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604-606 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland

  European, Kiwi
12 Noon to 10 PM (Mon-Tue), 12 Noon to 12 Midnight (Wed-Fri), 10 AM to 1 AM (Sat), 10 AM to 10 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Villager

5 star rating
by Hazz R
3 months ago

The service is great and you are always welcomed as an old friend. Whether you come in for drinks or food, you will always leave satisfied. My 2 favourite from the menu are the Szechuan squid or the pie, both 2 classics which are always delicious and never falter. Villager also has a specials menu during the week and I highly recommend coming in for Saturday rib night. Love Villager and will always use it as my fallback if I don't want to cook dinner.

1 star rating
by Aaron
7 months ago

They made Mistake after mistake, in taking the order, and getting the bill correct. Spoilt our evening. In my opinion the regular staff are good, but there is poor management and training of temp staff on busy evenings. the place echoes a lot and tends to be Very loud for dining.

4 star rating
by Dimitrios Konstantopoulos
8 months ago

Nice food,nice beer, although I would prefer more selectiongreat servicecosy environmentgreat outdoor area for the smokers ( I am one of them)great indoor area by the library for the cold nights.Overall very positive so far, have been twice and I can highly recommended it.Prices ok, could be lower, but at the end of the day it is a pleasant experience.

4 star rating
by JolieJolie
11 months ago

Why everyone says the food is bad? The lamb shank hot pot was nice! But It wasn't in a pot o_o And we also ordered wedges, I can't tell if they were good or bad , hmm, I mean wedges are wedges~ potatoes!
So busy on Friday night. Cozy & friendly. Villager is a bar & restaurant, full of women~men~kids, not a fine dining place! Do not expect any 5 star service n keep complaining about no one brings the menu to you! Just wave or grab your own menu and order!! Haha

1 star rating
by Cindy
Jun 09, 2014

Over rated and not worth the amount.
I have been twice once for a birthday and for Sunday lunch. Both times were just terrible.
For the birthday there was a group of about 10 of us, I ordered ribs and the chicken wings. The ribs were bland and tasteless, and piled next to them were the worst chips you could imagine, they taste as if they were fried one day and re-fried when ordered. The wings seemed as if they were boiled, pink bone so I did not eat them.
The Sunday lunch I was invited to.
Staff seemed more interested in talking to each other about the night before then actually serving, after waiting for 20mins in a quiet bar I finally walked to the bar and ordered for myself, friends and husband.
My husband ordered the beef burger and I got the porter house (MR). We waited for 45 mins for our meals, just for my steak to be very over cooked, it was like eating beef jerky (but that would've been nicer, it was dry, cold and unfinishable and to match the old tasting hollow over sized chips.
My husband never said any thing about his burger until today but mentioned the only thing nice about it was the fact that the vegetables seemed fresh.
When I tried to complain I dealt with two kids that pretty much blamed each other for the food and service.
I could not recommend one thing I liked about this place, fine as a after work catch up bar but not as a restaurant.

1 star rating
by Steven
Dec 29, 2013

1 star for location. And nil more- why? Beef sausages in beef pie is pure lazy, uninspiring, and crass. The menu and maybe chef needs a revamp at the prices. I would stay with the alcohol and sports TV channels- more befitting than a diner.

3 star rating
by Glenn Town
Oct 16, 2013

We had dinner there last week
The food was good
Ambience of mixed dining and pub types was OK
The service was horrible
The staff seemed shy or disinterested for the most part
Needs work

1 star rating
by Kay
Mar 23, 2013

Nice for a drink but the food is terrible. We have been at least three times now hoping for improvement. I ordered the fish and chips thinking that this can't go wrong and it did. My little girl wouldn't even eat it.

1 star rating
by Morgan
Jan 11, 2013

I recently visited The Villager Bar, while visiting my daughter in Auckland. I was extremely disappointed!!!! The food was not too bad. (We shared a pizza bread). But the service was terrible! We waited for over 20 minutes to be bought menus and in that time we saw the staff drinking alcohol behind the bar, laughing and joking all the while ignoring us! There were two men in chef uniforms leaning on the bar (also drinking). We were so shocked, we decided to have our meal elsewhere. We paid for our beers and the bread and will never go back to this bar!

4 star rating
by Loulou
Feb 29, 2012

I wasn't sure about this pub as a restaurant, but finally tried it out last weekend for a casual Sunday meal and had a great experience! The restaurant is off the main bar but still not very noisy, and has comfy seats and a relaxed vibe, while still stylish so you don't feel like you are stuck at a sticky pub table, or in a congested plastic-table family restaurant. Bank seats are great. The clientele were a mixture of couples, 20 somethings & young families. The staff were really attentive and friendly, and the food was tasty. I had a grilled salmon on chickpea salad and my friend had a beautiful Angus steak with a delicious mushroom gravy. We got mash on the side which was also yum. We wanted a small desert so requested the flourless chocolate Brownie. On being told that was off the kids' menu (oops), we expected the usual "No, you can't order off the Kids Menu" reply, but they were happy to let us have it - and share it! Then they had to go get milk for our coffees, so gave us those for free! It didn't even take that long. All up a really great pub meal & experience, for both couples and families. (They have high chairs available). I'd highly recommend!

2 star rating
by Vicky Molloy
Jan 19, 2012

I took my mum for dinner last night and having read other reviews was expecting good things. I was disappointed.
The Villager despite being a fairly relaxed and friendly pub seemed to fancy itself a bit fine dining in terms of it's food portion size and presentation, unfortunately the food was lacking the fine aspect.

I had duck confit and the duck was really dry and pretty small if you didn't include the huge flap of fat still attached to it. It's size was out of proportion with the mashed potato portion I received.

The duo of lamb consisted of two very thin cutlets and 3 tiny short ribs which is perfect if you were aiming to eat less than the recommended palm size amount of meat but for the average guy not nearly enough and for $32 a stingy rather than perfectly proportioned fine dining portion.

The pork belly was nice and the kumara underneath it delicious but the sauce was over reduced and overpowering.

The best thing about the meal was the service - the guy who looked after us was great. Sadly the girl who we tried to pay our bill with, had huge difficulty calculating a relatively simple discount and needed two other people to help her. In the end they gave up and just took an amount off the price!

Not exactly what I was hoping for as the menu read delicously. I probably won't race back as while we were pondering whether dessert could raise the meal from the doldrums the smell of burnt steak was wafting from the kitchen. We skipped dessert and I'll probably skip The Villager in future as I expect a little more from meals in the $30 price range - I left feeling like I had wasted $100.

4 star rating
by Kathryn Price
Sep 24, 2011

We had a fantastic meal at The Villager back in July. My steak was 'to die for' - cooked perfectly and with a very tasty jus. A great local for that after work drink or meal.

4 star rating
by Carolyn Deuchar
Apr 05, 2010

fabulous new menu. The pork belly is the best I've had. Best thing is the staff.

1 star rating
by Till Family
Sep 08, 2008

Yesterday which was Fathers Day we as a family decided to treat Dad to a lunch out. Dad thought a meal in a pub would be just great. How wrong as it turned out to be a very bad experience. We waited a very long time for our meals and I had chosen a seafood chowder. When it arrived it looked and tasted like a tin of tomatoes with some minced up mussels in it. It had 2 half slices of dry toasted wholemeal bread on the side and not even any butter. The soup tasted so awful I had to send it back. I was offered a coffee on the house which I accepted but even that was not good. My daughter chose a Caesar salad which was cutup lettuce with a blob of anchovies in it which had obviously come out of the tin and were not even separated. She did manage to eat hers as she was so hungry. Dad chose the hamburger which he said wasn't too bad. We were all just so disappointed as we had intended to have a nice lunch out. Will never visit The Villager in Remuera again.