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Wildfire Churrascaria

4 star rating 65 reviews

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09 3537595

Princes Wharf, 137-147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

12 Noon to 1 AM


Reviews for Wildfire Churrascaria

4 star rating
by 梁帅
9 hours ago

Nice service and Lovely environment! That's a good place for the meat eater! Many options of the meat and all of them are good. I Can't eat that much. Yummy!

5 star rating
by Kimmy Pemberton
5 days ago

Went here for dinner tonight & it was absolutely amazing. The waiter was very kind and helpful - not to mention very respectful and understanding! The restaurant itself is very accommodating for vegans like myself so I thought this was awesome! Great atmosphere, delicious food (not to mention copious amounts of food! Yuuummmm!), great service and the look of the restaurant itself looks extremely beautiful. Not much to complain here except for the price! Nevertheless, it is definitely WORTH every penny!

5 star rating
15 days ago

I have always admired the different falvours and spices that Brazilian cuisine has to offer. Because I am not really into 'buffet' style of dining, I had a lot of questions in my mind as to whether this place could deliver. In the end, this place did just that. I quite enjoyed the dim lighting that surrounded the restaurant which made it quite calming. Since we had other plans for dessert, we each went with the churrasco 'experience' option. Considering that they dealt with various types and cuts of meat, I was surprised to see that each cuts of meat were unique and flavourful. I especially loved the lamb, the pork scotch and their calamari! Finally a place that does decent calamari! The service was also great! Drinks refilled regularly, smiles all around and great response rate. The food comes to you so no need to walk around for food. If what you want doesnt come on time, you can always request the dish that you desire! So if you want great atmosphere and love meat, then Id recommend this place!

4 star rating
by Maria B
29 days ago

I tried a continuous, all you can eat mains option here and definitely got my money's worth.

The food comes to you at a decent pace throughout your sitting. My personal favourite was the calamari and prawns. Some of the meats like the beef and lamb were a tad dry and needed a little more flavour, but weren't too bad. The amount you pay for is worth how much you get to eat, considering how much you'd pay for the same amount of food of similar quality at another restaurant. Not included in the buffet option however is dessert, which is rolled in front of you for the sole purpose of temptation. Each piece is ridiculously expensive ($14 for a slice of cheesecake), so if you choose the buffet option, keep in mind what isn't included in the price.

The service was questionable. As friendly and well trained as they were, a few of staff were quite clumsy in their serving of the food. One even knocked my fork off the table and took quite a while to get another. It does look like a hard job, having to speak and posture yourself a certain way, so i didn't give them a hard time about it.

Overall, i'd recommend this for the experience. A little pricey, but worth the all you can eat option.

5 star rating
by Sissybelle
one month ago

Went here last night with a small group of friends, although some of us arrived late we still had our full sitting time if not longer & weren't made to feel like we had to rush through our meal, staff were friendly & explained exactly what each item of our entree & starter dishes were which was good as this type of food was new to most of us, the fried jalapenos, potato & pumpkin sides were delicious, the meat was cooked & seasoned perfectly & the salmon was quickly devoured by all, will definitely go back again & have no hesitation in recommending this place to all the meat lovers out there.

5 star rating
by Monique Ohlson
one month ago

Dinner was superb! The food kept coming in a timely manner and so fresh and tasty. Mmmmm. The team who worked there were super friendly, made sure we were well looked after for our drinks and were well presented. Very great price and the restaurant itself was very well laid out. I will definitely be going back there again. I now have a full on food comer haha

5 star rating
by Loriana Devoe
one month ago

my partner and I love this place. friendly service and great food keep us going back... the car parks are too much though... tip: just drink water when youre there so you have enough space for all the food lol

5 star rating
by Dann
one month ago

Meat eaters paradise, vegetarians need not apply, unfortunately the Wilson parking fees are almost as much as the meal otherwise excellent dining experience with very polite and friendly staff members, a place for meat lover's Highly recommend

4 star rating
by D
one month ago

My girl and i love this place & have dined here many times. We went last night. It was really busy. As always the food is amazing. If you love meat then this is the place to be.

5 star rating
by F.Sooipu
one month ago

Loved this place, been there 3 times over the past year and have left full and satisfied all 3 times. The wait staff are very friendly and the Calamari was delicous. I could have sat there the whole night eating that alone and nothing else. Tried the vegetarian menu twice and wasnt let down. But if your a meat lover, this is the place for you.

3 star rating
by Salley
2 months ago

If you love meat, this is going to be heaven. Highlights for me was the lamb, salmon and the calamari. All were cooked perfectly. Dessert selection was mediocre and my creme brûlée was boring. Downside is after a while all the meats start to taste the same. I swear it's the seasoning........
Service was good, mind you were had all the attention from alllll the staff as we were the only diners there at the time.
Such a good and different concept for a buffet. Definitely a must try for those who havnt been.

4 star rating
by Andy Thomson
2 months ago

If you like meat and nothing else this is the place to go. Food was very good the beef is simply melt in the mouth. The sausages are a must try. Red stop feeding me green keep it coming is very good. Found it to be quite pricey typically $100 per head with drinks. Must book. Ask for a booth when you call.

4 star rating
by Jamie
2 months ago

Food is amazing but their birthday cake pricing is very confusing. We were led to believe we'd pay full price and we'd be able to bring our own cake without paying cakeage, and we'd still get all courses including desert. That wasn't the case.... We were actually meant to pay full price and only get entrees and mains, without desert. That said, our complaints didn't fall on deaf ears. They gave us a decent discount. My only other complaint is the air con needs sorting out. We were sweating most of the night dining inside, and that was in Autumn!

1 star rating
by Hani Akeila
2 months ago

Actually it was a horible experience. My wife and I got food poisning after we had our dinner at Wildfire. The food looks good and the service was good, but the fried veges were too oily and I think we got a food poising from the meat. We have heard that sometimes they grill old meat from the day before or who knows how old. We were really disappointed

4 star rating
by Melissa Pana
2 months ago

I love the concept and meats are cooked nicely. Disappointed that they didn't have any steak when we went as I was looking forward to it. Service was ok but there was a bit of a delay between "offerings" even though we were green side up. Empty plates = empty seats

4 star rating
by Elvis Lees
2 months ago

Really great churrasco experience but the dining experience was not great for us. We sat outside and the weather was really really cold and there was no space due to how busy the service was. Regardless of how busy it was the waiters were very attentive and the food came in a regular pace. The food was excellent and that was the best part of the whole experience.

4 star rating
by Farshid Hakimi
3 months ago

Best place for experience south American food.make sure you don't eat anything when you go for dinner. And definitely try their cocktails. It's awesome

1 star rating
by Sophie Bullock
3 months ago

Really disappointed with wildfire. Ordered a platter along with drinks. After about 30 mins enquired to where our order was- there was mention that the waiter 'forgot'. Another 20mins passes by and we get told "its coming" so after a nearly hour wait a very SMALL plater arrives- not worth the $ charged. If i were not starving my husband and i would have sent it back- the food was average and basic. What was also disappointing about this experience was that the restaurant was not busy at all. There were maybe two other tables occupied ( a sign perhaps we should have suspected this place was less than ideal). Would not return here at all. Slack wait staff who acted like they could care less and others who were just confused and looked uninterested. When we went to pay no one even enquired to how our meal was as standard practice in a restaurant. Paid our bill but would never return nor recommend this to anyone.

5 star rating
by Riiah Mailanqi
3 months ago

If your a huge fan of meat (which I am) than this is the place for you! Meat left, right & center! ?

The service was great, although we had a bartender at our table creating drinks who didn't look like she wanted to be there. ?

Food plus drinks costing almost $2000 for 10 people is quite pricey, however I would definately go back :)

4 star rating
by Sera Sharrock
3 months ago

Food was awesome & was lovley to be seated outside on a sunny evening. Service was friendly however thought there could be a little more variety on offer. I know from past visits we have had a larger variety of dishes offered. Was defiantly an enjoyable meal.

4 star rating
by Eden Strang
3 months ago

I have always been a big fan of Wildfire! For $56 it's all you can eat! which includes salad, vegetables and a large variety of meat. I have a fussy boyfriend and this is one of the only places we can go to where we both get what we want... at a decent price, and great quality! My only complaint would be that it can get very busy and on one occasion my partner and I didn't get served or even noticed for another 30 minutes after we had been seated, it was one of our first times going so we assumed it was all a part of the set up... Wildfire have a unique system (which I think) can be quite confusing... They do dinner in sessions between 5-8pm or 8-10pm, they also place an object on the table.. One side of it is green, the other red... When u are full and want the waiters to stop serving you food, you can turn the object around to the red side and they will stop, and obviously turn it to green when you want to eat... the very first time we dined in at wildfire this didn't get properly explained to us.... (I'm assuming that was because we were with a group who had been many times before) although this time when I went it was just my partner and I... when the waiter seated us she didn't ask if we had been before, or explain what was happening, she just sat us down at the table, gave us some drink menus and walked away, within 5 minutes she's came back and asked if we wanted to order any drinks, which we did, and maybe another 15 minutes after that, our drinks came.. And still nobody said asked us if we knew what we were doing, we were looking at waiters hoping they would stop and serve us but they all looked to busy, so we waited patiently... After awhile we assumed the food would just start... Then we could see everyone else around us being served, after a further 10 minutes when I finally was able to stop a waiter passing by she apologised and explained that we hadn't turned the object around to green and as a result of that we ended up missing out on 30 minutes of our session, I just wish that she had of simply explained to us at the beginning when she seated us that "at any time when your ready to eat turn the object to green"... We assumed we had to wait and at the same time weren't asked if we knew what we were doing therefore resulting in lost time, the system is very confusing... That would be my only complaint, otherwise I would say everything is perfect!

3 star rating
by FoodLover
4 months ago

Good been going for years. Personally not worth to choose the starter option. Last couple of times the food has been very salty. We are going to give it few more times. Cheers

4 star rating
by Sylvielle
4 months ago

This place is different. It's like being in a buffet but the food is brought to your table and served right onto your plate - how awesome is that!

The place is said to be a Brazilian, but it was hard to tell as food I've had were various fire-grilled meat, salad, calamaries and so on and couldn't really make of what makes the place uniquely "Brazilian". Maybe this would have been more obvious had I tried other dishes from their menu perhaps?

I was there for a function - with a group of 80 people so the food and dessert was served automatically, as per pre-planned from the restaurant.

Staff were good, although majority seem to have limited language skills other than what they are used to saying repeatedly to customers.

Their meat selections are : chicken, lamb, beef, pork and sausages and they also serve salmon. I did find that the beef was a little too rare as I usually go for medium-well-done, so know that you won't have the choice as to how you would like your beef to be, as they are served just the way it comes out of the kitchen and is sliced right onto your plate. Their Truffled Polenta Fries are to die for though! I just couldn't get enough of it.

Overall, it was a fun experience but I can't help feeling that $65.95 per person is a little too much considering the food that were served are pretty much what you can get from other restaurants and were quite plain.

3 star rating
by LucyGoosey
4 months ago

Boy oh boy, what a review this is going to be! There are a lot of good things and a lot of not so good things to say about this place. I've got my harsh but fair hat on, so here goes. Firstly, the service. When we sat down I immediately noticed that our table had not been set. Glasses and napkins were missing. This is unacceptable. We wouldn't have minded waiting a couple of minutes at the bar for our table to be set properly. It would have been better than having the waitress lean all over us to finish setting the table. Our waitress was actually very friendly though and was attentive throughout the evening. But she failed dismally on two counts. I asked her if any or all of the pork was free-range. She promptly said "yes." I said, "can you please go and confirm this." She came back and said "no, sorry, it's not actually free-range" This made me really annoyed. I only eat free range pork and she had blatantly lied to me about it. I didn't think the pork would be free-range, hence why I asked her to confirm. Lucky I did, although, I probably wouldn't have risked it anyway. Her second fail happened when we were making our dessert selection. We were a party of four and one of our friends had to go home early as she felt unwell. The waitress told us that her dessert would still have to be paid for as we had all selected the $65 option when we made our booking. We pushed a little bit but she wasn't going to budge. It would have only cost our friend $55 otherwise and it was rude and unnecessary for her to have to pay an extra $10 for a dessert she wasn't able to eat. The other waiters who were going round and round with food were also attentive and friendly enough, I suppose. On to the food. The shared entrée platter was a bizarre mix of items. I only really enjoyed the crumbed capsicum. The other food on the platter was over-salted although, there were some interesting flavour combos going on. For main, you get a buffet on wheels. The waiters bring you meat and other goodies. You also get roast vegetables and salad for the table. It's all you can eat for the main. It was great to be able to try all sorts of different things. I really liked the beef. The chicken was also pretty good. The salmon was nice but was overcooked and the lamb was too fatty. The flavours were nice though. For dessert you choose off a menu. I ordered the opera cake which was actually really delicious. My pals ordered the tiramisu and the cheesecake which were both good as well. As mentioned, our friend who had left still had to pay for her dessert so we chose the chocolate bomb on her behalf and promptly began to demolish it. It would have been what she wanted :) The décor of this restaurant is slightly strange. Our table was awkwardly shaped and too big for four people, we were quite spaced out. The restaurant is tidy enough but it's not elegant or classy. Overall, I did enjoy dining here but I probably wouldn't come back. Although the food was generally pretty good, I cannot bring myself to give this place any more than a 3 due to the waitress lying about the pork. For me, that was a big deal. It's obvious the owners of this place are money-hungry. I think it's slightly overpriced and making us pay for our friend's dessert that she didn't even get to eat was ridiculous! I wouldn't expect this place to make improvements. It's just the way the cookie crumbles with buffet-style restaurants. They simply don't have the capacity to provide excellent service because the waiters are rushed off their feet; they can't give superior food because it's all you can eat; and, they can't have a classy restaurant because there is nothing classy about buffets. To be fair, I did enjoy my night out and lots of the food was good but at the end of the day, it wasn't above average.

5 star rating
by Benjeman
4 months ago

Went to wild fire yesterday for a business dinner what an experience. Food was tasty and the service was great. Good value for money. Good job keep it up

4 star rating
by Chris Gin
4 months ago

Great food, the meat here was super tasty. There was always a new batch making the rounds too so you never wait too long in between. Can't wait to go back.

5 star rating
by Vanessa Ross
4 months ago

came for valentines evening and wow! we had our own waitress who visited us in the begining as we sat down (and quite frequently during the meal to see if we needed anything) and the amount of staff that night was awesome, so many! exceeded my expectations. the entree was nice (first time trying oysters and they werent as bad as they looked) the main was a side of salad and roast vegetables and a constant array of any meat you wanted bought to your table by the waiters who were all very polite and helpful! beef was cooked perfectly, medium rare, and even had prawns and pineapple bought out to accompany! dessert was awesome as well, mocha balls, macaron and a cheesecake in the shape of a heart (awww) all in all worth it! and made our night memorable!

3 star rating
by Samantha Young
5 months ago

Came for a dinner date. We're sat right near the door so was kinda annoying seeing everyone walking in and everyone staring at us and our food. Starter platter was good, nice selection. Then came the main, heaps of the people with the food kept walking past us which was frustrating. We're waiting most of the time. Food was okay. Boyfriend loved it though!

4 star rating
by Phil Hodai
6 months ago

Went to Wildfire for our Christmas function with work. At first the staff are friendly and helpful with seating and drinks (quite an achievement as there was about 30 of us).

Starters were nice, nothing too fancy, however as soon as the meat started coming out I was in heaven. From spiced pork to grilled chicken, everything was amazing.

Only thing I can complain about is the sides to meat ratio, although we asked for more salad and roast veggies countless times the waiters seemed in no rush to cater to our request (as I mentioned there was 30 of us so I guess it wasn't easy looking after that many customers).

Nonetheless, I felt as if the service gradually got worse as we ate more and would call the staff borderline rude in the way they handled drink and sides requests.

Therefore I can only give a rating of 4. definitely worth giving it a go if you are a meat lover though.

5 star rating
by Anu Devi
7 months ago

I went to wildfire with a bunch of my friend. The service was great. The food was also amazing. The meats are to die for and the sides were also great. Everything tasted great.

5 star rating
by Lennaine
7 months ago

Been here a few times, amazing , food is great and service impeccable. Always the go to place for special events or romantic evenings. Love it

5 star rating
by Xandir Fatialofa
7 months ago

Pleasant experience tonight at Wildfire. With BEAUTIFUL delicious food, my family and I were all completely satisfied with what we ate. How it works is you choose if you want either entree and dinner, or dinner and dessert. We chose entree and dinner but soon after decided to have dessert as well. The waiters come around with different plates of mainly meat on poles. They ask everyone on the table individually if they would like some of what they are serving and act accordingly- cut a portion off if you do, move on if you don't. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night, it was my mothers birthday dinner and the venue turned out great as the dinner was stretched on as our food didn't come all at once leaving us to enjoy conversation with a nice pallet in front of us. The service was excellent and the location was good also. The price which usually doesn't affect me because my parents take us out, cost $70 a head just for food. We paid the extra for drinks + sides as the costs are not included in the 70. It's up to you whether you find the price able to move my scoring but I thought every cent was well spent. Maybe if I have any critique I would say the space could be worked on, it was a teeny problem in the start but we adjusted.

5 star rating
by Brett Nicholls
8 months ago

Where too much meat is barely enough. Try the churrascaria dining style. Great food and wine, and a really warm atmosphere. The service was excellent too. You can eat to your hearts content. I highly recommend this restaurant.

4 star rating
by Smita Fernando
8 months ago

My BIL took us there.... Fab meat... Seemed like an overdose of it..... Good food. Had tiramisu for dessert and spiced mojito. Dessert was excellent a bit different. But the spiced mojito seemed more tangy than spicy

3 star rating
by Makeupper
Jul 06, 2014

I've been to Wildfire twice now, once for a work do - and then again just the other night with some friends who were up from Christchurch. Now that I've been there more than once, I definitely think that the novelty of the place is a lot better than the actual food is.

If you're a huge fan of meat, then you'll probably like it - as you can pretty much have all the meat you want! Personally though, the meat wasn't really cooked to my tastes, and I feel like they didn't serve enough of the side dishes (polenta, potatoes, calamari etc) to make me feel like I got my money's worth. It was like $55 a person. I'm sorry, but that is WAY overpriced for what it is.

All the boys seemed to enjoy it, but the price we pretty much all agreed on - it was just too expensive. I do have to say that the service was great though, as always. Hate the music they play though, it's quite terrible to be honest! And they also need to improve their drink selection.

Probably won't go back... unless someone else is paying for it!

3 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Feb 04, 2014

Wildfire is a place for people who love large portions of meat, and is also popular as a group dining location. There is no chance of you going hungry here, and some of the food was surprisingly good, though other dishes were not very tasty, a bit hit and miss.

As you will have more food than you can possibly eat already, there is no need to go for the option with entrees or desserts. The whole table has to choose the same selection, so the vegetarian at our table was not able to order a la carte, but had to pick vegetarian dishes from a special menu instead (3 entrees and 3 mains for the same price as the churrasco + accompaniments). At least this was better than the time we came here a number of years ago, when the vegetarian ended up paying something like $45 for just the side dishes that came with the meat.

Before the meat starts coming out and being offered around, you are given bread and dips, fried potato and salad, no doubt so you fill up on the cheaper stuff, but these are needed to balance the meat overload. We were served a good selection of sides throughout the meal as well, including green beans, fried polenta chips and sauteed clams.

The staff were friendly and attentive, formally dressed in white shirts and black ties. Along with the table-side service, they turn otherwise unremarkable food into a more memorable dining experience.

The pictures attached are mostly of the vegetarian dishes. See a few more pictures from our meal here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=771124936249494&id=526938997334757

3 star rating
by Tessa Bailey-Lont
Dec 29, 2013

I have been here a few times and I liked it before I lived in Portugal and visited Brazil where you find similar places all you can eat for 10 euros or less. So when I came back I felt a bit ripped off paying about 50 dollars and the taste half as good. However location is prime and the restaurant is lovely, interactive dining experience for people who have never had the experience of a Brazilian churrasco.

5 star rating
by Victor Geraldine
Dec 29, 2013

My goddaughter's baptism was decided within days & we had to find a venue downtown to host 40 people for lunch. We booked at three venues & confirmed with Wildfire. What a fantastic decision that was.
Fabio the manager was superb in explaining all the choice of set menu Wildfire had & the payment. He gave us several options & did not push us to go for the expensive one. He then advised us of several seating options & we went for the private dining area overlooking the Harbour.
On the actual day of the lunch, our private waitperson, Lucy, was magnificent!! She was attentive, charming, calm & warm. She was fabulous with the table full of kids and accommodated the extra cakes we brought in for my goddaughter. Fabio also came in to serve at times, he knew beforehand we had guests who could not eat beef & pork, so came and assured them that Wildfire had extensive vegetarian menu but when the guests said they were fine, Fabio ensured more chicken & seafood arrived at our table.
All 40 of our guests were happy!!! Not an easy feat but Wildfire's fabulous staff's attention to details & professionalism and amazing selection of beautifully cooked food did the trick. We came under budget & were happy to be able to tip the staff.
We will be definitely prioritize Wildfire Steakhouse in our decision for large family functions.

0 star rating
by Rosely
Nov 05, 2013

Had dinner a la carte at wildfire with a meat platter for two, the pork belly, side of vegies and cheese cake for dessert. The service was average but meats were good, particularly the beef. The lamb was overcooked and a bit tough and chorizo was good but not a standout. Cheese cake was enjoyable. Not necessarily a restaurant to run back to quickly but if you're after a satisfying and good meal, wildfire is a contender.

5 star rating
by Penelope Chua
Oct 12, 2013

When my sis brought us here, it was a near perfect experience. I loved everything except for the polenta. the service was excellent. They were all attentive. Im looking forward to my next visit. :)

5 star rating
by Amelia Leath
Sep 23, 2013

Went to Wildfire last week for date night on Wednesday. It was pretty busy for a weekday which is always a good sign. I ordered an amazing fruity cocktail jug which was probably the best cocktail I've had in a long time, and the jug lasted me my entire meal. We ate off the churrasco menu (we got the special and used our Entertainment card discount). The food was absolutely amazing. Especially the glazed pork and the sirloin. It was good that they only gave you small amounts of each meat so you can try more and you can always ask for more or wait until they offer it again. Only let down was the calamari but I definitely recommend. We loved it and will be back for a special occasion. Cool way of dining - kind of like a seated buffet with amazing quality food. A larger variation of sides would also be a welcome addition.

5 star rating
by Lenn Jhay To'o
Aug 25, 2013

Service was great! The food was full of flavour. If you have not yet been there add to your wish list :)

1 star rating
by Us4rgroovy
Aug 04, 2013

We have dined at Wildfire before and dine out a lot but my visit to Wildfire this time was an unpleasant visit. The Person who greeted us (Fabio) was rude as we walked in. We were meeting 13 adults already in the restaurant eating and drinking and I came in to join them with 3 children (under 10 yrs old). My daughter was carrying 1/2 slushy from MacDonalds and he said straight away that she was not allowed in with her drink. I thought that was ridiculous, I mentioned she is just a child and the drink was non alcohol of course. So the kids and I had to go outside, to finish it as she didn't want to throw it away, it was quite a cold night and the kids were saying they were freezing, my poor daughter tried her hardest to drink it quickly. My family had to come out and ask what was happening and I explained to them. I thought it was so ridiculous that I decided that we were not going to dine with them. It was a real shame as my family had come over from Australia for a special occasion for that weekend and was spoilt by bad customer service. If my family had not started they would of walked out as well. I felt that if he was not going to allow my daughter in with a small drink, and we were paying customers, that was a joke so I decided that he was not going to get my patronage or money!!! Absolutely bad customer service!!!! Will definitely not recommend your restaurant to anyone and will be spreading the word!!!!

2 star rating
by Anita
Jun 20, 2013

Had birthday dinner here the other night. Greeted by somewhat rude head manager. Forced to get breads as after 7pm. Also tricked into desert as you MUST decide there and then or price is higher. DON'T get desert or bread or fancy cocktails. They are a waste of money. The BBQ pork was great. The chicken too salty. Average experience.

4 star rating
by Josh
Apr 22, 2013

I do know Brazil and I think that NZ deserves more.
Brazilian food, especially barbecue, are very different.
No doubt: Very good restaurant but not Brazilian food.

3 star rating
by Candice Nicol
Apr 20, 2013

Have visited a few times with usually great service. Sometimes I feel like they rush you out if you decide to "take a break". My last experience has put me off going there for a while or at all. On a very quite evening our waiter introduced himself he was never to return to our table again, I had to ask 3 times before somebody filled my glass of water up, and I complained as through out the meal me and my partner were fighting off sand-flies putting us off our food. Terrible experience when I paid my $120 bill for my 1/2hr fly frenzy I told the manager my complaints he didn't seem to care. A real shame as it used to be one of my favourite restaurants to go to.

5 star rating
by Robyn Trinick
Apr 17, 2013

Great food and excellent service! All the staff were very friendly and extremely efficient. The meats were cooked beautifully, and there were plenty of choices. Accompanying salad, potatoes, breads and dips were great. Our family are real "foodies" and we have beautiful meals at home, so eating out is sometimes a disappointment, but this was a really good dining experience, and very good value for money.

1 star rating
by Heather Oades
Apr 08, 2013

So disappointed rude senior staff, we had 18 people at our table and two of them did not bring cash staff turned it into an argument they did not want their expos transaction. A wine glass was smashed by a staff member above our table and went all over two people we had to tidy it up ourselves they weren't even asked if they were ok. Only eight of the 18 people wanted dessert which we were told was ten dollars they said no all 18people had to have it at ten dollars, there was 3 staff having a group meeting about it, we told them to take it away in the end the meat beef, pork and lamb just tasted of salt. Waiter corrected a man on our table on his knife and fork placement he was shocked at his rudeness. Then corrected the lady next to him. The red green stick was put on its side just so we could enjoy our dinner without the constant interruption while we're eating got told off for that. They made our evening out unpleasant when you pay good money for dinner to celebrate a thirtieth. So, so disappointing .

1 star rating
by Amy Saleman
Apr 08, 2013

Absolutely appalling management!

If you are a group do not waste your time or money. Made to feel unwelcome from the second we walked in. Misleading regarding dessert price and an ordeal when half of the group wanted dessert and half didn't. The most rude and obnoxious management I have ever come across who have no interest in resolving issues or treating their guests like human beings. Abused by management when the group tried to split the bill in half. Not impressed.

Wait staff were fantastic, food was interesting.

5 star rating
by Michael
Jan 19, 2013

We go to this restaurant regularly and always leave happy and satisfied. The food is always good and the service fast and pleasant. The staff are all friendly, helpful and competant. Will continue to dine here, impossible to leave here hungry.

1 star rating
by May Langley
Dec 17, 2012

We went to Wildfire for an end of year Xmas function on Saturday 15th December and it was beyond belief - if you are a group going here - do not waste your money. They made us wait for our tables at the bar when the tables were free. The food was terrible / re-hashed, the toilets were not serviced, there was no toilet paper in the women's toilet and everything was filthy. The duty manager was not interested in getting it sorted, Wild Fire may adhere to the liquor licensing laws but the hygiene factor is a lot to be desired, not the excellent place it used to be.

4 star rating
by Chris Beale
Nov 04, 2012

Table for two at Wildfire.
I doubt it is true Brazilian cuisine, but I could be wrong.
Anyway, the deal is you pay a set fee for their food and they keep bringing it out! You have four options. See their web site.
The option we took saw them bring out breads and stuff to start with (to fill us up before the expensive stuff) then some broccoli and potato (large chips). Then there was a constant flow of meat that was on a spit e.g. lamb, pork, beef. Also some salmon (we asked for it). Meat was generally well cooked and very tasty. I did feel the meal lacked a bit of variety e.g. they needed more veges and other options. But overall, I was happy.

Staff were very well presented and professional.

This restaurant is a sort of all you can eat place, and if you are someone that likes eating huge amounts it could be for you.

I would go again if I was particularly hungry!

5 star rating
by Maddy Ruawhare
Oct 09, 2012

I have been to Wildfire Steakhouse for a numerous amount of different occasions and have never been disappointed. Love this restaurant and well worth every dollar. Food: excellent, Service: impeccable, Venue: divine. Would strongly recommend.

4 star rating
by Debbie
Jun 09, 2012

We have been here a number of times and always have great service and very good food. Any visitors we have from overseas we always bring to Wildfire and they also love the food.

The meats are very tasty, we have not have a bad experience with any of the meats and have been here approximately 12 times.

As a family the early dinning Churrasco 5pm - 7pm is very good value.

4 star rating
by Dylan Conolly
Jan 30, 2012

Tasty BBQ and good value for money. Great service too considering how busy they were.

4 star rating
by Joanne Rome
Oct 02, 2011

Great place for groups, busy atmosphere. Meat could be better but they are catering for a lot. Wine list was very good and staff very efficient. A very entertaining night. Thank You

3 star rating
by Zhe Min Shao
Aug 29, 2011

Service and staff were very friendly and I liked how there is a good mixture of both European and South Amercian staff there but the food was average at best.

5 star rating
by Rachael Murray
Aug 23, 2011

Meat Lovers Restaurant!

Great spot!

The meats are deliciously cooked. The dessert trolley was beautifully laid out and the desserts we had, was exquiste!

Note: If you're a first timer here. There's a small wooden roller on your table, remember to turn the roller with green side upwards if you want to be served :)

2 star rating
by Dine In
Aug 19, 2011

Went to both Takapuna and Quay street one for the birthday party, was not my choice as I would not go back. You have to order all the same for one table for the BBQ buffet. We chose the one with desert, Entertainment book says a SELECTION of desert, it turns out you can only choose one slice each - it is clearly misleading. It is not worth for $10 more as you can certainly buy from other places with better quality. It is pricey and the meat selection is not good enough, after a while everything tastes the same, you can really tell the difference from Chicken to Lamb.Side dishes were OK, dishes are small and no one really wants to eat them = bread and hummus, veges etc. Would not go back again.

4 star rating
by Danny Gere
Aug 17, 2011

Have visited Wildfire on a number of occasions and love it every time.

I'm not into the bread and humus, so I don't have them and just leave them or ask the waiting staff not to bring them.

The beef, lamb and pork are succulent and very tasty.

The only down-side to Wildfire is that I just want more, but can't fit it in :)

Fantastic place.

1 star rating
by Grant Harper
Aug 09, 2011

This is a very poor example of an Brazilian BBQ restaraunt.
They try and push bread and side dishes on you prior to giving you any BBQ meat. The side dishes have nothing to do with Brazilian food - Hummus and Tomato Pesto!? And the Hummus was very ordinary! Also, whilst waiting for the BBQ meat, a waitress pushing a cart, visited our table three times trying to sell us an expensive 'Brazilian Cocktail'.
The BBQ meat does taste nice. But the 'Lamb' is very chewy, probably 'Mutton'. Beef was tasty, chicken good, sausage nice as well and Pork chop OK. We were offered Chicken and Sausage at least 10 times more often than the 'Premium' meats. Also, there was only one type of all the different meats, which is very disappointing for a $50. At good Brazilian BBQ restaurants, I have had Beef - Rump, Sirloin, Fillet and Rib Eye. Lamb - Leg, Rump. Chicken - Leg, Breast, Heart.
At the end of this meal, I felt that I had been involved in a money machine with no real commitment to the food. Try a good Brasilian BBQ and you will never go back to this restaraunt. Don't try another and you will probably be happy.

4 star rating
by Maxani
May 28, 2011

nice food, but the price is really high comparing with other restaurants ,but i enjoy it, my be i will visit them next year again

5 star rating
by Urzila Carlson
Feb 06, 2011

Best lamb and also the best prawns I've had EVER. Service was excellent and everyone is friendly. Great experience.

3 star rating
by AngeLi
Sep 30, 2010

Came here for a friend's birthday. First of all the food. I enjoyed it especially their chicken. As long as you can tolerate eating heaps and heaps and heaps, you'll be fine. The food is good in general.

Service. I think their tables are too small. we were 5 in all and we were in such a crowded table. I mean for example, they gave us the veggies placed in a big platter (not too mention it was quite high) and it almost occupied 1/4 of the table. imagine we have our plates there plus 2 glasses each, for the wine and the water. Well, we were just laughing at it coz we didn't get to see each others faces any more. (Good thing, we were enjoying the food and we didn't care that much any more)
It takes too long for the food to arrive at times. it would be good if there will be more servers especially on weekends that there are lots of people dining. Guess they got too busy that night, they totally forgot to serve our dessert. I bet we waited for almost an hour for it and we kept following up. Seemed like the staffs didn't get to communicate very well. And to make up for it, they gave us a bowl of fruits...

4 star rating
by Scott
Aug 21, 2010

Great place to dine, especially for large groups. If you like meat you will love this place. The salads and veges are not spectacular, but it is an enjoyable dining experience and quite unique. Overall very good