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09 3098191

33 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Mediterranean, European
11 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 5:30 PM to 11 PM, 12 Midnight to 1 AM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Wine Chambers

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
2 months ago

I had a lovely dinner here with a friend on Saturday. We had a voucher from Book Me which was $59 for a three course dinner for two. Wow, what an amazing deal! Mains here start from about $30 so we basically got the entrée and dessert for free. The shrunken menu (for the voucher) featured two choices for each course. We both had the mushroom risotto for entrée. The risotto was absolutely delicious! The flavours were rich and vibrant and I really enjoyed it. The only issue is that maybe it was too rich for an entrée. For main I had the fish which was snapper with hollandaise, mash potato and green veges. My friend's lamb came with olive, anchovy and benne potato. Damn, I should have ordered the lamb, I had a taste of her dish and she had obviously made the better choice. The fish was nice but not amazing. For dessert we both had the crème brulee. The other option was the chocolate brownie with white chocolate mouse. Usually, I would have gone with the chocolate option but I was already feeling quite full and thought it might be too much.  I had to give the crème brulee  a hard whack with my spoon to crack the surface which proved it was up to standard. The crème brulee itself was actually pretty good but it's accompaniments were not. The shortbread were quite salty, I like a really buttery shortbread. Also, there was a mass of freeze-dry raspberries on the top. This blatant abuse of raspberries has to stop! It's the middle of summer for goodness sake, there are fresh raspberries growing out of our ears. Also, the presentation of all 3 meals could have been a bit more creative. The service here is very good. All the wait staff were friendly and attentive and knowledgeable about the wine. The ambience and décor of this restaurant are great too. This really was an amazing deal and if I saw this deal again I would snap it up. I'm pleased to say that I have found a fine-dinning restaurant in Auckland that actually has excellent food and service and I would happily go back here and pay full price, especially for that lamb dish; bugger!

5 star rating
by Silva Star
4 months ago

Have been here for lunch on several occasions - twice in 2013 and once so far in 2014 (today). I have never been disappointed! The service is friendly yet professional and to-the-point. I much prefer this to the alternative (overbearing, 'in-your-face' style). The food is always delicious. I had the squid ink pasta entree and duck last time (check out the photos) - both perfectly seasoned and executed. Today the scallop entree was beautifully seared on the outside but delicately translucent in the centre - yum. Accompanied by a richly flavorsome risotto. I really enjoyed it. The fish of the day was hapuka served with greens and hollandaise sauce - a classic combination executed flawlessly. I'm looking forward to returning here to try the dinner menu next time. You won't be disappointed!

3 star rating
by Eli A
8 months ago

I have been to Winechambers twice now, the first time in 2009 and the second time May 2014. The first time was really good, really enjoyed the food, the wine and the service. The second time was a bit disappointing. The food was good but not great, as you would expect from this establishment, the service was begrudging. The wine was still good, and my favourite dish of the evening was the poached pear. The soup of the day which was tomato was pretty good as well. The duck was fatty and a bit overcooked, and the squid ink linguini only tasted of the squid, nothing else. Dont think I will go back.

3 star rating
by Peppermint
Mar 29, 2014

We went there for the first time on a Saturday night. Food and service are both very average. Waitress had no smile and same for the two waiters. No one asked how was our main, I would tell them it's eatable but nothing outstanding. Perhaps my expectation was too high considering they are one of the Metro top 50 restaurants in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Alex
Oct 04, 2013

We went to Wine Chambers with a voucher deal. The food was beautifully presented. There was one incident happened during our meal, they forgot to put sugar in my creme brulee, I asked the waitress to take it back and said it tasted very odd. After two minutes she came back and apologized and offered me if I want another dessert, I ordered tiramisu instead. Overall it was a happy experience despite the tasteless creme brulee. I am quite happy with their efficient and friendly service. I understand everyone makes mistakes, I am satisfied with what they have done to fix it.

5 star rating
by Merv
Apr 10, 2013

My wife and I tried the degustation menu a few weeks ago. The service was welcoming, attentive and friendly. Being a rather quiet Wednesday night, we were able to soak up the atmosphere of this restored legal chambers. The high-studs and beautiful wooden floors, do evoke an atmosphere of long-ago; there is a muted air of dignified venerability-and-regard, when you dine here.

The food was beautifully presented and matched our taste buds' expectations. The slow-roasted pork cheek sets the standard for "melt in your mouth" tenderness and flavour. All the dishes' flavours were subtly infused, as opposed to the rich layering of sauces that fills you but doesn't fill you; if you know what I mean.

Try this establishment, it's the nexus of Good Food, Service and Atmosphere; without the aloof pretentiousness which can be the hallmark of fine-dining.

5 star rating
by Sonja Jenkins
Dec 18, 2012

My husband and I eat regularly at the Wine Chambers both for lunch and for dinner. It is our restaurant of choice in Auckland due to the consistently excellent meals, the wonderful staff and fantastic dining space. We have had friends dine with us, hosted business clients and had family functions there and we have never been disappointed, and I am a particularly fussy diner! If something is not right I will say so. The menu changes often enough to be kept interesting and the wines are ALWAYS top class. Martina and her staff are extremely knowledgeable about the wines they serve and what courses they are best matched to. The prices at the Wine Chambers are not high for the quality of the menu. When we do go and dine elsewhere we are always comparing the experience and food with what we are familiar with at the Wine Chambers and we always concur that this is one of the best restaurants in Auckland. It is not pretentious or "showy", but classy and understated. Wonderful!

5 star rating
by AM
Dec 04, 2012

We went to the Wine Chambers on a voucher deal and had a wonderful time. The food was stunning - delicious and beautifully presented. Some very interesting and tasty flavour fusions made it an exciting meal. Staff were lovely and the atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice. Can't wait to return!

5 star rating
by Stephanie
Jul 11, 2012

I had a Saturday night table booking for two with Wine Chambers last weekend. It was fabulous and enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end and can’t wait to go back.

As I arrived the doorman escorted me in and took my coat. I was seated swiftly and given the wine list while I waited for my partner. The staff were attentive, prompt and very polite. Our orders were taken and everything arrived in a reasonable time. Not too quickly after each course but never felt I was waiting for the next course either.

I had the tuna for starter which was lovely and fresh. I’d the lamp for main also delicious, loved all the accompaniments with it. Could really see a lot of thought went into each dish. The lamb was so tender and I think my favourite lamb dish I’ve ever had out. My partner ordered the duck which they came back and said they had run out of which was disappointing. He re-ordered the venison instead and they offered to have the same accompaniments put with his new dish as would have been on the duck. Nice touch I thought.
I have the chocolate foundant for desert. Absolutely to die for, oozing with chocolate. The waiters were always ready to offer wine selections and constantly topping up our water and checking everything was going well.

The restaurant was always busy but never felt squashed or claustrophobic. The interior of the restaurant itself was very rustic and dim lighting made it quite romantic.

A little expensive so wouldn’t be coming here every week but would highly recommend it for a big occasion or any excuse at all really.

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Jan 06, 2012

I had a beautiful dining experience here for a business lunch, where we had booked out the private dining room.

The meal was beautifully prepared and presented, and the surroundings warm and elegant.

I loved the high arched window in this private dining room, which allowed the light to flood the room, and made an excellent space to bring a business colleague for a 2 hour meal & meeting.

The wine was lovely, of course.

5 star rating
by Susan Minx
Dec 21, 2011

What a spendid evening and a great experience!!!!We were recently welcomed back to the Wine Chambers by a gentleman with a very posh English accent, he proceeded to recommend wines and guide us through all the tastes and flavors the menu had to offer, we very impressed by the food, wine knowledge and 5 star service that was offered by our friendly waiter.We had a very memorable night here from start to finish and I we will be back again.......

2 star rating
by Anna
Dec 08, 2011

We visited Wine Chambers for the 4th time a few weeks ago - it's our 'go to' restaurant when we want a meal somewhere amazing, with wine, food and service we know will be awesome. We were really disappointed. In the past we've been made to feel special, with recommendations and tastings of wine but last time was a bit of a let down.

For a start Abba was playing Mama Mia. NOt saying it shouldn't be played but the setting wasn't right.... there were quite a few big groups - again OK but I think this meant that the staff were flat out serving the groups.

Because we had our main waiter leave a recommended bottle of wine on the table and that was it - he didn't return to see if we wanted a glass... then the next waiter couldn't open a screwtop closure on the wine I'd chosen... my husband opened it. Our initial waiter started talking business and swapping cards with people at the table next to ours.. just seemed tacky.

The food was still divine. Phew. The setting still amazing. But we left feeling we'd missed out on the usual experience.

We probably won't go back unless we hear things are back up to standards past.

3 star rating
by Sec
Nov 08, 2011

The setting of this restaurant is lovely - in among old school law chamber offices. One room leads to other increasingly smaller rooms providing many semi private areas that were occupied that night by a couple of larger groups. This was very successful as it gave them their privacy while sparing the rest of us the extra noise.
The food was very good as was the service. Unfortunately toward the end of our meal the owner & her daughter started stripping the tables around us & pushing them together making one large table that completely blocked us into a corner! We were definitely being rushed out & asked why. Apparently they had lost a booking for a large party that were waiting in the foyer. Would have been nice to have it explained to us instead of being made to feel like dinner guests who don't know when to go home! I know owners get very proprietary with their restaurants, and yes, we know you own it, but if you don't make your diners feel welcome they won't come back.

4 star rating
by John White
Aug 29, 2011

My Wife and I plus three friends had her birthday dinner there: The service was excellent, Friendly and chatty. The Entree was very good followed by a very nice main of the beef ribs, However the most interesting was their wine list which we made much use of. It was great that Martina could spend so much time with us which was an honor indeed, So there are no doubt we will be there again

Thanks Martina and the team

John & Shona

4 star rating
by Kate Williams
Aug 04, 2011

The food here was pretty good. We came here as part of a group. The only annoying thing was that the waiter kept trying to up sell us to a magnum of of wine that we had never heard of. He was quite pushy and we had to keep telling him we weren't interested. Other than that, it was a really nice night.

2 star rating
by Maloo22
Jul 20, 2011

Had some great food here, but last time was pretty average for a place that is normally a cut above

The steak was grey and the mash uninteresting - just expected a bit better

5 star rating
by Emma Mangellino
Mar 13, 2011

Fantastic meal with great value. I was impressed with the price and good portion size especially it is in central city with such amazing interior setting. I particularly like the venison salad!
Our waitress with black hair was very nice however the other blonde girl wasn't so efficient, she seemed did not realize the restaurant was busy... Overall it is a great place to go in city for any occasions.

5 star rating
by Jane Lyons
Jan 12, 2011

We've visited Wine Chambers both for private dining and with a function and loved it both times. The food was faultless and the wine list extensive. Thoroughly recommend it!

5 star rating
by What?
Jul 20, 2010

Outstanding food, service and wines, all at a very reasonable price. Atmosphere is very good, not overly noisy, and the decor above average.
I would rate Wine Chambers head and shoulders above many of the "5 star" restaurants I have been to.