Wintergarden Cafe

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09 3543360

Wintergarden Pavilion, Auckland Domain, Kiosk Road, Grafton, Auckland

  Cafe, British
8 AM to 4 PM


Reviews for Wintergarden Cafe

4 star rating
by Frank
5 months ago

Lovely setting surrounded by a beautiful park, this cafe is a welcome oasis. Possibly a bit tired looking but very roomy inside. Kids meals quite small, but only place in Auckland where I can find a Croque Madame :-)

1 star rating
by Mimi Yang
8 months ago

Last Saturday after the wedding ceremony, the bridal party decided to get some coffee at the Wintergarden Cafe as we had a photo-shoot in the domain. We ordered 5 coffees and a tea and asked if the waitress could write on the cup "Bride" and "Groom" but as it was quite busy, the waitress didn't have time so the manager took the order instead and said he would supply us with a marker pen. That's not too big a problem, but I didn't appreciate the attitude of the manager.

While we waited 10 minutes for our simple coffee orders, the manager came and tossed the pen on the table. Then he walked away and I had to walk to the counter again to ask for the sugar for my coffee. The latte came with a bigger black cup which I was unable to write on the cup, so I asked if we could have smaller cups to which the manager said that there would be a charge. Didn't expect that much to happen for just a simple request.

The coffee tasted alright, but obviously customer service is not their number one priority. Way to wreck a wedding day!