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Reviews for Wok Express

5 star rating
by Dallace Wulf
4 months ago

Love this place especially when I've worked a late night and want something healthy for dinner. Good value for money and great tasting food. Service is excellent. Recommend the pad Thai from here as well as the dragon noodles and garlic ginger stir fry. Great option to have around and a must try

4 star rating
by Myfoxycorner
4 months ago

This is one of our common takeaway options for a variety of reasons. Reasonable prices, fresh ingredients, delivery as an option and awesome vegetarian/vegan choices including both tofu and fake chicken. 

They do a variety of asian inspired dishes, including noddle stirfrys, japanese teriyaki, thai curry and more. Its not the most amazing, authentic dishes but the variety kind of accounts for this, and makes it a great option when there are people around as everyone can order something quite different.

Our favourites are the teriyaki tofu, full of flavour with heaps of crisp vegies (not at all overdone which is a pet hate of mine when it comes to stirfrys) and their panang curry which is rich and full of coconut flavour. They're drunken noodles are another popular option, and with all their noodle dishes the serving is very generous making it the perfect option to share or take for lunch the next day.

Delivery can take a while, usually around about an hour, so order well in advance! 


4 star rating
by Nikki
5 months ago

Come here often and get the Pad Thai, really tasty and well priced. Have ordered the green curry twice and there is not very much chicken in it - if you weren't sharing it, it would be fine but in a whole curry to have 4 bits is a bit silly when it's quite expensive. The Curry sauce was very liquidly and not thick at all. Other than that very tasty.

4 star rating
by Charlotte
9 months ago

Really tasty stir-fries with quality, fresh ingredients.  A healthy option, especially the low-carb, low-fat Chicken De-lite.  Not super cheap, but incredibly tasty and great service, food prepared quickly.

5 star rating
by Charlie M.
Jul 21, 2014

Wok Express' stir fried sesame beef, sesame honey chicken and sweet & sour battered chicken are the best stir fry dishes (and my favourites) which one could never go wrong when it comes to take away. I highly recommend their dumplings too. Definitely would call Wok Express my pick-me-up place to go

5 star rating
by Campbell Mclaughlan
Mar 13, 2014

I come here atleast once per week, usually 2 or 3 times the food is always hot and fresh. Ready very quickly for pickup and delivered in a reasonable time.

Staff are friendly and helpful when im stuck on what to order.

3 star rating
by Loretta Sua Chang
Feb 21, 2014

Ordered a number of dishes here, delivery arrived on time. Some of the dishes were nice and tasty, but a big disappoint with the fried rice dish which seemed soggy and not to the fried rice dish standard?

4 star rating
by Squiddy
Feb 10, 2014

Tried Wok Express for the first time yesterday and ordered some food for delivery. Their website is brilliant and makes ordering very simple. The food arrived in an hour and the delivery guy was friendly and efficient. The Kung Pao Pork tasted fresh and flavourful. The Shanghai Noodles were delicious but the noodles themselves were undercooked and therefore had a chalky texture. The mixed appetisers were a little disappointing - the pastry on the curry puff was soggy but I think that was a result of being transported. The spring rolls weren't greasy at all but the skins on them had a hard, chewy texture similar to that of baked spring rolls, not the Ideal light, crisp skin that shatters when you bite it.

I'd still definitely order from them again as the flavours and ingredients are fresh and abundant. The prices are good and I'm keen to try the other dishes on their menu.

1 star rating
by Tonette Pearce
Feb 07, 2014

Have eaten here a few times and has always been great. We ordered on a Friday night and we're told it would be an hour - fine. After an hour and a quarter we phoned to see where the food was and were told it hadn't been made and they couldn't guarantee we would have it any time soon. With two young kids and bedtime approaching we cancelled. Really disappointed with the service.

5 star rating
by Jason F
Dec 30, 2013

Ordered the Singapore noodles with BBQ pork and found it excellent. The spices were quite authentic and servings very generous. The vegetables they use are super fresh and crunchy unlike many other takeaways who resort to using cheap frozen ones. Their prices are a bit on the pricey side by takeaway standards which means I wouldn't go there as often as I'd like to although this is somewhat justified by the quality of food that they serve.

5 star rating
by Carina Willis
Nov 21, 2013

Just tried these guys on a whim after a long day and desperate, had very low expectations but boy was I wrong. Like so many of the reviews have already said, the freshness, the flavour and the obvious care put into the food far exceeds that of a takeaway and definitely the $13 I paid for the best Singapore noodles I've had (and I've had a few) is stunning value. I will be back and often, a rare find and well done to the owners for creating something of real quality. Keep it up guys, you rock!

5 star rating
by Richard Grzyb
Sep 29, 2013

Awesome service, try the pad Thai! Not like a generic and - sometimes dodgy Asian food place, but a restaurant with fresh consistent food. A welcoming and friendly environment I would suggest to my uni mates and my mum. Give it a go.

5 star rating
by Lauren
Sep 03, 2013

Fresh and healthy food, loads of veges, loads of flavour. Humungous portions, you can fill yourself up and usually save a bit for the next day. Lots of excellent vegetarian options. Also mobile eftpos on delivery is AWESOME. Great customer service too - the one time an item was left off my order, it was not only replaced asap, but a voucher was given for a free serving next time around. Keen to check out what the Menumania special price is, if it's still valid.

3 star rating
by Mikayla Andrews
Aug 30, 2013

Got food delivered a week or two back. Food was good but for restaurant prices I won't be likely to pay that again for takeaways.

Delivery took over an hour and a half so if I'd known that before placing my delivery order online, I'd sooner have gone down and got it myself.

Do recommend the food though however.

5 star rating
by Janice Chun
Aug 14, 2013

I went there for the 1st time last Friday.

They have a great menu with plenty to choose from.

Friendly service and good prices.

I tried the Canton Cafe 3 weeks before and ordered a Combination Fried Rice takeaway- what a disappointment and it cost me $27!!

Express Wok "The Works" fried rice blows their combination fried rice out of the water and nearly 50% cheaper. Plus it had REAL vegetables not just frozen veges.

I will be buying my takeaways from Wok Express from now on.

5 star rating
by Craig Connelly
Jul 01, 2013

Very fresh healthy tasting food. The people are very friendly and we enjoy going there plus they deliver also. My favourite dish is garlic ginger chicken as it contains alot of vegetables and meat plus it is not too salty like so many Asian takeaways. The owner mentioned that they have specials sauces that are healthier but still very flavoursome so i guess that is why. Very good quality in all the dishes we have tried. Cheers

5 star rating
by Reina Sutton
May 23, 2013

Paul and the family/team at Wok Express are absolutely wonderful!

The food is always delicious and very generous portions too. I love being a regular customer and having 'my usual' - Chicken Pad Thai. Mmmm yum!

If you want quality Asian take out meals that are always fresh, nutritious and tasty, please check out Wok Express in Morningside. They'll look after your taste buds and get rid of that rumble in your tummy :)

5 star rating
by Nick Atkins
May 22, 2013

My partner and I have been regulars of Wok Express ever since they set themselves up.

The first time we placed an order we knew immediately that we were onto a good thing. It wasn't just the beautiful smells coming from the kitchen, but the friendly service we were presented with and the turn around of our wonderful meals.

Over the time we have lived here - we have probably sampled a good majority of their menu. My partner and I both work weird and wonderful hours - so knowing that there is something across the road that is not only affordable but delicious & healthy is a game changer.

Their menu is quite extensive for an Asian take-away, but you can be assured that the quality of what is delivered will be excellent.

Also on a side note [if you like spicy] - The Dragon Noodles and Spicy Battered Chicken are to die for. If you like your meals a little hotter than most - that's all you have to say - they will happily accommodate 'Szechuan Hot' if that's what you are after.

Even if you're just passing through the Morningside/Kingsland area [or just looking for a new local takeaway] - Make sure to check these guys out - otherwise, you are plain and simple - missing out.

4 star rating
by Michael P
Mar 03, 2013

The food here is delicious, always of high quality. But as far as these new $10 specials go...you can't really call it a special when you provide the customer with lesser amount of the food to compensate for the lower price. The bowls are usually completely full to the top when we order meals, but twice now when we have ordered the "special" they were a little less than 3/4 full.
Just something to be aware of...

5 star rating
by Kate Bartlett
Feb 27, 2013

We have become regulars with wok express since it opened. We always get it delivered and it always arrives quickly. The food is delicious, and we particularly like how fresh the vegetables are and the service is really lovely and personable.

5 star rating
by Kerri R
Jan 22, 2013

I love Asian takeaways but have recently developed a soy allergy which is obviously rather limiting... I asked if they could cook anything on the menu without soy, and the manager/owner was super accommodating and made some AMAZING soy-free drunken noodles. He's obviously careful because I never experience a reaction after eating here, and he even informed his employees how to make it! I come at least once a week because it's super delicious and such a good value for money -- one order is easily two meals if you're not feeling greedy. I recommend Wok Express to all my friends. :]

5 star rating
by Tom Pine
Nov 29, 2012

My family droped in on our way to Gran's and bought dinner for us all. Surprised at the menu - took us a long time to decide and my first impression was that they cant cook all of these well. However we ordered 4 dishes and 2 appetisers and they were all superb. Standout dish was Beef and asparagus for only $13, just delicious and fresh - Have paid double at nice restaurants and not has as good as that. Will be back every time we visit Gran :)

4 star rating
by Jason Linnell
Sep 07, 2012

We ordered from Wok Express last night after being enticed by the offerings online. The food was fantastic. We ordered the Spicy Chicken - which was indeed spicy, fresh and just a wonderful dish. The Chicken Panang was also very good - it reminded me of our travels through Asia. As a naughty starter - we had the prawn spring rolls and they were also, really, really good.
Plus the guys delivered when they said they would.
Wok Express is our new "go-to" Asian food option from now on.

5 star rating
by Mark
Aug 17, 2012

Excellent food, i moved in just up the road and have been there twice.
Both times I have ordered the Pad Thai and the flavour and portion size is really good. Also if you are iin a hurry the food is ready in like 5 minutes so you dont have to even call before hand.
Will definately be back

5 star rating
by Lease
Jul 11, 2012

We live in Mt Albert and my husband happened to drop by after wrk and thought he would try this place out, now we are regulars!!!

We love Thai food and we have tried many Thai places in Auckland, and this place offers food that is fresh and delicious the place is soooo clean!!! and I luv that!

Service is really friendly!! my family really enjoy the food here, sadly we will be moving out west soon but we will still travel to get food from Wok Express!!!

2 star rating
by Stefan
Jul 11, 2012

So after seeing a deal voucher and the reviews above, I thought I would give this place a try. I was was hopeful that this place would become my new place to eat, however I was disappointed.

The place is cold, their service is slow, and the servicing size is far from large, it hardly feeds 1 person per dish, we even had a starter, and this was nowhere near enough food for us.

After eating we went out and got something else as well.

The only positive was that all the taste were included in the dish.

Thanks - but i will not be returning.

5 star rating
by Nadi
May 23, 2012

Fantastic food!We just bought a deal voucher and thought we would try once. But we are very certain that we will always go there. They use very fresh vegetable. You can feel the freshness. It's totally different to a typical Chinese takeaway. The food is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!Very friendly staff and a great service.

5 star rating
by Sunil
May 23, 2012

Went there for a voucher deal I bought last night, it's just down the road from Kingsland next to Morningside railway station. Being a Kingslander I never knew it was there but it is new and I do drive around in a daze.
Food was surprising good quality, at first I thought it may be like one of those noodle fanchises but no fear, the food is light years ahead of those.
I like curries especially at this cold time of year, I never had one like it. The beef was melt in your mouth and the portion size was literally double what you get elsewhere and for only $13. We ordered 1 mussaman curry and 2 rice and it fed both of us along with a serving of satay skewers which were also large. None of this 2-3 thin pieces of flattened out chicken but the actual whole tenderloin.
An added bonus is that we like our food very hot and virtually all restaurants never make it hot enough for us. The chef actually showed us how much chili she was going to put in and that was 2 heaped teaspoons of fresh cut chili which for the very first time ever was at the right level of spiciness that my wife and I love. No having to add extra at home. Thanks for that :)
A much needed addition to the Kingsland area in terms of Asian takeaways and at fantastic prices. Go !!!

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
May 05, 2012

We loved the freshness of the veges, and the great flavours. We ordered the "10 Vege Delight & Cashews" for $13.50 ... which was honestly SO delicious - I've never seen my preschooler eat so many different veges in 1 sitting! We also had the Pad Thai, which was absolutely gorgeous too.

The two of us perched on the bar-leaner style table, and watched the world go by as the sun set. We had the meals in takeaway bowls which we took home for 'daddy' to finish off, as we were so full we couldn't finish the big portions.

The place was bright, fresh and clean. Staff were helpful and food was pretty quick. Parking was right infront of the shop, so really easy.
Thumbs up to this place.

5 star rating
by Jenni
Apr 22, 2012

I have been a very regular customer since they opened and it’s probably about time I showed my appreciation. Fantastic food, friendly staff and really great service. Try the battered chicken cashew nuts - Awesome !!