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Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant

3 star rating 19 reviews

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09 8208638

2023 Great North Road, Avondale, Auckland

11 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM


Reviews for Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant

4 star rating
by Samuel Briden
3 months ago

The atmosphere and decor of the place isn't that great. But the food and prices are acceptable. We go there often and usually enjoy it. But the best part of the restaurant is its low prices in which will feed you better and cheaper then many other food outlets.

2 star rating
by Daniel Hu
4 months ago

Simply atrocious. Even though we come here regularly since it's close, it's terrible. Bad service, appalling food, and the atmosphere is just un-bearable. Crappy tables, chairs and it feels like you're in a 1980s restaurant.

4 star rating
by Esther Zhuang
4 months ago

I go to Wing Wah A LOT since its the closest Chinese restaurant to where I live. And I'm quite endeared to it. Some of the food is not as good as other places- their tofu is not very good. Other chinese places do it so much better. But their Peking duck, their other dishes are to the same standard as other chinese restaurants and are cheaper than other Chinese restaurants.

Their yumcha you order, they don't come around in their carts, and I like that since the food you want is always there and given to you hot. This might be sad for those searching for the cart style yumcha for the experience though. Their yumcha is good. Like passable good, not wow good. I have no problems with eating it, although I guess their quality of some of the dishes are sliding, although it seems to be the case with a lot of Chinese restaurants who are either getting the same supplies or becoming lazy/saving money.

It's sad how they get very little service though- I was there on a Tuesday night and then on a Wednesday afternoon and it was really empty. I have no problems with the service and I do like the food- it is tasty chinese food. They meet expectations of Chinese food, but do not exceed anything. I think if they classed up the decor it would do them well, they have so much space.@

I would, and most probably will go back soon since it is one of my family's favourite restaurants.

1 star rating
by Charlie M.
4 months ago

I heard from a friend about Wing Wah and gave it a try. This place has the worst yum char I have tried in Auckland. The terrible and run-down ambience of the restaurant does not help either. I won't be coming back to Wing Wah anytime soon.

5 star rating
by Marina Samountry
5 months ago

The best yum cha in West Auckland.

I have been coming here since they opened in 2009-2010 and while they have grown in popularity and patronage they never forget a face and are friendly and efficient. Don't come here if you are expecting the trolley service you get in the more expensive city yum chas. There's not enough space and besides, your food comes out fresher!

Yum cha: very busy on weekends so book in advance. During the week it is still reasonably busy with many local Chinese dining in. There isn't a massive range but they do the basics and a few extras and they do them well. Personal favourite dishes: eggplant and prawn and the squid tentacles.

Dinner: I've had dinner here about a handful of times with my large family. We always get the Peking Duck which is very good most of the time. I'd recommend you order the second course with the lettuce cups - well presented and plenty of meat.

Overall, in my many years of eating here, I've never had a bad experience except for perhaps eating too much!

4 star rating
by 范钰
9 months ago

Good quality yum char food plus dinner menu. But very basic interior decor. Good value for money.

4 star rating
by Ashwin Kumar
10 months ago

This is a very good Chinese Restaurant. We have visited this place about 15 times over the past 5 years. The food is excellent.The portions are large and not full of vegetable only like other places. Our favourite is the sichuan chicken.
The service is good and food delivery is 1/2 hour max.
Only 1 staff speaks English but this has never been a problem.
They value their customers. We have visited a restaurant in the North shore a couple of time, but have gone back to Wing Wah
because of the food and service. Will highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Arshad Khan
Feb 14, 2014

This is our favourite Chinese restaurant. Very convenient location. Excellent food. We eat here almost every fortnight. The only negatives is that its packed full on weekends and holidays and can take a while for food to come out and waiters cant speak much English. Better make reservations or u will have to wait a while. Good value for money as the portion sizes are huge. but its all worth the while cos of great food, value for money. Highly recommend this one.

2 star rating
by Nikki McLaughlin
Jan 19, 2014

From reading previous reviews I think this place must have gone down hill.. todays lunch was a real let down. Had yum cha menu items and they were 7 out of 8 unimpressive. . Overcooked.. oily... undercooked.. The staff were friendly but lacking so had to wait along time for drinks and to get sauces. And the bathroom... was shocking! So bad we took photos to show our family as proof.
Priced well but no wont be going again

1 star rating
by Carole Whitbread
Aug 17, 2013

This has to be the worst Chinese takeaway I have ever had.
I ordered chicken cashew nut.... Well if I had wanted a celery and 3 pieces of chicken dish I would have asked for it smelt and tasted bad. Chicken cheap and fatty.
When I walked in I should have gone with my gut instinct and walked out cost 23.00 waste of money.

If you have not tried this place do your self a favour and never bother.

2 star rating
by Tracey May
Jul 05, 2013

I have worked as a waitress myself in the past and was not impressed with the experience I had at this restaurant.

This was due to the fact that we got there around 7:00pm and did not receive any of our meal until 7:40pm.

Then when we did receive our food the entree was really oily, the chicken cashew was raw, the seafood in the seafood soup did not appear to be cooked.

There were what appeared to be staff smoking outside the front door which is not a good look for a restaurant. We did also have a few ants that were crawling on our table every now and then.

With this place having a A grade we were expecting it to be a bit more enjoyable experience and do not know if we will go back in the future.

3 star rating
by Kurt
Dec 07, 2012

Being the 4th yum cha I've been to, I was a bit disappointed the food wasn't served from trolleys as that's been my experience all other times. Food served from trolleys is obviously faster, so the wait for the food was a little frustrating as our kids were getting antsy.
Otherwise, the service was fine and the food was tasty. Price was decent, with 2 adults and 2 kids under 5 well-fed for $47, it was a nice lunch out.

5 star rating
by Geena
Nov 07, 2012

Excellent service! Excellent food...food prices are reasonable too! Was amazed at the size of each serving and not to mention tasty, mouthwatering dishes... we go there regularly now and I would definitely recommend this restaurant! It is one of the best!

5 star rating
by Keith Coelho
Feb 12, 2012

Very Good food, Good Service and good portions, reasonably priced. Highly recommended as a good value restaurant with tasty dishes. We went there for the first time a year ago and since we have visited this place often its very busy now and its recommended that one makes a booking not to be disappointed. We have tried almost all the dishes, meats, chicken, fish and shrimp and veges liked all of them. Staff very accommodating and friendly. Choose from a large selection on the menu including live Cray Fish.

5 star rating
by Selina Chan
Oct 09, 2011

My pick for the Best Chinese restaurant in Auckland!! And you don't have to go into town or pay for parking!

Food is superb, service good and quick, friendly, reasonable price, always had good dinners there. Haven't tried the yum cha yet, but people have said it's good. Go with your family, invite friends...the more people, the more variety. They also do takeaway as well.

Go for the peking duck..and the prawn balls.

4 star rating
by Amrit
Sep 19, 2011

I love Wing Wah. I had been searching for a chinese restaurant that served a yum cha menu when I stumbled across Wing Wah. As far as I know it is the only yum cha restaurant in Waitakere and has the cheapest Yum Cha menu I've encountered. The building leaves alot to be desired but none of that matters when the food is delicious! Service is super fast and the price is so cheap!-My favourite restaurant!

4 star rating
by Haden Hansen
Aug 08, 2011

Good serving sizes and cheap BYO fee. A little pricy for Avondale though.

5 star rating
by Peter Widdows
Jul 23, 2010

Great service, great food and huge portions. We have been going here for a year now and love it : )

4 star rating
by Liza
May 07, 2010

Fantastic food - great service and its all value for money. Really enjoyed our experience there and will be frequent diners