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23-29 Nuffield Street, Newmarket, Auckland

  Japanese, Asian
11:30 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 11:30 AM to 11 PM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Wagamama

5 star rating
by *My-Food-Adventures*
one month ago

Loved our lunch.The food options are really good and reasonably priced.

The meal portions were really big.
The food was fresh presented nicely.

Very friendly and attentive staff.
Modern resturant with great atmosphere. Fast, friendly and efficient service.

4 star rating
by Jasmine Lang
2 months ago

I love the food here but the portions were small for the amount I paid. The kids meals are almost the same size for 1/4 of the price. Good service and staff are friendly

5 star rating
by Norman Crawshaw
3 months ago

Very pleasant meal all round. Staff attentive and friendly without being pushy. Ducky gyoza came with a very nice sauce and were actually full of meat not breadcrumbs, unlike one or two other restaurants not a million miles from Newmarket.Raishkaree was delicious, light and flavoursome with plenty of prawns and fresh vegetables as was my wife's udon. Food arrived freshly prepared,  hot and obviously had not been left standing around.I also enjoyed the Japanese cider (even though it appeared to be Australian).All in all a good night out

1 star rating
by Roneel Prakash
5 months ago

Went here for lunch on a Saturday. Mocha and OJ were good but went downhill from there. Our menu was picked up by one of the waiters but our order wasn't taken. We finally got their attention and ordered the prawn entree and a pad thai. This wasn't a good start given the number of empty tables around. The prawns took a while to come out and were rubbery and dry! We barely managaed to get them off the skewers. The pad thai was bland and had a lot of burnt crispy bits in it which made it an unpleasant experience. Terrible food and service, the 1 star is for the drinks. Won't be going back in a hurry!

3 star rating
by Arietta Yin
6 months ago

I had a rather average experience here. Service is friendly, but minimal, and they were more focused on returning to their laptop and books (perhaps a student?) than the restaurant. Although, admittedly, it was a rather calm time, some people were kept waiting a bit at the front as they waited to be seated as per the sign. It's a very spacious place though, so it'd be great for large gatherings in that regard. They also have free wifi here that you have to request the code for.

Having craved ramen for the last few weeks, I was keen to try their ramen out. I really like their menu presentation: it's easy to read, explanatory and well written. Unfortunately, the stuff here is also quite pricey. You can get ramen at a lot of places for under $9-$15, so the approx $20 ramen menu was an eye-opener. As a result, I was expecting something better than those "a lot of places".

I opted for the chicken ramen (noodles in chicken soup with topping of grilled chicken breast, greens, spring onions and bamboo shoots) and the other dish pictured is the wagamama ramen (their specialty of grilled chicken and pork and mussels and chikuwa and prawns ramen).

The ramen was thick and too firm and overly smooth so it was more like pasta cooked Asian-style than ramen. It was nothing like authentic Japanese ramen. I think the ramen had too much alkaline, hence the overly smooth texture, and they were definitely too thick for proper ramen. As such, they hadn't soaked most of the chicken broth, which was a bit bland and heavy on some sort of chicken flavouring powder taste. The grilled chicken breast also disappointed, as this was cold and tasteless, as if they had simmered all the taste out of it, rolled it in breadcrumbs, grilled it, and then left it to sit for a few hours and just chucking it into my bowl when my order came. The vegetables were perky and refreshing, but the bamboo shoots were terrible, even for canned ones. They tasted strongly of metallic false flavouring and some sort of preservative liquid it must have been steeped in. The dish as a whole wasn't too poor, I suppose, but for $18 I was really disappointed, which accounts for this low rating. The bowl also isn't as large as they promised. It's not small, but not large enough to account for the higher price.

Not a very authentic or delicious ramen, and quite overpriced. Everything was mediocre, with a few minor dislikes, and the high price just brought the rating below the average "meh" mark.

I do like the uniquely shaped wooden scoops for sipping soup from, on a brighter note!

3 star rating
by Liza Shieff
7 months ago

Just had a late lunch at Wagamama and ordered number 27. It is a lovely dish. Very tasty, however had a big piece of noodles stuck together. Asked staff but they told me it is normal and the girl said that when she cooks she always has them. I was disappointed as to be honest I can accept it from my 16 year old daughter but not from a professional chef.

3 star rating
by RH
7 months ago

Nothing to complain about, but nothing to rave about either.

Service is average, just enough to get by on.

Food is nice, place is a bit like a cafeteria and a bit noisy, but good to take the kids to (as long as they like the style of food). Parking adds cost of course being Newmarket.

2 star rating
by Ryu L
9 months ago

We had lunch here today with my wife. Have had the worst Japanese restaurant experience of my life. Shocking value with stale rice & lukewarm ramen we'd ever been served. Way overpriced and substandard food. The only redeeming feature was the tasty teriyaki and staff was friendly. A disappointing experience & I will certainly never return.

3 star rating
by Steve Boyce
10 months ago

I've eaten here often and always have the noodles. Consistently good but sometimes you need a little salt to get the flavor shifting. For a place with transient wait staff, it is always friendly and good and if you get the trademe voucher its a meal for two for under $50 with booze. Nothing to complain about here. I would give it a solid 3.5 stars.

3 star rating
by Helena Chen
10 months ago

As a big fan of Japanese food, I was curious to try this place out after a friend suggested we go here for dinner. The place was massive; much bigger than the petite and noisy Japanese restaurant environments that I am use to. And with only a few people there when we arrived, the rows and rows of long empty tables made the place feel too empty.

I was a little shocked with the prices when I picked up the menu; usually I’d pay around $9-$13 for a bowl of pork ramen or chicken donburi, but here they were charging almost double that. Nevertheless, we were already seated so I went ahead and ordered a yaki soba, which was pretty much just fried noodles. Coming from an Asian family, I can say that the meal was pretty bland and decidedly average. There was also supposed to be chicken in it, but I think I only found about 3 small pieces. The only redeeming factor about this restaurant was the good staff and friendly service. Although I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be sticking with my regular Japanese eateries and mostly likely won’t be revisiting this place anytime soon.

5 star rating
by Malaika
11 months ago

Loved this place!
Went here tonight for dinner with a girfriend and we both loved every bite! Try their spicy chicken on rice as a main and spicy chicken on stick.as a side - yum yum yum!!
No regrets
Cozy private seating in the front if you want some privacy

5 star rating
by Mina Ross
Mar 20, 2014

Honestly I love Wagamama...It tortures me everyday that the CBD one has shut. Please bring it back one day, Wagamama! I need you!

The Newmarket restaurant is of course, just as good!

The staff are lovely, helpful, and attentive, the wait for food fairly long, but not excessive. The ordering technique is neat - you decide what you want, tell the server, and they write it both on their notepad and on your paper placemat! Now that's how you avoid food mix-ups & serve smoothly.

I generally order a fried rice dish or a ramen - depending on whether I want noodles or rice, obviously. Either way, I always get one with prawns & seafood. :3 Also order some edamame for the table. It's only polite.

The best choice of drink here is always the carrot, apple & ginger juice. I promise, you will love it.

The ambience is always warm, bright and spacious - Wagamama can handle groups of immense size, and seat you all at their lovely bench seating.

To see details of great days that also featured Wagamama, see my Wagamama tag on my blog!

4 star rating
by Riddhi
Jan 08, 2014

I have eaten at wagamama restaurants quite often and try a different dish each time. I prefer this wagamama restaurant to it's town counterpart.

The waiters/waitresses are friendly and professional. When some orders got mixed up and we received another tables edamame beans they allowed us to have the food without paying for it which was nice (we were a group and hadn't realised someone on our table hadn't ordered it before eating)

I usually order the ramen bowls as they are definitely worth the money and are usually delicious. I had a wagamama ramen which was full of seafood and meat and was definitely worth the $21 I paid for. Very delicious too (not too bland)

Good place to eat (if you can find parking)

3 star rating
by Rod K
Jan 06, 2014

Don't expect anything more than a very average Japanese restaurant.

More expansive than usual by about $5 per dish.

2 star rating
by Birdy
Dec 29, 2013

Disappointing. Had the Japanese curry chicken and it wasn't the best one I've ever had. My partner wasn't impressed with his dish either.

3 star rating
by Sue Grimshaw
Dec 26, 2013

Been looking forward to eating at Wagamama for a long time and decided to make a family visit while on our Christmas holiday in Auckland with mouths watering in anticipation of the pan- Asian flavours. The nice ambience and very friendly service from Laura were the plus points. The worst was the meal delivery time for our table of five as I was left waiting for almost 15 minutes for my order while the rest of the family were well into eating! When it finally arrived, my teriyaki beef was very tasty and tender but the noodles and veg lacked pzazz. My husband's chicken salad had a huge amount of lettuce but a very small quantity of chicken for a main course dish. Overall a bit of a letdown.

3 star rating
by SR
Nov 12, 2013

Friendly staff and prompt service. I ordered the Spicy Ramen- not impressed. It was very bland. The Lychee drink was a disappointment as it was more like water with a couple Lychees. The general atmosphere was pleasant and the interior is spacious- to cater to large groups. Bright and clean. I didn't feel I was getting my money's worth. The Wagas in the CBD May differ.

4 star rating
by Mimi Yang
May 30, 2013

I have been to Wagamama Newmarket many times over the years and this is the first time I have blogged about it. It has consistently been excellent in terms of food flavours and portions, service and ambience! I will definitely continue to come back in future!

I particularly like the vegetarian dishes and the portion sizes! One dish almost always lasts me two meals!

5 star rating
by Miriam McDonald
Feb 13, 2013

I was extremely hesitant to try Wagamama Newmarket after reading negative reviews on this website. I am so glad my boyfriend talked me in to it because it was amazing!!
I ordered the ginger chicken with udon noodles and it was delicious, perfect amount of ginger, lemongrass, corriander etc. My partner had the katsu chicken curry and was equally satisfied.
The portion sizes were very good, we didn't have enough room for desert. The staff were great, we had excellent service.
The people who complained about this restaurant must be crazy, I will go back again for sure.

Eat here!!

4 star rating
by Monica
Jan 07, 2013

Some people dislike Wagamama as they see it too much as a chain restaurant but I think it's quite alright. Food is good however not authentic. Service is alright and the restaurant can get quite noisy due to the way it's set out but the setting is also pretty cool.

1 star rating
by Jeremy Hope
Nov 08, 2012

Way overpriced for the pitiful amount of food that you get. Bad service, I was ignored for half an hour by 4 different staff and as a result, did not get to order dessert. That ended up being a good thing though, because judging by the portion sizes for the mains, the desserts would have been tiny.

I do not recommend anyone go here. Rip off. It's not even authentic Japanese.

2 star rating
by Eric
Jun 23, 2012

I normally get dragged along to this place but service is ok IMO, the food though is bland, the only thing I'd recommend are the desserts, Banana Katsu was ok, chocolate fudge cake was nice albeit overly sweet. Prices are excessive for what you get.

1 star rating
by William
May 08, 2012

Had dinner with a friend on a Monday night. Was considerably quiet but service was still poor and virtually non-existent. Had to wait 3 minutes to be seated. Decor was bland but clean.

Prices were exorbitant and portion was small. Given this, hardly surprising it was quiet while cafes nearby were more bustling.

Will not come back again, and do not recommend others to be put through this torture. There are a handful of other Japanese eateries nearby which offer better value for money, more authentic Japanese food and much more appealing ambience.

4 star rating
by Tash
Jul 27, 2011

I really enjoyed my experience at Wagamama, came here with a friend after a visit to our Gym down the road, service was friendly and prompt we ordered a beef dish and a chicken dish and they were both delicious, full of fresh veges and a yummy sauce. I was very satisfied and will definently be back to try out some more of there wonderful dishes.

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Jun 10, 2011

Four stars for the delicious flavours in my dish, Yasai don buri (I think). The vegetables were fresh and perfectly prepared. They had a lovely kind of chargrilled flavour to them, and I enjoyed the sesame seeds and the very more-ish sauce that accompanied the dish.
That said, I had to knock a star for the fact that I really did want a larger quantity of veges for the $12.50 price. Loads of rice though, so I didn't go hungry. Also, the free green tea seemed to have an extremely bitter bite at the back of the palate (the waitress listened, but seemed unconvinced she needed to take any action on my comments which I expressed when she asked how my meal was. She smiled and nodded sweetly.)
Only other complaint would be sticky sticky tables!
Apart from that, I think it's great to have a super healthy, fast, convenient hot lunch option like this in Newmarket. Nice one Wagamama!
PS: I also liked the puzzle-sheets they have for kids; and I thought the long bench-table layout was very sociable and funky.

1 star rating
by Leah
Feb 01, 2011

I have just this minute, came back from here and I have to say that this is probably one of the worst, if not THE worst dining experience I have ever encountered. Wagamama's food is not unlike their décor - bland and boring.

Service was quick and efficient, but generally pretty unfriendly and the waitress kept on checking on us begrudgingly. We were told that the food was not going to come at the same time as if it was a marketing point. My partner ordered the Chili Ramen and I ordered the Teriyaki Salmon. The ramen was okay but you could hardly call it a ramen dish as it was mostly sprouts. The soup was watery and bland... a bit like salt in hot water.

The teriyaki salmon eventually arrived and it was half inch thin piece of 100gm boiled salmon on a cup of rice with limp, oversteamed bokchoy, a bit of soy sauce. $23 for that? It was almost tasteless.

We decided to stay for dessert. We ordered the Banana Katsu. For $12 we expected something really nice... What was served was 2 small and sad fried bananas and a conservative scoop of icecream with a mint leaf. Also, incredibly bland.

All in all, I spent $73 (no alcohol) and walked away feeling intensely ripped off. For quarter the price, we could've gone to Banzai or Katsubi which is much friendlier, the food is heaps better and just as healthy.

I will not be returning. If you haven't been, don't go. Maybe try Tasca a few steps down.

4 star rating
by Scott
Aug 21, 2010

Always an enjoyable lunch and the food is yummy. Service is great