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Reviews for Valentine's

1 star rating
by Tastyfoodmuncher
5 hours ago

Location: Rough and not as clean as it could be when we were there
Service: Very bad
Price: Poor
Quality: Very bad

Recommended: No

Would we go again: No

The food was barely cooked and my wife was worried about food poisoning so no I would not recommend this place to anyone.  If you like  horrible slop food like you see on movies given to prisoners then yea give it a go, otherwise be sensible and go to some of the great places to eat in Petone.

3 star rating
by Yummy Tum
25 days ago

Cheap and nasty. Nothing here is fancy and the cooks onviously seem happy enough to serve up average food. I cant understand why a chef would'nt put more pride in what they serve up. I.e mashed pptatoes were lumpy, potatoe in salad were like paper tasting, chot chips looked wiltered (yet tasted surprisingly ok). However the pork robs were to die for, fish mornay good, battered fish was great, raw fish was good but had this weird after-tang to it - maybe they use lime instead of lemon? Roast beef is good, roast pork needs improvement. Rice pudding wasnt bad, choc mousse was rich. Meringe is not worth trying.

1 star rating
by Lucas Monge
one month ago

A friend of a friend took me there for lunch when I first arrived in NZ and to be honest I rather starve than going to Valentine's. It is absolutely disgusting, tacky, cheap, and a bit special (if you know what I am saying)  
I just can not comprehend this business can survive.
I rather do a picnic in case you can not afford going out.

1 star rating
by Amanda
2 months ago

Saw the $39 deal on GrabOne and thought it looked great... Until I saw the food. The food was awful, not at the standard for human consumption. The food in the hot servery looked like it was prepared for pigs to eat, no flavour at all, absolutely bland - in need of experienced chefs. The place needs a good overhaul. Once upon a time Valentines Restaurant was a nice place to eat in, where has the passion gone? The waitresses were pleasant, however I won't be going back.

1 star rating
by Lisa Meredith
4 months ago

Sad to say ,I felt that the owner of Valentine Petone and the cooks producing the food for consumption don't really care what the public think! If they did ,they would of made sure that the paying customers are happy with what they are providing as a meal selection , but after reading the reviews and experiencing it first hand,I had to say to a staff member how bad the food was, that some food was inedible and spoiled my daughter birthday.

The only consolation was we were given free drinks for complaining

1 star rating
by Marianne Strachan
5 months ago

I took my 12year old grand daughter to Valentines in Petone for a dinner meal.  I was absolutely disgusted at the quality of the food.   My grand daughter chose the fish bites and the chips.  The batter on the fish was very very greasy and the chips were dry and overcooked.  My food was barely warm, the meat in the curry was so tough I couldnt chew it...the taste was disgusting...the fish mornay was also food would be better.  My grand daughter enjoyed her $5 banana milk shake.....then when i went to pay I was overcharged.  I was not sure why I paid so much until I checked on line when i got home...she is 12years old and was charged full adult price...i was not asked what age she was.....I was just so annoyed when I went to pay as I was still hungry and I could not eat the revolting , cold , bland baby food that I paid and left in a hurry.........please take my advise and do not waste good money at such a disgusting place.............there are so many choices in Petone...

4 star rating
by Dawn Campbell
10 months ago

Me and my family go here a lot. The food always seems to be the same, the same thing every time, they need to spice up there menu abit. Staff are top noche and very polite. Despite that, this is a very warm and nice place to be

1 star rating
by Fuifui Paul Anae
10 months ago

The place is the has the worse food seletion and quality of foood is 0.0! Went there with my fiance and it was GAG-O-RAMA the while time ????????????????Alyssia Pearman

5 star rating
by Jim Young
11 months ago

Despite a little apprehension, just had an early Xmas dinner with local relatives at Valentines Petone.  Absolutely fabulous meal and extremely courteous and helpful staff - all this for a very modest investment. I rated the occasion 5 only because there was no 10.

4 star rating
by Sara Lewis
11 months ago

I went here for lunch yesterday afternoon. Have read previous reviews with some giving bad reviews. Ok the food isn't totally perfect but most of the food I had was really nice. The fried chicken had been freshly cooked; the chicken Chasseur was delicious, went back for more; the creamy mashed potato was nice; the potato salad was tasty; enjoyed the surimi and the chow mein was very nice too. The beef curry was a bit disappointing with the meat being a bit tough but the sauce was nice. I enjoyed the spag bol though thought the chill beans in it were a bit unnecessary. Someone had put that there was not much variety of desserts, but there were heaps. I didn't have the soup but a few people at my table did and they enjoyed it.  The wait staff were pleasant and cleared the plates promptly. I was with a table of 18 and didn't hear any complaints!

1 star rating
by Emma Renouf
Oct 22, 2014

I went here last night on a date night. Both myself and my partner had been here as children and we're quite excited to go back. having been in the hospitality industry for a while we know what is good and bad service. We walked in and the staff seemed unorganized. We got shown to our table where there were the basics. Salt pepper and cutlery. Ordered some drinks the staff was carrying the glasses. Not even on a tray. Had a taste of my cosmopolitan which was meant to be alcoholic and there was no alcohol in it. Then started on the food which was cold and tasteless. Needless to say I could have walked into a takeaway shop and got the same sort of food for cheaper. Ate it anyway. Went to pay at the end and got an outrageous bill for $80+. Was out ranged. We could have eaten at the local pub for cheaper, had a nicer service and enjoyed our food. Will NEVER eat here again nor suggest it to people. Completely let down and over priced

4 star rating
by Ashleigh
Oct 15, 2014

I always love coming to eat here, there are so many options to choose from. The food is great, the customer service is always good. The only thing is, i feel like the tables are too close together (cramped up) which makes it difficult to get to certain places.

1 star rating
by Elman
Aug 23, 2014

We've just been to this restaurant for a birthday celebration. Oh my gosh, NEVER AGAIN! Dining here was horrendous! Where do I start... 3 of us dining but 1 of us only had 1 small plate as the food was YUCK!
Glazed ham way old & watery.
Butter chicken made with potatoes not chicken.
Rice not drained full of water. Roast potatoes literally hard & dry swear they were there for hours.
Chop Suey - DRY as to the point it was crunchy & glassy looking.
Garlic bread was biscuit like. Curried eggs hard orangey edges.
Meat balls dry & stuck to dish.
Seafood looked not good to eat.
Desert was probably the best except custard was runny milk,
rice pudding literally looked like porridge,
Fresh cream was runny,
eclairs were hard as.
When we complained that the food was not great & that one of our diners only had a small plate the owner said "no one else complained you have to pay full price & its not his problem that one of us only had a small plate. $105 later we felt ripped off. Our birthday guest was not a 'dine free' because we didn't have another 4 full paying customers. Mukesh (the owner) was extremely arrogant & even after complaining his answer was... No one else has ever complained. As per the owners advise, "if you're unhappy contact HQ & smile"! Extremely disappointed & will NEVER go here again nor recommend it to anyone. Disgusting food, rude staff & customer satisfaction -10! What we expected was that one of the diners pay a child fee instead of adult. But we were told 'no, absolutely not!'

1 star rating
by Papi Joe
Aug 13, 2014

This restaurant is horrible. I emailed them for details as I would want to celebrate a family dinner in this restaurant, but no reply up to the day of the event.

So I called (the same day) the number and confirmed their operating hours. The lady said that last service is at 9:30pm, so my family went to the restaurant and arrived around 8:10pm, only to be refused entry by an Indian guy and saying the place is closed for the day. We ended up buying fish and chips opposite their restaurant.

Valentines Petone, thank you for the horrible experience. Driving from Karori to your lousy restaurant is not that short. My goodness, after so many negative reviews, you must have done something about your service quality standards already. As per the atmosphere, your place is also no better than a funeral parlor.

If your establishment cannot be at par with international standards, better convert it to a roti prata stand, you clowns. 

I have given you a favor by giving 1 out of 5 stars, perhaps because there's no zero.

Folks, don't waste your time coming to this restaurant, it's not worth the trouble.

3 star rating
by Imogen
May 16, 2014

First time I went, I had quite a rude waitress. However, the second time we went the wait staff were incredibly helpful and really lovely.

Food is pretty good, although I would suggest going at lunch time when it's cheaper rather than dinner (not sure if it's worth it as it's quite expensive at dinner time).

5 star rating
by Meagan Hohua
Apr 13, 2014

Great variety of tasty food. Friendly service. Waiting staff always cleared our plates and looked after us well throughout our meal. The restaurant is smaller than the esplanade, it was packed, testament to its popularity. The ham on the bone was lovely ... great variety of fresh salads. The desert bar was yummy. So many food choices it was great and you get your moneys worth. Also there was a friendly nice indian man at reception who made us feel welcome ... a great smiling host. Will be back for Easter Weekend.

1 star rating
by Suzanne Galo
Mar 02, 2014

We went to Valentines 2 years ago for a 50th birthday and we really enjoyed the food. After last night's experience, the dinner 2 years ago must have been a one off. Last night we were celebrating my daughter's 21st. She actually chose Valentines. What a mistake that was. The food was well below standard. Not much of a selection and the food was overcooked and dry. The rice was definitely recycled...rice is meant to be fluffy, if cooked properly. The meat was swimming in a pool of gravy which was watery. The fried chicken was was dry and looked like it had been re heated several times. The seafood station had more ice than seafood and it looked very unappetizing. The only thing that was a pleasure was the staff. They almost looked embarrassed when clearing our almost full plates. To pay $35 for a meal is definitely overpriced especially when the food is disgusting. I was very disappointed and the experience spoiled my daughter's celebration. We will not be going back to Valentines.

1 star rating
by Joanne Lawson
Jan 28, 2014

We have been going to Valentines for 15 years and sadly what we have noticed is the standard of the food has gradually fallen to the point where we couldn't enjoy the meal we had tonight. I booked a table for 15 to celebrate my husband and 14 year old daughters Birthday. During the evening I had been up to the buffet 3 times but only to give my plate of food to the waitress after only having a couple of mouthfuls off each plate, I was really upset and had to report this to the owner who rudely made me feel worse by saying that he didn't believe me and that he asked other customers if they were happy and that they all said they enjoyed their meal. He then said he wouldn't charge me for the extra drinks that we had shared with the children, these drinks are the bottomless glass for $7.90 and 9 of us at our table paid for a glass each, the waitress was asked by the owner to tell us we were not allowed to share our drinks, children don't drink much so what a cheek he had. There were no signs explaining this. We wont be back as food is not the best and not worth the money. McDonald's Kiwi Angus is so much better.

4 star rating
by Julia McG
Jan 16, 2014

My fiancee and I went back to Valentine's last night for the first time in years. The last time we both went, before we knew each other, both of us swore we'd never go back. It's $35 for dinner & $25 for lunch - as far as I can tell, the food is the same as it has always been & there is no discernible difference between the lunch & dinner buffets (except maybe the absence of a carved meat at lunch but I cannot be sure of that). Like always, the hot meats were sitting in paddling pools of liquid. There is also a soup & a seafood chowder. I tend to avoid them anyway, favouring the salads. We opted for the $7.95 bottomless drinks - you get your first one brought to your table, any further refills are up to you to go to the bar(but you get to keep the tall coke glass - you get asked if you want to swap them for clean ones when you settle your bill so you don't have to take a dirty one away). There is also chilled complimentary water available in the buffet & a full drinks menu. As usual, I started with a seafood & salad entree - I prefer to make my own salad rather than the pre-made pasta ones & slaws, but there are plenty to choose from as well as a selection of separate items (tomato slices, deviled eggs, pineapple, cucumber, beetroot, pickled onions), as well as a range of sauces, cold meats & fish. My fiancee went for the hot foods - he said the fried chicken was very good. Two new things last night were enchiladas & pizza - which looked good when fresh (and the pizza was nice), but they dry out fast under the lamps. The butter chicken was not spicy but was made very well and you could taste the tandoori. The dessert bar - a child's fantasy as always - had quite a large selection of all the usual suspects (mousse, jelly, brandy snaps, fruit salad, pavlova, chocolate biscuit log, lollies, icecream & cones). Also available are cheeses, bread rolls, crackers, tea & coffee. We actually both really enjoyed it because we didn't know what we felt like and they have upped their game over the last 3 years - it was good to have a bit of everything. All the food groups are covered really well and I think I would be hard-pressed not to find a satisfying combination. Our table was cleared in a timely manner and we found the staff to be very friendly and attentive. If I was 10 years old I'd absolutely love the place and want to go all the time, but I do feel that children should be supervised by their accompanying adults when helping themselves at a buffet (any buffet) - not that this happened last night, but there is nothing worse than seeing a child stick their hands into the food and then spill it everywhere, thus my ranking 'kind of' for child friendly - but I do not see this as being the fault of the restaurant.
We will go back, but for lunch rather than dinner as we did not consume $35 worth, but would have consumed $25 worth easily.

4 star rating
by Hayden Wilby
Jan 09, 2014

Went there for dinner tonight, food was great, awesome selection, not too sure why there are so many bad reviews...

Me, the wife and kids left happy and full!!

1 star rating
by Erica
Jan 03, 2014

I have been to this place many times and it has got worse and worse, to the point where I now feel that I need to write a review. The price tag is not worth the food that you get, add drinks to it and you are better off go to an a la carte restaurant and getting something nice and fresh.
Sorry, but we will not be returning again.

1 star rating
by Honey Hair
Nov 25, 2013

What happened to this place.......... That is all.
I fail to see how they are still in business, it's a shame really as Valentines Restaurant used to have such a good rep - where did it go so wrong? Agree they need to focus on quality not quantity - though I wouldn't want to go back to test them.

1 star rating
by Carolyn Baker
Nov 22, 2013

I went to Valentines Restaurant yesterday for my birthday, with 3 other people, it was disgusting!!!!!! Horrible cold hard spuds, no vegetables, 6 peas floating around in a tray of cold water. Meat like shoe leather, eeeee yuk, they could sure do with Gordon Ramsey. It was "the meal from Hell." The only good part was this little chocolate cake that they bought out with a candle on it, I was so hungry I nearly ate the candle!!!!! I ended up with one spud and a blob of ice cream, that was it for my money!!!! The others were a bit better off with some fish, but that was all dried up. Next time I will try the Angus Inn - Sunday Evening buffet - $26.95 - see what that is like - couldn't be any worse surely!!!!

1 star rating
by Libby
Nov 17, 2013

A downhill descent into a black abyss of hopelessness is how I describe the food. Staff were lovely. Menu was horrible. Such a luxury for us to dine out.
Honestly, the food looked recycled. The salads were a joke.
Meat selection, sparring. Ice cream machine wasn't working.
How disgusting. Inflated prices for lack lustre food.

You don't even deserve the one star I have given.
It's for the poor staff. They probably don't even eat there.

The manager isn't managing well.
I could get better food in the slums of India.

Disgusted. Never again.

1 star rating
by Eric Turner
Oct 29, 2013

Worst food ever, went there last night and will never go back. Everything was dry or old food from the night before, no oysters anymore, ice cream machine broken, the pork crackle was like concrete, the owner needs to listen to the bad comments here and make some changes, stop getting your family members to write good comments, it's the only way you can win the people back.

1 star rating
by Frances
Oct 04, 2013

Have to agree with other reviews- went there last night, the food was terrible, if I had looked at it first would have walked out. It looked like it had been sitting there quite some time. This place has gone seriously downhill, we had been to Valentines when it was on the waterfront at Petone and it was fine. Avoid like the plague.

1 star rating
by Sharon Edwards
Jul 29, 2013

I have been to Valentines restaurant 4,5 times. Last night we went there again. I'm sorry but I have to say we will never ever go back to this restaurant any more. The food was disgusting and service was terrible. Definitely not worth for money.

5 star rating
by Lola
Jul 16, 2013

I love their excellent food and service. I love Valentines ,it is the very best restaurant I have ever seen .I have loved when I was little the great free stuff . My Mum said to go to Ghengis Khan, and I said that I didn't want to go there. My Mum begged me to do it but I refused her. I really wanted to go to Valentines.

1 star rating
by Trish Williams
May 05, 2013

Last night was my first visit to a Valentine's restaurant for sometime, my sister, brother-in-law (it was my belated shout for his birthday).. What a mistake, disgusting food, service was terrible, no smiles, we certainly didn't get the service and friendliness another mentioned. Also, we were last to leave, it wasn't quite closing time, but man, did we get the message we were no longer welcome, not that we felt welcome, it all evening.
On leaving to pay bill, I was asked if we enjoyed the meal, so I took the opportunity to express our dissatisfaction with the whole experience. I agree the cost of $35 per head, is not justified. I also discovered the next day, after ringing to enquire on the cost of a Lemon Twist, that we had been charged for someone else's bottle of wine, disgusting. The Manager I spoke to acknowledged this, and explained a cheque would be put in the mail, before I had a chance to say any more, the phone was abruptly hung up.... I would never go back to Petone, nor probably any other Valentines restaurant. And would discourage others.

5 star rating
by Awhina Waimotu
Feb 21, 2013

Going out for a meal in my household only really happens on special occasions. What I find amazing about Valentines Petone is the service. I find that there are many places that I go to that have amazing food but don't follow through with the service. I can always guarantee genuine, honest, helpful and friendly service here. The manager of Valentines is always radiating positive vibes and is always in a position to acknowledge you. Even if it is only a hello or is everything alright it is always friendly and the staff feed off of that. This always seems to be the place that I go to purely for the fact that I am acknowledged as a person that is wanting to enjoy a meal and not another $24.90 in the pocket. Although there are other restaurants that I could eat at I choose Petone Valentines because I feel comfortable I am always waited on and never have find staff when I need them because they are always there ready to serve. Thank you for the consistency in outstanding service that you offer.

4 star rating
by Vikki Regnaud
Jan 25, 2013

Have had several meals there, including 2 Christmas lunches and a couple of birthday celebrations
Staff have been friendly and helpful, and with children present, what was being offered meant they had lots of options to choose from

3 star rating
by Kylee Bowater
Jan 15, 2013

For buffet style dining, it's not bad. The price is a little on the high side, IMO, especially in comparison to other buffet restaurants.

The dessert bar is fantastic, I've always found the staff to be very friendly and helpful, the food is generally fresh and nice.

Last time I went was just this weekend just gone, and the shrimp cocktail was a bit dodgy looking, the lettuce was brown, and IMO there was no need for that, considering we arrived at 12pm, as soon as the buffet opened.

5 star rating
by Barbara
Dec 04, 2012

We had our dear Grandma's 90th birthday at Valentines Petone 2/12/12, with the attendance of around 50 people. The food was great, the staff were very attentive. We couldnt have asked for better service for Grandma's special evening.

The management looked after all the details allowing us to enjoy with her. We would like to thank the Management and all of the Staff for helping to make her party enjoyable for her and the rest of us. Barbara

5 star rating
by Andrew Blair
Nov 30, 2012

My wife and i are quite frequent visitors to Valentines in Petone whenever we are down that way, and will always do so. The standard of food has never changed and remains at the high standard from my 1st visit, the host and staff are always friendly and helpful. Going back is like meeting old friends. For instance... we visited back in August a few days after our wedding anniversary, and before we knew it out came the host with a balloon with "Happy Anniversary" on it. That really made our day. So to all the Valentines crew... A big THANK YOU from my wife and I.

5 star rating
by Wayne Willis
Nov 27, 2012

My entire family and I have been going to Valentines Petone ever since I can remember. The food is yummy, have a good selection, fast customer service and the atmosphere is great. I like the new location because it is more in the business district of Petone so more foot traffic can go there. I think shame on the people that put Valentines down, it's a good restaurant and I enjoy going there and gladly continue going there. The only problem ever I've encountered at Valentines is that the ice cream was out of order. And I have a tradition of having a starter of pumpkin soup because it's so yummy and sometimes it's not there. But that's fine I just have the seafood chowder instead. Neways I give Valentines my 5 stars proudly.

1 star rating
by Deirdre Shaw
Oct 02, 2012

What a mistake! We thought this might be a good family restaurant but it wasn't. The decor and atmosphere was off. The food was dried up and either over the top flavours or bland. The only person to eat anything much was my 11 year old and he will eat pretty much anything that's deep fried. My 3 year old's traffic light drink was foul. The worst pain came as we paid. It was my birthday so I was free, but we still paid $75 for an adult, an 11 year old and a 3 year old. We each had one drink. The only good last memory was the two balloons we got as it was my birthday.

1 star rating
by V Wood
Sep 17, 2012

Horribly overpriced ($84 for two of us), and cold, unappetising food. Host was obnoxious. Only the drinks were reasonable.

I'm surprised at how many people eat here, it's disgusting. There are much better places down Jackson St.

1 star rating
by Susanna T
Aug 28, 2012

OMG! Where does one begin? The waitress looked as though she had sucked a lemon..... my husband asked for coke with NO ice... so out his coke comes with 1/2 a glass of ice! He chose the refillable Coke glass... turns out when you choose this option, you have to walk over to the other side of the room, to the bar, to have your glass refilled! (Does NOT say this anywhere on the ads) the food looked and tasted disgusting.... and for $35 each, it was a total and utter rip off. Safe to say we will never go back there, and will happily discourage anyone who considers dining there.

1 star rating
by Theresa Fitzwater
Aug 23, 2012

My birthday was 16 August and at our work we all go out for lunch and the birthday person chooses the restaurant. I have eaten at Valentines Petone several times and enjoyed the meal. I wanted to go there last birthday but this was the day of the big snow in the capital so thought 'yes, we can go this year'. There were 13 in our party, the 14th person declined the offer to dine there outright. We booked for 12 noon sharp when the place opens for lunch. Those that had the soup said it was quite nice but the rolls were rock hard. I was the only person who chose the shrimp cocktail :( They were tasteless and watery but I had put a generous amount of sauce over them and ate most of them. Within minutes I started having stomach cramps and feeling very flushed. As the cramps got worse I made myself go into the toilets and be sick. I came back to the table and started to feel better again. I then ate a small piece of potatoe - luke warm, a piece of pumpkin - luke warm and a spoonful of rice, which was more of a clump and spoon of curry, not too bad. I had some fish and a few chips on my plate, the fish was cold and rubbery - pass. The chips were cold and limp - pass. For dessert I had 2 small scoops of ice cream and jelly. I finished my meal with a cold cup of coffee. While we were dining a waiter kept coming to take our plates, I told him to take my plate as the food was cold and horrible and could not believe how bad it was when the place had only been open minutes. Some of my guests also told him how bad the food was - he made no apology or comment. The female from the front desk was constantly coming around trying to get us to buy more drinks. When we were leaving I told the female at the desk that the food was terrible, that I had been sick in the toilet, that I would never be back and neither would any of my guests. She never said a word, just looked at me blankly. I felt so ripped off and I did not even have to pay. All I could do was keep apologising to my guests. I was sooo embarassed. Also found the price had gone up to $24.90 -what a jip. I am only thankful I did not choose an evening when the price is $35.00 for a bigger selection of revolting food. Why not have less choice and do it properly.

1 star rating
by Ewan Scott
Aug 05, 2012

Be warned: 21/7/2012 . Want to have a children's birthday party with the family. Our granddaughter turned 6, this very day. Name on blackboard outside to say she was having a party !! She was to have a kids only party after the lunch with the family. Party balloons, presents and lost of excited family members-how exciting.
We where not allowed to sit at table till everyone arrived, ushered to bar only to have no one serve us even though we stood there for twenty minutes !! Food was ho hum !! nicely told chef that some veg's where still half cooked. Looked, said and did nothing to correct.
Charged a ridiculous amount for soft-drinks then the clintcure !!
As we had no proof my grand daughter's birthday was actually on that day, we had to pay for her as well. They didn't believe us it was her birthday, even though we had booked it etc.... and they gave her a cake with candle included-what a joke !!(Was not told we needed her birth certificate when booking) Poor service, poor attitude and unrealistic prices and a not so nice outing on such a special day. Never again, will I go there. Clearly this group of staff, from one culture do not know what is required to make a great experience for people. Why do they do into this kind of business if not to do their best - disgusted :( would not recommend to anyone, in fact would tell everyone how bad they are !!

1 star rating
by Zombie69
May 27, 2012

After reading the reviews on here from 3 years ago, how come this place is still operating and selling such dangerous food??? I could go on all day about how disgusting our recycled food was, but as to how a thick steel fork bends like a potato chip before it will penetrate the meat, is beyond me and even our dog's (pitbull) teeth could not penetrate the meat on the so called succulent bbq ribs. I've had beef jerky which was fresher and easier to chew than the food you get at Valentines. The only reason we refused to pay and didn't cause a scene is because we got it takeaway and it wasn't until we got home that we tried it.

The council should close this restaurant down. This place puts shame to the Valentines name. It is a joke...... but it's not funny.

1 star rating
by Jay Kay
Dec 03, 2011

Ham sushi? What the f***?

I am being asked by the website to elaborate about my experience. Do not be fooled by nostalgia. Eating at such a place will destroy all fond remembrances of your childhood!

1 star rating
by Moosey
Nov 21, 2011

We went to this restaurant on Sunday 20/11/11 for a family gathering. I have been once before and knew how bad it was but as I wasn't paying it wasn't my choice on this occasion. I read the feedback on this site before I went as I was hoping things had improved, but it really just backed up my low expectations, confirmed as soon as I set foot in the restaurant. The restaurant itself was filthy and outdated with torn couches and stained chairs. The food bars were also filthy with spilt food and dirty dishes. Nothing looked appetising. The bread rolls were contained in a plastic container with a dirty lid and you had to lift the lid to get a roll. The ice-cream was splattered all over the wall. I would give this place a D- rating from the Health Dept!! I ate very chips (over cooked), battered fish more batter than fish (doughy and disgusting), brandy snaps were okay but cream was foul, ice cream came out all curdled. Over all this restaurant serves nothing better than pig swill. My one star rating is being generous. Dine there at your own risk!

1 star rating
by Zana Lee
Sep 24, 2011

My family & I dined at "VALENTINES PETONE " tonight...We thought we'd treat ourselves as we don't dined out much..To my despair it had increased somewhat to $39:90 for Adults which included my 12 yr old & 14 yr old...My 9 yr old was $13:95..& the price of a Jug of OJ or Coke was $14 each....So 4x at $39:90 & 1x at $13:95 + 2x jugs of drink $28..TOTAL= $201:55c...So what do you get for your money ???...seafood chowder..should've been called crabstick chowder, which was in everything..The mushroom soup tasted like Butter soup..The bread buns were hard not fresh at all.,So next I tried the curries..Butter chicken was chunky & Dry..Both curries were very Creamy..Turning your stomach almost..Then I tried the Pav & friut salad..The Pav had a after taste that wasn't nice that was on the outside the inside was Very Marshmallowy & the texture was funny..Friut salad..I only could taste the 2x I tried the Cheese cake...That was Horrid like curdled Milk..& the small piece of jam cake was 2/3rds of artificial pink icing...No mints at the counter..too help with the sickly question is where are these food critics that are suppose to check the food standard in these restaurants ??? I later rung to speak to the manager the same guy answered who'd answered when I'd rung earlier to see about bookn..He went on to say the Manager had gone & that was the after hours service..DOES VALENTINES HAVE A AFTER HOURS SERVICE..???..They could afford anything at that rate !! I would have preferred to have gone & got takeouts from my fav take-aways...& doubled the Order still would've been under $100..I saw a man wearing a Scottish Rugby jersey in there.. * ALL WORLD CUP RUGBY PEOPLE STARE CLEAR OF " VALENTINES PETONE " * Unless you what to leave feeling ripped embarrassing for NZ..But the same old little indian guy runs it. Obviously doesn't EAT THERE..I'm guessing hes the Rodney guy that's signed the reviews here'd have to be a NO TASTE BUD..BLAND PERSON TO LIKE ANYTHING THERE........yes I'm NOT HAPPY..!!!!!!
Wasted $200 thanx 'Petone Valentines' for ruining my families annual dinning out sessions...No stars from me but i had to place a star to submit my review...The food is worse then when it was at the old place.

4 star rating
by Greg Mawson
May 31, 2011

Buffet dining isn't for the cuisine and to tell people about the amazing experience, and for that, you wouldn't compare it to a-la-carte for presentation or flavours. You take it for what it is. However, I must say, after working in a Valentines in a past life (a time I was not so proud to call myself a chef) these guys at Petone do it very well. It seems the multiple dishes that Valentines used to serve have made way for less dishes, but done well. Hot section - everything I tried was delicious. Seems us Kiwi's have a love for curries, and butter chicken and Lamb curry were there, both of which you could have served at an Indian restaurant and be happy with your choice. and you get to go back for more! The only thing was no Naan bread with which the chef replied "Try it with the garlic bread!" Brilliant! Seafood mornay's were to die for. The only gripe I had is the dessert buffet is a little lacking of options. Ice cream choices were good but the ice cream scoops in the water is cringe material. The Manager had a name badge with "Dishwasher" on it, which summed up the tone. Casual dining and feed the hunger.

1 star rating
by Mark Richards
Apr 07, 2011

We have been here a few times over the years (for family functions) and they’ve been nothing more than average on any of these occasions. Luke warm food that’s a little tasteless with bugger all in real choice. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot to choose from but there’s no real choice. It all tastes and looks the same. I can get potatoes done three ways. I’d be happy with one way if they were hot. Or warm. Or tasty. The meat might be different kinds; beef, pork, chicken. Or not. I’m not sure. The vegetables all taste the same – watery. The salads are scary. We’ve been smart enough to stay away from the seafood. Desserts are very average, and that’s being kind. However, they now seem to be getting worse. I didn’t think it was possible, but it is. To top it off they’ve moved and unfortunately the location is totally rubbish for parking.

You do get the opportunity to watch other people lean over, and in some cases into, the food you’re about to get to. This is a great appetite suppressant. Especially kids with their hands in the ice cream. It would be great if anyone who worked there (I use the word work loosely) actually did anything to stop this but it seems easier for them to watch. And they did. Actually that’s not fair, it wasn’t they, it was just one of them.

Not somewhere any relative will ever be able to make us go to again.

4 star rating
by Glennis Mills
Mar 21, 2011

I had read with interest the pevious reviews which prompted me to write this review. We went for a 70th Wedding anniversary on Saturday 19th March. Valentines had out done themselvers this time. Staff were courteous friendly and very helpful. The food was good no complaints from our table of 8. The manager on his day off came into to wish my aunt and uncle a happy anniversary.

Over the years we have had all our family get togethers at Valentines Petone. Prefer the location on the foreshore better because it was a great view on a nice sunny day but never mind jackson street still has easy access for disabled people of which there were three in our party. Well done Valentines keep up the good work and to the staff who looked after us on 17th thanks so much for making the 70th Anniversary so special for two delightful 90+ year olds.
Glennis Mills Auckland NZ

1 star rating
by Christine Clarkson
Mar 08, 2011

A couple of weeks ago my husband wanted to take me out for dinner at Valentines, Petone. It was just after the last big earthquake and we had been very upset as we are from and our families are there. My husband thought that he would give me a lovely relaxing treat, but unfortunately it didn't turn out to be as expected. It was fine until I helped myself to a plate of Chow Mein. As I was eating it I found something hard and sharp in my mouth. To my horror I found it was a piece of what I thought was broken glass but turned out to be a lump of hard sharp clear plastic. We called the waitress and showed her the plastic. She went over the the hot food counter, then came back and said "don't worry I've got him to make you some more". I said "No thankyou". More was what I didn't feel like!!! I decided to just have a cup of coffee but when I went over to get it I noticed that the same Chow Mein was still sitting at the servery! I said to the young man behind the counter "Why is that Chow Mein still on display - don't you know that I just found a lump of plastic in it?" He said "Don't worry I'm making you some more". I said "I don't want any more but I do want you to remove that Chow Mein as there could be more plastic in it and I don't want anyone else to eat it". He said "I'll take it off later when I've made the new lot". I felt really angry and said again "Please remove this Chow Mein now before someone swallows some more plastic". He glared at me and sighed and at last removed it. I went over to the entrance counter and asked to speak to the duty manager and told her what had happened. She just said "Don't worry I'll go over and tell him to remove the dish". I was feeling so frustrated as no-one was taking any notice of the fact that I could have swallowed that plastic - and there shouldn't have been plastic in my food!!!. Meanwhile my husband had become very stressed and really couldn't eat either. We went up to the counter again and said "We would like to leave as we just don't feel like eating". I also said that I didn't think we should have to pay. She was very reluctant but at last said that we could just pay for one meal and my glass of wine. Her "couldn't care less attitude" made me feel even more annoyed and I said "Do you really think my husband has been able to eat and enjoy his meal after all these problems". She kept saying we had to pay, but when I persisted she said she would make a phone call to someone higher up. She sent us to stand around at the bar for a few minutes while she made a phone call. In the end she came back and said "Okay you don't have to pay for the meals just the wine". So my husband paid for the wine and we left. I felt so shaken and just wanted to cry. It was not a good night out.
The main problem (I think) was that everyone "on duty" at Valentines that night was very young. I didn't see anyone older, mature or experienced. Why were just young people left to run the place? They obviously didn't have any idea how to handle a problem or speak civilly or sensibly to a customer. They just didn't seem to comprehend that a sharp lump of plastic in the food was a serious problem especially if I had swallowed it!
I found it a very humiliating experience and was horrified by the attitude of the staff and the service. It was a very sad night out for us.

1 star rating
by Rose
Feb 17, 2011

I almost don't know what to say about this place except its disgusting and the service is HORRID! I made the mistake of taking my partner there for a Valentines day out the food was disgusting ice cold and NASTY as heck! Seriously I ate a quarter of a bowl of chowder soup 2 bread rolls and some coke NOTHING else as when I went to eat the food it put me off so bad I didn't touch anything more. After that I nicely told the staff that I wasn't enjoying the food and I would be happy to pay for my partners food but not mine when I didn't touch any mains or desert! The owners response was to get quite nasty and almost call the cops on me how embarrassing? Its not like I wasn't offering to pay for what we ate I was more then willing to pay for what we ate being my partners meal and my drinks and soup if you could call it that. In the end after much abuse from the owner I paid. But looking back I should have stood my ground and let the little nutter ring the police. I def do not recommend this place to anyone! Do yourself a favor and go to subway down the road thats what I did for 15 bucks it was a decent hot meal with no abuse. So sad as I remember back when valentines was on the water it was actually a decent place to go to and what the heck is with having pokies in a restaurant that asked us if we had a reservation for lunch? Make up your minds your either a ghetto bar or a higher class establishment and to me hearing pokies in the background screams TRASHY not CLASSY..what a sad joke this place has become I give it 1 year tops until it folds..

1 star rating
by Tanna Lepou
Nov 10, 2010

Went there for lunch (not my choice as still bad memories from when restaurant was on the Esplanade).

The service was great, little man at the counter was very cheery (to the point of cheesy, i might add).

The food was shocking, chicken kebabs were as hard as rock, fish bites were rubbery, bread rolls were not fresh. Not alot of variety, hot dishes were very bland so it ended up a very expensive lunch of hot chips and wedges for me.

Never again … that was your last chance Valentines … I can't help that where ever I may be in the country, if I see a Valentines … I will think of Petone and be put off.

1 star rating
by Helen
Sep 03, 2010

I can't comment on the food but we are extremely disappointed with their attitude. I booked via email for Father's Day at 1pm. I was out when they rung to confirm, and they rung again to confirm our booking - not a mention of any 'sitting' times either on their web site or when they confirmed. A few days later they rung again to confirm and then mentioned there 'were two sitting times and the second sitting was booked out'. The first sitting finished at the time I originally booked to arrive and this sitting time did not suit us. So I cancelled our booking. On emailing and complaining to the manager to ask why the sitting times have never been mentioned up front, all he could say was that 'Fathers Day was one of the busiest days of the year' and that 'he was sorry for the confusion and hoped we had a nice meal wherever we chose to go!!' - utterly no offer in any way to put things right. If the sitting times had been put in place seeing the bookings were starting to fill up - why oh why weren't we among the first to be rung and told this and offered a time then?? Not rung and told about it and given utterly no choice! Very very bad service and a complete lack of care shown towards potential customers. We will certainly not be recommending Valentines in Petone when there are lots of other restaurants to choose from who care about their customers.

1 star rating
by P Like
Aug 17, 2010

We had a bday dinner recently at valentines. The food was appalling once again. We have'nt been for 6 months or so and as new premises thought maybe the food had changed - no way it was worse. The cold chickens seemed like days old,the bread rolls stale, the salads tasteless, the seafood we stayed away from and the mains terrible!! Even the desserts were terrible...cakes tasted days old.

We will never be visiting again gone are definetly the good old days (the early days)....where going to valentines was definetly a treat.

1 star rating
by Rhiannon P
Dec 10, 2009

My husband had just bought a new car and to celebrate we thought we'd check out Valentines Petone. Over the years we have dined at many of the nationwide Valentines' and had great experiences at all of them. The standard had been set and we expected - and assumed we'd get - the same great food and experience at the Petone restaurant.


The food selection was extremely poor. One entire table consisted of nothing but sauces! I managed to fill up half a plate with food, but when I went back for seconds I realised I had done a complete full circle of all the tables and I still hadn't put anything on my plate, because there was such a poor variety. I just hope people know that not ALL Valentines restaurants are like this!

2 star rating
by Shone Mateo
Nov 14, 2009

I was not impressed with the main selection of food at all. As other diners have mentioned the quality is not there and the veges are soggy and tasteless.
I will say that the Seafood Chowder, steak and desserts were nice but that was it.
I am disgusted by the toilets. The floors are built up with grime and you can feel years of food or other stuff on the door handles on your way out. Come on Valentines, lift your game. You are in a perfect location and the food used to be fresh and exciting and tasted great. Standards have slipped beyond belief.

1 star rating
by Foodie Lover
Oct 22, 2009

Don't Eat Here!!! Owners shouldn't be aloud to get away with such appalling service and food! I know the cocktail i ordered was only $8.90 but a margarita is a margarita! A few friends and i thought we'd make the most of the $14.95 lunch and visit the Petone site. After being passed onto 3 different people just to show us to our table we expected the standard of the place to be quite high! There were dirty seedy looks from the chef's as we walked around the buffet. The cheese could be smelt from the other side of the room, it was horrible! The rice in the sushi was days old and the deli meats looked dangerous! the worst thing is we had to hand over money at the end for the lime flavored margarita and dirty meal! we sat eating bread rolls and filtered coffee!!!
I recommend everyone eat elsewhere! this place is a rip off!!!

1 star rating
by Rubyred
Oct 16, 2009

We went there for my sisters birthday and were very disappointed:-( the food was recycled and dry. The desserts were all empty at 8.30pm and not replaced. The shrimps were under water....we will never go back!

Not the Valentines that I remember :-(

2 star rating
by Biggie C
Jul 22, 2009

Went there for my sons 9th birthday lunch - he enjoyed it and overall the staff were friendly, there was a fair amount of choice but I cant say the food was of a good standard or that I would want to go back again. There is indeed a wide variety and it is a smorgasbord .... so most people should find something - just don't have high expectations!

4 star rating
by Ann
Jun 14, 2009

We went for lunch. The food was very good, and the staff very helpful.
The only negative thing I found was the children's corner. It is just a room with nothing in it. Come on Valentine's make it interesting for the little people.

1 star rating
by Not A Fan
Apr 10, 2009

Totally agree with the above comments. The service is unpleasant, the setting of the place is crowded, the food is terrible (recycled & tasteless), the empty "children's playroom" is a waste of a bloody space. I rather pay for Denny's food.

3 star rating
by Jerry
Nov 16, 2008

When valentines 1st opened their food was 2nd to none.

The standard of food has dropped dramatically, like one other review the food is recycled, the service is awful & everyone is running around like headless chooks, because Valetine's always overbook themselves & try and fit everyone in at the expense of its customer service & food standards.

But it must be good for their business because they do so well, these days its all about 'CONVENIENCE'...we've forsaken 'Quality' for 'QUANTITY'...

Its a pity that Valentines does not have any competition in terms of the 'Buffet Style' Restaurant setup. Would be good for Customers & would definately keep them honest.

Dont let me put you off going there, after all....I am only 1 mans opinion.


4 star rating
by Nichole Williams
Nov 04, 2008

Hi there. I have been to Valentines in Petone on various occasions and once to Valentines Wellington and have enjoyed all times. The atmosphere & service had always been very good and when at times company & I have had to wait to be seated found the lounge room comfortable. The only let down I shall admit to is the Seafood. Being a Seafood lover I have unfortunately found their Seafood available to be tasteless like they had been rinsed with pure water having had the natural taste of the sea washed out, apart from that only downfall the rest of the selection has been satisfactory and my Children have always enjoyed being able to gorge themselves on having as much Dessert as their hearts desire which is a very rare occasion. I think Valentines Petone is great and hope for anyone else to enjoy it as much as me and my children have had so in the past.

1 star rating
by Hine
Jul 13, 2008

I totally agree with the above. Their food is recycled and distasteful. the service is bad. they don't smile or act friendly, which is a key part in the hospitality industry. there isn't much variety for dessert either.Also, we had a birthday their and there were several other occasions there and it was way too cramped. they just over booked for more money.

1 star rating
by Shannon Mcrae
Dec 15, 2007

I'm glad you are reading this review so I can warn you not to go there..most of the food was old two or thee days..yuck.. rehased..brown coleslaw the beetroot had fermented, dried gerkins, soggy tomatoes, old chicken had obviously been refrigerated, not what you expect from an expensive restaurant.. go somewhere nice instead, the atmosphere was like a homeless shelter kitchen, we were happy when we got there, we left depressed