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Wild on Waiheke Cafe & Restaurant

4 star rating 16 reviews

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09 3723434

Wild on Waiheke Vineyard, 82 Onetangi Road

  Kiwi, American, European
11 AM to 4 PM


Reviews for Wild on Waiheke Cafe & Restaurant

5 star rating
by Rebecca Power

This place is absolutely amazing. The service was just amazing and nothing was too much of an ask. The activities were fun and then the platter and pizzas were very yum. The drinks were reasonably priced and a mojitos were made to perfection. Laying in the sun on a bean bag surrounded by activities to do. Such an awesome place, can't wait to come back.

3 star rating
by Mikayla Plaziuk
6 days ago

We went to Wild on Waiheke as part of our work Xmas do so they had everything organised for us. We got there late because of the ferry and weather and they wanted to try and Rush us along. Once we finished our activities we probably had about a 40 minute wait til our first bit of food came out, followed by another 15 minute wait for the platter pictured to come out then and another 10 for our pizzas and salads. By this time we were starving hence no pics of the other food 😂. Such a shame we had to wait so long because the food was actually really yummy, such different pizza flavours and the salad was amazing too! Not only that but the outside area is so nice on a sunny day with cool bean bags and a really nice relaxed vibe! Not sure if I will be back to this place just because of the wait.

5 star rating
by Ginette Louise Auld
22 days ago

We came here late one day to showcase Waiheke to our overseas friends. Even though the kitchen was closed we were so well looked after. We had a mixed plate that was beyond our expectations. Truly delicious. They accommodated us so well. The surroundings are beautiful. For me it's the best most well attended casual place on waheke. You would be crazy to miss it.

5 star rating
by Elle
2 months ago

Best value venue on Waiheke! The outdoor set up is super relaxing - perfect for unwinding with friends. The portions are generous and the comfort food is cooked to a satisfactory level. An all rounder!

5 star rating
by Alysha Bower
5 months ago

Had a wonderful time here today, beautiful food, wonderful service and amazing wine! I highly recommend getting the tasting tray of all their wines and anything off their menu! I had spinach ravioli and it was so lovely!

5 star rating
by Juanine
6 months ago

We have been here numerous times and have never been disappointed. The food is delicious and the portion sizes big, The atmosphere is awesome.  The way they do their wine and beer tastings is great and the cost is reasonable.

5 star rating
by Vitale Eti
6 months ago

When on Waiheke we like to try various wineries, our visit to Wow was a fun one. We went in a large group and did the wine and beer tastings, along with lunch. I got a pasta dish and wished in the end that I'd ordered the burger and fries like my mates had. Don't get me wrong though the pasta was pretty good. Looking forward to going back, the place was pumping, people were playing pétanque and doing archery and Wow got us nicely primed for our next winery visit.

1 star rating
by Dean Quate
7 months ago

When staff of an establishment need to join this site under an anonymous avatar to attack feedback on this site it is a very sad reflection of their attitude towards customer service. Learn to accept critique and learn from it. 
When arrogant bafoons like this cry like a baby that they have to pay staff extra to open on a public holiday then just dont open. The customer doesnt want to hear you whinge about having to pay staff time and a half. We walked away, like many, because we refuse to pay surcharges. When you are not even half full on a beautiful sunny day at lunch time then wake up and look at yourselves. 
Waiheke was pumping on one of the busiest days of the year... you were not. Take that on board, go back to school and learn some lessons. Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day.   
(((On another note, the beer here is very good, the service often rude, disinterested and painfully slow... which is why we usually avoid this place and just buy the beers to enjoy in a friendlier environment))) 
PS. You can thank the fake 'hospo-avenger' for your review. He has several other avatars so a big thanks to your man 'hospo-avenger'. ;)

4 star rating
by Mekamak
8 months ago

I go there quiet often with my friends for lunch and the food is good, abundant and good price. The service is terribly bad. The let you waiting for ages, you have to ask for everything, cuttlery, napkins, if they can take your order, if they can bring your drinks out, etc. I keep going because it is convenient to go with children. It is spacious, have a playground, hight chairs and kids meals, not the healthier ones but it is ok ocassionally.

4 star rating
by Miss Poppy
9 months ago

We have been to wild quite a few times for drinks and snacks.

Its a lovely spot and plenty of seating with shade (which is a must under Waiheke's hot sun)

We really enjoy the local beer and the staff are only happy to let you try before you buy. The wine is okay, nothing to write home about, although in saying that the rose is very pleasant.
The staff are very helpful, nice and attentive. Although we did have one rather bad experience over Christmas when myself and 2 friends were rudely informed (we had just arrived and were walking towards to kitchen bar area) "there is no seating available unless you are eating" (the whole seating area was empty!) we said we wanted to do a tasting and also order drinks and we were promptly directed to the grotty and cold downstairs area (with no view)

Needless to say we didn't do a tasting or order drinks, but we used the bathroom (which was very clean) and left LOL

Subsequent times have been much better though.

4 star rating
by Zelda
Aug 31, 2014

Great venue for groups! Had a birthday event out here for the day. Catered for gluten free with pleasure and activities in between meals and drinks are always fun! Good atmosphere even if it's raining.

5 star rating
by Shara Lk
Jan 15, 2014

Went there on a craft beer tour, very impressed with beers and the relaxing environment. The information on making the different types of beer was very informative. Would return again if we return to waiheke.

5 star rating
by Kevan
Oct 28, 2013

Stunning. (Our second time visiting)
Our family of four visited on Labour weekend Saturday with no booking.
All of the tables on the lawn were reserved but there were tables under the shade sail next to the lawn.
Service was very good and some one was nearby every time we wanted something.
We played chess, had a beautiful platter and a few nibbles as well.

We whiled away 3 hour of an afternoon with our kids which was just brilliant.
So nice to see other families and groups of friends enjoying the venue.

I agree with the previous reviewer, having sampled all beers and wines over the 3 hours I will certainly be looking for a local stockist. The Onetangi dark ale and no alcoholic Ginger beer are so good. Ginger beer like dad use to make.

Thanks for a brilliant afternoon!

2 star rating
by Phil Parker
Jun 18, 2012

We booked a week ahead for a table for four on a grey June Sunday. When we got there - we found that the very few inside tables were taken and we had to sit in an unheated 'marquee' area. The fact that the staff all had fleecy jackets on was an indication of the outside temperature. The staff were very friendly - but the food took over an hour to arrive. We all had burgers and fries - so it wasn't rocket science. People who arrived after us were served before us.
The beer was good - the burgers were generous. I guess it's fine as a summer venue - just avoid in the winter months.

4 star rating
by Garath Reid
Mar 21, 2012

My wife and I popped in here last weekend for a Beer Tasting and it was a swell little spot, the beer was great and we will be back on the next trip for some more Pale Ale!!

5 star rating
by The Guppy
Mar 16, 2012

OK... so ---- where to begin. To be fair, I haven't eaten here. But this place serves the most under-rated beer in the universe. And they have life-sized outdoor chess and beautiful bean bags, and play cool music, and lovely staff and they gave us free tasters of all the beers even though we proceeded to have a handle of all of them anyway. Tthe sunny day may have helped the vibe, but it was so beautiful and I really want to visit again. I hope this beer becomes available nationwide.

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