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Wildfire (Steakhouse & Bar)

3_half star rating 25 reviews

Telephone 09-353 7595

137-147 Quay St
Princes Wharf
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Family, Italian, New Zealand, Seafood
Mon - Sun
12 noon - 3pm, 5pm - Late
Provided by business


Wildfire Princes Wharf is Auckland’s premium Steakhouse that specializes in classic cuts of prime NZ meats. There is no ordering or waiting, you simply relax and enjoy as our waiters continuously offer extensive selection of meats, fish and side dishes until you’re completely satisfied. Wildfire provides the ultimate setting for an unforgettable evening! With stunning views overlooking the harbour, Wildfire’s Private Dining area is proving to be especially popular for social events, family gatherings, and even private cocktail parties. With an extensive menu, their generosity and originality, Wildfire has redefined steakhouse dining to an entirely new level.


Photo of Wildfire (Steakhouse & Bar)
Prime NZ beef, Black Angus, in-house dry-aged, grilled over charcoal
Citrus cured Salmon with goat curd cannelloni

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Reviews for Wildfire (Steakhouse & Bar)

5 star rating
by Victor G.
29th December 2013

My goddaughter’s baptism was decided within days & we had to find a venue downtown to host 40 people for lunch. We booked at three venues & confirmed with Wildfire. What a fantastic decision that was.
Fabio the manager was superb in explaining all the choice of set menu Wildfire had & the payment. He gave us several options & did not push us to go for the expensive one. He then advised us of several seating options & we went for the private dining area overlooking the Harbour.
On the actual day of the lunch, our private waitperson, Lucy, was magnificent!! She was attentive, charming, calm & warm. She was fabulous with the table full of kids and accommodated the extra cakes we brought in for my goddaughter. Fabio also came in to serve at times, he knew beforehand we had guests who could not eat beef & pork, so came and assured them that Wildfire had extensive vegetarian menu but when the guests said they were fine, Fabio ensured more chicken & seafood arrived at our table.
All 40 of our guests were happy!!! Not an easy feat but Wildfire’s fabulous staff’s attention to details & professionalism and amazing selection of beautifully cooked food did the trick. We came under budget & were happy to be able to tip the staff.
We will be definitely prioritize Wildfire Steakhouse in our decision for large family functions.

5 star rating
by Amelia L.
23rd September 2013

Went to Wildfire last week for date night on Wednesday. It was pretty busy for a weekday which is always a good sign. I ordered an amazing fruity cocktail jug which was probably the best cocktail I’ve had in a long time, and the jug lasted me my entire meal. We ate off the churrasco menu (we got the special and used our Entertainment card discount). The food was absolutely amazing. Especially the glazed pork and the sirloin. It was good that they only gave you small amounts of each meat so you can try more and you can always ask for more or wait until they offer it again. Only let down was the calamari but I definitely recommend. We loved it and will be back for a special occasion. Cool way of dining – kind of like a seated buffet with amazing quality food. A larger variation of sides would also be a welcome addition.

1 star rating
by us4rgroovy
4th August 2013

We have dined at Wildfire before and dine out a lot but my visit to Wildfire this time was an unpleasant visit. The Person who greeted us (Fabio) was rude as we walked in. We were meeting 13 adults already in the restaurant eating and drinking and I came in to join them with 3 children (under 10 yrs old). My daughter was carrying 1/2 slushy from MacDonalds and he said straight away that she was not allowed in with her drink. I thought that was ridiculous, I mentioned she is just a child and the drink was non alcohol of course. So the kids and I had to go outside, to finish it as she didn’t want to throw it away, it was quite a cold night and the kids were saying they were freezing, my poor daughter tried her hardest to drink it quickly. My family had to come out and ask what was happening and I explained to them. I thought it was so ridiculous that I decided that we were not going to dine with them. It was a real shame as my family had come over from Australia for a special occasion for that weekend and was spoilt by bad customer service. If my family had not started they would of walked out as well. I felt that if he was not going to allow my daughter in with a small drink, and we were paying customers, that was a joke so I decided that he was not going to get my patronage or money!!! Absolutely bad customer service!!!! Will definitely not recommend your restaurant to anyone and will be spreading the word!!!!

2 star rating
by Anita E.
20th June 2013

Had birthday dinner here the other night. Greeted by somewhat rude head manager. Forced to get breads as after 7pm. Also tricked into desert as you MUST decide there and then or price is higher. DON’T get desert or bread or fancy cocktails. They are a waste of money. The BBQ pork was great. The chicken too salty. Average experience.

4 star rating
by Josh
22nd April 2013

I do know Brazil and I think that NZ deserves more.
Brazilian food, especially barbecue, are very different.
No doubt: Very good restaurant but not Brazilian food.

3 star rating
by Candice N.
20th April 2013

Have visited a few times with usually great service. Sometimes I feel like they rush you out if you decide to “take a break”. My last experience has put me off going there for a while or at all. On a very quite evening our waiter introduced himself he was never to return to our table again, I had to ask 3 times before somebody filled my glass of water up, and I complained as through out the meal me and my partner were fighting off sand-flies putting us off our food. Terrible experience when I paid my $120 bill for my 1/2hr fly frenzy I told the manager my complaints he didn’t seem to care. A real shame as it used to be one of my favourite restaurants to go to.

5 star rating
by Robyn T.
17th April 2013

Great food and excellent service! All the staff were very friendly and extremely efficient. The meats were cooked beautifully, and there were plenty of choices. Accompanying salad, potatoes, breads and dips were great. Our family are real “foodies” and we have beautiful meals at home, so eating out is sometimes a disappointment, but this was a really good dining experience, and very good value for money.

1 star rating
by Heather O.
8th April 2013

So disappointed rude senior staff, we had 18 people at our table and two of them did not bring cash staff turned it into an argument they did not want their expos transaction. A wine glass was smashed by a staff member above our table and went all over two people we had to tidy it up ourselves they weren’t even asked if they were ok. Only eight of the 18 people wanted dessert which we were told was ten dollars they said no all 18people had to have it at ten dollars, there was 3 staff having a group meeting about it, we told them to take it away in the end the meat beef, pork and lamb just tasted of salt. Waiter corrected a man on our table on his knife and fork placement he was shocked at his rudeness. Then corrected the lady next to him. The red green stick was put on its side just so we could enjoy our dinner without the constant interruption while we’re eating got told off for that. They made our evening out unpleasant when you pay good money for dinner to celebrate a thirtieth. So, so disappointing .

1 star rating
by Amy S.
8th April 2013

Absolutely appalling management!

If you are a group do not waste your time or money. Made to feel unwelcome from the second we walked in. Misleading regarding dessert price and an ordeal when half of the group wanted dessert and half didn’t. The most rude and obnoxious management I have ever come across who have no interest in resolving issues or treating their guests like human beings. Abused by management when the group tried to split the bill in half. Not impressed.

Wait staff were fantastic, food was interesting.

5 star rating
by michael
19th January 2013

We go to this restaurant regularly and always leave happy and satisfied. The food is always good and the service fast and pleasant. The staff are all friendly, helpful and competant. Will continue to dine here, impossible to leave here hungry.

1 star rating
by May L.
17th December 2012

We went to Wildfire for an end of year Xmas function on Saturday 15th December and it was beyond belief – if you are a group going here – do not waste your money. They made us wait for our tables at the bar when the tables were free. The food was terrible / re-hashed, the toilets were not serviced, there was no toilet paper in the women’s toilet and everything was filthy. The duty manager was not interested in getting it sorted, Wild Fire may adhere to the liquor licensing laws but the hygiene factor is a lot to be desired, not the excellent place it used to be.

4 star rating
by Chris B.
4th November 2012

Table for two at Wildfire.
I doubt it is true Brazilian cuisine, but I could be wrong.
Anyway, the deal is you pay a set fee for their food and they keep bringing it out! You have four options. See their web site.
The option we took saw them bring out breads and stuff to start with (to fill us up before the expensive stuff) then some broccoli and potato (large chips). Then there was a constant flow of meat that was on a spit e.g. lamb, pork, beef. Also some salmon (we asked for it). Meat was generally well cooked and very tasty. I did feel the meal lacked a bit of variety e.g. they needed more veges and other options. But overall, I was happy.

Staff were very well presented and professional.

This restaurant is a sort of all you can eat place, and if you are someone that likes eating huge amounts it could be for you.

I would go again if I was particularly hungry!

5 star rating
by Maddy R.
9th October 2012

I have been to Wildfire Steakhouse for a numerous amount of different occasions and have never been disappointed. Love this restaurant and well worth every dollar. Food: excellent, Service: impeccable, Venue: divine. Would strongly recommend.

4 star rating
by Debbie
9th June 2012

We have been here a number of times and always have great service and very good food. Any visitors we have from overseas we always bring to Wildfire and they also love the food.

The meats are very tasty, we have not have a bad experience with any of the meats and have been here approximately 12 times.

As a family the early dinning Churrasco 5pm – 7pm is very good value.

4 star rating
by Dylan C.
30th January 2012

Tasty BBQ and good value for money. Great service too considering how busy they were.

4 star rating
by Joanne R.
2nd October 2011

Great place for groups, busy atmosphere. Meat could be better but they are catering for a lot. Wine list was very good and staff very efficient. A very entertaining night. Thank You

3 star rating
by Zhe M.
29th August 2011

Service and staff were very friendly and I liked how there is a good mixture of both European and South Amercian staff there but the food was average at best.

5 star rating
by Rachael M.
23rd August 2011

Meat Lovers Restaurant!

Great spot!

The meats are deliciously cooked. The dessert trolley was beautifully laid out and the desserts we had, was exquiste!

Note: If you’re a first timer here. There’s a small wooden roller on your table, remember to turn the roller with green side upwards if you want to be served :)

2 star rating
by Dine i.
19th August 2011

Went to both Takapuna and Quay street one for the birthday party, was not my choice as I would not go back. You have to order all the same for one table for the BBQ buffet. We chose the one with desert, Entertainment book says a SELECTION of desert, it turns out you can only choose one slice each – it is clearly misleading. It is not worth for $10 more as you can certainly buy from other places with better quality. It is pricey and the meat selection is not good enough, after a while everything tastes the same, you can really tell the difference from Chicken to Lamb.Side dishes were OK, dishes are small and no one really wants to eat them = bread and hummus, veges etc. Would not go back again.

4 star rating
by Danny G.
17th August 2011

Have visited Wildfire on a number of occasions and love it every time.

I’m not into the bread and humus, so I don’t have them and just leave them or ask the waiting staff not to bring them.

The beef, lamb and pork are succulent and very tasty.

The only down-side to Wildfire is that I just want more, but can’t fit it in :)

Fantastic place.

1 star rating
by Grant H.
9th August 2011

This is a very poor example of an Brazilian BBQ restaraunt.
They try and push bread and side dishes on you prior to giving you any BBQ meat. The side dishes have nothing to do with Brazilian food – Hummus and Tomato Pesto!? And the Hummus was very ordinary! Also, whilst waiting for the BBQ meat, a waitress pushing a cart, visited our table three times trying to sell us an expensive ‘Brazilian Cocktail’.
The BBQ meat does taste nice. But the ‘Lamb’ is very chewy, probably ‘Mutton’. Beef was tasty, chicken good, sausage nice as well and Pork chop OK. We were offered Chicken and Sausage at least 10 times more often than the ‘Premium’ meats. Also, there was only one type of all the different meats, which is very disappointing for a $50. At good Brazilian BBQ restaurants, I have had Beef – Rump, Sirloin, Fillet and Rib Eye. Lamb – Leg, Rump. Chicken – Leg, Breast, Heart.
At the end of this meal, I felt that I had been involved in a money machine with no real commitment to the food. Try a good Brasilian BBQ and you will never go back to this restaraunt. Don’t try another and you will probably be happy.

4 star rating
by maxani
28th May 2011

nice food, but the price is really high comparing with other restaurants ,but i enjoy it, my be i will visit them next year again

5 star rating
by Urzila C.
6th February 2011

Best lamb and also the best prawns I’ve had EVER. Service was excellent and everyone is friendly. Great experience.

3 star rating
by Audrey
1st October 2010

Came here for a friend’s birthday. First of all the food. I enjoyed it especially their chicken. As long as you can tolerate eating heaps and heaps and heaps, you’ll be fine. The food is good in general.

Service. I think their tables are too small. we were 5 in all and we were in such a crowded table. I mean for example, they gave us the veggies placed in a big platter (not too mention it was quite high) and it almost occupied 1/4 of the table. imagine we have our plates there plus 2 glasses each, for the wine and the water. Well, we were just laughing at it coz we didn’t get to see each others faces any more. (Good thing, we were enjoying the food and we didn’t care that much any more)
It takes too long for the food to arrive at times. it would be good if there will be more servers especially on weekends that there are lots of people dining. Guess they got too busy that night, they totally forgot to serve our dessert. I bet we waited for almost an hour for it and we kept following up. Seemed like the staffs didn’t get to communicate very well. And to make up for it, they gave us a bowl of fruits…

4 star rating
by Scott
21st August 2010

Great place to dine, especially for large groups. If you like meat you will love this place. The salads and veges are not spectacular, but it is an enjoyable dining experience and quite unique. Overall very good

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