Twenty Three

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09 3544505

23 Mount Eden Road

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 4 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Twenty Three

5 star rating
by Rachna
2 days ago

Amazing coffee!

Staff are friendly but the service was a bit slow.

Good selection of counter foods, the gluten free cakes were delicious.

Perfect location and nice environment.

4 star rating
by Amber
one month ago

Good selection of healthy and fresh food, catering for all dietary requirements.
Great versatile space, allowing for a range of purposes: you can have a formal business meeting, a relaxed catch up with friends or a date by the fire.
Service could be improved on though, hence the rating

2 star rating
by Sean
2 months ago

Missing the basics, food needs an extra ingredient or two to make it decent. Also prices are through the roof for this part of town. Average coffee.

3 star rating
by Ellaura O'Brien
2 months ago

Bad service at the counter made me feel like I was asking the biggest deal when asked the different sizes of takeaway salads. I had Caesar salad which wasn't bad then other half chilli chicken cabbage and coriander which was flavourless.

4 star rating
by ShoRt87
3 months ago

My favourite part of this cafe is the outdoor courtyard. The cool thing is that the courtyard is shared with the bar next door! At night, the cafe (Front area) closes and the bar next door opens and uses the same courtyard! Loving this shared space concept. 

The courtyard has nice wooden wall panels and outdoor fireplace! Anyways, I come here if I need a good coffee as they make a proper dry cappuccino! :) 

Brunch food wise, it didn't blow me away. But I do remember having a curried pumpkin soup for lunch once (see picture) and it was delicious! 

Overall, I come here for good coffee, good open space and nice covered courtyard area. A trusty neighbourhood cafe.

3 star rating
by Ness Sharpe
4 months ago

Love they do rice milk coffee! So amazing to see that on the menu! A shame the manager is so horrible to her staff! Was shocking to hear her speak so rudely to her staff working there. I was embarrassed for her!

4 star rating
by Tian Tian Zhang
4 months ago

Was at church next door and went for lunch with some friends. Was quite busy when we went, but there is a back room which has a more relaxed ambiance. The food was enjoyable, and their selection of smoothies are interesting and new, supposedly organic too.

5 star rating
by Ben Kaino
4 months ago

Best coffee in town and great food with friendly staff 👌 had nothing but friendly smiles from cafe twenty three. Always inviting but most important great food and coffee

5 star rating
by Anna J
7 months ago

Absolutely loved my first visit to Twenty three. The outdoor area was amazing even when the weather was terrible. Started with some fantastic coffee and I had the mixed grill for brunch. So nice to see a bit if a twist on a classic big breakfast, loved the big portion of avocado and the chorizo was so yum. Needed a dressing or sauce of some kind, my only fault. Everything on the menu looked so good as did the cabinet food. Staff were friendly and helpful. Will definitely be returning!!

5 star rating
8 months ago

Twenty Three...where to start? Firstly the staff there are amazing. So friendly and very welcoming. Always a smile on their face when I walk in. Even though I'm there pretty much every day, the girls are always really efficient as if I were some sort of restaurant reviewer. Second of all, the food, my goodness me...TASTY!!! Nothing to flash but just the simple things done really well. Good job kitchen. Last of all, the coffee...who says you should only have two cups a day! Not me, especially when the lovely barista there makes the best in Auckland. But on a whole, I just wanted to let people know how good this place is. I read a couple weeks ago somebody bagging them, give them a break. The staff at twenty three are always happy, even when they are being slammed during the busy morning flow or even a crazy lunchtime rush. They try their best to get to you as soon as you enter even when they have ten billion other things on their minds. So big ups to the girls (and guys in the kitchen) at twenty three for being such a cool local for me and my buddies...KEEP IT UP!!!

5 star rating
by Bizzy Bobbit
8 months ago

I love Auckland cafés, and I've visited many! That said, I'm not much of a foodie. Mostly I want decent food, serious coffee, nice people - somewhere interesting. It's so easy in Auckland to forget how spoiled for choice we are, and while I'm not keen to drive too far for good coffee, I'm fortunate that Twenty Three is on a road that I drive often.
Do you remember that old TV show, Cheers? It had a line in the opening song "...where everyone knows your name." From small-town origins - were everyone DID know my name - I now know that Auckland, like everywhere, is what you make it, and that there are many friendly people here. People like you find at Twenty Three, where they all know me, and of that I'm very appreciative. I walk in and sit down with a Herald. Without asking, a flat white appears along with my usual breakfast soon after, and I get to do the Sudoku and watch the world walk by. For years I thought I'd need to go to the south of France for this, and here we have it in our own neighbourhood.

Spill the beans time - the why of me writing this. A friend said they found this site and found negative comments. For those folk, I'm sorry, but I felt a need to offer some balance. Me, I have a nice time at Twenty Three. I would suggest that the same be true for the many regulars who come in every day. Like me, these are people with other café choices who vote with their feet.

5 star rating
by Petra Rijnbeek
8 months ago

This Cafe is my go to almost every morning and sometimes lunch when I can. Every time I walk in im greeted with my name and a massive smile! They ask me if I want my usual or something new today - I peruse the cabinet or menu of all these wonderful dishes and fresh salads, chokka block sandwiches and sweet treats - and nine times outta ten I go for the perfectly balanced fruit salad with home made yoghurt - yum! But a few favourites are the pulled pork and slaw bap or the chilli zucchini fritters with smoked paprika!!! Yum-o!!! The owner is hilarious with a dry sense of humour and the staff are quick to serve unless their slammed so just sit back exhale and wait for the goodness to arrive!! GREAT coffee and I'm very picky and I simply adore the ginger loaf - so naughty but soooooo good!!! Great on the fly but awesome to sit with mates or work out the back! Great modern bustling cafe that get it right for people on the go with a discerning palette. Thanks twentythree!!!

4 star rating
by Angelique Petersen
8 months ago

So everyday after class i'll head up to twenty three for my favourite fruit salad and coffee.......I enjoy  going to the cafe and i would like to try more dishes but the fruit salad is just to good .

1 star rating
by Jonnie Black
9 months ago

As a local resident, I've given Cafe Twenty Three many chances to perform. I've even had amazing food once or twice and the interior architecture is great and still relevant.

But that's all the positives I'm afraid, as management and staff at Cafe Twenty Three seem to have left their customer service skills trapped behind the gate to Mount Eden! Grumpy and rude, and perhaps tired or hungover staff are the trend du jour at this cafe. Coffees are all too often slow to appear and poorly prepared, table service is appallingly slow and rude. Complain about anything and you'll get an evil look from one particularly "charming" girl behind the counter and an equally slow resolution.

3 star rating
by Amy Webb
Aug 06, 2014

My first experience of 23 was so terrible, it was the worst customer service experience I've ever had, I actually made a complaint. It seems management may have changed as a few months after I received a couple of vouchers to apologise, which I really appreciate.

The frustrating thing is, the food here is amazing. I saw the chef bring out a dish and he actually looked proud. Unfortunately the counter staff are the opposite. We witnessed a staff member blow his nose in from of customers before making their coffee and they had to ask him to wash his hands (quickly put under water).

The food was great. Both flat whites were excellent. I ordered the almond granola with yoghurt and vanilla rhubarb. A chicken pesto sandwich was also very nice.

It really is a shame about the seemingly consistent staff issue here, because the food is very tasty! Would recommend if you can ignore the service and focus on the food.

2 star rating
by Fraser Church
May 30, 2014

Poor customer service, overpriced menu, average coffee.

1 star rating
by Sandy Gribble
May 25, 2014

Service so appalling it leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Definitely do not recommend.

2 star rating
by Lisa Edgar
May 25, 2014

Average food, terrible customer service.
Went here for brunch on a Sunday morning with pretty high expectations. We were utterly disappointed.
As we walked in, we had a selection of 3 very close together tables that were all dirty and sprinkled with crumbs. No one came to wipe it down so we had to do it ourselves.
We ordered our food with the waitress who I felt wasn't in the best of moods. I ordered the Caesar salad cabinet food and the hubby got the mixed grill main, (contrasting choices, I know) The lady seemed distracted and didn't ask about the size of my salad (defaulted to a large as we found out when we paid), the hubby didn't get asked on how his steak was going to be cooked or eggs done (defaulted to raw/cold steak and pan-fried) oh! Let's not forget the butter knife he got for his steak....
As for the food, the mixed grill portion size was small and undercooked. My salad was fine - crispy and full of bacon (yay! Good points) However, everything about the experience felt rushed and my coffee was carbony and bitter - was it over-extracted?
Overall, Twentythree cafe's service/food simply didn't live up to the interior and funky courtyard of this place.

1 star rating
by Rosie Knight
May 12, 2014

The service was unfriendly and slow, it took a long time to be given a menu despite the cafe being almost empty. Both meals (a soup and an eggs benedict) were stone cold and tasteless, the 'toast' was uncooked and the hollandaise vinegary. Neither of us ate our food. Would not recommend to anyone.

1 star rating
by Will Smal
Oct 13, 2013

Smallest portion of food I have ever eaten in my life. Unbelievable how something can be overpriced and undersized. Feels like a hipsters paradise in there. Nothing more to say...

Smallest portion of food I have ever eaten in my life. Unbelievable how something can be overpriced and undersized. Feels like a hipsters paradise in there. Nothing more to say...

Smallest portion of food I have ever eaten in my life. Unbelievable how something can be overpriced and undersized. Feels like a hipsters paradise in there. Nothing more to say...

4 star rating
by Aarti
Aug 06, 2013

I work just down the road so am a regular for my caffeine fix. The coffee is lovely and my workmates and I often visit with our office order.
I have never ordered from the menu but the muffins and other sweet treats are delicious!
Big fan of the Caprese Salad....a little pricey but I guess this is reflective of the area.

2 star rating
by Peter Mattison
Mar 12, 2013

I used to go here regularly (about once a month) as I work in the neighbourhood. The coffee is good and the salads and other healthy (by Auckland take-away standards :)) choices are refreshing. It's always been a bit too cool for school, but until now the service has been friendly enough (again, by Auckland standards). Today that changed (lady serving up the take-away food was extra-surly) so I won't be back.

4 star rating
by Phoebe Joiner
Jan 19, 2013

The staff are very friendly and approachable. I visited for breakfast once and was very satisfied with the coffee and eggs. Absolutely love the environment and decor, and have returned to grab a coffee every now and then. I also spied some delicious looking items in the cabinets that I will definitely have to try when I visit next. Big ups for these guys.

1 star rating
by The Food Guy
Jan 05, 2013

I got served a burnt quiche from a very rude lady in the Kitchen (I think she must have been having a bad day). She refused to take the food back or swap it for something else after I politely requested an alternative.. I received a lot of attitude and her response was very condescending and unhelpful - "No, that is what you ordered".

I felt rather nauseated from my experience and disgusted with the poor level of customer service. I've advised my friends and colleagues to never eat at this place.

2 star rating
by Lj80 X
Oct 01, 2012

When we come to TwentyThree it's usually on a Sunday for brunch. The staff out in the courtyard (girl with tattoos and guy with a sweet fade haircut) are some of the loveliest waiters I've ever come across. I wish I could say the same for the staff working behind the counter inside - put a smile on your face and don't be openly rude to your staff in front of the customers!
The menu is in desperate need of an update (unless *something* on toast is your thing) but the cabinet food always looks nice, although you always wonder on a Sunday just how long its been sitting there.

3 star rating
by Juku
Jul 08, 2012

Pro: One of the few places which sell keepcups!
Con: Lacking atmosphere. Staff could have been a bit friendlier.

It’s great that they sell keepcups and there were also some other little items which were quite nice to see there (eg quince jelly). Unfortunately the atmosphere didn’t convince me. In the front part of the café, you have one table next to one another and in the back you find a bar room and patio, both with fireplaces. Staff could've been a bit more attentive and friendly to new clients entering the café. Needs to switch to more plantbased, sustainable options.

1 star rating
by Chia80
Jun 24, 2012

Food was bland and tired looking cabinet food. The coffee was also bland no flavour and no kick to it. The cafe was like the deli section in a supermarket with chairs and tables. No atmosphere pretty sterile won't be back.

4 star rating
by Joanna
Sep 22, 2010

We passed Twenty Three whilst wandering down the street and it looked like a nice cafe. Although it appears to have limited seating inside, there is a back door that leads to a sheltered and warm outdoor area w/ fireplace (good for winter).

Have been there a couple of times for coffee and food and have not been disappointed. They have a range of salads/sandwiches and paninis. But also, a good brunch menu. Service was very good - though the place was quiet at the time. But staff have been friendly both times.