Urban Turban

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39 Jellicoe Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  North Indian, Indian
11 AM to 10 PM


Reviews for Urban Turban

5 star rating
by Rachna
one month ago

Excellent location and decor. Loved the rickshaw parked on the pavement.

The food was delicious!!

Staff were very friendly and we were welcomed as soon as we stepped inside.

Would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys Indian cuisine.

3 star rating
by Cmys001
2 months ago

Average experience. The food was good but nothing fantastic and about $5 too expensive. The desserts were ah-may-zing though.
Only think they need to improve on is add less salt and bigger portion size or reduce the price. Not sure if I will go there again.

5 star rating
by Archana Singh
2 months ago

A lot of Indian restaurants cut corners by using the same curry bases for all their dishes and loading up with cream and butter that make dishes rich at the expense of flavor. But not at Urban turban everything is so fresh, that you can actually taste the aromatics, spices and herbs that makes Indian food so delicious.
Stumbled upon this place tired and hungry after a day of shopping, with lots of skeptical family members. The restaurant looks awesome from outside and as I entered and saw delighted waiter welcoming us and recommending something different from the routine chicken tikka and seekh kebabs.

Everything we ordered was prepared with care and tasted delicious and succulent. Order the sliders, the 65 chicken and the paav bhaji -bombay one , it has the essence of the restaurant in one plate.
Even the tandoori chicken salad was fresh and you could tell from the leaves.
The curry chicken and daal tadka were delicious
We like the idea of pan shot n dessert choco samosa.
The service and ambiance , you wouldn't be never complaining !!! So my recommendation, try this place if you are in Auckland or visiting.
Keep an empty stomach, and clear out a few hours and savor the magic of this place.

4 star rating
by Rahul Menon
2 months ago

I was so not in the mood to eat Indian food but my butter chicken aficionado friend dragged me here.

The restaurant was crowded when I walked in and I smiled inside knowing that we won't get a seat but since we were only two ,the manager guided us and seated near the Christmas tree, waterfront view which was a wow !!! Also could see a tuk tuk....nice.

The first thing I noticed was that the staff was very quick and attentive. 

They filled our glasses with water and asked us about our drink order. 

We ordered a mocktail and told them that we were ready to order (since we know Indian food at the back of our hands). 

We ordered the butter chicken and hot 6  along with plain and garlic naan. 

Our server was quick to point out to us that we get one naan with butter chicken so he will get the extra naan on finishing so our naan doesnt get cold. That was so nice of him.

I barely took a few bites because I was'nt really hungry but the food was pretty good and flavorful.

The rest of the evening was made by some real good desserts and also a nice cup of masala tea.

All's well that ends well.

For service definetely 5 star....Food 4.5 and ambience 4 as I could take a table inside but never mind we didnt reserve a table. We will come back

2 star rating
by Jessica
2 months ago

Came here on Valentine's Day (a while back, I know) we had the set menu, the food was terrible, and not worth the amount we payed for it, also my plate had a massive crack through it AND I ordered a mojito and they put him in it......

2 star rating
by Kiran Kanchan
2 months ago

Pretty average... We went for the pav bhaji as the entrees and bottomless curries.. Fish, Palak paneer and mix veg...quite pricey for the food quality... Though the quantity is good, can't say the same for quality.. Just average.. Though the service quality is good and very friendly...

3 star rating
by Jemily
2 months ago

Used to love coming to this place ever since trying their food at the first Street Eats back in 2013. However, honestly, we have been put off from going back after a few bad experiences with the last being at the beginning of the year.

The last visit we had ordered the tandoori chicken, the seekh kebab and the spiced fries during the late night menu. We doyen both meat dishes to be quite pricey for the portion.

The chicken had some off-putting taste to it, giving the same feeling you get when you eat horseradish which we found quite unpleasant.

The kebab was not memorable, with the fries being the best thing of the night, very crisp.

Since our last few bad experiences with Urban Turban, we've since given up eating here.

5 star rating
by Blair Watts
2 months ago

Finally decided to try this place and so happy I did! The fish curry was seriously delicious, the service was great and you can see the water from your table, I will be coming back for sure!

5 star rating
by Brett Watts
2 months ago

Absolutely fantastic food and service. I live nearby and kept eyeballing this place from a distance. Eventually I got around to trying it and it was great! The food is very carefully prepared, and the staff makes you feel comfortable and taken care of. Give it a shot!

5 star rating
3 months ago

I loved Urban Turban. Confused about many of the reviews as I dine out ALOT. I found the service and setting, very warm and friendly as well as professional. The food was unlike any other indian restaurant I have been to with a modern twist on dishes!!

I loved it - and have returned many times since my first visit.

5 star rating
by Muppet
3 months ago

Great place. We ordered a bunch of tapas and shared. The samosa chat was yummy. The manager was really nice and attentive. Nice place to take a group.

3 star rating
by Moshy
3 months ago

Overall experience of this place is Average the food is good nothing to rave on about and the portion sizes are quite small it would definitely not suit anyone who is looking for there money's worth

3 star rating
by Caroline Barrett
3 months ago

Meeeh nothing to rave over...food was all right but nothing special and location is the only thing that sets this place apart....also recommend them to hire a waiter who understands english.

5 star rating
by Carla
3 months ago

I really love the depth of flavour in the meals here. Have visited here numerous times and am never disappointed. Tried the lamb sliders for the first time and loved the sauce that comes with them, a perfect companion. Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala are far superior to any other I have tried and while some ppl's reviews say they are watery, I disagree. While they may be wet curry's that suits some ppl who love to mop up the sauce with their awesomely puffy naan bread. Great location as you need to walk off the bottomless curry! Ha ha!

5 star rating
by Hardik Thobhani
3 months ago

Without a doubt one of the best Indian food I have ever had in NZ. The food and atmosphere are consistently great. The staff are always helpful and efficient without being annoying, specially Mr. Abbas was great with his hospitality service. 

It is a sophisticated atmosphere without being pretentious or wanky. It's a great place to celebrate any significant occasion in an intimate way regardless of the number of guests. Good for romantic, friends, family or business. 

If you are staying in the Auckland city and like Indian food make sure you book in for a meal. It is easy to walk to if you are staying in the city.

3 star rating
by FoodLoco
3 months ago

Good location but food is meh!
Very expensive for food that doesn't good..
Chat food is average... flavour is average
Running curries.. not impressed

4 star rating
by Apurva Kamat
3 months ago

I have been to this place twice and both times with family. The ambiance of UT is really good. We were immediately shown a very nice place facing the waters. The kids loved it. Food flavors have remarkable depth. Our favorites are the  garlic prawns, himalayan chicken and awesome fish curry. To add to it the bottomless curry idea. The desserts were good too. In all a good place for family.

4 star rating
by Tian Tian Zhang
3 months ago

I have read up and down reviews about this place, so I was quite skeptical when I went with my friend on Saturday. We both ordered bottomless curries and both got a refill after the first one. The staff were friendly and attentive. The lighting was quite dim, but no overly so. We did have to wait quite a while for our food to arrive, but our refills arrived pretty quickly when we ordered them. I can't say I was blown away by the food, I found my soli boti (lamb curry) pretty salty, but we definitely liked the idea of endless rounds of curry (even if we can't even eat that much).

5 star rating
by Akhil
3 months ago

Absolutely Fantastic This was our first visit and what an evening, we were greeted warmly and shown to our table. The food is beautiful and the service is Excellent. The waiter Anirudh was pleasant and even had suggestions to make which were helpful which made the evening even more enjoyable. Will we be back, oh yes and very soon I hope. We both had a lovely evening and came away full and fully satisfied.

1 star rating
by Jay
3 months ago

This place has a great name and that's about it. Expect to get bad service, tiny portions and bad tasting food. I will not be coming back here.

5 star rating
by Nidhi Vyas
3 months ago

We went for lunch to Urban turban. We had a full selection of entrees. The lamb seekh and chicken 65 were the best amongst the whole. We loved the biryani and tandoori chicken!! For dessert highly recommend the home produced ice creams- Paan was the best. 
The waiter was friendly and gave us attentive and friendly service. Can't wait to go back.

2 star rating
by Rachel Schuurman
3 months ago

We were excited to finally check out one of the Wynyard Quarter joints after grabbing a great deal for Urban Turban through a voucher site.  I am one of those people who likes to look at the menu online beforehand so I know roughly what I might order and had selected my 3 dishes already.  Then the waitress who seated us when I went to order told me I was not allowed to order my main from the Bombay Specials part of the menu.  I had clearly double checked my voucher before coming which said I could, so I protested.  She insisted several times until we showed her the deal on my phone.  She then relented saying that I could order from that section, but went on to list 2-3 dishes from that menu that were not available including the one I wanted to order.  Not only that, but the dessert I wanted was not available either.  We were not thrilled about this after being argued with by this unfriendly waitress.Trying to not let her ruin our night we went on to throughly enjoy our entrees which were amazing.  Our mains were rather disasppointing however, we found the curry rather bland and runny and the biryani could have done with a bit more flavour too.  They were all wonderfully presented but the taste let them down.  The dessert we did get was very nice.  At the end of the night we were informed we had incurred a $3 surcharge for ordering a seafood starter (which we had not been informed about!) and needless to say were not at all happy with our night.  We let this waitress (a different one) know and she tried to make it up to us by giving us a few betelnut shots on the house.  Her kindness went a little way to make up for our run of disappointments, but nevertheless we will not be going back here or recommending it.  A bummer of an experience really!  The two stars are for the decor of the restaurant, the one lovely waitress we encountered, and the yummy entrees and dessert.

2 star rating
by Kshitij Garg
5 months ago

Would start by saying - doesnt meet the expectation, not even half of it. Except for the ambience everything else is a bit of a spoiler. Went with three others to this place on a cold evening. It started with the guy telling us that their outisde heaters are not working - why do you have the outdoor space then, and why have you kept the heaters in the first place. We managed to sit in the cold as we wanted to enjoy the harbour views. The second blow came when we ordered the drinks - the guy comes out with four bottles of whiskey telling us that he will not be able to serve 2 people with one bottle as he doesnt have the quantity in any bottle matching two people's serving - a restaurant in an upmarket place is out of stock with all four options of drinks - serious consideration needs to go in for the person managing the bar. The last blow came when the food was laid - the servings are so little for the price we paid.. Starters were good but very small portion size. Urban Turban is a place that is expensive and even if you are ready to pay the price, they do not meet the level of satisfaction that you expect after paying that price. Strictly not going back - and would definitely not worth recommending a friend to. Eventually had to get up in between to shift to another place in the same quarter.

4 star rating
by Purnima Sudha
5 months ago

Really liked the sizzler platter. Bit costly but should try atleast once .

5 star rating
by Tapan Karambelkar
5 months ago

Awesome experience and very warm hospitality... The authentic Mumbai street food is a bonus. The team arranged and executed my wife's birthday party with precision and a smile.

2 star rating
by Rey
5 months ago

It's hard to explain food when it looks like the real deal but lacks taste. Basically the kind of meal you get here. 

Chicken tikka
Awfully dry, masala was great but the chicken had been poorly cooked and was likely unfresh. Massive let down. 

Again, ingredient wise it looked like the real deal but it lacked flavour that real bhel has

Chocolate Samosas
More hype than what it delivers. For $12 I'd rather have a top notch, quality dessert experience at Milse than a sad bowl of half-warm, oily Samosas, generic vanilla ice cream and chocolate topping from a supermarket chain brand. 

The two stars were solely for the excellent service which was attentive and did offer to remove items from the menu if we didn't like it - should've really taken up the offer.

4 star rating
by Laura Hunt
6 months ago

After seeing some pretty up and down reviews I was pretty skeptical about how my experience here would go. Fortunately I had an overall good experience.

The service was really good! Even when I was being slightly annoying by asking to swap tables and asking for a heater to be brought over! The food all came very fast too! Our favourites were the samosas - crunchy pastry with a yummy spiced potato filling, and the chicken farcha - fried chicken with a butter chicken like sauce. We also ordered the chicken tikka which was different to what I'd had before, but pleasant.. And Bombay fries which weren't anything special but perfect for a filler on the side.

Based on my experience i would say it's a nice place to go if you're after some different kind of Indian food. I'm definitely not opposed to going back!

3 star rating
by Stephanie Balsom
6 months ago

Unsure if they have changed recipes or not but the dishes have seemed to let themselves down during my third visit.
It could've been that they were vegetarian meals but otherwise seemed a bit bland and boring.
Other than that UT still provides a great variety for a good price. Proves a good dining experience for large groups due to bottomless dishes!!

5 star rating
by Aniva Huang
6 months ago

My boyfriend and I came here after our friends recommended it to us.

Bottomless bowls of curry? Who says no!!

The curry tasted really good and flavourful. The rice portion was quite small so if you're a big rice eater you'll have to pay extra for more rice.

The service was really good here too!

4 star rating
by Sylvia Henare
6 months ago

Relatively good food at reasonable prices. Waitresses were welcoming, however service was a little slow. Atmosphere was great and the view was perfect for the candle lit dinner we had. All in all, my partner and I enjoyed our experience and would recommend this place to others.

4 star rating
by Kris McG
6 months ago

We showed up without a reservation around 7.30 on a brisk evening, and were luckily able to get a seat in the outdoor covered area (inside was full). The staff were friendly and attentive, angling the outdoor heater to warm us a little (though the aluminium seats acted as a bit of a heat sink).

The menu is unique when compared to your average Indian restaurant, but has the classics hidden in there. The food itself packs a lot of flavour (bold herbs throughout the curry) and are well presented. We also got dessert which satisfactorily dealt to the sweet tooth, although their mocha was a little bitter.

All in all, a great dining experience with a modern, tidy, relaxed atmosphere.

1 star rating
by Tori_93
7 months ago

Went for dinner there with a friend and loved the decor and how we got to sit outside just metres from the waterfront. We ordered some food and the waiter seemed uninterested with taking orders and wanted to stand around and chat. So eventually we chose our food. Waited around 10 minutes for the food to come out and there was about four small bits of food on the plate and was COLD?! Again feeling hungry because of the small bit of food we had we asked for another dish. That is when it took about a half hour to come and had to repeatdly ask the waiter is it coming soon? To his reply 'yes soon' aka 30 minutes & it wasn't even busy so don't know why it took that long to come to us.
Rather have just gone to KFC and got a cheap combo and be full.
Disappointing food AND service.

4 star rating
by Yuu Nakano
7 months ago

Went on a busy friday evening with two other friends.The waitress was sweet and welcomed us.
The restaurant has a cosy semi formal ambience with colorful lights.
Really appreciate Chefs efforts to cook glutin free and nuts free food which was delicious.....mango ice- cream is to look for.
will definitely be back.

5 star rating
by Dharamveer Randhawa
7 months ago

On Tuesday afternoon  I was at the Auckland CBD for a business meeting.

The restaurant was at a spot on location , i entered seeing the special express lunch on the board.

The sitting was nice and I had a Costal Fish curry - part of express lunch which was a great great lunch at a value for money price.Didnt need to order any sides.

The waiter suggested us the homemade icecream but didnt have room so I came back at night just for the Paan Icecream.

After i finished the dessert I paid and left but I forgot my cellphone, he came running behind me a mile away from the restaurant to return it...appreciate the honesty and I truly recommend this place for its warmth and hospitality.

3 star rating
by A Culinary Affair
7 months ago

The back story: Wynyard Quarter is fast becoming my go - to place for special nights out. It has ample parking - free even after 6pm which is a rarity in Auckland, and loads of cuisine to choose from. Urban Turban struck as an exotic place to trial out, with floor to ceiling glass, it appealed to me as an upmarket Indian establishment.

Food: I was however disappointed overall with their food. Although there are a wide variety of choices - from Indian tapas to bottomless curries (allowing endless refills), the food lacked in the taste and zest that you would expect from Indian cuisine. I had the Bombay lamb curry and my dining partner had the Himalayan chicken curry. Both felt they were similar in taste and texture, albeit more spice in the chicken curry. There were only a few pieces of meat in the curry and they were large and tough. All curries came with Naan, poppadom and rice - but the food lacked warmth to go with the curry. Prices were also on the expensive side - curries were ~$26 - 28; $18 for vegetarian.

Setting: although presenting itself as an upmarket establishment, I found the overall atmosphere to lack the warmth as was the food. Both the back and front doors open which didn't help - creating regular wind drafts throughout.

Occasion : upmarket Indian cuisine dinner

Revisit potential: 3 / 10

5 star rating
by Anusha Koushal
7 months ago

we were a large group of friends, the ambiance was nice, but dark but cosy, it`s good that heaters were on and we felt warm. we had tapas  platters good quantity and quality with different pics.

The curries were nice, very home style and also the breads. we loved the waitress she was very charming and polite.
can`t wait to visit you soon, please have some ethnic music and uniforms for staff would look traditional i guess.

5 star rating
by Kinderjeet Bhullar
7 months ago

We started off with antipodean cooler and cucumber mocktail was very refreshing. Our waiter was very professional good knowledge of good and around. I loved the butter chicken. Also naan bread were nice. We suggest more dessert choice like kheer and rasgulla.

5 star rating
by Satwinder Singh
7 months ago

Absolutely the best Indian food I've ever have had in Auckland

Despite the name being Urban Turban I expected some one with a turban.

The chef made the curry with the perfect spice. One more thing which I really love about this restaurant is that it is always open late so u can still get nice food after being at a party or something. Thanks guys for the awesome food please keep it up.

4 star rating
by Missk Khan
7 months ago

Fond of this place. Gorgeous view out front but it always seems windy, although they do put out heaters at front.
They do bottomless curries, which is awesome. Only drawback is they don't like u sharing, which is a little odd as you would wana try other dishes.
The flavours are authentic and hit the spot for us. Their menu is very different to your run of the mill Indian. They were quick even when we have gone with a big group, although the heat of the curries is not consistent so take care of you order hot!
Naans are good, service ok, it's our backup plan if we are wandering around Wynyard quarter.

2 star rating
by Eden O'Brien Ford
7 months ago

Decided to pop down for a casual lunch with a friend.
Initially wasn't keen on going here as the staff looked like they weren't doing much of anything, but my friend wanted to give it a try.

Big mistake.

The food was average to say the least.
I know it's meant to be fusion food and all but I feel like they missed the mark with this one.

Unfortunately, some of the dishes purchased were cold and not cooked properly.
We had the classic chicken tikka and the lamb sliders.
The lamb sliders were well cooked and tasty, but a bit on the cold side. The chicken tikka wasn't entirely cooked properly through in some pieces, which put me off touching the other pieces.
The waitress was the one saving grace. She was friendly and helpful and appeared to be the only one there doing any work, as the (I assume) manager and chef sat around at the bar talking.
So well done to you lone waitress.

Overall, not an ideal experience.
I wouldn't suggest having a lunch date there anytime soon.

5 star rating
by Ben
7 months ago

The girlfriend and i were looking for somewhere nice and quiet-ish near wynard and came across Urban Turban. The food was fantastic and service was very good too. The manager Sachin recommended us a couple of curries and they exceptional and cooked to perfection. He also politely moved us without complaint when the girlfriend got cold.

Would recommend and already planning a return.

5 star rating
by Veer Sandhu
8 months ago

Nice place to spend some good time with friends.
We were very happy with our waitress Natalia. She recommended some good cocktails , tapas platter which was great value for money, we enjoyed the masala corn cups !
We had some fish curry rice which was tasty and some nice lamb biryani very subtle flavors.
We will go back there soon.

1 star rating
by Charles Sanson
8 months ago

This is the worst Indian food I have ever had.  The bottomless curries were watered down so much that you could see the fat pooling on the surface of the liquid. 

The services was good but I was there to eat food and I left hungry, so it counts for nothing. 


5 star rating
by Amrish Dholakia
8 months ago

Loved the food. Good ambience. Nice staff (Saahil). Good Manager Sachin.
Excellent service. Good experience. Bit pricey but unlimited curries for mains if order more than 4 curries ordered.

1 star rating
by ZP
8 months ago

Want to waste your money? Dine here. The plain rice was excellent. The ginger chicken dish was the only tasty dish in the 5 odd dishes we had. The prawns were an insulting amount. Felt ripped off as the flavours were non existent in the other dishes. The quantities are quite small too. The bottomless curries were watered down to within a mm of their lives. Sad sad sad excuse for indian food. Lacklustre. Not worth a second shot.

5 star rating
by Jbjaltoita
8 months ago

I have eaten here three times and the service and food is excellent. I like the atmosphere of the restaurant too, it's cosy and not too noisy.

4 star rating
by Dawn
8 months ago

We went there on Friday night and managed to get a table outside. We ordered our picks from the bottomless curries. This sounds like a great deal but there was no need to go back for seconds so really it was a main. We asked for medium heat, the result I would describe as mild. Our waitress was really friendly. Unfortunately the drinks waiter couldn't tell us which wine was which so it was pot luck. It took along time for the drinks to arrived and even longer wait for our food. 

All in all good, tasty food, friendly staff but very, very slow service.

2 star rating
by Harsjeet Bhatt
8 months ago

Very poor standards for an Indian Food place. Non of the dishes we had like the samosa chaat, Cottage Cheese Makhani, Garlic Naan were like how its suppose to be in India. If you have never tried indian food in India before then probabaly one might never understand the difference. The garlic naan was like the worst thing i have ever had from all the indian breads. Cottage Cheese was very rubbery and probably was from a frozen pack. Only drinks were decent and thats why i rate them 1 and another 1 for its location.

5 star rating
by Jason Morgan
8 months ago

Had a great meal with the kids after looking around the Volvo Ocean Race village. We've been here before and enjoyed the bottomless curries. Knowing how filling the serves we don't tend to have starters. Two of the boys had second helpings, one the butter chicken and the other the Sali Boti.

We'll be back.

5 star rating
by Pawan Kamat
8 months ago

Liked the food, the service and the ambiance. Was on my to do list for some time, so went with my friends on last Sunday for dinner. A good place to meetup with your friends and talk. 
We started with Butter chicken- Chicken was fresh and tender it went well with Garlic Nann. The sauce was creamy and delicious. I/we were recommended Hot 6 : Great spice and chicken was cooked well, I liked it.  the vegetarians ordered Palak Paneer and dal makhani, they liked the taste. I Also ordered some white wine to suit the occasion and goes well with the chicken. 
Overall the service was excellent. The server was nice and friendly. Liked the suggestion which he passed on, was smiling and welcoming. We were 6 of us and were served food pretty fast, It was also a busy day. Atmosphere was nice, Cant ask for more...waterfront, fresh breeze and lovely weather. If you want good Indian experience, its a great choice ! 
on a negative side, it would have been better if there was a TV screen as some of the guys in the group wanted to see the cricket world cup match.

5 star rating
by Nikki
9 months ago

Went here last night for dinner - were greeted by the manager found a seat right away for us. Great service, good food and thought was reasonable prices. Keep up the work and we will be back!!

4 star rating
by Anna Harding
9 months ago

Can't go wrong with a bottomless curry if you or your company has a huge stomach! Good food and nice location to be in. The desert is nice too!

5 star rating
by Surie
9 months ago

My Family & I alway attend the Urban Turban restaurant on several Occassion we had excelento service, great customer service & food was punctual ! We were there last year with the family & Sachin the waiter was very efficient , food was sumptuous , impeccable & prompt service ! I have recommend Urban Turban to my friends , colleagues & family member as I have not eaten such good , tasty & sumptuous Indian meals in Auckland! The environment is very serene as well as the staff are very accommodating ! Keep up the pleasurable , funtabulous & funtadicio service Urban Turban! You rock keep it going!

4 star rating
by Vishal Kumar
9 months ago

Firstly, caution - this place seems to be fairly expensive for the limited number of dishes that we had. 

We started with samosas, paneer and chicken tikka, which were fairly staple and well done. We moved on swiftly to the Bottomless Curries, having ordered one each, but did not even make it to a single refill - therefore just be careful with the quantities. 

The curries tasted pretty delicious, and my love, roomali roti, was made excellently to my surprise. Will be back again for sure.

5 star rating
by Ankita Maheska
10 months ago

We loved our meal at Urban Turban, but we never even knew it existed until we stumbled upon the reviews on this site.Reviewers did not steer us wrong!

The meal was the best Indian food we've had and the service was awesome.

Sahil took excellent care of us--very helpful

He recommended Lamb seekh, melted in your mouth-- out of this world!

We left it upto him to order mains haha.

We topped off our meal with a delicious brownie. We can't wait to come back!

4 star rating
by Khushal Navani
10 months ago

A very pleasant experience, and although it was flocked with people the night we dined, the food and service was nice.

Service, food and wine selections were all fabulous!

Service was professional, courteous and accommodating without being aloof or intimidating. Very good.

Advice to travellers, if you want to dine here, book a table well in advance -- seaview requests are honored as reservations are made, so if this is important to you -- book as far ahead as you know.The menu selections diverse...in other words there is something for every taste. Although some items were pricy, the quality as well attention to detail are evident. The kheema paav and naan breads were fantastic.

overall amazing...

5 star rating
by Shékhar Parkhï
10 months ago

Urban turban dinner was outstanding.

We live in Seattle,on our holiday to auckland, thought of trying this place at north wharf.

Their selection of dishes is extensive and on this occasion four us shared the starter bombay platter and naan which was heavenly .

For our main dishes, two of us had the Lamb Masala and one had the Chicken Tikka Masala, all of which were delicious with just enough spiciness as requested. Please keep more desserts-indian ones.

 All in all, another delicious cost effective dinner.

Have to mention great hospitality. keep it up guys.

5 star rating
by Gina De Castro
10 months ago

I took a group of friends to Urban Turban for a Saturday evening drinks & tapas and the food and service were outstanding. 
As we sat down, I asked our waiter if we could have some tapas to share and within a few minutes,we got beautiful bombay platter arrived piled with shrimp, kebabs, with  greens, delicious. 
We followed this up with some plates of curries to share. Food  was dreamy! 
Home made icecreams were yummy.
Our waiter- cant remember name, Indian  was warm and attentive and helped make our experience memorable.
We visiting Auckland from South Africa and  We will be back!

2 star rating
by Eli A
10 months ago

Pretentious is the best way to describe this place. I went there on a summer day for some drinks and light snacks. The server was very snarky- made comments about how we only ordered drinks and papadoms. Wont be going back.

5 star rating
by Seethal Sivarajan
10 months ago

We were celebrating my friend's birthday, and did not decide till last minute. We passed by the restaurant "Urban Turban", and were glad that we made a stop here   :)

The welcome was very warm and friendly. The auto rickshaw at entrance catches your eyes......also the small artefacts enhances the beautiful ambience. The food recommendations were top notch. I loved the Bombay Ocean, my friend had Spiced mojito which was highly recommended by the manager. He also suggested Kungpao paneer which we tried for the first time and really loved it for a veggie option. The chicken tikka masala was awesome. Home made ice creams were nice......especially the mango flavour.

I now plan to stop by every opportunity and will always suggest it to my family and friends.

Thank you Urban Turban....excellent !! :) :)

2 star rating
by Kumud Sheoran
10 months ago

First time I visited this place
Very disappointed with the food as I'm an experienced Indian chef.
Food is not up to the mark
We ordered chicken 65 ( which won't taste like the recipe, can't see any mustard seeds n curry leaves)
Garlic prawns are nice
Tandoori chicken salad is ok
Dinner is nearly disappointed coz
I order dal makhani which taste blend, no taste at all , I think they served the boiled black lentils.
Food is too pricey for this kind of quality.

5 star rating
by Naveen Kumar
10 months ago

The urban turban has the new face with quality experience guaranteed. Food is great with good taste but definitely needs to improve its quantity.. I would definitely visit again.
Many of them have complained about a lot of things.. But I feel they are getting better everyday. .. Worth giving it another shot :)

1 star rating
by Carl Denson
10 months ago

Let me start off by saying this:- On my visit to Auckland, i have been to a lot of places most of them quiet good, some of them excellent and some of them just plain freaking terrible like this place here. I have a srrong fetish for indian food and visited a lot of places that serve indian food and the likes. This was the WORST of them. 

Now when you order summat, you expect a certain quality and quantity of food to be served. Now the quality was fine but the portions were so damn small i could barely taste anything. We had the chicken tikka, the minty cottage cheese and the flavor burst for starters and were so disappointed with the quantity that we decided not to order the mains. The food lacked in authentic taste and was too continental for a place that has a rickshaw up at front. 

The only thing worth remembering about this place was the pan shot which i havent had anywhere in the world. But i would seriously NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Even the cleaning staff was a mess as the guy kept cleaning around us continuously even while we were having our food. I mean what the hell? Learn some freaking etiquette.

5 star rating
by Gaurav Pawar
10 months ago

Ossumm service !!

Staff was excellent and helpful. Great location and authentic Indian food.
Specially Sachin manager on duty looked after us very well.
Will come back.

5 star rating
by Carl Shaw
10 months ago

Let me start by saying I don't really wrote reviews, but thought it was about time I would recommend the place.

My partner and I eat here a good 4 out of the 7 days per week, that is really saying something.

Evertime we go to urban turban we are treated like family, the service is always top notch, the staff are always so friendly and happy.

The choices on the menu are fantastic, alot to chose from and everything is always fresh and full of flavour. We enjoy the bar menu, as it is fully stocked, unlike other places on northwharf, it's nice to not have a limited selection of drinks, most places don't do proper top shelf liquor.

Urban turban is my favorite restaurant, I will continue to return as long as their doors are open.

5 star rating
by Mayur Shetty
10 months ago

Went there for lunch ! Loved the tapas platter and also the Himalayan chicken . The flavours were authentic , really home made style food which we can't find in restaurants today. Sahil and all staff were friendly. Highly recommended

2 star rating
by BMG
10 months ago

We ordered the Tandoor Platter and Bombay Fries, and both, as my partner said, were pretty underwhelming. The tandoor was fine, but didn't have any of the smokey richness usually associated with Tandoor meat, and was rather dry. It would have been good to be advised to order some carbs or greens separately, because the plate was a bit lacking in variety for a platter. The waitress also mixed up the fries order and brought us oily pub-fries, which was fine, but it took 10 minutes of checking to acknowledge this, and by that point there wasn't much point re-ordering. When surrounded by so many other interesting restaurants in the area, this is not one that I'd pick again!

1 star rating
by Jamez Hill III
10 months ago

Went for lunch. Service was average, waitress was forgetting the order and abruptly packed our plates even tho there was still people wanting to eat what was still there. The tappas menu wasnt pleasent. Their prawns were overcooked, the tofu was tough and the chicken had an odd taste. Sadly enough their only saving grace was the sangria. For a place along a busy area you would expect better food and service. I would put it up there with any regular indian food service u get at the mall. AVOID!!

5 star rating
by Alan Gwyer
11 months ago

Went to Urban Turban for the first time, found the food to a very good standard in all dishes we ordered.
Sapna our waitress gave very good advice on food choice, she was pleasant and interacted well with our table.
We will be returning again for another enjoyable experience.
Alan and Ross.

2 star rating
by Sonali Geo
Nov 25, 2014

I had always wanted to dine here since its inauguration.  So  one warm dry November Saturday I took my turbaned friend to Urban Turban to feast.  I was expecting it to serve the Punjabi fare like its name - viz chole bhatura, dahi vada and the like.  However the menu proudly declared it to be Bombay Tapas.  Still excited, we ordered the Flavour burst and Pau Bhaji.  I knew what Pau Bhaji was and was surprised when the Flavour burst came to the table in the form of 6 pani puris.  They were tasty and no complaints about the presentation.  However, we were a little surprised when the staff wanted to clear away our plates before we had finished dinner.  Were we keeping them from going home early, we wondered, as we left bewildered.

3 star rating
by Sananda Chatterjee
Nov 15, 2014

The food and drinks were tasteful but for the price, the amount of food on plate was a lil disappointing.
Perhaps one pays for location?
We didnt order the bottomless curries but will do next time - maybe thats better value for money!

4 star rating
by Tanushree Sharma Katyal
Oct 05, 2014

Party size 5
Order - chicken tikka- excellent
Butter chicken- excellent
Himalayan chicken- extremely hot
Naans- v nice
Palak paneer- v nice
Definitely will go again

5 star rating
by Parth Engineer
Sep 12, 2014

It is really Hard to find the best dining place around the city with the spectacular views of the viaduct. The food was so yummy and delicious and would recommended the  Himalayan Chicken with Naan Bread and also mouth watering garlic prawns.
The service was so quick and with lots of information about the food and drinks. A warm thanks to Sachin and Abbas who made our experience unforgettable at urban turban. Even though it was so busy because of Father's Day, they provided us with best dining experience. Sapna served the food and drinks with the warm touch of hospitality.

Highly Recommended place . .

1 star rating
by Rahul Kumar
Sep 07, 2014

Worst service ever!!! Manager @Alvin Kumar dint want to take any kind of responsibility what so ever. We asked to see the manager four times but he was too busy in the "kitchen" helping the chefs apparently!!!He walked past us three times when we spoke to the duty manager. We waited two hours for our entrees.. no apology whatsoever from the staff called @sapna who actually stuffed our order up to begin with and when we asked for our entrees after 60 mins of waiting she said it will be 5mins and after half n hour she came to ask us what entrees did we order in the first place ... I mean after 90 mins of waiting and telling us that our food is 5 mins away... You come and ask us what we had ordered in the first place!!!! We asked her why did our order not go in correctly in the first place and why was it taking so long and the only reply we got was - we are busy! If you open a restaurant up for service and people turn up... all we ask for is good service and food! These people need to learn the basics of hospitality if they want customers to return.

3 star rating
by Steve
Aug 23, 2014

Very yummy Indian, tandoori chicken plate great, hot 6 was ok. Nice and thick mango lassi. But service was poor. Kept coming back and asking what we were waiting for because they lost track of what we ordered and what was delivered. So the entire meal took ages. Prob wouldn't go back to be honest

0 star rating
by Warren_g
Aug 23, 2014

We ventured to the city to go to street eats but it was too crowded so thought we would try one of the restaurants at Wynyard Quater. We liked the menu at Urban Turban so settled in for the worse dining experience we had ever had. Requests had to be made for both our drink and food menus, the young girl listened to our order and repeated it incorrectly, ignoring my suggestion to use a pen and paper, we were ready for the wrong plates to come out. A long story cut short, it took over an hour for our small plates to come out, 4/6 plates that we ordered made it to the table and the sliders were nothing short of disappointing and plain. 50mins after ordering a bottle of bubbles we were still staring at empty glasses but the mood had changed and we no longer wanted to be in this restaurant. It took 10 mins to receive side plates (food was already cold) and we had to find our own cutlery.. the service needs a lot of attention as this was the biggest let down. Such a great location for an eatery, endless to say, we won't be coming back to find out if the service has improved.

5 star rating
by Vijay
Jul 21, 2014

I normal never write reviews but promised the waiter I would. Visited Auckland, last week, on business first time, and dined at Urban Turban
By God !! it's not just a pleasant experience but an outstanding one. The service and food was great, one of the best I have experienced in my travels around the world in any Indian restaurant. Being of Indian origin I can write this review with some level of authority, food menu is extensive (very different to cutter cut Indian restaurants) and the quality was outstanding. I had the Gun power shrimps for entree and Lamb Masala as appetizers. My GOD what a great choice, flavors still linger on my palate memory - after i left NZ and am back at home in the Bay area , USA. Very well defined flavors cooked to perfection. I would highly recommend this place and can't believe there is no outlet like this in the bay area. Indian food is better in Auckland, for sure
Last wanted to comment on the service by, Sachin - very welcoming and true Bombay person - warn, open and cool - Good work and God Bless
Vijay G, SF, USA

4 star rating
by Mona Mohammed
Jun 25, 2014

Try their homemade ice cream. Rose, Mango & Betel. Exotic flavors!

0 star rating
by James Tomlinson
Jun 24, 2014

I orderedthe Himalayan Chicken curry which comes with rice, naan, poppadum and chutney. The curry is also 'infinite' in that they'll bring you another one free until you're full! All for just $27, not bad!

So how was it? Excellent. The chicken was just perfect, not chewy and no nasty fatty bits common in Aussie curries. The sauce was just perfect, incredibly tasty and medium hot, without being too salty or too sweet (another common failing with Aussie dishes). The rice and poppadum were fine but the naan bread? Not sure what was in it but it was the best naan I've ever eaten.

All in all, stunning value for a fantastic meal. Excellent service too (although they may have taken pity on me for dining alone!).

I willbe returning to Urban Turban when I'm next in Auckland.

2 star rating
by Neepz706
Jun 10, 2014

Firstly, Overpriced.
Food was average and for those that have been to many Indian restaurants in the past I say visit those instead. Not a restaurant for a family or group of friends that share meals, more suited to those that get one dish per person, because that is how they have set it out. Very limited menu and again high price for average food.
I only give the 2 stars because I quite liked the attitude and service of the staff, very friendly and always having a smile on their face.

1 star rating
by Brent Ruijne
May 31, 2014

We went there to celebrate my 46th birthday with family and friends. Eight people in total.
We rang up to make a booking and asked if the buy one meal get one free would apply to everyone who was there. We were told yes.
After our meal we went to pay our bill. My wife handed him her entertainment voucher card. He took it hunched over and then put a scratch through the card saying that we had already used it and that we were not going to get any discount. We had never been there before and we had not used the card that day.
This guy then said that we could only get one meal free. Eventually they gave us two meals and two beers for free not the four meals that we believe that we were entitled to.
I object to this guy's dishonesty in scratching our card and then claiming that we had already used it. He lied to my wife.
This man's dishonest attitude spoiled what otherwise would have been a wonderful evening.

4 star rating
by Riddhi
Mar 17, 2014

Came here for a birthday party last month. Ordered bottomless curry (Himalaya Chicken). It was tasty and filling and very authentic. Prices were somewhat expensive but the ambience was good and so was the quality. Service was slow but everyone was extremely friendly.

4 star rating
by Zoya Parmar
Feb 09, 2014

I have been in New Zealand for over 12 years now and have dined at various Indian Restaurants but I was never happy about the fact that the food at these restaurants was not authentic Indian. But last night after dining at Urban Turban - I think I have found a place where my expectation of eating authentic Indian food will be fulfilled. I absolutely loved the place and the food.. The only thing that was disappointing was that when me and my mate asked the waiter if one main can be shared between 2 people he said yes. When the main arrived the portion was very small and impossible to be shared between 2 people - so we felt a bit mislead. Apart from that everything else was just right and I highly recommend the Pan shot :) thank you

4 star rating
by Jordan
Jan 21, 2014

I went here with a friend last week and was thoroughly impressed. The bottomless curry idea was fantastic, and wait staff diligently asked us for refills when we were finished our first serving. Service was very quick, friendly and efficient.

They have a very good wine list, and are quick to offer drinks upon being seated. One thing I would say which they could improve on is the seating. I sat inside, and I felt the chairs were very uncomfortable for a restaurant. Maybe something to work on. Other than that, would strongly recommend - and have done - to many friends.

4 star rating
by Prince
Jan 17, 2014

Nice decor and friendly service , food was delicious and reasonably good value.

5 star rating
by Sara K
Jan 06, 2014

I have visited the Wynyard Quarter a couple of times now and both times have eaten here and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Paneer Tikka and Chilli Paneer are beautiful and the Samosa Chat is so so yummy - I will definitely be back and recommend to all! fabulous :-)

5 star rating
by Foodie@Heart
Nov 29, 2013

Went there with 3 of my friends..we ordered Gunpowder prawns, basil infused Salmon and Mustard Scallops with Mushroom ragout.. the flavors were awesommmmmeeee!! Perfectly cooked and tender, the food was delicious. I would surely visit this place again...and again...and again...and again! My friends were instant fans of the Head Chef-- Harmeet-- great guy with heaps of experience in Bombay-style cuisine...
The dishes are perfect for summer with superb harbor view to match.
Thanks to the service, the evening was enjoyable & well spent.
Cheeers to Urban Turban

5 star rating
by Jaswin Gandhi
Nov 24, 2013

Great new summer menu. Delicious 5 spice soft shell crab for entree and chiili paneer - the mains were just as good. The crab this is something unique for an Indian restaurant. Excellent service. I would recommend this place to anyone.

5 star rating
by Darayus Paste Dhabhar
Nov 10, 2013

Better Indian food than India itself. I have been in Indian for many years but the food here is much better. Authentic cuisine and Paan shots and Paan ice cream is amazing. Must try their butter chicken and Rumali rotis. Absolutely amazing.

5 star rating
by Roger Wait
Oct 02, 2013

I was treated for dinner last night at this place by my boss and the NZ team. I can't praise this place enough, the food was excellent the flavors out of this world - never before have I ever had such good food in well presented, Indian food. I am from Perth and there is a Urban Turban there, no way close to this. This one is a massive leap ahead in terms of Indian cuisine & style. Loved it a must go. I promised the polite Indian waiter I would review as he requested several times. Good work Urban Turban Auckland, Urban Turban Perth take a leaf from the NZ unit.

5 star rating
by Manjot Singh
Sep 12, 2013

Great Indian restaurant in Auckland. Offers a step away from usual Indian meals at other places. I highly recommend Hot 6, it is possibly the finest dish on the menu. Interesting selection of wines on the list and available by glass. Will be checking it out again in future. Good luck Urban Turban.

5 star rating
by Brian Leiberman
Sep 12, 2013

Had a great time at this restaurant and swore I would do a review on here for it. We had a huge range of food all good. And the wine was great too - Pinot Gris ?? and a lovely Pinot Noir too.. ( sorry can't remember the name.. both recommended by waiter. Much Much Better than the usual 'stew' kind of Indian food you get everywhere.. The whole Wynyard Quarter area is cool too.. can't wait to come in during summer.

4 star rating
by Joe Factotum
Sep 12, 2013

Went with a bunch of friends and we loved it. Especially Gunpowder Prawns.. although all of the prawns were really tasty. We shared the curries and they were great too. I had the original chicken curry and it is just like you get in india. Wine was excellent too.. and the ice cream!!

1 star rating
by Sonali Makanjee
Sep 07, 2013

This place deserves no stars!

The food was average. However, the service was truly atrocious.

Our waitress was a complete b****. She told us that we could not keep a menu on the table because since we were Indians, we would eat with our hands and dirty the menu when we touched it. She then told us to put our hands up and ask for her to bring us the menu if we needed it. It brought back memories of school. Except I was paying here for the bad service.

Secondly, the menu said that there were other vegetarian options available and that we should check same with the host. When we asked her for other vege options, she said there were not any. Except that we could have the special of the day, some non-vege salad, without the meat.

We tried to give feedback to the manager and called the place afterwards. I spoke to the "manager" (according to him) who proceeded to mock me.

I am definitely not going back there to be insulted.

3 star rating
by Kamal Seth
Sep 01, 2013

Considering it is not a fine dine restaurant, price did not justify quality. Did not have hot plate, no ambiance, chairs not comfortable. Chicken was not cooked in the curry, rather boiled chicken was added to the curry. Seekh kebab was not fresh either. Service could have been better.

3 star rating
by Carmella @ Easy Food Hacks
Aug 27, 2013

It is difficult to review this place. This is not a ‘could do better’ because I don’t think this place wants to be any different. It’s in a little niche, like all the other eateries at North Wharf; - they are here to feed tourists who are okay with the pricey food, young and friendly but slightly inattentive staff, trendy but sparse décor. Wynyard Quarter is the main attraction with the wharf atmosphere, little and big children's playspace and Silo Park. Fortunately, there is plenty to occupy you after a meal.

One big advantage is that Urban Turban is great for families, - no one blinked when rice and a prawn scattered onto the floor because Miss 4-and-a-half decided to jump up from her seat.

Urban Turban’s tagline is Bombay Street Food. I haven’t set foot in India, but I understand that the only thing on the limited menu which can claim that merit is the bhel, which surprisingly wasn’t offered when I asked for a recommendation. The server did however, recommended the Gunpowder prawns (6 in one portion). This came with raita to counter the spicy chilli. Garlic prawns (6 in one portion) was cooked with chunks of the aromatic allium.

Curries are served with naan or roti and a serving of coleslaw with a mustard-y dressing. The food is served on individual plates, rather than in thali bowls to share, evoke the feel of a posh food canteen. The rice was overcooked, making it somewhat dry and crumbly. The butter chicken with its unusually thin gravy, is sweet and tasty. This being the dish of the day, is bottomless, and you will be offered a free refill should you polish this off.

My favourite was the lamb Marsala with its rich, spicy gravy and fork-tender lamb. The coastal fish curry had half a dozen small fish pieces, and tasted predominantly of coconut cream. Himalayan chicken had the most heat. The palak paneer was surprisingly bland.

To finish off, the kids enjoyed glasses of mango lassi and the choco samosa - milk chocolate wrapped in steaming hot samosa served with scoop of ice cream and caramel drizzle. We really wanted to try the pan (betel) ice-cream, but were told that the ingredients were late arriving from India, so no ice-cream was available.

Perhaps I’m being uncharitable. Urban Turban does not profess to be a vanguard of Indian cuisine. As long as you take it for what it is, Urban Turban should satisfy the average patron. I didn’t see any Indian customers, so if you have a hankering for exemplary Bombay cuisine, I suggest you ask your Indian friends for recommendations.


0 star rating
by Aussie_Richo
Aug 13, 2013

Dont normally do reviews but urban turban was that great i had to write about it. The meals are incredible. The staff are friendly and very polite. Would certainly recommend to anyone interested in having a great Indian meal in the Auckland CBD area. The waterfront views are great along with the atmosphere within the restaurant.

1 star rating
by Ian Nunn
Aug 04, 2013

Paid my first visit to Urban Turban last night as friends over from the UK. This is based on the standard of meal.
As I had arrived late my meal had been ordered for me, the "original" chicken dish.
I have to say this was undoubtedly the worst meal I had ever tried to eat. The portion was small anyway and approximately 1/3 was bones and we are talking carcass bones here, not leg bones,wing bones but part of the carcass in spicy gravy. Basically it was a soup.
Not good and not paid for,might be an idea for the staff to explain this is what the "original" dish is so that the next person doesn't get disappointed.

4 star rating
by Patel
Jul 21, 2013

Had heard and read a lot of reviews about Urban turban.Needed to go and check the place out on my own. Decided to go there with my wife on Saturday. The staff accommodated us even though we reached half hour early then our booking. The food matches up to its reputation of good food and ambience. Very innovative for a Indian restaurant to match up to a very upmarket clientele. Must say the food is great and the service prompt. No delays in the service at all. Overall a great place to dine. Just a couple of suggestions , cut down on the salt and please introduce a few Indian beers to match the food . Mumbai style.

Must say the waitress from Nepal was very friendly and helpful.
will definitely go back and spread the word around.

Keep up the great work ...

5 star rating
by Kenn
Jul 08, 2013

This is an amazing place, lovely food, and awesome staff and great service, i recommend the fish curry it Just melts in your mouth but all the curries are amazing as well, will definitely be going back again. Good prices also. Had an amazing time here.

5 star rating
by Andy Frost
May 28, 2013

This is the best Indian food experience I have had since coming to New Zealand fifteen years ago.

Great authentic Indian food at a good price. Also a few alternatives for those who don't want a curry, but with an Indian twist.

The service was also very friendly and efficient. Also nice to have Heineken on tap.

I will be eating here again soon.

5 star rating
by Hannah Baylis
May 24, 2013

Love it, had flavour bursts and gun powder prawns for entree and then had the most delicious authentic butter chicken curry. Good value for money but with the entrees could not have a refill of the botomless curry

5 star rating
by Nita Badlu
May 16, 2013

Awesome environment and awesome service especially by Sias, a great bloke with great mannerism and we loved the paan shots on the house and food was quite good. We went there quite late but the owner/manager still accommodated us with a lovely smile so definitely a place to go and the meals are reasonably priced too.

4 star rating
by Rajat
May 11, 2013

Awesome evening with family celebrating Mother's Day. Sias waited on our table and really looked after us very well. Some of the dishes were a bit too hot for us but Sias made up for that with a few things on the house including lovely paan shots. Great ambience, great service, good food.

4 star rating
by Branden Lorimer
Apr 08, 2013

Went there on the weekend, the service was great, the meal was on the table within 15 minutes and the food was very good. Will definitely go again :)

4 star rating
by Christine Frayling
Apr 02, 2013

My husband and I decided to take the bus into the city on Monday 25/3 to celebrate my birthday. We wandered along to the Viaduct and then along to Wyndam Quarter looking at menus of the various restaurants along the way. We hadn't been to Wyndam quarter before. We liked what we saw at Urban Turban and eventually wandered back to try out this place. We chose the tapa's platter with free Naan bread and to accompany this a bottle of beer each. I'm not really a beer drinker, but find with Indian food, it compliments the food. We were not disappointed - the food was absolutely delicious and more than enough for two to share. Thank you Urban Turban for helping to make my birthday memorable.

5 star rating
by Michelle
Mar 06, 2013

We went to this place because they had george fm dj-ing out front. it brought the place a hip atmosphere. We shared a platter and a jug of tiger. To my surprise the waiter came and topped our drinks up. Such a fun experience. The chef was happy to change a few things due to my diet. very happy and hopeful staff. Great service:)
Be back soon.

4 star rating
by Jenna Malkin
Mar 02, 2013

Great flavourful food and service!

2 star rating
by David Johnson
Mar 01, 2013

Place looks great. Well located.
Menu is quite extensive, but food is not that great.
Prices are too high. I have better expirence at other Indian restaurant.

Bottomless curry concept is great but, after second time when you ask for for curry...portion seems to become lesser and waiting staff looks at you as you are a thief....not impressed.
There are many better places in Auckland to dine.

2 star rating
by Faye Sullivan
Feb 18, 2013

Check price before you stop here for a drink on public holiday. We had a tap beer and glass of house wine - $28.70 on Auckland Anniversary Day!

4 star rating
by Bruce Hodgson
Feb 17, 2013

Good food. Good service apart one thing. One of the staff had terrible BO.

3 star rating
by Anna Nayyar
Feb 13, 2013

Went on a Monday night so was quiet. Food was lovely and the service excellent. The bottomless curry is an amazing main to get. The mocktail was also quite good. It is expensive but average when compared to other restaurants in the area

However found the chef in the kitchen staring at our table the entire time. It was uncomfortable and after a while we just ignored them.

5 star rating
by Jocelyn Chignell
Jan 18, 2013

Had my birthday dinner here last night and loved the place!! Brilliant food and fantastic service- (also, when they say the Gunpowder Prawns are hot they mean seriously HOT and absolutely delicious). Will definitely be going back to Urban Turban regularly. Thanks for a wonderful evening guys!!

5 star rating
by Aiman Bagasra
Dec 29, 2012

LOVED IT. We had been meaning to eat here for a very long time, and we finally did it on Friday night.

Nothing much to fault here. As soon as we entered, we were attended to and seated with menus. Water was served as we pondered the menu. We were attended to by a very competent young waiter with a lip piercing. He was very patient with us as we took ages to decide what we wanted and answered all our questions. Drinks came out straight away, food came out promptly despite it being quite busy, food plates were also cleared away one by one when finished. Enough about the service; it was spot on.

The food: about as authentic as you can get being a mainstream Indian restaurant. The food was very honest and representative of Mumbai. They have this organic paneer, which is the best paneer I have had! The Bombay aloo is also fantastic, as well as the mango lassi.

Can't wait to go back and try out the other things on the menu.

I liked how they had labelled vegetarian dishes but being an Indian restaurant, there really should have been more vegetarian options.

All in all, a happy diner!

5 star rating
by Phil Parker
Dec 16, 2012

Great food - great service - reasonable pricing.
Indian cuisine without all the fatty ghee.
Our drinks arrived promptly, as did the food. water was refilled promptly. No hassle when we showed our discount card. Excellent!

1 star rating
by Meredith Taylor
Dec 14, 2012

Dined at Urban Turban last evening. Whilst the food was tasty, the service and attitude we were subjected to will ensure we do not return. Our initial waitress was great. However when we asked for a refill of our “Bottomless Curry” we were advised that because we had shared the curries we were not entitled to receive any more…”that’s the rules” we were told in a very abrupt and argumentative manner by another female staff member.

Now this is where I am still confused……the menu states:

"All curry bowls are bottomless (subject to conditions*) and served with portion of rice & naan –
* bottomless curry is for one paying guest only"

There were 6 of us dining (ie 6 paying guests) and we all ordered a curry – so 6 different curries were ordered but apparently b/c we “shared” them (tasting all 6 curries rather than just eating one curry per person) we were not entitled to receive the Bottomless Curry offer. It certainly took some discussion and in the end when we asked to speak to the Manager, who never appeared, we were reluctantly provided with the 3 top up curries requested. I am still bamboozled as to what the issue actually was…..it was not as though we had only ordered 3 curries and shared them amongst the 6 of us – we all ordered a curry. If the stroppy waitress who told us “that’s the rules” had actually been able to explain to us in a rationale manner why we were “not entitled” to partake in the Bottomless Curry offer then I most likely would not be writing this review right now. If I have clearly missed something I would love to be enlightened.
The unisex bathrooms were also smelly and dirty. Plenty of other Indian restaurants in Auckland to choose from – this is one we will not be returning to.

5 star rating
by Jade Littleton
Dec 12, 2012

My husband and I visited on a sunny Saturday at lunch time. We firstly read the menus at the entry to each restaurant along Wynyard Quarter, Urban Turban was the only one to have waiters greet us and tell us their specials. We mentioned that we were just looking at menus for now, when we returned they thanked us for returning. We were immediately seated in a lovely spot with good views of the harbour and set up with menus and water, very nice to be served water without having to specifically ask for it, most essential on such a hot day. The wonderful service continued right through our visit.
We ordered one of the specials, a $20 butter chicken pizza with complementary Heineken which they happily switched for a Tiger beer. We also ordered a side of hand cut fries and a Monteiths cider to turn the special into a shared meal for two. The fries were delicious and a very generous serving, the pizza was nice but of an average degree of flavour like most butter chicken dishes served in Auckland but still enjoyable.
All up the meal, including drinks cost $30, quite a decent price for such a wonderful meal. We left very satisfied. Best service we've experienced since moving to Auckland 3 years ago.

5 star rating
by Robyn Putt
Dec 09, 2012

We celebrated my daughters 20th birthday at this restaurant and were very impressed by the food and service (especially by the Manager). They made it very special and went the extra mile..we will definitely go again when we are in next in Auckland.

4 star rating
by Gayeon Lee
Nov 16, 2012

I really enjoyed having dinner at this place.
Friendly and kind service with great dish.
I personally liked their Butter Chicken because it was something different from other Indian Restaurants.
I recommend you to go and try it :)

5 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Oct 01, 2012

Absolutely tremendous! Our whole experience at Urban Turban was just fantastic. The two of us had a really lovely meal here on Saturday night. We dined at 7pm, and were warmly welcomed by a very friendly waitress who referred us to the maitre d' for seating. All staff were smiley and chatty, and made us feel really looked after the whole way through.

The food was fantastic. We strove to order something a little different from our usual Indian choices, and the menu was very broad. We loved that there was a section pitched as 'sharing plates'. I haven't seen an Indian menu with that before, and it's something we love doing. So we decided to share everything we ordered. We went for some Pappadoms that were rolled and stuffed with salad ingredients of cabbage & red onion and other freshly prepped veg. Very tasty, and refreshing to have some greens with our other choices.
We also chose 6 Garlic Prawns to share, which were sensational.

We didn't want to over-stuff ourselves, so we chose to share a traditional main curry serving. (It's actually a bottomless curry if you don't share... but we didn't want refills, so that was fine.) The 'Himalayas' chicken had "Auckland's favourite" written next to it on the menu, so we went for this homestyle curry, that was really different to our normal curry choice, and really rather sensational in its flavour. The curry came out with naan and rice included.

My only recommendation for improvement, would be a description to accompany each wine on the menu. I'm no connoisseur of wine, but generally know what I'll like if I can read a write-up about it... and I think I chose wrong, and I felt like I was buying blind without the little wine-blurb underneath any of the wines!

The atmosphere was stylishly contemporary, with cool coloured lighting of ochre and amber. And somebody must've engineered the acoustics well when they designed the place, because even though the place was packed, (plus with other people sitting at the bar to wait for tables to become available), there was absolutely no trouble talking at a normal volume, and hearing each other easily.

I'd also like to particularly mention how great the tall waitress with long brown hair was, as I think she had the perfect manner you could want from a waitress. Naturally relaxed, smiley and thoughtful.

A really lovely evening out for our first date-night in ages. Thanks Urban Turban!

1 star rating
by Kay Adams
Sep 12, 2012

If anyone sane is reading these reviews take note of this one! Not all the other "5 stars" that have never reviewed a restaurant before. The single worst dining experience I have ever had. Food is extremely bad and service extremely bad. Mains come out before entrees, food precooked that morning, dry and tasteless. I will be scarred for life from this place.

4 star rating
by Chantelle Thomas
Sep 12, 2012

Absolutely Love this place, the Gun Powder Prawns are to die for if you love a bit of heat.

They are good and keep topping you up with water, though I would recommend the cocktails if you are having a night out -or in need of a little cooling.
There is something on this menu for everyone even if you don't like spicy food.

Keep going back to this place - give it a go!

5 star rating
by Allan Fong
Sep 02, 2012

Really nice place to have dinner, the atmosphere was busy but not overly busy, staff were friendly and helpful.
Food tasted great and was good value.
Butter chicken tasted great and could definitely go bottomless as it didn't taste as greasy as other places.

5 star rating
by Julie Smith
Sep 01, 2012

I went there today for the first time and I was blown away with my overall experience!! An awesome and authentic restaurant with a great location!!! I highly recommend it to anyone and sure I will be back in a not distant future!!!

4 star rating
by Masha Podskrebko
Sep 01, 2012

We went there Friday evening, enjoyed the food greatly, the service was really friendly and quick, they do look after you well.
Also we didn't have to wait long for the food and drinks, the food was good quality and served nicely.
I'm definitely going to return again!

5 star rating
by Thevic1
Aug 27, 2012

It was our first time to the new viaduct and its a beautiful place, we were wandering where to go for breakfast and then we saw this place called as urban turban, we went inside and there was a waiter to welcome us with some menus. the restaurant has a beautiful view from the outside sitting, earlier we were confused how can a Indian restaurant serve English breakfast but when we had the food it was delicious, big portions and the best of all was the Indian style omelet. after being really busy they still served the food on time and it was still hot, i would love to go there again to try some main curries and i highly recommend everyone to go there an try the food.

1 star rating
by Anna Brydone
Aug 27, 2012

Went Sunday 26.08.2012 for brunch. Restaurant about 1/4 full - not busy.

Ordered juices, meals and coffees for four.

Food was underwhelming. My omelet could have doubled as a shoe innersole at short notice. Service - not good.

Nothing was co-ordinated - drinks and food arrived in dribs and drabs. By the time the last meal was served the rest of us had finished eating.
Not a good experience and can't recommend this place.


4 star rating
by Keith Eades
Aug 15, 2012

After wandering around looking for a suitable place for lunch, this one grabbed my interest.

I enjoy Indian food and was keen to try something new. Mine was the Himalayan Chicken and my wife had Chicken Frankie. We both comment on how nice the food was, mine was just hot enough with a little kick.

The hardest thing was selecting what to eat, so many yummy sounding dishes. Can't wait to explore the menu another time.

Be adventurous you will not regret it.

The staff were very friendly and prompt.

5 star rating
by Sushant
Aug 11, 2012

We went here in the afternoon. Ordered 3 starters and 2 mains. All the dishes were yumm. The Gun powder prawns are super spicy, my friends couldn't even manage to take a bite. I loved the spice.
As mentioned in previous reviews, the bottomless butter chicken quantity is just too much for one person and the waiter was very friendly and told us we could share the dish (we didn't even make a dent in the first serving). They serve boneless chicken and I think that for the price its totally worth it.
I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

4 star rating
by Andy A
Jul 23, 2012

I have eaten here a few times and find the food and service very good. The staff are very friendly and attentive. The food is always good and served quickly. Definitely my favorite Indian in Auckland

5 star rating
by Catriona Babbs
Jun 16, 2012

Absolute tip top brilliant service and excellent food

Best Indian since being nz we had the snapper and the himalayan chicken curry both were delicious. Waitress's and waiters really attentive and friendly food came really quick

Also had chocolate samosas yum!
Definitely be going back

5 star rating
by Rakesh Verma
Jun 13, 2012

Great afternoon .....all I can say really fantastic. Restaurant was absolutely stunning with great views and seemed very spacious and the staff were very nice and greeted us with a smile. I visit Auckland very often for business trips and this time my team decided to go for Indian lunch..We ordered butter chicken and it was simply divine, much better than any other Indian restaurant that I have been lately.

We had great time and the staff looked after us very well.......Really value for money.....wish they open one in Sydney soon.....Well done Urban Turban & all the best .... Will be back soon.... .

5 star rating
by Andy
Jun 06, 2012

We'd walked past Urban Turban many times and wondered about whether or not a restaurant located in a very touristy area would be any good. We finally got the chance to try is out with a deal voucher.

The verdict - excellent! We choose a May Sunday evening when the weather was crap. The food was excellent, the service too was first rate.

Would we return - you bet!

5 star rating
by Gurpreet Chatwal
Jun 06, 2012

we went yesterday to Urban Turban , on request of my friends ,we had their group on voucher , which I seriously thought that gave us the best value for money food in town . Starting with their initial welcome , warm service , best part was exact turn around time for the food , and food tasted just out of the world , was so good .The bartender makes amazing cocktails , waitresses are very warm and centric in their approach ...in short best service got in a restaurant.......

4 star rating
by Gagan S Maggu
May 18, 2012

Well after a longtime we had the best Indian food, with exact indian taste and excellent service. First we entered and got greeted well, then the service was good and fast.
The wine list is good as well and what I loved was the Indian cocktails that they make. Well done guys keep it up

1 star rating
by Michelle Wainhouse
May 18, 2012

Urban turban, a fantastic menu, but boy were we disappointed. Our starter was like a breakfast cereal, sugar puffs with spice. Our garlic bread had so much garlic on we couldn't eat it. The lamb curry was tough and sad in a watery grave. The only thing I can say good about the place was that the German waitress was great. I told her when I left it was the worst Indian meal I had ever had and she said they like to put a twist on things. This restaurant should take the twist out and serve real Indian food. They need a make over by Gordon Ramsey. Never again.

5 star rating
by Carolyn Muskett
Apr 07, 2012

Its not easy to find a great restaurant that makes you want to go back for more and more. We have been on several occasions now and absolutely love the food and service. We have taken our special friends whom are chefs and real foodies and they can't stop raving out the delicious food and amazing service. We are going again next weekend and can't wait. Great prices, we have had the bottomless curry and have never been told that you can't have anymore, the pieces of chicken are generous. Thanks for making the Urban Turban our favourite restaurant

2 star rating
by Nz Foodie
Apr 02, 2012

Went to this place as a friend recommended it.
Impressed with the overall ambiance and the layout of the restaurant - 5 out of 5 for that.

However, expected more in terms of food and service.

Firstly, when we entered it was super silent with no one to greet. No music throughout the evening.

Secondly, the Bombay vegetarian pizza was dry and we just couldn't eat anything after that - that pizza needs to be looked at - probably a sauce on top or something. Paneer tikka masala was great - recommend that to all. We asked the waiter whats the special - to which he had no answer.

Thirdly the wine list, where are all the New Zealand wines and why is there dominance of so many international wines?

Lastly, when the waiter came and asked 'hows the food' we did tell him that the pizza isn't good enough and very dry - he just smiled and walked away - just expected something more than that.

Again great concept - but bit ore training and attentiveness needed. Food menu definitely needs to be looked at and staff should have a complete understanding of the menu especially due to the premium menu pricing.

And most importantly, doesnt reflect Bombay cuisine - so not doing justice to Bombay food.

5 star rating
by Yvette Harris
Mar 29, 2012

We'd been talking about going to this restaurant for months, as it sounded really awesome. We weren't disappointed!!! It was Sunday night, easy parking, easy to get a table.
The waitress was wonderful - so bubbly and chatty, but at the same time respecting our "date".
I got the bottomless butter chicken, which was a generous serving and more than I could eat - so she brought a refill out for my husband, who had also ordered the spicy chicken strips (which were SUPER spicy!). The waitress certainly checked with him that he liked hot food when he ordered that!
The food was divine - I don't think I'll ever be able to eat food court indian again. I loved the mocktails as I can't drink right now, but the wine list was extensive.
The atmosphere was great there - lovely decor, really well done and thought out. Lovely to be right on the waterfront. We'll definitely be back.

2 star rating
by Jaime Yim
Mar 20, 2012

My friend and I had dinner here on Sunday 11 March 2012 and thought we would try the "world-famous" bottomless butter chicken advertised on the menu. Before we decided to eat there, we first specifically asked a waitress if (a) we could share one order of the bottomless butter chicken between two people, and (b) if there were any special T&Cs in that case. The waitress assured us that it was fine to share, and the only thing she mentioned was that only the chicken was unlimited, not the rice/bread/sides that came with the dish. It sounded like a pretty good deal, so we decided to give it a go later that night. It was fairly quiet when we returned to the restaurant around 7pm, but service was still extremely slow. Most of the staff were fairly polite and friendly when we actually got their attention, but one waiter let the entire crew down with his surly attitude and grumpy face. He avoided eye contact and gave the impression that he would rather be anywhere else than at the restaurant. The butter chicken we ordered was not too bad flavour-wise, but the chicken portions were miniscule. It was a mission trying to get refills, and after 4 refills, Mr. Grumpy informed us that as we were sharing, we had reached the maximum number of refills. He explained that the limit was put in place to avoid excessive sharing of one order between a large number of people. Fair enough, but it seems highly unethical to me to advertise something as "bottomless" yet not have the T&Cs printed anywhere on the menu, and also to have staff who fail to explain the T&Cs when specifically asked about sharing the dish. The food is certainly not good enough to convince me to return to Urban Turban, when there are better and cheaper Indian restaurants in Auckland. And to the grouchy waiter: Give smiling a go, Sunshine. If you don't want to serve people, don't work as a waiter.

5 star rating
by Yash Narula
Mar 16, 2012

Our first visit was on the RWC finals and did I not think we would get a table to eat as we had not booked and and were planning to wing it.

There was a not a place anywhere on the North wharf and having spotted a small space in the restaurant, I cheekily asked if we could sit at the corner, which was a tight squeeze, to my surprise they agreed and I thought it would be ages before somebody took our order, in-spite of the rush we were served drinks and our meal in record time... very impressed considering how busy they were..

We have been back a few times, Last week took MUM (84 years old) with us, who is pure vegetarian and a fussy eater, She had the Paneer and wife had the gun powder prawns, they both loved it , I had the Soli Boti (Lamb) and it just melted in my mouth..

The food presentation, decor and the ambiance is just great.. Well done Urban Turban... keep it up

5 star rating
by Ricky Do
Jan 02, 2012

I simply love this place.. Good place to have a Business Lunch, take a date for diner, corporate diner( we have our Xmas Function here) or simply have couple of drinks with friends.
The food is amazing especially the "Hot-Six". Himalayan Chicken is a must. It also have a good selection of wine.

A modern theme, mixed with traditional Bombay street food, the place just make you feel like you have to be back.... The view too..

Lastly my thanks to the Urban Turban Team that provide us the best service, best food recommendation each time we are there. The Head Chief have passion, the manager have passion, the team have passion.. all this equal to great place, great food, great experience.

4 star rating
by Pete Hollins
Dec 31, 2011

We normally do not reviews but what a great experience! Indian cuisine with a new style of service and presentation.

The tastes were fabulous, the service outstanding and the atmosphere superb. Well priced and lovely ambiance.

Perhaps a wider selection of choices is the only only improvement. We will be back with bells on.

5 star rating
by Diane Simpson
Dec 28, 2011

My experience at Urban Turban (UT) is as you see it, friendly staff, great food, great atmosphere, great wine & beer selections. Have visited three times.

1st time was with a team of 4 and OK they needed polishing but that is to be expected everyone wants to try a new place. You need to get the feelers out and try it again and as it is a new place, new restaurant food, entertainment bar in a great location great layout, great atmosphere. Beautiful and relaxing at the waterfront.
"Yes I'll be back".

Second time I came with a party of suppliers and what a change in the menu and the food was great try the pita and roti what a difference wow I could eat that all night.
The lamb curry was divine and I am telling you if you have not tried the Gunpowder Prawns this is a classic you place it in your mouth and its like having fireworks exploding mouth watering. Its a bit of a teaser actually because the taste climax's to your pallet and just when you think its over you end up getting a mouthful explosion.
Tried it the first visit it was a "tom thumb" now you have the fireworks of flavours great Urban Turban great.

Third time we went staff were more friendlier sharper and ready to provide assistance you know what I mean that customer care with the great smiles and friendliness that it is just what you need a bit of pampering, going the extra mile..
The atmosphere is always at its best and you have a wide range to choose inside, outside, long cosy sittings or the stool area. Don't forget the large kauri sitting, its so beautifully shaped and comfy to sit.

The food has sharpen its edge again with more to come try "The Hot-six" you want hot, you want a kick to your pallet this is the one to go for it is a plate that you will not forget. "Care to try"? and with my all time favourites gunpowder prawns and pita selection this is an experience
Hey enjoyed the lamb curry, the taste, the flavour, the sauce, great with the pita and why not use your fingers its a great way to eat and experience taste. Selection of wines and beers to dress the occasion of the night.

The meal comes and it was worthwhile the wait.
Chef and team it was a great evening with associates, the entertainment fitted around the atmosphere of the evening. Impressive menu, Impressive night.


4 star rating
by Greg Adams
Dec 19, 2011

Really impressed! The staff were great, food tasty and location brilliant. Big fan of the bottomless curries and well impressed they called early in the week to ensure our booking was still confirmed.....really rate this place!

5 star rating
by Margot
Dec 15, 2011

We had our staff Christmas lunch at Urban Turban and enjoyed great service, delicious food, and sunshine. We couldn't ask for more.

Callum was an attentive and friendly host and it was nice to have Mac the chef come out and talk with us.

We had a good range of tapas to share for our entrees, including gun powder prawns and yummy chicken tikka bites, followed by a selection of delicious curries. The wine was excellent, especially the Amisfield pinot noir and Pegasus Bay riesling.

I want to go back and have the extremely yummy Himalayan chicken curry again!

4 star rating
by Leah
Dec 15, 2011

Awesome place! Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Service was great and the staff were really friendly, happy to help and be of service and good looking. Although, i wish they told me how hot the gun powder prawns were - my fault, the name says it all. This place is the best as it's so modern and stylish in today's times but the food is still very much India.

4 star rating
by Lisa Henderson
Dec 15, 2011

Came in for a work lunch. Host was friendly and helpful. Food was delicious! It was really nice to sit there all afternoon and enjoy the food and the view. A good selection of beverages. A lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon. Thanks Urban Turban, see you soon!

4 star rating
by Shailaja Shah
Dec 14, 2011

Excellent Food, beautiful ambience, Good service and recommending to be there on any occassion!!
Would love to go there again.

5 star rating
by Ben Sheehan
Dec 09, 2011

We booked a dinner for 30 of us for a staff Christmas do and were all very impressed. Glen and his team offered us impeccable service throughout the night and really looked after us. To top this off the food was out promptly and tasted fantastic. Will definitely be back for more!

3 star rating
by David Boshier
Dec 02, 2011

This place is a real paradox and is Indian by food, not by nature. The restaurant environment and service is very European (and the beers).

We had a great night and they seemed to be actively wanting to improve their service as we found it very good and the "review us on menu mania' cards were prominently displayed. The four of us dinned and shared from a complete range of dishes on the menu. They were all ok and the gunpowder prawns were a hit for one of our team.

Don't go to the waterfront if you want a cheap meal.

1 star rating
by Natalie Jarvis
Nov 09, 2011

Very disappointed. Will not go back.
Went for a snack and a drink on a weekend afternoon.
Ordered prawns and got 6 prawns for a token small salad on the side for $16!!
I do not know how you can justify that sort of price.

Service was slow and we had to try for a while to get attention and ask for menus.

This place has a long long way to go!!
Needs to pick up its game if this is where our tourists are going!

5 star rating
by Sunny
Nov 02, 2011

Great to have such a restaurant in Auckland.Went with friends last Sunday and was really pleased by the service and quality of food provided.Great location with very authentic atmosphere.we ordered chicken tikka and garlic prawns with two butter chicken as mains believe me never had that taste before .Really amazing and most recommended place for food lovers with quality of service.

5 star rating
by Dap Sembhi
Oct 26, 2011

20/12/2011: After receiving an email from the Manager, I was still bit sceptical, but I am glad that I took the second chance along with my friends on Saturday and went again! What a change that was.

Firstly, I was surprised that the guys who were serving and I won't call them waiters because they are not! They knew the menu inside out. And there are no tablets to send tickets to kitchen. You order, they repeat, and that is what I believe is said straight to the Chef, and by large, that is how Indian food or any food for that matter should be asked to cook.

Service was great, big change, Wine was good, so were the Mojitos.

It is good to see head chef seeing the tables that are being served and making sure that message is conveyed directly through the people that are being served to the people that serving and lastly to the people who are cooking your food. This is what a restaurant should be, and Urban Turban has come a long way in a very short time. I hope they keep it this way.

For: Those who love food and could be patient enough for good, quality meal.

Against: Who think that food should be as quick and as generic as McDonalds or any other fast food.

Must Try: Samosa Chat and Chocolate Samosa.

Well Done guys! Very Well Done!

20/10/2011: It does not even deserve a one star! We ordered 2 starters and both were awful. The Chicken Tikka was uncooked and Bhel was just bland.

Then came the mains, and no one asked us if we were done with the starters. If the waiters had there way, they would have just shoved in our mouths and done with it! I had to order extra salt to make it taste better.

The whole experience was awful. Zero from us!

1 star rating
by FoodReview
Sep 09, 2011

Alarm bell #1 was when I asked the waitress what Indian beers they had and she replied "Sol".

Hmm, Sol. Not my favourite Indian beer. I'd rather have Mumbai's finest - Stella Artois.

Alarm bell #2 - "What's the curry of the day?" Butter Chicken. Ok...

Wasn't asked how spicy we wanted our curries - Mine had zero heat whatsoever. Pretty small portion, and each curry comes with a token bit of salad on the side as if it's a cafe.

I'm not sure how anyone could describe the view as spectacular - most other parts of Auckland have a much more spectacular view.

This is not a restaurant which is finding it's feet and isn't quite hitting the mark yet - It is generic and failing from the ground up. Most staff not Indian (apart from the lady who told me about their Indian beers unfortunately!)

Literally the worst Indian restaurant I have ever been to, I cannot think of a single redeeming factor.

Very much setup for the tourist dollar.

5 star rating
by Foodjunkie
Sep 07, 2011

Had a great experience. Location is brilliant. Very tastefully done. Tried new dishes, I was told, were introduced today - Prawn Bhel, Chocolate Samosa and Paan Ice Cream. Very innovative items - Modern Indian Cuisine!!!!. Service was with a smile, courteous and prompt. Great value for money. Definitely not to be missed as an experience. Well done for raising the bar for the Indian Food in New Zealand. keep it up! We definitely had a great time!

4 star rating
by ALM
Aug 25, 2011

Went to Urban Turban today for a work lunch and was very impressed.

Yes, the service could be better - they were very friendly and attentive overall but our initial waiter never came back after we asked for 5 minutes to review the menu. Once we had a different one though, service was great.

One thing that wasn't pointed out - and would probably be why some of these reviews think that the curry is overpriced - is that the curry is BOTTOMLESS. Yes, that's right, you can keep having it refilled as much as you want. We only found this out after we were a bit confused why the waiter was asking if we wanted more curry! So in this respect, I think the pricing is more than fair. This definitely should be advertised more on the menu etc.

The food itself was great - my colleagues had the butter chicken and found it delicious, I had a lamb madras and it was fantastic also. Meat very tender and the sauce was just right - not too heavy and flavoured well. The naan was a hit also.

I would definitely return here, a few service kinks to iron out, but they are new and the food is great.

1 star rating
by Tina De Suza
Aug 24, 2011

Eight of us visited for lunch. I wish we hadn't. Very poor service, with the waitress bringing out bottles of beer five times and asking 'is this the one?' Useless. The food was pretty appalling - one curry of the day on offer, and it was lukewarm and bland. I've never had to put salt on a curry before to give it some taste.

Great location, and I hope they sort themselves out before the rush of the RWC crowd. I won't be back though.

1 star rating
by MrBombastic
Aug 22, 2011

REALLY expensive for what it is. Curry of the day (which appears to have been butter chicken for some time) was of average foodhall standards, however at 5star prices - $27 for a cheap curry and soft drink for lunch.
View was good, but that's about it

5 star rating
by John Jessop
Aug 20, 2011

Just got in from what was a beautiful- Saturday 20th we spent the entire day at the new North Wharf and all its glory finaly an exciting (not expensive place to bring the family) As promised i'm writing a review for Urban Turban - We all 7 of us had the greatest experience and the food was awesome - music was a bit loud at first but then was kindly lowered - the staff although rushed off their feet - made us feel special we are already planning another family outing next weekend

1 star rating
by Tim
Aug 20, 2011

Pity there is no half star rating because that's this restaurant really deserves.

Terrible service meant we didn't even stay for the food.

After twenty five minutes of waiting for our food and noticing other tables that had ordered after us being served we asked the waitress to find out how far away our food was. After 10 minutes of watching her avoid our eye contact while working around us, we told the bar person to cancel our order and left.

We saw one other table walk out after 5 minutes without any staff attending to them.

5 star rating
by Christina Vandermont
Aug 16, 2011

So good to have a fantastic Indian Restaurant on the North Wharf. Service was quick and hospitable, food was delicious (loved the tapas options) and would surely recommend it to my friends.

So good to have Indian cuisine served in a way that's never been introduced in NZ before.

Thanks guys - we had a great time on Sat night.

1 star rating
by Sarah Fox
Aug 15, 2011

Bad food, amateur staff, rip-off prices. We were greeted by the manager and she said if we were lucky we might get a good waiter otherwise we should try to find her if we wanted anything! She left the menus and said she'd be back in a minute - we never saw her again. Curry of the day was 'butter chicken' ie cold tomato soup with a couple of small pieces of meat. Waiter was very casual and amateur. Prices were ridiculously expensive for mall-style food. Embarrassing to think that overseas visitors will be experiencing this!

2 star rating
by Paul
Aug 15, 2011

We popped in for a drink on Sunday and the service was good but the pricing was high! $9 for a Heineken and $5 for a small hot choc is simply to much. Seemed to only have one till so paying when busy will take a while.

Good amount of people in the place but our friends all said the same, there are better places in that new area.

3 star rating
by Guru Ted
Aug 11, 2011

It was only the third day that the restaurant had been open, when Suz and I visited this brand spanking new establishment in the Wynyard Quarter to celebrate my birthday. Because they have only just opened, they only had a limited edition menu in operation, consisting of three tapa dishes, four mains courses and one dessert. In a couple of weeks time they hope to expand this considerably, but maintain a predominantly tapas style of dining. We shared a Chicken Tikka and Gun Powder Prawns to start with. Both were quite tasty. The prawns could have been a bit spicier to warrant the gunpowder name. We then shared a Sweet Tangy Dahl, Potato Bhaji and Curry of the Day (Butter Chicken). The first two were really tasty, but the chicken needed spicing up (as it usually always does). My favourite was the potato bahji and Suz’s was the dahl. They had some really yummy flavours. The accompanying naan bread was really good too and the aromatic rice was a further highlight. The mains, in keeping with the tapa theme, were quite small servings, especially considering the prices being charged. We still had room for dessert and decided (not much choice with only one option) to give the Pan Flavoured Ice Cream a try. We shared one serving between the two of us, which was a good quantity. One spoonful and I was immediately taken back to my trip to India four years ago. I was disappointed that Kingfisher beer wasn’t available. We both decided to have the house merlot which was nicely presented in a wine glass with a little more finesse than a normal pub glass. The dining environment is a little funky, with music to match. It wasn’t your normal Indian tunes but more like a Latin American beat. It is more geared up for drinking clients with bar-leaners outside and a sheltered area for smokers too. It was nice to have the opportunity to chat with the head chef and restaurant manager about the food and operations over the first days. They were interested in our feedback and we were the only customers by the end of our meal.