Tyler St. Garage

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09 3005279

Britomart, 120 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Pizza, European
11:30 AM to 12 Midnight


Reviews for Tyler St. Garage

4 star rating
by Donnashane123
24 hours ago

We came here for a bite after 2 so it wasn't busy and the service was excellent. We went to the rooftop part and that was even better. The food was very enjoyable... Better than the 'usual' bar food. Not greasy. The cocktail drink was very nice too. You could tell that it would be a very busy place after office hours!!

1 star rating
by Hungry_akl_bro
4 days ago

boring menu with arrogant staff. the food was average and pretentious. not impressed, overpriced and very bland. Pretty much just chips, burger and pizzas... wtf?

The bouncer was very nice and was more helpful than the staff working inside lol

4 star rating
by Ceciline Thai
8 days ago

Popped in for a quick bite after uni, staff were attentive and food was pretty good :) we got the fish burger and the BLT, reasonable prices and quickly made.

4 star rating
by Melanie Rose Hansen
25 days ago

I came here for dinner recently and was a little disappointed with the menu.. It seemed more like a lunch menu!
The staff were lovely and organised apart from us having to go order our own desserts at the bar..
I ordered the salt and pepper squid with a side of seasonal vegetables and it was absolutely delicious! It was better than I expected and was good portions!

The chocolate brownie was very yummy! The price range was very good, cheap eats and fancy food :)
Will definitely eat here again!

5 star rating
by House Of Eats
one month ago

Its a keeper! Yes this bar is definitely in the book of returns. If your looking for a place to have drinks after work - look no further. The pizzas & cocktails are amazing and not too overly priced I might add. The top floor mezzanine is available for hire - for which was hired by the one and only Justin Bieber when he visited NZ on tour. It overlooks the ports of Auckland and scenery is just simply gorgeous. The decor is blacked out industrial themed - Super cool and styling. Great place to have a boogie after dark too.

5 star rating
by Mia Zou
one month ago

I've been there once with classmates in lunch. Nice platters with varies cheese and meats and sources to try. Suitable place for people more than four. Upstair has more private place for a large group to reserve a party. There is outside balcony in the upstairs that has great view to harbour.

0 star rating
by Bigfazza.com
2 months ago

The food is simple but fresh, had the Mexican Chicken Pizza, tasted fantastic especially with the great NZ hot sauce that adorns each table. Services was the real hero. Great attitude from the two team members I dealt with.

4 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
2 months ago

Been here many times for drinks- have eaten here once- great spot love the rooftop part on summer with a vino great cocktails no complaints here :-)

4 star rating
by Claudia Serra
2 months ago

Went to TSG for lunch with work colleagues today. The space and atmosphere was nice. The food was delicious and arrived quickly, it was also reasonably priced. Really happy with all of that.My only issue was with the staff. Not very attentive. Took a while to ask if we wanted food/drinks and that was only when one of us approached them to ask them to take our orders. No follow up was given on how we were finding the food etc. They didn't come over at all actually after the food was served. I found this pretty disappointing.

4 star rating
by Delyce
2 months ago

Love Tyler st garage for after work drinks. Great selection of alcoholic beverages with something to suit even the fussiest of people. The crowd are mainly working professionals so its a great place to inwaind on a Friday night and network.

4 star rating
by Tami T
3 months ago

Everytime I'm in the Britomart area, I always feel like stopping by for a nice cold drink. I love coming here for a nice and breezy seat out the front, accompanied with an icy beverage and some (seriously good!) hot chips! Definitely a nice and relaxing option after a long week :-)

3 star rating
by Miss Kiki
5 months ago

I have been here twice since November. The first time I had the Tyler Street Garage platter, fries and caramelized onion bread.
The second time we had the same platter again plus the other platter on the menu.

The first time I loved the platter and couldn't wait to go back, unfortunately the second time I can't say the same.
The TSG platter the second time was noticeably of lesser quality. The squid tasted as if it was cooked an hour before it was served and had been kept under a heating lamp, similar to the squid you would expect to have at a food court Chinese smorgasbord kind of place.
It also didn't have the same sauce that came with the chicken the first time.

The meat platter to me looks very sad, I just feel the platter is of low quality.
The upside is that the service is efficient and friendly, the drinks are good too. If I go in the future it will be for drinks and for snacks quite simple that can't be screwed up, like fries.

5 star rating
by Riddhi
6 months ago

faultless visit to tsg yesterday. We went up to the rooftop garden area and even with it being packed the server went out of her way to make sure we had enough room and were comfortable. 

We ordered 3 pizzas, 2 mushroom and 1 mexican chicken, and also 2x kumara fries and 1x chips. My friend ordered a  very good cocktail (shore) . While i didnt eat the mushroom pizzas the others said it was delicious, and so too was the mexican chicken. Probably the best pizza i have ever eaten. 

What really made me like this place was how top notch the service waas. They were dealing with a full house during lunch, and with multiple christmas functions and still dealt with all the customers exceptionally. 

Little bothers were the heat- an extra fan wouldve been good but not a big enough issue to affect my rating. Good job tsg will be back

3 star rating
by Jack Dang
7 months ago

Don't be fooled by the restaurant's name, Tyler St Garage probally is one of the best restaurant I been to in term of great interior designs and awesome lighting. The restaurant also offers great outdoor space and is perfect for that quick quality lunch break. The food is pretty good especially the burgers however the prices are quite high dues to the restaurant's location. definitely would recommend to give it a try. 3/5 for me

5 star rating
by Ðamien Van De Merwe
9 months ago

Absolutely superb food and service. Pricings are fair and portions are generous and packed with flavour. Would go again any day for that Southern Style Chicken with that amazing coleslaw.


3 star rating
by Two Dark Coffees
10 months ago

With high expectations which were not completely met, I'm going to have rate Tyler Street Garage a 3/5. Last friday, my friends and I decided to get an Uber into Britomart to celebrate my 18th birthday. 

Tyler Street Garage was high on my hit list. I'd heard a lot of good things about it and was super keen to check out what all the fuss was about.

Walking through the doors, you merged into a dense crowd of people which took a good while to get through. Finally arriving at the counter, we ordered a round of cocktails. Extremely refreshing and sweet, the wait was worth our time. 

The music playing was pretty average, something your mum would scrunch her face at. Maybe it's a better lunch venue? I would recommend Fort Street Union over Tyler Street Garage for a night out - just based on that nights experience.

4 star rating
by Tony Ma
10 months ago

Been here for excessive drinking before popping to the Penthouse Club.

Drinks are quite trendy, looks awesome, however the lighting is almost impossible to take photos.

1/5 drinks will taste yummy, the rest just look fancy and drinks are more towards the bitter end even if you order something fruity.

Service: 4/5

Wait time: 3/5

Environment: 3/5

Drinks Quality: 3/5

Drinks Quantity: 4/5

Price range: $60+ pp

3 star rating
by Ayu
11 months ago

On a busy Friday afternoon we decided to try out Pinky's but once we got there we realised it was in Tyler street garage.

Pinky's one hot mess is in the same building as Tyler street garage, perhaps just a new feature on their menu?
Full of business men and women catching a quick bite and catch up with friends its still a nice relaxed bar setting.
Burgers were smaller than expected but, we had ordered the Mexi Chicken and Beef burgers with crinkle cut fries on the side.
Even though these burgers were small they held a lot of flavour. Mexi Chicken was slightly spicy and tangy where as the beef burger was not my favourite.

All in all for a quick lunch Pinky did well for us.

3 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Jun 28, 2014

Not too sure why Pinky's gets a separate listing from Tyler Street Garage, since it is right in it.

Burgers here are like large sliders, taller than they are wide, and held together by a skewer. They try to be "gourmet", so the beef one had some kind of honey mustard smeared in the bun, while the vegetarian burger had goat's cheese with beetroot and brown rice. Pretty much what you might expect from bar food. The beef patty was not medium rare.

The onion skins were pretty tasty, but coated in a thick batter which felt a bit oily.

This place is a bar, not a foodie destination, but you can still have a satisfactory meal here. We have only tried the burgers, so can't speak for the pizzas we saw a couple of other tables having.

2 star rating
by Gabriel Long
May 27, 2014

Burgers were nice & had good ingredients, but for the price, they are a rip-off, you'd need 2 to make a lunch. I got the beef burger for $13 off and it was the circumference of a Mc'D's burger & apx 2x the height. Any smaller and you'd have to call it a slider. You could go to chargrill across the road and get a burger of equal quality but 3x the size for 1/2 the price.

4 star rating
by Angelica Wilson
May 18, 2014

A nice place for drinks on a Saturday night! It's classy and filled with great attentive staff! This drinks are a bit more pricey and you need to get in early before all the freshly legal 18 year olds get in there lol
My favourite drinks to get are vanilla galliano and coke; apple martini (for when I feel like being a classy bish) and jager bombs. After ordering a couple the bartender will usually give you a discount too which is great!
Also a great effort to the staff, last night my brother was attacked in the bar and they helped him out so much via the ambulance and taking care of him in the mean time. Really .. they didn't have to but they did. I will definitely be heading in and having lunch there often and leaving them some big tips.

4 star rating
by Sandra
Mar 03, 2014

We loved this place..the views from the rooftop were special. We were 5 for lunch with an overseas visitor and found the service we received was pleasant and helpful. We ordered a variety of entrees and salads to share and afterwards dessert and coffee. The plates of food were generous, varied and tasty. This was my second time there and the menu had changed. I'd return in a heartbeat. Thank you.

0 star rating
by Food 2 Run
Jan 15, 2014

Place is Magic. Great steaks and pizza, staff really great as mums birthday they treated her with a birthday beer. If you want a great meal in Auckland this is it. Kid friendly as well.

4 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Dec 18, 2013

A really nice little place to have lunch if you're hanging out at the bottom of town. The place itself is really large and there are plenty of seats and tables. The staff are very kind and regularly check if everything is going well. Tge food itself is very yum, although a little bit pricey, you really do get what you pay for. Definitely check it out when you have the time and money. Woof.

2 star rating
by Michael Bacon
Dec 18, 2013

There's a lot to like about Tyler St Garage, however, I still walked away annoyed and feeling ripped off. The roof top is great in the sun, decor is nice and food is good. But the service was slow, inattentive and rude. The music was far too loud for an early evening dinner. They brought out the wrong drink, and tried to charge for both the actual order and mistake that wasn't touched. They also mislabeled the price of wine. There is a reason that this is the place you go when everywhere else in Britomart is too busy - there are better options out there.

5 star rating
by Kiwi Food Wonders
Dec 01, 2013

Tyler St Garage is essentially a bar that does food bloody well. Located in an old "garage" in Britomart, it's lucky enough to have a rooftop garden bar that overlooks the harbour. It's a great spot to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon with one of their delicious cocktails or hard shakes.

I've tried their pizzas, salads and smaller tasting plates - think tapas but on a slightly larger scale. All have been delicious, especially an incredible Asian-inspired tuna salad that sadly is no longer on the current menu. The burgers are also famous - basically this menu is great for sharing or simple, easy staples done well.

The wait staff are ridiculously good-looking and helpful, which makes dining here a pleasure. Check it out next time you're heading to or from Vector, or looking for somewhere airy in Britomart. And make sure you head up to the rooftop garage before it fills up!

If you liked this review, check out more like it at: http://kiwifoodwonders.com

4 star rating
by Mark Brennan
Oct 23, 2013

Went there a couple months back on a quiet Monday evening on a first date. I hadn't been there before so choosing the venue seemed risky but ended up being great as the rooftop area with the harbour views was a hit. Service was good, beer was good overall - great place

3 star rating
by Des Shinnick
May 07, 2013

We stopped in for coffee. Great little spot. Upstairs is pretty cool with it's harbour view.

Staff friendly and helpful. The coffee was meh. Maybe a bad day for it. Everything else suggested we should return at some stage.

4 star rating
by Glenn Town
May 01, 2013

Had lunch there today
Superb Lemongrass Chicken
Nice ales also
A daring concept which works
Excellent service
Not cheap but very well done

4 star rating
by Lisa Garrity
Feb 04, 2013

First time we have been there. The food was really very good (and we are fussy!). It was a bit weird that we were sitting on a couch with a low coffee table even with booking 2-3 weeks in advance...but not that big a deal given the food and service. Will definitely return.

5 star rating
by Charles Croft
Nov 07, 2012

Dropped in for lunch on a Tuesday weekday, and found they were doing half-price deal on their gourmet pizza; this was an AWESOME thin-crust creation with bags of flavor, so my partner and I were happy campers as we shared a cocktail jug and sat outside in the sun watching the world pass by quayside. Place seemed very popular with business-types. Also Tyler St delivered the most friendly service we received in the three days we dined out in Auckland. I'd certainly go back!

4 star rating
by Sally Macdonald
Aug 07, 2012

The food, venue and service were excellent. The only fault I had was I booked online as suggested and didn't hear back and our names weren't registered when we arrived. Because it was early it wasn't a problem and we had no trouble getting in, but I felt if the Internet booking doesn't work, it should be suggested as a booking option.
The guy suggested I would be better to phone, which I would do next time as would definitely go back.

4 star rating
by Kay Adams
Jun 22, 2012

Coming to Tyler Street Garage was a spur of the moment decision and was a great one at that. We shared a meat platter between two which was the perfect size and very tasty. Staff very nice and friendly checking back to see how we were enjoying everything. Great place to go for drinks and snacks on Friday night! Very recommended

4 star rating
by Verity Swift
Dec 05, 2011

Well done Tyler Street!
What a way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. It was my husbands birthday and having left an establishment earlier in the afternoon because of it's bad service we came here.

What a refreshing change!

The service - the food - the drinks! The highest quality!
Even though we couldn't go to the rooftop as there was a private funtcion this didn't inhibit our enjoyment. (Not even the fact that we had to leave our lovely pizza as the fire alarms went off!) We were in fact suitably looked after for our inconvenience.
What a lovely, lovely place and what great, knowledgable staff!

Two thumbs up!! :-)

3 star rating
by David Boshier
Jul 30, 2011

A small group of us had our mid-winter Christmas drinks at Tyler Street Garage. We had booked upstairs which is the place to be with a view of the harbour and a large open fire.

The service from the team their was very good and they kept the drinks and food coming.

The winning menu item was the pizza's with there thin crust.