Viva Mexico

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Telephone 04 389 0975

180 Riddiford St
Wellington City

Tues - Sat 12 noon - 9 pm
Sun 12 noon - 8:30 pm


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Stuffed Jalapeños (Entree)
Tortilla soup (Entree)
Azteca eggs
Divorciados eggs
Rancheros eggs

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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
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Cocktails, Beer, Wine, Spirits
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Lunch, Dinner
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Reviews for Viva Mexico

5 star rating
by Pixie
3rd June 2014

Best authentic Mexican in Wellington!! New indoor venue in Newtown is awesome. Been ordering the tortilla soup for over two years and still my favorite dish on the menu but anything you order is delicious. Food is amazing, affordable and the staff are great, what more can you want.. Go here NOW

4 star rating
by AMG
27th November 2013

In general this is a very nice place to go. Highly recommended.

In my experience:


-They have true Mexican food and recipes.
-Good food, tasty and spicy.
-Well presented.
-The portions are generous.
-The people are very friendly.
-Very nice terrace when the weather is OK. If not they have heaters as well.
-Right prices for the portions of food, not expensive.
-Nice environment, music and decoration.
-Well located.


-Maybe they took too time to bring the food, the waitress apologized very professionally. So not bad.
-Some tortillas were too “made”. Burnt parts can ruin the presentation and change the taste.
-The drinks are expensive.

I don´t remember nachos in the menu but maybe I am wrong and anyway it is not bad, not all the Mexican restaurants need nachos to have real Mexican food. I missed micheladas as well, but I think they don´t have bar board so it´s OK.

I will go again for sure. Very good place.

5 star rating
by Anneliese
30th October 2013

I love love love this place! Have eaten there at least 8 times since they opened earlier this year. The food is fresh, vibrant and delicious. The chicken quesadillas and lamb tacos are my must try dishes. Very friendly staff, who are more than happy to explain the menu, and make you feel at home. Great venue, good atmosphere. It is lovely to sit on top of the bus on a sunny afternoon and enjoy a late lunch. Can’t wait until my next meal there!

5 star rating
by Louise F.
3rd August 2013

One of my new favourite places to eat. Am glad viva Mexico has opened down the road from me, so I don’t have to travel right into town. The food is so delicious fast and fresh. I took 3 friends there last night and they all raved about their food. The corn chip soup was amazing, my sister in-law recommended it. Churros were decadent, although I found the brownie nothing to rave about. The pork exoticas with orange sauce is my recommended main. Summer here will be great with all the outdoor seating, it’s just a shame there’s not much indoor seating on these cold winter nights. Ill be back next week as I’m already craving more viva Mexico!

5 star rating
by Danielle C.
27th April 2013

Well, what a refreshing change. It is so good to finally have somewhere that serves authentic Mexican fare.

This is not your bog standard TexMex stuff, this is deep rich and flavorful.

Mexican waitress, who took the time to clearly explain everything on the menu and recommended perfect portion sizes for the two of us to share.

We LOVED the lamb Exoticos, the lamb so tender that it fell apart and topped with a gorgeous Salsa Verde.

Three delicious dishes, two drinks – 40 bucks? Yes please.

Will certainly be returning.
Thank you!!!

5 star rating
by Rosa R.
7th April 2013

Clearly Arthur B. doesn’t know what he is talking about! At Viva Mexico you get real traditional Mexican food! Corn chips is texmex… there is no such thing as hard tacos, the sauce is on the enchiladas and is amazing! I agree with Stephan… I’ve been a few times, great food, top quality ingredients, great atmosphere, friendly staff…. what else could you ask for? A beer!… and apparently there will be soon and byo. Can’t wait to see the place grow and expand. :)

2 star rating
by Arthur B.
29th March 2013

I grew up eating Mexican food.

The first thing you should get served is corn chips and salsa — and they bring you more. Not at Viva Mexico. The salsa should be worthy of the name salsa not be some catsup variant like at Viva Mexico.

Tacos are to be eaten with the hands – - but at Viva Mexico they glob stuff all over the tacos so you cannot pick them up (this was for the so-called special tacos). The taco tortillas are not supposed to be drowned in fried oil like at Viva Mexico (this is what you do when the tortillas are going bad and will crack).

Mexican food is SO easy to do well — how can these people serve such small portions, and charge such ridiculous prices? I paid $20. for a snack — and yes, it did taste good except for the lack of flavor in the salsa and the oily tortilla.

5 star rating
by Stefan J.
10th March 2013

Apparently these guys just opened last Wednesday in Newtown. Lovely set up with an antique converted coach as indoor space and lots of outdoor tables to enjoy the sun. Very clean though – I hate sticky tables.

I ate Quesadilla with black beans and cheese sauce. The Quesadilla rolls contained actual real meat – very tender and lean beef. A surprise you’d usually get stew, cooked to death or mince like stuff in those but not this kind of high quality meat.

However the cheese sauce is what bought me! I consider myself an expert if it comes to cheese sauce and there is a lot that can go wrong. That one definitely in my top 3 ever!!!

Friendly and really quick staff. ~7 min and all five of us were munching away. And it is nice to see them all excited and still a bit nervous about their venture to start off.

Unfortunately no beer or wine (man you need a beer with mexican food!) but they said they’re getting a licence within the next two weeks. Thumbs up!

Pricing $8 – $20 from what I saw on the menu.

I’ve had a few awful Mexican food experiences especially in Dunedin for almost twice the money.

You get dining quality food at Viva Mexico for the price of take away!

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