staff said no space available but could see there were at least 4 tables free and didn't had reserved sign on them. we were placed at the back of restaurant near to the door which opens into their storage. (Was not impressed at all)
Second the entrees were like just heated up in microwave which were served within few minutes after placing our order. Which raised our question is it even fresh we had prawns and salmon skewers.
In mains we had garlic beef and red curry. Beef was nice but curry was too runny. I had better red curries at other Thai places. Jasmine rice was way below the standard, first serve of rice was too sticky and looked old.
Overall I would rate this place very low say 3 out of 10.

5 star rating
by K-Lee
Sep 22, 2012

We dined (4 of us) at Tusk tonight for a friends birthday. Restaurant was busy and the atmosphere was lovely. The food was delicious, service was very good and the staff was friendly and attentive. Thank you for a great dining experience, would definitely return again :)

5 star rating
by Erin Syms
May 10, 2012

Four of us went there last night. It was very busy as it was the last day to use the voucher. We tried the lamb curry for the first time. It was delicious - very tender and the curry was perfect. We also had the fresh ginger beef and that was very tasty. The chicken dishes were very nice too. We were also given a $20.00 voucher which is definitely going to be used as the dinner we had hit the right spot. Well done Tusk Thai.

3 star rating
by David Boshier
Jan 11, 2012

The Tom Yum was very good and I would recommend it, outside that every other aspect was just ok. You do get to watch the odd flaming dish leave the kitchen which I am sure kids would enjoy.

Would not walk over hot coals to go back.

4 star rating
by Areena Sahay
Oct 07, 2011

We bought voucher to try out Tusk. Great service, brilliant food, took awhile to get the food and they ran out of beef! over all not bad. :)

2 star rating
by Chloe
Aug 11, 2011

Very very western. Doesn't taste anything like the food you actually get in Thailand. In saying that I've given up completely on finding a place in Auckland that does :(

4 star rating
by Sharon
Aug 08, 2011

Just had another dinner here last night and have to up my star rating as, although packed (the last night for the voucher) staff were on to it. Friendly and attentive to all diners. Thank you for your service, hats off to you all. Food was good, hubby had the whole chicken - a first for him, perfectly cooked.
8 Aug 2011. Been here a few times a year or so ago and food and service was consistently good. Went recently with a voucher and while it was busy, staff seemed to be fast with food delivery and continued to fill our water glasses thru the evening. Quality of food was good, as expected. However we had the 4 course banquet and while the main was sufficient I felt the entree could have been a bit more generous. Unfortunately the most disappointing part of the meal was the dessert. For 2 people: 2 small pieces of jelly, 3 slices of apple and 3 of orange + 1 grape. My husband offered to share it by cutting it in half by I respectfully declined leaving him to struggle his way thru the entire plate. I dont know if this was due to the voucher or the economic climate but if this is the dessert offering, it could have been alot better for minimal outlay. Overall a nice evening and thanks to the main we didnt leave hungry. Thank you.

3 star rating
by Lovetoeat
Jul 20, 2011

Love your snapper as main and for dessert the deep fried ice-cream is yummy...soooo special.
Good value for money too.
On the downside, a bit too tight for space and parking is an issue sometimes.
Decor is lovely.
Value for money.

1 star rating
by Aaron
Jul 08, 2011

07/07/11 - We attended Tusk restaurant last night as a group of 18 for a birthday dinner. The birthday girl had long been waiting an occasion to attend this restaurant, which looks so great from outside and is also nice in the inside. To her misfortune and a ruin birthday experience the following was observed/happened.

1. Drinks - We were not asked if we wanted drinks but in saying this they served plenty of water. Wine glasses still left on the table (we only required 5)

2. 4 of the 18 were vegetarian - YES we know how difficult it can be to cater for vegetarians so we made an effort to order their meals first so it was kept separate from the others (we aren't as fussy as we sound). Instead of vegetarian spring-rolls we received a prawn entree. YUM for a non-veg but being a vegetarian and having prawns for the first time is quite disgusting. Not a good way to start off your meal. The entree was replaced by spring rolls after we made the staff aware of the mix up.

3. Mains took 30-40 minutes after the entrees (thank god for i-phone's and the great Simpsons game). Yes we should socialize but theirs only so much you can say to the person in front of you (the other option was to yell to the other end of the 6 tables set up side by side).

4. Wooohooo mains are here - "I bet they forget one persons meal". Not only did they forget one person’s meal or mixed one up with another (god knows which one happened there was no system in taking the order just a white piece of paper with lots of orders on it), but, they forgot the birthday girls meal. Most restaurants would acknowledge your have 18 guests in your restaurant because of the birthday. Restaurant manager - "mm maybe we should pay particular attention to her after all she did bring in the business tonight, nah lets not she’s just another person".

5. So they forgot her meal - she nicely went and asked the staff if they could make a new one for her - reply "no sorry we are to busy will take 30 minutes". Birthday girl comes back upset (way to go tusk for spoiling the party). We kindly asked again to make another yummy pad Thai, urgently, as we are here for her birthday and we would appreciate the effort, if required well pay you double just get her the meal. Reply "sure I will make it right away" - why not say that in the first place instead of fluffy around and ruining the birthday dinner.

6. Great! I’m full now lets have the birthday cake! - After asking 3 times the staff finally brought the cake out. By this time mood was ruined and birthday spoilt.

Overall, bit of a pity especially as we changed our option from ZAP down the road to TUSK as per the wish of the birthday girl. They didn't come close to the service you'd get at ZAP (totally recommend ZAP, its cheap and cheerful with amazing Thai). Food at TUSK was generally okay and although the long wait you get a fairly good portion for the price and it was warm. No other complaints just bit disappointed with the service.

Do try it for yourself this is simply my opinion and experience. If you don't want to take the risk go to ZAP (no I don't have anything to do with the place financially or any other way its just my favorite).

3 star rating
by Bob Iswar
Jul 08, 2011

Went to this place last night, has great ambience and is well setup and overall pretty good service. I had the steamed whole fish with chilli, it was awesome and well worth the money, however I tasted some other dishes and they were pretty average, and my son had the roast pork which was like a large starter, bit tough and very chewy and very dry !! The dishes are pretty small and quite expensive.

Would I go back ?
I suppose if I wanted to go to a place with great ambience with average Thai food I would.

5 star rating
by Sarah M
Jul 01, 2011

Went to Tusk Thai using a deal voucher on Thursday night. The food was fantastic, even at normal price would be great value for money and really tasty. The service was also great, food was served quickly yet hot and fresh.
Would definitely consider going again.

4 star rating
by Bobbi Small
Jun 07, 2011

My wife and I go here regularly and often take friends and family. the food is great, the service is always on the button. No matter how busy, staff always seem to be able to squeeze us in, even if there is a brief wait. Happy to have a couple of drinks in the small bar area. Favourite dish - hmm salt & pepper squid, but then again the curries are great and so is everything else. Great Thai!

2 star rating
by Kerry Shenn
Apr 18, 2011

Nice decor with mixture of Thai and the modern element, but the food is quite disappointng us, with the green curry lack of taste and the chicken portion is not enough to share with my wife. But the waitress is quite good when we told her the problem and she apologized to us and made effort, that's why rate 2 stars.

4 star rating
by Winston
Jan 28, 2011

Came here on a Thursday evening and restaurant was full. The food for me wasn't bad but just okay. Staff were friendly and attentive. Atmosphere is very cozy.

5 star rating
by Stephen Clarke
Jun 09, 2010

Wonderful food and great service. I am always greeted politely and although this place can get busy, the food and ambience make it a great venue for casual or group dining. I love the open fire!!

4 star rating
by Tusk
Sep 20, 2008

Really nice - have been here a few times now and the food is always very good - had a bit of a wait for our meals last time, but worth the wait.