Urban Cafe

3 star rating 16 reviews

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09 9666977

139 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 3 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Urban Cafe

4 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
4 months ago

Another Newmarket cafe on Carlton gore road perfect for a post gym/yoga coffee/meal. Today we headed there after yoga for a quick breakfast before work. They had porridge on the menu which was great, I am surprised more places don't have it on the menu as it's such a great winter breakfast option. The porridge came with milk, banana and brown sugar, I opted to go without brown sugar for a healthier option and it was delicious! My brother went for muesli, fruit and yogurt which he also enjoyed.

4 star rating
by Di
4 months ago

It's my first time to be here for a lunch, I had a bacon and egg panini, it looked very nice, but the taste could be better, also it was a bit busy and noisy during lunch time....

4 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
6 months ago

Walked into this gorgeous looking cafe about two weeks ago but I hadn't tried anything that day. So so so glad I came back today!

The team here are really patient, friendly and efficient! They waited patiently whilst we took our sweet time to order!

It's awesome how we were able to sit in the sun and not get cold cause of the outdoor area that is completely covered!

I got two poached eggs on toast with a side of smoked salmon!
As per expectation it was delicious, reasonably priced and fresh! Would definitely go back here! 👍🏽

2 star rating
by Ryan Singleton
Oct 18, 2014

I had been here with work at least a year ago and enjoyed the interesting menu- BUT It has gone downhill in both service and quality of the food/menu. I am guessing there has been a change in ownership. 

I had the Spanish breakfast which looked good but was quite bland. My wife returned the Mushroom Bruschetta (not something we have done before) as it was basically dry fried mushrooms on toast. No sauce, the pine nuts were taken straight out of the packet without being grilled or fryed. VERY DRY. 

 She exchanged it for the Breakfast salad which was no better. Iceberg lettuce cut in big wedge shaped pieces (Asian style?) with poached eggs and similar dry mushrooms, side of bread. A little drizzle of balsamic vinegar, but again pretty bland Not worth a visit!

2 star rating
by Tony Ma
Jan 09, 2014

Super expensive and the customers look like wannabe business people only making less than $100k a year.

I would prefer to go next door to Jone's the Grocer. Their food is on the high side. But so much more chillaxed there.

A café posh wanabe's hang out at.

Toilets are nice so extra star :)

Service: 2/5
Wait time: 3/5
Environment: 2/5
Food Quality: 2/5
Food Quantity: 2/5
Price range: $30+ pp

3 star rating
by Josh Taylor
Dec 23, 2013

Prompt service.
Iced chocolate tasted weak.
Fruit smoothie was great.
Mince tasted burnt (and some of it was visibly burnt)
Eggs Benedict + Salmon was great.

2 star rating
by Brian Smith
Oct 23, 2013

Food OK but service is not much to write home about. Coffee was perhaps a bit on the cold side but this could have been caused by the delay in getting it to me. I really like Allpress Coffee and like it served hot and strong.

4 star rating
by Isaac Valach
Oct 21, 2013

Pop in today to have a meeting with a friend, service very prompt, ordered soy coffee wasn't the best I've had the food made up for it, good size meals & did the trick. 9/10 for these guys will be returning again very soon.

4 star rating
by F Cube .
Nov 15, 2012

Certainly the best coffee in Newmarket!!!
Possibly the best coffee in Auckland!!
Maybe the best coffee in NZ!

I go there mainly for a coffee, with the additional sweet treat from time to time. Coffee is consistently excellent. So I am never disappointed!
Allpress of course!

Excellent staff, friendly. They are the Newmarket 'hip' type friendly. Not the New York Italian-American type friendly. But friendly none the less.
The décor is not my style at all (modern industrial), but there is a free water fountain and the place is always busy. Which is a good sign. If it was bad, it would be empty.

The only down side: they are closed at 16:00 - and if I need a coffee after that time, I have to settle for second best.

5 star rating
by Christine Price
Nov 13, 2012

I have been here several times for brunch and lunch and I have never been disappointed. The service is efficient, the coffee good and the food is of a high standard. The corned beef hash with poached eggs and hollandaise is delicious as is the breakfast salad.

I have also been here to a birthday party which they catered for and it was a great venue in the heart of Newmarket with plenty of parking on a Saturday night.

3 star rating
by Ian
Dec 03, 2011

Good cafe, always busy every time I have been there.. Even worse when the media is there for the cuppergate fiasco.

Service is ok but a bit limited as many times not enough staff, food is good if you have it made as some of the food in the cabinet can be a little dry.
Always a good selection of food on the menu and it appears to change regally.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Oct 26, 2011

Light, bright and the service is good. It can get a bit busy but the food makes up for it. I had the 'Breakfast Salad, Egg, Bacon, Avocado, Tomato, Chive Mayonnaise & Turkish' which was fantastic and a great start to the day.

The coffee is worth a stop.

4 star rating
by KirstyT
Apr 17, 2011

Modern, always busy, friendly owners, great location for office workers in Newmarket. Lovely coffee although there can be a wait due to the number of people passing through each day. They have an iPad and newspapers on site to keep you occupied while waiting though. Cheese and rocket scones are absolutely divine!

3 star rating
by Patrick Fail
Feb 26, 2011

Always good for lunch especially their regular menu items - spicy mince and corned beef hash with poached eggs - comfort food! Coffee is good too.

2 star rating
by Lillian
Feb 15, 2010

Popular cafe and clean modern feel but food could be better. Coffee card filed at counter under your name is a great idea!
My minute steak from the express lunch menu ($12.50) was tough and hard to cut with the normal knife provided but the shoestring fries was good. Staff was not overly friendly possibly cos they were quite busy.
Another time for brunch - my toasted chicken sandwich with artichoke heart from the cabinet was better than anything from the menu; the muesli is especially not recommended.
They charge extra on public holidays but is one of the few cafe that was open in that area.

4 star rating
by Anne Phillips
Jan 09, 2009

The decor has a nice industrial feel, clean, and the Eggs Benedict and the artwork are FABULOUS. Feast for body and soul. Worth a visit.