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Sylvia Park, 286 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland

  Japanese, Asian
11 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Wed, Sun), 11 AM to 11 PM (Thu-Sat)


Reviews for Wagamama

4 star rating
by Sarah Thomas
28 days ago

Very tasty food & mostly big portions. Loved the fresh juices. Salads a bit pricey at $20 nearly but the noodles & soups were nice. The staff were friendly too

3 star rating
by JolieJolie
one month ago

Some romance going on between Hulk and Black Widow haha!! Had a light dinner before the movie.. What can I say~ I really love the tables here, solid.. Ya the tables... The food, hmmm, not very good. The Edamame beans was good haha, I can have edamame beans for every meal every day ^•^ the disappointing steamed/ grilled chicken dumplings were not any better than those frozen ones in the supermarket! Plain, tasteless. Missed the dumplings in S.O.I! My friend ordered the Cha Han' A.K.A : fried rice! She said it was fine, but a bit salty! Safe choice! I've never had a lousy fried rice, have you??
I ordered the market fish salad.. $21 . food wasn't well presented, the plate looked dirty, it says on the menu: with an avocado, wasabi & nouc Cham dressing.. " I couldn't taste anything ?? $21 for this ?? Seriously?

4 star rating
by Natalie Williams
2 months ago

This was a girls night out. We decided to grab two side dishes each to try out the food while also grabbing a main. We just had soft drink for beverages. The Korean bbq ribs were tender and a good portion size. I also had kumara kusabi, which is now my fave!! Loved it. I went for the wagamama pad thai, had a bit of heat to it and lots of fresh vegetables. Not much depth in the flavour though. The ambience was ok, but the loud music from Garrisons next door made it hard for us to hear each other - there was only two if us. Probably better for a lunch date. Overall was a good experience.

4 star rating
by FoodLover
2 months ago

Tried the new Winter menu new teriyaki ramen fish and fresh juice was great. Keep up the good work guys. One of the best places for some soul ramen :)

4 star rating
by Tiara Ducat-Tither
2 months ago

The staff here are awesome! Always smiley and attentive. We had two entrees the ribs and duck dumplings, both really good but the duck was my favourite. I had my wagamama ramen for main and enjoyed it but couldn't finish it so they let me have the rest take away and mama had the chicken curry.

2 star rating
by Hungry Zombie
3 months ago

The food standard not up to its price standard. I should expect better flavour and something high standard based on the price range. I will never go back as I do not need to spend average 20 dollars to get even better food in some quality takeaway. No and thanks.

3 star rating
by Candy Boy Food Journey
3 months ago

My third time trying this place out (so close to Hoyts cinemas). Somehow it just doesn't work for me, I never experience the flavor I am expecting.

1 star rating
by Louise Cole
3 months ago

Last time I ate at Wagamama Sylvia Park the service was unbelievably slow. I thought this was an off day and was prepared to give them another chance. Went back today for lunch and found that in addition to slowness they now offer rudeness. 
Waited, and waited, and waited to be seated. Was told by the guy at the counter he would seat us 'in a minute' then when he finished serving the people paying he started to clean his counter, empty his receipt spike thingy, and generally faff about while avoiding looking at us. The wait staff who walked by three or four times also had a stunning ability to not see us. The place wasn't even busy, I counted more staff than customers. 
After the fourth wait person walked past us I asked my daughter "Fancy Mexican at Mama Locos next door" she did, so we left. We're served immediately at Mama Locos and it was delicious. 
I gave wagamam a second chance and more fool me. I won't be back and I will tell people. Mexican for me when at Sylvia Park again.

4 star rating
by Woollen03
3 months ago

Authentic Japanese food. Staff is friendly and will explain the dish if you ask them to. Good for a try if you want to have a Japanese cuisine apart from sushi. I found it slightly overpriced. Maybe cz it's a brand name.

4 star rating
by Foodiefeels
3 months ago

Used to love wagamama but it's been a bit of a hit and miss lately. 
My favourite dish by far is the katsu chicken curry. 
Lately though the sauce is inconsistent, sometimes it thick and floury and other times it is way to hot and I can handle heat but I don't like when it over powers the dish and katsu curry is meant to be a mild curry. 

A while ago I would have given it a 4.5/5 but it hasn't been that great lately. 
I ordered squid for a starter and it was over cooked sadly and so were the kumara chips, they were slightly burnt.

Went a couple weeks ago with family friends and we had ordered the chicken yakitori for starters all three plates had raw chicken! I don't understand how you could mess that up they were small pieces of chicken. How she didn't realize I don't know. We were all shocked that she would send out raw chicken. 

If you haven't been defiantly try the katsu chicken curry even the side salad that comes with it is delicious. I hope next time I go there are no problems and it tastes great like how it used to be! Great service always & great prices !

5 star rating
by Miranda Lee
5 months ago

Tired this last night for the first time, i got the chicken katsu curry as they said it was one if there most popular dish, they weren't wrong! I loved the Chicken Katsu curry! It was perfect! The chicken was crispy! The curry was good with a touch of spiciness which brings in a lovely taste to the dish and the salad on the side was good and fresh! I loved the dressing they used! I would differently come back again

3 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
8 months ago

Had lunch here on a Sunday and it was quite busy.

Quite a nice venue, I'm a fan of the wagamama set up! I like the idea if you're in a pair you might end up next to another! Kind of gives you the opportunity to engage with others about their dishes, as we did!

As our drinks, I ordered a mocha and my friend ordered a large lemon lime and bitters. This was the most amusing, when her drink came out, it came out in two large tumblers. We explained that we only ordered one, and then the attendant told us that a small is one glass and a large was two. We weren't told this, we assumed it was literally a larger glass. So due to this the attendant told us it was on the house and that they'd charge for a small (we didn't really mind about this) but she felt crazy drinking two large tumblers!

Also, my mocha really wasn't a mocha, it was more drinking chocolate. I didn't mind too much, cause I just wanted a hot drink. But maybe this is another thing to look Into. Mocha fiends won't appreciate a milo when they're craving a coffee!

I ordered the firecracker, as it was much hotter than expected! But I still really enjoyed it, the chicken was cooked really well and the capsicum was super fresh and really complimented the dish! I love how they present this dish, with the rice in the middle! Cause I reeeeally had to dig into that rice to soften the heat!

My friend got the territaki don buri which was also really nice! It was much sweeter than my dish and really flavoursome!

I really like wagamama but I do think it's pricey for what it is!

I still will go, but probably not as regularly as I could.

As we were exiting we were charged for the extra drinks - two large ones! That we hadn't even ordered. We laughed it off. But maybe something that the team wants to look into considering we had already voiced our opinions.

It was a good experience but the drinks and prices justify the 3/5 I think!

5 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
9 months ago

You cannot go wrong with Wagamama! Been a favourite for ages especially in the winter time.

I love the Sylvia Park branch. Its spacious and the staff are so so friendly. I remember this one time, they were really busy but my friend and I had a movie to go to, and our orders would not make it on time we thought. The waiter pushed our meals to be cooked first. How nice!!! Sad for the people who had to wait though lol but it was a one off! 

Their chicken ramen especially is so delicious! The chicken is cooked very well, and the flavours in the ramen are so good. It’s the perfect winter pick me up!

They have a lot of other options as well (I should really branch out from the Ramen) at really good prices. What you get Is so worth it! 

Wagamama never disappoints, would highly recommend!

2 star rating
by Richard Beacon
9 months ago

Overrated and Overpriced, just my honest opinion. Fusion does not mean just mixing all Western and Eastern flavours together into one dish, but it takes alot of thought into it.

2 star rating
by Es Em
9 months ago

We're very disappointed with the service. Our food arrived 45 mins late. One of the service crew is rude

2 star rating
by Kaushikc_32
10 months ago

The service initially was good, after that it gradually declined. They wouldn't serve water even after asking 3 times and forgot about our ginger beer. The main course quantity was good but the taste was not that great compared to the price. In short if one wants ambience its a good place to go but food was not that great.

2 star rating
by Judge You
11 months ago

The service is friendly enough but unprofessional and quite a few mistakes were made. Sadly the food at Wagamama Sylvia Park is not worth what you pay for it, at all. I’m not sure whether this is the case at every Wagamama but I’d be interested to see how other branches compare.

3 star rating
by Anthony MacLean
11 months ago

Used to be something special. Now feels expensive and a bit average. Compared to say Rakuten in town leagues off the pace and relatively expensive for what it is. Mains about $18, and tasty but not good value.

Heavy handed flavours. Service perfunctory. Seems to have lost its sparkle.

Friday lunch time was about 1/3 full. Says it all really.

1 star rating
by Karel Kemplay
11 months ago

Went here at 7pm last Friday to use a half price voucher deal that we had purchased online.
The restaurant was half full. After being promptly seated and given menus we waited at least 15 minutes before we finally approached a waitress and asked her to serve us.
While the waitress was friendly, she did go to two other tables, one of which had 12 customers, and take their orders before putting our order in at the kitchen.
An hour or so after we had been seated the generous portioned (lots of noodles/rice), mediocre tasting, under-seasoned food arrived.
Would I come here again. No never. Thankfully we had the voucher otherwise we would have been annoyed as the quality of food does not justify the regular price of it.
There are plenty of other eating establishments that have ambiance and serve better quality food at Sylvia Park so do not waste your time or money going here.

2 star rating
by Deepti Mishra
May 19, 2014

Went here with my husband for dinner last night before watching a movie. Nice place, however, the quality of the food really let the experience down. Meals were tasty, however, I don't understand how one can call something a chicken main dish, only to have 4 pieces of chicken in a massive bowl of rice for $20. When the staff member asked us how our meal was, we told him it was a rip off, to which he said he's just wait staff and can't do much about it.. so why ask?! Won't be going back in a hurry!

4 star rating
by Rebecca Burrows
Apr 19, 2014

This is my friends & my top choice for a catch up session and delicious food! The staff are always friendly and accommodating always making sure we have what we need! Highly recommend!

2 star rating
by Flavia Pop
Apr 06, 2014

2 stars only for the service which was friendly but the food is lacking any flavour and the quality of ingredients is poor as well. Very small portions with small amount of protein ( on my plate - a udon noodle dish I had 2 small prawns and 3 small cubes of chicken and the price for the dish was $19). Will not be returning.

2 star rating
by Emma Wilson
Feb 01, 2014

I gave 2 stars only because the service was good and I liked the way they run the restaurant but the food didn't match up. My curry dish arrived cold and on a worn plate, I sent it back and got another one after my partners meal arrived. It was ok, not a lot of flavour and a sparse amount of ingredients for $20 lunch dishes. Will not be returning.

5 star rating
by Maggie G
Jan 24, 2014

I've loved Wagas since my initiation in London ten years ago and was so pleased when they opened here in the CBD but somehow that restaurant didn't quite measure up. Sylvia Park delivers though - the chunky wooden shared tables( though there are tables for two or four) simple decor, friendly attentive staff and delicious fresh food. At lunchtime it's great to share a few of the smaller $10 dishes- chicken or prawn skewers, fresh seasonal stir fried veges, edamame, squid, or several flavours of gyoza dumplings ( duck is delicious)
Otherwise if you're really hungry , the vast array of noodle or rice based dishes,chunky soups, skewers are all fresh and flavoursome and very generous servings. Lots of choice for vegetarians too These range around the $18/20 mark The fresh juices are very good, but if you need an alcohol buzz, beer, wine, cider and sake are also available. Kids are well catered for with a dozen or so dishes in mini size available.

2 star rating
by Lee V
Sep 11, 2013

The staff are very friendly but the food was very bland and lacking much flavour.

3 star rating
by Matt Hancock
Aug 29, 2013

I first went to Wagamamas in London about 15 years ago. It's a neat concept that works well and you can be in and out quickly.

Our last visit wasn't so smooth. Our order was taken quickly, but then the wait began. After 10mins we asked about our drinks which came out shortly after. Then at 20mins we asked about our food. We were told that there was a problem with the electronic ordering pads, which was a known problem, and our orders were lost.

With 2 young kids approaching bedtime and starving this was very annoying. To their credit the staff were very apologetic and our food came out 5-10mins later. It was very good and we cleaned out plates. A free dessert was offered to all as an apology which was accepted.

Nervous about returning, but probably will in a few months. Will keep an eye on our order a bit closer though!

1 star rating
by Rachna
Aug 25, 2013

Went there yesterday with mum in law & sis in law and my kids, the service was excellent; staff was understanding n helpful. We had our order to go. Reached home and was very disappointed with the food ( I've been to wagamama quite a few times, loved the food), was very under seasoned and tasted unusual. Definitely will not be going back there again.

3 star rating
by Neepz706
Jun 11, 2013

Service was amazing, staff was friendly and had plenty of recommendations for me and the Mrs.
Food was Average in taste, nothing special but still good.

One thing to remember was that the food came out at different times due to the preparation times of each, so everything came out hot and ready to eat which was great.

4 star rating
by Sally
Apr 12, 2013

Day out shopping this week at Sylvia Park with mum - headed here for a healthy hearty lunch - been a few times to the one in High Street but first trip to the one at Sylvia Park.

We ordered two Cha Hans and some green tea - service was smart and reasonable quick - food was yummy as always - kept us going for rest of the day

5 star rating
by Tracy Bee
Mar 16, 2013

I had my first Wagamama experience last night and I loved it. It suited my young daughter well as the kids meals are a good size and the components are all separate which is great for fussy eaters. My meal was delicious I had a noodle one. The place was clean and staff very efficient. Definitely coming back there again!

1 star rating
by Minyee Seow
Feb 06, 2013

This is the worst restaurant that I have ever been. Both occasions, the reason I was dining here was to get some food either before movie or after movie. Serving is terrible. You have to wait for ages just to get them to get you a glass of water (after reminding them each time they walked pass your table). Food is very oily. This definitely puts me off any fusion food. Small portion and very expensive for some stir fry beef with broccoli. Tried twice and no improvement. Will not ever come back again.

5 star rating
by Lucy G.
Dec 20, 2012

Both the service and the food that we enjoyed at Wagamama Sylvia park yesterday for lunch, was way beyond my expectations!

The vegetable pad Thai on the seasonal menu was generous and delicious (we shared it between the two of us). It came 'conservatively-seasoned' for my palate - so I enjoyed liberally dousing it with the fresh lime, plus the chilli oil that was part of the table condiments, and a splash of soy sauce for extra 'salt'. Yum, yum, yum.
I really loved that the fresh coriander-leaf flavours were clearly present, but not overpowering.

Also beautiful was the starter of two rice-paper rolls stuffed fat with mango and mint, bursting with flavour and fillings.

My partner and I enjoyed sipping our sunny Coronas and people-watching from the light-filled (floor to ceiling windows)location.

I had avoided coming to Wagamama after a pretty average service experience at Newmarket a couple of years ago. However, I think I might've cut off my nose to spite my face by avoiding this place... because I've been missing out on some very tasty (and whatsmore, healthy) food.

Finally, I felt that our waitress was very well trained. She took time to make us feel welcome; to ensure we understood the concept; she recommended her personal favourite with lots of enthusiasm; and she was meticulous in checking that she had our order down correctly - as we chopped and changed during that process a little bit.

Only critique was that they'd run out of the lime dessert which sounded delish... but then that inspired us to get the Coronas instead, which was a great choice!

Definitely coming to this one again.

1 star rating
by Kamit Prakash
Dec 15, 2012

Went there today with the wife. We ordered couple of drinks and the mains. Mains arrived within a few minutes. Strangely the drinks arrived when we were finishing our meals.

Food was quite bland. The service was adequate at best. Definitely not worth the price charged.

Not going back again. Advice to others save your money for somewhere decent.

4 star rating
by Max P.
Dec 03, 2012

First time visiting, it was pretty good. The food was pretty good and the meal was pretty cheap. Only downside was that it took a bit too long to come out. Other than that, recommended.

2 star rating
by Lucy
Oct 17, 2012

I have eaten twice here now, both times there has been a problem with both the dinner and dessert orders at my table. Dishes are frequently forgotten and mains and starters arrive at odd times. It almost looks like dishes are brought out in large batches of curry katsu, salad etc. instead of any effort being made to have everyone's meals arriving at a similar time.

As for the food, anyone with a cook book could make something far tastier at home, my dish was bland and my friend found hers inedible due to a strong taste of latex.

The service is friendly enough but fairly unprofessional and quite a few mistakes. Sadly the food at Wagamama Sylvia Park is nowhere near worth what you pay for it. I'm not sure whether this is the case at every Wagamama but I'd be interested to see how other branches compare.

*Amendment* Apparently the menu states that dishes are brought out in groups of the same dish instead of according to the table, but the fact that it is outlined doesn't stop it from damaging the dining experience.

1 star rating
by Rx
Sep 16, 2012

Our second time around to this place and on our very first experience we found that the food was very blend for our taste buds .....so this time around we ask the waitress to make our meals spicy..........our meals came with a small bowl of freshly cut chillies .......To our surprise we got charged $2.50 for approx 10 pcs of chopped chillies which was not advised to us initially. If I have to depart with my $50 of my hard earned money every time I go with my family to have blend overpriced food and then pay more to make it tastier then sorry Wagamama will not be getting my business any more. I think there is a limit of being ripped off.....and if there is a charge for all these sorts of condiments and seasonings, then it should be advertised. And a word of advise to the staff of Wagamama listen to its customers carefully, when we ask both our meals to be spicy we need the actual meal to be spicy and not 10 pcs of fresh chillies on a separate bowl.

5 star rating
by BenW
Aug 31, 2012

Dropped by for lunch - ordered my usual Chilli Beef Ramen and the complimentary Green Tea.

It took a few minutes for me to be seated but I was acknowledged on arrival so pretty ok with that - I sat in a booth seat but its not all that comfortable and a bit tight if there was a group of you - so i'd recommend the normal tables.

Food was tasty and spot on

1 star rating
by Ace
Aug 01, 2012

This was my second visit to Wagamama. My first one was not good but it was a while ago so thought I'd give it a try because of the voucher deals that was running ($25 for $50 worth of food and drink).

When I arrived it took awhile to be seated. Another couple was waiting and no one really took notice of us.

We were finally seated and we ordered our food. No water at the table. My partners food arrived and then the drinks after which was not professional at all. My food came 10 mins later and then the other dish I ordered came another 10 mins after that. We got no apology for the delay in food and drink.

My partner ordered chicken ramen. The chicken breast was so dry and the dish had no flavor. My dishes were listed as 'light snacks' or 'light meals' (I cant remember). I had 3 beef serloin kebabs with onion. Each kebab had only 3 small chuncks of meat and a tiny bit of onion in between. The sauce however was nice but not worth the 10 or 11 dollars they were charging. My other dish was chicken wings in BBQ sauce. They actually looked abit more filling but definatly were not anything to rave about. Would of been better if they had used bottled BBQ to be quite honest.

Overall I'm really dissapointed. I would not recomend to others. Its not worth paying full price and I probably would of complained if I hadnt had the voucher.

2 star rating
by Adeline
Jul 25, 2012

Honestly - u can get better (tastier, more quantity) food elsewhere for the prices that you pay at Wagamama.
Overpriced. Overhyped. Nothing special.

Service was good though.

1 star rating
by Natalie
Jul 23, 2012

Very disappointing I'm afraid.

I booked a week in advance for my birthday dinner, 6ppl at 8pm on Saturday just gone. An hour prior to our reservation I called again to up our numbers to 8ppl, polite lady on the phone advised, sure no problem see you then.

We all arrived at 8.05pm to a pretty full restaurant with no table saved for us. Manager on simply advised that our booking had not been held. He asked us if we could wait 10mins and then we would be seated. My husband agreed on the proviser we all received a free drink. He agreed also.

Our drinks then took 10mins to come, we sat in the cold outside waiting for another 15mins and were finally seated. (We had further plans for after dinner which I then had to reschedule also!)

The food was pretty average at best. And each type of dish came out at completely different times so I was served, then 10mins later another lot came out and so on and so on. Not the greatest way to eat dinner with a group of people. One dish they couldn't even make as they had "run out" - how ridiculous.

Staff were friendly but didnt take much notice of us, table was only half set and we had to ask twice for forks and water for the table.

This was our first and last dining experience at this restaurant - I will also email the manager directly due to bad experience we had.

We will not be returning thats for sure.

1 star rating
by Vince Frank
Jun 17, 2012

Really bad. Went here for lunch. The chicken ramen soup was tepid and tasted disgusting. The edamame beans were overcooked and soggy and the chilli and garlic flavour certainly did not improve things. They were foul. The staff looked scruffy and were uninterested - the manager spent half his time texting. The worst food experience I've had for a while. Terrible.

5 star rating
by Sara
May 27, 2012

My husband and I have been going to Wagamama Silvia park for a few years now. We go once a week every week and are always upset when we cant afford to go.

The staff are fantastic (However we were ignored and forgotten about tonight.)

The food is fantastic, Gyoza and Chicken Katsu Curry are our all time favs and probably wouldn't eat anything else!

Our number one fav restaurant!

3 star rating
by Rafael
Jan 26, 2012

Its OK, nothing special, good value when they do children's offers

5 star rating
by Marie Huo
Dec 09, 2011

Great food, great service and i love the idea of the open kitchen, it's clean and tidy and people know how work!
Just great!
Everything I've tried is awesome and always the same good quality!
I love it xoxoxoxo

4 star rating
by Kai -
Nov 27, 2011

We went there for a nice couples evening about a year ago. I still remember that their teriyaki was fantastic. The ambience is not that flash (for the money) but the food was good.

1 star rating
by Marietta
Sep 04, 2011

I ordered a meal from their specials menu. It was a spiced lamb on udon noodles. I normally love spicy food. However, I think they spilt the chilli powder all over the dish. I would have tolerated the heat, but it also lacked flavour. Also, I was shocked at the prices! You can get better food, and pay a lot less at other places. Really disappointing.

4 star rating
by J Muñoz
Jun 17, 2011

Great place to eat, in a convenient location! The ramen bowls are good for a cold day (as it was yesterday) and very nice (healthy) flavor to their food. The salmon ramen is a good dish, but I'm not sure it is worth it's price of $23+.
Would probably go back if I had a major noodle craving.

1 star rating
by Varun Chawla
Apr 23, 2011

Was there with my partner on 23-04-2011 and wont ever go there again....
we ordered ginger chicken and noodles..for lunch..the noodles were a very very small portion just like for a child when asked why is it so less when u r charging $12 waitress said thats our normal servings??? Ginger chicken was full of salt...asked her and was replaced this time with less salt but only 3 chicken pieces and lots of sauce?? could not eat it and could not wait to leave the place as my partner was still hungry after having baby size noodles....when we went to pay cashier asked is everything ok?? told her of everything...but she just said sorry and charged us the FULL price shame on them !!!!!! Whoever reads this review dont go there and save ur money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 star rating
by AngeLi
Oct 28, 2010

Had dinner here with workmates.
Good food. Problem is, we weren't provided with enough seats. There were like more than ten of us, almost 20 I think and I had to share a seat with my friend. That was weird. But well, we didn't stay very long.
We asked for more seats but I think the place was full that night and in order to have a good seat, we had to stay a little bit far than the rest of the group, so we stayed congested in that table.
We had heaps of fun that night. If we had a bigger space, guess the night would have been perfect. =)

3 star rating
by April
Aug 16, 2010

Good food, my parnter and I agreed this is the sort of place its good to go in a large group for.

2 star rating
by Crystal
Apr 15, 2010

I used to love Wagamama but i went a couple of months ago and was very disappointed.
I am a regular to wagamama.

I ALWAYS get the Katsu Curry every time i come here. I wouldn't come here for anything else.

When i was served my main though i saw that it looked very different than usual.
I tried it and it was WAY hotter than normal and tasted strange and no where near as nice as before.

I told the manager that this is not what i usually get and then she decides to tell me that they changed the recipe.
They are using a new curry mixture.
That would have been helpful before i purchased the meal.
They did however end up giving it to me free but some heads up of the change would have been good.

I wont be coming back

4 star rating
by Mark Gregory
Jan 24, 2010

I have been eating at Wagamama since 1999 in London, its one of those places that appeals to both locals and visitors, due to its easy on the tastebuds menu, prices and fast efficient service.

Clearly I'm a fan

5 star rating
by A221
Nov 10, 2009

The service was excellent,fast and efficient.The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable.I loved the salmon ramen and it was worth every cent.The layout and decor of the restaurant was also different and very interesting.

5 star rating
by Samantha
Apr 11, 2009

One of my favourite restaurants! just delicious food and very quick service. Also the staff has great knowledge on the food products and drinks. Have been there about 3 times and find it fantastic very time! just a little expensive but if your getting great food and service i don't mind paying that much! great work guys!

3 star rating
by Sally Smart
Mar 02, 2009

We have always have good food here, even the new Summer salad is yummy. If you want a fast meal that is tasty I would recommend this restaurant.