Y Not

3 star rating 75 reviews

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Princes Wharf, Shed 23, 145 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 11 AM to 10:30 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Y Not

5 star rating
by Josh Law
26 days ago

Came here on sat night with a grabone voucher. This place is simply awesome. The staff were all incredibly friendly and actually had a good chat with us. The food itself was fantastic. There were two giant lamb shanks with mash in a red wine sauce. The other dish was a seafood medley with a tomato and saffron sauce. They even swapped out the bread for salad upon request. The best part was that the food was a great size. Superb value for money. Defintely recommended and have already planned to go back!

2 star rating
by Mistar Kumar
one month ago

Second time visit to this place. Nothing great, we ordered the seafood platter which was 75 dollars!!! Didnt even taste that great and wasnt worth 75 dollars. We were looking forward towards the crays we ordered too, nothing great there too.

1 star rating
by Sandy Brown
2 months ago

I will never go to this restaurant! I paid perfectly good money for a Groupon voucher for a dinner for two people, was extremely ill for a few months. Supplied a medical certificate and the manager David would not refund the voucher. How pathetic is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 star rating
by Vicki
2 months ago

Came in for the August restaurant month special Tuesday lunch, GREAT VALUE. Started with squid entree, yum but the salad was average. Main course was eye fillet steak- definitely coming back for that! Delicious. Dessert was kahlua cheesecake, even the crust was yum! Waitress was very friendly. Overall will be back :)

4 star rating
by Bon
3 months ago

Went for the restaurant month menu, food was good proportions, great entrée and main, dessert was average if compared to the other two courses, staff was professional, atmosphere was relaxing. Overall dining experience was pretty good!

4 star rating
by FoodLoco
3 months ago

Want to go out for dinner tonight? Y not? 
We used entertainment book vouchers for this place the location is perfect for summer time..
we usually order the steak or eyefillet with the mushroom sauce - mushroom sauce is amazing!!!
I ordered pork belly once it came with apple mash the pork was very DRY! I will just stick to the steak next time.

5 star rating
by Kali
3 months ago

Amazing food and friendly service . I also found the food and drinks were very reasonable priced. Will definitely be back again they make some lovely pasta dishes so good.

4 star rating
by Sam Steel
4 months ago

Over all a good experience, starter of salt and pepper squid was very small (only 4 pieces). I had the baked chicken main which was great, decent size, nice creamy sauce. My partner had the scotch fillet, cooked to perfection with a mash and veges. A bit pricy but nice meals. The table behind us ordered the mixed antipasto plate as a starter, gave us a bit of food envy!

4 star rating
by Jamez Hill III
4 months ago

Y.not is a recent entry on grabone. Ordered their bread appetizer and the sirloin steak with veges and mash potato on a bernaise sauce. I ordered the steak medium. It took 40 minutes for it to come, which seemed only because we were using grabone vouchers (fair enough). The steak was delicious, cooked well and worked with the veges and potato. The bernaise sauce was not as strong as i perfer, but the biggest issue was the fat not being rendered. It was chewy and unpleasant. Overall its worth using a voucher for, not a place i would return to however.

3 star rating
by Eden O'Brien Ford
4 months ago

"Y not"? I can think of a few reasons.
First off, this name tells me nothing about what kind of food they make here, which happens to be a bit of everything. Their menu is diverse, boasting burgers, pizza, mains of steak, chicken and a lot of seafood dishes.
We were seated outside and the heater lamps were amazing! That was a plus. The price was standard for most Auckland City restaurants ($26-$39 for a main) and they had free wifi which was nice. Unfortunately the wait for the food was quite long... Nearing maybe 40 minutes or more. I ordered the stuffed baked chicken breast which was tasty. The chicken was cooked well and wasn't dry, the stuffing of capsicum, spinach, cheese and sundries tomato was balanced well and wasn't soggy. The mushroom sauce was rich and the kumara a mash wasn't overly sweet. The other diners I was with ordered steaks, pork belly and pasta dishes. Seemed these could've been improved with more sauce for the pasta, and less fat on the meat dishes.
My meal was tasty but not sure I'd go back again.

4 star rating
by Ryan Orr
4 months ago

I've eaten at Y-not twice now and both times the food has been fantastic! Tonight I had the lamb shanks which were super tender, my partner had pasta that tasted great too ! Only downside tonight was that we were almost the only people there so the atmosphere suffered a bit.

4 star rating
by Juanine
5 months ago

I took a friend to lunch here today as a birthday treat.  I tried the prawn and calamari with a side salad and she had the Special of the Day Chicken Supreme.  Both meals were very tasty and were a good portion for lunch.  Whilst the resturant was very quiet, and only one waitress on duty, the service was very good and we did not find ourselves waiting to be served.

1 star rating
by Loasfq Rot
5 months ago

food was terrible not worth the $35 at all, the fish on first bite was alright but got boring so quick, the service was actually pretty good though. Classic situation of a good location with sub par food at best. The service was the only thing that stopped me from not giving a negative if it was possible, food hasn't gotten any better since 3years ago - up your game you're in a great location!

1 star rating
by Danni Ma
5 months ago

Y not...cause its not worth it, small portions and dull flavors. I ordered the pork and why would you put crackling pork skin upside down in a plate of mash and mint sauce to make it soggy and chewy? It seems y not has issues with serving large groups of customers looking at their reviews. Only positive would be the girl always making sure we had water.

1 star rating
by Michaela
5 months ago

Had an extremely disappointing dining experience at Ynot. 
Food was poorly cooked, not only that it was of poor quality. For a $35 price you'd expect the quality to be at least somewhat decent. 

And after reading the replies the restaurant is giving here on zomato I am disgusted at their lack of professionalism. They seem unable to take criticism and instead just offer up excuse after excuse, even calling their customers liars.

5 star rating
by Jodie Goodwin
5 months ago

Me and my partner came here for our anniversary dinner and it was perfect! It was only us and another couple there on a sturdy night at 7:30 was a bit shocked really. I had the yellow fin tuna and he had the surf n turf and they were both the best we've had, cooked to perfection, service was really fast and the staff were really friendly.

1 star rating
by J.M-S
5 months ago

Came for my birhday dinner for the $35 set menu. Had 19 guests. Felt extremely ripped off. Our plates were cold, dishes were cold, inconsistent, seemed like they used frozen veges and badly cooked. Plates were presented poorly and portion size was not worth the $35 either. Half my dish was warm and other half cold. Ordered the salmon fillet. Veges was cold, salmon was slightly warmer except had a massive bone. 2 of my guests ordered the same thing and found more bones in theirs than mine. I mentioned to the waiter there was a bone but they did not resolve it, not even a apology. The only thing I was impressed with was the water girl who kept coming back to refill our water glasses but that about it. Was shocked that this place even belonged on Princess warf compared to the other restaurants around the same area. Defitnitely not a place I will be recommending to other people.

5 star rating
by K.vallabh14
5 months ago

Been here twice and both times the dishes were amazing! Had the baked chicken last night, which generally takes a while but it was definitely worth the wait! Perfectly cooked and everyone at the table enjoyed their dishes! Would definitely go back again, the average rating is a bit harsh.

2 star rating
by FlyingMonkey
5 months ago

What can I say? I don't think this restaurant was up to standards. Was there for friends birthday dinner. Otherwise I would not go there.

First impression of the space-a bit borring and lighting was quite dim. Didn't look as attractive compared to other restaurants around it.

Lets talk about the food- dissapointed. I had a fettuccine and my friend had a lamb shank. The fettuccine was overly creamy and saucy. Felt like drinking cream. The lamb shank was poorly presented. It didn't come with any greens just the meat it self. Paying a lot for a little proportion and what's worse, the sauce tasted like the Chinese seafood sauce that you could get in the supermarket. It's just unacceptable. Felt decieved and ripped off by the food. luckily my friend had a grab one voucher. But still this sort of fail should not happen at princess warf. Service was a lot better than the food standard.

5 star rating
5 months ago

Average 3.0?? No...No way... I went here last night as I felt like chewing up that PERFECT steak. That's EXACTLY what I got. Far too many times, have I been to restaurants selling 'scotch fillet' and 'eye fillet' but tasting and texture being more like 'rump' steak. For a restaurant that doesnt specialise in steaks, I was VERY impressed. Scotch fillet and eye fillet the way it's supposed to be. The mashed potato had perfect texture and was seasoned beautifully. The garlic turkish bread was delicious. On top of that, great customer service. There were at least 60 people that night, probably due to a corporate function, yet the waitress constantly checked up on us to refill water and ask about the experience. I definately will be going back here next week. Going to try their fresh oysters and salmon!! P.S. the red lighting was a little spooky though....lol that should definately be changed if possible.

4 star rating
by Olivia's Table
5 months ago

My girlfriends and I go out for lunch every now and then. We went to Ynot on Queen’s birthday, as they had no surcharge…might be the reason why they were so busy.

We all choose to have different salads. I had the Vietnamese style and was just amazing. However it took a while for the food to come out. Therefore they offered us a special price on the house wine, so we had a couple of glasses before our meals. Which I really appreciated it and made the wait easy.

Definitely be back!

4 star rating
by Christian Brooking
5 months ago

Went here couple of weeks ago with a work mate. Had a beef burger, nice and juicy. My mate had surf ‘n turf and was good too. Both meals were big and not too expensive, we even had three rounds of beers.

I'd recommend this place.

5 star rating
by Sarah Johnson
6 months ago

It is amazing how you can find something new every day in Auckland. Last Saturday my husband and I decided to wonder around the viaduct and explored Princes Wharf. After having a look at the variety of menus, we decided to dine at Ynot as the hostess was very warm and welcoming.

The waiting staff was very efficient. As we sat we were offered water immediately.

There are a lot of good stuff to go for in the wine list and dinner menu. Therefore it took us a while to order, but the waitress was very patient with us.

After all, we had tuna salad to start, so nice and fresh, followed by a seafood platter with crayfish to share. We had just such a lovely evening there, no room for dessert though, but definitely we’ll be back to try the cheesecake they have, it sounds yummy!!

5 star rating
by Rachna
6 months ago

Had dinner here, staff very attentive, this restaurant is well presented with a very good atmosphere.

We had purchased voucher from Grabone $30 for $60 worth voucher. Would definitely go back amd recommend this place to others!!

We had ordered green lipped mussels, salmon, lamb shank and chicken dish which was absolutely delicious, cooked to perfection!!

3 star rating
by Kelly
6 months ago

Dinner last night here for a joint friends' birthday.
I'm guessing because there was a large group of us (about 20 + people) the food wasn't as great as it could've been.

I ordered an entrée of seared scallops and for my main garlic butter and banana prawns.
My scallops were big and juicy but little seasoning. My prawns where just over cooked and was heavily seasoned with pepper and I could not taste the banana which I was hoping for because it looked very interesting on the menu.

The staff were accommodating, but often I had to ask for service for drinks and to order, it was probably because our big group, difficult to cater for large groups.
Food took a while but I appreciated that everyone got their food at the same time.

I would come back, hopefully things will be better with a much smaller group.

3 star rating
by Richard Tapper
6 months ago

OK so I went to Y not on a first date last night (Friday), admittedly because I brought a Grabone voucher which gave me $60 credit for half price.
I arrived slightly before my
8pm reservation, silly given the place was around 1/3 full.
The service was warm and welcoming and everything ran smoothly. The wait staff all seemed to be younger international girls, clearly not professionally trained but proficient.

The food would be well at home at a nice pub or country inn. However when the mains are in the $35+ bracket it was found wanting.
I had the Pork belly. It was cooked perfectly however the presentation left alot to be desired. Essentially a piece of pork belly served upside down (meaning crackling on the botton, if this is a new trend, I dont like it) on simple mashed potato, some micro spinich and apple sauce. Any self-respecting home cook could prepare this easily. My date had duck ravioli. It looked and apparently tasted ok. The one issue is that it was served with a truckload of crudely grated parmesian on top. Im talking a one to one pasta to cheese ratio here.

The decor looked like it hasnt changed since the 90's.

In conclusion it seems this place is leveraging great water front location in order to sell mediorce food at exorbitant prices. If I didnt have a Grabone voucher i would almost feel angry. "Y not" spend alittle extra and head next door to Euro?

Food: 2/5
Service: 3.5/5
Decor: 1/5
Atmosphere: Non existant 0/5

2 star rating
by Rachel Maree
6 months ago

Somebody sort this place out! Staff useless! Food just as bad! Ps no point having a menu if u can't stick to it or at least inform customers that they don't have what's on offer instead of just putting whatever you please on the plate! And seriously 5.50$ for a 12oz of raspberry and lemonade???????? Are u high!!!! How do u get that wen u charge less for tomato juice????

5 star rating
by Raquel Munn
6 months ago

I love this place! It's a quiet place with great food and atmosphere! It has something for everyone! Great ciders, pizza, seafood! I enjoy my experience every time! 💗💗💗💗💗

3 star rating
by Brian Arnet
6 months ago

Came here about 2 months ago with some friends on my birthday but we don't think the good quality of foods, foods were old and lack of flavor also poor services

1 star rating
by Donna&Shane
8 months ago

One of the worst meals we have had.. Eye fillet was chewy and the way it was presented was very unappealing although how you can see what you are eating under dull red lighting maybe is good thing? Would not recommend at all .

4 star rating
by Goutam Nayyar
9 months ago

Best steak ever and the creamy sauce with the prawns and scallops in it was to die for!!! Attentive staff and quick service.
Only thing I didn't like was the oysters. Really small and not fatty/juicy at all.

2 star rating
by Shannon Carole Bruce
Sep 21, 2014

Although the mash was yum, I was not asked how I wanted my steak and when I said how I wanted it they still didn't change it. So I ended up having a raw steak and it definitely wasn't scotch fillet. My best friend works in a butchery and instantly knew it wasn't. And there was far to much garlic! Very disappointed.

3 star rating
by LucyGoosey
Aug 18, 2014

Went to Y Not on Saturday for lunch and used a Grab One voucher. The best advice I can offer this place is why not give yourself a make-over and update your 1970's decor? Why not put a bit more effort into your service? Why not try a bit harder with your menu?
Why not go to this place? Because you will be disappointed. The food isn't too badly priced but it's very generic. Bland calamari and prawns. The mussels were alright but it's really not that hard to steam mussels. The Thai inspired sauce they came in was not very impressive, seemed like they used coconut water instead of coconut cream. 
I ordered a cocktail which looked like a kiddy's drink you would get at Cobb and Co, I'm telling you, this place is all class, not. 
Service was ok but meals took ages to arrive. There were only a couple of other tables there. The decor is awful. The excessive use of orange and lime green made me feel slightly ill. 

All an all this place falls below average. It has potential but would take a lot of work to bring this place out of its Boogie Nights coma.
Why not give this place a miss? Doesn't fit in to the Princes Wharf scene and looks out of place next to fine dinning institutions such as Euro.

4 star rating
by Sheryl Glasse
Jul 20, 2014

Had a great meal on Tuesday 15 July.
My friend has a walking disability and the waitress was very helpful to us.
Used the entertainment book voucher.
I had the salmon and it was perfectly cooked - nice and rare how I like it.
My friend has the tuna and she enjoyed it also.
Very busy and our waitress Loreen was working on her own and did a great job.

1 star rating
by Rod K
May 05, 2014

$36.50 main? What a joke!

Tempura oysters:
Dirty oil made for a very dark greasy crust that was almost black on the underside. dripping with oil - a stretch from the light golden crunch we were expecting.

Main 1:
Tiger prawns with rice and salad:
Prawns were tiny - that of supermarket quality and small, tiger prawns are bigger than normal and have a wonderful fleshy texture. Rice was overly buttered and stiff - coupled with a tear bag salad from the supermarket and a drizzle of average testing dressing. Not of restaurant quality and far from deserving a $30 price tag!

Main 2:
Venison fillet with layered capsicum (medium rare):
Now this is a first! I was served three fillets each with a different level of cooking, one was over cooked on the outside and RAW on the inside - second was over cooked (well-done) right through and last was medium. All of which were extremely chewy and at one stage I thought that the steak knife would break.

The venison dish was $36.50 which is an absolute joke. Both mains only took 7 minutes to prepare and the restaurant had only 1 or 2 tables so there was no excuse. Would have been happy to wait 20-35 minutes and enjoyed more wine.

The moment they came out so fast I knew that there would be something going on.

If you are going to have $36.50 price tag you better know how to cook meat to start with. Just because your restaurant is in a "fancy" area does not give you the right to rip people off. I have eaten at some of NZ's best restaurants and your chefs need a wake-up call.

Let me know when it's fixed and I may consider coming back.

3 star rating
by SR
Feb 15, 2014

Y Not has the advantage of a spectacular view of Auckland harbour. However, my high expectations were let down by the quality of their dishes. Good service. Personally, I feel the meals are a tad over-priced.

5 star rating
by Belinda
Feb 03, 2014

We dined as a last minute decision and were very happy with our decision to do so. We were seated outside with a great view of the Harbour. The restaurant was pleasantly quieter than the busy restaurants you have to walk past to get to Ynot which made our experience more intimate. The restaurant was busy but not full. Our service was professional attentive and efficient. The wine list was well priced with good selection and food was also well priced and excellent quality with decent portions. Hubby and I shared the calamari for entree which was melt-in-your-mouth stuff. For mains I had the Ahi Tuna steak - delicious perfectly cooked and well matched accompaniments oozing with great favour. I was very impressed. He had the eye fillet - perfectly cooked and he was really happy with it. We left pleasantly surprised and are looking forward to going back soon as well as taking friends. Highly recommend!!

2 star rating
by Marietta
Dec 07, 2013

Attended a Christmas function here. Set up was nice for the number of people attending. My workmates seem to enjoy their steak. However, my snapper was horrible. Smelled very fishy and tough. Must have been well over a week old. Good venue, but the quality of food needs improvement.

2 star rating
by Cherie Ellis
Oct 26, 2013

It's a sunny Saturday afternoon, Labour Day weekend, so him, me, Ms8 are strolling around Princess Wharf and we see the blackboard menu for Y Not advertising the seafood platter. Ms8 had been asking for seafood dinner so we decided to go in.
We ask for grown-up glasses of wine, and juice for Ms8. Wine arrives, we have to ask for the juice after about 20 minutes.
- Lose 1/2 star.
We asked for the marinated olives to start. When they finally arrived they were about average - we've had better.
- Lose 1/2 star.
We're beginning to lose interest in the restaurant, but him asks for another glass of wine. A few minutes later I also ask for another, and am informed that happy hour is over. That's ok, we chose to get the wine anyway. When the bill arrived, his 2nd glass was full price also, although we hadn't been informed.
- Lose 1/2 star.
The people at the next table are beginning to look tasty, we've been waiting so long!
- Lose 1/2 star.
Our food finally arrives. Bland, boring, we've had better for the price.
- You're lucky only to lose 1 star.
Service was lacklustre, disinterested. We weren't offered water at all. When I went to the servery to ask a waitress when our food would be ready she took another 5 minutes clearing tables and chatting with other customers before assuring me that she would ask chef. She then arrived with our food and the delighted exclamation of providence that she went to ask and it was there!
Lucky us...
We won't be rushing back.

3 star rating
by Julie
Sep 27, 2013

We purchased a deal voucher for 2 mains and 2 entrees and went on a Saturday night. Ynot Restaurant was quiet and had a lovely decor. We were seated with views of the Harbour Bridge by the window.

Our waiter was prompt and the service was good. We ordered the steak and snapper as our mains. My partner enjoyed his steak but the snapper tasted like it was on the old side. The sauce that came with the snapper was great though and we liked our entrees (scallops and squid).

Overall it was good value for the voucher but I wished I'd ordered something else instead of the snapper!

5 star rating
by Serina Smith
Aug 29, 2013

It was fantastic experience. My partner and I went there to celebrate 3 years wedding anniversary coz we got the wedding party at this place 3 years ago. Its still the same, the whole experience was just right, the service was so excellent, the food was very nice, and the view was breathtaking, ! I would also recommend this restaurant for special occasions.

4 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Aug 22, 2013

Came here last night, using a deal voucher. Good service, good quality food (we ordered the seared salmon and the scotch fillet - it was hard to choose from the extensive menu) The food was well presented and the staff were friendly and attentive.

3 star rating
by Leams
Aug 04, 2013

Nothing special, that I couldn't have done at home. The waiter could only be described as surly.
Very over priced for what you get apart from the good location.
We had the bread and dips (very stingy with the tahini in the hummus);
the oysters kilpatrick (cheap tasting cheese and bacon and generally missing something);
the pork belly was OK and the chorizo and mint was missing chorizo and the mint tasted like a cheap supermarket mint sauce;
the bouillabaisse just seemed like a can of tinned tomatoes with a few herbs poored over some seafood that was over cooked, except for the fish.
We went to Euro for dessert instead to rescue the evening.

5 star rating
by Minh Dau
Jul 22, 2013

We was here for my mum 70th birthday. This establishment has a fantastic menu, seafood was excellent, also lots of steak to choose from menu. good wine list, and the staff are wonderful, the staff could recommend which wines to have with the food choices and helped make it such a great experience .I would recommend eating here .Totally a very enjoyable lunch at this restaurant. Only negative point would be place were a bit cold when we arrived due to the winter weather otherwise everything were perfect.

3 star rating
by Disha Bose
Jul 18, 2013

This place is very well located, which is perhaps its biggest attraction. Right on the waterfront, with an absolutely brilliant al-fresco view; Y Not is primarily a Seafood restaurant that I didn't really understand. First of all, what is up with the name? The decor of the restaurant does not really match the name (is that a typo or do they seriously think teenagers would relate to it?). It looks like a fancy French restaurant when you enter the place even though the name might confuse you a little. In spite of all this, you might neatly settle in outside enjoying your afternoon meal or dinner by the waterfront.

Very soon you will begin to realize that the service is slow or disinterested and the food that they finally serve somehow just misses the opportunity to satisfy. I ordered for the scallops, which was well cooked but that's about it. There was too much of bland green stuff on it; which even fancy people who eat fancy green stuff wouldn't have much enjoyed. Apart from that, there was no delicious dressing to blow me away either. The Snapper Fillet which was ordered was also pretty average, even though it was well cooked.

I think we enjoyed the meal more because it was seafood and I am naturally a seafood lover rather than any other reason. Let's not forget that the meal was over-priced; I get it that the restaurant is well located and they might have spent some money in decorating the place too, but I definitely did not want to have to pay this much money for the food or the non-existent service.

1 star rating
by Neil Haywood
Jun 21, 2013

We went to this restaurant on a Friday night. We had a deal voucher and were made to feel like 2nd class citizens because of it. The food was overpriced and very average. We ordered an entree, then the seafood platter, and were disappointed. We were offered a $5 beer as we came in as the next door restaurant was offering this and we suggested we would go next door and have a beer before coming in to their restaurant. When we went to pay at the end of the night they charged us the full price $8 for the beer. It was only $3 but it is the principal and when I complained they said as we were deal voucher customers they would not honour their previous offer of the $5 because they were already giving me a discount. Average food poor service we will never go back there again.

5 star rating
by Robbin Knight
May 23, 2013

We came to YNOT last week as a work group and hosted a couple of colleagues from the other side of the world. The service is great – we immediately felt welcomed and looked after. Our waitress was friendly, informed. Started with garlic & herbal bread were fresh and tasty. Entrees: I had seared Tuna with mango salad. The tuna were fresh, perfection cooked & delicious, but the mango salad was a bit blank. Main was snapper with green beans, mash & capers sauce – delicious. A great combination. Other dishes ordered were – a duck breast with sweet potato, a pork belly and an ostrich fillet – all highly recommended. We all really enjoyed. I’d highly recommend this place – great food, great service in a great location.

1 star rating
by Angus W
Feb 26, 2013

We stopped off here to have a drink as it was happy hour. We both ordered beers which were more warm than cold, not a good start. It got worse, ordering the fish and chips thinking that the fish would be fresh......no way, tasted at the very least frozen and was meant to come with a Greek salad which was nothing like it, just a normal salad. As for the Calamari, which cost $17 and only had 4 small pieces around a small salad (the same as the fish and chips salad) was nothing short of a rip off. Oh and not to mention the place was more or less empty and it took a good 20mins for this very basic food.Needless to say we will not be going back ever.

1 star rating
by Anna McKinstry
Dec 11, 2012

This was the worst dinning experience I have ever had. If you can cope with extremely bad service, over priced food then you are more than welcome to go for yourself.

We where a table to 13 people who had made a booking on a Saturday night for 8pm, when we arrived we where informed there would be a 15min wait which we where fine with.

After waiting half an hour we asked what was happening and we given a list of excuses and then a table was made available for us.
From here it just carried on going down hill.
- half of us where given menus
- not once the whole night where we offered drinks, we had to keep going to the bar.
- we had to ask for water.
- we made a complaint to the waiter, but it was pushed aside.
- after complaining about 4 times we where finally offered deserts on the house which where over priced at about $14.00 each for nothing that great.
- waiter wrote down 4 meals wrong.
- we where seated at 8.40pm orders where not taken until 9.15pm
- we got our food finally at 10pm
- the bathrooms where very unclean.
- meals where very over priced, round $35.00 a main.

Overall it was extremely bad and we should have just walked out.

The only good thing was the food was all good once we got it and the right meals.

Not a good way to start a hens party for the night. I will never go back to Y Not and you can see why with this list!

5 star rating
by Rebecca
Sep 01, 2012

Fantastic from the beginning to the end!! Our waiter was very professional and took his time to explain the specials and constantly topped up our water glasses, very attentive!! My compliments to the Chef who cooked my steak to perfection, mouth watering!! Overall, an awesome experience!!

2 star rating
by Bernadine Phillips
Aug 06, 2012

I had read bad reviews about this place but never one to judge before I tried it myself. What a mistake! We ordered the seafood platter for two black board special for $69.95 (usually $75) it came out nice a quick however it wasn't as big as I expected for the price. there we're about half dozen mussels, half a dozen prawns small rubbery prawns, scallops, two little slices of smoked (packet) salmon and two small strips of seared tuna and half a piece (no exaggeration) of pan fried fish along with breads and one side of sweet chilli sauce and hummus. If that wasn't disappointing enough it was flavourless. I think they literally cooked everything separately and chucked it in a bowl no seasoning no flavouring no nothing!
When the waitress came back to check on us I asked where the oysters were as advertised. To which she responded ‘did the other girl not tell you we have run out?’ she then claimed that there should have been extra everything else. I then said, why do you still have it advertised on your black board that you have oysters. She did not respond.
Upon paying we were asked how our meal was to which we responded “it was small and average” the man gave us a blank look gave us our receipt and said thank you!

5 star rating
by Jason
Aug 05, 2012

My cousin and some friends were up from the Wairarapa for the Auckland foodshow, so my partner and myself thought we would treat them to a dinner at Y Not. My partner and myself had been here on a previous visit and thought it to be a well priced meal. As a bonus it was Auckland Restaurant Month so we were treated to an entree, main and glass of house wine or beer all for only $40. Awesome value, good service and the food is to die for. Cannot rate this place high enough for the value. On our way down to Y Not we obviously walked passed Euro and that was a lot less crowded than Y Not. And value versus experience, i'm not surprised!

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Jul 30, 2012

Absolutely tremendous location! Really enjoyed a two hour lunch in the sun overlooking the harbour towards the harbour bridge.

My roast vegetable salad was delicious. Especially the sweet roast carrots had a beautiful flavour to them. One colleague ordered the roast pumpkin and feta salad and really enjoyed it. The other ordered the prawn linguine, which looked Yum.

Our handsome waiter was very friendly, and helpful. Only moment for improvement there was some confusion over pouring "still" vs sparkling water during top ups, but really not a big issue.

Good value, flavoursome meals and a truly splendid setting in the sun.

3 star rating
by Lois Kerr
Jul 29, 2012

Waiting staff brilliant, attentive, pleasant but not over the top. Seafood chowder is not a chowder at all but a thin soup with a smattering of very small pieces of seafood & blindfolded you would not know it was a seafood chowder. Steaks were delightful & cooked to perfection, unfortunately surf & turf on the menu listed with prawns & scallops, make that "a prawn & a scallop". Could do with more heating inside as it was very cold.

5 star rating
by Kelvin Hilton
Jul 21, 2012

Coming back to Y Not again my memories of a great experience previously ,set me up for a dinner that would never measure up.
I was so relieved GREAT Again.
Waiting staff so in-tune with the customer.
Starter breads and dips with plenty of Dipping stuff.
My Scotch was perfectly cooked medium rare . So tender top quality meat. So satisfied with the abundance of roasted veges.
Quality Irish Cider nice to wash it down.
The Apple Crepes with so much fresh fruit on the side was a real highlight.
Definitely my favourite place to dine out. Having tried so many poor quality places Y Not has renewed my faith in dinning establishments.

3 star rating
by Jamie Houghton
Jul 11, 2012

Went here early June, very average meal, I had the duck and partner had the ostrich. Personally thought the duck was tasty but sides were bland and ostrich was 'ok', Flavour factor wasn't there. Meals were served on cold plates which was odd. Once was enough here.

1 star rating
by Hayley
May 21, 2012

While it appeared to be a busy little restaurant I really couldn't understand why. Flat coke despite it coming from a can (not stored in fridge) can was under counter and wondering if it was left overs from night before. Asked for another, still flat. Duck overcooked, fettuccine made better at home, pork belly not actually belly according to my butcher husband but another part of the pig, and was a little tough. Asked 3 times in space of 5 mins if happy with meal, then waitress starts to clear our plates while we were in deep conversation both of us still eating and cutlery left open on plate. To top it off, husband pays, sits back down to wait while I go to loo, leaving my jacket on chair. I return 2 mins later to find husband pushed out by staff who removed my jacket and another couple sitting down despite other tables being available. Sorry won't be returning, can think of several reasons y not to not return to the y not bar.

4 star rating
by Amanda
May 08, 2012

We went to Y NOT on a Saturday night, for a special occasion, and were highly rewarded! The food was great, we had bread & dips, scallops , tuna and lamb cutlets for mains, then shared couple of tiramisu for dessert. The service was quite exceptional. We were able to sit by the fire and there were heaters inside to make people comfortable despite the cold night. The only downside for us was that it was quite noisy, but that didn't detract from what was all over a great dining experience. Had never been there before but would definitely go back.

2 star rating
by Sara Joseph
May 03, 2012

We purchased a deal voucher knowing we were going to Auckland excited about going to dinner down at the Viaduct it was very average started with the wine we selected off the menu not available. Crayfish (advertised as fresh) tasted like rubber no crayfish tools. My husband ordered surf in turf with chips was served with mash potatoes he asked the waitress if he could have the fries not happy but then came back with a real gluggy sauce I say Y would you!

1 star rating
by Wesley Bell
Mar 11, 2012

went there tonight with my wife and two teenagers, there were only 2 other couples there other restuarants nearby were busy for a Sunday. Ordered a wine in a huge glass was up to a line just 50mm from the bottom very disappointing, we waited ages for the antipasto, disappointing, a 25 minute wait for the mains very very small. They make you wait so you might drink more booze, I cant see this place lasting, very poor, my pork belly was very small but pricey. I wont be returning and wouldnt recommend it

1 star rating
by Tony Mineo
Mar 02, 2012

We share the Wade's view about the crayfish served up but only we got fleeced for $69.90 for a crayfish on 1 March 12 allegedly 750grams (more like 350 grams) little meat and a lot of mashed potato. It was a disappointing end for our trip to New Zealand. The food we were served on the other 7 days in NZ was very good better than many palces in Aus- The night before we went to another place nearby which cost more but was top notch. Genuine and fresh seafood. Certainly will not be recommending the place to my fellows Aussies when there are so many better places- tony

1 star rating
by Wade
Jan 29, 2012

We went to Y Not on 26th of Jan 2012 for dinner.

They had a board outside saying 'fresh WHOLE crayfish $49'. Before we entered I asked whether the crayfish was from NZ and how big. The friendly waitress (spanish I think) told me definitely fresh NZ crayfish and very BIG!

The waitresses who looked after us were friendly but had a poor grasp of the english language. We had to repeat ourselves constantly and they thought they were more fluent than they actually were, (eg glasses of wine being brought out instead of whole bottles that were ordered etc).

The mains were poor and the explanation in the menu did not match the plated food, (eg Lamb salad had raw lamb, and instead of roast veg on other mains, got steamed carrot and brocolli).

The crayfish was not fresh and was extremely small and tough. This is the worst cray/lobster I have ever had!!!!

A coffee order was forgotton at the end of the night.

A shocking dining experience, and management just out to make money with false advertising (fresh crayfish, Yeah Right!!)

Awful awful, beware!

4 star rating
by Catherine F
Dec 02, 2011

Have had a few good meals here now. Consistently good food and consistently good service.

Nice location and decor.

4 star rating
by Sarah Brodie
Oct 27, 2011

This place is great! We had dinner here as I had a voucher, and we were not disappointed, The food was very nice.

I also do not understand the few bad comments I read for this place as everything was perfect.

3 star rating
by Jenny
Sep 14, 2011

We had lunch at Y'Not a week ago and would probably return although it would not be my first choice. While the food was of satisfactory quality (the garlic bread being the best I have ever tasted!) the service left a lot to be desired. We had just been seated and handed the menus, and before we had even opened them, were asked if we were ready to order! We then ordered a beer and a bottle of wine. The beer arrived and a GLASS of wine. By this stage we were considering leaving, just in case the food was as bad as the service. However, we decided to stay, and fortunately the food was acceptable. My husband chose the prawns which were well cooked and juicy. I chose the lamb shanks which fell off the bone. The mashed potato accompanying them were a bit sloppy, but otherwise the food was fine. A lot more staff training is necessary if this restaurant wants to attract a loyal clientele

2 star rating
by Gabriel Tan
Aug 18, 2011

Restaurant cold, not enough heating.
Counter staff is less than helpful, overcharged for food. Brought up the issue and was only refunded half of what was owed. As I was with company, didn't make more of an issue.
Description was less than acceptable. ie roast vegetables isn't cauliflower and carrots.

Otherwise, food was nice. waiting staff pleasant.

Overall, will not go back as an option of viaduct dining.

4 star rating
by Sharon
Jul 25, 2011

Happy to give good review for YNot. All the staff were friendly and attentive. Food, other than maybe being a little on the light side (possibly due to us having a voucher??)was absolutely delicious. The Tuna salad had lovely flavour, and the Pork Belly - YES the Pork Belly! was scrummy, well crackled and tender, very pleased after seeing the poor reviews of this dish. More than happy to recommend and will return.

5 star rating
by Emma
Apr 06, 2011

It guts me to see so little stars!! Me and 3 other ladies ate here on Saturday night, we took longer to get ready than expected so didn't get down to dinner until 9:45pm, and to our amazement they were still open for orders. I ordered the crisp pork belly while the other ladies ordered the eye fillets. We waited roughly 40 mins which started to feel a tad long but then they all came out. The ladies steaks were all cooked exactly how they asked for it, and the vege was perfect.. My meal was the most amazing meal I have had from any restaurant! The pork was crispy but sooo tender, the flavor of the meat was actually amazing. My potato mash was out of this world! I had some greenery on the top with an apple sauce that really finished itT its been 4 days since I ate there and I cant stop thinking about how fricken astonishing it was! I rate this a 10/10!!

1 star rating
by Rory Laubscher
Feb 07, 2011

Quite simply the worst dining experience I've had in Auckland.

My wife and I were catching up with friends on a Saturday evening, and had decided to try a restaurant on Prince's Wharf.

The food and service was exceptionally poor.

2 of us ordered the ostrich fillet which was described as being served on green beans with roast vegetables.
No green beans, no roast vegetables.
What they got was a mixture of broccoli, cauliflower and capsicum.
The ostrich itslef was tough and completely overdone.

My friend's wife ordered the pork belly, which sounded quite good. (...with a tiger prawn and minted chorizo)
However, when it came, there was no prawn and no chorizo.

I myself ordered the Moroccan lamb cutlets. Though they tasted good, 2 of them were raw at the bone.

All our plates were ice cold.

We brought these issues to the attention of our waitress, who basically stood with a mouthful of teeth and didn't quite understand what we were complaining about (language issues I am assuming)
She then brought over who we thought was a manager.
However, this person was less than helpful herself.
She checked the menu, made a half-hearted attempt to excuse the kitchen staff and then asked us what we wanted her to do about it, suggesting we order something else.

2 new meals were ordered and eaten while the other 2 sat and watched.

Full price charged.
We weren't even offered complimentary drinks.

HORRIBLE dining which was made worse by the manner in which our complaints were handled.

Very unprofessional and thoroughly second rate.
We will not be returning.
Y Not? What an ironic name!
Read the majority of these reviews and skip this place.

As a side note, the only positive thing about the evening was that we opted to go to Euro for dessert.
What a great restaurant.

1 star rating
by Tracey
Jan 19, 2011

I had the traditional fish and chips, my partner had seafood pasta with a chilli sauce. My fish did not taste very fresh, and the greek salad that was meant to accompany it was just a salad, no feta cheese or olives in sight, carrot though! The pasta was just ok, and quite a small serving for the price. The waitress was very pleasant, and the location is great. Just a new chef maybe.

5 star rating
by Alex
Oct 08, 2010

Group of 8 were at this place for dinner last Thursday. Food was excellent, fresh and tasty. Love the Duck Breast dish. Service was attentive, friendly and helpful. Good place to go for.

1 star rating
by Bevan
Sep 16, 2010

Terrible, service was very poor. Asked for a Max Gold and was brought a mango by a very confused person behind the bar. Food was awful, the snapper smelt, a clear sign it was not fresh. Was tough and chewy and the first mouthful i got a scale, plates could have benefited from being pre heated.
Decor was confusing and not clean at all, recently painted but paint splashes still on the windows. A person in our group was even tripped up by and extension cord coming from the heater. I would not recommend this restaurant at all.

4 star rating
by Tom Radex
Jan 09, 2010

Went there for our Xmas party and only 1 word to say is Excellent. The place was busy and full with some groups booked like us. We had a set menu which is started with antipasto, it was great, enough for start. Then I was really enjoy my Moroccan Lamb which was tender and tasty. The drink list has a lot of different choices and a good selection of cocktails which was great to start of the night. Everyone in my group was really happy and enjoy the night. Highly recommend and we will book again next year!

4 star rating
by Daby
Jul 22, 2009

Went there for dinner a month ago. Food was really good, tasty and big portion, they have all selections of meats, chicken, seafood and vegetarian. friendly & helpful service. will definitely go back there again.

----- 25 May, 2009 -----
we had our Christmas function there it was excellent ,I love this place, food was supper , the services were great.the view is fantastic.Highly recommend

4 star rating
Jul 22, 2009

We had a works do there, the place was quiet probably due to the rugby test that was on that night. The surroundings are not as flash as other restaurant’s in the area but the food made up for it, good value for money. They have a good selection of beer and wine at a personable cost. Would definitely visit again