Xuxu Dumpling Bar

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09 3095529

Britomart, Levy Building, 20 Customs Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland

4 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Tue), 12 Noon to 11 PM (Wed-Fri), 5 PM to 11 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Xuxu Dumpling Bar

5 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
11 days ago

Xuxu is great for many reasons and it's a place were you are always safe.

The venue is cozy and well furnished, there's a couple of romantic tables and there's always good atmosphere and vibe around the place.

The service is always good, very good, and attentive, making sure there's nothing bothering you at the table or that you don't need a drink or food.

The music selection is pretty good normally and the dj's I've seen there always do a good job.

The food selection is not big, but you know what you get when you go to Xuxu, great dumplings, at a reasonable price, and very well prepared. The pork and fried chicken dumplings are awesome.

If you want to try a different concept, just grab a snack or have a wine while you wait for your dinner reservation around Britomart, this is a great place to go.

5 star rating
by Gen
12 days ago

Loved this place! It's the cutest dumplings place ever and so delicious. The chicken potstickers with shiitake mushrooms were the best and the shrimp one was also great!

Great vibe and excellent customer service. The second time I went, they gave us the wrong order by accident and we were already halfway through it (not having realised) and they came to us acknowledging their mistake and to give us what we'd originally ordered and that it was 'on the house'. Very nice and generous gesture.

But that aside, the dumplings are so good I'd come back again. Cannot fault the place. May be seen as pricy compared to the likes of Barilla dumplings but you're paying for quality over quantity and I think it's well worth it.

4 star rating
by Nepal S Prerana
17 days ago

Nice place to grab a quick bite of dumplings that are so delicious !! Hand crafted right in front of you! Perfect for this summer. Restaurant was nice and had a cool vibe to it! Will be going back soon ASAP!!!!!

4 star rating
by Judy Chhy
28 days ago

Came here for lunch yesterday, the guy who served us was helpful and helped us to decide our portion sizes that way we don't order so much and can't finish it all. As for the flavour of the food, the chicken dumpling (which is the only dumpling that is deep fried on the menu) was the only stand out, the rest didnt mix well with my taste buds. But that's just me I would see go and see if you like this place for yourself! We also ordered mocktails which were yummy too - the virgin passion fruit mojito was good!

5 star rating
by Jaya Soma
one month ago

Finally got to try this place out tonight after so long! I had heard so many great things about it and it had down on my food list to conquer for ages.

I tried Xuxu Dumpling Bar with my cousin - she too had it down on her food list to try out - so we both were really excited about it.

Such a cute little place with great interiors. The massive down curtains and antique lamp shades add an extra twist to the Asian fusion eatery. It was lightly dimmed with loud music creating a really chilled out vibe. I could definitely see this place going off after work on a Friday!

There wasn't too much of a selection on the menu, which was perfect as it made choosing what to eat that much easier. We ended up choosing 4 flavours - 1 of them being a cheeky dessert after (pork, fish, prawn and banoffee pie). 4 were enough for the both of us - each flavour comes with 6 dumplings each and they're quite filling! The pork flavour was my favourite out of all of them. The banoffee pieNalikawas definitely a different flavour. I wasn't used to a sweet filled dumpling and I think it may have been a bit too sweet for my liking. If you are to order the banoffee pie then I recommend too try and eat it on a not so full stomach!

I most certainly will be raving about Xuxu to all my friends and family. If you're a dumpling fan then you have to try the place out. I assure you you will not be disappointed!

4 star rating
by Monica
one month ago

Dumptails (dumplings + cocktails) are Xuxu's speciality. The latter she excels at, the former she does pretty good. Between 2, we chowed through 3 dumpling dishes, good for a light dinner. My fancy was the chicken potstickers; the meat was moistly flavoursome, while the shitake mushroom added a subtle husky aroma, producing aromatic parcels of oriental goodness. I'd also recommend the pork & shrimp. Unfortunately I didn't relish the spinach & cabbage momos as much due to the addition of a strange water chestnut flavour. These Nepali delicacies brought me fond memories of my trip to Nepal, however they didn't do it justice. Also the exterior was a tad thick and soggy on some dumplings. The bar's interior is proudly quaint and romantic simultaneously, while the vibe is exotically cool. Though Xuxu Dumpling Bar is a nickel overpriced for dumptails ($7-8 dishes, ~$18 drinks), especially compared to the likes of Balmoral, it's not unexpected for a popular Britomart joint

5 star rating
by Emily Reeves
one month ago

We got 1 of each dumpling because we couldn't choose what to get. Delicious food although our waiter was a bit hesitant as though he didn't want us to order more.. It was so good we couldn't help it! Cool decor and atmosphere. Will be back when I get sick of Barilla again

5 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
one month ago

Obsessed with the oriental opium den meets english parlour decor (well that's the vibe I get from it), also the male bartender with brown hair makes great drinks and gave my friend free limoncello on her birthday (whatta dude)👌🏽 last time I went the staff ID'd me and it was awkward because my friends were late and I must have looked like a loner desp-4-alky schoolgirl but in actual fact I always order the lemongrass tea, it's divine. I don't really like the Nepalese momo but love love love the bean curd & mushroom dumplings. My friends and I come here once a month and order two sets of dumplings each for dinner because we are obsessed. Recommend this place for a cultured edgy first date - then take your date to milse for some sweet sweet dessert. Or stay at xuxu for Apple dessert dumplings?! I will try these next time 👍🏽

5 star rating
by Annie Ren
2 months ago

Find this gem hidden in town. Xuxu's dumpling bar is located conveniently close to Takutai square where all the action happens at night. It's perfect for you to grab a quick pre drink or after drink feed or just spend the whole night there with a small plate of peanuts, a cider and some hot, juicy and flavoursome dumplings! We tried the prawn ones and the fillings were almost bulging out of the dumplings! It was yummy and great value. The host was almost very charming, too some extent irresistible and we had a great time there enjoying our dumplings and cider!

4 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
2 months ago

I've been to Xuxu a couple of times for drinks and nibbles. The decor is gorgeous and if you like to sit outside, they have heaters going which makes it feel really cosy. 

The menu is short and it's possible to order one of each item if there's a few of you.

Happy to come back for the atmosphere, though if you're a dumpling addict (like myself) who is accustomed to paying $12 for 20 dumplings on Dominion Road, you might not enjoy $1.50 per dumpling at Xuxu. They offer a completely different experience though, it's location, atmosphere and nice drinks first, dumplings second. They're not the best dumplings and they certainly aren't the cheapest. This is the place for a nibble, not a full dumpling fix. If you want dinner go elsewhere. You'll spend less and get more.

5 star rating
by Laura Lock
2 months ago

Perfect spot for after work drinks and nibbles! Came there with a friend for an impromptu dumpling session followed by dessert at a close by dessert bar.  We order two virgin drinks which were both really tasty and large and three lots of dumplings.

Chicken, Pork and Beef. My favourite was the Beef as it had the most true flavour to the description, but saying that we got the Chicken ones and I'm not a fan of mushroom so don't quote me ;)  Most flavours are steamed, but are cooked to perfection so they aren't slimy. The set up you get when ordering dumplings is really cool too. Definitely a fan of the chilli oil! I feel like the value for money is pretty good for this part of town and the quality and quantity (6) you get.

Staff are smiley and friendly, happy to explain to you how everything works.
Atmosphere is really really nice, plenty of plants in the outside area to create a cozy setting and the inside is dark and moody with great wallpaper and a beautiful handmade light fixture which you should definitely check out!

4 star rating
by Marina S
3 months ago

Had a lovely evening at XuXu a few weeks ago. Would definitely argue that these are the best dumplings Auckland has to offer. Great selection and amazing taste. However, service was very slow and it was difficult to get the attention of the waiter. It did look as though he was the only one on the floor, which understandably would make it difficult to juggle the entire restaurant. Perhaps more staff might be necessary to keep up with all the orders? Otherwise a lively experience overall.

5 star rating
by Katie Norris
3 months ago

Such a cool little place,the dumplings are delicious and I was pleasantly surprised by the bill as me and my partner ordered 4 lots of dumplings,2 sides and a drink each and it came to $56.00 👍👍 will be back

5 star rating
by Fiona M
3 months ago

We went here with friends and absolutely loved it. The cocktails were amazing with the exception of the bloody Mary. The dumplings were great. It's quite intimate so more suited for couples probably unless you score the booth like we did. The vibe was really funky and the staff were pretty good except for being a little hard to attract sometimes. The bloody Mary sat untouched and no one checked to see if it was ok? All in all we had a great night though. Make sure you try the Cupcake Red Velvet wine - delish!!

4 star rating
by Sarah Marie Reynolds
3 months ago

Had the dessert dumplings - they were delicious but I think I'm just not used to sweet dishes that are normally savoury. They were quite expensive and small but the flavours worked well. I would definitely come back - the cocktails are always a treat!

5 star rating
by Helena Chen
4 months ago

We came here while waiting for a table at their sister restaurant Cafe Hanoi. The place is very dimly lit and intimate, it gives a great atmosphere. We ordered a few dumplings as starters for our night, two savoury and one sweet. Each set was only around $6-$8, and you get 4-6 dumplings with each. The dumplings themselves were delicious and bursting with flavour. I especially loved the sweet ones, they were so unexpected and would be so perfect as an after dinner dessert as well. Definitely will be returning to try the other flavours in the future.

Sarah Reynolds #challenge

5 star rating
by Louisa Vickers
4 months ago

I have an addiction to dumplings, and will try any place that serves them. I stumbled across Xuxu in search of a cocktail, and was incandescent with joy to discover their dumpling menu. Sidenote: Their cocktails are brilliant – and their wine list is delicious.

My favourite dumpling on the menu is the Chicken Potsticker, and I haven’t found a dumpling that beats it anywhere else. The filling is deliciously flavoured and has a great texture, and the outside wrapper is cooked to perfection. I’ve ordered these over and over again. The other dumplings on the menu are good too, and the menu changes regularly. The fillings are well thought out, with some great combinations. Water chestnut is one of my favourite filling ingredients that they use.

Basically, I’m happy to rave about how delicious the dumplings are here, and everything else about this place compliments the high standards. Service is fantastic, the atmosphere is lovely, and the rest of the menu goes very well with the dumplings.

5 star rating
by Lennie L
4 months ago

Finally ticked this one off the list and it was really enjoyable experience, food and ambience wise!

If you're going to a dumpling bar, you expect dumplings, and that's exactly what we got. It was a no-fuss menu and all the dumplings sounded great with a mix of classic and those with a twist.

We went for the potsticker chicken- these had a nice crisp seal and a tasty filling with mushrooms. The prawn har gao- a lovely version of my go-to yum cha dish, however the skin stuck to my chopsticks (minor but it still tasted great!). Ended with the fish and ginger which was my favourite- the fish had a great texture, the ginger was strong but not overpowering and it was something a little different!

Xuxu provided a chilled and casual atmosphere, interesting and cosy decor, and a cool place for a catch up. Will definitely be going back and trying more of the menu- especially the dessert dumplings!

5 star rating
by Angela T
4 months ago

We went here tonight for a quick meal and really enjoyed it. The place is small but the decor is nice and the service was also pretty good.

We sat outside as it was already busy around 6pm. There were heaters outside though so we warm and cozy.

The menu is small but interesting. We got three things to share: the fish, prawn and chicken dumplings. They were all good and I didn't expect to have that much dumplings in a tray.

My favourite was the fish dumplings but I also loved the soft and tender prawn dumplings. What I was most surprised about is the price. For all of that, it came to $23! We shared so it was split to 3 people which made it ridiculously cheap. It was a great dinner and I can't wait to go back for more!

5 star rating
by Passport_Liz
4 months ago

My first 5/5 recommendation!
Actually just soooo good.
Great ambiance, service & delicious food. I especially recommend the fish dumplings, which have some sort of smacking spices in them which are delicious! I can't wait to go back :)

5 star rating
by Kathryn Shiels
4 months ago

Absolutely delicious dumplings - fresh and a fantastic range of flavours. The best of customer service making us want to go for dinner two nights in a row. Very reasonably priced for a trendy restaurant.

3 star rating
by Angela
5 months ago

Good service, nice hip atmosphere, good music, but that's pretty much the only things I liked about XuXu. The dumplings just didn't quite hit the mark for me. Pastries were thicker than what I would normally have mine, the siao long baos didn't have the traditional soup in them. Prawn har gaos were too garlicky, making the aftertaste not very pleasant.

XuXu to me is just another overhyped, overpriced bar/restaurant establishment. I'm glad that I got the chance to tried it out but would certainly not be returning any time soon.

4 star rating
by Brian Chan
5 months ago

Delicious dumplings. Small mix up with our order which was quickly rectified. Music was a bit loud which made chatting across the table strained at times. Bring back banofee dumplings please!

5 star rating
by Courtney Griffiths
6 months ago

Have been here a couple of times and both time have enjoyed a simple selection of dumplings that are made perfectly! They also have a delicious wine and cocktail list - my new Friday go-to favourite!!

4 star rating
by Rong Shi
6 months ago

A favorite for friends gather. Perfect atmosphere and delicious snacks with affordable yet elegant drink selection. The mix and match tea selection is also a fabulous alternative for the non-alcoholic. The complimentary Sichuan peanuts is one of the most luring factor for my vote. A must for Friday night!

4 star rating
by Kwan-Lyn
6 months ago

I've been here for drinks a couple of times but recently got to try the dumplings that my workmates were raving about. We shared the pork & shrimp, chicken and beef dumplings between the two of us. The dumplings are very meaty and substantial. Slightly gourmet, they are quite different to your usual plate of 20 dumplings however they will set you back abit more too. Worth a try though!

5 star rating
by Griselda N
7 months ago

I ordered Chicken Potstickers (fried dumpling) and Beef & Celery (steamed dumpling). Both were super good. Beef & Celery was flavourful but taste clean at the same time as well, complimenting the fried dumpling.

The seats inside was kinda dark so my friends and I decided to sit outside. The overall atmosphere was nice even though the bus stop could be noisy. The price is also reasonably cheap for such quality food. Would love to visit again and try their other dumplings.

5 star rating
by Claudia Serra
7 months ago

Wonderful staff, good music and atmosphere, and the beef dumplings are amazing. My friend and I order three lots of different dumplings between us for lunch and it is cheap and fills us perfectly.New favourite place to go for lunch :)Note: Lamb and fennel dumplings have a very strong taste and I personally don't like them. The manager there told me it's a love/hate thing.

5 star rating
by Ashleigh Kennard
7 months ago

This place is such a hidden gem! Delicious dumplings, and gluten free options too! Was pleasantly surprised. Service was great, attentive staff but not over bearing. Food was tasty and great quality. Only negative is their salted caramel and banana banoffee dumplings dont come in gluten free dumpling wrappers! Great dinner at a great price, $20 each between the 3 of us.

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
8 months ago

Tried Xuxu dumplings on Monday night after hearing good things about it from people. It was ether Barilla or here and since Barilla is pretty much second home, I thought id try some place new.

My boyfriend and I were keen to try most of the non veg dumplings. Since I don't eat beef, we ordered everything but. So that was the lamb, pork, chicken and prawn. My favourites were the prawn and pork and least favourite was the lamb. I was surprised at this because I'm not a fan of minced chicken but Xuxu did these chicken dumplings well! The prawn and pork dumplings were the real winners though as they had really good flavour.

There are 6 dumplings in each serve and I found that that the 4 serves we ordered was more than enough. Also these dumplings are fairly smaller in size compared to Barilla so keep that in mind too.

We ended the meal with a dessert dumpling - banoffee. This was so good!!!! I would literally go back just to eat this. It has a slice of banana and caramel sauce wrapped up in a dumpling dough (?? Not sure what it's called lol!) Would highly recommend the banoffee dumpling out of any of the dumplings!

The decor is really nice as well. It's dimly lit and I like overall vibe of the place. Staff are super friendly as well:)

Try it out if you're looking for a new eatery around the britomart area!

3 star rating
by Ninjunkie
9 months ago

Have been waiting to go and try the dumplings here at Xuxu and did just earlier. The place is very nice and sort of an after work hang out or unwind yourself place. Great for people who want to relax and have a drink before heading home. The music was a plus too . I admit, I had high expectations with their dumplings. Unfortunately, I ended up getting disappointed. We tried the har gao (prawn dumplings) and the bean curd and mushroom dumplings. Both of which had tough and chewy wrapping. The fillings were very few and the flavours were overpowered by ginger in the har gao dumplings. Not really tasting the Prawn at all .
The drinks are nice though, tried the hibuscus and rosemary margarita and enjoyed it! However, the dumplings were a let down.

4 star rating
by Madicattt
10 months ago

If you can do something incredibly well, why would you try anything else?

For months I had been meaning to head to Xuxu but the dumpling only (bar a couple of sides) menu really didn't appeal.

I finally popped in recently and realised that in this case the above most certainly applies.

Xuxu's dumplings are perfection. Punching your tongue with Flavour and pizazz. You can actually taste the ingredients as individual components! Crazy.

With friendly staff and great decor, Xuxu definitely won me over as a great spot to stop for a small bite.

Except maybe not a drink. I'm a cocktail girl and I was disappointed to see that their cocktail list started at $18 a drink. For what was a great eating experience, that was the only downside.

3 star rating
by A Food Awakening
Nov 16, 2014

Xuxu is the little sister to Cafe Hanoi across the road. The newly modern dumpling bar serves two great combinations, dumplings and cocktails. To be honest, I am a bit of a dumpling snob. Im at yum char either every second week but my expectations are high due to the traditional Chinese dumplings my grandma makes. 

Xuxu combines modern with traditional, offering your classic dumplings such as the har gau (prawn dumpling) but tries to modernise the menu with beef short rib dumplings also on offer. To be honest, these dumplings just don't hit the mark. Most of the time the filling is satisfying and its the wrapper that you judge. The wrapper just weren't soft and moist enough. They weren't thin enough either and on the corners of some, they were dry. The only dumplings i enjoyed for the filling were the spinach and cabbage momo. They had flavour and juice. It was sad to say the other dumplings, just were dry. They lacked moisture and that balance of flavours that one has at yum char. 

The dumplings are just not traditional and the fusion doesn't work. Its a shame because the fit out of the bar is relaxed and trendy. The service is friendly. To be honest, go for the cocktails because they were amazing, quite expensive but they are worth the pennies. 

Food: 5/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

Cnr of Galway Street and Commerce Street, Auckland Central.
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Tues 4pm-Late
Weds-Fri 12pm-Late
Sat 5pm-Late

5 star rating
by KitKat
Aug 19, 2014

We came here on a Saturday night for dinner as my partner and I both love dumplings and as this is a relatively new aspect of Xuxu we thought we would give it a go.  We tried most of the dumplings on the menu.  They were all very good, our favourite was the chicken and shitake potstickers of which we had seconds.  The cocktails are inventive and delicious - I highly recommend the strawberry and aperol sours.  Our only complaint was that the beef dumplings were not all quite cooked through so were still a little rare and cold in the middle.  However, we pointed this out to the staff who were pleased to hear the feedback and didn't charge us for that plate of dumplings.  We are looking forward to returning,  If you love dumplings I highly recommend this place.

4 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Mar 16, 2014

So I had a plan to visit Xuxu and went online to check their menu. This is what I do sometimes to get pre-excited before I visit restaurants. Jesus. I could not read their menu. They have used Arabic serif font in a 6 pt size. Okay, not a great start. I will just have to read it there.

When I arrived, it was totally different to what I thought it would be like. Tiny but cozy atmosphere was extended to its front yard where we settled. We started with some cocktails which included Xuxulicious (18) which were all amazing (thankfully they used a readable font on their actual menu). These cocktails were designed to my liking of being sweet and fruity. The last cocktail left me a bit confused as the mix of Jack Daniel and watermelon had two dominant flavours. Plus I could not sip through the roughly grinded watermelon with my tiny straw. Bummer.

We ordered small dishes such as Chili & ginger fish skewers (12) and the waitress asked us if we wanted to order an extra skewer as the dish only has 3 on it. How nice. The fish was soft and full of flavours. We moved onto the Shrimp dumplings (10) which was quite unique. The skin was rubbery rather than floury, but soft in the mouth. There was crisply sprinkle of some sort which added enjoyment to the dish too.

Our last choice wasn't as nice as the other two. Beef & apple on shrimp rice crackers were very hard to eat and I didn't find anything interesting there. Ginger flavour was too strong which made others a bit tasteless.

Please visit ♥ http://www.lovedbykatie.com for other photos and stories.

5 star rating
by Kiwi Food Wonders
Nov 19, 2013

Cafe Hanoi is a virtual institution in Auckland now: their consistently great, fresh take on Vietnamese food has won many loyal fans. Xuxu is like the cooler, little sister bar; open late with a distinct French je ne sais quoi & swagger to it.

The decor is typically Britomart stylish; hipsters will feel at home with the dark wooden interior and stained-glass lampshades, which hint to the French colonial style of Vietnam. The bar, and resident bartenders, are centre-stage, and on the night we attended, they were loving the limelight, and deservedly so. Make no mistake, Xuxu may be small, but she’s serious about her drinks!

The kitchen is also on show; a tiny little corner where Xuxu – the chef who this place is named for – works her magic in the smallest of spaces, creating the biggest of flavours. There is also a terraced courtyard looking onto the street, perfect for those sultry summer nights.

On the night we visited, Xuxu was launching their Thursday evening jazz sessions. With the most delicious Breakfast Martini in hand, lemongrass, coriander & lime dancing on my tongue & the seductive sounds of the saxophone-led trio pouring into my ears, I could have closed my eyes and been transported to a bar in Ho Chi Minh City.

Xuxu was cooking up her magic as well, and we were delighted with the South-East Asian flavours on offer. This kitchen serves small plates & snack-style food; an ideal way to sample several flavours & share tastes. The taro chips and roasted peanuts were liberally but not painfully seasoned with chill salt, and the perfect bar snack to waken your tastebuds. Xuxu can often be the “holding bar” for Cafe Hanoi patrons waiting on their seats, and these nibbles would be the perfect start to your meal.

To read more, visit: http://kiwifoodwonders.com/2013/11/19/xuxu-britomart-auckland-cbd/

4 star rating
by Food Dilemma
Oct 21, 2013

Went here on Saturday night before a concert at Vector. Britomart was pretty busy with the pre concert crowd. We initially tried to go to Café Hanoi but they were packed. They suggested Xuxu which is their "little sister' restaurant and is right across the road. Xuxu is not a restaurant, but a bar with a menu of Vietnamese tapas.

Everything on the menu looked great to us. The stand outs were the patties, could have kept eating them all night. We also had the dumplings, fish skewers and dried meat. The fish on the skewers was so tender and juicy we discussed how we could make them at home.

The service was excellent. They were full and suggested we wait at the bar for a table and we would be first in line to get the next table. True to their word we got a table within about 5 minutes. Plenty of staff were on so it was always easy to order another drink, etc and all the staff were friendly and helpful.

The drinks menu is long. They have a great menu of cocktails that feature key Vietnamese flavours including chilli, lime and coriander. I had a drink with coriander featured and it was great.

We will definitely be back and highly recommend it for a few drinks and snacks with friends.

5 star rating
by Caroline
Oct 29, 2012

The food and service was great.

My friend and I orginally going there for a quick cocktail before we went to another restuarant for dinner. But the nibbles were tasty, the cocktails so good and staff were very accomodating that we stayed and had a great time.


5 star rating
by Wanderlust
Sep 23, 2012

We went here for a few cocktails after dinner at Cafe Hanoi.

Again the service was amazing, there was a young gentleman who was very friendly and a good laugh, catering to our every need. Who ever hires the staff for these two amazing places are doing a great job.

We had an assortment of cocktails all of the great, and quite strong ! The atmosphere was fantastic, there were no empty tables. It was a relaxed vibe, music OK. I will definitely go again, and have already recommended this place.